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That's a Spicy Meatball
Date of Scene: 15 October 2020
Location: Little Italy
Synopsis: Wade and Rogue brutalize a bunch of mobsters, then hang out and have personal talks. Wade is crestfallen!
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Rogue

Wade Wilson has posed:
"So that's what I don't understand. 'That's a spicy meatball!', it's such a common phrase you hear on TV, in movies, everything! But have you ever actually //had// a spicy meatball, does //anyone// make spicy meatballs?" Wade asks as he stands in the middle of an Italian restaurant, pointing a gun at a suited middle-aged man's head. The man has a plate of meatballs on his table, though he's currently being forced to stand by Wade's arm around his neck.

There are dozens of men wearing suits surrounding them, aiming guns at him. "Listen, I get it, no one wants to be here less than me. But when someone hired me to do this hit, and I learned that you're extorting a school. Well, come on! //That's a spicy meatball!//"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was in the area when her ear-piece picked up word of a possible situation coming from an Italian restaurant in Little Italy. She was up high in the sky, not liking to fly low over Manhattan until the sun went down. She scanned the city, figured out which part of it even f'ing was 'Little Italy' and the descended upon it...

The door to the restaurant opens up, and in walls the Belle in a gold and green bodysuit, a leather jacket worn over top of it, and tall wedge-heeled yellow boots that don't end until her thighs start.

She strides in to the joint and lets her green eyes roam around it, until she sees the standoff.

A smirk crosses Rogue's lips, her hands go to her hips and the 20-something girl just shakes her head. "Ya'll ain't about t'shoot each other up." She announces herself, her husky southern flavored voice hitting all their ears now. "Don't tell me ya lived all these damn years, just t'end up dead in this stank ass restaurant here t'day. Put the damn guns away."

Wade Wilson has posed:
Wade suddenly looks back back when she steps in, then whistles, "Hellooooooooooo Rogue! My favorite X-Men." He suddenly holds his gun up, meaning, he takes it off the man, and fires it into the air. "Listen up! Rogue is a //southern belle//, you will treat her with respec--"

With the gun no longer trained on the man, one of them immediately shoots him in the head and he hits the ground, causing the one he was holding hostage to run away.

Someone shouts at Rogue, "Put your hands up, X-Mutie, and back out slowly!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes snap to Wade's covered face as he announces her ... well ... gets himself shot in the head. She sighs, heavily, then starts to walk toward the men with the guns. She puts her yellow gloved hands up in the air like she's surrendering to them. "Ya sure, ya got me. I came in here with all this bravado cause I was worried DP here might get his damn brains blown out... but since that cat is outta the bag already..."

She smiles at the gun men. "Guess ya got me as a prisoner then." She pauses and looks to her left. "Or wait, what was that?"

A second later and Rogue leaps up in to the air and rips the chandelier out of the ceiling, then throws it down at the men with the guns!

Wade Wilson has posed:
The men right in the line of the chandelier start scattering, while others start firing. But as they start firing, Wade pops up and takes a deep breath.

"Whew! Death is the spiciest meatball of all! But since you're being //incredibly rude// to this //southern belle//, it's time to make sashimi."

He draws his adamantium katanas and starts cutting bullets in half as he gets fired on. "Rogue! Look! Look at what I'm doing! Are you impressed? I need your validation."

Then he immediately leaps forward and starts cutting off gun hands or kicking people directly in the nose. "Since she's here, that makes this an //X-Men// mission, so there's no killing. You're all very lucky! I mean, I never kill on //any// day of the week." This last sentence is said loudly, to make sure that Rogue can hear that one especially.

Rogue has posed:
With the chandelier thrown down and smashed on the ground, and with Wade back up on his feet doing his thing, Rogue swoops down out of the air and sweeps right past him to grab one of the gangster behind him before he can pop Wade in the back of the head again! She snaps his arm and throws him toward the front of the store where he slams back-first into the bricks between the front windows!

"If this is about validatin' your parking, you're outta luck!" Rogue quips back at Wade while they're back to back for a moment.

But she spins around to his left and then leans forward and lunges herself across the room toward the kitchen to deliver a couple punches to two more men coming out of the back kitchen door! She sends one of them flying back in to the kitchen, and the other is slammed into the corner wall where they collide with a bunch of stacked chairs!

