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Genosha Burns: Survivor's Stories
Date of Scene: 11 March 2020
Location: Wakandan Refugee Camp for Genoshan survivors
Synopsis: Heroes comfort the Genoshan survivors, and find nuggets of information in the stories they have to tell.
Cast of Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Lorna Dane, Andrew Rivers, Natasha Romanoff, Samuel Morgan, Stephen Strange, Shuri, Carol Danvers

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The offer by the small nation of Wakanda to host a refugee camp for Genoshan survivors was a small surprise to the world community. It made sense, the African nation only a few hours away by plane from the island in the Indian Ocean off the African coast. However, with Wakanda's technology level believed to be very much at Third World standards, it was a surprise the quality of the facilities that they rapidly erected.

Tents and pre-fab buildings housing medical care, sleeping quarters and food and sanitary services are set up in rows upon what was once just a broad open plain of grass. Refugees were mostly people buried by rubble and since rescued by any number of heroes and relief workers.

Wanda Maximoff and others have been providing support, teleporting refugees in groups to the camp, as well as helping to move supplies. Today, Wanda has come to the camp herself along with others. Wanda's pretty exhausted, so at this point is just letting the Genoshan citizens see two of the surviving royal family to bolster their spirits. And also a chance to directly thank the Wakandans responsible for the camp's existence.

Any number of heroes and aid workers are here, with regular teleports available back and forth to major cities. The refugees are largely settled into beds. Wanda walks through part of the camp, entering one of the large tents. The sides are rolled up, leaving it open air as it is a fine day outside. The rows of cots and beds contain a mixture of mutants and humans, most bearing various signs of injuries, though the worst are within the prefab buildings.

Wanda looks about, forcing a confident look to her face. She feels anything but. The tragedy has wounded her deeply inside, but she has had to put on the confident face for her people. She walks over to a family of three. A woman and two small children, in better shape than most. "Hello, how are you making out?" she asks them. "We're ok. Someone teleported us away as it started. So we're luckier than most," the woman tells Wanda. Wanda nods and smiles to the little girl. "I'm glad you made it here," she tells the girl.

Around the tent, other refugees are paying attention, while some are talking with those who are offering aid.

Clint Barton has posed:
It seems to be a theme these days, wherever Wanda Maximoff goes so too does go Clint Barton, Avenger, Agent of SHIELD, flattiest of flatscans. Today he's all of an earpiece short of playing secret service, wearing his SHIELD issue kit today, tactical gear, shades with the fancy optics, and of course his bow and quiver. The weapons though are slung today, and he walks casually by Wanda's side, though he remains watchful, on the crowd, on Wanda, and on the SHIELD trainee he'd brought with him.

When Wanda approaches the family, Clint hangs back a bit, but that doesn't stop him from lifting a hand and giving them a wave and a warm smile.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna was sticking close to her sister, very nearly in Wanda's shadow as she scanned the area about the refugee camp. In her mind she was counting, the number of tents, the number of survivors.. who had survived.. and who had not. It was a tragically small number for all that the island had once been home to millions of mutants and humans.

The green haired woman had put some effort into her appearance. She wore a dress of somber black, edged in grey. Light-weight for the weather and climate, but still the black of mourning. She knew that people would expect not just the Princess, but now... with the lack of Magneto, they would expect a leader. She had been heir to the throne, and it was expected she take up the mantle of Queen, at least in come capacity.

Even if she wished Wanda could just do it instead.

A glance was spared for Clint and that was it as her green eyed gaze swung back to the family that Wanda greeted. She offered a faint, sad smile. "Hopefully we'll have something more permanent for everyone soon."

