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Cyborg Wars
Date of Scene: 20 October 2020
Location: A hired out nightclub...
Synopsis: Spiral tries her hand at marketing the Body Shoppe through the medium of cyborgs brutalising innocent boxers. And is stopped.
Cast of Characters: Spiral, Barbara-Ann Minerva, Rogue, Harley Quinn

Spiral has posed:
Spiral has been cyborging people for a while now, and quite a few cyborgs have been arrested, whacked, had their arms cut off, or whatever. She's starting to get a bad reputation! Fewer candidates at the Body Shop, less... well, actually she gets paid no matter what, it's a bit odd, but she's got a lot of idle hands lately, and the devils finds use for idle hands.

So, a marketing ploy. She's splashed some of the cash she's earned lately from her mysterious benefactor, rented out a huge underground nighclub, as villains do, even hired some staff for the night, passed out flyers. A street fighting event for the local gangsters. Poor local illegal boxing circuit, she plans on unleashing her cyborgs on them. Then everybody will want her services again! There are some rumours about superpowered goons around here, so word can get out to those who care about such things that isn't the run of the mill pitfighting going on here...

So, it's a large dingy club, with two layers, and the bottom layer serving as a fighting pit, filled with people, a couple of bouncers on the door, a Master of Ceremonies clad in an elegant top hat and tails, and an office overlooking it all with polarised glass so Spiral can watch the proceedings villainously with nobody looking at her. Amanda Waller would probably be annoyed if word got out about this after all.

The night is early, but it's already pretty crowded in here. The cyborgs are making sure to cover up their augmentations, and mingling with the crowd in general, while a few goons search for volunteers to compete.

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Well this is embarrassing. A recent string of minor setbacks -- hardly worth discussing, really -- have led to Cheetah temporarily renting out her services. This is somehow Wonder Woman's fault.

Tonight, she's been hired to play the role of 'security coordinator.' Essentially, she's directing the lower tier thugs on the payroll and preventing the more skittish among them from doing anything stupid. At present she's stalking the outer periphery of the club's upper tier. No effort has been made to disguise her feline appearance; however, she doesn't appear to be attracting anything more than the odd sideling glance.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue liked to keep connections with people in the underworld. She liked to maintain a presence in it since her days with the Brotherhood, partly because there /were/ elements of it all that she found fun, and partly because she wanted to be there to bust really nasty stuff right in the face if she found it. She'd come a long way with her stolen powers from Carol Danvers, and she'd started to really smooth them over in to being /her/ powers now.

Rogue arrived in the viewing area, to watch the fights. Fight clubs didn't bother her so mmuch, so long as the people fighting were doing it voluntarily. It was their own lives to foolishly put to risk, at least in her opinion.

With leather jacket on, her gloved hands stuffed inside of it, street clothes under the jacket, and her two-toned hair loose around her shoulders, Rogue wanders thruogh the crowds, smiling and folks that look her way, but otherwise just moving, and watching.

Spiral has posed:
Most people here seem very normal, albeit the sort of reprobate you'd find in a place like this. So Cheetah doesn't look that out of place. Those cyborgs are trying to be subtle, but the sharp eyed will notice a few metal hands, particularly large shoulders or biceps, and the like.

Anyway, the MC is ready now. Some of the staff escort a couple of would-be warriors down to the lowest level, and the MC stands up on a podium overlooking them, on the same level as the rest of the crowd. "So, the first fight tonight... to knockout or tap out... is.". He peers at his paper, and adjusts his top hat. "Dwight Hightower, the Syracuse Slugger...", and he indicates one of the two with a flourish, a pretty experienced looking guy with a boxers physique, wearing a shirt and jeans, "... and William 'Cast Iron' Castrejon!". Another flourish to the other contender, a tall thin fellow who looks pretty unremarkable aside from his choice of attire, a tight fitting black bodysuit with black gloves. It looks kinda cheap. But he's ready for his baptism of fire!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Fight club?! What's the first rule...?!

Bring popcorns!