"These assholes better be deservin' this!" Rogue shouts back to Deadpool then!

Wade Wilson has posed:
"They're extorting a school! And they're all mobsters, which means they helped the CIA ruin our streets with crack cocaine!" Wade calls out to her as he sheathes his katanas and suddenly just starts shooting people in the kneecaps. "We never spend any time together, mostly because I'm terrified of rejection and never ask. I think this is the perfect setting for bonding. An Italian restaurant, deep discussions, a group activity."

He suddenly dives and slides on his stomach across the floor and in between her legs, until he's in front of her and firing at people's kneecaps from the floor. Then he rolls over onto his back to stare up at her. "Here we are, two people cursed by genetics and shunned by society, brought together under the banner of Papa Chicho's Authentic Old Country Cuisine."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's booted feet are apart as Deadpool slides between them and does his gun thing... she not being a big fan of guns just groans at their annoyingly loud popping noises, as well as the disgusting display of gore being created by them!

She looks down at Wade as he stares up at her from the ground, and smirks at him. "You're a modern day poet." She states, just before a big bald gangster comes out of the back...

With a chainsaw.

He pulls the starter and rumbles the chainsaw to life, charging at Rogue and Wade with it! His powerful tree-trunk-sized arms lift the tree-trunk-cutting tool up above his head... and Rogue punches him right in the stomach!

He groans and bends over, sending the growling chainsaw blade right down in to the floor beside Wade's face where it starts to rapidly chew in to the carpet and floor beneath it!

Wade Wilson has posed:
"I've been practicing." Wade starts trying to maneuver himself around, still kind of stuck between her legs. And then he jerks his body to the side to finally climb out, but that sends him face-first into the chainsaw.

He yells, considerably loudly before he manages to push it away.

When he stands, he's holding his head together, it clearly split in half but still attached to his body. "I've got a splitting headache..." he groans as his head slowly starts to heal back together.

"Isn't the guy with the chainsaw usually the last guy?" he asks, looking around. "Hey, if that wasn't the last guy, I'm throwing grenades if anymore come out!" he threatens for anyone who happens to be able to hear.

Then he looks back, and smiles, still holding his head together. "Friendly, non-deadly grenades that hug you with their concussive explosions."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue rips the chainsaw out of the big bald guy's hands, then snaps it in half, ripping its blade and chain right out of the body of the machine before she tosses both of the halves away!

She shoves the big bald man over, like he's nothing more than an inflatable doll (not that kind) causing him to fly into one of the walls loaded with framed photos of the famous people who've dined here. The pictures go tumbling to the floor to pile aruond the man who slumps down against the wall.

Rogue turns right around to look at Wade, and a look of disgust crosses her face at the sight of what his ... injures ... were. "Jesus Christ, Wade..." She grumbles at him. The Belle starts to stutter step, still hyped up from their fight as she looks around, ready for any more attackers if any of these mobsters dare...

She glances back to Wade though, his healing power seemingly... helping fix him, this being the first time she's seen it this close-up. "You okay?" She asks him, look! She's concerned!

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Sure I'll be jus--" Wade's healing finishes, but then he notices his mask is also split down the middle, so he immediately turns away from her, trying to hold his mask together.

"I'd rather southern belles not see my horrifyingly ugly face, so that I don't cry myself to sleep at night when she runs away screaming!" he says in a way that's supposed to be a jokke but is clearly not a joke, as he very seriously remains turned away from her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue starts to do as her X-Men training has taught her, while Wade gets bashful about his appearance, she's moving around the room and crushing the guns left on the ground. Every gun destroyed is one less gun on the street.

"Wade." Rogue says while doing this. "I just saw your face cut'n half. I strong doubt your normal face is gonna make me run away." She adds in a dry tone of her husky-hued voice.

She looks down at one of the men who is still conscious and crouches down in front of him, her forearms draped over her knees now as she smiles at the mobster. "Heya, Sugah." She says at him. "Your leg is busted up somethin' good, huh?"

He nods vigorously.

