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SHIELD comes a calling
Date of Scene: 17 November 2020
Location: Lobby - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Hellboy and Daisy come calling upon the Titans about a Banshee problem.
Cast of Characters: Siobhan Smythe, Hellboy, Daisy Johnson, Kara Danvers, Kian, Bart Allen

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
It wasn't a huge story in a city full of stories. Even Siobhan herself had missed such a story. She wasn't watching the news, it wasn't her style after all. The story, though, had been picked up on by SHIELD. After all, they were watching for such things. Dead bodies were found and information had made one think they were killed by magic and sound. Loud sound and terrible magic. As such, there was a main suspect.

That suspect is currently in her room, sitting there in a large shirt that hangs to her knees, a guitar on her lap as she lays back against a wall in her little closeted bed, smiling as she strummed away and hummed, casually practicing and enjoying some alone time.

Hellboy has posed:
Trip, trap, trip-

The tower's front doors sweep open to allow something of a mismatch pair. The one that will be addressed here is a tall fellow, his broad shoulders and powerful torso makes his sinewy arms and legs look gangly and lean. Cloven hooves strike softly against the tiled floor as he passes the welcome mat.

Red skinned, boney stubs above his brow and a jaw that looks like its made of brick. This is Hellboy. Legal name, he's got ID.

He's at somewhat of a loss in the lobby, gawping around, running a hand over the top of his head as he glances from the bar to the conference rooms and then the elevators.

"Y'figure they got a receptionist... Super Receptionist, intercom?" He wasn't used to going into these kinda places when it was light out.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Walking next to Hellboy is Daisy, dressed in her SHIELD uniform, black and blue with the high boots. The gloves are on, sleek and techy and certainly not the standard-issue for SHIELD agents. As for weapons? Well, that's the ICER she carries on a holster. Standard-issue that one!

She rests her hands on her hips, also casting a look about. "You know... On hindsight.." and she looks up at Hellboy with a faint smirk. "We could had called ahead saying we were making our way here." a pause, she reaching out for her phone to send a quick message to a certain Superfriend.

> Are you at the Titans tower by any chance? We are visiting on shield business, at the lobby.

"I sent a message to a friend I got in the Titans. Maybe they can help." Her lips pressing together. "So, the suspect. You believe her to be part of the Titans?" She asks of Hellboy. There is some concern on her tone.

Kara Danvers has posed:
The prototype interface between her Kryptonian crystal processor and the laptop makes a puff and releases the blue smoke of failure. Kara folds her arms and sits back on the chair. "This time, it is not my fault," she murmurs and sighs. "I need Caitlin back. She was good at understanding what I was trying to say in English."

Buzz buzz, her phone buzzes on the table. She grabs it and looks at the message. A raised eyebrow, Agent Daisy Shockwave Quake Johnson. Pick a name already. "Huh," she says and tilts her head a little, listening to the sounds of conversation in the lobby. Yep, they're here already.

Unless you're ready for it, there's not even much of a visual blur to indicate the arrival of Supergirl. Blue and red, golden belt. Her arms folded across her chest and a friendly smile upon her face. Standing before the elevators she looks Hellboy up and down and then looks at Daisy too.

"This is unusual. What kind of business does shield have with the Titans?," Supergirl asks. One hand casually reduces the threat level the AI was anticipating back to green. The last thing they need is pew pew laser guns popping out of the walls and shooting at shield.

Kian has posed:
    What comes flitting out of the open elevator shaft is a birdman, who, upon spotting the two strangers in the lobby, demonstrates his own kind of air brakes.  "Ki-ai!"
    Once it sinks in that alerts aren't going off, he drops lightly to his feet... although he doesn't come much closer.  First, he recognizes a SHIELD uniform--he spend a few days in their care when he first arrived on this planet.  Second, the big red guy is *really* big.
    Eventually his manners get the better of him, and Kían greets them with an abbreviated bow.  "Uh, /kié/.  Are you here to see some-one?"  (Other than me?) he adds, but only to himself.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy groused, "Looked her up-" he had someone look her up for him, "and this is where it pointed me." he confessed to Daisy "Didn't ask if she was on the roster just-" there was a joke forming, something about a lower-case t-tower somewhere or maybe another giant letter on an island in the bay. Whatever it was, he'll have to work-shop it for later because Supergirl. Not because of anything she did, just because of who she was. Y'know, Supergirl!

