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Date of Scene: 08 October 2020
Location: Palace - Asgard
Synopsis: Sera is presented before the court of Asgard and Odin accepts peace with her.
Cast of Characters: Thor, Natasha Romanoff, T'Challa, Sera, Elektra Natchios

Thor has posed:
    The plans had been made, messages sent, and the time had arrived. It was not often that the prospect appeared. A journey to Asgard, aided by the Bifrost, planned for the evening at six of the clock sharp. A gathering of worthies to be formed in the back yard of Avengers mansion when the first hint of night is barely creeping over the horizon.
    It is there, amidst the now long shadows of the trees and hedges, standing some distance from the pool and the furnishings, that Thor Odinson awaits. Gone is the casual garb of Midgard that he can usually be found in. Instead he wears the silver and black armor of his homeland, the plates hugging the contours of his form and the great half-cloak tossed over one shoulder haphazardly like some model prepped to be depicted upon the cover of some Harlequin novel.
    It's there that he stands, and calls out toward the mansion, "Panther!? Panther! Are you ready?" The mighty hammer Mjolnir rests upon the ground at his feet, even as he adjusts the hang of his cloak with his hands, frowning as the buckle does not seem to be cooperating with him.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Back to Asgard. The alien realm of beauty and utter madness as far as Natasha is concerned. The utopion society of maschismo.
    They're really nice there, though. Mostly.
    Natasha doesn't like to be a pessimist about her abilities - she lets OTHER people underestimate her, as a rule - but... she's liable to be the least powerful thing in a realm full of Thors, and if something happens that can threaten them, she's not gonna be useful for much. So rather than the Black Widow uniform, Natasha has elected for a nice sleevless black dress for the occasion. Fancy, because it's an occasion in royal company; and fetching because, well, they really like pretty girls up there. Though the skirt is not so short as to expose a strap around her thigh holstering a small gun and two knives.
    "Relax." Natasha says patiently as she steps outside. She quirks a brow and gingerly works to fix the clasp without offer or comment as she continues, "Your dad still likes you, last I heard. This will go fine."
    She's placating him, the politics and temperement up there are a riddle to her, but solid nerves are more useful than frayed ones.

T'Challa has posed:
The back door to the mansion opens and T'Challa emerges. He's wearing his own robes that would more likely be seen in the throne room at Birnin Zana than in New York. Black shirt and pants, beneath a purple sleeveless robe with silver decoration running down it.

Behind T'Challa emerges a Wakandan woman with a shaved and tattooed head. T'Challa is turning to speak to her, and pausing to let her catch up as he says, "I appreciate your diligence, Okoye. But it should be fine to go alone."

Okoye's expression is no more severe looking than normal. Which means it's still severe. "It is a royal visit. You should have an entire squad of the Dora Milaje," she tells him quietly. T'Challa replies with just a small gesture of his hand, slightly raising the fingers. "An informal royal visit. One being made for other purposes which I would not distract." He pauses to turn to her and gives her a crossed arm salute which Okoye returns. "Very well, My King. I shall await you here," she says. She turns and stalks back to the mansion, waiting outside the door to watch until T'Challa is gone.

He turns back and walks over to join Thor. "Right now, being on the other side of the Galaxy seems a good idea," he says softly as he reaches out to clasp Thor's hand if the Asgardian replies in kind. "Are we ready?"

Sera has posed:
Sera is adorned in a curious mixture of Earth and Heven. Black leggings, a flowery sun dress in black and red; but over that the gleaming metals in silver and gold of her Elysium armor set; boots, arms, chest. Hanging from her shoulders too is a long black woollen cloak, of Earth origin too.

This is the most 'her' she's looked in a while, blending her two cultures together. Her black hair has been cut to her shoulders for a new look. She is both excited and dreading this trip. She fully expects this'll result in her being imprisoned ..again.. and she's not quite sure she can handle a third stint as a prisoner.

