4061/Returning To The Scene of The Crime

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Returning To The Scene of The Crime
Date of Scene: 07 November 2020
Location: Study Hall
Synopsis: Ellie returns to the Study Hall to see how repairs are progressing, where she runs into Noriko and Ruth.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Ruth Aldine, Noriko Ashida

Negasonic has posed:
It's been a couple of weeks since Ellie inadvertantly exploded the Study Hall with the help of a multiple armed witch, she had gotten a talking to since, and wasn't too happy about it. But now, she figured to return to the scene of the crime, and check out on the repairs, looks like the Study Hall might be back in perfect condition soon.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The banging. It all started with the banging. The whirring of the buzzsaws, laughter of men and women, the clattering of tools that accidentally fall from work benches. The buzz of electrical wires that were tested to ensure voltages..

Wait, that's next week.

The "I-Dream-Of-Construction" girl decides to take a look, straight from her self-imposed isolation of her room, down the hallways with a Pre-Calculus book stuffed with paper and a pen in hand. There was no need to study when there was a need to cheat, but to go through the motions of the operation was oddly soothing.

Rounding towards the door, Ruth stops, and stays completely still right behind Ellie.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is already there, set up at a work table with a stack of magazines and smaller messy piles of torn individual pages scattered here and there.  Naturally, she's using her super speed to thumb through them, pages blurring by softly.  She's in her own world, counting on the fact that the only people who /ought/ to disrupt her are people who can kick her out, but at least it is less people.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie sees Noriko sitting there, at the mostly repaired Study Hall and snorts to herself. That Japanese girl was there when the Arms lady showed up, that's bad luck. She decides it was a mistake and turns around to leave, only to bump into Ruth, suddenly being there as if out of thin air, looking creepy as fuck with that blindfold over her eyes, like some spectral evil from a Japanese Horror film. The unexpectedness of it all draws a loud frightened scream out of Ellie, as she stumbles back bumps into a table, and falls on her ass. "WHAT THE FUCK!? Get away from me, demon girl!"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Was there even a need for her to shield herself from the blowback that may or may not come? If one were able to bypass the defenses and see through her eyes, they would see the mind working a mile a minute. Ellie turns, decks Ruth. Ellie turns, screams and falls. Ellie turns, remains unmoved. Ellie turns, jumps only a little, laughs uneasily. Ellie turns, jumps, screams, and is extremely pissed.. Ellie turns..

"Sorry." Ruth blurts out, becoming more of a walking ball of insecurity than she already was. For her head lowers to point her face towards the ground, one hand lifts to touch the ear as the other clutches the book, paper/pen tightly against her chest. Demon girl! That was new! "Pardon. I do not have horns." And just to make sure, she touches the top of her head.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Ellie voices Nori's thought verbatim, but Ellie falling on her ass just disrupts her own astonished moment to laugh.  Then she zips out to put Ruth between her and Ellie, wiggling her fingers over the blindfolded girl's shoulder to Ellie as if to say, 'Seeya!  You can get eaten first.'

"That means she can't gore you...with horns.  Leaves a lot of options open though."  Noriko hovers behind Ruth still, her head popping out the opposite side to get a different angle on Ellie like a lemur using a tuft of grass for camo.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie might look angry to Ruth, maybe a little scared, but honestly she was embarrassed to have gotten so scared by Ruth, who was just so perfectly silent behind her. "Yeah...I see the lack of horns, it's just creepy how you sneak up, what's up with that blindfold by the way? Halloween?" She has to ask, because that costume is incomplete, and Halloween is over, wasns't it?

"You know that girl, Noriko?" Ellie asks as Noriko hurries up behind Ruth, and after another moment's hesitation, she gets up and snorts in Ruth's direction, "I'm Ellie, I'm kinda new around here, sorta."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The zips and zooms of Noriko causes Ruth's greasy hair to actually move just about an inch, which wasn't patted down save for what was at the top of her head. She stops feeling around her scalp, now hugging the book to her, feeling even more horrible than she did a second ago because..

Is Ruth a killer?

Maybe when she's twenty five. Probably even at fifty. At sixty? Watch out, she will be old and cantankerous! (Sp?)

"I do not have eyes, yes." Ruth says to the both of them, now carefully sliding aside, hoping to not bump into the speedy Noriko. "Yes. I am Ruth. Ruth Aldine. Thank you." She says to both of the women, not shifting her head towards the either, still speaking to the ground.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori speeds around Ruth (even while she moves) to inspect her from profile, then the front.  Zig, upper thinker's pose, "Nope."  Zag, upper thinker's pose.  "I've seen her before though I think.  Maybe," okay it might be bordering on deja vu given how she moves through the school so flippantly.

