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Prison fun times!
Date of Scene: 11 October 2020
Location: Belle Reve Penitentiary
Synopsis: Team bonding exercise at Belle Reve With Spiral, Harley and Cole! Harley doesn't remember how she got here...! Hard partying the other night. But they decide on what Cole's title will be. Colonel Cole!
Cast of Characters: Cole Cash, Harley Quinn, Spiral

Cole Cash has posed:
It was supposed to be a no-work weekend. So having Waller's goons waking him up at four in the morning and dragging him to an helicopter was not a nice way to start the Sunday. Also, Cole broke the jaw of the guy that woke him up, and Waller is making him pay the medical bill. Outrageous. But apparently it was in the fine print.

The real reason Cole is here is not because there were important meetings and crap a Sunday morning (he had a hangover, too). It is just Waller yanking on his leash. Something she does to everyone periodically. Keep them on their toes. Keep them hating her.

Now Cole is in Louisiana and the Grifter-mobile is in Gotham. Waller told him he could call a cab or wait for a flight in the evening. Since he is several grand poorer he was in the morning, Cole opted for option B. Waller 'suggested' to go meet 'his team' which was actual a 'do it or else'.

He probably should be plotting some kind of petty revenge (not that it has ever worked on Waller) but he needs a drink first. He vaguely remembers they have a soda machine with beer somewhere in the Research section of the staff wing. That is his next goal.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley hadn't the faintest of ideas how she had got here.. AGAIN! Look, there had been that party at Doctor Strange's mansion, the wild dancin' along with all the magic oozing off the walls (literally!). And then she woke up, having forgotten most of what had happened after... And look at that! Back to some weird 'Orange is the new black' twist episode. Oh, so lucky of her!

So while she was inside her solitary cell there had been a rather dramatic "Waaaalllleeerrrrrr...!" being shouted by the clownette, which undoubtedly just made Waller's coffee just taste sweet in the morning when she heard it while up at her office and supervising the place..

Yet nothing she can do now, besides stepping out of her cell now that it has opened and starting on her way down to the corridors to hunt for some food and drinks. She had to keep that groove going afterall. And besides, being here meant free food and drinks! Something she intended to take full advantage of..

So she is heard skipping down the corridors and whistling a little tune to herself. A bit off-key perhaps. It was an off-key morning.

Spiral has posed:
If Waller was ever worried about Spiral eloping or something, she need not have been, as Spiral has been here quite a bit. Enjoying the free food, occasionally even the free board. She was long gone from the scene the last time the cops were called on her (...last night) so she's certain she's not in trouble.

She's not changing into prison uniform though, she's not going that far. She's settled in the canteen, anyway, with a bowl of gumbo, filled up to the brim. She smiles happily at the kitchen attendant who served her, and he promptly flees in terror.

"First rule of prison..." she declares, and tucks in.

Cole Cash has posed:
First rule of prison, indeed. Cole goes towards the kitchen to ask his friends there about Spiral and Harley whereabouts. Only to stumble on Harley-in-orange on the way. Sheer coincidence, no doubt. It is not as if Waller didn't just open the locks of her cell, right? "You must be Harley, I recognize you from all those Wanted posters," greets the blond man, looking as if he slept two hours last night.

"I'm Cole, or Grifter. We are doomed to be partners for a while, and... fuck, it is root beer." The soda machine was another disappointment, one of so many in Belle Reve!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Ahhhh, suck a familiar feeling. If only it wasn't for the whole Gumbo thing ..., uck. This is why Arkham is a lot cooler for her! Besides she knows all the locks and all the ways out by heart already so ..., it's a lot easier to evade than this one. Not that she hasn't seen a couple of ways in which she may try to get the heck out but ..., all in due time. It's not as if she remembers last few nights! Whatever happened during it ... But she is innocent! As everyone in prison ever is.

