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Big Top Follies:Part 2 LA Woman
Date of Scene: 23 October 2020
Location: Outside LA,CA
Synopsis: Send in the clowns, Noriko top of her class. Mommy Storm says home again jiggy jog. Murder of an anti-mutant group, but it's all in a days work right?
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Ororo Munroe, Noriko Ashida, Henry McCoy

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Circus grounds: LA, Cally:6:00 pm Friday

The circus is in town, send out the clowns. A large tent is set up, just the tent this is not one of those games, music, no this is a circus. The tent is bright green with neon blue stars flashing on it. Inside is huge seating everywhere and a large center ring. Large highschool styled benches that fold out, as people enter, smell candy, cotton candy, ice cream, peanuts, and all those good foods off to eat from the hands of people selling it busking it up and down the aisle.

In the center of the ring stands a man in top hat and a long black, red coat, his hands on his collar."WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME TO THE BIG TOP!" His hand is waving behind him as long aisle leading out of the tent, where the acts will be coming down. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of dark green sunglasses.

The ringmaster that some of them had met before, as his hands come up over his hand to clap three times."We will be sending in the clowns shortly, between acts. We will sell food and beer, drinks, but during it we ask for quiet. For this is ART!" With that, he is leaping high into the air, as a chair swings out from the side, that he lands on resting there as he swings over the audience, his voice booming out."SEND IN THE CLOWNS!" His shadow cast over the tent as it settles into the side for him to keep on informing the world of what it comes next.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A young woman with dark red hair comes into the tent, moving with the crowd as they go to take seats. It was Jean that inspired Kitty's wig with its long red hair. Not wanting to be recognized by anyone who spotted her at the field where the lightning came down to spell out a message to them.

Her eyes sweep the place, keeping an eye out for Noriko. If they don't spot her during the performance, they'll have to search the place. But all the better if she were to come out with the rest of the circus, and before the crowd where things would be less likely to go haywire than in some private area away from watching eyes.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is wearing a flannel shirt, tied up to just beneath her chest with a white tank top on underneath it tucked in to a pair of blue jeans with ripped out knees and leather boots up to mid shins. She's got a pair of black gloves on and a pair of aviator glasses resting on her hairline, holding back her white bangs from flowing over her face.

Her left gloved hand is holding a bag of peanuts, she got them outside. Her gaze goes to the man shouting stuff, and doing a fancy chair trick. "This place smells like animals." She quietly comments, consuming another few peanuts and munching on them happily.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
And then there's Ororo. Without even the slightest hint of a disguise, she strides in in full regalia. Her idea, and she's yet to be dissuaded of it, is that if Noriko is here she should see one person she can recognize and connect with, and she's decided to be that person!

Thus she chooses to not hide her long flowing hair, her pride, or her self. "Yes, this will do," she says, largely to herself and the winds. She actually blocks the line for a moment, attempting to be that customer, the annoying Karen type. Then she chooses a seat up front and center.

She crosses her arms, lifts her chin, and leaves the world to deal with itself for a moment. she has a student to save.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
A tiny buggy of a European car, the prehistoric SMART cars of their day, in form at least.  The fumes waft through the air before the little car comes to park with its side out to the audience.  The front door of the coupe flies open and clowns start to pour out of it.

There are way too many clowns for that car.  It might be difficult to spot Nori as everyone piles out since her blue hair is apt to blend in for once among the shocks of green, purple, and electric yellow polyester locks.  But, clown after clown and no Nori.  For top of her class at clown college, it's a wonder why Noriko might not be one of the first clowns out of the car.

Last out though, there she is, the only one playing the hobo tonight, her more-natural-than-plastic hair standing out starkly against the dark colors.  The outfit hangs loose, drowning her frame to heighten the cartoonish image.  Every time she walks, her shoes honk, and she's stuck holding the steering wheel when she gets out of the car.  The clowns have peeled away to make a V toward her blinking in the spotlight at the predicament and then just tosses it over her back, sparking an arc of electricity on its trail for effect, somehow landing in the car before she kicks the door closed with her heel.

