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Kitty puts Lobster Boy in the Friendzone
Date of Scene: 09 October 2020
Location: Mootant Town Milkshakes
Synopsis: Twins have their powers emerge at the same time in a Mutant Town ice cream shop. Poor Lobster Boy does not get a second hug.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Vivian Vision, Noriko Ashida, Ororo Munroe

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is in Mutant Town, which isn't unusual for her. Though the days are past of patrolling the place against those causing trouble in the wake of Genosha, she's made more friends in the area and tends to stop by more often.
Though at the moment she's by herself. Stopping off for ice cream. Though she also doesn't WANT to be by herself, so she's sent out a text message to one of the lists of friends she keeps on the server back at the school for just this kind of moment. Of course her bestie and sometime roommate Rogue is on the list, and a certain Cajun as well.
Kitty steps into the place, arriving at the time she told others she'd be there. She's wearing a light, long-sleeve shirt that has a picture of Einstein on the front, and a pair of jeans, and sandals. A bag is slung over her shoulder.
There are a few other people in the shop. A woman buying an ice cream cake for a birthday is looking at a book that shows examples of their work. A boy and girl of about 14 are there together, though they have a fairly strong resemblance that suggests brother and sister rather than boyfriend and girlfriend. Also a man and woman with three children ages 4, 6 and 8. Finally a male mutant of indeterminant age. His body has a shell kind of like a lobster's but with normal arms and legs sprouting from it, while his head is something halfway between humanity and crustacean. "God I hope they have mint chocolate chip," he mumbles.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy likes the milkshakes, his milkshake of choice is called nuclear waste, it is green filled with neon liquid, it glows in the dark, it is amazing. He needs one now, so when Kitty is texting him, he moves dressed in that long brown duster, with a simple white shirt on, a pair of tight black jeans, and a pair of doc martins.

Holding the door open for Rouge, as he grins at her."After you, Ma Pettie."As he waits for them to enter, as he looks around for a moment watching the cookie cake."I wonder if they can turn nuclear waste into a cake. I shall ask, no. Will you consume nuclear waste me?" His eyes on Rogue, with a little wink of playful grin on his face.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had gotten the text and happily accepted to meet Kitty at the specified location. She set out with Gambit in tow, promising him ice cream, and upon arrival she removes her sunglasses and scans her eyes around as she strides in through the door that the Cajun holds open for her. "I dunno if I wanna eat anything that glows." She tells him in response, having already talked about what his favorit milkshake of choice is. "I'll let you do it, an' see if ya keel over in a few hours time." She smirks at him. "Banana milkshakes are my favorite, but hard t'find..."

She's got on a leather jacket over a green tank top with a low scooped neckline, a pair of low-rise blue jeans, cinched around her waistline by a leather belt with a little silver (X) belt buckle, black gloves go up her forearms and disappear up her jacket's rolled-up sleeves, and leather boots are on her feet, heeled to push her height to around 5'9".

Rogue waves to Kitty.

Vivian Vision has posed:
It's rare for Vivian Vision to head all the way out to Mutant Town. But after searching far and wide for reviews she's been able to establish a particular sweet treat sold at Mootant Town Milkshakes may well be the best in the New York area. Or at least that's what the data says. And thanks to a little persuasion (and likely some of Janet van Dynes money) she's been able to arrange to pickup a trade size order to go. Enough for a boat size party no less!

Her unusual appearance is masked by a holographic disguise that gives her caucasian skin and green eyes. It's also made her green hair look like it's the result of hair dye. It's a disguise that's purely visual in nature but will fool all but the most eagle eyed.

She joins the little queue forming to enter, although she waits for Remy and Rogue to both head inside before her. They did get there first after all. And then once inside joins the line for the counter.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's hair also looks like it's dyed electric blue, because it has though. She zips through the street right up to the door, coming to a stop right behind Vivian. Hop, hop, hop between her two feet impatiently, jittery, and shaking her metal gauntlets out like an inflatable tube man, one of the gauntlets squeaking just at the peak of one of the hand flops. Then she takes off, running the block a few times, probably before anyone really notices her missing from where she was waiting.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde turns and grins as she sees Rogue and Remy arrive. She catches part of the conversation at least, as the Jewish girl lets out a soft laugh. "Ok, I just got this image of Rogue sitting in the bathroom, reading a magazine, while the room is filled with a nuclear green glow," she says, shaking her head. "You talking about the nuclear waste shake? I haven't been brave enough to try it. Though if you want to, Remy, I'll have a dose of RadAway ready for you.