Andrew Rivers has posed:
following Wanda maximoff silently, Vorlego nods at the family, but stays silent. He is wearing casuall clothing, an emerald green jacket over an emerald green shirt, black trousers and boots.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Standing close to Wanda - flanking her, almost, with Clint - is Natasha Romanoff, dressed similarly to Clint with tactical kit worn over her dark bodysuit, a pair of sunglasses obscuring her blue eyes.
    The situation hasn't gotten a lot easier to cope with, but Natasha's gotten better at keeping her composure around it, at least, her visible expression stony as she stands by to protect Wanda at a moment's notice.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    It's a bit of a sudden jarring blow. Yesterday Sam was compiling an essay on heroics for a school project, while working on his robotics courses for MIT and the science fair that's coming up soon. A single phone call, a pick up in what for most people is the dead of the night, and here he is, halfway around the world. When SHIELD calls, Sam Morgan, agent Techno, answers. Because that's literally what it says in the agreement he signed. At least he got to take Bear with him. And to be fair, it was probably a stroke of luck that the German Shepherd not only looked like he's a typical military dog, but also looks surprisingly non-threatening in his K-9 gear. The doggles especially are a nice touch. The youngest kids get a lot of his attention.

    For his part, the teenaged mutant technopath is dressed like any other SHIELD agent, down to the tactical kit and well polished boots, eschewing the ear-tube but seeming to stay on top of comms regardless. His issued weapon, however, as the other agents will know, is an ICER. Nobody is going to trust him with an actual firearm.

    Staying close to his training agents, Sam is doing the same mental arithmetic as Lorna, and coming to the same conclusions. Behind his issued shades, his eyes glow blue for a moment...

Stephen Strange has posed:
    From one of the tents comes a loud sound, a man yelling at something or someone with a rather deep and powerful voice colored red with rage. "I said this was unacceptable." Shouts the man before the apparatus the nurse was carrying into the sterile tent is literally thrown out onto the Wakandan field.

    "Go to New York City, Presbyterian Hospital, go to the front desk and demand a Avance S5 carestation. Immediately." Stephen says as he points to the other nurse and frowns at her and motions her to join the other young man already storming out of the tent. "Put it on my tab and make it fast." Stephen demands, ever the wonderful bedside manners.

Shuri has posed:
Stepping out of a tent, Shuri quickly takes off a pair of gloves and tosses them into a bucket that seems to flash as the gloves fly in followed by her surgical gown that goes in next and finally her mask. Already another woman is approaching her and handing her a pad. She walks with her and pushes a few things on it before looking up to say, "This looks bad but if you replace all their IVs with this solution it should stabalize their heart rates. After you do that, check on the patients in tent 5, section 4 and make sure that they are stabalized as well. Any changes should be brought to me immediately." And then Shuri is already on the move to another tent when she spots Lorna.

She changes course to approach her and then states simply, "Lorna Dane, yes?" She asks and then simply moves on as she already knows the answer, "Everyone brought in is, at the moment alive, but the worst cases will take time. I've been handling them personally and despite what I can do, they must make the choice to live or die from here." She nods her head and then reaches out hesistantly to touch Lorna's arm but then pulls back a moment before saying, "I understand..." She then turns and stops a moment before looking back to Lorna, "I'm going to speak to some of the survivors who were concious." She nods, "Those of least concern." She seems to know others are here but she gives Lorna her attention first. However, at this poitn she turns to look around at the others and states, "Those that are of least concern are in tent 8."

She then blinks and stops, looking in the direction of where Doctor Strange is and she huffs. Her cheeks puff out a second before she starts over to Doctor Strange and tilts her head, "What seems to be the problem, Dr. Drama Queen? Are my Wakandan tools not up to your American Standards on such short notice?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The children don't realize that Samuel Morgan's dog has a role other than 'dog'. Even with the outfit, they are drawn over to the animal, checking with Samuel that is ok to pet Bear. A pair of watchful adults look on. Most of the children are not lucky enough to be there with a parent.

Wanda nods with what Lorna said. "We're working on permanent homes again," she says to the family of three. The auburn-haired woman's eyes swing about to those that came with her. A look of gratitude to Clint and Natasha for coming, and Samuel as well as she moves back over near to them. "If you're able to find out anything of what happened, it would be good," she says.