"You!" She says to Cole when the man actually speaks up in her direction. "I have no idea who you awhe!" she replies happily. "But ya don't look like one o' the red shirts I find about!" and as the man introduces himself she extends her own hand for a shake.

"Griffeh!?" She quirks a brow. "Any special meanin' ta the woid, or....?" a beat as the kitchen attendant that was at the cantina comes running past them frantically, muttering about six arms..

"Oooo, lets go to the cantina, think my bff is theah!" she says. "Ya can tell me all about yohself then! Also, yoh look way too normal ta be part o' this gang!" hey, someone had to say it!

Spiral has posed:
Spiral has a love hate relationship with being a freak. On the one hand she hates it because people call her a freak, run in fear, throw things at her, arrest her, etc.

On the other hand watching the ants run in terror can be quite fun on occasion. Sometimes it gets boring, but right now, with gumbo in front of her, she allows herself a smirk.

Oh she hears a familiar accent coming this way, too. Well, that spares her some magic, sounds like she can sit still and have people come to her after all, letting herself drift on the stream of time for the moment.

A fancy way of saying, 'sit in a chair and wait', to be sure.

Cole Cash has posed:
Grifter managed to toss in some cargo pants, a red t-shirt, combat boots and a coat full of guns and stuff after punching Waller's head goon. So he looks like he looks most days. Kinda scruffy and needing a shave.

Harley comment he looks normal makes him snort, although he manages to shake her hand briefly before she runs. It is totally sub-optimal if he is the 'normal' one.

Still, he goes into the cantina just after Harley, lighting a smoke along the way only to frowning deeply at all the 'no smoking' signs on the walls. "Crap," he grunts quietly, throwing the cigarette away.

"Well, at least someone learned to like gumbo," he comments, looking at the six-armed wonder. "Is the landshark guy around, too?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"What the heck...!" It might be just now that Harley is spotting all the guns on Cole. More than the 'guns' on his arms that is! "A coat full o' guns and I can't even have mah baseball bat! Unfaeh!" she hmphs and shakes her head a bit to herself.

"Just cos I may be a little crazy it's not as if I go and hit guards all the time! Well, and that guy was griefin' me and Spiral last time so that's why he totally deserved a bat up his face!" she is in a bit of a rant mode now as she makes her way in. A rant that ends when she spots Spiral and instead a beaming smile that could melt rainbows (ugh, gross) replaces it. "Spiral! Already Gumbo'ing it up!" she strolls closer to Spiral and leans over to take a sniff of the Gumbo. "Ugh..."

"I saw yoh newest friend runnin' right outside!" she pointing with her thumb behind her and then looks up to Cole. "Have ya two met by now? This is Griefeh. And he apparently can carry guns around by himself!" Clearly the clownette isnt too happy.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral spoons some gumbo into her mouth with middle right, while middle left rests on the table, and the bottom two are are hidden, resting on her knees under the table. One of the top two salutes Cole, though she doesn't actually look at him. Sometimes, its like those hands have minds of their own.

"Which friend? I have so many here already.". She turns her head to peer at the kitchen where she got her extra full bowl from. "Or you mean the one who bet on me? Ha. I was wondering where he was... I've not seen him yet.".

The top arm that isn't saluting taps the arm resting on the table. Hard skin. "I was wondering if I would get stabbed in the shower, but, I've not had a shower here yet, and they would have to have a very sharp prison shank.". She has her 'this place is great!' smile on - too much time around Harley. At least, so long as there are no super-convicts here trying to stab her, they'd probably do a better job.

Grifter is very much the normal one, and Spiral glances over at him. "Are you in charge?" she wonders. Mainly wondering as to why he stubbed out his cigarette, surely being in charge offers some privileges, or whats the point of being in charge?

Chaotic Evil.

Cole Cash has posed:
"That is because I am not a convict, just a... security consultant," Cole manages to say that with a straight face as he flops down on a seat in front of Spiral. "Yeah, I think Waller wants me calling the shoots until she finds someone better," he doesn't seem to love the idea himself.