He smiles, a warm expression on a rough face. Its crooked but genuine, how could it not be in the face of her own. Her postures a bit daunting but the smile is disarming. He leans over, glancing towards Shockquakve and jostling her with his elbow, his lesser hand trying to be discrete as he makes a 'check it out!' gesture.

It isn't as discrete as he thinks it is.

He isn't as discrete as he thinks he is.

Kian's arrival is enough to shake him from his minor bit of being star-struck. He clears his throat and tugs at his coat, "Right, that, right there." he's trying to sound nonchalante, official as he cocks a finger to Kian to let him know he was on the money.

"We're here to see someone we think is staying here, irish gal, nice singer, good with a guitar. Her name's Siobhan Smythe." he was doing his best Dragnet impression here... betting that none of them knew what it was. "Nothing major, just some questions, no biggie." he was making idle gestures to asure and assuage. Hello Fellow Kids!

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Seems good enough for Daisy when Hellboy explains about having looked her up. "That's good investigative work, Agent." she unaware of *how* exactly he got the info! But well, as long as it was found she is good with it. She is just about speak up when Supergirl is suddenly there. Pffft, superspeed! She first smiles brightly, offering a wave before getting the jostle from Hellboy.. Yes. Not discrete. And it makes her get pushed a bit considering the difference in strength...

Yet after clearing her throat she is back in business, adjusting her uniform. "She was the person I messaged." Daisy explains to Hellboy, gesturing and giving Supergirl a thumbs up that she was able to come in.

With Kian coming in and Hellboy then starting to explain the situation she adds, "SHIELD investigation." some gravity to her tone. The matter was serious afterall. But Hellboy already explained most of it.

She looks at Kian for a few moments though, attentive. Some recognition? "You were with SHIELD for a time, weren't you?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara is slightly amused by the awkwardness of the very big red man with hooves. Usually people from shield have more composure than this. He must be a rookie. She approaches and offers a hand to Hellboy. "Hi. I'm Supergirl," she simply says and then listens to the explanation of what they're here for.

"I'm sure she'd be happy to help," she says.. ever the optimist. She taps on her T-comms, "Siobhan." She begins using her civilian name since that's what was given to her here. No need to link a superhero name to a civilian name, she has no idea if the Silver Banshee is 'out'.

"There are two agents of shield in the Lobby who wish to speak to you. They are doing an investigation." She smiles and waves back to Daisy, "Agent Johnson. You caught me at a good time, my experiment was already going wrong so I needed a break from it."

She looks over to Kian and says, "This is our resident energy genius. A fellow refugee from another world who has found a home on Earth. One of the nicest people I've ever met." She nods thusly to Kian, meaning every word she said.

Bart Allen has posed:
Speaking of super speed, Impulse has came to the Tower. He comes to a stop a bit away from the others. He looks around seeming to be looking for someone or something. He pauses, and will consider the others. He walks over towards them, but does not speak up yet. He waits for them to be done talking not wanting to interrupt what ever is going on.

Kian has posed:
    Kían blinks.  He really should be used to how quickly things happen around here... but he's not.  He gives Kara a shy smile, then nods once to Daisy.  "Yis, I was in their care brief-ly when I came to this worl'.  I haf ended up wit' the Titans now.  If you see Cap-tain Marfel, woul' you tell her I am well?"
    He tries to understand what's going on, but of course he can't imagine what SHIELD could want here.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
The guitar stops and Siobhan lets out a slow breath with a blink. She takes her comm and looks at it as it speaks and then shakes her head, "Is one of dem an oversized red man with a rock for a fist?" She asks and then sighs, "Nevermind it." She states softly as she gets up and slides on some simple pants. She sighs softly as she looks out a window briefly before simply shaking her head and taking on her banshee form. She had no wish to wait or to let things wait. So, with a flash of smoke, she appears just outside the lobby.

