4013/The great game!

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The great game!
Date of Scene: 03 November 2020
Location: City Hall
Synopsis: Togther we will save this city!
Thanks to: Shelley for being amazing!
Cast of Characters: Wilson Fisk, Dick Grayson, Leon O'Malley, Spiral

Wilson Fisk has posed:
9:00 am Monday

A press conference was suddenly called over the weekend by one Wilson Fisk. A podium had been set up on the side opposite the City Hall. It is low to the ground with nothing to bring the man higher than anyone else.

As he makes his way forward, his dark skin is gleaming in the sunlight. The suit today is pure white with a pair of silver cufflinks, of prison cuffs. As he moves behind the wooden podium, his hand is resting on it now as he watches the crowd."I come to you not as a political, not as a speaker but as a resident of New York City." His voice is booming out of him, as his smile is wide as he waves to the crowd now."I was born and raised here right in Hell's Kitchen, and I took my first steps through those streets. My father was not a good man, but was a man that wanted to take care of his family."

As he sighs softly, bringing his hand to his face to rub it slowly, letting his words sink in over the crowd, as he looks at the faces, his eyes filled with painful emotions from thinking of the past. "Poverty is the real monster of our city."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Fighting crime was a civic issue. Bruce had taught Dick that and he learned all of Bruce's lessons well, even, sometimes, the ones he didn't mean to teach. Connected and wealthy as he is, Dick's heard rumblings of something from this vicinity, although the specifics weren't entirely clear. So he showed up to the press conference to find out.

Of course, he doesn't want to be recognized, so he wears a hoodie and a pair of sunglasses, keeping towards the back. He has a press pass from one of Gotham's many media ventures funded by the Wayne fortune, although coworkers, if pressed, would have difficulty ever having seen reporter "Ric Flair" on the premises.

The words made sense to him, so far, as little as had been spoken. But reading sincerity was difficult from this distance. And nobody could hide body language like a politician. Even a new one like Fisk.

Antony Cattaneo (2131) has posed:
News vans are always parked near the city hall along main street by city hall park. Any stirrings get the news crews going - but this was right up their alley. Wilson Fisk, known businessman, wants to talk outside of City Hall? that can mean only one thing. Cameras are taking photos and footage is rolling. Mics on sticks are vying for space.

Mayor Cattaneo is watching from his office. A tablet showing the footage and he can hear it slightly sooner outside. He doesn't want to get in to this space with Fisk. It's never a good look to let an opponent control the platform - quite literally in this case. Besides, he's not worried.

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Having been out for a relaxing wander about town, Leon pauses mid-step at the sight of the political rally. Cocking a brow, he saunters toward the crowd to listen to the speech, muttering quietly to himself in a manner like explaining a complex subject to a small child.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral is disguised with an illusion, just another ordinary person in the crowd. And drawn over to the booming voice. Because she knows that voice. Somewhere in the crowd she looks up at Wilson Fisk on his podium, grinning like a mad thing. "Monsters in the city?", she asks whoever she is next to. "Who does he mean?".

Wilson Fisk has posed:
"Given this is our monster, I have started my crusade on poverty, in Hell's Kitchen. Working with two Lawyers, they have had great success so far. Hope for the future is the name of the charity. Mr. Murdock and Mr. Nelson are running it with the talented men who wish to save the world. I have invested my own money into this. Next, the project will be moving out to Harlem than Brooklyn. I will save this city by showing there is a better way."

Mr. Fisk stops allowing his words to settle over the crowd, in that slow speech of his. Filled with power, as he walks out from the podium now, as he walks into the crowd. Smiling at people, as he moves through them slowly with a sound of sadness, in the next words."As a child of the streets, that has been able to turn my life around. I will show others the path forward. This is why I will be running for mayor. A kid that did time, yes, I have done time as a youth. This is public knowledge, and I will keep no secrets! I grow up poor and black in the worst part of hell's Kitchen. I know how it feels to have no power, no lights, no heat. I strive to make sure no-one will feel that pain again! I will save this city."