"I spent all the morning in meetings with her minions, it was not fun," he comments. "It looks we are moving soon, ready or not. She wants the guys that killed the previous Squad dead yesterday. But someone forgot to tell he where they are, gotta love government bureaucracy."

Harley Quinn has posed:
A glance is given back to Spiral and Harley squints her eyes suspiciously. She leans towards her for a little sniiifff, "Look, I am just gonna say, ya got a lotta armpits so, nevah skip showah day." Harley's tone is absolutely 100% helpful! It's her friend afterall! "And theah's a trick foh it. It normally involves bashin' the first gal that comes into the showah foh no reason. That gets othas into attention real quick." and yep, she is saying it from personal experience! Again, helpful!

Her gaze then goes back to Cole. "Security consultant?!" she snorts and shakes her head. "Really. Why can't I just be the prison shrink then?! I got a PhD ya know?" she is really thinking this is all an unfair situation for herself. "And ..., I am suwah you must be gettin' paid too!"

But then she looks a bit surprised. "The othas got whacked?! Oh no, I hope it wasn't Killa Frost oh even Deadshot. I mean, they can be backstabbin' little bitches, but ya know ..., still part of the team.." she makes an 'heart' gesture with her fingers above her chest. Ugh..

Spiral has posed:
"Oh, you actually starred in such a show?" Spiral asks Harley. "Yes, asserting dominance right away, that's a trope as well." she nods. "The Prisoner was one of the most popular soap operas of its day....". She looks calculating for a moment. Sheesh, if she was a director she'd do such a better job than Screwloose, she's sure of it.

"I don't sweat or smell. Being a mutate has it's benefits.", Spiral lies.

She leans forward a bit when Cole mentions the previous Squad, tilting her head. "So, tell us, Cole. If they killed the previous squad why do you think we will do any better?" she wonders, seemingly flitting into serious and focused mode for at least a moment.

Cole Cash has posed:
"I am kind of betting paid," admits Cole, reluctantly. "Let me tell you, working for Uncle Sam won't ever make you wealthy. But you know how hard is telling no to the Wall."

Then he smirks to Spiral, "we better do a better job, but I have no idea of who they were or why they got killed. I suspect I won't know until it is too late. I sure hope you two are good at improvising."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Spiral, I star in eeevveeeryyyy show I am in!" Harley then striking a pose, arms wide to the side and she winking at the six-armed wonder, "And oh, should I tell ya that Cole *also* recognized me instantly in the corridors? I am such a star...." she adds in a vain manner. But she is saying it mostly in a joking manner, that running gag that everyone always recognizes her. Of course that Cole cheated, having access to her dossier! But that's details!

When Spiral goes about saying she doesn't sweat or smell it makes Harley just look at her in a doubting manner. "Suwah..." another sniff, "I mean I'd kinda like it if it was true but I can sniff a lie from a distance!" sniff a lie, get it?!

"And I am like the best at improvisin', it's what we do foh a livin' afterall. Clownettes, that is. But I wondah who ya pissed off ta get assigned heah. Or what yoh story with the Wall is." she then asks, looking at Cole. "Wanna share with the rest o' the class?"

Spiral has posed:
Spiral grumps. Nobody notices the ones working on the set. Or even the stuntwoman. "Dr Strange knows me." she counters. "And he didn't know you."..

Glancing over at Cole, she shrugs. "You tell me, I was only doing lab work and teleporting around when I was collected for this team. So. I will teleport you all.". There's a note of finality in her voice, like that's about all she plans on delivering!

She nods a bit more enthusiastically when Harley demands answers, and peers at Cole with her glowing eyes, analysing. "You are the old veteran who perhaps used to work for these people in the past, no? A mercenary with a hint of idealism remaining.", she offers after a moment.