The obligatory Fallout reference made, Kitty looks back at the sign above the counter. "I'm feeling kind of chocolatey. But not too chocolatey. Maybe the Chocolate Cheesecake shake?" she muses.

The woman with the cake book realizes she's holding up the line and moves aside, taking her glass of Sprite with her. "Sorry," she says, and gets a little wave back from Kitty. "No problem," Kitty tells her. She drums her hands on the counter for a last moment of indecision before saying, "ok, yeah, the chocolate cheesecake shake. If only because of the rhyming," she says. Kitty pulls out a credit card to pay with it. She turns back to Remy and Rogue. "It's on me. Because... I've got a job! Two of them actually," she says. Kitty's eyes go to Vivian, giving her a friendly smile, but continuing past to say, "Noriko! Hey, come order with us it's on me."

Kitty looks back to Vivian saying, "Why don't you jump ahead of us in the line here since we're a group and will take longer?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is moves into the room quickly, that coat is flowing with him all nice and billowing, as he moves next to Rogue, his hand is touching her neck playing with her necklace, as he grins at her."If I glow, it is only for you. Shake, just makes it on the outside, not the just the in."

With that bad line, he is grinning at Kitty."Hello, troublemaker. You have not caused trouble, or you have not called Remy when you do. Either way, ya, are so grown up now, I might cry." Remy grins at her playfully as he nods slowly, his hands back in his jacket."I will, be getting glowing in the darkness, goodness. Two of the Nuclear wastes for me I have worked appetite today. Rouge, here put me through my paces, no."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is visually scanning the place's menu as Gambit toys with the necklace around her neck that holds a ring dangling from it against her chest. Anyone with a bit of ring knowledge will easily see its an engagement ring too, no less.

"I saw this place when Magneto was here last month. We flew right over it. I'm glad t'finally get a chance t'try it out." She idly says before looking over to Kitty and grinning at her. "Hey, he's the glowin' milkshake man, not me. I like my shakes like I like my everythin' else... not filled with creepy chemicals."

A glance is given around, Rogue notes Vivian, but doesn't /know/ her, so she'll offer her a smile if looked at, then she'll note Surge and waves at her as well. "Heya, Shocker. Get whatever ya want, Kitty's treat.."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision does seem to glance back as Noriko rushes up behind her and then dashes away again. She might not move at super speed but her reactions are rather rapid. "Miss I think there might be a bathroom back there if you need it.." she informs the blue haired teenager earnestly, perhaps mistaking superspeed for another type of urgency. "I'm sure they'll allow a customer to use it before making a purchase."

She gives Kitty and Rogue a friendly smile. Or at least what she calculates to be one. "That's very kind of you, although I should warn you my order is likely to be slightly awkward and may delay staff." She shrugs. "I am happy to compromise and I can pass my order along, then you can be served before they make arrangements for it though?"

She holds up a little slip of paper with an order number on. Someone at the store hopefully knows she's stopping by to pick things up.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori lifts a hand to Kitty and squeezes by Vivian with a little grin to Viv as she cuts in line.  No shame.  But then Kitty offers Vivian to leapfrog.  Noriko chuckles softly.  "Two jobs?  Did you get one recently?" she asks with her inside voice as she ends up next to Kitty.  "Strawberry Shortcake shake.  Extra thick."  It's her business tone.

Nori rocks sideways toward Kitty with the words, "Thanks."  Then she looks back to Rogue over her shoulder, "A buttload of sprinkles please!" she rings out as she lifts a hand in greeting, attention divided.  Then to Vivian, "Don't need to pee thanks."  Her pacing is a little bit clipped.  "Just a little pent up energy."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde had totally missed Noriko's sudden movements, gone and back while Kitty was figuring out what to order. But she grins at the Asian girl as she joins them. "Yes, two different contract jobs. Each part time so I have enough time to work them both without going crazy. Hopefully either could turn into a fulltime gig. Though to be honest, I'm kind of liking having my options open. Including, you know, setting my hours to some degree."

Kitty smiles to Vivian and nods. "Sure, that would be fine. It's a great place isn't it? Discovered it a few weeks ago," she comments of the ice cream shop. The woman who is ordering the ice cream cake looks up. "Oh they are the best," she agrees.