Sera approaches from the trees and says, "Oh.. right." Her eyes begin to glow white and then that glow envelopes her body and Eunochian runes in white script float about her before disappearing. The glow subsides, "Defences are down, as I do not wish to alarm the guards of Asgard...s. Okay I'm good.. to go." She nervously jokes, "And so our intrepid team of adventurers set forth to conquer Asgard once and for all in the name of capitalism."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
After Elektra had taken Thor to that Arabian Nights ball, and following with that trend she had made a wish of visiting Asgard. Honestly, she was curious about the whole place and this was perhaps an opportunity in a lifetime. Visiting that fabled land. She was dressed in a mix of travel and elegance, the top a black, high-end dress top, shoulders bare and showing the dark skin of her heritage and on bottom a pair of dark, long pants along with boots. It also helped her in keeping a few weapons hidden ..., just in case really.

She keeps her arms folded while waiting, watching the various gathering by and dipping her head in a greeting to them. Some of which she has met already. "King T'Challa. We meet again." then a brow quirking upon recognizing Sera. But she only nods her head at the woman before examining the rest of the entourage, an amused little smile upon noticing Natasha.

"Quite the curious gathering you got together, Thor Odinson." she notes.

Thor has posed:
    There is definitely a tension in Thor. The way the large man steps around the edges of that driveway, his brow furrowing as he lifts his gaze upwards at times. Something about the visit perhaps having him on edge, or perhaps the messages he sent and received regarding that visit have him mildly unsettled. But as T'Challa appears there's a smile on his features, "Ah, do not worry so, Okoye. I will take care of your lord well. You have my oath." And as he says that he clasps Panther's arm firmly, as if that sealed the matter.
    Then he smiled to Sera and gave a small harumphing chortle, "Baby steps, let us perhaps not cause too much of a stir and then consider conquest later, aye?" He motions for her to draw nearer as it's clear he's beginning to draw people around him. "Ah, Lady Elektra so good of you to join us."
    A glance spared to Natasha as he gestures toward T'Challa. "Have you told him?" He asks of the Black Widow even as he smiles toward Elektra, sparing a single moment for an embrace before he again seems to be making sure everyone is around and settled.
    Then once everyone is close he says, "Heimdall, we are ready!"
    And after that he continues the conversation as if it was the most natural thing to do as he nods to Natasha.
    "That Captain Rogers is King of Midgard?"
    And just as he says that the rainbow light EXPLODES around them!
    The world jolts and jostles, surging with such tumult that everything becomes naught more than a sense of utter speed. A rushing jolt of reality that thrusts forth and insists upon the rider of the Bifrost to realize just how small they are and how large the universe truly is. Galaxy after galaxy rushes by, imagery of whatever thoughts might be lurking in the traveler's mind manifest oh so briefly. And as quick as it started it ends.
    With a rush and a /WHOOSH!/ Suddenly the back yard of the mansion is no more. Instead it is a golden chamber with a great dais and a pedastel. A dais upon which stands a tall dark man in golden armor with a blade of such exquisite detail that one could get lost in the art of its curve.
    "Welcome home, Odinson. And I bid welcome to your comrades. Welcome to Asgard."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha gives Thor a quizzical look on hearing his question, which becomes a blank stare when he clarifies.
    She has the time of a space warp to ponder her response, the beauty of life, time and space ripped open and exposed in front of her in a dazzling display that few mortals can dream of.
    Her expression has not changed when they land, and the first sound heard in this realm of existance is a vaguely dismayed:
    "I thought you were gonna tell him."

T'Challa has posed:
After greeting Thor with the hearty shake, T'Challa turns as the others arrive. "Lady Sera," T'Challa offers towards her. "I appreciate the opportunity to be present for the current events," he offers in his smooth accents.

Then comes the greeting of Elektra. "Miss Natchios. A pleasure to see you again. I believe with this trip? You may have surpassed your father in the distance of your travels," he tells her in a good-natured tone.

Natasha's is given a smile and a nod of his head in greeting, thought he ensuing conversation with Thor brings a surprised expression to the Wakandan's face.

"Captain Rogers is the King of-"


That column of rainbow energy comes down, and shoots them up into into the sky and so far beyond. No doubt T'Challa's kimoyo beads are recording measurements that Shuri will be drooling over when she gets her hands on them. If? Perhaps T'Challa will save them for a birthday present.