Then the car just takes off...driverless.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The ringmaster is watching as he adjust the spotlight as it lands right on Noriko, she is the new star the best clown they have! It is tracking each motion, as he adjust it on his smartphone!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Wearing a wonderfully tacky Aloha shirt (colored green and orange), khaki shorts and sandals, Beast makes his way into the big top. Art was art, and circus art was just as flashy and interesting as any of the other forms in the world. He had a tray of nachos, popcorn and a hot dog - balanced carefully in one hand. In the other, a large soda.

There is no disguse on him, Mutant and Proud as someone once said.
He spots Ororo, grinning over to her. "Fancy seeing you here... come to watch the peformances?" He wonders, before he takes a seat next to her - eyes to the show.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo sits. She has her arms crossed, and she's feeling the environment with her senses. Not just sight, smell, all that jazz, but her special ones that link her to the Green. She has a look on her face that says that she's focusing, constipated, or angry. Likely not the second one but it could be interpreted many ways.

The grinding of her teeth is loud enough to cause the person sitting to her left to shift a bit away from her though. She is not here for the show. And her eyes lock onto Nori the moment she becomes visible. She is not losing her again, though she is paying attention to the flows in the room. Henry sitting gets a nod. "We shall see," she says as her answer. "We shall see."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde sits in the stands, watching the clowns come out, but also keeping an eye on the Ringmaster and other members of the circus. When she spots Nori, Kitty gives a little bit of a sigh of relief. Not that the matter is resolved, but at least they know for sure where she is now.

A hand slips into Kitty's pocket to pull out her cell phone. It's not an iPhone, nor a Samsung or even a Stark-Fujikawa. No, Kitty makes her own phones and computers from the design up. She goes to work, scanning the surrounding phones and wireless connections and beginning to eliminate those not sending active signals at the times the Ringmaster is using his own phone to control the spotlights. Given her enough time and she'll possibly nail down which signal is his. And then the hacking will begin.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes first go over to Hank who went to the food stand with her, only he indulged way more with the full spread. She grins at him and just softly shakes her head. "When in Rome, eh Doctah?" She teases him before tossing another peanut in to her mouth, her eyes going forward to look at the clowns as they all... make their clowny appearances. "I mean. Ya gotta hand it to'em for their dedication t'this stuff. It really must appeal to a certain kinda person. Some people wanna grow up'n be lawyers, or cops, some wanna grow up and be rocket scientists, or baseball players. And then others..." She nods toward the clowns. "Some wonna grow up and be a Hobo Clown." She doesn't seem to know that that is Noriko.

A glance is given to Storm, who gets a sweet smile from the Belle. She looks to Kitty then, with peanuts in her mouth, she nudges her friend, then points at the clowns. "Look at the lil'one." She says, big smile, then leans over to whisper something to Kitty.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The spotlight illuminates more details of Nori's costume as she steps forward, weight back on her heels and thumbs hooked into colorful suspenders.  Most of the hobo's classic outfit has been punctuated with bright colors.  The irony isn't lost in the performance, making the slights and blunders of the poor hobo clown trying to fit in all the more poignant, but really even more so by Noriko's performance.  She plays it genuine and not as stylized in some of the tender moments.  She really is /that/ good...at something.  She expertly misses juggling a bowling pin without it looking rehearsed, goofs through trying to play cards and ends up playing 52 card pickup with herself (a few times because man those cards are slippery for metal fingers!.  And more.

After their own routine, it's clear the clowns are an integral part of the show, weaving in and out among other acts and generally acting as catalysts, though not to upstage the Ringmaster.

Sadly though, all routines must come to an end, and while the other clowns have a higher-octane, splashier exit, as if on debut, Noriko bows last (before the Ringmaster does his schtick), with flourish and theatrical verve.  The spotlight fades on a sad frown as if to commiserate with the dying fun of the night.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The ringmaster is swinging out over the audience, that shadows casting odd flying shadows."GIVE IT UP FOR OUR CLOWNS! Our newest star is in there. She will be the next big star at the big top!" His hand is swooping along, as the clowns are heading back.

