3812/Off to join the circus baby!

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Off to join the circus baby!
Date of Scene: 14 October 2020
Location: Alley
Synopsis: Cyberspace is the place to be, bye bye Noriko.
Cast of Characters: Noriko Ashida, Remy LeBeau

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It's a bit nippy outside, which means it's time for the coffee shops to all pump hot air in to make it suffocatingly warm.  "Seeya!"  Noriko steps out into the low light of the alley way.  A cold weather system blew through, wetting the streets for about twenty minutes before moving on.

Nori leans back against the wall next to the back door to her work.  Soul sucking.  Her hands are in her pocket, fiddling with something idly.  Despite Illyana's frightening...mood earlier, those contact details from the Ringmaster keep burning a hole in her pocket.  She can't stop thinking about it all day.

Her shift has never gone so slow.  There are times during it when she wonders if her charge has amped up without her noticing and sent everything into slowmo, though she knows that's not what is happening.  Dressed in her preppy collared shirt that has to be some shade of beige which might as well also be called beige.  She steps to the side and leans back against the brick, letting her lime green backpack slip to the ground.  It's dirty enough already that it won't do any more harm.

Noriko pulls out the contact info and then her phone.  She sucks air between her teeth, considering, knowing it's so dumb, but... The silly notion of joining the circus, or seeing if they'd hire her has rooted into something else, uncertainty.  How long will Xavier's have her?  How long will she burden them?

"Maybe it'd be nice not to have to worry about hurting people with my powers anymore," she murmurs, her thumb hovering over the first number.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko looks down at her charge levels on her gauntlets when it vibrates to give her some sort of status alert on her charge levels.  It's some early warning signal for mounting levels, and like most people, she just ignores it for now, dismissing it with a tap.

Noriko enters the number for the Ringleader, lifts her cell, and holds her breath.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
<Hello.> The voice is raspy it is not the ringmaster, but it is someone there.<This is the Big Time Circus.>

Noriko Ashida has posed:
<Hi. I'm looking for the Ringmaster? Said he's looking for a new electric girl or whatever. I just wanted to see if you guys got my application. There might have been some, complications." Just a minor one.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
<What is the name?> The vocie is sounds exicted, the sound of keys taping quickly. In the back ground there is errie music.<This number best to contact you?>

Noriko Ashida has posed:
<Noriko Ashida>  Eh.  At least the music isn't smooth jazz.  Seems kinda their schtick, thinks, totally brushing over any lessons popular media might have taught her about seemingly dark and spooky paths, metaphorical or physical.  Has she seen Beauty and the Beast?


<Yeah.  It's the only number.>

Remy LeBeau has posed:
<What is age?> The voice talks softly, as she can hear the typing quickly.<Almost have it.>

Noriko Ashida has posed:
<18.> Nori answers.  The whole banality of it really takes all the doom and gloom out of it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
<Good found it> The world is starts to turn green, as she is sucked into the phone as it clatters to the ground. A note is left, I joined the cirucs signed by her hand.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
@emit The world of digital one and zeros, floating by her head quickly, losing herself in digital. She is reading that highway of the digital images flowing by her eyes, seeing out of cellphone cameras, webcams. People are gross, flying through information. She gets sucked into an email string, and then she sees a glowing white screen in front of her.

Everything is moving quickly, as she is feels everything pulsing moving as she spits out on the other end into a dark room. It's a television screen, as it splits open, dropping her on the ground, the screen is high above her on the ceiling, in this pitch dark room. Smart tv that is blinks off on her arrival, now she is in the dark in a place that smells of mold, stale popcorn, and the smell of blood.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
For a hot fraction of a millisecond, everything is amazing, glorious.  This must be what her electricity feels like, but it's crawling with a different texture.  The flood of 1s and 0s flow like waves of meaningless static.  Bliss.  But this is the internet.  Gross.  Like some bulbous monster roiling out of the ground to consume everything in its path, one can't escape it.  She tries to see if she can still absorb here, can she take away that discourse that'd be regretted later?  Steal the bits and bytes turning 1s into 0s to obfuscate the transmission?

The white screen feels like a wash of relief when Nori is finally jarred into the different environment, though she has the instinct to squint, which does nothing for her.  As when the TV starts to origami on her, Nori tries to suck off some energy from it experimentally.  "Mutants are so flashy," she chuckles, until she smells the blood.

She quickly tries to get up, instinctively reaching for the dials on her gauntlets to ramp up the limiters.  The tactile controls are specifically there to be operated without looking, and they do their job well.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Her power has been drained as she was droped in this cell, that telvision is not hooked up to a grid. She is here in the dark, till they come for her. Leaving her to wait it would be three days.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko can feel as the power begins to leave her, never mind how angry it makes her gauntlets.  They growl back at first and die, eventually flashing a medical alert meant to get the attention of possible bystanders.  "No," Noriko rasps slowly.  She sees her hand lift toward the dead TV as if floating on the moon, knowing it is futile.  It smells nicer in space.  The astronauts said so, she thinks before she drifts out of consciousness.  It's evident that Noriko's charge levels are integrated into her physiology to anyone paying attention.  She's not going anywhere, and if she doesn't figure out a way to generate some static electricity.  It's over.  Luckily she has some mittens in her pocket.

If they let her wake.