That woman reaches out for her plastic cup of Sprite. Only as her hand draws near to it, it's like her arm disappears into some extra-dimensional space, and emerges from it a foot to the side of where her cup is. Her eyes get big and she snatches her hand back, wiggling her fingers as if to confirm they are ok.

Over at one of the tables, the one with the girl and boy, the girl holds a hand to her head for a moment, a slight frown, but otherwise seeming ok. The family is at a table on the other side of the shop, the kids eating very messily while mom tries to wipe their faces now and then, and dad is busy on his phone.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy stands there waiting for his ice cream, as he starts to move around the others, as he looks over at Kitty, and then at Rogue."I love dat necklace; it is so lovely." His hand is reaching around to hold the waist Rogue as he waits for his ice cream.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I've never tried anything from this establishment before, I've come all the way from Happy Harbor. But I have read a great deal of favorable reviews," Vivian replies brightly." She's just in the process of handing over the slip with her order on, really just a confirmation of details from a prior phone call to show she's the person they're expecting, when the Women Kitty was talking to pokes her arm through a spatial anomoly. The disguised synthezoid frowns and goes very still. "Was that... a normal occurance?"

Very carefully she looks around. Trying not to take any steps or reach out and potentially poke her arm through a hole in space.

"I don't see anything odd." A girl with a brainfreeze perhaps. No signs of supercriminals and really who would attack a milkshake place?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dat is odd." Remy mutters to himself standing next to Rogue, as he looks around now, his red eyes hidden behind a pair of dark blue shades, with little x on the sides. His hands are deep in the pockets of the duster, as his body is tense now, experience told him one weird thing, means two, then a fight. "Norika, stand behind me, please."

Remy steps in front of Rouge and the teen, as his hand is resting on that bo-staff in his left pocket, his pocket is holding his cards, it is getting all weird up in here again.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
A moment in time passes, and the front door to the location swings open. It stops a hair's breadth from hitting the wall allowing eyes attached to a body to scan the room. While Ororo Munroe may often be too absent, she walks the earth like any other. And occasionally wishes to converse.

It's too bad that she seems so unapproachable at times, since she's well aware of the world around her. Those sharp eyes, backed by a sense beyond vision, take in the pain in the room. Then she decides to not draw attention to herself.

Too late, but she tries.

A hand raises, just slightly, to acknowledge those who see her arrival. But she is already on edge; she's aware of something going on, though the source may not be instantly clear. How could she not be? She steps through the doorway, a breeze ready to become a tornado.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The clerk is staring at the woman for a moment, or at where her hand had displaced a foot to the side. He grabs a spatula and pokes at the spot, but the effect doesn't repeat. "Things happen sometimes," he says, this being Mutant Town. "But haven't seen that before. You're ok?" he checks. The woman nods. "Just startled me. I think I'm fine," she says.

Kitty watches the woman and hrms quietly. "Ok, long as you're ok," she says. She turns to glance to Vivian, and at the lobster-like mutant. They are both given quick smiles though, as if Kitty is making sure everyone is ok and not making them feel singled out.

The door opens, and Kitty turns and sees who it is. "Ororo!" she says brightly. Completely ruining that trying to enter without drawing too much attention. Kitty steps towards Storm, lifting her arms to give the woman a hug.

Kitty disappears as if stepping through something, and reappears right in front of the lobster-like mutant, her arms going around him. His head jerks up. "Oh, hey!" he says, and then grins. He wraps Kitty in a tight hug. "God, you have no idea how much I needed a hug right now," he says. "So much better than ice cream."

Kitty blinks and looks at her friends with an expression that says, "what do I do?" and, hugs him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is oblivious in the moment, her eyes are on the menu board and her lips are quietly moving as she reads the items on it. Her aviator sunglasses rest on top of her forehead over her browline, and they drop down over her eyes as she flexes the muscles of her face, because the lights above the menu are shining SO BRIGHT that she NEEDS shades.

"Banana!" She announce shappily with a clap of her gloved hands and a big 'Wooo' to follow it!

But as Remy says something, she turns her head, dark lenses covering her eyes now she looks around. "Whats up?" She asks. She spies Storm then, thusly getting a big smile for the woman. A wave is sent her way as Kitty moves to greet her.

