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Date of Scene: 16 November 2020
Location: Swimming Pool / Patio Deck
Synopsis: Jeepers plays with his newspaper squeaky and runs around, then maybe gets to go flying later ZOMG! oh and there are humans nearby being boring.
Cast of Characters: Jimmy Hudson, Rogue

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    An hour after the bout in the Danger Room... perhaps two, and the night finds James Hudson stealing a moment of peace for himself. Outside on the deck, the halogen lights glow creating a small oasis of light amidst the hazy dark beyond. Some fog has drifted in from the coast, through those forested areas near the mansion, lending a somber feeling to the world.
    Which for Jimmy is fine by him.
    He's out on that deck, slouched a little in the chair. It's cold out tonight, not quite freezing but still cold. Doesn't stop him being out there with his hair slicked back from the recent shower he's taken, and the change of clothes to replace what was lost in the excursion into the unknown.
    Main thing... he has a beer on the table, one foot up on one of the chairs nearby and seems lost in thought, blue eyes distant. Occasionally he takes a sip.
    Then quietly to himself he murmurs, "Man, I liked that shirt."

Rogue has posed:
Being a pet owner at Xavier's is a challenging thing to accomplish. For one, you can't be a student and own anything that can't survive explicitly inside of your dorm room, like in an aquarium or cage. Faculty can have dogs, but you have to take them through training and make sure they do not harm the school in any capacity.

It's been a ... thing, Rogue's enjoyed it though because it helps give her something to do when she's bored.

Case in point. She was bored, and it was getting late, so she took her yellow lab 'Jeepers' out on a walk. They're headed back together now, and are meandering up by the pool where Jimmy is seated.

"You look, relaxed." The 20 year old says to the man as she walks along the outer edge of the pool deck he's seated on, Jeepers trotting along in front of her. Rogue is wearing jean shorts, a black hoodie with an Xavier's logo on the chest, and a pair of running shoes, it's cool out tonight, but not cold.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Mm," The tall man says, though right now he's slouched in the chair, and indeed seeming relaxed. Or moreso than usual at the least. But his mood isn't dark as he half-smiles just a bit, looking up from the table to the young woman and her Golden Labrador. "Recoverin' more like."
    Slowly he sits up and then gives a nod to the dog when it meets his eyes and he clucks his tongue at it a couple of times. If the canine is of the inclination to wander over to him he'll take some time to give some love to the pup, ruffling his head and scritching his ears. Then saying, "Heya, Jeeps." Apparently remembering the name.
    "So that thing I went through."
    James looks up at Rogue, squinting a little though it's perhaps more just how his eyes naturally look at this angle. "Sorta a rite of passage thing? You have to go through something similar?"

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers does jog happily over toward Jimmy, Rogue even letting go of his leash to let the dog roam free around the patio. He goes right to Jimmy though, carrying a plastic rolled-up newspaper in his mouth and anxiously chewing on it to make it squeak. He's young, maybe a year old now, so he's super excitable and full of life.

Rogue, sits down on the edge of a chair at the same table that Jimmy is at, her hands going in to the pockets of her hoodie as she doesn't yet lean back in the chair's embrace. Her hood is up, the black material framing her face, but the white bangs of her hair are visibly framing her cheeks and down her neckline.

She shakes her head at his question. "Me? No. My situation was different. My powers... and training, came from a very prominent super hero. Thusly the... people here... new what I was capable of already."

A glance is given to the large home and school just beside them. "A lot of them didn't want me t'be allowed t'stay here. But the Professah insisted." She looks back toward Jimmy then. She smiles lightly at him. "He believed in me, he didn't think I was just some 'villain'. I just needed t'get my head sorted out, cause'a what happens when I use my mutation. It can make me a bit... jumbled-up inside. Jean an' the Professah are good at keepin' me clear-headed, focused."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    It's clear that Jimmy's been around dogs with the ease he seems to have just holding the pup's head and giving head scritches and small thumping pat-pat-pats on his side, absent-mindedly while he's talking casually with Rogue.
    "Oh? Hnh." He says at first, not exactly the most eloquent of responses, though after a few more pats to the pup he elaborates. "Weird to think that there is such a thing. Superhero training. But I guess there'd have to be for people who want to..." Those blue eyes slip away and he looks up around the building, as if trying to encompass the entirety of Xavier's efforts.
    "Do all this." He finally settles on as his choice of words. That said he looks back at her and gives the newspaper a squeak to get Jeepers a little happy, tugs on it some then lets him go once he starts shaking the toy. It's at the last that Rogue confesses. The whole thing of being a villain that has him tilting his head toward her. "You were one of the bad guys?" He asks in that way that is clear he's having a hard time wrapping his head around it.
    "How'd that shake out?"

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers, of course, is all about this kind of interactions, eagerly soaking it up and trying to amplify it-- as young dogs are prone to doing. Since it's very nearly bedtime, Rogue's not doing nothing to stop the dog from having more energy sapped out of him either! She just smiles faintly at the dog then looks back up to Jimmy, at his reaction to her words and following question.

It's then that she leans back in her chair, her hands still stuffed in to her black hoodie pockets to push the garment out a bit over her form inside it.

"I worked for the Brotherhood. Raven Darkholme's group. She... took me in after I ran away from my aunt's place down in Mississippi. Raven had... I dunno, known me since I was little, and I think was eager for me t'grow up and become--" She shakes her head side to side. "I dunno. Anyway, yeah, she wanted me t'train up to be a big shot in her group. They were all about mutants over humans, would stomp on anyone who got in the way'a that. I thought it was the bees knees back then too." She states with a grin showing.