As he yells this line, his hands thrown up into the air in the center of the crowd as his arms wave around him with a flair for the dramatic."WE ARE NEW YORK! WE ARE STRONG, AND WE WILL NEVER FALL!" His voice yells out, as he leaps back up on to the platform as it rattles under his massive size, as he looks out at the crowd."NEW YORK PRIDE boils in my blood, and we will honor it!"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson watches calmly. No need to record anything, the video will be easy enough to find anywhere. But still he gets his camera out and snaps a few pictures, one to seem like part of the crowd of press and two because a few of the bodyguard types at the edge of the podium give him a certain vibe. He's seen mobsters in his life. Probably nothing. But it doesn't hurt to check their records, just to be sure.

Dick knows how lucky he was that Bruce took him in. Not only did it give him a chance to do good in the world, but it kept him from falling through the cracks. Not a lot of social service for a circus kid. He'd have just ended up following the tent. Be either working the boardwalk or walking the high wire by now.

Antony Cattaneo (2131) has posed:
The Mayor looks over at his political strategist. He hasn't had a lot to do for four years as there had been no 'up and comers' willing to stand against him. But now it seems there might. Jimbles Harris ticks 'poverty' on his bingo of political buzzwords. "Well he hit one of the ones we were going to play up next week," he mentions to the Mayor.

Antony waves to hush him as he watches with interest at what Fisk has to say. "Interesting, he's just dragged two lawyers in to the mud with him. Find out more about these lawyers - I want to know if they're working for him, or if he just likes to name drop," Antony says to Jimbles.

Jimbles ticks the 'my own money' box on his buzzword bingo. "We could book you in for a photo op at a soup kitchen in Brooklyn. May be do a Bushwick walk again. He says he's moving out to Harlem and Brooklyn after all."

The mayor smirks a touch. "Oh he's doing the superhero of politics angle. That might get him some play. He's going to save the city. Let's get the guys in messenging to put together a montage of happy business owners proudly supporting NYC. Put that on every major network."

Jimbles lifts his stylus, "Oh yeah we could run with the old subtle 'don't rock the boat' and 'we have biggest fish to worry about' .. cut to alien invasion footage .. 'than breaking what works in the mayoral office.' shtick".

The Mayor leans back in his chair and says, "He's got gravitas. He's going to have to convince a lot of people of his view of New York. It might be right, get me some numbers, but people like to turn a blind eye."

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon furrows his brow as he looks Fisk over, scrutinizing him throughout the speech, "There's something so familiar about that guy and I just can't place it..." And then Spiral is giving him the crazy eyes and asking questions, "Huh, what, I didn't eat anybody's dog!....I mean...Hello." He asks in obviously faked panic before settling back back down, "He's just using broad and scary terms to get people to take him seriously. Standard political speak, you know how it is."

Wilson Fisk has posed:
"Now, then that is not the whole picture, of course. I have run a major company for a long time. I know what it takes to make people happy. Fisk Enterprises, for the last ten years, has come in the top 3 for employee stratification. Because we take care of our people, we listen, we care. So one of the first things I will do is open an email right now. ASKFISK(with an address). I will personally read them, and respond to your concerns, fears your desires! We are New York, and together, we will rise above this year, the past, to make our city once again strong. Make New York strong again, the attacks, we got through it."

Mr. Fisk leans forward now as he waits for the next moment, allowing the words to sink into the crowd, as he beams at the camera for the first time. "There is nothing that can crush our spirits, our pride. Now, for those that wish to know my funds and where they have been raised. I will be turning that over, opening my coffers to you. I wonder if Mayor Cattaneo is willing to do the same? I will not be playing games behind closed doors, with the money leaking out of my pocket! You will see where each dime is spent, from my funds, who gave, I will be the open door mayor! As I have been for anyone inside of Fisk Enterprises! Now, speaking of being an open door, I'm open to your questions!"

Spiral has posed:
Spiral currently has dark hair, two arms, dark pants and tough looking outdoorsy sort of shirt. The other four arms are covered by the illusion, and wrapped tightly around herself so as to avoid bumping into anything and giving the game away. The magnificent furry boots look like ordinary boots. But are secretly still magnificent.

