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The Places You Find In Little Italy
Date of Scene: 16 November 2020
Location: The Sing Sing Karaoke Bar
Synopsis: Meeting new people in bars
Cast of Characters: Jessica Jones, Achilles

Jessica Jones has posed:
Jessica Jones moves around a lot in her capacity as principal P.I. of Alias Investigations (don't tell anyone there aren't any others). Cases vary, and require different amount of travel, though she tries to limit herself to NYC. Problem is, sometimes she winds up working new areas, and have to discover new after work hangouts. That's how Jessica flippin' Jones winds up in a Karaoke Bar, heaven forbid. It's irritating to her, but a benefit to the bar, as she needs that extra drink to make the place tolerable. She's currently sat by her lonesome at a table, glaring hatefully at Scott or Joe or Evan or whatever that poor excuse for a singer was, butchering "Free Bird."

There are five empty glasses on her table, and she signals the server for another go, as she's soon handed another glass of whiskey, coupled with a concerned look. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna faint here, and my money's good...I'll even tip you if you kill the looks."

Achilles has posed:
    Still getting to know the modern New York City... I mean come on, Angelo's been all over in his long freakin' life. But it's been a while since he lived in New York. I think it was the roaring twenties when he lived here last. Now he has a carriage house in Brooklyn of all places.
    Either way, he's out and about, preferring to move about on foot most times. It's easier to learn the neighborhoods that way after all.
    Today, he's decided to pop in on a little place that he thinks might be good for lunch. A sandwich and a beer sounds fantastic. But it's as he passes the woman with to many empties that he pauses and says in a voice that is just barely showing the hints of an English accent. I mean come on, he lived there for three centuries. Of course he adapted to their way of speaking. "Please forgive the intrusion but, is it not a touch early for such heavy drinking?" he asks.

Jessica Jones has posed:
Jessica never pays attention to newcomers while she's drinking, she probably should, but she has a drink to finish. But when a newcomer stops by to make a comment, she's obligated to notice, and it irks her. Looking up from her drink, she turns the glass against the table and quips, "are you my daddy or something? I'm a grown ass woman, I can drink as much as I want, when I want, ok?" She shakes her head, taking another sip, before adding, "well...maybe not during business meetings." It's an absolute lie, however, she's done drinking during meetings before.

Achilles has posed:
    Lifting both hands defensively, Angelo shakes his head. "Please forgive me for showing concern for a fellow human being." he states. But he tilts his head to one side before asking, "Are you.. Alias Investigations by any chance?" he asks. I mean his agency has used PI's several times, mostly when legal channels required outside, uninvolved neutral investigators.

Jessica Jones has posed:
    "Oh fuck off," Jessica snaps, drinking about half the glass before putting the glass down, "you don't care about me, so why bother pretending? You don't know who I am, you couldn't care less, I mean...you got stuff to worry about, worry about that stuff. I got my own shit to deal with."

But then he actually asks about Alias Investigations, and Jessica rolls her eyes, "mother fuck, I guess you do know who I am...how come? You saw an ad or something?"

Achilles has posed:
    Shaking his head, Angelo clasps his hands behind his back. He thinks it through and inclines his head, "According to the reports of my staff members, they described Alias Investigations as being run by a cynical curmudgeon of a woman. I had thought they were exaggerating, but I see they understated it." he says as he stays standing there, stubbornly refusing to withdraw. Apparently not intimidated at all.
    "But you think that I cannot care about someone because I have not met them? That -is- so very cynical indeed."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Well isn't that nice of them.." Jessica groans, downing the rest of her drink as she pushes the empty glass towards the rest of the empty ones. "Can't say many people have nice things to say about me, so that's fair. I take it I've done a case or two for your company? What's the company's name?"

She snorts at the attempt to refute her statement, "yes, I think very few people give a fuck about anyone that's a stranger to them. Nothing cynical about it, just reality. As a P.I. I work with evidence, haven't seen much to support people randomly giving a fuck about others."

Achilles has posed:
    "Sounds like you've spent too much time investigating the shite end of the world then." offers Angelo. He unclasps his hands and reaches into his pocket to pull out a ten dollar bill. This is set on the table and he says, "May I buy a round at least?" as he gestures to the bartender. "Just whatever's on tap for beer if you would." he calls out as he grabs a chair and sits down without being invited. How rude!

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Nobody wants to investigate Saints R Us, you know?" Jessica shoots right back at Angelo, but then he introduces that $10 bill, and makes a far better offer than caring for her health. She signals for Angelo to join her, "now that's a kindness I believe in. Makers Mark," she calls after the waiter. "So what's your name? I'm Jessica."

Achilles has posed:
    "Call me Angelo. My last name is only pronounceable by the sober." offers angelo. He grins and leans back in his seat as the bartender makes a delivery.
    "I am owner of Myrmidon Personal security. Just relocated from Metropolis here to cheery New York City." He reaches for his frothy beer and takes a pull on it before adding. "Cheer up. You got a drink me."