Harley makes her way into fight club night as if it was movie night. Because it is! She is all for the cinematic fights. She is dressed in a rather scandalous top that shows lot of cleavage along with a pair of bright yellow shorts to contrast with the scandal. It even has suspenders for God's sake! On her feet are a pair of mismatched-colored sneakers that she makes look stylish and of course the sunglasses with glittery faux-diamonds encrusted on it. Ah..., life is good. She is chewing on a couple of popcorns while walking into the club, looking here and there. A few faces are recognizable, from her old times when she was a #criminal, she waving to a few she recognizes with a big grin. "Haaaai, thought youh wife didnt letcha come ta these anymoouh. Or wait, she participatin' too?!" she lets out a cackle, a wink and then continues on from the group she was talking with.

She makes her way up top, past Cheetah and giving her a wink. "Damn, love yoh style.." she says to Cheetah before making her way up there.

With Spiral being on the top floor she approaches, waving. "Hey, SPIRALLL!" she exclaims, making her way over.

It's perhaps a good thing she has yet to notice Rogue. The one calling her 'unicorn icing' that other time. Hmph!

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Cheetah does her best to stifle a snort as the contenders are introduced. She halts her circuitous course and leans on a nearby post. Folding her arms, she scans the club. It's a good-sized crowd. Maybe she should try presenting one of these exhibitions in the near future.

Despite the dingy atmosphere, Cheetah's enhanced vision gives her a near perfect view of the environs. She silently notes the position of the other security personnel as they make their respective rounds. Her line of sight is briefly interrupted when Harley breezes past. Why do clowns always smell like bubble gum?

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finds a place in the back, she has someone offer her a cup of beer, but she just politely turns it down as well... that kind of thing generally doesn't go over well in places like this. Ultimately, she just leans back against a support beam, scans the crowds with her eyes and gives glances toward the pre-fight preamble.

She does spot Harley though, and remembers her from the yacht event a week or so ago. It stands out as a bit interesting to see her here, but not terribly surprising as these kinds of places tend to draw the same folks.

She hasn't spotted Cheetah yet, as there's quite a few faces here and she hasn't had any prior dealings with the tailed villainess up to this point.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral opens the door to her lil box up top, and hurriedly beckons Harley in while taking care to stay out of sight from the rest of the place. "Eagle eyed clown." she complains. "Look at this, I got some good work out tonight. No adamantium though, that stuff is expensive. And poisonous.". She heads over to the polarised glass so she can watch the proceedings herself.

The MC is done announcing, there's no referee for this sort of thing, so the two square up, Cast Iron obviously the one with the lesser - in fact it seems minimal - fighting experience. As a result there's about ten seconds of the Syracuse Slugger working on him, and dodging any return punches, though the thinner man seems a lot stronger despite his appearances, and completely unfazed by any of the hits he's taking.

Eventually superior skill isnt' enough, as his fist connects with his opponents head with a sickening crunch, and down his foe goes, bleeding all over the floor. Cast Iron is ecstatic, lifting up his gloved hands as the crowd... well, it doesn't go wild, they were expecting something a bit longer, and a fair few bets were made on the other guy, the more obvious favourite. There's some mutterings, a scuffle breaking out between a bookie and customers as money changes hands, while Cast Iron prances around, enjoying his power fantasy.

The MC declares, "Cast Iron by a knockout! Ouch, that looked like it hurt didn't it! But the show is just starting! Two minutes, and it's the second fight of the night!".

Spiral's just happy she's not doing the announcing for once, instead looking up at the lighting on the ceiling through the glass she's hiding behind, and musing. "At least I'm not doing the announcing this time.".

Harley Quinn has posed:
Why does Harley smell of bubble gum? Because she is actually got one in her mouth right now! Visible as she makes this big 'ball' while pausing from eating popcorn. And how does she manage it with the popcorn eatin'? Clownette secrets! Yet the names being offered to the crowd makes her let out a laugh. "Ten bucks on the Syracuse sluggah!" she states. And woah! Big spendah right there! Watch out, new millionaire in town!

