3835/Send in the clowns

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Send in the clowns
Date of Scene: 16 October 2020
Location: Dark Cell
Synopsis: We are never sad in the circus.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Noriko Ashida

Remy LeBeau has posed:
A phone comes in from the corner, sliding into the darkroom. The screen is so bright, lighting up the room with a full battery. Three days in the dark, but now it is light. The room is simple one cot, one toilet, and a large screen above her. As she can now focus, the sound of wheels on the ground can be heard.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The fact that Noriko's body is always absorbing energy has always been something to manage, dangerous, annoying.  Today it saves her life.

3 days without power after being drained, or at least just enough to keep her from dying though she was sure she would never wake up.  Noriko doesn't immediately wake up when the phone gets within whatever faraday cage they must have built to keep this place so clean.  Her body, so low on charge, moves slower, as if the speed component of her power is only a one edge of a sword.

She doesn't move for a long time even after she wakes.  Finally though, Noriko gets the energy to roll off the cot and slam down into the ground.  Hurray.  Part one of the great escape.  She moves, each reach an effort, until her fingers hover, shaking above the charged phone.  It's screen blinks in and out, and Noriko actually tries to back away as quickly as she can.  She moves as if through a thick fog of molasses.  She can't expend any energy on the words FUCK SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK.  She's going to suck all of the juice out of a /cellphone/.  Yeah, sadly there's not enough juice left in Nori to realize that no one would hand her a cellphone that would actually work unless they wanted it to work.  A trap.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The screen is turns on above her, peer of dark red eyes staring down at her as it speaks softly.<Hello, Noriko. Sorry for taking you in such a fashion. Your friend was scary, so we had to leave. But your one of us now, I will ask you some questions before you leave your cage about them."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko doesn't make it to her intended destination.  She gets about one and three quarters baby crawl into her retreat when her body gives out in favor of not passing out.  Sprawled, she maneuvers to her back when the eyes begin to speak in their fashion.  "Not our deal.  This is killing me," she rasps weakly.  Her gaze slowly drifts toward the phone when it goes into power-saving mode and shuts off the screen.  This won't stop her power, and she smiles weakly, secure in the knowledge that this will drain the battery less.  Less lossy for her.


Remy LeBeau has posed:
<I want to know who that woman with the demon was and why she protected you.> The voice booms out of the telly as the picture comes up, showing the ringmaster. With his long red suit, his tophat, and leaning back in a throne, his legs kicked up over the side.<I need to know if they will come for you. Everything about them.> A slit opens in the side of the room through which a large battery slides into the room, fully charged, which ran all night attached to a gas-powered generator.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"No clue," Noriko blurs out.  "Wowww man.  Burgerkiing called.  Asked for their bobble-back."  So many words, the joke could be lost in the slowness.  Cutting the 'head' off of 'bobble' is an executive decision guided by energy and laziness.

Before she can answer the latter question, Noriko looks over at the giant battery.  She crawls slowly, slowly toward the thing, getting stronger as she does so with time.  She has to take breaks and eventually works off her power gauntlets so she can give the battery a big, unbridled hug like it's a long lost precious, arms and legs wrapped around it, cheek pressed against it as the electricity envelops her.

"She looks familiar but I don't know," and the girl really doesn't.  "Scared shitless as much as you."

As for whether the woman will come after her, Noriko remarks, "What do you think?" and adds for clarity, "Demon-possessed hall monitor coming for me?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
<You are no longer anywhere near your home. We are right now in France.> The voice booms out of the speaker, as the walls fade now she is sitting in a large train car. Around here are other members of the circus. The monitor is slides upwards through the roof. As a girl, around 18 is running towards her with long purple hair dressed as a clown.

Her long purple hair is braided to the middle of her back, her bright green eyes peering out from behind the make-up, she is tall slender dressed in the hobo style clown outfit. Patches, as she is, does a backflip landing in front of Noriko."Hello, I'm Trillium. I will be your hands and your eyes, the one to help you get used to your new home."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Cool.  I always wanted to go to France."  Some part of the wary, now paranoid teen still has some wits about her, though there's always a risk of misapplying them.  As she finds herself in the train car, she looks around at her now fellow circus members with more finesse than she might a year ago.  Being exposed to so many mutants in the last year at Xavier's has somewhat desensitized her to the fantastic.  And so she is hardly as scandalized as some might be, not prone to gawk and more like someone who is sitting in on a job orientation or at a tag agency.  A quiet curiosity.

"Oh hey.  Cool hair."  Noriko points a thumb to her blue hair, "Purple was a heavy contender."

"Noriko.  Okay."  The girl has voracious enough senses herself after that spike in electricity, like someone on a high, there's an impulse to absorb everything swelling in her personality.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It is a long first day, lots to learn, practice. She has been hired to clown with the other new arrivals. It is fun. All their powers have been worked with the head clown, a gentleman named Picot. His power is odd. It is the ability to teach perfectly, at least that is what he tells the newest class, it would be a long weekend of working, training, bonding, but all have good times.