Cole Cash has posed:
"Can't give you details, sorry," replies Cole. "But I will admit I have known her for longer you have been alive, and that makes me an expert on all Waller things. For all the good it does."

Spiral trying to 'troupe-classify' him makes him grin, though. "Sure, darlin', lets go with that one," he replies in his best 90s tough guy voice.

"That said, I have no idea where or when we are going, and that is most likely the plan," he offers. "I doubt we are all she has, this prison is full of powerful super-criminals. Half of them are going to be foolish enough to take Waller's deal. The other half won't even be given a choice."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Mmmm, the look Harley gives Spiral is as if she had stepped right into her web, delightfully wicked when Spiral mentions Strange knew her. "Yes, he did know ya, didn't he..?" she leaves that hanging for a moment. It is very clear that Harley is still curious about that, the story underneath it. But having brought that comment out of Spiral seems to have been a little win for her. Such cunning ways!

"Hol' up, ya tellin' me you know my age?!" Hmph! "Well, I am youngah than they tell ya out theah on those briefin's." But then she can't help but agree with Spiral about her assessment of Cole. "Yea, definitely the heart o' gold type even if it's most likely under all this grimdark grime and so.."

"And well, with Spiral bein' able ta teleport maybe we will be able ta skip the whole 'bein tossed out o' a plane' thing that Waller likes ta do. But knowing her..." a sigh. "She will most likely throw us WITHOUT parachutes and fully expect Spiral ta teleport us."

Spiral has posed:
Spiral spreads her hands at Cole, and smirks a little. "We will see. All the world's a stage." she reminds him. "And that sounds excellent, I can teleport them too. For once, I am glad to be the getaway car."

Spiral munches on gumbo for a bit, and half spits it out as Harley does psychologist magic on her. "Perhaps I was a magical threat to the world and thus caught his attention." she says mildly. "Or at least, part of a magical threat to the world.". She's not lying, but she holds up a hand to Cole. "Ancient history now." she explains, and shrugs. No being arrested for that!

"Meh..." she mutters about all this teleporting talk. But... while being the taxi usually annoys her, with these guys, she's more happy about it, if only because that is hopefully all they'll get her to do.

Cole Cash has posed:
Cole Cash says, "@emit "Always grab a parachute when going into a plane," deadpans Cole. Although it might be good advice when in the Squad. The ancient history about Spiral being a magical threat to the world seems to be ignored. He has read the women's files. But he is quite sure they were edited specifically for him, so he doesn't trust the intel too much."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Or grab on to someone that has one!" Harley immediately says in response to Cole, letting out a laugh. Again..., it's almost as if she is speaking from experience..

When it seems that she was able to surprise Spiral with her own psychologist's magic she reaches out to tap a pale hand on the other woman's shoulder. It's both telling that she knows there's more to it than what Spiral is saying but also that she is supporting. "Don't worry, bein' part o' the squad means we will soon be a one biiig menace."

A glance then given over to Cole. "Well, we'll be ready when the time comes! Just let us know Captain.. Or .., well., Commandah? Leftenant?"

She gets and stretches. "But well, think I should go think about gettin' some gumbo ta eat. Can't get anythin' else ovah heah!"

Spiral has posed:
"Meh. Some things are better forgotten. You of all people should know that." Spiral tells Harley, having caught a few fragments of info about her own past herself. "Would you want the Timedancer bringing up your past?".

But she's distracted by the choosing Cole's title game. "Colonel Cole." Spiral pipes up, in the middle of munching gumbo. "It is alliterative.". She seems intent on finishing her lush prison slop though. It's better than Mojoworld's canteen at least.

Cole Cash has posed:
Colonel Cole sounds good, so Grifter won't mention the ladies he never made it past Sergeant. "You go get your gumbo, I need a smoke and it looks like that requires me to find a way out." So much work! "I'll guess I'll be seeing you later. Unless the Wall grabs me first," grump, grump. Cole leaves.