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Corps and Robbers
Date of Scene: 10 November 2020
Location: Central Business District
Synopsis: The bank robery is mostly stopped, and the day is saved!
Cast of Characters: Carmine Falcone, Remy LeBeau, Yaretzi Acama, Rogue

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Bludhaven was a city on the edge of a dark precipice leading into the depths of an eternal abyss of destruction. Once it had held a promise but that promise had long since been strangled out from its writing body sending forth the rivers of sludge that came fourth in all directions.

     The many streets of this once bustling city are littered with potholes which rarely see repair. The people are hungry and underpaid, worked to the bone, from one day to the next as this place in all its grime seeks to eradicate the hope from their hearts.

     For a long time it's been working.

     Red National Finance is a bank with a long history of corruption in this place. High interest loans and even higher rates of corruption at all ranks. It's a place directly in the pocket of some of the worst men in America, the sorts who wear not capes but still hold in their chests blackened hearts.

     One would need to be insane to take them on. The security is tighter than some sphincters guarded with all the firepower one might expect for a place filled with corruption and crime on all levels.

     The day is a gloomy one a thick layer of brown hiding high above in the clouds an acid rain dripping down on the folks below. It's hard to tell, almost impossible, where the night ends and the blackened day begins.

     In the lobby a collection of men, and women gather to put away their hard earned finances. Soft music plays warm and inviting gathered from decades prior to lull the people into a sense of comfort and security while they are swindled for every dime that can be rung from the pockets of the people of Bludhaven.

     The streets are packed from bumper to bumper rolling along the winding pockmarked roads with a speed of an hour per mile, the grid lock covering everything save for the buss lanes allowing some people that little chance to make their way from one road to the next.

     Out from the gridlock blocked up for miles a lone car careens into the bus lane going 90 miles per hour through the middle of the clear lane. Windows are pitch black tint hiding the drivers from view, the plate slides back up into the car and out of view not a single indication it was ever there in the first place.

     Up onto the curb the car rides sliding into place as it stops just inches before a fire hydrant with only one wheel left on the street.

     8 figures step out armed with yellow shotguns.

     The men run from the car splitting to either side. An even number covering each exit. The lights go dark for the entire building leaving not even a candle behind till smartphones begin to dot the darkness.

     The men stack up on each exit one man placing a single block onto the lower portion of the door the other leaning back. A soft bang echoes out like a muffler backfiring and the door falls open from the hinges allowing men to pour their way into the building.

     The situation is fast and brutal. The gunshots ring out slamming down security as some of the patrons don their own masks. Instead of a splattering of blood across the marble floors of the establishment an arch of electricity sends the attacked tumbling to the ground. Not a word is spoken of any of the men as they begin their assault.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Walking down the street just dancing to the beat of his own making one Remy, his hands deep in the jacket's pockets. His boots kicking it up as he dances along the street, kicking through the puddles. City like Bludheaven, always so gloomy dark with the rain trickling down like one of these flicks for the '30s. His right hand is reaching into the inner pocket now, producing a bent cigarette placed between his lips, his dark red eyes hidden behind a pair of shades. Flicking a cheap bic lighter, as he leans into the flame, as he exhales the smoke eyes on that speeding car.

"Always rushing for that money, always a rushing." Remy's cajun accent coming out thick as he exhales the smoke now. Hands once more inside his coat as he starts forward, and then it all hits the fan. His cigarette falls from his lips as he watches the brutal display of power. Moving quickly forward in a sprint, as he leaps over the car, his hand is bringing out a card, charging it not yet ready to fight, watch than act that is the way of the danger room, why not do it now!

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
A fieldtrip... to the Bludhaven PD, "to see how police in another city handle business". Yay. Yaretzi's excited about it. She thinks it's gonna be fun. Really she does. Yep. Honestly.

