3874/The Science of Things Meets A Shot in the Dark

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The Science of Things Meets A Shot in the Dark
Date of Scene: 20 October 2020
Location: Labs - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Gar brings his potential plan to Nadia and Kian, who think it might just work in some way. Kate catches some of the idea as well.
Cast of Characters: Gar Logan, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Kian, Kate Bishop

Gar Logan has posed:
A certain discussion led to a certain Titan having a certain idea. Maybe it was a joint effort, but there were a couple people who might be able to shed some light on the thought that was stuck in said Titan's head.

So, he requested to see two of his teammates for a little chat.

Who, you may ask? If the green labrador retriever trotting into this particular room doesn't give it away...

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The Waspette is generally a fixture of these labs and today is no exception. There was that two week interlude where she disappeared to Russia, but now she is back and seems to have returned in better spirits than before, somehow.

Of late her time has been focused upon correcting some of the flaws Valeria found in her propulsion system while she was gone and tinkering with a few other innovations that might help with the upcoming space mission. There is also a holographic 'white board' that has the early stages of some FTL ideas and calculations on it, but that seems to be very much still in the theoretical stages of development.

When the lab prances into the lab she looks up from her work and waves.

Kian has posed:
    Kían actually rather likes the lab.  He's a scientist at heart, with an extensive background in physics, especially particle physics.
    So once he deciphered Gar's note (written English is still a challenge) and the time (pesky Terran base-14 time in base-12 counting!  Or base-12 time in base-10, if they're going to insist on being wrong), he actually does make it down to the lab on time to greet a green animal of a type with which he's not familiar.
    That shade of green can only be Gar, of course.
    "/Kié/ Nad-ya, Gar," he greets, and hops up onto a lab stool.  Those are sensible chairs.  No backs to interfere with his wings.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan pads over to hop up onto one of the stools. This one spins, so once he's landed upon it it starts doing just that thanks to his momentum. Whirly dog!

"Whoa! Wasn't expecting that!" he says. It may still be odd for some of the newer Titans to hear him talking normally in any animal form, but for most, it's second nature.

A couple seconds later, the dog is a man again and Gar stops the turning around with his feet and hands, dressed today in costume. First things first. "Soooo, how are you guys doing? Thanks for meeting."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Talking dog! Cool." Nadia clearly approves of Gar's antics, grinning at him as she dusts herself off and steps away from the workbench.

"Hi Kian!" The birdman gets a bright smile as she returns his greeting.

"I'm good." She does in fact seem pretty great for someone who supposedly underwent two weeks of torture. "It's good to be back. Finally working on getting my lab off the ground, too. A public group effort, not just the workspace I wear around my neck." Wait what? "So..." She turns looking at both of them, "What's up?"

Kian has posed:
    "I am... well enough.  Hwat about hyu, Gar /tavár'h/?" he asks, remembering the blue (green?) funk he found the shapeshifter in a day or two ago.  He /had/ wanted to try to lift Gar's mood, and instead ended up talking mostly about himself.  Maybe that helped anyway -- Gar seems to get a lift out of helping others, but it's so hard to tell without the mind touch.  If nothing else, the flight afterwards did.
    At least it helped the birdman.
    "I was sur-prise to get hyour message.  But if I can help hyu here, I will be glad to."

Gar Logan has posed:
Since she came around the Tower, there haven't been a lot of times where Gar actually got to talk to Nadia. This visit could be the start of changing that, especially with something to discuss. He spins again on the stool, one revolution around, coming off as antsy without actually being a colony of them.

"Good, good. Yeah. I'm okay. So, Kian! You remember Colette, right? We were talking yesterday and you know how I was all blah because I didn't know what to do with our teammates missing and I felt all helpless and frustrated and stuff?"

Eyes dart between Waspette and Birdman, making sure they're following.

"I guess I didn't really understand some stuff with that whole prophecy and she helped me see it another way and I think there's something /we/ still need to do, or /could/ do, that might help them get back. They're, I dunno exactly, but they're stuck wherever. Hyperspace or something? Like, stuck out of time? I don't know how it works. I just turn into animals. But something she said got me thinking."


He grins hopefully at both of them. "Nadia, you do science. Kian, you..you know, you can read thoughts and things. What if we could make some kind of psychic anchor for them to follow? I was thinking I could try being that anchor."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Likely some sort of folded space pocket dimension, from the sound of what I've heard. Though we still need to study the readings from the collapsed wormhole. How they even got into a space like that from a collapsing wormhole, the odds just seem so astronomically low." Nadia stops herself from rambling at Gar's mention of where they might be.

When he describes his idea to help them find their way home though Nadia's hand comes to her chin as she ponders it. "My father was attempting to work with something he called Psion particles, he said it was part of my mother's research and fundamental to how our insect communication technology works. Like the particles and waves that actually transmit psychic abilities. Maybe we could build an amplifier, similar to my Hymenoperan communication gear, that could amplify your psychic emanations to help guide them back?"

She looks over at Kian, "What do you think? I am not an expert in psychic phenomena but there seems to be some overlap with my Dad's tech. Maybe we could build an amplifier array into the T-Jet with a headband like mine, but keyed to more general broadcast? Do you know anything about Psion particles? Or... have your people studied how your powers function?"