Food is back out, as the music soars around filling the tent, as he speaks softly."NEXT UP IT'S the man with the healing flesh and razor whip!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty looks over to Rogue and covers her face for a moment as she laughs at the whisper. "You would," she says, then gets back to work on hacking and identifying the Ringmaster's phone. Not only might it help them gather some information, but having control over aspects of the circus that he's manipulating could also come in handy.

She speaks quietly over the X-men comms, and without touching a finger to her ear even. "DO we want to try to get someone over to talk to her?" Kitty asks. "Probably someone with backup, at that."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Food, glorious food. He watches, eyes focused on the hobo clown. Were that he had psychic powers, to reach out. But even in the cacophany of scents in the big top, he can tell it's Nori. He finishes up his hot dog, looking then to Ororo as he takes a long sip from his drink.

"Do we attempt to intercede?" He wonders, looking back to Nori as she takes her bow. "I am not one to move with subtlety, not looking as I am. I suppose I could try to take to the rafters - though that would draw too much attention."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just leans forward on her elbows over her knees from her spot in the stands and glances around at the others with her. "She looks like she's havin' fun. We gotta be careful with this. If she's here really... like, willfully? We're gonna come across like some kinda weird'n'creepy cult who is sad, and here t'claim back, a member that dared t'go do their own thing, ya know?" She has to throw that out there, before she throws another peanut in to her mouth and chews on it. The Belle sits up straight again and watches the show, even smiling at it, Noriko, and the Ringmaster.

"Seriously though, Circuses are macabre hold-over from a bygone era of Americana. I dig it, and... am slightly afraid of it. Which is part'a the macabre charm."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The comms crackle, which is not normal, but likely show the increased emotions of the person on the other end. Then Ororo's voice cuts through the background, gently giving orders. "Hank, Belle, try to track her down. Kitty, I want you out of sight, see what you can find with your tech as you're already doing, and get behind the scenes...carefully. I intend to keep watch on the Ringmaster himself." She has been known to keep tabs on everyone, to take charge, and apparently now is no exception.

She does not say 'if anyone has issue with their assignments' or 'please contact me if you wish to change'. She gives orders, soft but firm. "Do your best to ascertain the truth. That is why we come." Her tone suggests that she wishes she could contact Nori. But this is the place for her.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The ringmaster is phone is well odd, it is simply used for one thing. He has never made a call to control the lights, sent a text, installed an app. It is a solo purpose, just for this task as his swing chair is locked back now on the other side of the tent, as he is watching below not yet time for the next act.

In the back of the tent as they are all leaving, most of the clowns are head to two trailers that seem to be packed with them. But the Hobo is heading for a bright shiny blue one, with a name on it Noriko Ashida in a star in the middle of it. Inside as she is open, the smell of fresh food is coming out of it, roast beef. There is a large television on the wall, and video game consoles are hooked up. It seems they treat the best clown well in this circus.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Still carrying his food, he gets up to head towards the exit - time to find a Nori. He expects Rogue will be able to find him, quite easily. So his gait is relaxed, ambling to any onlookers. He's munching his food, wandering about the circus grounds. Of course, his course tends to be leading towards where Nori is going. Follow the hobo.

He's definitely enjoying those nachos, though!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty hrms and says, "Going to have to work up something special for him. Hacking a phone without sending something obvious isn't easy," she comments into the comms. She begins typing away with her thumbs, though thankfully she and Doug have prewritten a number of subroutines and cracking programs to help with moments like this.

"I'll try to get control of his phone and then go take a look around," she confirms back to the others, glancing up from her phone now and then to keep an eye on the situation.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm waits as her team moves out. She watches the scenario, she listens to the electricity in the air. If Noriko moves an inch she'll know it, which is why she seems so calm. But there is no way in hades she's losing sight of the Ringmaster. And if Rogue tends to be a bit slow...well, she might need backup too.

