4171/Best Milkshakes in Mootant Town

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Best Milkshakes in Mootant Town
Date of Scene: 18 November 2020
Location: Mootant Town Milkshakes
Synopsis: Rogue and Pietro bump in to each other in a milkshake shop in Mutant Town. Conversation is had, flirting is a given. Good times all around!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Pietro Maximoff

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been here a month or so ago with some of the other Xavier's folks. Though the trip had resulted in dealing with a young mutant unleashing their powers on the place, the drink that Rogue eventually got had been a memorable one. So on a particular lazy day at the school, the Belle had decided to come back down here again. Throwing on a leather jacket and pulling the hood up, Rogue set to the skies and flew down around the perimeter of Manhattan, making her way down to Mutant Town. She landed in a park down the street and just casually walked out from behind some trees.

This is where she is headed, and this is where she is arriving. With the dark green hood up over he rhead, her white bangs are flowing out of the hood down her chest. Her hands are stuffed in to the pockets of her leather jacket and her heeled leather boots have her standing a bit taller than her natural height. She steps up to the store and slips on inside, smiling at a pair of people who are on their way out too, because southern hospitality!

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
Finally, the weather is turning colder, feeling more like the month it is. The leaves on the few trees within city limits have lost their vibrancy, turning brown before falling, and the days have become noticably shorter. This is the time when heavier coats are donned, hats, and in the evenings, gloves should be worn. Fall (and then winter) is not the season one would associate with 'milkshakes', so really how busy could the place be?

More than one would expect, obviously.

There within, standing at the counter, shifting weight from foot to foot in a barely contained lack of patience is one Pietro Maximoff, dressed in 'usual' fare, that is, underdressed for the season. At least he's sporting a long sleeved shirt under a light jacket!

"What? There is cow behind to be milked for shake?" His Eastern European-accented complaint is good natured enough; he's well-enough known in the area to be 'quick', so it's received in good enough humor.

"Keep your shirt on.." is returned as a pretty generic NYC response.


As the door opens once more to allow flow of customers, the moment Rogue is seen and truly noticed, there's a quick smile for her, and a call-out, as it were. "They are buying new cow for milkshake. Will take time."

"Shut up, Maximoff.." is muttered from behind the counter.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been with the Brotherhood from ages 14 to 16. She'd notoriously left right after the Golden Gate Bridge incident with Carol Danvers, which was 4 years ago now. At some point in this stretch of time is likely when Rogue and Pietro interacted most, and last!

She recognizes him though, instantly, he's one of those people that just sort've stands out in a place like this especially. His words to her make her grin as her right gloved hand goes up to sweep her hood off of her head, then smooths down some of the wild strands of white/dark brown hair that dominates her head in great supply, still a bit disheveled from the flight over here too.

"Is that so?" Rogue says in her countering accent from the American south. She looks from Pietro, to the employees behind the counter, then back to the Speedy One. She grins at him. "My time here in New York has lead me t'believe that these folks wouldn't know which end of the cow to work with t'even /find/ the milk." She replies with a growing strength to her grin.

She upnods her chin at him then. "Good t'see ya, Fast Times." The southern gal tells him then. Now that she's 20, she probably looks a lot more grown up than the last time they saw each other.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
Pietro quirks his head and looks to consider briefly before turning his gaze towards the counter, and the help behind. At least it's getting closer? The mixture is under the blender, and the *whrrrrrrr* noise fills the smallish store briefly as it churns the dairy goodness.

"They take milk from container then.." and he sounds almost disgusted. Here is a man who was 'raised' (after a fashion) with milk from a cow! Straight from a cow.. and why wouldn't one use the thick, creamy goodness..

"Is not worth price. If it was not for another, I would not bother.." is said with a dismissive if not a little disappointed shrug.

Still, well met in the shop! Pietro turns fully to face Rogue, and as the hood lowers, his smile brightens. "You have changed." Reaching out, he offers his hand, palm up, for greeting, the gesture encouraging for her to lay gloved hand upon his. "And looking well."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyed gaze goes over to the show of the preparation of Pietro's milkshake. She holds a soft smile at his summation of their preparation process before she looks back at him and flashes a light grin. "I think you'll like it though, even still. And hey, maybe next time they'll let you bring your own milk for them t'use in it?" She holds the grin a second.

When he addresses having 'changed' she glances down at herself then back up at him and his offered hand. She raises her right gloved hand up to place it upon his. "Less Goth makeup. You're right." She says in that sassy sultry tone of hers that comes natural to the southern girl. She used to be big in to the moody Goth scene back in her mid teenage years. She's clearly come out of that now, though she still has some pretty dark eyeliner around her green eyes.