"heya, Miss Munroe." The Belle tells the other. "Kitty's buyin'." She adds with a growing grin on her lips.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is watching as Kitty is gone and now hug that lobster, as he nods towards Storm, his fingers resting on that bo, sliding out the device it is folded up, as he looks around trying to find the why, his eyes moving over everyone, as he speaks softly to sing to himself."Trouble, Trouble." His voice is soft as he looks over at Rogue."No more move, stand there we just got engaged, I'm not losing ya today. Stay with the kiddo, I'll figure dis out, with da amzing one, right there." His finger points at Ororo.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko just rolls her eyes at Remy's protectiveness and doesn't move a muscle from her spot in the booth.  She just waves a spoon to Ororo, one she pulls from her mouth.  She tears into her thick shake like an addict hopped up on adderall, except in 3 seconds she's all but demolished her brain with a, "Owowowwow."  The palm of her gauntlet goes to her forehead with a clunk.

With her nose squished up, Noriko asks, "What the hell is going on?  Why is everyone so bristly?"  She herself is bristling with electricity, but it's contained, functional.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian stays nice and still. She's got to wait by the counter anyway and perhaps if she doesn't move she won't... translocate? Fingers crossed. "People are teleporting," she points out to Noriko. "Partially or.." She nods at Kitty. "Entirely. Some kind of holes in space.."

Slowly but surely she begins observing each patron one by one. Viewing the footage frame by frame looking for any microexpressions that indicate negative or hostile emotions. "I just hope no-one is partially inside one when it closes.."

A portion of her mind splits off to investigate security cameras in the area. Perhaps the store has CCTV cameras inside and out. Anything that might reveal a supervillain enacting an evil but petty scheme.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo nods to Kitty, to Rogue, Remy. She pauses on Noriko, her face considering things she can see, and she worries. "Remain seated, please," she says with her mom voice. It has that effect at times.
The power in her voice is unbridled; her demeanor is commanding. "There are lines of force at work here. I would not wish to be in one when it closes. A moment."

She extends her left hand almost daintily. Her hand vanishes, absorbed into another place, and she leaves it in there against her own advice. Better her than anyone else, she seems to think, though her gaze travels about, warning others not to do so.

When she retracts it, she shakes her head. Then her eyes look slowly across the room, settling upon the young lady with the headache. She glances back to Kitty, to Rogue, to Remy, then headtilts meaningfully.

Then she looks at Vivian directly. And blinks, in what seems to be surprise.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde pats the lobster-man's back gently. "Ok. Yeah. You got people who care about you. And... we're approaching the point it'll get weird," she says. He lets her go and gives her a bashful smile.

There's a lot going on, and Remy's comment, and that ring, are noted by Kitty. But her steps taking her a few feet across the room suddenly in a fit of teleporting or at least traveling through some sort of distortion, is taking her attention.

The parents of the three children are looking a little concerned. "We should get them out of here," the woman says to her husband. He looks pensive. "Or is it safer to just sit still?" he asks.

Over at the one booth, the teenaged girl holds her head. "I really don't feel good. Head's hot, and pounding," she says. Her brother reaches across the table. "Jane, you ok?" he asks. His hand touches her arm, and then things really get wild.

He gives a sudden, sharp cry, his hands going to his own head as he grimaces. A pair of chairs at a table nearby sudden start to move, their legs bending to scramble across the floor towards Rogue and Remy, and likely to run them over if they don't do something.

Meanwhile, the clerk suddenly falls. He disappears through the floor and then his legs reappear descending from up near the ceiling. He falls and disappears near the floor again. Again and again, falling out of the air and into the floor only to reappear again. Worse, he's rapidly picking up speed and within seconds he's traveling at a speed as if he'd been falling for hundreds of feet!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well dat is our answer, relax kiddos." Remy flicks his hand is forward as that bo-staff extends, as he flips that chair out the window, with the bottom of his staff, as he stands there watching it all."Stormy, you're a better teacher den I, I'll just beat the shit out of the table, chairs to protect, you do the talk, no." His voice is teasing as he leaps forward, grabbing another chair, as he flips it out of the broken window, as he grins at the others."Dis is how, ya flip da table no?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"As long as no one translocates my shake I'm good."  Noriko being heads down in that thing is probably why she was so oblivious to the whole thing.  "I'm almost done.  I can just shock her to knock her out," she offers with a gesture of her spoon as if it'd all be a cinch, though it's no secret that Noriko struggles to control her own powers at times, even with her gauntlets.

