4197/I'm so Thankful. You don't even Know.

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I'm so Thankful. You don't even Know.
Date of Scene: 22 November 2020
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: It is a Cooking Bonanza Extravaganza. This is Jean Grey's kitchen, you mustaches! So look out! Dodge the floating stuff, and mind the dog in the corner! Nori's got the shocking, Kitty's got the cereal, Hank just wants a gd sandwich, and Rogue is mincin' words over bad types of pies!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Jean Grey, Noriko Ashida, Emma Frost, Gabby Kinney, Kitty Pryde, Henry McCoy

Rogue has posed:
There's always the need for precooking things at this school for holidays. With 50-some-odd people living in this giant house, and everyone of them able to put their own weight in food away (sometimes more), pre-making a lot of stuff is a great way to cut down on time during the big day to come.

As such, some of the school's faculty and residents have volunteered to make things. One of them is ROGUE. She's in the kitchen now, baking five, FIVE very special Apple Cherry Pies.

She's already made three of them, and has two more in the oven now that she's on the counter seated beside. In her hands is her phone, along the counters are all the stuff she used to make them, and the kitchen is lit-up with all the lights on and decorations hung.

The place smells of delicious food, as other people have been making things to!

(There's two ovens, after all)

Jean Grey has posed:
First, let's be honest: /Jean/ is baking, and Rogue is her assistant.

But the rest of it is mostly true. The two ladies are quite busy in the kitchen, seeing to the preparatory work for what will no doubt he some truly grand feasting soon to come. While it's an all hands on deck sort of affair and everyone is pitching in (including students as part of their assigned chores!), Jean wouldn't feel like Jean if she wasn't contributing directly to the process rather than just administrating. She needs to do something to make it special. For everyone!

The pies are just one of the many projects. Large batches of the mainstays need to be prepared, like your stuffings and mashed potatoes and vegetable casseroles and everything else. Not all of it can be done ahead of time, but portions can be: there is plenty of chopping and peeling to do, and the least skillful (and most rebellious) students are being put to the grunt work!

There are also other desserts in process. Pumpkin rolls, pies in other flavors, you name it. And everything is being done on a grand scale.

Jean stands in the middle of this madness, surrounded by a halo of floating cooking implements. She is wearing an apron with a trio of chili peppers between the text 'Hot & Spicy' above and 'And the food is pretty good, too!' below.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It's a lot easier to trust Nori with a potato peeler than a knife.  Plus it's probably one of the most annoying jobs aside from helping keeping the dishes from backing up, which Nori seems to be doing in spades.  It's like Mary Poppins on speed.  Dishes are going back, dried.  Various tools popping up back in their homes.  It's just so she doesn't overwhelm whoever is mashing the potatoes.  She zips out of the kitchen quickly, the door swinging behind her.  Then she comes back and leans back against one of the counters, breathing in all the scents.

Emma Frost has posed:
    She stops in the hall, the blonde woman's breath catches when she hears the sounds and voices of people she's been living and struggling to live with. Emma frowns to herself, she doesn't want to cause any more issues or drama, but... that's what a family is, they're a family, and she's what, the kelptomaniac aunt that's gotten arrested so many times no one talks about it and everyone just kind of tollerates her but walks behind her to make sure nothing is stolen.

    Emma takes a deep breath, stuffs her hands into the center pocket of the borrowed hoodie, thinks about bringing the hood up, but keeps it down. She's not going to hide who she is, but she's not going to act like everything is alright either. She lets the deep breath out and rounds the corner into the room and lifts her head slightly to smile at everyone in the room as she walks towards the refidgerator and pauses, "Hello..." A short greeting to all and then she looks down at herself and then another boost of courage or internal yelling, "Do you need help?" The White Queen asks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue continues to just sit on the counter beside the oven that her pies are baking inside of. She's got her phone in her lap, an apron on as well (though hers just has santa and a snowman on it).

As some of the kids rush by, Nori included, Rogue looks up and watches them clear out a bit before she laughs softly and starts to play a song on her phone.

"Jean?" Rogue asks. "Can I play this over the PA system after Thanksgiving?" The song continues to play for she and Jean (and likely others nearby) to hear.


Jean Grey has posed:
"How much longer on-" Casting a look over toward her assistant, Jean gives a put-upon sigh as she finally hears enough of the song (which starts innocuously!) to realize what it is. "How about this- I'll let you put together -two- playlists. One for the PA, and the other for later." IE, when the teachers and older students are hanging out drunk in the teacher's lounge, or what have you. She can guess which song goes where!