"Take your time, Kitty. I want eyes on Noriko. Has anyone other than me noticed how odd these acts are?" She's seen a lot of acts in her life. The fact that it's got her twitchy is significant. Fast healing whip guy? Seriously?

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's signature is pretty distinctive to Storm, not even taking into account Storm's familiarity with its fluctuations.  Currently there's an ease, an even keel so rarely detected in the vacillating teen, at least when she's not on drugs.

Inside the trailer, a girl with long purple hair who looks to be Noriko's age is still dressed in her clown outfit sans outer top and the rest of the upper half of the getup (makeup, wig, etc) are off to the side on one of the tiny excuses for a counter.  Noriko is much the same, her blazer, hat, and the like discarded, hat hair still sweaty around the brow as she lounges, feet kicked up and playing some kind of platforming video game with the more acrobatic clown.

"If you just jump below me, I can big jump off your head.  You'll spawn back with me but we'll get over," the crag on the screen.  The other girl, stage name Patches, shrugs.  "Okay.  Onnne.  Twooo.  Threee!"  On Noriko's mark, Patch's character jumps wildly short and they both drop down into the pit.

"Oops."  The other clown is obviously not a gamer.  Conceptually, the trick is right in her wheelhouse, but she has no feel for the harsh controls.

"It's okay.  You want to try to bounce off me?  You have to click the button again when you hit my head to get the boost."  It's probably an odd sight to see this particular student so happy and productive, not blowing other people off, and actually enjoying herself like a well-adjusted teen, helping out a friend.  "I mastered the timing by saying, 'Salty Scott Summers in my head.  That's alliteration.  When the beginnings of the words all sound the same in a row?"  She offers freely to the nodding Patches with an encouraging...downright friendly grin.

You have now entered,

The Twilight Zone

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Out of the back comes a man with a long torse; his body twitches to the sound around him. Wearing a long black cape, as he throws it off, he is nothing but solid muscles. His flesh seems to be rolling, moving non-stop, quickly in ripples. It is an odd grey look that seems almost to be dying, as it stays on his body. His eyes are little red dots, with a look of death in them.

A whip is cracked from outside of the tent, as woman rolls in quickly. A long bright white whip is coming in from the outside as she is standing up at the end of the roll. She is wearing a tight leotard showing off her assets to the enjoyment of the men and woman. Her short spiked red hair seems to have a mind of its own. Her right arm is a whip, made out of her own bones, seeming it exit from her forearm.

With each strike of the grey skin, it is falling off healing into bright, healthy pink flesh, she is going to work him over till he is healed it seems, as the music mixes with the each thwack of the whip.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue meets up with Beast as he's mosying his way toward the trailers. She smiles at him, then looks at his food, then loks back up at him. "Saw and ad out on the main strip, for somethin' called a 'Rum Ham'. Said it was cooked with the best rum money can buy. When I thoughta Rum Ham, I definitely thought'a Rum Hank. We find her, we should go dip over there, see if we can get ourselves some'a that, yeah?"

As they wander toward the trailers, Rogue's gaze goes toward them. She raises up her gloved hands and just shouts. "YO, MORIKO! WHERE YOU AT?!" Which definitely is going to draw some eyes toward her, but, without a care in the world, Rogue just reaches over and snatches one of Hank's nacho chips, then pops it into her mouth!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Mmm... more food to sample. Henry doesn't mind the nacho swiping, he offers to hold it closer so Rogue can share. Friends! "Rum Hank? I am not certain that there is enough rum in a baked ham to get me buzzed." A wry grin, the man still padding his way towards that fancy trailer.

As Rogue hollers out, he chuckles, wincing a bit. "We could have knocked." He motions vaguely to the trailer he'd seen Noriko enter. "But... I suppose that works as well." He does glance about, wondering if anyone took undue notice.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A murmur comes over comms from Kitty. "Ok not a normal phone, more of a remote control of the lights. But... I got it's frequency and I'm recording what signals it sends. I'm working up a program that I'll be able to have pick up his signals and output an inverse wave to cancel out his signal. While sending my own to control it. So if we want a blinding light display at some point, we'll have it. Or even just a distraction to make them focus on what's wrong with it, at an opportune moment," she says.