A few people look over at the disturbance between Doctor Strange and the nurse. The young woman nods her head and hurries away from him to work on getting the apparatus he's asked for.

Wanda looks to Shuri and Lorna, her eyes watchful of her sister, making sure Lorna is well enough now that they are back amidst the signs of what happened to the island. Wanda gives Lorna a supportive smile as the Wakandan royal talks to the Genoshan heir.

Over in one of the cots, a man with his leg heavily wrapped sits up. "Do...do we know what happened? Where those robots came from?" he asks, looking about at the people in the area who are on their feet. A lot of heads look up, looking for answers to that question too.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint returns Wanda's smile, offering her a little touch on her arm besides. Of course they'd be here for her. There's a smile too for the kids and Samuel's dog. "Easy," he warns them. "He's working, got to ask Sam here if it's okay," he says to the kids good naturedly.

As to the questions, Clint holds up his hands, "We're working on that, it's been complicated, but maybe with your help and if it's not too painful we could talk to you people and see what you remember of the attack, put the pieces together, sound good?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna glanced away from the family, lucky enough to still be a family, and felt her heart strings twist as she spotted the various other tents that lined the beaten pathway that had formed from the many feet that traced back and forth for the past week or so. She swallowed a scratchy dryness at the back of her throat and looked as if she'd say something before Shuri approached and addressed her. She blinked, her lips parting. "I am, thank-you, I--" As Shuri continued to speak, she paused, stopping short. The touch on her arm surprising, short as it was.

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure I follow what you understand, exactly." She broke off yet against as Doctor Strange came out of the tent and harangued a whoever was nearest to him. She exhaled a breath, looking to Wanda in quite a lost manner and shrugged helplessly. Which is when one of the men on a cot captured her attention, and she felt suddenly very trapped by the question and looks that people sent the group's way.

"Uhm.." Luckily Clint was there, not that Lorna really knew the man, but hey, she would take it.

Andrew Rivers has posed:
Vorlego leans over to Wanda Maximoff and quietly says in a deep, smoothe baritone, "Who is helping out with the homes, aside from you and Clint?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods once to Wanda, putting on a smile for her sake that vanishes as soon as Wanda turns away. She does note the contact between Clint and Wanda and is briefly grateful there are no photographers here. There's something about SHIELD agents making it to dirt sheets that makes Natasha die a little inside.
    She should really try to just be happy for them. But... Natasha.
    She does notice Bear, though, and her eyebrows raise a little, eyes scanning about and settling on Samuel. "That yours?" She asks Clint softly, turning her head away to keep staring ahead at Wanda. "I had to play Nice Nat with him a while back. Give him a scare."
    When the stranger Vorlego approaches Wanda, though, Natasha knits her brow slightly and draws closer, protectively, hand in position to quickly grab her pistol if needed; but not rushing to any action without either orders or clear aggressive action.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    Can the kids pet Bear? That's an astounding yes. As the Shepherd does his best to tilt his head to allow the greatest number of little hands to pet him, Sam kneels down and gives the littlest survivors a friendly smile. "Go on, say hello properly Bear." A paw is lifted, and hands are shaken, high fives given... The Shepherd is a social animal, and incredibly intelligent. He can sense the need for companionship from these kids, and as much of that as he can provide, he will. As the first peals of laughter begin, the young SHIELD trainee gives the kids a conspiratorial look, looks around with a pantomime exaggeration, lowers his shades and lets his eyes glow blue again. Yes, he's a mutant too. "Shh. Our secret, okay?" Step one, build rapport...

    There's a whole checklist for how to ingratiate yourself with people, and Sam quietly loathes himself for knowing the entire playbook off by heart. And for using it on kids... but what choice does he have? "I can tell computers and robots to do what I want." They don't need to fear evil robots when he's around. And if he has his way, they'll never have to fear evil robots ever again.