No, not really. Yaretzi's part of the fieldtrip group of twenty of kids from her school, hand-picked by the faculty, but she's just not into criminal justice stuff, really -- not for her academic future, anyway. Still, one never knows when she might run into cops from this place as Golden Eagle, so she's planning on at least being attentive, if not really interested.

"Remember, in the event of an emergency, our rendevous will be...", the teacher in charge of the field trip says, giving instructions to the students on rendevous locations and how to comport themselves in case 'the worst' happens, before they load into the two vans the school rented for transport after the hyperloop mass transit, instead of sending twenty kids on a schoolbus; at least the fieldtrippers are riding along in relative comfort by comparison and not taking forever to get there and back, right?

One stop to get the kids a fastfood breakfast later, and the faculty chaperones are getting the kids out of the vehicles in an orderly manner in front of Bludhaven PD's headquarters precinct house. The vans pull away, to go find someplace to park and wait until called back by the fieldtrip faculty.

Suddenly, the bank right acrosst he street's being hit, and everyone's scattering in a panic. Yaretzi scatters, too, but more looking for a place where she can transform into Golden Eagle without being seen. It's not too much longer than the superheroine from Spanish Harlem is flying down out of the sky to land next to the car.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had asked Remy to take her out this way to pick up a new phone that she'd put on reserve order in a shop. She could've flown out here herself, but well... that's lonely. So while Remy is skipping his way down the street like he's lost inside of his own musical, Rogue is picking up said phone. A green scarf wrapped around her neck, her leather jacket on, a white and black chcekred plaid shirt on under her jacket half-buttoned up over a black tanktop, blue jeans and knee-high leahter boots, Rogue steps out of the tech shop holding her new phone in one hand and its box in the other.

She can hear the situation down the street, and catches sight of a signature glowing color associated to Remy's charging power...

"Great." She mutters, taking a second to put the new items in to the car they'd driven out here, then shuts the door...

Rogue takes to the sky, her brown/white hair flowing around her shoulders as a few people jump back out of her way when the young woman just flies off in to the sky between the buildings, headed toward the bank.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     One of the men takes a moment to unzip his bag throwing shotguns to patrons inside of the bank itself. The guns are fully automatic with a high rate of fire, and yet these TASER guns fire rounds that debilitate more than kill. In under 10 seconds the men have cleared the lobby splitting off from their main group to begin loading up duffle bags in the pitch black interior of the bank.

     Not a single one speaks instead just moving with steps echoing out in either direction. There remains no call to get onto the ground individuals remaining standing simply finding themselves pumped with a single stun round to the chest sending them convulsing down onto the ground in a pile.

     Gas masks on each of the individuals hide their identities as they sweep along some splitting off to empty registers while the main group move forward with a heavy duffle bag towards the main vault at the far end of the bank.

     Some of the patrons pull off velcro straps from their legs and begin tossing the bricks towards the two at the vault already slapping bricks all along the wall NEXT to the highly expensive vault door.

     Soon as the bricks are tossed each of the individuals who'd had them strapped to themselves find themselves shot with a similar taser round sending them down to the ground to blend in with the other downed civilians.

     The current timer count: 12 seconds.

% The thermite begins reacting, sending a brilliant glow of light as it melts the wall from around the door at all edges dripping down and setting the ground ablaze.

     One of the men sprays the ground as it lights with a chemical which puts out the flames. Soon after they step from beside the door allowing the massive vault door to tumble down to the ground, and onto the large mat unfolded from the duffle bag.

     Instead of a deafening boom there instead echoes out a far softer thud before the air slowly eaks out from the custom built matt.