"Till I hurt someone bad, and realized it wasn't anyone who deserved what I did to'em. They were-- are --a good person, tryin' t'help this world. I'm not gonna harm someone like that again, just cause some bitch who claims t'care for me says t'do it. Doin' stuff like that ain't gonna help mutants in the long run. It's only gonna make it all worse, ya know?"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    At a small gruff half-bark from Jeepers, James gives him a little bit of a rough-housing pet and half-shove just enough to get him to toss his head and bring back the newspaper for wont of having it pulled on some more, which he's obliged with. Though after a few moments Jim settles him down with a few more gentle pats and then lightly clicks his tongue at the pup... who somehow knows that means go back to your momma as the year old Lab wanders back to Rogue.
    "I had a similar thing." He says, "Course. I was eight at the time." He tells her with a slight self-deprecating look that's not a smirk. "Rough kids at the playground, picking on people. I ended up wanting to run around with 'em, play big and bad. Some knees got skinned and I realized it wasn't for me."
    He looks across the way then reclaims his beer and tilts it back for a sip, a small chuff of exhaled air is heard before he shakes his head. "Think I've lived a sheltered life."

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers does come back over to Rogue's chair, going right toward her knees to put his head up on her lap and drop his drooly gross newspaper on top of her legs. This gets her hands out of her pockets (no gloves on at the moment) and she picks up the toy with thumb and forefinger, then dangles it over the edge of the chair to get the dog to come and bite it and tug on it. He can tug with the Belle all day long and not make her even remotely struggle with the strength of the dog.

Naturally this leaves Jeepers growling as he tugs and gets absolutely no where versus the Belle.

Rogue's eyes are on Jimmy though and she grins at the last bit that he says. "If that's your worst story growin' up then you maybe did have a bit of a sheltered life, yeah." A skip and a beat before she adds. "Which is fine. Not everyone needs some over dramatic backstory t'validate their weird aspirations toward being some big time super hero. I don't even like sayin' the word 'superhero'. It's so... corny. But what else can ya call'em?"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Nah, I got worse." Jim says as he takes a sip of his beer, "Though nothing hugely bad. Just my own stupidity." He smirks around he lip of the bottle then takes another swallow before he sets it down with a glassy clink. Looking across the way he seems to eyeball her, as if gauging her interest if she'd want to hear.
    He must settle on a positive opinion of it as he starts to relate a bit more. "Imagine if you will, teen Jimmy Hudson. Huge chip on his shoulder, running around like a crazy person, getting into trouble. Gets a car and starts working on it."
    He smirks a little and shakes his head, "Which, of course, leads to him racing it around town. In the mean streets of Ottawa. Tough crowd, hard men and loose women." His lip twitches, and she might get the inclination he might be exaggerating a bit.
    "For a time that was my identity. Jimmy. The racer." He lifts a splay-fingered hand and waves it to the side as if dismissing it.

Rogue has posed:
Eventually Rogue lets Jeepers newspaper go so that he doesn't tear it trying to wrench it from her hand. The dog then carries it over a few feet away before he sits down and just chews on it, trying to hold it between his forepaws.

Rogue's hands go back in to the pocket of her hoodie and she just stares at the man across from her as he starts to paint a picture of his life's tale. Which, of course because of how he paints said picture, she starts to grin at him. "Speedracer Jimmy." She finally says at him. "Sounds like it was probably filled with a lotta good times. I would'a enjoyed bein' involved in somethin' like that. Better than what I was doin' when I was a teen."

"Do you still got a car?" She asks him then. "I haven't seen ya drivin' nothin." The Belle sits up when her phone beeps and she pulls it out of her denim shorts hip pocket to glance down at it. She doesn't do anything but read the message before she leans back again with the device laying on her lap now.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    A twist to his features are seen as Jimmy makes a small face, he looks away and shakes his head, still smiling ruefully. "Yeah, old 2005 Pontiac GTO. Did some work on it, added some 'performance' enhancements." He takes up his beer and gestures with it towards her, "Main thing though, some sweet sweet flames on the side. Touch a class right there."
    He takes up his bottle again for another sip and that leaves him with an empty which he rests on his lap, one hand still curled around it. "So anyways. We all..." He looks back at her, "Do crazy things. Just sounds like you decided to grow up quicker than I did and make the right decision. Yeah?"
    He pushes himself to his feet and lets the bottle hang between two fingers as he gets ready to leave. "Figure I'm gonna go back in, you got everything under control with Jeeps?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just remains leaning there back in her chair after he tells her about his ride and she shows a visible grin at this description of it. "You'll have t'take me for a ride in it sometime. I think I can still swing some free food outta the diner down the road." She worked at the diner this past summer, though Jimmy wasn't around to see her rolling around on skates bringing people food.

When he stands up she watches him rise and summons a pretty little smile for him. "If I matured-up its probably cause'a the people I absorbed all bumpin' around inside'a my head, tellin' me what t'do." She doesn't give herself much credit, something one might notice about her if they spend time around her.

A glance is given over to Jeepers at his question, and the Belle just smirks. "Yeah, we'll make do. I'll take him on a fly around before bed. He loves that. Flyin' dog! Look oooout."

Jeepers looks up at her at that and starts to walk back toward her with his tail wagging, like he knows what that means.

"Stay racey, James." Rogue says back to the man with a continued smile.