And then before they truly have time to settle in and fully enjoy it, they are there in Asgard.


Sera has posed:
Sera's eyebrows raise slightly as she sees Elektra. She really wants to make a joke about forks, but this might not be the crowd for it. But at least two of the people on this journey know her. She has seen 'Black Widow' on the television and it's hard to miss the King of Wakanda. "Your majesty," she replies to T'Challa's greeting and smiles.

"Right, baby steps. Galactic conquest is a marathon not a sprint," she jests but even so.. she is nervous about entering the lair of the enemy. She suppresses the urge to defend herself when she feels that energy from the bifrost around them - and then its tell tale signs.

The rush through space, only felt by her once before so far, traveling without a space ship. So much energy for so few passengers. Watching the beauty of the stars flash by. She misses space, it was a life time ago flying from planet to planet fighting the good fight - that is, the fight that pays well.

As she arrives in the Bifrost chamber and sees Heimdall she almost raises her fists; they do ball a little bit. She must remind herself of the hospitality and friendship the Asgardians on Midgard have shown her and she dips her head a little at the greetings from the very tall man.

It takes her a moment to realise that her magical wings are spread behind her in all their majesty and her eyes are glowing, as are her now fists. The energy of the bifrost caused it instinctually. She takes a breath and the glowing magicly adornments disappear in a sprinkle of little white dots. "Asgard," she responds with an almost dark tone, in response to T'Challa's end of sentence 'Midgard'.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra allows a brief laugh to escape her lips at T'Challa's words about surpassing her father. "It is all we can wish for, to surpass our fathers." she dips her head in a respectful manner to the Wakandan King... But soon enough it's time to travel. She tenses up somewhat, getting ready and then ...


She blinks once, still looking tense when they come to be in a new, different room.. Good thing she had had experience in the past with all the Doctor Strange shenanigans in the Infinity Watch...

Dark gaze settles on the dark man and then on the blade, watching it with perhaps more attention than the man itself. Such curious craftsmanship.

Thor has posed:
    Striding across the room and up those dais, Thor reaches out to Heimdall and takes his arm in that warrior's clasp. The two shake and he slaps a hand to the watcher's shoulder. "Heimdall, 'tis good to see you again."
    "And you, Thunderer. Your father awaits your arrival, the court is in session. You may have to wait. But not long." The way the man in golden armor talks, it's calm and steady with little inflection and less emotion. There is a grimness to him and those eyes... those eyes seem as if they had seen forever.
    Thor turns away and nods to the group, his smile having returned and some of his joviality. "Come, we have far to go. But such good company to travel in." As he says that he turns and walks to the great double doors that stand dominant against the far wall. Doors that he pushes on with both hands, his cape flashing as he turns and the great portals continue to open in utter silence. Until they finally reach the extent of their arc revealing what lies beyond.
    Yet what lies beyond is beauty. A gorgeous scape of a great view that would seem surreal were its existence not so clear. The sweep of Asgard's sea, the waves rough and choppy this night as above them stars are resplendent in constellations that are entirely foreign. There is the grand march of the rainbow bridge itself leading to...
    The Great Golden City. Brilliant in grandeur and standing tall in the distance. Asgard.
    "Come, my friends." Thor says, and then lifts a hand to Heimdall who returns the salute.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha plasters a pretty smile onto her face despite the situation she finds herself in, and even offers a little courtsey to Heimdall. She... did not want to have this conversation here, and she expecially didn't want to have it in front of non-Avengers; especially what she can only assume to be a civilian in Elektra, who subtly makes her proverbial Spider-Sense tingle for some reason.
    Natasha lets the epic grandeur of Asgard's visage buy her some time, before takes a deep breath and says: "So." She looks to T'Challa and smiles disarmingly. "Funny story."
    As they walk, Natasha explains, "... Short version; a while back Odin - long may he reign in glory - humored the idea of a human ambassador. By means of royal decree, this ambassador had to be picked by Thor and no one else, and Thor picked Rogers. We came up here. We met. We made nice, and Odin was SO pleased with him that he made him the Lord of all Midgard since Odin still thinks he owns us and he can do that."
    Natasha glances to the side. "I'm also his chief vassal. Because I was there too." Natasha clears her throat slightly. "We're working on it. Thor assures me that Odin is all-wise and all-knowing and that this is certainly part of a grand plan, and not the random whimsy of a God. He also assures me that if Odin thinks we're throwing his generosity back in his face, that his retribution with be *Biblical*. So. Play it easy.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Good evening, Heimdall." Elektra greets what seems to be the gatekeeper with a deep bow of her head, all that training as an ambassador coming to the fore. She is smiling rather pleasantly right now, wandering along with the rest until they come across that large view of Asgard itself. Now this is a place.. She finds herself grinning more openly, taking in a deep breath to capture the scent of the sea..