     The figures run into the now open vault door.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Running towards the bank vault door, now as he flicks thre cards forward charged and ready to go boom! They land on either side of the door exploding in a flash of bright purple light."Hello, der. I'm Remy here to stop your illegal actions today, I'll be your superhero today." With that he is flicking his hand is bringing out his staff with a wicked chuckle. As he runs towards the wall running along it leaping into the air, swinging it through the air, as he flicks three more cards towards the men with a wicked high pitched chuckle.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sweeps down out of the sky right at the entrance to the bank. Her heeled leather boots impacting with the pavement as she starts to jog the rest of the way in through the doors. She'd seen Remy charge in there, there was clearly something shady going on, so she just throws the door open and goes on inside herself.

Gambit's up ahead, she can hear him talking out to people. Once more she leaps up in to the air and flies forward until she stops right above/beside Remy's left shoulder, her gloved hands held up in balled-up fists.

"What the hell is goin' on here?" She calls out, to all parties involved! The robbers might underestimate her, since she doesn't look like anyone that imposing, but she IS flying/hovering, so there's that!

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Flying in, Golden Eagle sees Remy going in and apparently going after the bank robbers; although she hears his words, she's too far away to easily make out what was said. Rogue also flies in, just as Golden Eagle's starting to drop down out of the sky, and has the latter wondering why the other flying woman looks so familiar! ... she's probably seen Rogue on TV or something, before. Anyway, she decides she'll figure -that- out later. Right now, there's armed men gunning their way into that bank.

Her feet hit the sidewalk next to the haphazardly 'parked' car, and she reaches into it to yank the keys out of the ignition, to throw across the street towards some of the police that're just coming out of the precinct. "Me and two other supers are trying to help!", she calls out to the cops. "Get civilians clear!"

That done, she darts forward, flying towards the door with the intention of following in after Rogue.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     The figures in the lobby are caught off guard by the sudden explosion causing two of them to be knocked off balance and go flying against the far walls. Gunshots ring out as the remainder attempt to pin the man down. The lack of accuracy with the firearms meeting with the sheer rate of fire to result in a hail of electrical munitions.

     As the rounds hit the wall they impact but don't send out the electrical charge instead impacting with little damage to the building itself.

     Inside the vault the figures load up duffle-bags filled to the brim with cash from inside. One man out of the bunch moves to the back wall setting up more of the bricks against the floor. The middle of the vault is covered.

     Setting on a 2 foot thick matt is the door of the vault still white hot and melting around the edges. Metal drips down onto the ground from the hole where it had once kept the entire thing secured.

     These men don't seem too keen on talking instead opening fire as well on rogue without even a second's hesitation.

     The cops look across the street towards the recently flying woman and offer a nod of recognition before running back into the building in order to get forces together to take the situation under their control.

     The rain continues to fall slowly but surely as traffic carries on ignoring the ongoing crime scene as they rattle along bumper to bumper just waiting for the light to change before rolling on through.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"We going to this the fun way, no!" Remy rolls off the wall, as he launching himself towards the man with the gun nearest sweeping his leg as he rolls along the floor, the staff hitting him square in the jaw. Well, bad move placing him in front of two of the others with a guns pointed right at him, as his hand is throwing up cards in a panic, as they blow up in the air. As he sprials, out of the way trying to avoid getting hit, as he yells back."Mi Pettie, you ready to rumble." With that he is launching himself forward in a sweep heading for the big guy!

Rogue has posed:
"Only always." Rogue replies back to Remy, after her green eyes had swept over the robbers spread out in front of her. Her gloved hands tighten in to 'angrier fists' at the sight of it all. "Ya'll look like you're about t'make a big damn mist--" And they fire on her, with electricity weapons! Rogue's nearly invulnerable, electricity has the effect of making her body feel numb on impact, but it doesn't stop her, or actually even hurt her. It DOES make her hair frizzy though!

But that's not enough to keep her from getting revenge on the gunmen who dare to release that tazer-power on to her. Unaware of the Golden Eagle's arrival behind her, what the Golden Eagle will see is Rogue going straight to attack mode, fists being punched at those trying to take her down with the electrical stun weaponry!

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Flying into the bank 'on the heels of Rogue', so to speak, Golden Eagle quickly takes in what she can see going on.