She holds a smile though. "Well, I'mma make a call t'the police, get ya an ambulance, okay?" Hospitality, even for those she just helped beat up. As Rogue rises up again, she brandishes her phone in her left hand and places an emergency call, sweeping her voluminous brown/white hair off of her ear, she looks back to Wade as she holds her phone to the side of her face.

"Where do you get all your suits from anyway?" She idly asks him.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"A large super market that exists exclusively for established assassins and mercenaries." Wade answers with a straight face, or at least as straight as his face can be tonight. "Hey, we don't need to take any risks! I'll just let you imagine that I'm sexy Ryan Reynolds."

He walks through the kitchen until he finds some small clamps, then starts trying to get his mask to stay closed with them.

It's not a great plan, but he at least stays turned away from her. "I get it, confidence, it's important! But if you're the ugliest guy on Earth, a mask is all that stands between confidence and seeking validation through missionary work."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue speaks in to her phone, gives the address information for the authorities and then lowers the device down to her side. She turns aruond to see him clamping his mask shut over his supposedly hideous visage. She smirks at him. "I doubt you're the ugliest man on the planet, Wade." She tells him. "I've seen some ugly ass men before."

Her eyes go down to a guy on the floor and she motions to him, points at him. "Like that one." She says of the portley fellow drooling on a menu beneath the side of his face.

Rogue starts to walk toward Deadpool then and she exhales sharply. "Either way, I'm sure you would've sorta ... handled this without me, but you're welcome anyway. Cops are on the way, not sure if you wanna stick around for them or not?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Hey, I'm a superhero, I'm not wanted by the cops in this state! But why don't we go somewhere else. Let's go back to the mansion and make that frozen popcorn chicken in the toaster oven!" Wade turns around to reveal at least a dozen clamps holding his mask together right down the middle. "Showing you my face would be like me asking you to hold hands!"

He holds his obviously gloved hand out, as his entire body is clearly covered by a suit. But without even waiting a second for her, he just immediately says, "See? Just I thought. The mask stays on!"

His hand is still out though.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps toward the front of the store then, where the door she'd entered through was located, but she pauses before stepping out through it. She looks back to Wade and smirks at him. "You're covered in blood." She tells him. "I'm not takin' ya back t'a place filled with kids, so you can horrify them, even if Halloween is right around the corner."

She glances him over then, as he relates their situation in a way that makes some kind of twisted sense to her. Her eyes go back to focus on his, even if they're hidden behind that macabre looking mask he's wearing now. "We gotta focus on the positives in life, DP." She tells him. "Stop lingerin' on the negative ones, won't do ya a damn bit'a good t'do that."

Her gloved hand goes to the front door's handle and she pulls it open...

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Fine, we're going to my place so I can change clothes!" Wade heads out and hops onto his red motorcycle, patting the back for her to join him. "Okay, focus on the positives. I show you my face and you don't look away in horror maybe. Or the secret for why you came was to give me my own full body X-Men costume!" Either way, he continues revving up the engine.

"Oh! That reminds me, I have a ton of Halloween DVDs, since I forgot to pay Netflix."

Rogue has posed:
As the two head outside, Rogue watches him get on to his motorcycle, her eyes going over the vehicle for a moment. It looks familiar... is that Logan's? Nah, they probably just have the same bike, model, right?

A look is given down the street to the cops coming, before Rogue just exhales sharply and goes to join the Merc with the Mouth on his bike.

Once on it, she looks up over his shoulder at him. "Does Netflix even give DVDs out anymore?" She asks, because something sounds like Wade hasn't actually had a Netflix subscription over a decade.... or at least that's her supsicion!

Wade Wilson has posed:
"My personal connection! Well, and some from my Netflix. Okay, I admit, I may have stolen some DVDs form Netflix a long time ago. So sue me! Except Netflix, Netflix isn't allowed to sue me." Wade immediately starts driving through the city. It's a wild but expert ride, until they're at a series of brownstones, and he parks right outside of it.

"So, let's say I show you my face..." he says in a tone that suggests negotiation. "You won't change anything that you think about me, you'll still think exactly the same no matter what?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at the man's words. "I'm sure." She quietly replies back at him before they start to ride through the city. Her two-toned hair is whipped about her shoulders, making it quite a bit more poofy by the time they reach their destination too, but it just somehow looks that much more stylish on the Southern Belle.