Kian has posed:
    "I am also a scientis'," Kían states.  "Hwile they study me at the Imperial University on my worl', I also took courses.  I was going into the advance program at the homeworl' hwen I end up here.  I know the math of collapsin' stars, an' it is not optimistic.  But, I hope too."
    He regards Nadia inquisitively.  "Do hyu haf mindpor' technology?" he asks.  "I am use to that, contactin' computer systems mentally.  Common on my worl'.  Unfortunate, so common I do not know how it work in detail.  I can definitely help tune a mindpor', though."  He reflects a little.  "It iss not particle transmission.  Iss a center in the brain, generates elec-tro mag-netic waves.  I thin' Terrans do not have this center, iss hwy I can not make mind touch wit'out physical touch."
    he straightens a little in his seat.  "But, I can work both par's of the prob-lem, the mental side an' the physics side."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan fidgets with his hands in his lap. It's clear there's a level of excitement in him over this, but it begins and ends with whatever role he may play, with the idea he's helping bring to Nadia and Kian. "Yeah, so I figured if you were able to come up with something, I'm up for being the..."

Shift. Guinea pig. Now on the stool.

"But, like, I'm close to each of them for different reasons. I think Raven could help rescue them but it sounded like she thought they needed to do something first, and maybe that just means getting back out of wherever they are. Then if they could lock onto my thoughts...?"

He sits up on his hind legs, gesturing with his little arms apart. "I just want them back home, and I'll do anything to help."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"You're a scientist?!" It's not that Kian being a scientist is in and of itself surprising to Nadia, more that she is just excited that Kian is in fact a fellow scientist! "That's great!" She listens to his explanations nodding her head, "Electromagnetic waves, is there anything they can't do?" She muses, mostly serious, a bit joking. "Those were the other half of the equation as I recall. Electro-magnetic waves interacting with Psion particles. Maybe I can find some of Dad's notes at the house or actually I might have them among the stolen Red Room papers in my lab. Humans definitely don't have something like that, but maybe its net effect could be duplicated..." Gears are turning in her head.

She smiles at Gar, "I just want them home, too. This lab isn't the same without Vic and Cait, the Titans aren't the same without all of them." She reaches up and takes off one of the necklaces she is wearing and sets it on the table where she was working. "I have an idea, I think we can do what you're suggesting. I'll be right back. I just need to check a few papers in my lab, it shouldn't take long. At least not in relative Earth time." And with that she flashes both of them another smile, "Be right back." and seems to vanish into the gemstone attached to the necklace.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate has been doing two things for weeks.

Using the Danger Room, clocking a lot of hours on general training and flying the T-Jet in space and everywhere else. Also fighting crime in New York and Metropolis on 'patrols' and responding to the police calls.

Keeeping busy.

Well okay also eating and sleeping. So four things?

In the spirit of making it five things she gets done with a session in the danger room and asks the computer which teammates are in the building and who is public rooms. Nadia being in the lab not surprising. Gar and Kian being in the lab with her though, very surprising. At least to Kate.

So the archer pokes her head into the lab and peers at everyone. If only a green Guinea Pig on a stool was the wierdest thing she had ever seen in this building.

"We talking about some way to get the scoobies home from where ever they are lost?" then blinks as Nadia vanishes. "Wait.." she looks around. "Where..." blink. "Where does Nadia keep her lab?" blink.. blink. "Earth relative time?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods once.  "I thought it woul' help under-stan' my /rhy'thar/, to study the under-lyin' science.  I do not know how the school system work on Eart'; I had earn my secon' level of advance study on Kyshán; I woul' haf study for my thir' and fourt' on Akiár.  I haf started to look at the Eart' equivalen' of hwat I already know, but hyour numbers are all wron' an' that makes it hard."
    Nadia exits, Kate enters, Kían nods in greeting.  "Sku-bi?" he repeats mildly.  "No, we are talkin' about Téri an' Dóna an' Vik and Kéit."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan the guinea pig is more than content to play second fiddle to the scientists doing what they do. It's easy to look good when you can bring an idea to someone else who knows more about a thing and just let them take it to the next level.

All the same, he /is/ trying to follow what they have to say. If he can understand even a fraction of it, that wouldn't hurt.

"No, it's not. I miss all of them, but I'm /really/ missing Vorpal. I can't promise I won't do something embarrassing when he's back." Embarrassing being relative when he's concerned, of course.

Then, by the time he's returned to normal again, his head angles toward one side when Nadia does her 'disappearing' act, which is really just going very, very small. It leaves him to glance toward Kian and give him a shrug, then Kate becomes a focus. "Oh, hey. Yeah, we might have an idea brewing, centered around my amazing mind." This time around, he does /not/ go so far as to turn into a peacock just so he can preen. "I think Nadia's checking on something right now."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate just keeps staring where Nadia was. "I really wonder where that girl keeps her lab and if she is actually going small enough that time is becoming relative.. or slower. I mean hell that sounds really dangerous." because Honestly Kate just figured they got Ant or Wasp sized. That is a whooole other side of small and checking on stuff.