The gunmen are wearing gasmasks, and guns are being shot all over the place... and some are aimed at the guy throwing about exploding playing cards. He seems to be dodging around like he's trying to NOT get hit, and the other flying woman's getting hit and not looking like it's hurting her much.

"Waitaminit...! explosing -playing cards-? Really?! No! Think about that later, stop the bad guys now!", Golden Eagle thinks to herself as she moves in a blur to put herself, as best she can, between guns and Remy. Her intent is to catch or simply get hit by as many of the bullets as she can, to keep the other hero from getting shot up. She knows she's bulletproof, after all!

...of course, these are taser rounds, and not -bullets-.

The electrical shock that runs up her arm when she literally catches the first tazershell that was aimed at Remy catches Golden Eagle by surprise, and she yelps as her arm stiffens for a moment. She does catch a second such impact on one of her thighs, too, but she's too... shocked... to be able to block any other munitions going the mutant's way.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Lights shine out from the vault brilliantly shining out from within before another soft thud echoes out. On the floor below something has caught the bit of floor as it lands softening the impact. Before the edges have time to cool the men in the vault proceed to toss bag after bag down the opening emptying the vault lock boxes and all down the hole.

     The hail of gunfire lacks that usual thunderous boom which leaves the ears ringing instead sounding more akin to a suppressed weapon little fwifts echoing through the halls as rounds go flying.

     The big guy out of the group is a man who looks to have spent much of his time bodybuilding. 7'3" and covered in muscles from head to toe that make him stand out even in costume. His shoulders are like entire steers. He moves forward to greet the impact with a silent landing of his feet one after another before leaping into the air in order to greet Remy. The man may not be SUPER human but he just might be a super human.

     The men and their guns buckle like cardboard under the might of the superheroine as she sends one fistfall after another into them tumbling them down to the ground with broken bones that make it almost impossible for them to continue moving. When they hit the ground they hit hard with an echoing crunch.

     Across the street the police kick into overtime getting their weapons together expecting they still hold plenty of time to jump into action now that the heroes have arrived. Little do they know how quickly things are really going over there!

     The bags and boxes fall out of view down into the darkness of the basement, only one problem? this building was never BUILT with a basement.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is launching himself forward with a swirling kick towards the side of that gaint man, his right foot landing in the chest, As his right hand is brings down his staff, as he rolls around the man now with a flury of action trying to shield himself with that large man from the bullets."Thank you for the block kiddo, no. I buy ya ice cream after." His voice is towards the flying girl, as he looks over towards Rogue and than the new arrival with a wicked chuckle as he watches it going down into a tunnel."DOWN BELOW HERE WE GO!" As he rolls for that tunnel after the goodies being throw down into the dark hole.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lands on the floor of the bank when she engages most of the people firing at her. She takes the time to dispatch them, even crushing some of their guns under her boots before she starts to walk toward where Remy is... she sees the 'big guy' and her eyes widen for a moment, but a grin spreads over her lips as she shakes her head side to side.

"Well don't you look fun." She says out toward the big man. A quick glance is given to the Golden Eagle to check her out, make sure she's on their side... which she seems to be? Hard to tell right now.

With Gambit going for the bank heist 'hole' in the ground, Rogue motions for the big guy to come at her to keep him busy. "Wanna dance?" She asks him.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Golden Eagle crushes the taser round in her hand, snatches the one off her leg and crushes it, too, with her other hand... then she darts over to crush the guns in the hands of the last two gunmen, before punching them out... being careful to pull her punches, so as to not cause too much harm. With that done, she flits over to the opening into the vault, to get a better look at what's going on in there, and to put herself between that big guy and Remy -- in case the former of the two wants to chase.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Down and down the hole goes for quite some time before he lands down into the depths of what appears to be an old partially built subway system.