Then a moment later, she is Siobhan again. A breath escaping her as she stumbles from the focus it takes to do something that might seem simple for most with powers. Using powers seems easy for some. For Siobhan, it is a weight to be lifted. She then closes her eyes and walks out into the lobby, "Just what is it?" She asks as she looks over at Hellboy, glaring at him as she approaches the group, "Ya can't just bot'er me when I'm workin' but now you must do so at home, too?" She asks before blinking over at Bart and tilting her head, "Impulse, what are ye doin' here?" She seems confused by his presence and then looks to Daisy briefly to get a feel for her.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy's jawline slacked just so, his pupilless eyes going round beneath his heavy brow, holy crap, she knew Super Girl! He owls at her like this for a good few seconds before he pulls himself together again. He's friends with someone who's friends with Supergirl. For a moment, he seemed smug... until Daisy reminded him with an anchor-like tone that they were here under austere circumstances.

Wait, were they f-

'SHIELD Investigation.


This all means that when Supergirl offers out her hand, he's a bit more on the level when he clasps it in his own. Rough fingers, boney knuckles. A firm grip, a pump or two and then its onto, "Hellboy, nice to meet you."

Then Impulse, then Banshee... He started to feel like he needed a drink but the strongest thing they'd have was MntnDew. It was a rock in his gut. She lit in and he firmed his jaw, that heavy brow weighing down a bit. "Easy now, don't start thinking I'm eager to be here either." The whole Super Hero tower thing was neat but this was the sour end of the treat. "This is Agent Johnson." he hooks a thumb towards Daisy as he clip-clops to square his shoulders with Siobhan, "Just some questions... You want this private?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I will." Daisy had read Kian's folder some months back when there were a couple of similar occurrences back then. She smiles faintly at Kian, dipping her head. "Glad to see you have found a home to be in."

Eyes trail up to Hellboy, again that small smirk returning when he owls about, her arms folding together and she simply waiting. She acknowledges Impulse's arrival with a brief nod but it's only when Siobhan arrives that she speaks up again after being introduced. "Good afternoon." she offers.

For her part though she seems to be doing the whole professional SHIELD agent role now, letting Hellboy take in the lead with the questions while she mostly stays for backup. She does study Siobhan quite intently though, from head to toe before looking up at Hellboy again.

"Seems like you are friends already." Is there just an hint of sarcasm there?

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara looks a touch surprised as Siobhan is out of the gate rolling with the aggression. She raises an eyebrow and peers at the big red man with a touch more concern. "I certainly hope you haven't been harassing my friend Mr. Hell boy," she interjects, then nods to Impulse with a fond smile and folds her arms once more, stepping back for the agents to do their thing, and really just to be here for Siobhan if she needs her.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over blinking a moment when he sees Sibohan, and says "Oh hey Sibohan, things ok?" He asks hearing them talking about asking her questions. He will look around the room, and says "Sorry, I have been a bit busy, started a job, and going to college, and the whole hero thing." He explains a bit and then "Oh why I am here, was looking for Flash, I went by a few of his spots and did not find him so I thought I would come in and check here see if he was here. I am sorry if I interrupted something." He does look back to the Agents and Sibohan waiting to see whats up.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
The woman frowns at Hellboy, looking at him with a rather annoyed look even before she looks over at Daisy briefly. She isn't sure who Daisy is but, well, she's with SHIELD and Hellboy so...jerk by association. She turns her gaze over to Kara and then states, "I appreciate the gesture, Supergirl but I got dis." She then looks to Bart briefly and then to Hellboy, "Ye might as well speak your mind. I was in a good mood and I'd rat'er ya get through ruinin' it faster than slower." SHe nods her head, "So, come on den."

Hellboy has posed:
As if it explains why a Banshee is not at all happy to be breathing the same air as him, Hellboy asides to both Daisy and Kara with a simple but inexact statement of, "We had some drinks together."