A glance is given while Natasha shares that story, listening with a certain degree of amusement at the notion of Captain America being the Lord of Midgard. "Intricate are the way of Gods sometimes." she comments.

Soon enough her attention returns to the view and she says to Thor. "I have no idea why you choose to live away from this place at all."

Sera has posed:
Sera watches Heimdall warily as she passes him by, then heads through the now opened doors and out to that rainbow road. An eyebrow is raised at this technology. Curious.. and then there is Asgard, shimmering gold in the near distance. The very opposite of Heven's exterior. Heven is beautiful on the inside though; she should not expect less from Asgard. A legendary power known across the ten realms.

"Captain America?," she quizzes and then looks back to Elektra as if may be she'd know what they're talking about. The Infinity Watch is powerful but not terribly well informed. She looks amused though, of course Odin enjoys his victory while he still can. She knows the Angels will be coming for him, the moment they can.

"Thor.. are you sure this is a good idea?," she asks now that she's staring at the city of Asgardians. Her mind filled with the songs of the fallen Angels who fought these people to the bitter end. Her mind filled with other songs of the Asgardians who crossed Odin and were hunted down by Angels hired for the purpose.

At the very least she gives Elektra another small nod.. an 'i've got your back' kind of nod; though, really the emotions are more complicated, more like 'i've got your back unless i get thrown in prison' kind of nod. It's not a terribly communicative or clear nod. "Odin is no god," she warns though she is mindful she should not antagonise the ruler of this realm for he holds such great power in his hands.

T'Challa has posed:
A bow of his head is given to Heimdall in greeting. "Good evening, Lord Heimdall," T'Challa offers to him. After, the Wakandan follows Thor over to the large doorways that lead out to the Rainbow Bridge, though his attention is focused largely on Natasha as she relates the tale.

The man's expression is one of dubious humor. "Steven Rogers, First of His name, then?" T'Challa asks quietly. His eyes swing back over to Thor, a single eyebrow lifting slightly that would have Leonard Nimoy slow-clapping in approval.

T'Challa asks no more about it than that, however. He gives Natasha a grateful nod for filling him in, but then focuses his attention on the beautiful view of Asgard that awaits them as Thor opens the doors.