     A set of tracks rush off into the distance far out of sight as simple workmen load the bags over into the nearby carts which then propell themselves off into the black and inky void.

     These men are unarmed and just calmly do their part loading the millions of dollars into those simple carts.

     Each cart is little more then two pairs of wheels, a small engine and a bucket for holding the cash. They travel with good speed along the way.

     The workers stop in their tracks as the man dives down to their level, holding their arms into the air. There's only 3 of them down here dressed in simple coveralls now holding there hands palm out to show themselves no threat.

     The Big guy tanks several tazer rounds to his chest his nervous system seeming to take the electrical shocks quite well. It becomes clear why he's able to take those rounds so well when rather suddenly a glow becomes visible through his clothing. An electric blue surges through the surface of this massive man shining through his body along the nervous system as if his nerves themselves were on the outside of his body shining with pulsating energy.

     He cracks out his neck before saying "A risentirci" As he slams his hands together allowing lightning to coat the surface of each hand before he sends a fist slamming into the ground rumbling electricity in the direction of the two heroes.

     His black outfit rips off of his body showing the man to be completely covered from head to toe in prison and gangland tattoos. The electricity burns off all of his clothing save for conveniently enough the shorts he's wearing, and his gasmask.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Remy is leaping forward throwing cards as they explode into the air."Thank ya for being such a good audience, but it's ttime to end the show!" With that he is summersaulting towards the loading mean, as his hands is throwing more cards this time behind them as it explodes covering the area in a rubble."Now, than you can put hands on your head, and I'll go get the police."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's certainly aware of the threat of the metahuman that she and this Golden Eagle newcomer are facing off with, but she's also pretty concerned with Remy's well-being down inside that hole in the ground. "Guess we're gonna have t'do this the way the good lord intended." The Belle mutters as lifts up off of the ground again and looks from the big guy, to the hole, then starts to fly toward it before she averts her path...

Both of her gloves have benn pulled off, and Rogue now flying fists first toward the prison-tattoo'd man! Her intention here is to bull him right over on to his back and then lay her hands on his shoulders and just... let him slide in to a deep slumber! If she pulls it off, of course!

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Golden Eagle's eyes widen at the big guy turns out to have superpowers, himself. This is her first, ever, superhuman opponent! She brings up her fists, getting ready to move in -- and looking to time it with whatever Rogue ends up doing.

Rogue's apparent intent to avoid the big electrical guy seem to fool Golden Eagle, too, and the latter heroine hesistate -- and ends up watching Rogue make the takedown look easy.

Golden Eagle, as the big guy's nap begins, turns to fly headfirst down the hole, to help out as might be needed with whatever Remy's getting into down there.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     With expert skill and timing Remy is able to completely stop the further sending of the misbegotten gains down the railway. As one of the men stands hands in the air he takes but one moment to tap his thumb and pointer finger together. Before lowering himself down onto the ground to be captured.

     The Electrician flings himself forward his electrical powers causing all the electronics in the building to come back to life as the power surges through the building frying celular phones and watches and all other manner of electronics equipment including the server rack the next floor up.

     He makes contact sending further ripples of electrical ener- THUNK. He slams face first into the ground completely unconcious. Electrical energy is released from his body into the surroundings setting off as an EMP. Out at street level car alarms go off engines are fried and there's more then a few people who are going to need new cellphones.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue only puts her hands on the man long enough to see his eyes close. She's sitting on his stomach, considering how large he is, and waits for him to go to a nice state of slumber. Once he's there she stands up and looks around at the aftermath of his electrical outbursts. Her hair is all kinds of poofy right now, like she's an 80s rockstar.

The Belle draws in a breath of air as she tilts her head back and forth popping her neck and then rolling her shoulders as she flexes her body, almost like she's some kind of 7' tall behemoth of a prison convict.

With a restrained snarl, Rogue walks toward the hole that the Golden Eagle had already shot down... her booted feet stopping at the edge of it as she peers down inside...

