405/Send me a post card from Asgard!

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Send me a post card from Asgard!
Date of Scene: 10 March 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - First Floor
Synopsis: Thor can't find his action figure before he leaves for Asgard. Nat can help!
Cast of Characters: Thor, Natasha Romanoff

Thor has posed:
    Around the house with the Avengers in majority attendance one starts to get a feel for the ebb and flow of peoples' routines. The way Cap rises at a particular time to train, how Tony sometimes floats around late at night, and how Thor when not otherwise engaged sort of lounges about snacking and drinking while looking for something to gain his attention.
    So it's not surprising when his appearance in the evening is not with him strolling around in flip flops and orange surf shorts. But instead with him stalking through the halls in full elegant armored regalia, with that crimson cape billowing behind him, armored plates clinking faintly as he walks and Mjolnir at his side though at times with hand resting upon its haft.
    "Bother." Is what he says as he moves, apparently seeking something. Or someone. He steps past multiple open doorways, multiple rooms, all in his current quest.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha is reading something in another room - wearing a black sweater and tights - when she catches a glimpse of Thor stalking past the doorway, causing her to arch an eyebrow and skitter to the door, leaning through it with both hands on the frame to poke her head out and call after him. "Hey!" She calls, and then steps out to follow - or approach him, if he stops - asking, "Where's the fire?"

Thor has posed:
    Thor stops in mid-stride, turning in the middle of the hall and facing Natasha, one eyebrow scrunched up as his lips twist into a sour look. "Natasha." In way of greeting and opening, then he murmurs, "Have you seen?" He holds up a hand as if he were trying to hold a small object, then is fingers flurry through a few gestures as if trying to find a shape. "My tiny likeness that Stark intends to sell? The little homage that his people created for me."
    He looks down the hall one way, then the other, "I had thought I had left it in my room. I intended it to show to my comrades, The Warriors Three, upon my return to Asgard..."
    The Asgardian rests his hands upon his hips and frowns, "But for the life of me I cannot lay mine eyes upon it."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's eyes flutter a bit and she says, "Oh." before peering left, then right, then left again back over her shoulder, then back at Thor, "Your toy? It's..." she hesitates before turning around and walking towards the nearest couch. "I think I saw it. Uhm."
    Natasha walks over to the couch and peers over the arm, then bends deeper to investigate the table, then basically ends up upside down with her upper body out of sight as she looks under it. From somewhere behind there, she calls, "You're going to Asgard? What's the occasion?"

Thor has posed:
    "Yes," Thor says as he stands there, for some reason looking pensive as he taps fingertips light on the grip of Mjolnir. Shaking his head he looks to the side, then as Natasha disappears behind the couch, looking like just a pair of legs he gets a small hint of a laugh as he looks away. But, to her credit... he does look back again as if considering. Then shakes his head and clears his throat.
    "There is, ahem. An official function of the Court that my father engages in for the next fortnight. I intend to speak to him in private during this time. I am hoping perhaps without so many demands on his time and focus that we may..." He looks to the side, "Speak more openly."
    A small shrug is given then when Natasha keeps delving for that toy he laughs a little, "Come, Natasha. You need not exert yourself so. It was just..." He shakes his head, but does not elaborate. "A silly folly of mine."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha takes a second to process the image of Asgardians just having a nice family time together, and then shrugs from wherever she is down there. "That's nice!" she calls, and there's some rattling and rustling, "What is this? What is *any* of this?" she mutters, before Thor speaks to her again and she replies, "Don't be silly- ah!"
    Natasha reappears with the action figure held in hand, straightening up and putting on a bit of a smile. "Silly follies are the best follies." She insists good naturedly as she approaches him, blowing some dust off the figure in two short huffs before adding, "They make us human." She reaches out and holds the toy out to Thor, adding, "Or so I hear."

Thor has posed:
    For some reason Thor visibly brightens at her success accepting the figure from her with a warmth of affection reaching those blue eyes as he shakes his head a little. "You are a wonder, Natasha." That said he tucks the toy under one arm and draws in a deep breath. "I will let you know if I am able to learn anything. If you have need of me find Lady Sif and she will be able to get word to me."
    That said he gives her a nod and starts to step back and away. Though he does pause in the doorway, head tilting to the side. "Perhaps some day you will tell me of a silly folly of your own. I admit. I am curious now."
    He smiles, then turns to move back into the hallway, footsteps quiet on the rug.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods her head once and agrees, "I will. Have fun."
    Natasha starts to turn away, but turns back when Thor speaks to her again. "Oh?" She gives a mysterious little smile. "Maybe. I've got a few." She says, and gives a little finger wave before Thor leaves.