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ZZGU: Reinforcements
Date of Scene: 19 November 2020
Location: Metropolis Naval Base
Synopsis: Dreamers premonitions take a team of heroes to the Metropolis Naval Base where they encounter a coup of the otherworldly kind. Using the slime of ZZGU intruders recruit a small army and attempt to bring ZZGU in to this world through a portal. Siobhan crossed over to ZZGUs world to battle another version of Kara Zor-El and is now trapped there. Maxima declare war against the monster. Hela thinks magic might be the solution.
Cast of Characters: Kara Danvers, Nia Nal, Daisy Johnson, Hela, Siobhan Smythe, Clark Kent, Maxima

Kara Danvers has posed:
When the suicide squad took out the survivalist militia in Oregon, the DEO thought their only loose ends were their missing agents. But when Dreamer informed Supergirl of an impending attack on the Metropolis Naval base, they started to worry the infection may have spread further than anticipated.

Their worst fears - a heavily armed group of rogue soldiers under the influence of an alien entity from another dimension, hell bent on spreading their infection and bringing the monster to our world. This was not acceptable.

Supergirl lands at the gates to the Naval base and approaches their security checkpoint. Seeing that it's Supergirl, the officer in charge comes out of his office and approaches. "Supergirl, what brings you to Port Etna?"

"I'm here on official business for the DEO. We need access to your base. We believe a group of cult fanaticals are planning to attack this facility imminently."

He pauses and then says, "Uhh.. one moment then Supergirl, I'll check with my commanding officer." He heads back in to his office to make a phone call.

Nia Nal has posed:
Dreamer doesn't fly. So, she's driven her battered bug to a bit away, and has walked the rest of the distance. Her costume consists of a blue bodysuit and domino style mask, and it all works for her. She eyes the base as she walks closer, tucking her brown hair behind one of her ears. She spots Supergirl as she is approaching, and she raises a hand to wave.

"Supergirl! Good, I'm just in time. Cool."

She breaks into a jog to make her way over, flashing the guard an awkward smile. "Uh, Dreamer. I'm with her."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy had seen first hand what that creature could do, how it could influence minds and twist them to murder and mayhem ... And last few times it had been a close enough call though she hoped now it would be different. Having received the invite to come and join on the mission Daisy had decided to come in her guise as Aftershock, dark blue and black, armored vigilante suit with the bottom half of her face covered, eyes with a sleek visor on.

She has driven her old van close by and then took the rest on flight, slowly approaching the area and upon noticing Supergirl she descends to land not too far from the entrance.

"Hello, Supergirl." She says, "Got the invite." she looking around the base from the outside. "You really think they may come here?"

Her attention shifts to Dreamer a moment, watching her up and down a moment before dipping her head in a greeting, voice coming out muffled from under her mask. "I am Aftershock."

Hela has posed:
Hela has been watching Midgard for a while for opportunities. And she doesn't really want to foil bank robbers or anything so petty. But something more spectacular. Hopefully with fame potential. So when she's not ruling the dead, or visiting, she's spending quite a lot of time scrying and watching from afar.

And this concentration of magical power and likely deaths combined draws her attention. Being direct of personality, she teleports, and just rises up from the ground in front of everybody, all green cloaked and cowled and with her aura of cold around her.

"Hello Midgardians." she says pleasantly, not caring enough in her quest for souls to know what a Kryptonian is yet. "I am Thor's relative, if you have heard of him. And not Loki, fear not." she assures. "Can I be of assistance here?". She perks up a bit when she noticies Siobhan. Someone she knows!

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
For her part, Siobhan has a hard time just being her other self. Frankly, she tries to avoid it when possible. It's, an experience and she doesn't really like it. She's just not all that stable. So, she is here, just over there. Out of the way, she's in her normal clothes plus a hoodie with the hood pulled up over her head and her head slightly bowed. Sure, that is usually Raven's schtick but she isn't wearing a full on cloak so...there.

"Supergirl." She literaly sends her voice over to the woman and then swaps over to Kryptonian. <"I'm gonna just try to help as I am if possible. If dere's no giant evil monster, there is no need for one to face it."> She shakes her haed softly and glances out of her hood toward the front gate from the spot she has chosen to lean against. She does note Dreamer's presence briefly and then Daisy's arrival as well, glancing at her with some curiosity. She turns though a little upon seeing Hela, smiling and nodding.

Clark Kent has posed:
Clark Kent also took a car out here. He wanted to look into a few leads while in town, and also take an opportunity to observe his cousin in action without literally standing over her shoulder. For example, she's apparently got her own little group of super-friends she invites on dangerous missions involving mind controlling goo. That's fine.

Don't be overbearing, Clark thinks to himself, quietly getting out of his compact, economical looking car. Clark Kent gives a distinct sense of being too tall for the room, even when outdoors; tall, but slouched, with a tiny bit of a gut from farm boy muscles going unused in the city, a slicked back haircut that's trying too hard to look worldly, and a slightly clumsy stance as if he is always afraid he's about to break something. He's fixing his tie as he hurries towards the gate, and smashes into a trash can in the parking lot, making a little hopping motion and pained grimace. You know when you stub your toe really badly but it's socially unacceptable to make a big deal out of it?

"Afternoon!" Clark Kent says, flashing his press pass. "Golly, this looks like a to-do. Lucky me, getting assigned that story about the new radar program."

He winks at Kara, a little obviously, and does a double take at the Norse goddess of death showing up like 'how are you fellow mortals'. "As a matter of fact I interviewded Thor once."