This said, Jean leaves her floating tools to continue their work (this is some true multitasking!), and turns to amble through the kitchen checking on the progress of various projects. "Very good, keep chopping them medium-thin, just like that-" she offers passing one prep station, and then is on to the next. At some point, she arrives at a certain blue-haired student's station right before she comes speeding back, almost as if she knew she'd be there. "That's great work, Noriko. You're really speeding this up, it's going to be a big help with how much we have to do this year." It is full, genuine, unvarnished praise!

Emma's arrival earns a quick grin as Jean continues from one task to another. There's no time for moping, here! "Sure, join in! Do you know how to-" Oh right, this is Emma and they're weaning her from private chefs. "Rogue, do you need any help?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori shrugs to Jean, not quite comfortable with the full shine of her praise.  "You're going to run out of ovens...It's no big deal.  I was bored," and certainly curious about everything that the festivities entail.  It's a good effort to sane.  There's only so much a person can absorb and do before they find themselves going mad as they watch ants.  Noriko zips over to a fridge and pours herself some milk.  Her foot blurs as it taps as she waits for gravity to do its job.  Her eyes drift slowly toward Emma as she walks into the room.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma pauses looking at Jean and blinks slowly as she doesn't know how to help this, but she feels it's something she really needs to do, to become part of a family, in a positive light, you need to do positive things. "Um, Rogue, can I help you with anything?" The woman asks, before her blue eyes dance across the room towards Noriko and then back to Rogue. Waiting. Almost hoping.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at Jean's response to her, it's not like she actually expected the Headmistress to say 'sure you can, Rogue!' She does just nod along to the alternative suggestion though. "Fair, and will do. That's probably a more prefered place t'air such a Christmas classic anyhow." She adds as she drops off of the counter on to her heeled leather boots.

At Emma now, do Rogue's eyes go... She stares at her with that defiant 'tough girl' look for a moment before she just summons up a smile and motions to the counter. "You can put these pies in the plastic pie plates, put the lids on'em and put'em in the fridge, then maybe help clean up the counter space. I think we gotta make a different kind next?" She glances to Jean for confirmation.

"Are we gonna finally stop makin' Pumpkin pies? They're just the worst. No matte'ah how much damn whipped cream ya smear on'em..."

Jean Grey has posed:
"You're right, we can't do everything at once," Jean agrees with Noriko. "And some things are better to make closer to the day, but pies keep pretty well. So a lot of this will go in the fridge to wait," she explains. "But I think you've done your quota and then some." That's probably a huge understatement. Still, it seems to mean Nori is free of her /requred/ duties, leaving her free to...

...well, what does a Nori do?

"We've still got pecan and pumpkin to do," Jean then glances back and confirms to Rogue, Chief Assistant of Pies. "Oh, and mincemeat, but we're making less of those, it seems like it's a pretty niche item and last year we actually had leftovers of those." The unwanted pie.

And speaking of unwanted...

"Emma, I'm sure you can do a little more than just clean up," she adds, shooting Rogue a little bit of a look. "But you can help her with that first. Then I'll show you how to roll out and plate the crust. We've got lots of the dough premade, so you get to skip to the fun part." Well, fun for her! It remains to be seen if Emma can be initiated into the Joy of Cooking.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko sighs softly when Rogue mentions cleaning to Emma.  The milk in her glass disappears and she wipes her mouth.  Then she sighs again as she watches the poor kid using the hand mixer looking desperately at the pile of potatoes waiting for them.  Suddenly a hand mixer doesn't seem so convenient.

No one knows what Nori does, and they probably don't want to.  Everything is easier that way.  It would be very very very difficult to stop her after she got going, and she gets going a lot.

"I'm uh, kind of bored," Noriko says to the generally older people in the room as her eyes flick over to Emma again and then back to Jean.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma takes a breath and lowers her chin, "Oh, okay." And that's it, Emma steps towards the counter space and without thinking about it, she rolls her baggy sleeves up to her elbows and then with the ties on her wrists, she ties back her hair in a quick pony tail. It doesn't look unnatural or difficult. She does put her hair up often.

Emma carefully, slowly, often in the way looks for the plates. And of course most cabinets she opens is the wrong one, "Plastic pie plates." Emma mumbles to herself as she stoops and bends and looks for the things. "Yes." She says, finally, and likely annoyingly not finding them immediately and grabbing all of them with some effort as she's not super strong.

