3894/Sailing The Seven Seas

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Sailing The Seven Seas
Date of Scene: 22 October 2020
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Kurt Wagner, Rogue

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The strong ocean breeze fills out the ship's sails that have hung slack for most of the windless day. The clouds on the horizon suggest a plentiful source for those winds that begin to lift the ship's bow as the sleek galleon begins to cut through the waters once again. Spray kicks up to either side as the sleek bow cuts through the azure waters, and the crew lets up a small cheer as they find themselves underway again.

The ship's flag, hanging quietly with the lack of wind, unfurls fully and flaps about in the wind, revealing the skulls head in bone white above crossed swords. The Blue Pearl flies across the tropical waters as only the most feared pirate ship in the Saragossa Sea can.

The crewman who had the deck watch during the period of lack of wind grabs the spy glass and moves to the aft castle. "Steer us a course of south by southwest, into the lanes used by the merchant ships," he tells the helmsman. He begins scanning the horizon for signs of other sails. "Look alive up there, me hearties!" he calls up to the look outs in the crows nest. "And someone go and inform the Captain that the wind is up!" he says.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
The Danger Room is a marvel of holographic technology, an incredible tool both for training the X-Men of today how to best use their powers when needed and for letting the next generation hone their abilities safely so that they can learn control, so that they will have a choice whether to take up that same mantle of protecting mutantkind and the world, or a life of their choosing where control over their abilities is all they have to worry about. Instead of having to make life and death decisions. It is an amazing tool.

At least it is most of the time. True, one could consider what is being done here training to be sure. There will undoubtedly be use of powers, no doubt fighting -- though just how much sword duels and flintlock pistols and cannons have to do with their current situation is debatable. That troubled Kurt not at all though. There is more to life then work and training. Sometimes there is a chance to just have fun!

So the fuzzy blue mutant strusts his way up onto deck, the simulation perfect enough that the tech sways just as one might expect a seventeeth century galleon would on the open, crystal blue seas of the tropics. Struts up onto desk with a tricorn hat perched atop his head at a jaunty angle, a rapier tugging at the right side of his belt and a poofy shirt with billowy sleeves half undone. "Make for hte shipping lanes! Thar be transports out of Santo Domingo laden down with gold. Our gold!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is on the nose-thing that sticks off the front of the pirate ship thing!

She's leaning forward and holding on to the rope that extends down from the sails up-and-behind her. Wearing leathers pants that are laced up the sides, a matching leatcher bodice with a low-scooped red top on and heeled boots, she's got a leather belt around her waist with a pirate gun slipped in to a holster on the hip. It's, of course, a busty top she wears too! Because, pirate, and she got the costume out of someone's closet who wore it for Halloween last year.

Her hair whips in the wind as the sails catch and start to propel the ship forward. A big smile crosses her face as she raises her head up and lets the winds crush over her!

She turns around, her dark brown and bright white hair flowing all around her face, nearly concealing her from the fore of the ship's nose.

"We're definitely goin' somewhere now, ya'll!" She shouts back to theo thers!

She can hear Kurt saying stuff, but can only pick up on part of it. "What?!" She shouts. "We're goin' t'Santa's workshop?!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The crew scurry about the ship, showing a liveliness they hadn't while out from beneath the eye of Captain Kurt. "Heave ho, you salty dogs, heave ho if you want gold to spend in the bars of Tortuga tonight!" one of the men yells. He has a vague resemblance to various renditions of Smee.

The ship cuts a beautiful sight as it lances across the waters, with Rogue hanging on the front like she's the Queen of the World, and Kurt in command. A sight to be feared by merchant vessels. Like the one that can be seen ahead on the horizon. A fat merchant ship, looking to be arriving in the waters, likely coming from England. Laden with supplies from home that are a luxury in these bloodthirsty seas where ale is cheap and life is cheaper.

The other vessel must have spotted the well-known pirate ship, as the turn and begin running! The Blue Pearl is by far the faster ship, and gains ground on the large schooner until it begins to pull into range. Crewmen on the other ship race about, trying to trim the sails for more speed, while others prepare to fight!

Kurt Wagner has posed:
While not all of his crew might be entirely in character, Kurt can't help but grin at Rogue's lively retorts. He knows it is all a technological illusion -- magnificent as it is, but the immersion of it all never ceases to amaze. From the creaking of food underfoot to the twist of ropes, the rippling of fabric overhead as those blue-eye sails ripple in a wind that feels so very tangible.

"Yaar. I sup'ose Santa might be involved at that. There will definitely be presents for the takin'. And you'll probably see more then one portly fellow with a beard 'fore this day be done," he chimes back to his teammate, those golden eyes twinling merrily in the midday sun.

"Lay in an intercept course! That fat merchantman might not be carryin' gold but their cargo will no doubt be worth it's weight in that fine yellow metal," he says, whipping out his sword and gesturing towards the horizon in the direction of the ship. "Crew to their stations! Gunners to their cannons! Boarding party, fetch your pikes!" he bellows.

It's possible Kurt was born into the wrong century. Maybe it's for the best that he was. He has a little bit of a lawless streak in him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, however, was definitely born in the right century, the right decade really... or well, she probably would've fit in to the 80s or the 90s pretty well too, admittedly.

She can see Smee and Kurt doing all kinds of things back there, shouting all kinds of stuff and she can't hear none of it. But a quick glance over her shoulder yields of a view of incoming ships? "Y'uh oh." Rogue mutters before releasing the rope she was holding on to and turning around to spread her arms out and balance-run her way back down that wooden beam spearing out from the nose of their pirate vessel.