Andrew Rivers has posed:
Vorlego smirks and raises his hands slightly into the air. "Don't worry, princess, eh? no weapons on me." His deep smoothe baritone rings out slightly through the camp, though it is not very loud. Then he drops his arms to his sides.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    Stephen's head appears out of the tent door as he's looking for the orderlies he just sent away and then looks to Shuri, huffing and puffing in his direction. Then at her question he looks down at the machine that's on the grass and ground and then back up towards Shuri, he takes a couple of steps out into the open, and stands straight and square towards the princess. "You're absolutely right. I hear you and I validate your opinion with respect." A small glance is given to Wanda on the other side of Shuri but Strange has work to do, she'll find him if she needs anything from the wizard.

    Turning then towards the tent, Stephen steps back in and over towards the patient he's dealing with at the moment.

    The poor teenager has cuts to her arms, hands and face from the fall and debris. Her legs aren't much better but she's lucky to not have broken anything. She's seated next to a younger boy, with eyes filled with tears as she watches her brother struggle to even breath. "I'm getting your bother the help he needs, he'll be okay." Stephen says into his hand and it translates for the girl as he has his other hand pressed down on to the boy's blanket covered chest.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda doesn't seem alarmed as Vorlego approaches her. She is focused on the refugees, and in truth likely isn't even thinking about the fact whoever wiped out Genosha could make a run at the remaining royal family. Though she also is wary still of not knowing who is behind the attack, and not quite ready to reveal any plans on where the refugees will go next.

Wanda just tells Vorlego loud enough people can hear, "We are still working that out. There are several options. For the time being, it likely isn't safe to go back to Genosha, so we're arranging an alternative location until we can reestablish our home in safety."

The refugee who spoke up looks to Clint at his question. "I heard the explosions first," he says. Over from Hammer Bay, the center of town. I lived on the edge. A bright flash, and then smoke like a mushroom cloud. I was worried it was a nuke-" he says. A few other voices join him.

"There were no nuclear weapons," Wanda reassures them."

The man nods. "I didn't see the Sentinel at first." Someone else cuts in with, "Wild Sentinel." Apparently the Cat Grant name for them has caught on, even here in the camp. "Yeah, the Wild Sentinel. Saw it step forward. Saw it above the buildings. It fired again, this massive beam. It was just morning, people were still getting up and going about. And it just started laying waste all around it."

Another mutant nods his head. "I flew out," he comments, looking around at the people listening. "There were two of them. One down by Carrion Cove. And there were smaller ones. The normal ones. God I never thought I'd call those 'smaller'. But, there were a few others. Trying to stop flyers mostly, and boats. I went really high up. Those who tried to fly away nearer the ground and water, I saw a bunch of them killed by the smaller ones."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods, as the survivors tell their stories, he reaches into one of his belt pouches and produces a recorder, "Mind if I record, it'll help find out who did this to you."

He carries on for now without, "So explosion and mushroom cloud in Hammer Bay, and one of these," he air quotes, "Wild Sentinels each for Hammer Bay and Carrion Cove?" he asks. "And they had beam weapons," he looks around for confirmation.

As he waits he beckons Sam and his new best friends over, saying to the agent in training, "Hey, feel free to ask folks questions too, learn by doing and all that."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna was okay, she was fine, everything was fine. At least it was until it wasn't. Unlike Wanda and Pietro, who had been safely squared away in the United States during the attack, Lorna had been there. She had lived it, she had seen it, and she had survived it. Behind her protective force field she had been able to rebuff the Sentinel's plasma beams and other weapons.. But she'd been unable to react in time to save others. She'd been surrounded and unable to do anything..

People had died around her. She had been covered in their dust and debris from the buildings for weeks.

Her mind was still fragile, still prone to bursts of panic and distress... And hearing other survivors retell the unexpected attack made her heart thrum sickeningly in her chest. Her gaze went distant, and she froze. She inhaled in short, panicked breaths, struggling to remain focused in the present as her mind shifted back.