At Ororo's mom voice, not even one word in, Noriko's head snaps up from where she's hunched over her shake to pin Ororo with her gaze, "'kay!  For thirty more seconds!  I'm totally faster than these portal thingies."  Sure.  "And I just ate a milkshake!" she's halfway through.  "So I'm good. To. Go.  Put me in coach."  By the look of the smirk that tugs at her lips, Noriko's display is just that, an aping of crappy television shows or that one kind of football movie that is made every five years.

"Done!"  Noriko shakes her head as if it'll clear her last brain freeze faster.  She looks up.  "Everything is fine."  She lifts her shake glass to tip the last bit of gloop into her mouth and sets it down.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is trying to get her damn banana milkshake when things go south. She wasn't able to get it that one evening here in Mutant Town because Magneto showed up, and now this?

She turns around to see the chair animate and start to rush her, and her reaction is to just raise up her heel-booted right foot and slam it down on top of the chair as it reaches her. "No, damnit, I ain't Mickey Mouse and this ain't Fantasia."

Her eye ssnap up to the legs hanging from the ceiling and she just sighs softly. "Why can't anything in life just be normal?"

Rogue upnods to Noriko. "You've trained for this, like five whole minutes in the Danger Room, right?" She asks with a faint grin that comes and goes before she looks to Remy, then to Kitty. "What's goin' on here, Kitkat?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian gives Ororo a 'What me?' teenager shrug. "Can anyone else slow the clerk down? He is rapidly approaching terminal velocity and when the portal cuts out it will not be good." She looks around and sighs. "I might be able to match his speed, catch him and then act as a brake but I will potentially get in trouble at school.."

Unless anyone voices up a better idea she'll vault the counter (thankfully she was close enough it's unlikely she'll hit another portal on the way) and try fall through the portal. Phasing to pass through harmlessly as she matches speed.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo, channeling her teacher self, says, "Young lady, do so. Be cautious to match speeds first. Slow evenly, do not damage him." She points to Noriko, and says, "No." Then she simply steps to the right, blocking the door with herself (she was already there) and looks at the family as they approach.

"It is safest to calm. We have experience with these things." She has no question in her voice, her head held high, her face daring to suggest a smile without allowing itself to do so. "Your child, what is your name dear? I am Ororo, I am a teacher at an academy that helps with these abilities." She addresses the child directly, though keeps the parents involved.

"Yes, it is real. You are not the first."

She does not give away who she is with, what powers they have. She does make note that she is not alone, and her body is still blocking the door. "We can help> I can help. But she needs to calm."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty turns and gasps as the man starts falling. As Vivian offers to try to stop him, Kitty glances to Rogue for a moment. Perhaps thinking about how likely Rogue would be to get skin-to-skin contact with the falling man who might flail about. And would Rogue lose her own flight control if that happens?

A nod is given as Ororo gives Vivian the green light. To Rogue, Kitty says, "I think maybe her... er, their, powers are emerging." She's seen a bit of that happen too, being at the school since she was thirteen.

Rogue takes care of one of the chairs, squashing it easily enough. Kitty grabs the other one, and she and the chair sink into the floor to her waist. She pushes the chair down below the floor and then rises back up, leaving the chair buried to still it.

The two teenagers are by themselves, no parents. But they look at Storm as she approaches them. "I'm... what's... this is so weird," the girl says. "It's powers, like mom has," her brother says. He gives a groan and then ceiling fan overhead starts spinning a little faster. Faster, and the blades start to move on their own, bending as if reaching down. "It's ok, clear your minds," Kitty tells them. "Clear them, and think of calm things. You can control this," she says, looking to Ororo for more help there.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Now then this is going tits up quickly, water into the ocean." Remy watches it all, twirling his staff as he flicks it away again, as he leaves it ready just in case, as he waits now standing next to Rogue, too much for him to process, as he thinks of saving her and himself, but not acting on it yet.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"You saw me drop that guy that one time!" Noriko exclaims to Rogue as she wastes valuable time, since everyone knows landing one charge without killing someone once doesn't constitute mastery.  "Look, if anything I'll under shock her."  Which could cause a worse powers malfunction?