Maxima has posed:
Maxima generally does not involve herself overly in Earth's affairs save for the occasional intervention when her sensibilities are gravely offended or to remove the psychic dissonance of overt and acute human suffering from the air. There is however a third as well, personal favors, its just so far there are perhaps two individuals she has met on Earth for whom she might do such a thing, Supergirl just happens to be one of them.

So it is that at the appointed time, the Almeracian Imperial Crown Princess clad in her metallic 'armor' descends from the skies above the military base, long crimson hair flowing in the wind, until she comes to a stop floating near Kara Zor-El. "I am here." she informs Kara in about as casual of a greeting as one ever gets from Maxima, "It is good to see you." Her gaze turns sternly towards the military base. "These are the ones?" Her implication clearly being 'the source of the threat'.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl turns to the assembled team and replies to each of their greetings with a smile and a nod. "Good you're all here. Everyone I'd like you to meet Dreamer. She's new in town and came to me with a premonition. This monster I've been fighting with Aftershock," she says and motions to Daisy, "will strike again here."

"Please be gentle, if any of the soldiers are mind controlled, it's not their fault. SHIELD is working on a cure for the mind control as we speak. Apparently it's a parasite of some kind. Their Dr. Simmons also let me know that the parasite is airbourne. If you see a black slime, stay away from its proximity."

She lets out a sigh, "These people, if they are mind controlled, they will fight us to stop us stopping them bring their master Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth to our world." She looks to Clark and does her very best to suppress the desire to double take that he'd turn up as press, "The slime or ooze or whatever it is, it doesn't seem to affect me the same way as it does humans. If any of you are psychically strong, you may find yourself in a mental battle with the parasites. Do not give up, we're all here for each other."

Her eyes turn to Hela and she places her hands to her hips, "Hi, I don't think we've met before. I'm Supergirl. Welcome. Please if you feel capable, join us."

To the group she continues, "Let's not make too much of a scene, beyond simply being here. Spread out and search for people acting suspicious. And Mr. Kent, _please_ try to stay out of trouble."

The gate officer walks back out and sees the assembled superhero group and stares in wonder. "Uhh. Supergirl, the base commander has given the green light, you are clear to proceed." He motions to the guard on duty who presses the button and the gate symbolically opens to the group.

With that, Supergirl strides in to the base with the purposeful steps of someone in a hurry, but not willing to break out in to a full on sprint yet.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Well.., that's quite the assorted group of people here today.. It makes Aftershock cant her head to the side, some surprise at seeing both Siobhan and then a .., Goddess coming up? It makes her posture change, some suspicion there. She was present on Loki attacked SHIELD those years ago, afterall! But she at least nods her greetings. "Well met, everyone. I am Aftershock.."

"You are bringing in a journalist?" The masked figure looks towards Clark for a few, a sigh but then she moves to follow, adjusting her satchel over her shoulders. "This will be dangerous for a civillian." that SHIELD training coming up. A look to Clark. "No offense."

Eyes stay attentive on the surroundings when they move in, focusing as she tries to keep aware of any danger that may be coming their way.

"Did you have any luck finding a protection against their psychic attacks?" She asks of Supergirl.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look at the group assembled and she puts her hands in her hoodie and starts after Kara, shaking her head a little. She glances back toward Clark Specifically and then ahead as she walks and then she sends another whisper to Kara direclty in Kryptonian, <"Are ye sure about de reporter? Seems like a liability."> She states and it is just strange how she can still keep her Irish accent in another language, and yet...there it is.

Hela has posed:
"Oh, so you have heard of him. I know he is a famous hero of Midgard." Hela replies to Clark, a bit heartened that two people at least now vaguely know who she is. She, for her part, is a bit bemused by everybody, looking over Maxima especially with curiosity. These Midgardians certainly are diverse.

"Gentle?" echoes Hela, a bit bemused. Death is gentle by definition in her mind. But she knows how basically everybody outside of the various underworlds thinks of that. It's also quite hard for her to stop doing her job. "I will try." she promises, her eyes wandering to the gate guard as he returns. She nods at him. "Hela thanks you, Midgardian.". The masked one radiating suspicion, she gets a smile too, but Hela doesn't say anything. Actions speak louder than words after all.

She then follows after Supergirl, thinking of ways for once to avoid the incipient deaths she feels, rather than administrate them.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Well you know the Daily Planet, we like to be a step ahead of disasters, peril, and." Clark pulls on his tie in an exaggerated show of choking down cowardice, "Invasions of all sorts. And I drew the short straw, so..."

Clark can't keep from raising an eyebrow at Maxima, but quickly covers it as mopping his brow. "I don't think you have to worry about me and trouble, Supergirl." Clark just smiles at Aftershock as though, yes, he totally agrees this is very dangerous and not the right place for civilians.

He works for the Daily Planet, though. They're all a little mad, there.

It is an effort to keep from giving Kara a look when, yes, the strange hooded woman speaks Kryptonian. With an accent, but priorities. He can always ask his cousin what's up after the space fungus is beaten back. "Keep away from the black goo, got it." Kent is already quietly taking notes in shorthand as he works his way into the base. Clark pulls up a camera, taking a few pictures as a cover for applying his x-ray vision, trying to look for any crew on the base who seem to be acting oddly of violently.

Maxima has posed:
"Maxima fears nothing in the Psychic realm, if that is the battlefield this ...ooze..." She makes a face of distate at the thought of black ooze "...chooses then whatever mind it has shall be torn asunder." Maxima replies imperiously.