Kitty lifts her head, listening to the voices of her teammates as they talk to Noriko. "Good luck," she tells them before going back to preparing the program to effectively nullify the Ringmaster's remote, should it be needed.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The show ends, as the lights go dim now. The sound of food can be heard, deals in the dark. But the Ringmaster is deadly quiet for now.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The real shame is, the acts are in fact fascinating. For all that Storm is getting the wierdest vibe off of it all, she's not got much to actually address. If they are mutants or supers they're making a living at what they can do. Is this worse than being a teacher? She has to be honest with herself that it is not.

She listens to the comms with half an ear; the show going on has a great deal of her attention. And yet she's still waiting for the other shoe to drop. This can not be all of it. The lights go down and she is meant to leave. She does not, pushing by her remaining presence for an interview, a confrontation. Once again, in all regalia, she will find out what is holding her student and friend.

There is a dragon in her tonight. It is hungry. "I am waiting for someone to come throw me out," she advises. "Contact Noriko. Thank you Kitty, fade back for the moment if you please."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue softly smirks at Hank's response and walks in the direction of the trailer that he indicates. "Fair enough." She states, giving a quick look around their general area before she steps on toward said trailer and reaches up to knock on the door. When she's up near the door she can see Noriko inside, playing the video games. This has her turning around to face Hank. "I really am startin' t'think she's not unhappy with this new life'a hers, Doctah." The southern gal tells the finely educated blue furred man in the cargo shorts. "She seems like she's havin' fun here, is what I'm gettin' at. Based on that coffee shop co-worker, who seemed miserable at their job, maybe this is an upgraded for Nori?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast smiles, walking along-side Rogue. "It is possible. The odd warning to stay away, though... that is what concerns me. If she is happy, and here of her own choice? Then more power to her. She is a person with wants, dreams and desires. Not everyone is cut out for the life we live, and even if they are, they may not want it."

He waits on the doorstep of the trailer with his friend, alternating between munching on nachos, and munching on popcorn.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Rogue's loud enough to be heard through the open door of Nori's trailer.  "Looks like I've got fans."  Noriko presses her lips together and gives the doorway a sidelong glance.

"You mi-"

"They aren't those kinds of fans," Nori cuts Patches off with a knowing look.  "Come on.  We're almost there."  She'll be damned if she lets anyone thwart Patch's potential victory.

She doesn't move a muscle, doesn't speak up just yet, but she leaves the door open.  When she hears Rogue's voice nearer, she can't make out her conversation though.

Finally, victory.  "You did it!  And the harder part too," Nori waggles her eyebrows to the other girl with a smirk before pushing up and stretching.  "Hold on, be right back," she says as she hits pause on the game and then moves to the door.  "Actually, can you give me a few Trill?" she uses a nickname from the girl's real name.

"No problem."  Patches hops up and squeezes past the two visitors to go about her own business and grab something to eat outside of Nori's trailer.

Nori walks to the door and opens it more.  "Hey guys.  Did you catch the show?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The lights are on now, as a man is standing in the center of the ring. He is dressed in a tight red suit, his right hand is pointing towards the roof, as his hand is circles slowly."THIS IS THE KING OF POWER! THIS IS SMASHY!"

Smashy is running forward now as someone is driving a car into the tent quickly aiming for the man, his hand is coming up stoping the car that is going 90 with the tip of his finger, as he starts to push back now moving that huge piece of metal out of the tent.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"Kitty? Stand down." Ororo's voice is stabbing and blunt, as she's finally gotten everyone out of the way for what she has to do. She stands up then and dusts herself off, gathering the energies around her, and the sky outside slowly begins to cloud. A wind whips the sides of the canvas tent, slapping anything left exposed, and even at Noriko's tent it'd be felt.

She needs the energy present, since she's about to do something ineffably stupid. She walks forward, past the audience, and steps into the ring with the ongoing act. Her eyes literally crackle with electricity, and she ignores the car and the man pushing it out of the tent.