Thor has posed:
    "Oh Natasha," Thor says over his shoulder as they walk the bridge. Far below them the ocean can be seen expressing its fury with the roiling waves so rampant upon its surface. "Bjorn inquired after you, if you were at all curious."
    As for who Bjorn is, he does not seem inclined to elaborate too much so at the moment. He does, however, spare a smile for Elektra. It's a smile that seems to say, 'Indeed.' Pride is clear in his eyes. Pride in his home and his people. He then flares his hands in response to T'Challa, "It is that way, for now at the least. We shall see what time brings in its passage."
    Yet it's to Sera he speaks next as he tells her, "Sera, you have escaped Heven. You have no wish to harm Asgard. You are a hero of Midgard. By your own efforts and rights, you are your own sovereign individual. We are here to clarify that, and for you to feel safe that you are no longer our enemy. Is that not what you wish?"
    Though as he walks and the distant city grows closer, it can well be an intimidating thing. For Asgard seems to have not suffered with the passing of millennia, and instead has thrived.
    Though it takes some time for them to cross he bridge. Into the city itself, through the streets where they will see the myriad of citizens going about their evenings. Voices call out in greeting to Thor and he returns those greetings as best he can. Not all by name, but perhaps surprisingly more than would be imagined of him. There are merchants in the square though at this hour they are putting up shop. There are curious mounts in the street, great horses, warriors in brilliant plate armor with spears.
    And then it is to the palace, through the wide gates brilliant with gold and silver. Through the courtyard. The Einherjar stand at attention as they pass, salutes given, returned. Up the wending staircase that is as wide as an interstate. To a grand receiving hall which is partially open to the grand vista and the evening air. Hundreds of Asgardians are speaking, chatting, discussing. Their accents all very similar to Thor's though some with subtle differences.
    Until finally they reach the throne room, clearly determined by the number of guards before it, and the great gate in front. The Major Domo stands there and smiles as he advances, "Thor, Son of Odin. Greetings!"
    "Ragnar Ulfson, you have risen in the world."
    "Indeed, my friend, and these are your companions."
    "Aye, my comrades in arms, worthy heroes each in their own right."
    "Excellent, greetings. Greetings one and all." The tall man in the white and silver garb with a pointed helmet tucked under his arm, he smiles to the Avengers and the Angellic.
    "He awaits you, though there is one matter of business beforehand. You will be summoned shortly."
    "Thank you, Ragnar."
    With that Ragnar salutes, bows, then withdraws.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Ah. Bjorn." Natasha says, smiling a little despite herself. She did do a fair bit of dancing after Steve got his title. "Well. If you see him before I do..." she says, putting her hands over her heart and affecting a wistful voice while gazing up into the middle distance, finishing: "Tell him I await my true love's return." before resuming her usual body language with the ease with which one might adjust a hat.
    Natasha just seems... quietly pleased as they move through Midgard. The combination of grandeur with the old fashioned way of living is intriguing to her; maybe even charming in a way. There are worse retirement plans to ponder. Especially in her line of work.
    Natasha gives a respectful bow her head to Ragnar, but otherwise lets Thor do the talking in his kingdom.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa walks along the bridge, eyes taking in the views in what seems like quiet introspection. The only time he speaks up is when Sera is showing some signs of hesitance about her presence there.

As they walk along, T'Challa turns his head towards her, looking thoughtful for a moment. "I know you only by your deeds, Lady Sera," he says in his quietly raspy voice. "But there are many who would find great honor. In the setting aside old rivalries. Hatreds. It is difficult to do," he says, his eyes swinging away from her, and perhaps thinking about other moments besides this one as he adds, "Very difficult indeed. But well worth it. The world... all worlds, have too much anger. Hatred. Bloodshed. I commend you, and you have my respect for taking these steps," T'Challa tells her.

He continues along quietly then, though the conversation about Natasha's former dance partner does quirk the edges of his lips up into a smile.

Sera has posed:
Sera nods her head and takes a breath. "You're right. I did not seek this and my actions show my character. Your father should see no reason to fear me. I am as much a victim of Heven as Asgard, even if Asgard is as much to blame for what transpired as Heven." She nods again and tucks her hands behind her back.

Walking through the streets.. they all seem so calm and friendly. This is not like Heven. In Heven, the angels practice for war day in and day out, honing their skills both physical and magical. She has seen their wars and they are not pretty - though they are swift.

Hearing T'Challa's words she smiles again, "Thank you your majesty. I know you by your deeds as well, so your words carry great weight. I'm surprised though, I get the impression hardly any one knows about the Infinity Watch. It is a bit of a joke amongst our numbers."

She remains quiet as Thor does his princely thing with the people, and then with the major domo. She nibbles on her lower lip a touch. This could all still go terribly wrong - but as the only angel free of the 10th realm named Heven, she must seek peace with Asgard for herself. She cannot fight nor win a war alone, especially not one she even believes in.

Her stolen memories from time of this place come back to her.. over there, antechambers, over there a hallway. So many different versions of events of this place. She steels herself, this IS the good timeline, she has carefully crafted her path through events to be here.. things will turn out well. They must.