"I will try not to break them." She informs Supergirl when the plight of the soldiers is described. Clark is given a look and a once over, like perhaps there is something familiar about this human she can't quite place. But she gives it little thought, instead gliding into the base at Supergirl's side, still not deigning to touch the ground.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl says, "I'm going to start in the cafeteria, that's where Dreamer saw the vision." She heads towards the mess hall. There's gun fire in the distance at a shooting range. There are large hangers backed to the naval canals for submarines. The USS Eisenhower is currently docked, a big next generation refit underway. A large particle cannon has been installed with a 540 degree swivel base.

"And something about a grenade...," she muses thoughtfully and then glances back to Aftershock. "If someone opens a portal here and that monster pokes its tentacles through again - this time I have a contingency thanks to Ironman." She smiles a touch deviously at the thought of getting one up on this creature. Last time she bled from the nose because of it.

She says to Siobhan, "/raogrhysuse Mister Kent/" (Mr. Kent is very skilled). She's sort of getting used to the strange accent from Siobhan in Kryptonian. Much like she got used to the way Kal speaks it, having not grown up on Krypton though considerable more so in Siobhan's case. To the group, "Mr. Kent is here for a radar technology as he said, I'm sure his reporter instincts will keep him safe."

The mention of Thor brings a small little cheeky smile to her lips. That man is absurdly good looking. The guard returns a concerned looking smile to Hela and then a nod, though he keeps his eyes on her. Something about her gives him the heebijeebies.

Kara enters the mess hall and looks around at the soldiers eating. Things are quiet, though they do stop and stare as the heroes arrive. One man in particular, standing at the far end, suddenly looks like he's been caught in the act, even though he's not doing anything. He does have a bizarre looking grenade in his pocket.

The casual glance around the military base and the Eisenhower by Clark reveals mostly soldiers going about their regular business. A few elevated heart rates here and there which could be an indication of anything. There is something being built in one of the submarine hangers that doesn't look at all like a submarine.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
When Supergirl mentions having a contingency it makes Aftershock smile faintly under her mask, a sharp nod given in return and she slips her satchel over to her front, reaching out for a tablet within it. She starts to type on it quietly, glancing about, making sure all is fine where it comes to communications about the base, or at least nothing out of the ordinary out of what she can find in a rather quick, crude inspection.

"So far so good." She says about what she is so far finding, a glance at particle cannon. Brrr, that brings back memories.

"Do you think the Eisenhower, and that cannon, could be a target?"

Once they get into the mess hall she looks over. Quiet? That's not how mess halls go, not in any military base! At least in her experience with SHIELD.

"At ease, soldier, we are only here for your protection." she says to the one that looks .., distraught. But she also focuses on him, checking on heartbeats and all those teltale signs of nervousness.

Hela has posed:
Hela is actually a bit taken aback by the guards reaction. They don't even know her yet and she's getting the Asgard treatment already - it's not easy, being death (or a franchise thereof). Not that she lets this dissuade her, and nor does she let it show, but clearly she has a lot of work to do here for people who aren't Icelandic or metalheads to seek her out of their own accord. While even the mention of Thor gets a smile.


She looks around the base with interest, not having seen Midgard warriors quite like this before, and not in such numbers or so equipped. It's different from the last time, that's for sure, though the uniforms are sorta... vaguely similar to what she remembers.

"Eisenhower?". She follows Daisy and Kara along meekly enough, making sure to stay out of the way - while also searching around for the sort of magical emanations / imminent death that brought her here in the first place. She's here to be helpful not to watch after all.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look over at Kara and then back at Clark and then Siobhan shakes her head a little. She'll take the woman's word for it. She knows she knows what is going on. She figures she'll have a plan for the reporter. She turns instead to look briefly over at Daisy and her reaction. Even as she is scanning poeple, though, she is listening. Her ears listening out for strange things, trying to find any strange whispers, words, or the like.

Maxima does get a strange look, she isn't sure what to think of that one. Rather cocky. It's nice in a way but also...worrying. She turns instead to move next to Hela and nod to her, "People here are used to strange and interesting." She states in a low voice to Hela, "Dey don't often get to see real goddesses or the like up close but it is known that dey are around."

Clark Kent has posed:
"Huh." Clark says to himself. "Trouble." The cafeteria seems to be handled, and, well.
Lois isn't here, someone has to make some trouble, Clark thinks to himself, quietly tuning his super-hearing to keep track of the Superbuddies while he slips off towards the construction project. Clark keeps analyzing the strange structure, trying to get a feel for it; it's materials, any strange rays or beams it's emitting, that sort of thing. He always has his super-watch if he gets in a real jam.

Maxima has posed:
In order to actually enter the mess hall Maxima finally touches the ground, now walking behind Kara though perhaps surprisingly there is no 'clanking' from that metal armor she is wearing. "These are this 'country's'" the notion of a planet split up into smaller political domains is still strange to her, "finest soldiers?" Her eyes scan the room, seemingly looking more for fine genetic specimens than for trouble, trouble always seems to find her anyway.

She does however begin to reach out extending her empathic senses in a more focused manner, searching the base for clusters of darker emotions that might indicate this thing's presence.

"Is Eisenhower the name of their most formidable soldier who wields a particle canon?" Maxima asks as well after Hela, echoing her question.