    Set up at the finished pies she begins transfering them into the containers and sealing them. It's not fast work, but she's trying.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyes dart back over to Jean when she tacks on additional recommendations for Emma to do more than what the Belle had given her alone. This gets a little smile and a shrug of her shouldesr inside of the green sweater that Rogue is wearing, with a wide neck that shows off a black tanktop being worn underneath it. "Lets do the Mincemeat pies then. I don't want the last ones we make to be the absolute worst ones... It'll just, sour the whole of them."

Her phone is pulled up and she starts to tap on the screen to bring up a recipe for Mincemeat pies that they'd had prepared. She finds it, shoots it to a screen on the wall and its visible there for everyone who wants to read it, to do just that.

Rogue looks over to Nori then and smiles at her. "You can go down t'the basketball court and bring Jeepers back. He's been down there for like two hours playin' with the kids. If ya bring him in here though you'll have to keep him out from under our feet..." Which could be tough with all the food smells in the air. "We can placate'im with some treats though."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Noriko, yuo finished you're assigned work." And then some. "If you're bored, you're free to go. If you think helping me with these would be interesting, you're welcomoe to join in!" In Jean's kitchen, you're either helping, or you're... not in the kitchen! The nods along at Rogue's suggestion as well. The girl's time is her own.

As for Rogue's opinion of the least loved of the pies, she can't argue. "Alright. Although the people who enjoy them seem to really like them. I think it's just sort of an old-fashioned thing. Maybe Logan will eat them?" She's not sure. But as long as there's someone at the school who wants one, whose Thanksgiving will be a little improved by having a slice of their favorite pie, home-made with love, then she'll see that they have it!

Which gets back to the crusts. "Emma, do you want to help? What we'll do is take these big clumps of dough and roll them out flat. Not too thick or thin, you can watch me do it." She puts some flour down first, and then goes to work with the pin. "Then we'll be cutting them into rounds and putting them in the pie molds."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Hearing voices from the kitchen and being the curious, often hungry teenager sort, Gabby pokes her head in. Using her lesser known power of 'being short' she slips in hopefully unseen heading for the fridge to pop it open and lean inside in search of immediate munchies. Hmmmm. She finds some salami slices for sandwiches at least. Opting for that she stands out of the fridge again already with a slice being chewed on hanging from her mouth.

"So why's everyone cooking so much?" Comes her rather clueless question as she eyes the arrangement of cooking people here curiously.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah.  He's probably run ragged."  Noriko then thinks on how he'll get his 5th wind with a whiff of this kitchen and smirks while she's checking her dumb wannabe smart phone that has no touch screen.  "I can do both."  She zips away from the mince meat making, mashed potato whipping student-who-has-not-been-named, and all the other various activities.

"Hey Jeeps," Nori says behind the dog as he's wagging his tail while he watches some boy running away.  It's as if Jeepers' just waiting to take off and tag the boy, but Nori gets his attention and he turns to greet her.  "Getting tired?  Think I could carry you?"  She speeds to get her hands under the dog but tries to lift at regular speed, taking more effort from the girl as if she was a race car going under forty all the time.

She then proceeds at what amounts to an extremely slow walk for Nori.  Nothing about her blurs or crackles.  She's just giving Jeepers a fun car ride without the car, slowing down at the turns like someone flying a little kid around.  She even makes low pitched whirring noises.  Jeepers comes in for a gentle landing in the kitchen.  "There you go buddy.  Smell away!" she says brightly.  "Oh hey Gabs.  There's something called Thanksgiving that people do."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I'll help, after, getting these off the counter and put away. I think the counter space is more important at this moment. No?" Emma asks as she finally slides the second pie into a container before starting to work on the third. She's not very fast and not very sure of herself, so the chances of one falling to the floor arent zero. "Can it wait, five minutes, Jean?" It wont take her five minutes to move those pie.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde rounds the corner and enters the kitchen. She's wearing a pair of shorts and some slippers that look like fuzzy feet from Bigfoot. A sweatshirt that mentions the Cubs last world series is large enough to hang loosely on her. Lockheed is lying on her shoulder, clinging to her as she walks.

There's a mostly empty cereal bowl in Kitty's hands, just some milk left in it, and the spoon. She glances around at everyone as she sees the room is as full as it often is this time of day. "Hey guys," she says. Her eyes go quickly to Jeepers. "Hey there, whose dog?" she asks, looking to Noriko first since she was just running about with him.