Then she spreads her hands, and uses the wind to carry her words.


Because F subtlety.

Henry McCoy has posed:
As Noriko opens the door, Henry smiles. "Evening! Yes, quite the show. You did well out there..." He offers, warmly. A glance to Rogue, the man then looking back to Noriko. "How are things? We hadn't realized this was a thing for you, Miss Ashida. A hidden talent, yes?" A chuckle, the man at ease - no need for concern as far as he's concerned. Of course, he is scenting the area - trying to suss out if anything weird is going on here. In terms of Nori, that is.

"We just wanted to check in on you... was a rather abrubt dissappearance."

Rogue has posed:
When the door opens, Rogue flashes a smile to Nori's pretty face, then looks sidelong to Hank as he gives a very mature and responsible rundown for the girl. Rogue nod sher head once to it, agreeing with Henry. But then she raises her gloved hands up, and lets her eyes widen a big. "Come... back... to us... Noriko... we, miss, youuuuu." She trails her voice off in a silly attempty to sound like a brainwashed cultist, before she flashes a grin at the girl and drops her hands down to her hips. "Did your kool-aid wear off? They musta given me an extra strong dose, cause I'm still under the influence'a it--"

Rogue's attention is cut short though as the winds pick up, the tents and signs around them start waving, and there's clearly a...

"Storm's a brewin'." Rogue says, her southern accent playin' the words up, with their double-meaning, for Hank specifically, though Nori certainly likely knows what she means too. "We best be gettin' back t'the others."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Come on in," Nori offers after looking around beyond Rogue and Henry.  "I like the whole narrative thing, the performance."  Narrative?  That might be pushing it, but if anyone has a well defined character in the clown posse routine, it's the Hobo.

There's a strange glibness to Nori's words.  The glibness itself is no more than the armor it was for her before joining the circus, but there's a containment to it.  It's keeping something in, not just people out.  It's most evident behind the girl's too bright eyes.  A weariness.

"I just used my speed to practice a lot and now they think I'm awesome," Nori confesses to Henry as if she's passing on a trade secret.

At Rogue's antic-filled attempt to lure her back, Nori cocks her head to the side and grins.  The normal Nori would probably say something sarcastic about the kool-aid being the best part.  How cherry is a bomb flavor, and then maybe ask Rogue what flavor the school is serving now to compare....but she does none of that.  She just keeps grinning as if something else was supposed to fill the space.

"Well shit."  Nori's trailer begins to rock back and forth a little.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The Ringmaster is swinging down, leaping off his chair. His hands over his chest, as that car is leaving now, making this seem like the next act."Okay, which student. What is the name? I will have someone fetch them and return them?" His voice is soft as he smiles at her as he spins his hand around a cane is there now heavy iron cane, as he waves towards the shadows a large strongman is walking forward."Tell Jorge the name, and he will bring them here?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The wind whipping about her is still gentle enough to allow breath, but it is visible. If Storm were to be in a circus act, it would be about her and she'd hardly have to try. Now? The show is still going on. "My Noriko. This is not a discussion," she says, though the man's reaction seems reasonable. "I welcome your acts, I allow your choices of such, but you do not hold her another second."

For all her apparent calm, there is an energy in her words. "Send your strong one if you wish. I am her legal guardian, and her mind is altered. Do not trifle with me, I can feel your energies, your lies. I will have her or this entire place will be torn asunder!"

The wind IN THE TENT rises, whips about, causing the audience to have to cover their eyes. She allows the Ringmaster to be able to see, but just him.


Henry McCoy has posed:
Well, that was a thing. The storm, the odd responses from Nori, the comments from Rogue. And then the insistant strongman. He watches the latter, following. "Come on Rogue. This isn't right." He says, with a frown. He moves with the others, heading towards the spotlight and where he spots Storm.

Of course, he eats all his nachos.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The strongman is bringing Noriko through the wind, the rage of Storm.