Kara Danvers has posed:
"Eisenhower," she explains to Hela and Maxima, "was the 34th president of the United States. They name their warships and things after their former leaders." She gives a small shrug and smiles. "On Krypton we named them after what they did." Kara doing her homework on Earth history. There's still a lot of it to learn and absorb. The soldiers in the mess hall are fitter than the average human specimens Maxima would see on the streets.

Kara hmms softly at the question from Aftershock, "It was unclear if the Eisenhower was a target, the premonition as I understood it was rather.. vague. Something about green fields, something about this naval base, something about a grenade and the mess hall."

The submarine hanger is quiet on the outside, but on the inside there is a host of electronics and generators hooked up to a large vertical cat-like eye shaped gateway. It's made from regular Earth metals and plastics and is currently doing nothing. This is extremely unusual looking - may be it's just a secret military project.. may be.

As for the mess hall, the soldier addressed to by Aftershock shows why the mess hall was relevant. Sweat drips down from his forehead and he says, "Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth is love." He pulls from his pocket a weird custom grenade and throws it toward the centre of the room. Supergirl, having been warned about this moment from Dreamer, blows freezing breath as the grenade explodes. Its ooze spreads out in an impressive arc that snap freezes and falls to the ground in chunks.

Every soldier in the room jumps up and several are drawing weapons. The soldier who threw the grenade grips his head and starts to laugh, "Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth is LOOVE," he repeats loudly.

It is then that many in the group can hear or sense similar grenade explosions going off in other buildings - administration, the armoury, barracks.. and even in rooms on the Eisenhower. Kara spins around and peers out toward the other buildings, "Oh no..."

Within moments, the big particle cannon on the Eisenhower starts to turn toward the naval base. Alarms begin to sound out across the entire base. "Protect them from themselves," she instructs the group as the sounds of gunfire begin to ring out amidst the claxons.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yea, it's the large warship on the outside." She confirms to both Hela and Maxima when they speak of it. Aftershock's gaze lingers on Maxima for a touch longer, perhaps trying to place her. Another Kryptonian? She isn't too sure. "Are you also a Kryptonian?" she asks of Maxima. Nothing like asking!

But then her attention is on the sweating guy on the mess hall and his declaration of love for ZZGU .. Well, that doesn't bode well.

"Crap, we are late." She gestures to the other soldiers. "This soldier has been infected by a parasite. We need to subdue him!" and to demonstrate, she takes a step forward, sending a shockwave in an attempt to send the man back against the wall. Hopefully that will knock him out for the moment.

"If they are here already they must have taken the cannon, or en route. It needs to be protected." she warns the other heroes with her.

Hela has posed:
"Nobody knows me here yet, however." Hela says softly to Siobhan. "More is the pity. So why such a reception? I am not a cruel goddess. In Asgard I expect it by now.". She shakes her head slightly, headdress probably brushing on the walls a bit - not the most practical attire to walk around inside a Midgardian building unless its vast.

She was going to answer Maxima, but Kara has a far more detailed and accurate answer than Hela could manage, which does draw her furrowed brow gaze. So he's like Midgards Odin now and remembered with the big ship? That was quick, but that makes sense.

Then things start happening, and suddenly there's a whole lot of incipient death around. Though in this alien place, and outside of her usual function, she's not really sure what to do per se. The guy who wanted to throw the grenade seems very dealt with. And there's talk of a cannon.

So she teleports over to where it is, next to it. And ponders. Protect it? It looks like it's aiming at the base! To stop it blowing up their own base, she tries to pull the barrel down a bit so it's more aiming into the water. Without like, breaking it.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
As the scene unfolds, she is about to respond to Hela when all of this mess happens. She hears it, hears all the things happening outside and she frowns deeply as she notes what is happening. She is really hoping that she doesn't have to...take it further. She instead turns her gaze to Kara and calls out, "I'll see about crowd control!" She looks where Hela was and then blinks as the woman is gone. She sighs and shakes her head before she turns and runs out, "Stay inside, Mr. Kent. It appears safe in here."

And then she is out the door and rushing toward people, using her ability to enhance her voice and calls out, "Stay away from de ooze! It controls ya mind! Avoid it and remember, ya fellow soldiers aren't demselves!" And she's hoping people get the message even as she looks toward spots with ooze and tries to save people from it.

Clark Kent has posed:
Clark has excellent hearing.

One, Kara knows more about what's going on. She knows if, for example, blasting the ooze with heat vision is just going to make things work.

Two, Kara brought a team. No reason to step on their toes unless that giant particle cannon looks like it's really going to fire. If that's Thor's cousin or something, why not give her a shot?

Three, Clark hardly ever gets to do the side mission. He feels like Batman. Clark moves his arms to 'swoop' a little, grinning to himself, before getting closer to the machine.

"Hey fellas." Clark says, embracing the Lois Lane school of reporting, i.e. walk right up to the suspicious thing and wait for the bullets to start. "Neat project there! I do some model kit myself. Anyone want to be in the papers?" Clark takes some pictures.

Maxima has posed:
"Ships?" Maxima peers at the Eisenhower, "Does it even fly?" Earth technology is so strange. She turns at Aftershock's question, "I am not from their noble civilization, no. I am Maxima, Imperial Crown Princess of the Almerac, one of the Great Stellar Empires." Also anything but shy apparently.

When the grenade is thrown Maxima is a microsecond from reacting when Supergirl already has the situation well in hand, so instead of doing something about the grenade itself she launches a bolt of powerful mental energy at the thrower's mind, just enough to try and render him unconcious.