All the secrecy out of Spiral makes her quirk a brow, she wandering over to the glass to look down. She turns to watching the fight with eagerness but then turns into a sad clown when the one she 'bet' on didn't win. "Ah well..." she letting out a bit of a dramatic sigh..

Eyes scan the crowds again. "So, what's goin' on heah? Didn't think yoh weah one foh these kinda sports. UFC and shit. Is theah somethin' goin' on?" then a look over her shoulder. "And why does one o' the people woikin' downstairs looks like a sexy catwoman if catwoman was a cat?" asking the right questions!

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Cheetah hasn't formally met tonight's employer. Her pointed ears perk as Harley screeches out Spiral's name -- not that super hearing was required; Harley is REALLY loud. The name 'Spiral' means nothing to Cheetah, so she files this information away for another time. Someone in her network has probably heard it before.

Syracuse goes down like a bag of mud. Cheetah's eyes narrow dangerously as those minor scuffles break out far below her perch. More than one member of the security detail is going to get a firm talking to later: incidents like that must be halted before they start. Her studious eye watches Cast Iron parade around and she smiles knowingly. If only she was allowed to place bets on tonight's activities. She goes back to scanning the room. Nobody familiar yet.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are on Harley when she sees the bubblegum clownette get up and make her way to the VIp box. A glimpse of the woman who lets her in is seen and a slight grin forms on the Southern Belle's lips. "Makes sense." She mutters to herself. Her eyes dart back to the crowd cheering/groaning as the man gets laid out on the canvas in the ring. She missed the punch that did it, but well, not like she hasn't seen big punches before.

Rogue smirks then and shakes her head side to side. People with no fighting skills, thinking they're the next big thing in the sport...

Rogue does take her hands out of her pockets to clap for the man who won though, but she's got gloves on... gloved clapping is the worst form of clapping.

Spiral has posed:
"It's a sort of... marketing thing, mostly.". Spiral points down at a few people in the crowd, her cyborg warriors. "Some of my better creations down there, showing their stuff against members of the public. Razorfist is up next, I quite like that one.". One hand goes to her chin, meanwhile. "Rent in this part of town is so cheap. I might even get back most of the cost of this place!" Spiral tells Harls. "Business has been slow lately. Not that I get paid by the person... I should get you to use your psychologist magic on my lawyer actually." she muses.

The security haul off a couple of poorer gamblers and throw em out. There's probably going to be a lot of rich bookies after tonight, at least until the crowd twigs just how rigged it all is!

The MC climbs atop the podium again. "So, for the next encounter tonight, we have Ryan 'The Razorfist' Murphy...". The hand sweeps down as the Razorfist emerges from the shadows. This guy is a more obviously augmented, barechested and with huge arms, and massive metal bracers with cables on them attaching to his bulky torso. He looks like Bane Minor. "And... Ralph Jones!". Yet another ordinary looking boxer type is brought over, though this guy look a lot less enthused given what he's up against.

Another commotion breaks out at the bookies. What is this guys?? This doesn't look very fair. Sorry, no refunds!

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
A low, rolling growl rattles around Cheetah's throat. The crowd is boisterous enough that the sound is easily overtaken. It was less a warning and more the result of frustration in any event. She touches a mic behind her ear with a clawed finger, "Secure the bookmakers. You're familiar with the result should I have to come down there myself." The 'commotion' near the moneymen is quickly doused.

Cheetah's posture tenses. The crowd's mood is getting ugly. Whoever is running this operation would have been wise to hide the fact that the deck is so badly stacked. This has the early makings of a fiasco. Luckily, she got the bulk of her fee in advance.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley puts her jumbo-sized bag of popcorns down on a nearby table while listening to Spiral with a mmhmmm while she goes on about this whole being marketing. "Ya still gettin' that money outta that mysterious benefactah o' youse?" She asks. "This probably wasn't that cheap!" *chew* *chew*

"Woah, the Razah fist!" She smirks, eyeing the guy. "Look at the guns on that one!" when they bring in this guy called Ralph Jones she sort of looks back at Spiral then back to what's going on down there. "So...., you tryin' ta get people to go to you foh augmentations by showin' off how they beat up otha people?" she asks, just to confirm. Because she appears to have got a very good idea of what's going on here so far. A sigh.