The Ringmaster sighs softly, looking at his tent."Please stop that she is here. Also, your proving to the world, we are not good. Our point is to show we are harmless. You are attacking my guests!" The voice is passion-filled, but his hands resting on that large iron cane, as he waves his hand towards the audience."You will each be given a free swag for this rude lady. But soon it will be over, I promise."

Now he is looking over at Noriko, and then over at Storm."This lady wishes to speak with you to take you home, it seems. Noriko, I enjoyed having you here, but your loved ones want you to return." He waits now, leaning on the cane to see Storm next move.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's able to see that Nori is acting a bit dispondant toward their presence, their expressed concerns, and just generally 'blah' all around about them even being here. That's off-putting alone. But Storm's words, her powers in-use draws the bulk of the Belle's attention, and as Hank goes off back toward the Big Top to check on the situation, Rogue lifts up off of the ground and flies after him, actually moving ahead of him to dip her body under the pulled-back curtain and float up in to the air once inside again to see what's going on...

This is where she is, as the others witness this Strongman situation, and hear his words about Noriko ring out. <"Clash of Cults, fightin' over Surgey."> Rogue's voice says quietly over the team comms. <"I'm ready t'bust some teeth in, if needs be.">

Noriko Ashida has posed:
No.  It's not a discussion.  Because suddenly an imposing strongman is coming to collect Nori.

Nori's jaw sets and she looks around, to Rogue and Henry.  No, their positions.  She tracks them for a half moment, and the strong man.  Begrudgingly, she goes with him.  "I guess I'm 'needed.'"  It's some empty sass.  "Don't hijack my game," she squints to the other two playfully before at least grabbing her hat and the red nose in it on her way out, sliding them on cavalierly as she is pulled through the storm by the strong silent type.

With a sigh, Nori steps into some rogue pool of light that had been all but forgotten.  Now visible to the Ringmaster and Storm, surely.

She steps into some softer light to squint at Ororo for all the light show that she is.  "What's going on?"  she demands...somewhat demurely, for her at least.  "So you don't want me anymore?"  She looks over to the Ringmaster, her brow crinkling up in anticipation of the shot of pain she feels inside.  Storm wanting her back apparently doesn't surprise Noriko.  Whether she heard Storm's whole spiel earlier remains to be seen.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Oh, if they think THIS is 'The Rage of Storm' they are in for a surprise one day.

The wind cuts off as Ororo drops one of her hands. She says, "There is a limit to the amount that wind can be harnessed," not giving him the courtesy of a name. Not yet. "Reaching out in the wrong direction can get you hurt. It is a wild thing, as children should be. You have chosen poorly in your targets."

She is, apparently, sticking to her guns here. She is not going for the act, and as she feels Noriko arrive she keeps her eyes on the Ringmaster a moment longer. Then turns her head to the girl. "I want you home," she says firmly, an emotion hitting her heart, and her voice, that was not there a nanosecond before. Love.

She looks Noriko in the eyes, across the ring. And readies herself for a struggle.

Then, into the comms, she whispers, "Be ready."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I do wish you here Norika, but why I'm to request you walk from your family. You have done amazing in your teaching. I was going to help you work on an act, top billing. You have the skill to be a star." The Ringmaster smiles at the girl, his eyes moving over to Storm.

"But she wishes you home, even if it means showing her powers in rage." The voice is cold, as his head shakes slowly with a disappointed sigh."But family makes us crazy, is all. If you wish to stay, I will enjoy having you. But, we can't risk our circus family. Do you see my rock and hard spot?"

The strong man is just standing there as the wind dies down. People in the audience taping recording trying to capture one of those wacky mutant moments, but it is dying down.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Ever the opportunist, especially now that his Feral side is on high-alert, Henry hops up into the rafters, his eyes focused on the strongman. The visible, palpable threat. He expects Storm to be on the Ringmaster - with Rogue going where ever she is needed.