Kara Danvers has posed:
The turned soldier hits the wall hard as Aftershock pins him with _totally not quake powers_. Then, he's out like a light as Maxima hits his mind. For the briefest moment, she caught the mental image of something unexpected. Not just one mind, but millions of little minds.

Supergirl moves like a blur out in to the court yard where several soldiers are shooting at each other. She zips around in a circle catching the bullets just in time before they hit each other. She snatches their guns away and tosses them in a pile in the centre of the open area. One soldier tackles another who is covered in the ooze.. and then stops fighting and gets back. "Every one, the ones covered in the slime, they are turned. Check each of the buildings." She bops the two of them on the head to knock them out. A practiced technique so as not to harm them.

It is then that Supergirl looks over to the Eisenhower and sees the gun pointed at her. The big particle weapon heats up rapidly; but then Hela is suddenly on it, redirecting its aim to the water. It shoots with a big boom and the water sizzles in to a massive myst. The gun fights her, trying to turn back toward its target.

Siobhan tries to help the nearest group in the administration building. Several people are covered in ooze and one throws some of the gunk at her. She instantly feels a million little minds trying to invade her. They tell her that Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth the horror from outer space loves her, that it will bring peace, that she need only surrender and serve Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth, that there is nothing but happiness to be had now and to help others embrace the glory of Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth. She sees in her mind the image of a gigantic slug like creature covered in slime, tentacles, beaks and eyes. It is as big as a city and the million little minds impart that this.. _this_ is true love.

Clark being investigative Batman journalist surprises the group of engineers and soldiers who are working on the portal. One draws a gun and points it at him, but a man wearing a DEO scientists uniform places a hand on his shoulder. "Fear not, it comes."

The giant cats-eye gateway hummmms to life and beyond its event horizon, a green field and blue skies. It's quite beautiful... except that Clark is immediately hit with an intense psychic attack. It feels like his mind is on fire, pressure building. The same attack that penetrated Kara's brain and had her bleeding from the intensity.

Those listening for the otherworldly hear it.. especially Kara El and Kal El, ~~another Supergirl, you too will be mine~~. A large tentacle pokes through the portal and touches its tip to the ground exploringly, leaving a trail of slime that drips from it.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Do you guys have your stun--" Ugh, too long with SHIELD..., where everyone packs an ICER. Of course these guys won't be carrying weapons with a stun setting on them. "Alright guys." she gestures, "Stay in. If anyone comes in covered in slime or declaring love for some unpronounceable name shoot them, not to kill if you can. These are your comrades, and they can still be saved." after the quick rundown to the ones inside the mess hall, and hoping they barricade she turns to step to the door and glance out.

"Hey, where did the reporter go..?" she asks, "And Hela.." a bit of a frown. Maybe this is another Loki. Never trust Asgardians that aren't Tall, Blonde and Hammer'ing. It is known.

Walking out and feeling those vibrations she blinks. "Oh no.. they have another portal here." she looks in that direction and starts to run there. Unless she sees someone needing help of course, or struggling with slime from the heroes.

Hela has posed:
Hela grumbles a bit, muttering in Asgardian. "This is raven starver's work.". Wrasslin' a giant gun isn't exactly that heroic in her opinion, her foe being an inanimate object. Besides, she either breaks it or she stays here holding it out of the way as someone seems intent on keeping at trying to use it.

She keeps holding it back, and is sorely tempted to try something a bit more permanent to it to get it out of the way. Assuming it's not super hard for her to hold it back, she'll try casting a scrying spell with her other hand to find out what everybody else is doing.

At least everybody from all over can see her up on the ship, that's a plus!

Clark Kent has posed:
"You know my editor gives me a bonus for every bullet wound." Clark says, pleasantly, taking another picture. It's a little risky, but considering what the DEO suit is mumbling. Looks like his guess about the ominous portal looking machine being evil was dead on. Now if he can only find a place to change...

"Aaah!" Clark exclaims, as his head feels like a million razors just stabbed into it. He stumbles, his hands twitching and grasping at a wall, the squeeze of Clark's hand ripping the armored plating off of the base wall like it was tissue paper. "What...is that?!" Clark tries to remember some of the meditation techniques J'onn's taught him over the years but it's hard to think with all of that white noise kicking his ass. "Got to...shut the machine down..."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Siobhan is trying to help people get away from all this goop only for one to throw it at her. Siobhan, in her human form, doesn't stand a chance. She's hit and immediately the voices start. She stumbles back a step and the universe slows to a halt for her. Her eyes glazing as she stares into the distance. For those around here, it's mere seconds. For Siobhan, it's much much longer. She's a willful woman to begin with. She's already fighting back in her mind, staring left and then right as the voices come after her...and then in her mind, her eyes glow.

"YE...DARE..." The mental voice rings out with the power of the banshee. Screaming back against the voices. Then she stands up and whips a hand out and the voices are still there. The being is still there. Just the silence is defeanening. It's no longer a young, punk girl standing there any longer. It's the Banshee that is staring and then she pulls in her hands and opens her mouth unnaturally wide, "YE DARE TEMPT DEATH!" And then...the terror grows.