"I suppose it does beat puttin' up pamphets about town. And still fun.." She slides the big bag of popcorns towards Spiral. "Popcorns?"

She catches a glimpse of a perhaps familiar face down there. Or rather, maybe it's the hair with it's white and brown. "Think I recognize that mane from somewheah..." she squints her eyes. No super sight so she doesn't exactly confirm it. But she is suspicious about it now!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue uncrosses her arms when she sees the situation down in the fighting pit. That doesn't look like a fair fight... the last one clearly wasn't either. She narrows her eyes, and glances back toward the VIP area-- but the glass is fogged out on that place --so she looks back to the pit and starts to walk forward.

She doesn't remotely care if anyone spots her, and she's made a few headlines this past summer with the media lovingly referring to her as 'Mighty Woman'.

Rogue shoulders her way through the crowd and comes up on the edge of the fighting pit to peer over the edge to watch this fight unfold. She's starting to get suspicious about all of this... clearly!

Spiral has posed:
Spiral doesn't really care who is down there. The more the merrier! She also doesn't care about the bookmakers, her reputation as a straight kind of businesswoman, decent party thrower, anything, really. What she cares about is making her cyborgs look scary badass, and also, the lights above remind her of a movie set. About the only practicality her fractured mind really is holding on to reliably is that Amanda Waller better not find out what she gets up to when not in Belle Reve Prison. Thou shalt not get caught, always pretty high on a villain's priority list.

She shrugs at Harley, all six hands spreading. "You are smart, Harley. You are probably more experienced in this sort of thing than I...". Harls is the Clown Princess of Crime after all, no doubt Mr J ran a few rackets. As for the popcorn, she eyes it. "Popcorn? Ugh. if I never see popcorn ever again it'll be too soon.".

At least it's not Mojo brand.

Not only do the bookies not allow refunds, but the MC doesn't allow changes of heart from wannabe fighters. In fact some of the people who signed up to fight later on are getting the message, and trying to leave, with a few of the bouncers actually stopping them from just walking away, not that the bouncers really know what's going on either. Spiral didn't bother to share her plans with the staff.

This time Razorfist spends a good thirty seconds chasing the unfortunate Mr Jones all around the ground floor of the club. The crowd, the half who are psycho enough to enjoy this sort of thing anyway, start booing!

Spiral for her part smirks. "See? It's working. I might not understand business, but I understand ratings.".

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Now look at this, would you? Typical Ralph Jones. Why can't he just stand fast and take it like a man? Why must he insist on inconveniencing Cheetah this way? How selfish.

Cheetah's hand returns to her ear mic, "The pot is boiling over, gentlemen. Let's reduce the heat, shall we?" She spits out instructions and some of the rowdier clientele are quickly escorted away; however, the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Ugh! Is Cheetah actually going to have to *do* something? How unseemly.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Have it yoh way. I got 'em a mix of salty and sweet. So I nevah know which type I am gettin' in my mouth!" Harley explains. About the popcorns. Because that's an important thing. And she takes some more into her mouth, chewing loudly. But she keeps her eyes down on that mysterious figure that nears the ring.. And then it hits her. "Hol' up! It's the girl who called me a unicorn icin'!" She states, her grin widening and she pointing down through the glass. "It was both insultin but also original! I suppose I wouldn't had taken it so badly if it hadn't been the otha guy insultin' ya and ...." she stops then... No need to remind Spiral about being called a freak.

Her grin turns a touch more wicked. "And ya say ya want advice? Well, maybe ya just got lucky. Specially if she decides to intervene. Right now ya facin' a sorta fiasco because people don't like rigged fights. And its obvious who's gonna win from just lookin' at them. So they will start leavin' soon.. Unless.."

A nod is given down to Rogue. "Ya get someone who can actually give 'em a run foh theah money."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue isn't going to let some guy get murdered in front of her, sadly, Charles Xavier has pushed that sort've heroic approach toward life in to her mind. Mystique would hate it! That's also a bonus.