When they arrive, she lingers on the back of the bike for a moment before she easily rises up and steps off to the curb. Her eyes go around to look at him when he asks that question, which garners a smirk from the young woman, whose hands go to her jacket's edges to hold on casually while she shakes her head.

"I ain't the judgin' type. You also ain't required t'show me, if you really don't feel comfortable doin' it. It's up to you, sugah." She says back at him before her eyes scan over the building they're parked out in front of now. "So this is where you live, good t'know... case I ever need t'find your weird ass." She states, eyes returning to him to show a half smile for him.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Wade heads up the steps and unlocks the door, looking around. "My roommate's out!" he states as he heads on in.

The living room itself is very //lived in//, not necessarily entirely messy. There's a large TV on an entertainment center stuffed full of random things like DVDs and games and such, there's guns just kind of laying around, and other odd adventure trophies. There's just a lot of random stuff that's collected in this place over the years.

He's in his room for a few minutes, and when he's out he's in a new top for his uniform, but the bottoms are just a pair of X-Men pajamas, while he wears slippers on his feet.

The mask remains, though, as he walks over to her. "I'll show you my face, since I can always make jokes to mask my pain. See, that wasn't even a good joke, I have to unrepress myself."

Then, the mask comes off, he pulls it at the sides to reveal his true face under it. Then he looks away, staring off into an empty space of the room. "That's me, you might be wondering how I got here, with this southern belle in my house alone, with my ugly face showing. Well..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue ventures in to the proverbial mad house behind him as he lets her inside. "Roommate huh? Well that's cute." She adds on her way in. ?Instantly her eyes start to look around his Den, taking in the high contrast of childlike things, with video games and dvd choices, to the presence of well... guns, just laying there on the furniture.

"Wow." She says quietly, whilst he ventures in further to change clothes. When he comes back, she's perched on the arm of one of the sofa chairs, and has her hands in her lap, her eyes leaving the weapons and random stuff left laying around, to look up at him as he gives her the honor of seeing him unmasked.

His monologue to the 'camera' is ignored, and she just grins. "You're such a liar." She finally says to him. "Sure, you're messed up, but I've seen way worse. I seen a guy in California that had two heads, and neither one of them didn't look like a butt." She grins and just shakes her head at him. "You just look like... well, I mean, yeah, it's bumpy. But there's still, I dunno. Go t'Walmart, you won't be the ugliest person there."

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Well..." Wade plops down onto the old yet incredibly comfortable looking couch. If she's particularly eagle-eyed, she'll notice various old lady looking things, like little lighthouses sitting around and such. Though one can never be sure that it isn't Deadpool's himself.

He seems stunned into silence for a few minutes, staring at a blank TV screen. "You're not ugly either." he finally decides to say, as if that's the perfect response. "I look like this because I have a touch of severe terminal cancer, but my experimental mutant Canadian genes are keeping me alive!"

He smiles over at her, his actual smile rather than the mask smile. "You get how fucked the genetic lottery is."

Rogue has posed:
In truth, learning more about this odd man was fascinating to her, since she's out and about throughout Manhattan to learn how to be a better public super hero, she wanted to get to know the other ones that were sort've doing the same? And Wade--- Deadpool, fits in to that category, right? Sort've, right? Maybe?

She wasn't sure.

She's letting her eyes scan around his apartment while the awkward silence lingers for a moment, then at his compliment she looks back at him and offers a quick smile. "Thanks." She quietly says. At the rest of what he says though she nods her head two soft times. "Trust me, I get it, more than most. I mean, yeah, I can't complain as much as some can, but... that's like I said back at the restaurant. Ya gotta focus on the positive, or get burnt up by the negatives. Which I don't, personally, plan on doin'."

She nods once to him directly then. "You're lucky though, I mean really. If ya had cancer bad'n all, you're still here, right? Plus, hell, ya basically died twice back there, and are still here. Plenty t'be thankful for."

Wade Wilson has posed:
"We're like prisoners in our own bodies, but we're also the coolest that the X-Men have to offer. So really, it's the universe balancing itself out!" Wade stares at her though, perhaps dancing over possible questions and comments in his head to find an appropriate one. "So you can't touch or be touched by anyone. Sounds like something that'd make a super powered flying lady go off the handle and start destroying the world."