But it was too much for her, and she could feel herself slipping.

"Please excuse me." She got out in a rushed whisper, looking sick as she turned on her heels and nearly ran to find an empty tent where she could hyperventilate and possibly be ill without the eyes of the refugees watching her.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha listens solemnly, briefly eyeing Clint's recorder when he presents it and choosing not to tell anyone she'd been recording anyway.
    She can only listen solemnly as stories are shared and Wanda gives reassurances.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    It doesn't take much to catch Sam's attention. He sees the gesture from Clint from the corner of his eye, tells Bear to stay, and then double times it over to his training agent. He nods at the instruction, and lowers his voice. "That's what I'm doing sir. I'm guessing these kids may have seen more than they've been telling people so far. Won't be very clear, but they might have remembered details that the others have forgotten. Just can't ask them outright." It's a long shot, and it might work or it might not. But he also notices Lorna suddenly stare off into the distance, and the signs of agitation just as she excuses herself. He knows those signs. Knows them very well indeed.

    "Any specific questions you'd like me to get to, sir?" Much like Natasha, he'd been recording from the moment his boots hit the ground. It's just that he doesn't actually have to touch any device to do so.

Shuri has posed:
For her part, Shuri, stares for a moment at what Strange says and then blinks, "Did he just..." She then takes a deep breath before she clenches her fist and then she looks over to a passing woman and calls her over, "Help that poor man in there do his job and if he makes even a single mistake you let me know." She nods her had and heads off toward the others even as she hears about the Wild Sentinel and what it did. She knew about the general gist of what happened but she had not heard much of it directly. She seems to listen and put together hte image in her mind.

She looks to the side briefly before she looks over at one of the speaking survivors and asks, "These larger beams. What color were they? Did you see that or perhaps how big the beam was?" She asks and tilts her head, "Anything you can remember of this could help to identify what was powering these large machines." She nods her haed and then looks over at the others before looking back to the survivors.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Today Carol is doing her absolute best Superman impression. Which would be more ironic to her if she knew what some of hr fellow agents know about the man in steel.

The sun is blotted out briefly over part of the refugee camp as she is carefully air lifting supplies. A stack of shipping containers on a big platform she is hauling by the heavy duty cabling holding the loop end in her hands like an airborne construction crane, or one of those big transport choppers.

There is a bunch of logistics chatter in her earpiece as she brings it over to a cleared and cordoned off area and with surprising finesse lowers it down and then touches down on top with the cables.

<"Okay touched down... going to start to unstack them.">

Then on another frequency she inquires of Nat and Clint <<"How are things with the royals?">>

Andrew Rivers has posed:
Vorlego asks in a deep, smoothe baritone that rings out through the intire camp loud enough to be heard, but not to the point that it is louder than necessary, "Does anyone here know of someone who, say, could produce sort of like. weaponry or explosives that have this efect? generating great amounts of smoke?" He seems to hesitate with his idea but still doesn't waver or stutter.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    As Shuri's orderly steps towards the tent and places a hand upon the door. "Unless you have my ventilator, enter this tent and you will find yourself on the other side of the camp. At best." Stephen warns and then his piercing eyes aim in that direction as he maintains his focus on the spell working within the boy keeping him alive.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Several of the refugees nod to Clint. "Yes. Huge beams that when they hit, there was fire and a blast, like nothing I've ever seen," one tells him. As Shuri asks of the color a few of the refugees say orange, others yellow. There's a collective nodding among them that seems to agree the color was something in that range.

The children continue to pet Bear especially once they see his tail wagging. They are no less injured than the other people, with scratches and bandaged cuts, in some cases casts on limbs, and others not able to get out of bed.

Wanda drifts over closer to Shuri. "He is an excellent physician, if a bit... ill-tempered," she says of Doctor Strange quietly, a glance in the man's direction. "Please excuse his curtness. We are grateful for everything being done for our people," Wanda offers the African woman. She is quite familiar with the Sorcerer Supreme's attitudes.