Outside the seconds pass and a moment later, the hoodie seems to flick back even as glowing eyes and a skull like face emerges. The hoodie and all the rest of her outfit is eaten by the form of the Banshee. The Silver Banshee taking over and then a voice screams out into the air, "YE DARE!" And then she sucks in and a scream, horrifying, and signifying death screams into the sky. All nearby glass shatters. The earth under her skeletal foot cracks and as the sound whips off into the distant sky, her head comes back down and that baleful face glares at the soldier who threw that goop at her in the first place. A moment later, she is in his face and she unleashes a quick little scream that likely ruins his sense of balance and possibly causes his ears to bleed before she looks around slowly toward the submarine hanger.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima's attention snaps in the direction of the otherworldly horror, the powerful psychic presence not unlike the physical manifestations of its disgusting ooze. There is the briefest glance at the others before the Almeracian princess takes off fast enough that the human eye can barely keep up.

Maxima barrels towards the submarine hangar with little regard for the physical impediments between her and it, cutting through walls with laser-like optical force beams as necessary.

Maxima arrives just in time to see Clark stumble and grasp the wall near the portal. Seeing this, and the protruding large tentacle, she begins to let her unrestrained psychic presence emanate off of her. One hand raises and gestures in Clark's direction as she too attempts to touch his mind and fight whatever is clouding it with her own formidable mental powers. Even as she does so her head turns in the direction of the portal forcefully declaring both verbally and psychically "You are not welcome here foul thing! Know this, you now face Maxima! Flee while you can or be destroyed!"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl rushes between the buildings catching bullets and disarming the soldiers. She turns one of the buildings in to a make shift prison for the infected by welding the door shut and depositing them through a hole in the ceiling. She is fast about it, but she can't keep up with everything happening at once.

When the voice hits her in her head and she feels that psychic attack starting to build up again, she presses a button on her wrist. A DEO drone flies in at high speed and lands in the court yard. Attached to it, a Stark Industries case. She places her finger tip to it and it opens revealing eight pairs of stylish yellow glasses.

Putting on a pair, she feels the delightful relief of silence from the psychic attacks. In fact, the only people not feeling the brunt of the psychic attacks are those that are infected and Supergirl. Maxima's presence announced, ZZGU focuses its immense psychic prowess upon her, letting up on Clark. The intense feeling of fire and pressure penetrating in to her mind despite her own incredible psychic powers.

The soldier who splash Siobhan with the ooze stops considering her a threat... for a few mere seconds until suddenly she is a horrifying skull banshee and she blasts him with her voice. His unconscious body slumps to the floor. The millions of little voices in her head are consumed by the Silver Banshee.

Hela's scry tells her that on the ship people are fighting room to room for control. The bridge is where the controls for the particle cannon are and in there they too are fighting. In the hanger, the other heroes have gathered and the presence of something truly old and alien - an ancient space faring creature that moves from planet to planet consuming everything in its path. It is poking just the smallest bit of itself in to our world.

Supergirl gathers up the glasses and moves first to Clark and slips them in to his pocket. She gives him a super fast wink and a pat of said pocket, then moves on to Aftershock and offers her the glasses too. She doesn't want this creature to have the ability to fight them like last time. She offers glasses to Maxima, and Siobhan as she arrives; and saves a pair if Hela turns back up.. where ever the heck she went to.

The glasses activate the moment they are put on, providing a calm cooling feeling to the mind, blocking out the psychic attacks of the monster from another dimension. Just in time too as another of its big tentacles pokes through the portal, squeezing barely past the barrier. The first one extends out longer and with a twirling swish, tries to knock Maxima away.

Supergirl comes to a skidding stop, "This time Zed Zed Gee You.. this time we have an Ironman to help."

Hela has posed:
This is terrible, Midgard can't be consumed. All those souls, wasted! Plus it might even endanger the rest of the Nine Realms... her beloved dead. Who she is a protector of. She almost feels righteous... but perhaps that's a problem for a moment later.

She can sense the fighting and dying on the ship itself though, and that might get her free of this blasted gun. So she teleports up to the guy at the controls of the thing after giving the cannon a final push.

"Midgardians, I will be gentle." she promises them all. And then, she extends a hand towards to guy at the controls, sending a bright green beam of necromantic energy at him - intending to age him to the point where he's too weak and crippled to do anything at all, but not actually kill him. She lays around the bridge with her necromancy after he's dealt with the main one who controls the big gun, intent on subduing any other possessed slimed troublemakers here in much the same way.

She can un-age them later, after all. Gentle... by her standards.

Assuming the bridge of the Eisenhower is left subdued, she then teleports to where everybody else is, with the submarine.

Clark Kent has posed:
Okay, Kal-El thinks, lets prioritize.

He can think straight, again, thanks to Maxima's thought bubble. Is she reading his mind? Worry about that later. Clark feels a flash of gratitude, honestly, but keeps on one knee, not wanting to give himself away as a target yet. Clearly this horror has a taste for Kryptonians but might not have recognized him yet.

The ship's being handled by Hela, who is apparently much nicer than the old stories implied. Kara just put some weird Iron Man glasses in his pocket, (Ugh, he thinks.) which will probably do something useful. Clark takes a second to x-ray scan the device, deciding that is the main problem since that is where the monster is coming out of. He's specifically looking for power lines and structure so he can sabotage it.

"I'll get out of the way." Clark says, "So you can, uh, focus on the monster, Space Princess!" Clark edges towards the men's room. There's always a men's room.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy casts a look towards the banshee, a grimace. So this is the banshee... But as things appear to be under control somewhat she continues on her way towards that hangar. And it appears that Maxima opened a way for her. So convenient! Just got to avoid to melted steel.. No biggie.