Kitty heads over to the cabinet that holds the cereal, getting down a box of Apple Jacks to refill her bowl with.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is getting the fixings together for the Mincemeat pies out of the fridge and laying on the counter. She turns to watch Emma for a moment but just smiles and shakes her head before her eyes go to Gabby. "We're getting a head start on some of the basic cookin' for the holiday comin' up. We gotta send some'a this stuff out as gifts too, so its best t'make it a whole thing as early as possible. You're welcome t'help with some of the gift boxes if ya'd like."

Rogue motions to the counter where some of the students are seated, all dipping pretzels into the white chocolate mixing bowls before letting them dry on wax paper. "You're allowed t'have some, but not a /lot/ as these are for outgoin' packages here this week."

When Jeepers is brought in, Rogue smirks at Kitty's arrival and reaction. "He's mine, goober. Remy got him for me back in August. You're lost in your own world, huh?" She grins at her friend. Jeeper's leash is offered to Nori to help keep the dog reigned-in.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"What's Thanksgiving?" Gabby meanders a bit closer to where Jean is currently rolling pie crust to regard it thoughtfully. "That's a lot of pie." Another bite is taken of a rolled up slice of salami, and she glances over to Noriko again expecting an answer there. Or someone would answer it no doubt. Rogue does a good job though and she glances over to the chocolate station thoughtfully.

"I need like a primer on holidays and stuff I think." With that said she sneeeaks over to Jeepers to offer a bit of remaining salami.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Stooped to rub Jeepers chest and back, Noriko looks up at Kitty and then over to Rogue, quiet for once.  "I know.  I'm hungry too," she says when she spots him licking his chops and false starting off his hind legs.  She rises to take the leash from Rogue and snaps it on his collar.  "Thanks."

CHOMP CHOMP, LICK LIPS, goes Jeepers. "Oh look, your new favorite person, traitor," Noriko says affectionately to the dog while smirking at Gabby. "I have no fucking clue what it is either.  I've gotten like twenty six versions today alone. I don't know who to believe."

Then she leeeans to whisper something to Gabby.  "Wanna practice some knife skills?"

Jean Grey has posed:
"Its an American holiday with some complicated historical origins, but these days it's mostly an excuse for families to come together and have a big meal," Jean offers in a rather abbreviated explanation to Gabby. "At least so far as we celebrate it, that's what it means. That we're thankful to have each other, and share a meal to symbolize it." She continues to roll roll roll her dough, gently with the pin. Once she has a nice sheet she demonstrates cutting a round from it, using a a plate a little bigger than the mold and trimming around the outside with the knife. "This actually isn't even necessary if you have the dough portioned the right way, then you can just roll it out and put it across the mold, and trim what hangs over the edge. But either way works OK. Anyone want to try?"

Regardless of assistance, Jean continues through the process, because there's a lot of pie to make.

"Doing the tops depends on the style of pie. You make criss-cross strips, or a whole solid cover, or even leave it open. For the pecan and mincemeat, we won't need tops so they'll be pretty easy."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma keeps bumping into people as she moves without warning, and there's no synergy. She's having trouble reading people and keeps apologizing for being in the way as she moves from pie to container to fridge and back. It's a mess of logistics and the woman frowns as she finally gets the last one, and suddenly there's a dog in the room and so many children. Faces she doesn't know, faces she betrayed, faces.

    Emma looks towards Jean who's handling everything like an expert and then towards Rogue, and finally Kitty. That and Noriko being so close, those are the faces that break the White Queen in this moment of family. Of happiness she never experienced before. Emma's lip quivers and her eyes shift red.

    "I'm sorry." She says after closing the fridge from the last pie. "May I be excused." She asks no one and everyone before she steps quickly to the nearest door, leading to the dining hall, but it's at least out of the subtly happy room.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde fills up her bowl and stops and looks at Jeepers. "Yeah, I knew that didn't I?" she comments, shaking her head. "Maybe I should have Jean or the Professor check me out," she says, but only sounding like she half meant it.

The young woman shuffles over in the Bigfoot slippers to the fridge and gets the milk, then returns to her bowl to add it. Then banishes the milk back to the fridge. She leans back against a counter, holding the bowl as she starts in. Have to eat it quick, else it gets soggy.

"Yes, there's history there, but as we practice it today, it's about coming together with family, taking some time to think about things we're grateful for in our lives," she says. "Though for a lot of people it's more about just eating a big, great meal," she adds.