"I'm Noriko.  I got here about a year ago."  There's a swift blur of a half bow to each of them, as if she forgot the compulsive habit in all her focused whizzing about.  A beat later, to Ruth, "She's the one who blew up the study hall," with a thumb kicked out toward Ellie.  "It was awesome."

"How do you get around without bumping into things?"  Suddenly, Nori's power feels like cheating.  Yeah, /now/ it feels like cheating.

Negasonic has posed:
"Wait, what!? No eyes...? Like, you're totally blind right now and the blindfold is to not gross people out?" Ellie doesn't use the softest of terms, but she's also a bit rattled by that revelation about Ruth, "who did that to you? Humans?"

"Nice to meet you, Ruth, I'd say maybe not sneak behind people, but fuck me, you can't even see...now I feel like a bit of a douche for calling you a demon girl."

"Way to give me a proper introduction so Ruth thinks I'm a violent freak..." Ellie grumbles, though she doesn't honestly seem too offended, as she does quip, "...it was totally awesome."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Zip. Zoom. Zip.

Ruth couldn't possibly keep up with the speedster, and now she will forever move with caution! It wasn't a shock that they may or may not have seen her before, Ruth was a pro at hiding in the background, sight unseen, unnoticed until she is..

"I saw." Did she?

"I can see." Can she?

"I have a dog. MacTaggert. He is in the garden." Maybe that would help?

Instead of explaining the entire thing to the girls, Ruth settles on taking off her blindfold. It wasn't something she does often, but the benefits to this outweighed the costs. There was nothing there.. just the outline of bone where her eyes would be, skin melded over the sockets as if it were meant to be. It was actually gross to look at, as her brother often says, and she grew to believe it.

"Yes. We are all violent freaks." Ruth admits. "It is why we are here. Yes." She nods, tugging the blindfold back down. "Thank you. It was totally awesome."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori really /should/ be rattled herself, but apparently not.  "Yeah.  It probably wasn't personal.  Last time we were in the study hall some crazy armed-how many arms Ellie?  Anyways this strange woman just materialized."  She shrugs nonchalantly before directing her attention more squarely on Ellie.

"Well that's all I know about you," Nori offers.  "Besides, I have decided if you're a violent freak or not."  She smirks, her eyes pushing up into dark half moons.

Ruth's short statements garner a look of confusion in her features, even a dash of frustration.  "I can help you get him if you need?"  But then Ruth takes off her blindfold and Noriko's head cranes forward a touch in anticipation.  "I wasn't expecting that.  I totally thought you'd just not have the eyeball and an open socket.  I bet this is way easier to take care of."  Not grossed out at all, or if she was, she moved through it quickly.

"Some of us are not wanted."  And for the violent or dangerous, it's probably both.  Nori leaves this unsaid.

Negasonic has posed:
"How...?" Ellie is a bit stunned to learn Ruth saw the explosion in the Study Hall, she doesn't remember seeing Ruth there at all.

"And what do you mean you can see? You said you don't have eyes, didn't you?" Ellie now wonders if she heard the creepy girl at all.

"They let you keep pets here?" Ellie asks, glad to be distracted, until she sees what's behind the blindfold and gasps, "that's the most metal thing I ever saw..."

"Lots of them," Ellie answers Noriko's question, "I think her codename was Arms or something."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"No thank you." Ruth says of MacTaggert. He was fine where he is. In fact, he's currently napping, paws up in the air.. full of drool..

"I am glad, yes, that you did not explode just now." Ruth states. "Yes, they will be finished soon. One more week." She points towards the room, the mess of it all, idle tools, work benches, big cloths on the floor..

She really doesn't answer Ellie, but settles for taking a few more steps to lean back against the door edge. They were probably the unwanted and wayward children/women of Xavier's, meeting for the first time on a verbal battlefield of..


"I do not know." Ruth says of the pets. But she has MacTaggart and no one told her no. But back to the arms lady, Ruth's head tilts and brows curl upward in a near what the fuck manner, then settles for a light smile. "Goro." Yup, that was the arms lady name. "Goro." She repeats. "Rar." She becomes flat faced. "Sorry."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko has been staying at the Mansion for all of the holidays, full time living.  It's pretty obvious the kids that do.  "I don't think he's a pet," she half-whispers to Ellie.  Even a every day Joe human would be able to hear it.