But eventually she does join the others, taking the glasses and grinning at Supergirl. "Of course it had to be glasses.." she slips hers off and puts these new ones on. Maybe not her choice where it comes to aesthetics but it will have to do!

She looks around the hangar, already searching for a source. There must be a machine so ... that's what she will focus on while the others deal with the big ZZGU and it's tentacles. They have enough firepower here with death banshees, goddesses of death, Almeracians and Kryptonians!

"Need to find the device that's powering this thing." She says. "And revert the polarity so the portal closes."

Maxima has posed:
Maxima does something no one on Earth has ever seen her do before, she grimaces in mental pain as both hands come up to her head like she is having the mother of all migraines. She glares at the tentacles emerging from the portal and the fingers of her right hand brush the area beneath her nose coming away with wet with crimson blood, "It has been a long time since anything has made me bleed Parasite. Yes, I know of your kind, a plague upon the universe wasting perfectly good worlds." Her breathing is heavy and teeth gritted.

When Supergirl brings her the yellow glasses she doesn't ask questions, based on her past experiences with Supergirl she assumes they are something to help, besides the match her outfit. Putting them on there is a moment where she is left marveling at how primitive Earth technology is managing to block out this level of immense psychic attack before the first tentacle collides with her sending her backwards, even as it does her eyes begin to glow with small points of light and laser-like beams of optical force lance across it even as she is hurled into a wall leaving a Maxima-shaped indentation in its surface.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Then Kara is there, offering her glasses and she turns that gaze upon her, "No...I want to hear it...and for it to hear me!" She then looks toward the hangar again and that toothy mouth grins in a horrible, lipless grin before she disappears and reappears near Maxima and the fleeing Clark. The tentacle stared at and she laughs, "Dere ya are, beastie." She stomps a step toward it and watches it flick toward Maxima. A part of her wants to grab it, rip it away but a rational part of her. The part that is Siobhan holds the reigns forcibly. Who knows what that might do.

"Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth..." She repeats the name near perfectly, save for that Irish Brogue. She steps closer, watching it attack Maxima, "Ye want me to give ya proper welcome?" She then opens her mouth and unleashes the full force of the Banshee Scream directed not just at the tentacle but at the portal it is coming through.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Hela has arrived on the Eisenhower.. and has left. As a sailor breaks in to the bridge, unaffected by the ooze and machine gun at the ready.. he sees what looks like an attack from the Mummy, the good one with Brendan Fraser.

When Hela appears Kara hands her the glasses. She has just entered the realm of burning mind pain after all. The engineers and guards of the portal look on in confusion as people try to fight their beloved ZZGU. With Siobhan refusing to wear the glasses, the attention shifts to her Shelley (talk)another of each of you, better than a second world, I will have you allShelley (talk).

With Maxima suddenly knocked back Kara unleashes her own heat vision in concert with Siobhan's powerful scream. The slimy two tentacles quiver and shake and start to rip apart before suddenly exploding ooze everywhere. If there were uninfected still in here, which they aren't, they'd be infected now.

The green fields on the other side become dark, as a shadow spreads across them, an even bigger tentacle approaches. Kara lets her heat vision burn past through event horizon like Siobhan's attacks, through the portal. A person drops from the sky in front of the huge tentacle. She is wearing all black with black cape and has long black hair, but has the same face as Kara. It is another version of Kara. Her heat vision returns fire meeting Kara's and equaling with her.

Aftershock's explanation of how they closed the other portals makes the set up of the machines suddenly make a lot more sense. Simply destroying the gateway wouldn't help, they need to reverse the harmonics keeping it open. Something easily enough done given that the people who would otherwise try to stop them have started running from the building.

Hela has posed:
Even a death goddess being gentle is still a death goddess. The charnel house she left behind isn't full of dead - merely /almost/ dead. She'll have to fix them later.

She takes the glasses, working out pretty quickly what's going on when this thing from between the stars assaults her mind, and puts them on over her cowl. Unfortunately, Midgard technology really isn't the bag for this ancient fossil - and she missed the explanation anyway.

Seeing the giant tentacle coming her way, the Nightsword suddenly appears as if extending from her hand with a metallic sound, while the other hand creates a shield composed of magical force in her other hand.

"Midgardians opened this portal? The magic must be undone." she declares.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
The voices, they cause her to falter. Siobhan stumbling back a step and then she glares before unleashing another blast of sound. She is stopped though, by the sudden appearance of another...Kara?! She stares and then she lets out another scream as the power of the monster comes against her dual mind again and then she stares with those glowing eyes at the creature and then at other Kara. She looks from one to the other before she suddenly rushes Dark Kara.

The Banshee is fast and far more powerful than even she knows, "Ye aren't Supergirl!" She calls out in rage and attempts to scream right into the ear of Not Kara. She would never think she could fight Kara but she sure as heck wasn't pleased by the idea of someone or something impersonating her friend.

Clark Kent has posed:
Clark is visibly horrified by the twisted version of his cousin hovering on the other side of the event horizon. Alright, he thinks, enough screwing around. Forcing the glasses onto his face, he feels his thoughts focus and crystallize. "This looks like a job..."

Hidden in the men's room, Clark stands up straight, gaining two inches and a completely new body language. His voice deepens, and he gains the easy, relaxed confidence of a man who is immune to bullets. A quick change (thanks to his super-pouch, which can easily hold his work suit and equipment thanks to bootlegged Brainiac shrinking tech, it's a long story.) and the Man of Steel is ready. "...for Superman."