He holds his gloved hands up. "I kept my body covered out of respect. Seems like showing off to just start exposing my skin."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue raises her left hand up to point a gloved finger at his first words. "Now you're gettin' it." She says to him with an encouraging grin. At his follow-up questions though, Rogue has heard them before, many'a'times in fact. She stands up and starts to walk over toward one of the shelves with the lighthouses on them.

"I get by." She says to him. "I got a boyfriend, he seems t'like me, even if he disappears now'n then, and is... well, utterly mysterious." She looks over her shoulder and smirks at Wade. "But I guess I like that sorta stuff, who knows?" She looks back to the old lady stuff, and reaches out to pick one of the pieces up to look at it more closely.

"You got a weird taste in trinkets, Wade." She adds as she turns the ceramic item over in her gloved hands.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Those are Al's." Wade watches her, tilting his head. "You've got a boyfriend, huh? That's good." He says 'that's good' in a tone of repressed crestfallen emotions. "Personally, I'm happy for you. I think you deserve however that works."

He looks over at an empty space and starts using perhaps some //coping mechanisms// as he speaks to an unseen fourth wall, that happens to be literally a wall. "Welp, she's got a boyfriend. The most beautiful woman who will ever enter this house, who doesn't think I'm ugly. But it's okay, because I, Wade Wilson, am not a chud. I will support her boyfriend frontiers, because she's a southern belle who deserves happiness!"

Rogue has posed:
"Oh." Rogue says quietly, assuming 'Al' was the roommate, a man, who has weird tastes. She puts the lighthouse ceramic back where it was and turns around to look at him talking to the wall. She smirks at him and walks back toward the sofa chair she'd been perched on the arm of.

"He gave me a diamond ring, asked me t'marry him." She gives /more/ info about the boyfriend. "But did it on the heels'a tellin' me he was gettin' pulled back in to a life'a crime, workin' for assholes not all that different from the ones we just kicked the tar outta."

Rogue settles down on the sofa chair, probably Al's chair, and leans back in to it, crossing her yellow-booted legs over one another at the knees, right over the left. She shakes her head softly. "I love the man, but...I don't love the idea'a him runnin' off t'help criminals, ya know?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
"I get it. Even though I would never run off to help criminals, I can see how he might think it's necessary to do that thing that I would never to and make you feel heartbroken over. Sure this guy with these heartbreaking traits that I don't have seems to be prioritizing his life of crime over his unbelievably beautiful southern belle, but I think what matters is that you love this guy who possibly even has smaller muscles than I do." Wade holds his arm up and flexes as he talks, patting his bicep with the other arm.

"I personally think you should remain faithful and also sit here." He pats the space on the couch next to him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go back over to him on her left, she watches him as he builds himself up to be the better of the two, which makes her grin and then laugh softly. "Well obviously, t'all'a that." She says back at him. "Sorry t'unload on ya, but, just feels like that's what this is, the two'a us airin' some dirty laundry." She flashes him a quick smile.

She uncrosses her legs then and sits forward on the chair, about to rise up so it seems. "I suppose I should probably get goin', really. I need t'fly back up north t'the school, but need t'do a few more sweeps before I even do that." She moves to stand up then, and once up she smiles down at him. "Glad I got t'help ya out though t'night, Mister Wilson. Clearly you were in over your head."

Wade Wilson has posed:
"I always come out on top, but I appreciate the help!" Wade looks to the wall and says, "I definitely didn't come out on top, she's //leaving//. I'm the opposite of on top. //She's// not even on top. I'll settle for her on top!"

Then he turns to look to her again. "Well, I'll see you around. Feel free to come whenever you want. Don't mind Al."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue turns toward the doorway and starts to walk, her hands going in to her jacket pockets. She glances over at him to hear his words and she just laughs softly at them. "You're a hoot, Wade." She tells him before moving for the door and taking hold of the knob, giving a look around the room again. Is Al even a real person, or is it an imaginary friend? She does't ask this, she just thinks it.

"Maybe I'll do that." She adds back at him. "Try not to get your head chopped up again, yeah?" She asks on her way out.