Ororo speaks, and Noriko groans.  Her knees bounce under the table as she slips into a slump.  Then as Ororo starts to talk to the family, Noriko scoots over to the part of the booth that is closer to the guy and the girl.  "Hey dude," she semi whispers.  "What's your name?  You want me to call anyone for you?"  Noriko points up at the chair bits hanging down from the ceiling.  "Hazard."  She clearly hasn't gathered that they are related.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go to the other chair that Kitty sinks it into the floor, then sh sees Gambit spin his bo away. At Noriko's response to her she looks up to her and shows a lopsided grin. "Trust me, your powers are intimidatin'. I don't wanna be the target of'em any time soon."

"Hey, ya'll, if you're experiencing weird stuff for the first time, try'n clear your mind. This is a public place, we all came here for ice cream, not I Screams." She glances over at Remy again then and motions to him. "I bet this is all cause'a that radioactive milkshake you wanted. Bet this is the side effects a those things." She jests quietly.

Vivian Vision has posed:
This might not be Vivians first time leaping through a weird portal, but it's the first time where she has no idea what the portal is or when it's going to shut. So intense concentration will be required! Even as she's leaping in she cuts off her holographic disguise to save on processing power. Adjusting her speed and catching a high speed living being is a very delicate maneuver after all!

"Thankfully," She whooshes through the floor and ceiling a few times. "I do not.." Whoosh. "Feel nausea.." Whoosh. "Although I am.." Whoosh. "Gaining insight into the sensation.." With each pass through their speed drops a little. As the synthezoid begins to apply her flight against the infinite fall the clerk is experiencing. Unfortunately she's not really got the power to carry a whole person any great distance.

Instead her plan is a little less graceful. Once she's calculated the fall has been slowed enough she sticks her arms and legs out like she's doing a star jump and tries to physically block the portal with her body. Shifting her density and general toughness down to a safe level so the clerk gets stopped by landing on her without getting more than a few bumps & bruises. Then shifting it back up so she's an immovable object that'll support his weight long enough for an escape.

Hopefully someone is able to dash over and haul him to safety!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"Noriko. To me, as quickly as you can." Yes, she knows roughly how quick that is able to be. She simply wants a demonstration. Holding out a hand for Noriko to come to, she says, "There are others with powers of differing sorts. Noriko is one of my charges, and a dear child."

She then does something unexpected, to calm everyone. She gets out of the doorway. "I will not force you to listen, but I will ask you to do so. Or you may leave. But please, if you can simply close your eyes and breathe a moment, all of this chaos should subside."

Noted: their mother also has abilities. Something to look into. "Your abilities are awakening. This is normal, not something to be feared. It has happened to many of us, including myself."

Her eyes keep checking on Vivian, her own orders having sent the child into danger. Not something she takes lightly. But she must deal with the original problem. "This is Kitty," she adds, motioning to the named lass. "I am Ororo, this is Remy, and Belle." I have no idea who Vivian is, but hey. Something for later.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The girl tells Storm, "I'm Jane. And I feel like... like part of me is somewhere else, in my head?" Kitty is looking from Jane to Vivian, and the Jewish girl's eyes widen as Vivian's form changes, shimmering and turning out to look like The Vision.

Vivian successfully arrests the clerk's fall without him going splat, finally blocking the area of the distortion with her body. "I'll get him," Kitty says, rushing over and phasing through the counter to the other side to not waste time. She reaches out to grab the clerk, then pulls him off of Vivian with a hard tug that kind of sends him flying rather than gently set down.

After, Kitty reaches out to offer Vivian a hand to keep her from falling into the portal in trying to get up. Which is adrenaline speaking. Of course Vivian can just fly up away from it, but Kitty's in rescue mode.

Meanwhile, the ceiling fan's blades are swinging about, but thankfully unable to reach anyone's head, the ceiling too high up. Else it could deliver a pretty bad thumping to a noggin at the speed it is going.

The brother groans. "It's like everything in the room is in my head," he says, holding his hands to his temples.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"The secret is to let it flow, through ya kids, feel it touch it move it downwards, deep down." Remy nods slowly, as he walks over slowly, as his hand is reaching for Rogue's as he leads her towards the kids, with a smile."Remy rembers, that fear and that weird first time, no. Just relax, breathing in and feel it, it is part of you. Control, breath in deeply."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko has already pulled out her phone, leaning over the back of the booth when a small surge of electricity engulfs her phone for a hot second.  "Shit!  Not again!"  She quickly twists around and forcefully puts the phone down on the table.  Hunching over it, she begins her operation...

Flip the phone! - Flipping the phone.  Scalpel! - Keys!  Nori pops the back of the case open like an expert, if there was an expert in leveraging keys like crowbars.

