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So Kitty Says She Knows A Guy
Date of Scene: 22 October 2020
Location: Baskin Robbins
Synopsis: Doug and Remy get introduced to Kitty's favorite ice cream vendor.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Douglas Ramsey, Remy LeBeau

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Salem Center isn't a tiny town, but it's large enough that there tends to be only one or two of most things. In the case of ice cream parlors, there's only one downtown. The Baskin Robbins.

It was a recent topic of discussion in the rec room at Xavier's School. An idle comment about a favorite ice cream concoction from one person to another. A few minutes later, after others had left the room, Kitty Pryde had sidled over towards Remy and Doug. Sidled over with a glance to the left, and a glance to the right.

"Psst. Hey you," she had said. "Yeah. You two. You interested in ice cream? You want the good stuff? If so? I know a guy. Yeah. I got connections," she tells them, her lips quirking with wanting to smile but she tried to keep a straight face.

The short of it was, she built it up, and so today the trio are making a trip to the Baskin Robbins. Kitty wouldn't say more on this guy, only that they wouldn't be disappointed. Now they arrive at the place, heading over and into the shop. Behind the counter is a dark haired man, slightly overweight, with a thick dark moustache. He's just taking care of another customer, a woman and her six year old. They take their ice cream cones and depart. The clerk looks up and spots the arriving trio. "Kitty Pryde!" he says. "My darling Kitty, I thought you had left me forever," he says.

Kitty moves over nearer to the counter. "I'll always come back to you, Ernesto," she tells him with a grin. "Ernesto, these are my friends, Doug and Remy," she says introduction. Ernesto flashes both of them a bright smile. "Welcome welcome, come in," he says.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
As they come in, Doug is saying to Kitty, "So when I told my boss I needed to take a day off to pick up a truckload of pumpkins, he asked me to bring him one so I could make a Jack O'Lantern. Mr. Kord is a nice guy, and he's a genius, but he really highlights that money and success are the difference between being 'eccentric' and being 'crazy'..."

He looks around, and then between Ernesto and Kitty, and he rubs his chin with a gloved hand. "So this is the mystery suitor everyone's been speculating about. But are you just in it for the ice cream, Kitty?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy moves with her hearing of the sweet treats, but as they enter the Baskin robbins, his face looks crushed. He is devoted to real ice cream. Not the corporate cream. "This is not the cream that was promised, Kitty." His hands crossing over his chest as he shakes his head slowly, as he looks at Ernesto."You are a nice fellow, I'm sure of it, but you work for the evil cream, no." His posture is not pleased, as he walks over to sink into a chair."I will go to real ice cream after you kids enjoy yourselves."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Ernesto has a fairly jovial demeanor to him. He's just a likeable sort of guy really. Kitty grins and says to Doug, "I might give my hand to someone else, but my heart, and stomach, will always belong to Ernesto." He holds his hands over his heart and grins at Kitty.

Kitty turns towards Remy and says, "The ingredients are the store's, but it's what he can do with them that counts. Ernesto is a maestro of the ice cream scoop. He's like a savant of hot fudge, a wizard of whipped cream, a scholar of sprinkles," she tells him. "Come on, don't be a fuddy duddy, get something," she tells him.

The young woman looks back to Ernesto. "The secret is to just tell him what things you like and let him go to work coming up with something," she says. "You know me already Ernesto, so I'll just put myself in your capable hands."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Doug looks at the counter, rubs his chin, and rocks backward on his heels. "Okay." He says, "I'll give him the ultimate challenge." He says, tapping his fingers against the counter, before he furrows his brow. "I'll have... a small sundae with rum raisin ice cream, pineapple, and walnuts." He says, before he glances back at Remy. "It seems logical to me, if he doesn't meet your standards you can claim victory. Or are you... chicken, LeBeau?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I don't wish to give money to big cream, they have taken much from my home time. They are the enemy of the farmers of america." Remy crossing his arms, with a shake of his head."You may shill for the man, but not Remy, no no no. Not this day." His eyes are hidden behind a pair of sunglasses as his body is relaxes watching."When, your brain is freezing and your teeth chatter it is from that coporate cream."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes a napkin from the dispenser, and hands it to Ernesto. "Would you wet that for me?" she asks. He does so in the sink and gives it back. Kitty wads it up and throws the soggy wet mess at Remy!

"Sacrilege. This is like stepping into DaVinci's workshop and complaining about his using Italian tools. Ernest is an Artiste!" she tells Remy, shaking her head with a laugh and then turning towards Doug. "See, he knows how to do it," she says.

Ernesto goes to work. But it's not just a sundae that is the end result of Doug's order. He gets a glass and artfully layers the different ingredients together. It not only is a creation with perfect balance of flavors, one after another as one descends into the concoction. But it also is a work of art, the layers combining in a beautiful display through the glass that lets one peek into the dessert's insides.

He passes it over, having gone heavy on the best ingredients for Doug. "There you are sir," he says. Then he considers Kitty and nods. "Definitely mint chocolate chip for the base," he says, getting to work. There's hot fudge, sprinkles the ice cream, only a slight amount of whipped cream. He forms a few shapes from the chocolate dipping sauce, dipping in little bits of waffle cone. The result is an elongated bowl of ice cream, with fanciful chocolate sails above it as if were a sail boat.