"He is a very ambitious man. I knew he was fat. I knew it!", she says, proud of herself. "Politicians, managers, movie producers... all the same. Mr Big types. Literally.".

Antony Cattaneo (2131) has posed:
The Mayor lifts two fingers, "Have Davey check to see if those criminal records are sealed. If they're not.. get one of our friends to run a story on repeat offenders. Let's not get sucked in to the reformed criminal angle, let's just stir the pot a bit. Hm, he might try and run with a 'everyone deserves a second chance' campaign at some point. Let's get ahead of that curve too."

His political strategist Jimbles nods his head, "Right right," and jots down several notes in his own coded short hand. "Poor guy. I feel sorry for him. He's got no political experience. The media is going to dig up every skeleton in his supposedly open book of a closet."

Antony shakes his head, "Well that's his choice. I need someone interesting to run against me anyway. I hate it when things are handed to me. Who knows, he might have a good head on his shoulders and learn quickly. So we stay one step ahead of him. Get me the crime stats for Hells Kitchen and poverty stats. Let's drown out his message with big media attributing it to broader city projects."

Jimbles looks at the video and raises an eyebrow, "Ah opening the books approach. Remember Senator Tuttie?." The two of them look at each and the laugh a moment. "Well.. I mean, we could. Even if he turns down the money, we can always slip the question in 'why is he attracting funds from naredowells' .." The Mayor lifts a hand, "No no. Let's not get dirty if we don't have to. But, schedule a press conference for tonight. We get our right of response. I can welcome him to the political game and give him the ol' pat pat on the head speech. Okay, that's enough distraction for now. See you later Jimbles. Send in Irene, we need to finish the planning for the port expansion."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson tsks at Spiral, "Now, now, there's no honor in body shaming. I'm sure he has plenty of faults that don't have to do with the scales," he says with a mild reprimand. Not that Grayson had to worry about any of that, he had one of those freakish metabolisms that let him chow down on pizza and ice cream with no consequences. Possibly because he spent most nights getting a five or six hour cardio workout on the rooftops of Gotham.

"He's a good talker and he's got money. He might do well, if he's got the stomach for it. metaphorically speaking, of course."

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon snickers at Spiral's pride in calling Fisk fat, "Well, fat or not, he's certainly got a good start..." He pauses for a moment, scratching his chin before his brow re-furrows and he glances to Spiral, "You know him? Don't suppose it's well? He seems to familiar but I can't place him, got any clues you're willing to share?"

Wilson Fisk has posed:
"Now then, thank you for your time." Mr. Fisk nods slowly as he looks right into the camera for a moment."My skeleton is this I did time, my father worked for the mafia, and the gangs got me in trouble with him. He died while I made my bid. If I was not in there, or if he was not taken by the streets, leading me down there. I would have my father, no child, no father. No family should have to risk it all for a meal. Even if I don't take the mayor's seat, I pledge to you to do everything in my power to make sure. That happens less, there is no way to fix it all, but we can all take steps towards a brighter tomorrow, think about this? How is your today, right now in Harlem, In the Bronx, In Bushwick, in Hell's Kitchen? Think long and hard about the life you lead, and if you feel supported?"

The words hang in the air, as he produces his cellphone, facing the iPhone towards the camera now, as he shows off a email program."If the answer is shakey, I want you to email me. We will help all we can, for what is wealth locked in a bank vault but a dragon's horde. It is time to give back, to forge a brighter tomorrow. I bid you a good day. The email is live. I look forward to meeting you personally, new york!"

Spiral has posed:
Spiral scowls at Grayson. Oh, he's got the reek of a goodie goodie about him for sure - though she's mollified by what he says. "Stomach. Ha, I see what you did there.". And then shakes her head at Leon. "Oh, no. He just has the voice of a fat guy. I heard the voice before I got here... walking through the crowd... ". Spiral has a 'thing' for bloated bosses.