Thor has posed:
    "You are safe here, Sera. You have my protection, and in the court of mine father it cannot easily be ignored." So sayeth the Thunder God.
    He does, however, look a touch pensive as he turns his head and looks away from where Ragnar walked off to, instead further into the court. Asgardians can be heard, a steady rumble back and forth. It might be difficult to tell who is speaking, none of the voices can be heard too clearly. Until finally one voice is heard, booming /loud/ for when one realizes the shape of the grand throne room, when one looks past the crowd, the open architecture, the sweep of design. They can ultimately see that the entirety of the throne room has been created to amplify the voice of the All-Father clearly. So felt when his voice rises and washes over the hundreds of people in the court, and reaches even Thor and his companions despite their being on the very edge of the gathering.
    "Your efforts have been a credit to Asgard, Lyiam. You stood tall while you held watch and because of your efforts the enemies of Asgard were laid low that day!"
    A cheer went up, carried by the crowd and through the hall. That one voice comes across clear, loud of volume and strength with such control...
    That it almost puts Thor's voice during battle to shame.
    "I declare there to be a day of celebration, accept your place then here amongst the Einherjar, Lyiam. Gather the people together you hold dear, see them brought to the court for your place is here with us, good soldier." There is such vibrance in the All-Father's voice, and then it grows moreso still.
    "Now, I am told my son has come. Bring him before me!"
    Which causes Thor to give them all a nod and a smile. Because now... they're on. He walks out into the throne room, and before the party the crowd opens, revealing the golden pathway that leads inward. To the distant dais and throne of precious metal. There for Sera to have sight of him for the first time. The tall bearded man in his throne, hand upon Gungnir the ancient spear standing tall. His one good eye watching unwavering as the heroes approach.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha has spent the last several minutes hearing deeply religious terms thrown around casually in ways that simultaneously contradict and seem to confirm a religion she's only ever found use for as a way of gaining the unearned trust of the faithful. It's a little disconcerting. She'll have to dig around a little about the cosmology at work here.
    Even Natasha straightens up like a student whose teacher noticed them slacking when the All-Father's voice comes booming down the halls, but she resumes control shortly after.
    Luckily she can pick and choose her body language like she's ordering off of a menu. Confidant aura, steady stride, respectful demeanor, but not cowed or groveling. She basically manages to walk in like she owns the place, and seem gracious and kind. Natasha has a lot of masks.
    She keeps her distance behind Thor, remembering not to approach closer or draw attention to herself unless bidden from her last visit to these halls.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa stands listening with interest to the royal audience going on. His hands end up gently clasped behind his back. It has been some time since he's listened to such from another, and perhaps it casts his memories back to those days of listening to his own father.

Soon though it is time for them to step forward. T'Challa falls into step with the rest a good distance behind Thor, eyes taking in the entirety of the large throne room. The murals overtop of Asgard's history, their images in motion like something that inspired J.K Rowling. The ornate decor and gleam of gold and silver in such abundance.

Soon enough though his attention focuses largely on the monarch upon the throne, eyes studying Odin as Thor approaches him.

Sera has posed:
Sera reacts oddly to the booming voice of Odin. It reminds her of potential futures where she was brought before the Queen of Heven as a prisoner. She too has such a commanding voice. Her eyes widen a touch and it is time.. time to precess. "Thank you Thor, you are a good friend and you have my protection too." She takes another deep breath.

There were futures where she fought these people in blood battle. There are faces here she recognises. Those images are not her future and hopefully not a future that ever came to pass. But now she's looking at them.... dang if Angela doesn't look far more Asgardian than she ever did Angellic. At this concept she raises an eyebrow.

Her mouth opens and she sings a hauntingly alien song, the kind of song that had not been heard by most Asgardian ears before, though most likely heard by Odin in now may be distant memories. Her eyes glow white and her wings reappear. They tuck against her and she walks with Thor in to the court of the all-father. She will not hide who she is from these people, and especially not Odin. But.. there is that Gungnir in his hand; her mind going to thoughts of it mowing down Angels in battle. He is no Asgardian to be trifled with.