One of the refugees reaches out towards Samuel and tugs on his clothing. "There were people after the attack, too." Several of the other refugees look over at the man who spoke, expressions suggesting they aren't sure what he means. Though one or two others nod knowingly. "One who caused the rubble to stir and bury me deeper," he says.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint clicks on his recorder. "Okay, massive beams, orange, yellow, any other colours?" he asks remembering the info passed around the Avengers mansion and the Triskelion.
As he waits he looks over to Samuel, "Just try to get them to tell you what happened, don't push too hard at first, let them get their story out, then dig in on the details."

He steps back to answer comms glancing at Nat if she wants to grab Carol's request.

Andrew Rivers has posed:
Vorlego shrugs and shakes his head at the people who hadn't seemed to hear his question, then just stands in the senter of the place, looking at ease as he glances around.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha grabs her communicator without looking at it, holds it to her mouth and answers Carol in a controlled voice: "Emotional. Scarlet's holding together. Queen Dane had to step out. I-"

    Natasha's eyes widen behind her glasses and she turns to the refugee sharply. This is the first she'd heard of anyone other than first responders and rescue efforts. She hurriedly speaks to Carol again, "... On me, got a witness you may wanna hear." she says, then clips the communiator onto her vest before leaning towards the refugee he spoke. "There were people? What did they look like? Did you hear them say anything?"

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    To say that Sam turns around quickly when someone tugs his clothes is an understatement. One moment he was looking at Clint, the next he was looking at the refugee. Natasha might even have seen his right hand twitching for the ICER where he used to keep his usual sidearm. But the movement is forestalled, and the look of ice and death is replaced with a friendly smile. Natasha asks the question he was going to ask, so he gracefully steps aside and lets her conduct this interview. Seniority and all that...

    That leaves him to go back to where he left Bear, who is still being an enthusiastic furry babysitter for the little ones. He was, after all, a trained therapy dog... the whole K-9 tactical outfit is just a costume. Sam takes the whole kiddy circus to form a circle by the bed of one of the kids who can't join in, gets Bear to sit on a chair so everyone can have a chance at reaching him for a touch of comfort, and then sits down on the ground with the others. He's just a big kid, really. "Pretty warm here, isn't it? Is it as warm here as Genosha? I've never been there. I'd love to know more about it."

Shuri has posed:
Overhearing how Strange speaks to her people, Shuri clenches a fist and then blinks over at Wanda. She nods to her and then she throws up her hands before saying, "I will get that man a damn ventilator." She then looks over at Wanda briefly, "He might be good but he is infuriating and I will not let that boy die." She then walks off to another tent grumbling about useless American Doctors.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is hurking one of the shipping containers down from the top of the pile, settling it by the others gently and floating up to grab the next one on the stack when she gets Nat's comm. <<"Okay one second...">> she finishes on the second container before switching frequencies <"Taking a minute"> not that those containers are going anywhere without her so it can probably wait.

She zips on over to where Nat is with the refugees touching down and looking around curious, wearing her more brightly colored normal Captain Marvel uniform for this op. "What's up?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
When Clint asks about other colors of beams, the bulk of the people shake their heads. "That's all I saw," one of them says. Another says, "There was green. I didn't see the beam, but I saw the flash in the smoke." A few other people nod. "Near the end. I was hiding in the subway stairwell, the terminal below was collapsed."

Wanda looks over to Vorlego. "There's a lot of mutants, or weapons, that could make big blasts. But, probably not many on that scale." One of the refugees says, "I saw it. The beams, and the explosions. I was outside of the city, but Wild Sentinel was bigger than the buildings. Was them that did it." Others nod their heads in agreement.

The kids smile over to Samuel as he rejoins them. "It's very warm," one says. A little girl sucking on the tip of a finger says. "Trop-i-cal." Another kids nods in agreement with her, Genosha having been a bit of an island paradise, apart from the place's sordid history which was the doing of men, not nature.