PADDLES!  "Clear," Noriko whisper shouts to herself aloud with her forefingers on the open-faced battery.

JOLT! FIRE.  "Everything is fine," Nori says with a laugh as she lets the phone engulf in flames and start to melt.  "Well shit.  I forgot to sync that thing."

The Ballad of Ashida's Phone happens very quickly, since Noriko is in her own little world.  By the time she looks up with a, "Huh?" the flames have had water thrown on them.

"Hmm?"  And then Noriko is by Ororo's side.  "Hey what's up?"  She tucks the charred, wet hunk of electronics into her jeans pocket.  Her speech isn't clipped anymore and her energy levels, at least Storm detects, aren't as spiky as they were earlier.

"You know I'm eighteen and you're my teacher right?" Noriko gaze shifts up to Ororo.  "Or does charge just mean student?"  Her lack of engagement with the poor girl might be noticeable to a discerning eye.  It's as if the problems exist, but not the source of them.

Finally, though... "Can I help?"  Noriko points upward to the ceiling fans.  "I can short those before they fall?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands near to Remy and glances up to the ceiling fans. She exhales softly and shakes her head before looking down to the teens. "Lots a folks willin' t'help with that stuff to." She motions to Storm. "She's one'a the best, for instance." She looks over to Surge then and gives her a thumbs up. "Short'em out before they ... whatever it is they're gonna do next!"

A look is given to Kitty. "Does this happen in this area a lot? We should... do stuff about that, I dunno what, but somethin'. Xavier's needs like a presence down here... of some kind."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision holds still for a moment. Her Human family would be annoyed if they knew she'd been involved in a spatial anomoly without getting any data. Even if staring up at her own back and onwards into infinity is distracting. "I should be fine," she assures Kitty. "I can fly up now I no longer need to remain solid. Best if you stay back though so I don't accidentally knock you in too." And sure enough she begins to float upwards. "Please do not be alarmed by my appearance. I am not hostile nor have I been sent back in time to kill anyone. Despite what much of Human media would have you believe..."

She flies a little way away from the portals and lands on what she hopes will be solid ground. "I hope Clerk is okay?" She frowns. "And also that this will not prevent me from collecting my order. As I need to prepare for a social gathering on the weekend.."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's been practicing fingergunning things down with her bolts, but adding a fingergun does not make one more accurate apparently.  This time, though, there aren't really many places she can screw up, given the fans have metal in them.  She pulls out the finger guns and pew pews lightning out of her her twin barrels.


Ororo Munroe has posed:
This is a critical point in things. The children will not know it yet, but things like this happen far too often, and Storm has found that there's one thing that is often missed. One major, impossibly important thing. She reaches into her outfit, then draws out two, not one, cards.

"Children. All these things are true. I know you mean to run, you are frightented. But," she reaches, and then uses her years of pickpocketing to simply...slip the cards into their pockets. "Those will become important if you do. Call on us, if you can not trust us now."

A simple thing. They can find the school now, one way or another. They might get into a car with her, or they might run away. What they will choose is unpredictable. But they can reach us now.

Then she steps back. Silent.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The ceiling fans get zapped, and while losing electricity seems to definitely slow them down, the zap itself seems to stop even the wooden fan blades from waving around now, even though it wasn't electricity-powered movement.

The advice from Remy and Storm cause the two teens to nod. "Come on Jane, do as they said," the brother says. Both teens seem to be trying to concentrate. "I... I'm feeling better," the girl says quietly, and looks around. There's no signs of those spatial anomalies, at least. The boy seems to take longer, and at one point the napkin dispenser starts throwing napkins harmlessly. But eventually that stops too. "I... think I'm better," he says, nodding.

The clerk loses his lunch in the trash can, but when he's better, he tells Vivian, "Lady...er...yeah I'll go with lady. It's on the house. Thank you so much for saving me!"

Kitty? She's face to face with an actual working robot. One that isn't declaring things like: 'Mutant detected. Surrender or be terminated'. Kitty is practically giddy. "Are you, fully autonomous? Sentient artificial intelligence? Or is there a processor elsewhere controlling you?" she asks.

If there was a Nerd-o-meter above Kitty's head it would be pegging right now. "I'm Kitty. I'd love to talk with you more," she says.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Good now, I need my shake." That is right, Remy, only ended this for a goddamn milkshake, he was told milkshake, as he walks over to the counter, as he orders now."Two Nuclear Waste shakes!" He is beaming at them. He is on cloud nine, as they are about to ring it up.