Thor has posed:
    That gray eye of the All-Father falls heavily upon each of them, taking their measure, gauging their worth. It is a palpable thing to be under his scrutiny as he looks from one to the other to the other. Then that attention settles on Sera, her song seeming to carry her forth. His expression twists into calm scrutiny as his hand tightens marginally upon the haft of Gungnir. Off near the edge of the gallery there is a flap-flap-flap of wings as a single raven lights upon a tall candleabra.
    Thor stops, precisely ten paces away from the dais and bows, lowering his eyes then raising them as he says simply at first, "Father."
    Like the first note in a symphony it carries great portent with it. And then the Prince of Asgard begins speaking. "I come before you with worthy souls, citizens of Midgard, and heroes true. One you know and have met, the Good Lady Romanoff, warrior of the Avengers and second to Steven Rogers, Lord of Midgard."
    At that introduction, Odin gives a single nod to Natasha as he accepts those words. Says nothing.
    A slight shift as Thor then uncurls a hand toward T'Challa, "His Majesty T'Challa, King of Wakanda, Avenger as well as Monarch."
    The look that is given T'Challa is longer, eyes narrowing as he watches. Then after a moment he gives a slow nod, good eye closing for a brief moment in a sign of respect.
    "Lady Elektra Natchios, Ambassador of Midgard, and the land of Greece."
    Which has Odin looking upon her steadily. A hint of puzzlement marks the All-Father's features for a moment, then he lifts his chin and turns his head slightly. He looks toward one of the doors that lead from the chamber, but apparently not seeing what he wishes he turns back. Nods.
    "And this, is Lady Sera. Formerly of Heven. Angel. And hero. It is her to whom I have extended my protection. Her on whose behalf we are here. For she has escaped that distant land her eyes have been opened, and she has seen that existence is different than she has been told. I would seek peace between her and our people, for I am told there has been a war without end with those of Heven."
    Which causes a sudden rush of murmuring, the susurrus of voices rising as the words are given but all /watching/ the reaction of the All-Father. And the elder god looks on silent.
    "I would hear what words the angel would share with me."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha offers a respectful bow of her head and a courtsey as she's acknowledged by the All-Father, then suddenly realizes she had been holding her breath until his attention is drawn elsewhere. Hrm.
    Otherwise she lets this play out.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa stands quietly, hands still behind his back. Posture straight and head up, he stands as Odin scrutinizes him, and at the end he returns the All Father's inclined head with one of his own in a very respectful way.

The African man stands silent witness to Thor's testimony then on behalf of Sera. His own eyes drift over to the Angel for a few moments, before then turning his gaze towards the multitude of Asgardians attending the court. Gauging their reactions, towards Sera and towards the words that Thor speaks on her behalf. Staying silent but observant as he watches for signs of the political winds that blow within any such gathering.

Sera has posed:
    Sera on the spot. This is her thing, she wrote fake Shakespeare in another life! ..then why is she blanking? staring at the mighty monster Odin before her. She swollows.

    "Kind Odin of Asgard, you well know the wars between the realms that reigns and that the Queen of Heven sought to topple you from your throne. She stews for vengeance against you even now. I am Sera, I was an anchorite; the lowest of the low in Heven, we are the men, the few, the prized amongst the Angels. So prized we are kept in slavery to sing the songs of the fallen;

    I know many of these songs for I sung them beyond a hundred years and they speak of Asgard often and of the All-Father who I now stand before." Her eyes flit back to the dangerous spear, "So you see, I am as much a victim of the Queen of Heven as any other, I fled my life as an anchorite and know peace between our peoples can only truly come by dethroning her. I am not your enemy, the anchorites are not your enemy.. and even though the angels practice for war daily, they are lead by lies and fear and vengeance. They are lead by a warmonger, the Queen of Heven, who claims to speak for our Goddess.