"Alright, straight to the point then." he utters as he plucks at his coat with his stony fingers, digging into it with his other hand. "These men were in the bar with us that night." he began to lay it out, offering up a modest collection of printed photographs. A paperclip kept them together. "Their eardrums were ruptured along with other injuries that relate to being subjected to very loud sounds. Their life force was drained... hence why these guys in their 30s and 20s look like they aughta be drawing of Social Security." they hang there in his hand even if she doesn't take them. "Wanted to know if you had anything to say. If you saw anything of interest that night."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You left an impression..." Daisy replies in a sagely manner. But whatever amusement there could had been before is now lost. She is serious, a brow arching just so at Siobhan's response to Hellboy.

Gaze strays to the pictures as they are shown, perhaps surprised as Hellboy dances about directly accusing Siobhan of the possibility of being involved. Impressive. She inclines her head in approval at the way the demon speaks.

Clearly no rookie where it comes to interrogation.

Her attention soon goes back to Siobhan, fully, watching her expression and motions as if reading her, she taking in a breath.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen 's brow raises a bit and says "You don't think who ever did this will come after Siobhan do you? I mean they would be dumb to try to get her in the tower here, I mean like a dozen heroes live here or something." He looks over to Siobhan and says "If you need to stay in for a while and need things brought to you let me know, or if you want to get out I can make sure what ever it is doesn't hurt ya."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara is happy to step back and give Siobhan the space she needs. A raised eyebrow is presented when he says they had drinks together. However, then comes the not at all unobvious accusation that Siobhan had something to do with their deaths and her posture straightens, her arms fold tightly and her mouth pinches in with annoyance.

"Now wait just a minute. If you're suggestion Siobhan murdered those men you're waaaaay off base here," a sweep of her hand indicating a smooth plane. She's gotten in to arguments with agents at the DEO a lot this last year. Why should shield be any different.

Supergirl is more easily riled up than she'd like to admit. Accusing a friend of hers is a definite way to get her going. She doesn't step forward though, but her eyes look both agents up and down again and she stares with confusion at Daisy.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
The girl blinks at Hellboy's unspoken accusation. She clenches her fists and glares at him, "Ye dare..." She then looks to Bart before she lets out a sigh and then she looks forward, "I..." She then grinds her teeth and then looks over at Kara before looking at the pictures, "Dis is..." She then closes her eyes tightly. There's a soft growl in her breath before she seems to bring down what she can. She then looks over at nothing. Her eyes going over the wall, "Recently...somet'in' happened." She then looks over at Hellboy with a glare.

"She's here." She states ominously and then looks down and frowns, "And dose men...were a startin' meal so she can regain strengt'."

Hellboy has posed:
His stoney face softend. Hellboy tucked the pictures back away...

"Have you told your friends here?" he wondered aloud, it was easier to slough off Kara's counter-accusations... He was in his wheel-house, he'd been doing this since the 50s.

"Maybe you think you can handle this on your own... That you're stronger or tougher." he's a first grade hypocrit but it's in his favor now. "You're not. Unless you get help, this'll happen again... Things will have to be done, Siobhan."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A glance is given to Kara and Daisy nods her head faintly even if her expression does soften some too. "We wouldn't be here if this wasn't serious. And while we aren't accusing anyone we need to get to the bottom of this. People are dead. The powers are similar to your friend's, and it's as Impulse says. It's way too many coincidences, she may be involved even if unwillingly." her tone smooth, though understanding.