She blinks though and looks between Gar and Kian. "Oh.. uh... well good. I mean more ideas the better because we really do need to get our wayward Titans home." she grins "I am pretty sure if you do something embarassing we will all understand Gar."

Then to Kian "Scooby Gang... uh... it is a cartoon where these teenagers and their meddling dog solve mysteries and fight bad guys. Mystery Inc. is their crime fighting group name. It is a classic... I'll have to show you on .. uh one of the streaming channels has to have it." she grins. "Gar is Scooby.. or maybe Vorpal is."

Kian has posed:
    Kían just looks at Kate blankly.  "This iss some Eart' thin' I will not under-stan', yis?"
    He shakes his head.  Earth is weird, just remember that, and that explains all.  "I miss them all too, Gar.  Vik iss teach me Eng-liss that iss not in the lessons from Colette."  Make of that what you will.
    "The real problem iss," he says slowly, thinking as he speaks, "if it iss small side universe the are in or one dimen-sion to the side, the math iss very hard, very fas'.  If it iss a hole an' they are only some-hwere else, that iss easier, but it iss a very big universe.  Either way it means very, *very* large numbers, or very, *very* small numbers... an' I haf had to do the math by han' because your number system still makes no sense to me."

Gar Logan has posed:
"Yes," is all Gar has to say to Kian's question of it being an Earth thing he wouldn't get.

"And I should let you know Vic probably said everything you could hear from him and then some during our epic gaming sessions, so all I have to say to that is: you're welcome," he points out ever so helpfully. Let it be known that Gar may have indirectly helped shape some of Kian's budding vocabulary.

Now, Kate is given a moment of his attention. "Vorpal is a cat, not a dog, and before you ask the answer is no." He will not be turning into a great dane at this point in time.

Kian, again. "I can't believe we don't have some kind of calculation conversion set up for you. That's gotta be possible, so you don't have to keep scratching out your numbers." A grin that's too wide, then a step back after he hops off the stool. "But you think it's possible to, like, amplify my thoughts? Maybe not to the whole universe, because I don't think the universe is ready for that, but I dunno, around where they disappeared?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Listen, just because it is an earth thing that Kían won't get doesn't mean he can't watch it and learn about it. Popculture and icons and references will be useful for him on earth in the long run."

When Gar says before she asks no. All Kate can reply with to that is "Awww... come on."

"Also... that bit is actually a really good idea. Why don't we have a tablet or a holodisplay or something setup to do the conversions with Kían..." puzzled. "Maybe if we did a psychic thought amplification at the wormhole entrance point that collapsed it could be useful..."

Kian has posed:
    Kían shrugs.  "The conversion between hyour base-12 and my base-10 is simple.  Jus' haf to do it once at the en' of the cal-culation.  It just woul' be faster to do it on the computer than by han'."
    He regards Gar thoughtfully.  "Broad-cas' hyour min', usin' mine?  Not wit'out a broadcas' assis'.  Nnh!  Now I wish I haf study telepathic science!  I coul' describe the receiver.  I... might be able to desc-ribe the receiver to a good technical person an' we might be able to make a simple unit..." he muses, eyes clouding with thought as he speaks.

Gar Logan has posed:
"I...guess? If someone here can't do it, I'm sure we could call a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy and get something worked up. Hopefully it wouldn't be too complicated," Gar supposes, stroking his chin in a seemingly speculative and thoughtful fashion as Kian wonders about making a thing to do the thing.

Back to Kate. "Tell you what. Maybe once we've got everybody back, I will. Until then, you'll have to use your imagination. I can definitely see some binge-watching of this and that in the future, though."

He leans against one of the lab tables nearby, still fidgety. "Hopefully Nadia's finding whatever she's looking for. If you guys can figure out how to actually do this, I'd feel pretty good about it working."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate for one has no grounding in science oen way or another to say whether or not this plan might work. This is the realm of scientists and psychics. Still she is definitely one to encourage her teammates. "It definitely sounds like it is worth a try." she looks speculatively where Nadia vanished there. "She said papers but also earth relative time.. no idea how long one takes to read in subspace or whatever place she got off to."

She shakes her head bemused. "Also yeah I'll figure out what channel it is on and queue it up for later, we can also get pizza and scooby snacks." amused. "So I'll hold you to that once everyone gets back Gar."

She stretches ab it. "I should probably go hit the showers and get some food if I am going to hit a patrol before sleeping.. class in the morning." how does she manage to fit it all in. Maybe she drinks a lot of caffiene.

Kian has posed:
    "I will feel good about doin' *some-thin'*," Kían says with feeling.  "Even if it does not work, at leas' I will haf tried."  He's quiet a moment, thinking, then adds, "An' maybe it might even work... iss really jus' radio waves, jus' need to haf teh right... hmm."
    He hops off his lab stool.  "I need to go do some math," he says.  "If that works out the way I thin' it will, it might be possible.  Nnh, I /know/ it is possible, we haf min'-link wit' our computers at home.  Means iss no reason it iss not possible here, yis?"  He sounds not excited, but interested.  It might be a soluble problem after all....