With another step taken, the frizzy haired southern girl who just absorbed the big man's 'soul' drops down inside to follow!

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Golden Eagle flits out of the hole, hands balled into fists, ready to fight when she gets into the kinda-subway down below. Coming to a stop a bit away from the hole itself, she says, "All you bad guys, get on the ground and put your hands on the backs of your heads!" ... before realizing they're already down. "Oh... okay... so, stay down!", she adds.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Now than stay on down, like the good kiddo says, no." Gambit, hand is flicks idle a card around his fingers, as he grins at the others."I think it is handle, now than how did it go above?" His voice is warm, but his eyes on the man as he walks over quickly to zip tie the hands each one quickly, with his fingers moving oh so quickly, the tool of a modern major superhero.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
"Uhm... the big guy suddenly went all electric on us, but she knocked him out easy, so I came down to see if you needed help", Golden Eagle replies, with a thumb-over-shoulder gesture aimed vaguely at the hole she just exited.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Things have calmed down leaving behind the slow patter and prattle of footsteps above as people try to get themselves back together and handle themselves. In total the entire robbery and its foiling took exactly 35 seconds. Not bad for a bank heist all things considered.

     The rain rumbles low outside as lightning strikes. The police are even now only starting to leave the station and make their way across the street. The bank manager lets out a scream as he comes down the stairs into the lower level. "What happened!" He sounds terrified moving around to check the situation.

     The men on the ground down in the old subway tunnel don't fight back or even say a word as they look down towards the ground unmoving except to assist in their own tying up. They'd been here before and would likely be here again. Was just the way of the biz.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy LeBeau nods slowly as he finishes the zipties as he looks over at the hole for a moment, as he looks at the manger."Robbery, stop mostly. Ya welcome." With that he is making his way back as he nods at the kid."Good work, name is Gambit or Remy let's get ice cream." He is leaping up through the hole, as he grins at Rogue."Need ya new phoen still, and I need ice cream!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue starts to walk forward toward Gambit and this Golden Eagle gal. She starts sliding her hands back in to her gloves, nice and easy so as not to rip the fabric (took her a long time to get used to all the strength after all).

Her eyes roam over the bank robbers who are surrendering, and she narrows her eyes at all of this. "Damn if this weren't an ambitious heist." The Belle utters. "Gotta give'em credit for that at least, right?" She glances to Golden Eagle and upnods at her. "I'm Rogue. Thanks for the help in this... whatever it is." She gives a look back and up the way they'd come.

"Cops are gonna be down here soon, they're gonna think we were involved at first and treat us kinda gruffly till they can sus-out what went on here. IF ya don't wanna deal with that, then ya might wanna bail out now." She looks at the gunmen. "Not you all though, you're stayin' right here with me." She tells them with a sweet smile on her pale pink lips.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
"I'm Golden Eagle", replies the woman in the white and gold outfit. "I'll go tell the cops that things are under control", she says even as she's already floating towards the hole... then she just darts up into it and through the bank and out to the street, where she comes to a hovering stop near a cop.

"Bad guys are all down. There's one meta KO'd; he's the big guy on the ground floor. Three taken prisoner in an old subway tunnel below. Two good-guy metas, Rogue and... well, I didn't get his name, but he speaks all 'cajun'", she reports to the policeman.

"I'm gonna jet, now! Up, up, and away!", she calls out as she rises up into the sky and disappears over nearby rooftops.

Some ten or fiteen minutes later, Yaretzi arrives at the rendevous location previously established by the chaperones of the fieldtrip.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "Who would be crazy enough to rob a bank right across from a police station?" The manager asks walking forward as he scratches his mostly bald head. He looks around at the chaos. "And our guards? we've got some of the best guards in the country." He looks over towards the downed bank guards armed with assault rifles and more, then up towards the spots on the ceiling where the automated turrets should have come down. The power finally comes back on.