    I know this to be a lie. And while I cannot speak for all my people, or on behalf of the Queen or the Goddess, for I have no right to, I can only tell you that I am not, and never shall be, one of her angels. I reject her reign, I reject the hierophants, I reject yet more senseless war. And while the 10th realm of Heven remains cut off from Yggdrasil still.. if I found a way out, one day soon they will too.

    And with Thor as your evidence to my eyes, I believe that you too reject these things. For Thor is a kind and thoughtful Asgardian who showed me only kindness upon meeting me on Midgard. I choose to believe you are not the Odin I know from the songs, for that Odin would surely have struck me down the moment I set foot upon Asgard.. with or without your sons protection."

She takes in another breath. That was the speech right? she isn't sure, it feels like all the blood is rushing from her head to her feet.

Thor has posed:
    The heroes are assuredly aware of such a pregnant pause rich with the many strands of the future. All of them coalesce here in a knot of fate, presenting the universe with so many strands leading forth that much could be brought forth from a day such as this. It is felt in the air. In the quiet of the gallery. In the silence of the world even as Sera's last word rings out and somehow echoes forth throughout the grand throne room.
    Then the rustle of feathers, a raucous /CAW/ that is heard. T'Challa may well sense that the Court is likely waiting with such bated breath to see which way the All-Father's will will flow. Like a great flood ready and threatening before the dam's burst. Yet his features show naught.
    Instead that silence is broken by quiet words that with the room's power seem to still reach all those present.
    "Asgard does not wage war against people."
    Seven words spoken, and they hang there with such strength of conviction it is as if there was magic in the words themselves.
    "Against the villainous. Against Despots. Against corruption. Aye. But people? Never."
    He stands and for a time he seems monumental, a grand figure dominant in feature and stern of visage. "You are come from a land tortured, from darkness. You have fled and you have seen what passes. You are not our enemy, Sera Angel of Heven."
    A pause, "And perhaps some day. One will rise amongst your ilk brave enough to lead their brethren forth from slavery. And on that day, then you will know Odin as friend."
    Which, as Odin spoke, Thor's expression grew and grew stronger with warmth and conviction until finally he bursts out, "And in the cause of your freedom, trust that Thor God of Thunder will aid you, let none stand in our way!"
    Which suddenly is the freedom given to the court. To the people. To the entire procession to give voice to such a wild cheer, a raucous powerful thing that is taken up by the people in the court and is overwhelming, strong and felt deep in the chest of those there like a great intense strength of conviction thrust forth. Such shouts and roaring praise.
    Then Odin's voice, "Now, join us in Lyiam's celebration. For you are welcome here in the Court of Asgard."

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa continues his silent reflection upon the proceedings, listening to the heartfelt words spoken by Sera. He looks to Odin, seeing how much might be read from the All Father's expression as he too is hearing Sera's words.

When the decision is given, T'Challa does not join in with the boisterous celebrations, but does turn towards Sera and incline his head towards her in an expression of congratulations. Perhaps also the Angel might read a sense of pride being expressed at what she has accomplished here today.

Sera has posed:
Sera stands before a man who was so desperate that he cursed Yggdrasil itself to cut Heven off from its branches. That curse so strong that it fuels the very engines that power Heven even now. It's hard to reconcile that blood thirsty warlord with this man standing before her. It's hard to imagine that man could have raised Thor to be such a fine example of what it is to be Asgardian.

When the chorus erupts, she flinches.. even as they celebrate Odin's words. His words, suggesting an uprising. She saw it, she saw it in the great engine when she peered in to the future. She saw a few of them - each one bloodier than the last. There was only one that ended with hope - then one where she fled and found friends. The strange one where somehow Thor and Loki worked together.

That last part is obviously a work in progress.

She lets go of her breath again and smiles, dipping her head to Odin, "Thank you your majesty." She turns to look to T'Challa first and there's a small little smirk she offers back to him. Of the people here, only Thor knows how much of a bard she is. Still, it was a knifes edge. She saw this meeting with Odin go wrong many times in her visions of the future.

She looks at Thor's joy and shakes her head.. if only he knew. "I suppose now we party?," she proposes to the group - she's all for that. Asgardian ale is fantastic.