"A turn of words, a clever ploy. There was a warning, yes? Telling us to stay away? Would that be done by a doting employer? Or by someone who is up to nefarious acts in keeping our friend?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue keeps in the air, hovering up above the heads of others, but not staying out of ear shot. She isn't entirely sure how Noriko found herself with this group, and there clearly is something going on here that's not good. "Well, we sure as hell want ya back." She tells Nori.

"So lets blow this pop stand, shall we? If ya really wanna do this clown thing, we'll find some birthday parties for ya t'go to. Maybe a few hospitals are in need of clowns to scare the hell outta sick kids... er, I mean, make the lil tikes smile at the mere sight'a you silly crazy clowns!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko looks back to Storm at her words.  It may not be a superpower, but Ororo has undeniable presence, and Noriko has always been vulnerable to it.  But she's wrestling.  There's an obvious connection between her and the Ringmaster when she looks back up to him.  His words are not love, but why do they feel that way?  How can she betray them?  She's heard love before, from her father, her mother, and look how that turned out.

"Oh this?  She gets this angry when she gives me detention."  Could be totally fabricated, but is more likely outrageously exaggerated, knowing Noriko.  Still, her voice has a slight tremor to it.  She's stalling, warring with something inside that doesn't make sense.  She shakes her head, rubbing her forehead.

"I don't want to be a fucking clown!" the teen suddenly lashes out, but sheds no more light on her motivations at this juncture.  "Whatever.  Take me back," she says sullenly.  "Just don't hurt anyone here okay?  They work really hard."  She doesn't even ask to say goodbye to Patches.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo Munroe hasn't said much to Noriko yet. She listens while the young lady talks, her chin raised in that way that she has. She has a posture that suggests many things, even without the powers, and now that she's dropped the wind she is herself.

She stops, then she nods. Then she turns her head, her head only, to the Ringmaster. "You misunderstand," she says, a judgement rather than a correction. It has that 'ring' to it, of a judge dropping a sentence. "You both do. I am not here to make Noriko CHOOSE between here, and her home."

She bares her teeth, just a touch. Then she says, "Noriko, you can be anything that you choose to be. You can come here, be a clown, whatever your heart desires. But if it is something that you were forced into? Then, then I will be angry."

She glances at the Ringmaster with those dark eyes. Then back, after that threat is delivered. "If your mind wishes to choose, your mind does not know your family and I will help you to return. Or to choose another path."

"But for now? We are leaving, and I will hope that you can forgive me if I am wrong."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"It was a pleasure having you, Noriko." With that, the ringmaster is moving away, clapping his hands to the crowd."Our show ends here tonight, we a family once more coming together. I bid you each a lovely evening, thank you for coming. Free shirts and hats outside due to the show ending early." With that, he is moving out of there, slowly as the others follow him out, with a single girl watching from the wings. Patches eyes locked on to Nori, her friend, with a look of equal mixture of happiness and sadness. The ringmaster places his hand on her shoulder as she too turns to leave. The lights turn off as people start to fill out of the tent, letting the mutants in the middle, not giving them a second look.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Whether or not Noriko's there willingly, she doesn't let on, but that seems par for the course so far for whatever she went through.  There will be time.  For her part, the girl's expression is akin to a kicked mutt.  She shoves her hands in her pockets and nods.  She trudges along and looks back over her shoulder at Patches, lifting a hand to flash her a bittersweet peace sign, a thread of crackling electricity spun between her two fingers.

Henry McCoy has posed:
As the tempers de-escalate, and people begin to go their seperate ways, Henry narrows his eyes - nostrils flaring. He bounds over, gracefully, to where Patches is. A smile to the young girl, charming as he can manage. "If you ever need to get ahold of Noriko, or want to hang out with her, please let me know. I know how hard it can be to make friends." He slides a card with his phone number over to Patches. A theatrical bow, and he's heading towards the exit with the other X-People.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
That night, a local anti-mutant group is killed. With the lighting burned into the ground, Reading Mutant Rights! A deep grey skin is found already in the area and signs of fire, and all the cars had been shoved off a cliff. The leader has been flayed alive, with what seemed to be his own spine as inside the wounds. His spine is found wrapped around his neck. These crimes are never solved.