As Natasha moves over to ask the one man more about what he'd said, he rolls back over onto his back on his bunk. He's pretty badly hurt. A cast all the way up on an arm and over his shoulder, and one leg in a cast. Just reaching Samuel took him some effort. "I was already buried in the rubble. Hospital. It had been the hospital," he says. "It blew up and it felt like the whole thing must have fallen on me. My head was free though."

The man looks to the Russian, shaking his head. "It was after the attack. I don't know how much after. It had been quiet awhile. And he came through, purple suit. White hair and kinda, yellow-orange skin. He was going to bodies. Had a... a thing in hand. Some device. He'd stop and sometimes poke them with the device. Sometimes cut off a piece of their body and put it in a bag. He... he spun his arms like.. fast, like they were unhinged, and the wind threw bricks and beams everywhere. Like a tornado. Then went through the bodies he'd dug up. I couldn't talk. Lungs were full of dust and smoke. Couldn't call out to him. He'd stick some with the device. Take bits of them. Then left."

Another mutant nearby shakes her head. "That isn't who I saw. Woman. In green. Silver-green hair. Woman that made me sick," she says. "She had one too. The thing in her hand. With two... probes sticking out of the top." She sits up a little. "Came over to me and seemed to use it to check me. I thought she was there to help. She started to leave and I reached out," the mutant woman says, her arm elongating and miming grasping her. "And... suddenly everything felt like it was spinning and I threw up, and when it righted itself she was gone. Another person buried nearby, threw up too."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods about the blasts, looking to his fellow Avengers when a green one is mentioned. As for the talk of people coming around after the attack? That gets an open look to everyone. "Sound familiar to any of you?" he asks.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha shoots Clint a quick look and nods - the green blasts are most likely the detonations that level Genosha that Carol told them about recently - and focuses on the refugee witness, concern and interest disguised behind her sunglasses.
    "They don't sound familiar." She answers Clint softly. "Danvers?" She looks to Carol beside her in case she might know more than her.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    Although Sam is with the kids, he can still hear the other conversations. He's running a search for the descriptions given by the refugees even as he continues his casual chat. "Ooh, tropical? That's nice. See, I'm from a place that's pretty cold. It was snowing there earlier. Was it warm when everything happened? Or was there thunder and stuff like that?" If something that large came in by air, it'd sound a lot like a large plane, or a thunderclap if it just ported in. It's a tenuous lead, but... he's grasping at straws. For a moment he surreptitiously leans back and turns his head, subvocalising a message on the comms channel <<Sounds like they were taking samples. Looking for specific people? Blood lines? Mutations to build a weapon? No hits on the local database, don't have the bandwidth for a proper search here.>>

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol got there in time to hear the survivors accounts of the individuals. She tilts her head a little bit and is clearly thinking really hard.

She is also getting pretty frustrated about it too, because right now while she doesnn't recognize the descriptions she has no idea if it is because her memory is basically swiss cheese thanks to a mutant terrorist. Honestly her being here doing the superman routine is kind of ironic considering how much certain mutants took from her. Still the life of being a hero for everyone in need.

"They don't sound familiar to me either. They obviously had powers though... we will need to see if we can find anything on them in the system... I can run it through my database too." referring to her suit.

Shuri has posed:
Walking out of that other tent, Shuri is in gloves and a gown once more with one could be one of the most advanced ventilators ever made in hand. She walks out a bit and over toward the tent that Strange is in before walking inside with a shake of her head, "Here you are, Dr. Drama. This is the best ventilator available and is here far faster than anything from whereever you wished it from." She nods her head as she brings it to him and then she looks at the work he is doing and states, "Now, shall we get this boy fixed up or are you going to spend all day waiting on some special American ventilator?"