Next he grabs a glass and goes over to the fountain, combining ingredients from three different flavors of Italian soda. The result is carbonated and passed over to Kitty. "See if he'd like that," Ernesto says, and Kitty delivers the drink to Remy for his inspection.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Fine Kitty, morals are lacking for qa pretty smile." Remy glares down at the soda, as he picks it up slowly his eyes narrowed as he sips it slowly. His cold expression slowly melting, as he drinks more and more and more. His hand is holding it with wide eyes."We need to get him out of the coporate cream, into real shop. The world is his oyster with real cream." He is leaping to his feet, as he paces back and forth deep in thought, losing himself in the world of ideas.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Oh, hey, nice touch on slipping the bananas in there," Doug says, "I forgot to mention those." He digs his spoon in and takes a thoughtful bite. "Sorry, just memorizing these flavor ratios so I can recreate it at home later." He says to the other two. Can he do that? ...Yes. He can.

"Most American Gelatiers just don't know what to do with Rum Raisin anymore... I am impressed."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins at the reactions of her friends to Ernesto. "I know, right? I first came here after getting to the school and it was love at first bite," she says with a grin towards Ernesto. He has a big smile on his face, obviously enjoying seeing people happy with is creations.

He begins rinsing his tools off as he hears Remy's comment. "Maybe some day I can open my own place. I'd love to make the ice cream from scratch," he comments thoughtfully. Though it seems more like just fond thinking than actual planning for the future.

Kitty slowly digs into the ship-like ice cream dessert. There's gooey hot fudge to go with the mint chip ice cream, and she breaks off a chocolate-covered waffle sail to take a bite. "Why do you think I do all those dance classes, Doug?" she says. "I mean, ok because I love dancing. But to work off the ice cream too!"

She sighs and takes another bite. "And we can get your boss a pumpkin, let you have the pick of the ones we get," she agrees. "I should come by and see where you work sometime. I've got a pair of contracts I'm working. One at JVD Fashion, and the other at Fisk Enterprises."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug puts the spoon down - he didn't write anything down, he just tasted it. He clears his throat, and then reaches into his wallet and takes out a tip, putting it in the jar. "Well," He says, thinking about it, "You can't give up on your dreams, can you? I mean if ice cream's what makes you happy -"

He tilts his head at Kitty's talk about work, and then he shrugs it off. "I've learned all about different kinds of small business start-up loans and programs since I started working for Mr. Kord. He's got this entrpreneurship sponsoring program-"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I hope you get that wish, yes indeed." Remy nods slowly as his hand is slides along his neck as he keeps on drinking it empty now, he leaps to his feet placing it down on the counter."Now than, Kitty you are right. But I will still not shall out for coporate cream, now I will strive to find the master here a proper ice cream job. There has to be one, near here with real non coprorate cream." He chuckles softly, as he winks at Kitty is he is playing or mad it is hard to tell.

As he spins on his foot ot look at Doug with a wicked chuckle."How is the coporate cream my friend?" His voice is teasing, as he walks towards the man to rest his hand on the shoulder, with a wink at Ernesto."Okay, I'm bored of this, no more coporate cream joke. It is too long, and over done now."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty is mmmming audibly as she works her way through her ice cream sailboat. "Delicious from stem to stern," she comments. She looks to Ernesto as if for his thoughts as Doug mentions the sponsoring program run by Ted Kord's company. Ernesto looks interested but uncertain. "I don't know. I suppose I haven't really seriously thought about opening a place of my own. Just more a wistful thing," he says, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to find out more though, right?" he asks. Kitty grins over at him, and then flashes a grateful smile to Doug. She leans over and smooches her old pal on the cheek. "Thank you," she tells Doug with a grin.

Kitty looks to Remy then, nodding. "Hey, a wise man once said, anyone who is working for a living deserves credit for it, right?" she says. "I'm interested what you could make though, Ernesto, if you had total control though. Flavors of ice cream? Different containers for like you made this ship out of the banana float bowl?" she asks.

Another bite. "How do you like it there, Doug? What do they have you doing anyway?" she asks. Kitty motions towards Remy. "Remy over there I am still trying to figure out what he does for a living. Though I'm a bit afraid to find out, truth be told," she teases. "Professional gambler?"

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Well in my estimation the trick to running an ice cream place is that you need to have a plan for the off-season. So you might splash into hot chocolate or sandwiches." Doug ticks off on his fingers. "But, the next time I find a spare minute off work and Kitty drags me out here I'll leave you some of the information Kord-Co gets. Or you can look it up yourself, online."

He crosses his arms and raises his eyebrows, letting Gambit field the question uninterrupted.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I'm whatever I be Kitty, with that the myserty is leave." Remy grins and bows, as he walks over to the counter to lie down two twenties."Towardss dreamd and tips my good man." With that he winks at Kitty, waving towards Douglas, as he makes for the door."Off to my job Kitty, bye bye bye." He is off to take a nap in his room, and maybe maybe drink some alchol. Who are we kidding lots of alchol, than a nap, with that he is gone.