She appears to mostly ignore Siobhan getting riled up with Hellboy. He is a big demon. He can take it! But it's when she speaks of perhaps knowing something that her eyes shine. Seems like there is a connection indeed! She nods her agreement with Hellboy. "What can you tell us about her, Siobhan?"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen 's brow raises and is quiet for now, to see what has changed. He looks to Siobhan but while not saying anything, he does stand beside her to support her. The speedster crosses his arms listening and doing the hardest thing for him to do. He stands still.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara tightens her arms a touch more but nods slowly. She calms herself and listens to what Siobhan is saying. "Who are you talking about Siobhan?," her eyes look to her friend searchingly. This is something that is clearly paining her, some sort of connection that's important.. and people have die.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A glare at Hellboy and Siobhan's eyes flare with white fire for just a moment before she grinds her teeth, "I'm not talkin' about me, ya daft idiot." She states simply and then she looks to Daisy before looking back to Kara and Bart. Her eyes go down and then she sucks in a breath, "I wasn't da first." She shakes her head, "My ma." She looks at Hellboy, "When she died, she didn't stay dat way because I wasn't willin' to do what I was supposed ta." She swallows softly, "And I t'ought me brot'er paid da price for me to be free...but she's back." She states with a bit of exasperation, "And she's lookin' to make me do what she t'inks is right...or maybe kill me for makin' her stay in dis hellish limbo." She shifts away from Bart and Kara, looking into the distance, slowly breathing more heavily before the fire returns to her eyes.

"I don't know what her game is...but dose men are just da first unless we stop her and soon." Siobhan's eyes flare outward, her face taking on the look of a skull even as her body is covered in shadowy darkness and skeletal silvery white. Her full banshee form taken on as she looks to Hellboy and glares at him, "Dere's two banshee's here now."

Hellboy has posed:
"Oh..." its a blunt and abrupt confession of surprise. He chews the facts over for a moment, stewing as his weight shifts from one hoof to another. Her withering glower didn't help. That was a whole lot of Hellboy to be left looking sheepish.

Well it was good news, isn' it? Meant he really didn't need that iron rail road spike in his back pocket. "Alright, you're still going to need help wether you like it or not." he added with a idle wag of his finger.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen hmms and says "Well what can we do to help, stop her and save you?" He ask. He looks around the room to make sure the thing is not going to appear around them or anything odd like that.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Ah. Burny skully Siobhan. Yes. She's still not quite used to that yet. But she's working on it. She moves her folded arms to her hips and nods her head, "I see. We're with you all the way Silver Banshee." She smiles and nods affirmatively. "Because that's what Titans do."

She looks back to the Daisy and asks, "I take it you're going to help too?" Then she looks to Bart and says, "See, great attitude from Impulse as usual." She smiles with delight at the shift in attitude. Siobhan might still hate herself, but there's no way they're letting her go through this alone.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy shifts her weight from one foot to the other when Siobhan goes and does her banshee act, centering herself, just the faintest of tensions on her shoulders. It can be weird enough seeing that kind of transformation for the first time. And while her expression remains serious she keeps a cool expression. Family troubles ... Yea, that sounds about right..

She looks at Hellboy and nods her agreement. "She will." then her eyes trailing to the rest of the Titans in the room. "Don't think your friends will be letting you down either. Nor us." she says, putting herself in with those willing to help. That's Daisy. Always willing!

"Any place you think we may be able to find her? She will most likely be trying to get you into a trap."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look over at the others and the Banshee's eyes go wide as she looks at them, "Ye don't understand. She'll kill ya. She'll do worse.". She sucks in a breath that takes her back to her human form and she shivers at the feeling. She has to be careful. She then shakes her head and sighs, "She can be anywhere. Sadly, we'll 'Ave to watch for her to make the next move. She won' t go far from dark places where souls are weak, dough." She frowns darkly and shakes her head.

"Feedin' grounds."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara lifts her chin and smiles, "I don't have a weak soul and I'm sure we can handle an overbearing mother who eats.. souls." Okay, let's be fair, this is a new one for Kara too. She had no idea this was something that was going on in Siobhan's life. It doesn't matter though, the girl of steel will stand there and tank it if she needs to while Siobhan fights for her individual rights. "I'm not going to let you do this alone Siobhan and I won't take no for an answer," she adds with a stubborn look of friendship.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy drew a breath and let out a sigh... Things like this weren't easy for anyone to deal with or divulge... "Listen I know my waifish charm and feminine beauty might fool you into thinking I'm all bark and no bite but I can take a lick or two. Even if you don't want my help, you're crashing on the couch of like... Super-Teen headquarters. You let somebody help you or there's going to be people that get hurt that you could have prevented. There's going to be people going after her that might fare better if they knew what you do." he tried to explain.