"I heard Clark's signal watch!" Superman says, busting out of the Men's room. "And looks like I'm just in time! Great suns, what a beast! Hold on!" Supernan...


In seconds, Superman has found the blueprints to the machine and the basic "How To Reverse Polarity" guide kept on base, and is reading them at superhuman speed. His enhanced Kryptonian brain allows him to retain this quickly learned knowledge, but only for a brief time! It also makes Clark a natrual ventriloquist, which he isn't. Really sure how the Kryptonians evolved that, it's weird.

In another flash, Superman is back. "Hold on, I found the instructions!" He shouts, and starts trying to reverse the machine's polarity.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima is not happy, her eyes flash with anger and another blast of the optical force beams from her eyes as she extricates herself from the wall. "I hope you enjoyed that, because now it is my turn!" Pushing off from the wall, she takes a moment to dust some debris from herself. "Destroy it with extreme prejudice." She tells the Banshee and then lunges forward, spinning through the air. As she goes blades of force energy manifest in her hands as she corkscrews along the length of the tentacle moving towards the portal like the central piece or a kitchen appliance set to purey slicing and dicing as she goes.

"Is there any reason I should not simply render this machine down to its component pieces?" She calls out as she continues her approach to the machine and the portal.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara calls back to Maxima as she considers attacking the portal itself, "It won't shut the event horizon down if you do - we need to.... never mind Superman is on the case." She gives a nod of approval as her cousin makes an identity switching appearance. Better him working on the human technology than her, she's only been on this planet two years and it's still confusing to her.

She calls out in surprise as Siobhan passes through the event horizon in to ZZGU's conquered world, "Banshee no!." Her focus is on the other Kara Zor-El, whose heat vision cuts off when she is attacked by the sonic blast. She stumbles back and lands on the darkened green grass. Her voice is soft, gentle, and she says, "Siobhan?" Almost like she was coming out of a daze. "Catch me if you can," she says with a laugh and takes off in to the sky.

It is then that Siobhan can see.. a gigantic slug like creature covered in tentacles and eyes and beaks writhing and squirming across the land. It is as big as a small city and it makes an alien howling like sound. The destruction of that one tentacle? barely even a scratch. The psychic oppression is significantly stronger on this side of the portal.

A new tentacle pushes through and is met by heat vision from Maxima, her blades, and Hela's nightsword. It cuts up like jello, falling in to blobby pieces on the ground and turning in to more ooze. Fighting it this way seems to make it easier for it to spread.

It is then that Superman gets the better of the technology and the portal blinks shut. The remainder of the tentacle is cut cleaning off and splashes to the ground. Kara stares in horror as they are cut off from Siobhan. "Oh no... Banshee..." But for third time, an invasion by ZZGU has been turned back.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
It isn't even sure if the Banshee sees she made a mistake. She's after something that dared to come after her mind. Dared to mimic her friend. Dared to bring death to a world that was rightfully hers. Even the darker half of her hates the idea that something else dares think it can bring fear and death to a world that belongs to her. As Other Kara takes off, Siobhan stands up and looks in the direction of the portal. "Trapped..." She then laughs herself, her laugh perhaps far more insane than Other Kara's as she looks in the direction of the beast, "...over here with me." And then she takes off after Other Kara, a scream coming off her as she races after her foe.

Hela has posed:
"It is the size of an entire realm." Hela observes. "Great magic will be required to deal with something so large, with its life force dispersed overan entire realm.". Though not impossible....

When Siobhan goes running in to shout at Evil Kara, she blinks - but she's more focused on defending the portal from that tentacle coming through while it's being closed, slashing at it with the Nightsword as it comes in.

"No! The portal is being closed!" she warns - but too late it seems, as it snaps shut, a bit quicker than Hela, or Siobhan presumably, thought.

The Nightsword is dismissed. "This is a threat to all the realms. I am surprised Thor isn't here.". Hela smirks a bit though, thinking of that. No fame for Thor this time. "And Siobhan must be rescued." she adds, remembering that bit too, if after the optics part.

"I must return those Midgardian warriors to full vitality immediately before they start dying." she adds, and teleports back to the warship, to de-age all those poor victims - and smile a lot, and reassure them of her gentle ways.

Clark Kent has posed:
Okay, Clark thinks, so that was Silver Banshee. Sort of? Clark shakes his head, trying to focus on the immediate...

...someone lost in a parasitic hell dimension's pretty bad, though. "Great Scott, that poor girl."

Frowning with resolve, Superman floats over to Kara, putting a hand on her shoulder. "We'll get her back. And beat this thing once and for all. I'm going to do a sweep of the base, make sure everyone who was, ah, infected has been quarantined. No matter how many dopplegangers it has."

But Superman frowns, a bit, because when you think about it, there really is only one person to go to when you want to stop a rogue Kryptonian, isn't there.

Maxima has posed:
"That planet will need to be destroyed." Maxima states, agreeing with Hela, just before the portal is closed, "It has spread too far."

Once the portal is closed though, she does not seem to be outwardly concerned about Banshee's fate, either she died honorably in battle or she'll survive to see them again. "If we can determine what planet it is inhabiting, I have a ship that could take us there."

With a flexing of telekinetic power she expels all of the black ichor from her person, allowing the energy blades to fade into nothingness once more. "This Zee Zee Gee You, has made an enemy of Maxima this day and I will see it destroyed. It's kind are loathsome planet killing parasites, a plague upon the universe."