Andrew Rivers has posed:
Vorlego asks the refugees calmly, "Does anyone know what bodyparts they cut? it may help us understand what they are using them for, whoever they are."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Most of the kids with Samuel Morgan shake their heads. "I was asleep and woke up with the explosions," one says. "I was eating breakfast," says another. "And the whole house shook and the windows... the windows shattered," she says to him.

The two who mentioned having seen the man and woman shake their heads. "A finger. I think. I could hardly make it through the smoke," one says. The other nods. "Just saw a knife and then dropping into the bag."

A frail woman, very beat up, calls out softly towards whichever of the visitors is closest by. "Please. My husband? Please, when will I get his body? Someone came. The man with clothing that looked like it was all machines. All... machine parts. He checked my husband and then put him in a body bag and carried him away. I tried to call but the debris on me, it was so hard just to breathe. Where did they take the bodies? He and the man he was with. Tall. Dark hair. White pasty skin. And a black cloak like it was shredded, sticking up behind him."

Stephen Strange has posed:
    Stephen keeps his hand on the boy's chest as Shuri comes in holding a 'mask' and Stephen blinks once and then motions her over. "Put it on then if you're so sure." Stephen notes, keeping his hand on the boy, keeping the spell alive, but stepping to the side to give Shuri room to work.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha shakes her head. "It's something to go on, at least. It-"
    Natasha hears the desperate woman calling out, asking - begging - for any sight or news of her husband's remains, and her face just... falls. Natasha watches her motionlessly, and while most would mistake her for stoic, there's a second there where Clint may think a stiff breeze could knock her over.
    She takes in a short, shakey breath and crosses her arms. "We'll need to report this quickly." She says, her voice a bit stiff. "We already have a cold trail, but if any of these freaks are in our databases..."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint does another look around the group at the old woman's question seeing if anyone recognizes that description. Though he also gives Carol a nod. "Hopefully your sleeve knows who these guys are this is the closest thing we've got to a major lead yet." A face to put to some of the horror that was Genosha's end.

Sam's question is met with a nod << Sounds like. Mutant power stuff? >> Seemed like every other week someone was trying to port powers into people who didn't have them.

A nod of agreement to Nat at them needing to report in ASAP.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    It's clear to Sam that he's not going to get anything out of the kids that they're not getting from anyone else. So rather than make them re-live the trauma, he starts to ask questions about nightmares, share a few tips his own therapist has taught him, and generally just tries to be a reassuring presence. It would take a master of reading body language to see that the stories he's hearing, the details, the sheer monstrous heartlessness of it... it's making him more than just a bit angry. And all that anger, all that rage, is going somewhere. Somewhere deep down and well hidden. For the sake of the little ones, his smile never fails. For a few hours, at least, he'll be their guardian angel.

    More descriptions are added to a mental and physical checklist. He looks over to Natasha, sharing a look with her that she might know well. Even Clint may recognise it. It's a portentious look. <<Genetic samples for later development. That's how Project Purity did it. Someone's taken that idea and run with it on a larger scale.>>

Carol Danvers has posed:
"... Man with clothing made of machine parts?" her brow furrows again and she steps closer to that beat up frail woman and crouches down to listen. She frowns at her questions. "I don't know why they did it ma'am but we will find out." she promises and then looks over to Nat and Clint.

Carol looks like she means it to. She has her stubborn dog with a bone sort of expression on. Someone is going to get clocked probably when they do figure it out.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The older woman gives Carol a grateful look. "Thank you. I just want to set him to rest. Set him to rest properly," she says. "So much is gone," the woman says. "So much."

Wanda comes over and crouches by the woman, talking to her, too soft for any but those with super hearing to catch the gentle words of compassion. In the end, Wanda's hand glows softly and the red aura flits across to the woman's head, helping her to sleep gently.

This was just one tent of many. The stories in the others are the same. The Genoshans persevere though, expressing their appreciation for the aid of the Wakandans and the presence of the heroes who came to their aid.