Hopping over the barrier in front of her, the Southern Belle jogs out to the fighting area and just interjects herself, her hand sout of her jacket pockets she raises one up toward the Razor and the other up toward the Jones. She looks between them, ignoring the sounds of the crowd... because well... they're likely going to react to her presence suddenly interrupting their fight, for good or for ill.

"This is done." Rogue shouts, forcefully. "This is a scam, and it's ridiculous. Get outta here." She tells Jones in particular. "I'm doin' you a favor."

Spiral has posed:
"Pfft, you don't understand, Harley. This isn't about running a club, this is about making a new you.". Spiral smiles her best psychotic smirk, and spreads her hands. "A few of those in the crowd will be thinking about it now. I'll spread a few pamphlets in this 'hood over the next few days.".

"Oh. It's her again.". Her nose wrinkles, as she FINALLY notices Rogue when she jumps into the ring. Bah. "She's not casted for this. She'll make my stars look bad!".

Razorfist for his part only sees a new victim. He's pounded everybody he's met since he got his new bracelets, so while Mr. Jones flees, grateful for the distraction, he merely charges at Rogue. "That's might brave of you..." he says, and winds up for massive punch.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Why d'ya want ta make a new you when you awhe already fab the way yoh awhe?" Harley replies with a look over her shoulder at Spiral, lowering her sunglasses to give the other woman a wink. Psychologist magic! A look at back at the ring and Rogue is already intervening as she expected. Heroes! "See? Star material right theah!" blue eyes glinting. "And think o' her as the surprise guest star foh this weekend!" she suggests.

"Unless ya wanna go theah and talk with her, oh whatevah." She is eyeing Razorfist as he aims a fist at Rogue, frowning a bit. "So, how strong awhe yoh guys anyway?" but she guesses she is about find out.

She takes in another handful of popcorns. "I admire yoh commitment to yoh business, Spiral. But not suwah if havin' people killin' each otha may not just be callin' too much attention to you." she says with the wisdom of ages on her shoulders. Hah!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands her ground, eying Razorfist with a defiant calmness. "You don't wanna do this." She warns him before he decides he very much does. When he rushes in to swipe a hard punch at her she just tanks it and lets his hand and arm react how they will. Rogue exhales, and lunges in to the air to raise her right knee up in a battering ram rush at the man's chest!

The goal here is to send the man back, knock him across the room and then leave herself hovering in mid air! She's performed this move on many humanoid tough guys, in the Danger Room, and outside of it! Up in the air now, Rogue spins around and looks at the crowd. "They're cheatin' all of ya outta your cash here!" She shouts at them, clearly ready to incite an audience revolution!

Spiral has posed:
One thing Spiral is not known for is her sense of caution. "Strong enough to trash other street scum without a problem.".

There's a massive crunch meanwhile from down below, as Razorfist's fist slams into Rogue perhaps enough to stagger a bit, but not much more. The riposte sends him flying across the nightclub floor into a wall, where he lies for a moment. But. To his credit. He does actually get up after he's collected himself.

"But maybe not one of Elizabeth's more competent friends. At least, not without some help.". She spreads her arms, and starts to dance, building up magic. There isn't a bolt of force or anything visible that emanates from her, but the glass VIP box shatters outwards as if blown out by an explosion - though there's no backwards force into Harley or Spiral standing there. Pieces of glass rain down over Rogue and over the floor of the club.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The crowd is confused. Flying people! What happened to good old fashioned street fighting! There are booos, also people moving back and trying to leave. Others start to go after security.. The exploding glass turns it into a partially panic but also furious crowd, starting to fight between themselves, some dashing out to those very convenient emergency exits.

As for Harley, she yelps when the glass just explodes outwards, eyes widening out to the dancing Spiral. "I ain't too suwah what yoh plan is heah right now..." she peeks down as the glass falls down on the people, all notions of just enjoying the night and eating popcorn having left her.

"But facin' off against this girl doesn't seem a good idea. She is very strong." Yet she then grins back at Spiral. "But I got an idea!" oh no... "I will go talk with her!" so she tosses herself out of the window and down to the pit itself.