"Dude, that was a promo shake it is over, ended two weeks ago." The kid behind the counter tells Remy in his dazed, confused tone.

Remy drops to his knees, as his hands reaching towards the heavens, his hands balled up as he howls out at lost of the tasty shake, as he sits there now cursing the liner time.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko blinks up at the wooden fan, head canted to the side.  She simply stares as the environment subsides around them.  Some part of her hears Kitty prattling on in the background.  "Hey Kitty.  How did I stop that wooden fan from spinning?  Does it have a direct drive or something?"  That'd be unprecedented in a ceiling fan.

Then Nori looks to Ororo.  "Is that normal?"  She might as well be asking, can you do that?  Remy lamenting the loss of a promo shake steals her attention for a hot second, but apparently this level of behavior of Remy has come to be expected by the teen.  Already.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision shakes her head. "I'm sorry but I must insist on paying," she tells the Clerk. "I didn't help with the expectation of a reward. And I would feel strange accepting free gifts.." She phases through the counter so she's back on the customer side and then re-applies her holographic disguise. "If anything I expect I will get in trouble for revealing my nature.."

She tilts her head at Kitty.

"Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively. And as far as I'm aware I qualify as such. But really how does anyone truely know? Are the things we do predetermined by a higher agency?" She blinks a few times, then flashes a smile. "Personally I prefer non-biological intelligence. Artificial intelligence feels... you know... a bit like a pejorative term. If you would like to chat further I can provide contact information or if you send a message care of Pym Industries addressed to Vivian Vision it'll reach me."

She brushes herself off and smiles at the Clerk. "I have to head off soon, would you be okay to get my order?" She's dug out a purse from one of her many cargo pants pockets and insistantly offers the money.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo gives the children a soft hand on their shoulders. "Well done," she says gently. "Well done. That is exactly how it's done. If you would, I would like to accompany you to meet your parents. Your mother at the very least. There are many things to discuss. You both are special, and there will be things to take care of."

She looks back to the room, smiling in thanks for everyone's contribution. For once, no storm was required. And honestly, that's for the best.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde looks over to Noriko and up at the fans. "Well, probably burned out the motor. The stopping the wood from moving, I don't really know how his power works," she says.

The family of five vacate, just in case the powers start back up. They have young kids to think about.

Lobster Boy looks at Kitty, holding up his phone as if to exchange numbers. Kitty just gives him a friendly smile though in return. Totally friendzoned after the unintended hug.

She does turn back to Vivian though, exchanging contact information. "Yes, non-biological intelligence is a better term," she agrees. "Just fascinating though. I'll look forward to talking to you more later then. I actually work for Janet van Dyne, doing IT work at JVD Fashion," Kitty tells Vivian after hearing mention of Pym Industries.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh. I must be getting slow."  Kitty's explanation is good enough for Noriko.  She's not one for conspiracies in the face of clear logic.  "Maybe it just needs oiling," she murmurs to herself as if thinking aloud before she catches the exchange between Kitty and Lobster Boy.  "That poor guy."

Noriko leans to butt in on Kitty and Vivian's conversation for juuuust a moment to say to Vivian, "You know you look great.  You don't need all that stuff."  She grins and then moves to put in an order for another strawberry shortcake shake to the staff.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision offers Kitty a friendly handshake while the Clerk disappears to fetch her order. A rather broad selection of their finest icecreams and sorbets. "Oh. These are intended for a party Janet is holding on the weekend," she explains earnestly. "I hope that working at JVD Fashions IT department is forfilling work. I do not really know much about fashion." Which is perhaps obvious from the yellow cargo pants and green t-shirt combination she's wearing. "But I consider Janet to be family so I hope her company does well regardless."

"Anyway it was nice meeting you all. I hope you are able to enjoy your trip out for milkshakes and icecream in peace."

All this time the Clerk has been bringing out various tubs of icecream and sorbet, then stacking them up. And with no effort at all Vivian scoops the entire stack up like it was nothing and turns to leave. She blushes slightly at Noriko "While I am flattered by your comments currently AI have no legal rights. So in order to live a 'normal' life I have to disguise myself.. I suppose it's not much different from how many mutants have to live."

And with that she's off out the door. No time for waiting around when your shopping is melting!