"You look... pretty much the same as I recall." She adds back at him with a continued light grin. "Good though, as ever. What are you doin' around here? I didn't know you were in this area..."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
Once her gloved hand is in his bare, Pietro lifts it to deliver a decidedly continental 'kiss' to the knuckles without making full contact, blue eyes looking into her lined eyes. "And prettier." She's grown up, and coming more into her 'own'! Soon enough, she's allowed to retrieve her hand once the full greeting is given, and he glances back at the creation as if that is now completely secondary to his presence here. There's a light shrug, complete with the fidgeting run of fingers through his short hair in silent response to his 'looking the same'. "Wanda is here, in city." He doesn't venture far from his twin, "And for moment? I am needed, I think, here." There's a pause, however, as he looks towards the counter, his tones taking that 'hurry up already!' tenor, even if it's in light, good natured harassment.

"If it takes too much longer, milk shake will not be needed. Will have died of old age."

Fully, once again, Rogue has his full attention, blue eyes dancing with the enjoyment of getting a rise out of the counter help. "And you? If I had known you were here, I would have looked. Last was.. California? Now, I am sorry I have not."

Rogue has posed:
The endearing display of kind gentlemanly affection in greeting to her isn't lost on the southern girl. She smiles big and happy at it, because well... the world isn't really filled with people willing to make such gestures of respect anymore, let alone that fine compliment on her looks. "I can see you haven't lost your charm." She adds to him. "That's a good thing too." At mention of Wanda though, Rogue is lowering her hand back down beside herself. She nods at the news, remembering Wanda well enough, though the two of them never really spoke-- or interacted with each other --quite as much as she had with Pietro 'back in those days'.

She gives another glance to the counter where they're making his drink, her grin blossoming again before she looks back at him. She raises her hand to point toward a 'Now Hiring' sign.

"You could put in an application. Show these people how its done." She teases back to the European man.

With that said, the Belle just shakes her head side to side, her white bangs waving against the sides of her sculpted facial features. "I moved up here t'find help with my mutation. Now I've just made so many friends'n such, that I don't see myself leavin' any time soon. Plus, I'm workin' on becomin' a bona fide super hero type. Got myself a fancy suit'n everything." She leans toward him and whispers a bit, loudly. "And I look amazin' in it too!"

She's a flirt, but he'll remember she always was!

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
"Ladies are ladies," Pietro returns with a light 'eh' to his voice. "I am happy to remind them of that." In the world of 'equality' and 'women's lib', he's only received a few scoldings overall... and certainly nowhere near enough that would deter him from the brief offering of what he views as respect and courtesy. Of course, there is that hint of swagger in his manner and mien, even if he's looking a touch more impatient and fidgety as he now glances back and forth. He does look ready to go back behind the counter and help it all along.

In truth? It hasn't been longer than a few minutes. Poor guy.

Leaning on the counter now, shifting his weight, Pietro sounds a light scoff at the thought of employment. "I would be horrible employee. No patience. Too quick, would make others look bad." And there? Another quick glance at the help. The sound of the mixer is done, and the final pourings is given from the metal to the waxed paper cup. Soon enough, it's handed over.

The news of her learning about her 'mutation' brings brows up, and he looks interested as he ducks his head slightly. "Is not 'mutation'. Is gift." He fully believes that, which is probably a hold-over from his somewhat famous father. "And I am happy for you." He honestly does!

A hand digs into his pocket, bringing out a small wad of various bills in a few different denominations. Nothing big- singles, a couple of fives.. and he lays them on the counter in that 'not from around here, take whatever' manner of his before his attention is immediately back to the now grown and coming into her own Rogue.

His smile brightens again and shifts to something a touch lopsided, "I would like to see this 'amazing' one day. Perhaps I visit?"

Rogue has posed:
"I think the world could use more folks who're willin' t'pay some kind words t'each other." Rogue adds to his initial response to her as she turns to face the counter and steps up to the edge of it to run her eyes over the ad boards and refresh her memory on all the available options of tasty drinks one can acquire here.

As she looks up again, and over to him once more, she flashes him another quick grin. "I had a job as a roller-waitress this past summe'ah. You shoulda seen me skatin' big trays'a food out t'everyone's cars. It was a fun job, and I like showin' up my fellow employees. Take pride in your skills after all."

She can fly now too, so roller skating is suuuper easy for her to do and not ever fall down.

At his talk of mutation versus gift, she grins and looks away, nodding her head in agreement with him as she runs down another list of drink options. "You're right about that. I can't argue that point. Took me awhile t'realize it, and get over the angry parts, but now?"

She looks back over at him. "Now I'm happily enjoyin' all of it." And she does seem quite happy now, far more than she used to.

She watches him lay money down for both of their drinks and then sees him turning to leave. "Maybe you will, Mistah. If you're lucky." She adds, holding her grin for him as he goes to leave. "Enjoy your drink now, tell your Sistah, I said 'HI' too."