Hero landing? Damn no! Clownette landing!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drops down out of the sky and watches the Razorfist stand back up. She nods once to him. "You're strong. I respect that. But you ain't this strong, sugah." She adds a light little smile, then a quick shake of her head side to side. "Don't come back over here, less ya wanna be put inta'a nice deep sleep."

The glass shattering makes Rogue look over and up at the VIP box, but she looks away again as the shards rain down over her and the fighting pit. Not that glass worries her too much, in fact she just shakes her head and sends bits of it flying out of her hair. Right as Harley makes her graceful(?) landing.

Rogue turns to face Harley and puts her hands on her hips. "Well hey there, Fun Dip." She says to the Clown Princess of Gotham. "You here t'tell me how awesome I am?"

Spiral has posed:
Talk with her? Spiral was about to start zappin'. "You're always standing in my way Harley..." she mutters, as she keeps on dancing up there, arms twisting and spiralling around her. Her best spells take a while to charge, so in theory she doesn't mind amassing Power up there. Also, she draws two swords out of thin air, so she's particularly ready.

Seeing everybody clear out of here when things keep getting crazier by the second, Spiral calls out, "Not happy with some aspect of yourself? Come to Spiral's Body Shoppe and we'll make a new you!". She was going to use pamphlets, but now she's revealed herself, she figures, may as well just talk to her potential customers!

Aww, they are all running away. She scowls.

Spiral has posed:
Razorfist meanwhile looks a Rogue a bit warily. He knows Spiral, so when the VIP box blows out, he pauses to look up there - maybe he'll come charging in, maybe not. Depends what the body witch and the harlequin do, really. Well, and Rogue perhaps.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Fun Dip?! But Harley has had time to prepare, her grin only widening at being called that. "Hello theah, white lines." is what she replies. And of course she had a graceful landing! Even a little flip while she was coming down. Really, a 9/10. And it's a 9/10 because the judges are always damn prickly and corrupt.

"We meet again, eh?" She asks, casting a brief glance over her shoulder as Spiral starts going on about announcing her business. No sense of timing! Harley grumbles, but her attention is soon back on Rogue.

"And while yoh awhe awesome in a sorta please don't punch me kinda way don't think I am gonna letcha continue disruptin' this fine establishment! Besides, I was havin' the best popcorns befoouh ya just came heah! So .., scram!" Tough words out of the clownette...

But then she leans in, talking in a very, very low tone to Rogue. "Look, ya made yoh point, and she's sorta mad. And with everyone leavin' I think ya've accomplished what ya wanted." really. She is so wise! Or maybe just looking out for her friend!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's full attention is on Harley at this point, being that the Clown girl is a bit of a unknown factor to her. She doesn't know who Harley Quinn is, she's not up on Gotham crime, nor really ever paid any attention to super hero activities on the internet, or otherwise, growing up. She's familiar with the huge big names, the Captain American's and the Batman's, but that's about it.

A smile is shown to Harley, then a glance is given to the VIP Box. "Your boss sure has quite a temper, huh. I can respect that." She states, noting the people clearing out. "You're right though, I think I made my point."

Rogue turns around then, at least half way. She keeps her eyes on Harley. "You seem like the kinda gal who'd appreciate a good fight, rather than a rigged one. Tell your boss to play fair, or don't play at all."

Rogue turns fully then and starts to walk casually toward one of the exits that others are fleeing toward.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral pffts. And teleports down to Harley, to drape two hands over Harls, and beckon Razorfist over to her with a third, while the clutched swords circle angrily, and one hand glows a bright red, wanting to zap something. The Queen of Multitasking looks over at Harls with a scowl. "You're very gentle for a terrifying criminal." she notes, shaking her head a little. "Psychologist magic isn't as exciting as the real thing.". She heard some whispering going on, pfft.

Meh. She looks around, it's all rented anyway. This night won't be paying for itself any more, but her mysterious benefactor is quite generous, so it probably doesn't really matter. Enh, it's only money. She does perk a bit at one thing though. "She thinks I'm your boss.". And smiles the widest smirk ever.