Rogue jumps off of the end of it and lands on the tip of the boat as some of the pirate crew (NPCs?) run past her, she smiles at them flirtily-- because of course she does --and then starts to sashay her way across the deck of the ship toward where Kurt and Smee are.

"It's fightin' time?" She asks. "Am I allowed t'fly over and just push their boats over?" She has to ask, the grin on her lips showing she already knows the answer. "Oooo shit, swords!"

A bucket beside her has a whole host of shiny bladed swords, so she just grabs one by its handle and yanks the bastard (it's legit a bastard sword) right out of the barrel, then holds it up! WHOOSH!

She raises her black leather gloved right hand and sweeps her two-toned hair out of her face, a big smile on her lips and just utterly enthralled by all of this, Rogue is... but not nearly doing as good of a job at role playing it all as Kurt and Smee are.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The crew of the merchant ship are wearing Royal Navy uniforms, suggesting they are a capable lot. But their ship is just giving up too much in speed to the Blue Pearl. Soon the pirate ship is sailing alongside, capable of shooting canons at the other ship's mast to slow them, or just plain engaging to board them without disabling the other ship in a way that would be difficult to repair.

Though the other ship is not itself defenseless. A few royal marines move up on deck with muskets. "Defend the ship! Prepare to repel boarders!" can be heard from the other ship's captain. The marines line the side of the ship, while the merchantman's gun ports open, though having far fewer canons than the Pearl does.

"Make ready!" the captain shouts, the marines taking aim. "Cannons, fire! Marines, fire!" he yells.

The boom of the canons can be heard, as canon balls arc across the short distance. Several bounce of the Pearl's sturdy hull, while one finds a weak spot and breaks a hole through, well above the water line. Musketballs rip through the air, and two pirates go down to the inaccurate weapons.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
If it was easy, it wouldn't be as much fun, right?

Sure, real pirates might prefer to come up on some near defenseless prey, rob them blind, take their ship and set the survivors adrift in the captain's launch to wahtever fate awaits them. But that wouldn't be very sporting. It would lack a certain honor. And besides, where would the swashbuckling be? The fancy swordplay? The swinging on ropes! The kicking men overboard so they let out a mighty splash!

"Thar be the spirit matey!" Captain Kurt says, applauding the boisterous officer rally up the men for the fight. But he quickly turns back to Rogue with a grin. "Well... technically you could. I mean, this is for fun and I suppose watching you push over the ship would be kinda fun," he admits. "But not sporting. Besides, the program is designed to be adaptive. If you go out and pickup their ship and toss it I suspect we'll discover that British sailors all had superpowers and we'll be dodging fireballs and lightning bolts instead of cannonballs and musket shots," he suggests impishly. Which hey, that could be fun too. But not as thematic!

Leaving Rogue to her choice, he steps up to the rail of the ship and grabs hold of one of the ropes in one hand, his sword clenched in the other. "Hold the cannon fire, we're takin' this prize intact and every man a' survivin' will get his cut when we sell 'er in Tortuga!" he promises. "Return fire! Board their ship and show these scurvey British sea dogs what it means to be a pirate of the Blue Pearl!" he bellows before leaping out into that space between closing ships, swinging towards the deck of the merchantman and letting lose his hold on the rope at the last second as he arches through the air.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks around randomly then. "Where's Kitty?" She asks, but the question is mostly lost as Kurt's rundown of reasonable reasons why she shouldn't use her super powers to unbalance the 'difficulty mode' on the 'game' they're playing.

With a sharp and heavy sigh, she drops the bastard sword back down in to the barrel, then grabs one of the lighter rapiers. "Fine fine. But if they start pissin' me off, I'm not sure I can hold back just goin' nuts on'em." She warns the CAPTAIN!

Rogue tuns to follow the CAPTAIN as he starts to bark orders and triumphant inspiration stuff to the crew, that all react in-kind, Rogue nods her head as she swishes her sword through the air in front of her.

"You heard the man, ya swabbie... funk butts?" She doesn't know pirate words.

Her sword is raised in the air, and then pointed at their enemy. "FOR CAPTAIN BLUE BOTTOM! AND THE GLORY OF THE PERAL NECKLACE!"

Her sword is lowered, and she exhale a second, then correct herself. "The, Blue ... Pearl! I eman! Just, go, kill them all!" She waves her sword at some of the NPC Pirates that are staring confusedly at her.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The crew and royal marines don't seem to intend to give up their ship without a fight. A musket swings towards Kurt, firing and the musket ball missing so close he can hear the wind of it passing as he lands on the other ship's deck. A bunch of the pirate crew swing over, while others throw grapples and use long hooked spears to pull the other ship over and get them locked together.

There's the sound of swords rasping out of sheathes as the merchant crew rally to defend their ship. Metal clangs on metal as swords are swung and blocked. A pair of defenders move towards Kurt, while the pirates that Rogue has urged forward finally overcome their befuddlement, swinging across and landing to either side of the blue captain so Kurt doesn't have to watch his back.

Down at the end of the ship, the door to the cabin opens, and a brown-haired young woman steps out. Her hair is done up in curls in a fashionable hairdo for the day. Her dress is white, with a belted waist and a low-cut bodice. She wears a stylish hat, and looks at Kurt as he swings over further up the ship. "Really. He gets to be captain and I end up..." she grumbles good naturedly. Then a pair of pirates see her, "Grab the wench!" one of them yells, rushing at her. Kitty rears back and throws a punch at his nose, dropping the man, and causing his companion to laugh even as he brandishes his weapon.