"Ohh yeah, Arms," Noriko snaps.  "Next time we see her we should ask her to play patty cake with herself and see what happens.  Or put out the Twister mat."

"Wait.  Who is Goro?...Can I pet your dog if I see him?"  Her mind seems to be hop skipping around, even if she's managed to keep her speech normal.  Sometimes it slips into a faster pace though.

Negasonic has posed:
"Goro...?" Ellie looks confused, before looking aside at Noriko, "was Arms' name Goro? I remember she said something stupid, just not exactly what...maybe it was Goro? Fuck it, I'll still call her Arms."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth retains that air of mystery in regards to MacTaggert. Better to not speak of the big rotweiler else he'll get hungry.

"Yes. Goro. Big monster. Mortal Kombat." She would clap, but everything she holds would fall to the floor. "MacTaggert loves pets and treats. Yes. It is okay to pet."

As Ruth turns a light way towards Ellie, she too, loses a little bit of tact.

"Sorry. Why do you blow up."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Same here.  I mean, it's right there."  Noriko follows her natural instincts, always directing her head toward Ruth when she's speaking to her.  She doesn't seem fatigued by the rapid switches.  "Oh well that explains it.  Pretty sure that console is toast, or the cartridge is."  Yeah, she's dug through all the old game systems here.

"Well I'll make sure to bring him some treats."  There's the steady speed increase of her speech, now noticeable.  The work lights gutter for a moment.

Negasonic has posed:
"Mortal Kombat...?" Ellie arches a brow, looking very confused, before shrugging, "I don't think Arms had anything to do with combat of any sort, she just wanted trouble."

At the question that follows, Ellie shrugs, "just like any other freak in here, I don't know why I have the powers I have, I just kinda do..."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
At least Noriko gets it!

It wasn't like Ruth played video games, but her brother did. His favorites were Mortal Kombat.. Soul Calibur...

"Is she evil? Goro." She asks, now leaning away from the wall. It almost felt like it was time to leave the two, but she had to make sure. But then again.. "Sorry. Do we have new students here this week?" It wasn't like she was expecting an answer, but she did have to do her due dilligence.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I can tell you a little bit about how my powers work, but there's a lot I don't know," especially in detail.  "Real simple," she doesn't wait to find out if anyone wants to hear.  "I absorb electrons all the time.  Electricity.  Then my body can convert it into kinetic energy.  It's a little weird," as in some things she can do, she can't explain.

"And I can go super fast.  It speeds up my metabolism too.  If I have too much charge or too little charge, bad stuff happens.  And sometimes bad stuff just happens anyway.  Oh yeah I can shoot lightning bolts and suck electricity out of stuff faster."  Like if anyone operates their cell phone around campus and off campus, they might notice it struggling to keep charge for longer when at Xavier's.

The metal gauntlets she wears constantly are not mentioned.

"She's definitely a dick."  Nori doesn't mince words.  "And enjoys it."

Negasonic has posed:
"I think she's a fucking cunt, that's what I think," Ellie shares her very non-flattering opinion of 'Goro' as it were. Looking at Noriko, Ellie snickers, "so we have a similar view of Goro, you got lots of application to your shit, I pretty much blow stuff up."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
If Ruth was confused about Noriko's powers, she wouldn't show it. Assumption is a dick in that she thought Noriko was just super fast, with nothing bad to come of it. But.. that.. was just complicated.

"Are you hungry now? Sorry." That was a blurt on Ruth's behalf. A little bit of what she couldn't help. And it was good that she didn't have a decent cellphone, only one that was given to her by..

"She's mean." Ruth confirms, acknowledging the two women. In relation to her own powers?

"I see."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's head cocks to the side as she focuses on Ellie.  A grin tugs at the edge of her mouth.  "Can you direct it?"

"Yeah, I also have a metric shit ton of fun when my phone suddenly goes dead or I start a fire or knock someone out or fuck up someone's pacemaker, or not realize I'm somewhere near a hospital.  It's great."  And it's probably the tip of the iceberg.  "But I'm pretty sure I can run on water and can get anywhere super fast soo."  She bobs her head side to side and smiles.

"Hungry?  Yeah.  It's time for my third snack, but I'll be alright."  Zip!  She's back after a few seconds with a bunch of bananas.  "Anyone want one?"

Negasonic has posed:
"I kinda can..." Ellie nods at Noriko, "because it's me." Well, that might not really explain it too much, but Ellie seems confident enough in her own words. Then her phone buzzes, she looks it over, and announces, "sorry guys, I gotta rush, was nice to meet you..." though in all honesty, she still was a bit freaked about her first encounter with Ruth.