4077 MASH

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Part of the US Armed Forces expeditionary force in South Korea during the Korean War. The 4077 was a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, a field station for meatball surgeons keeping badly wounded soldier from dying before sending them on to rear-echelon hospitals in Seoul or Okinawa.

Notable members include CPT Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce, CPL Maxwell Klinger, CPT John "Trapper" McIntyre and MAJ Margaret Holihan.

The 4077 had a sterling service record despite the endless hijinks, pranks, and fraternization among the officers and enlisted personnel. Many of the medical professionals were conscripted for the war and were resentful of the military for forcing them to participate in it. High survival rates kept circling army hawks from implementing stricter controls or regulations.

The 4077 was returned to the United States after the armistice was declared and absorbed into higher command, with individuals returning to their peacetime military or civilian lives.