Kitty glances over to Emma, observing the emotions without saying anything. She just quietly spoons more cereal to her mouth as she watches and listens.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney hmmmms thoughtfully at Noriko while petting Jeepers with a grin. "Got to know what the doggos want," she points out with a laugh. "Sure. What kind of knife skills? I got a lot but most involve throwing and other stabby things." Of course there was that idea Noriko had but it didn't seem as if it would be suitable for, you know, cooking in a kitchen.

"Okay, so an excuse for a party with lots of food. I can get behind that." She's about to say more when Emma takes her leave abruptly. Watching as the woman goes she purses her lips together with a small sigh. A glance is given toward Jean curiously.

"She going to be okay?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue digs around in the cabinet for a moment to get Jeeper's food out along with a plastic dog dish. She pours some of it in to the dish and takes it over to Noriko. "Don't sneak him human food, it'll mess up his stomach... which will be painful for all'a us." The southern girl tells the other.

With a soft smile at everyone's rundown on the holiday, Rogue adds in. "I think it's a time t'get over stuff that you're mad about with people too, and forgive'n'forget them for it. Cause Christmas is right around the corner now, and it's a month'a bein' happier than you were before."

With Emma stepping out, Rogue exhales softly and goes to fill her space with the Mincemeat pies. "Logan bette'ah love these. Or Jimmy, I guess." She mutters.

Henry McCoy has posed:
It'd been a day of resting for Henry - the big man had been secluded in his room. No work, no science - just classical music and proper tea. It was time now, to brave the world and other people. It'd been a good day - one where the animal side had been quieted and subdued.

Stepping into the kitchen, the Beast grins at all the people assembled. "Evening all. Did I miss dinner?" He wonders, looking about the room.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko sees everything happening in slow motion, quite checked out even as things start to slide.  She takes in the scene like a picture.  Kitty with her spoon up to her open mouth observing everything like she's in a natural history museum, Jean in the middle of a roll and how she seems to radiate pleasantness in her natural habitat, Rogue being Rogue, Gabby giving the smiling Jeepers his second treat, affection, and then finally Emma, and the subtle beginnings that slowly unfold in front of her, making Noriko feel like she's intruding, like she's just invaded someone's inner thoughts.  She pushes herself back to normal speed, like holding a breath.  "I don't know," she says softly and not having answered any of Gabby's questions, she hands her the leash and walks out after a few beats.

Jean Grey has posed:
"No knife throwing in the kitchen!" Jean is on top of that one!

That said, she watches Emma's departure, and her expression shifts slightly, from the bright and friendly face she keeps while giving her baking lessons to something a little saddened, or at least concerned. However, she lets it pass, and answers Gabby in a more encouraging fashion: "I think she will be, although it may take some time."

There's also a dog, and while the Headmistress may uphold certain discipline standards in the kitchen, apparently pets slide under that bar! After she's finished with the current pie demonstration, she reaches down to give the animal some headscritches as well, since Gabby has conveniently already won the pooch over to their vicinity.

"No Hank, kitchen's still open," she calls over as he joins their gathering. "We're doing thanksgiving pre-prep, though, so normal dinner has to work around that. You can either wait for us to get all the pies in and the prepped stuff into plastic, or... I think we have leftovers from yesterday in one of the fridges."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde uses her spoon-hand to give a little wave towards Henry McCoy. "There's always something to eat," she assures him, giving the elder X-man a warm smile. Another spoonful of cereal goes in and is eaten before Kitty reacts to one of Rogue's comments.

"How's he doing? Jimmy that is?" she asks. "Haven't talked to him since he got here, unfortunately," she says. Kitty leans down to offer Jeepers a few little pets. Lockheed eyes the dog speculatively, but if he feels like those scritches have been misappropriated, he offers no other complaint about it.

Kitty straightens and gets another mouthful of cereal. "I'm still not quite sure if I'm going to be here, or head back to Illinois for it," she says. "Mom's used to me not making them, but I figured this year maybe I should head back for it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue starts to work on the Mincemeat pies in Emma's absence, she does glance back toward the doorway that Emma went back in to hallway toward, but there's no sign of the White Queen, so she just accepts her fate with working on these things after getting the ingredients laid out. She takes another moment to wash her ungloved hands and then sets to work on it all.

"Jimmy is good, far as I can tell. Jean and I have made sure he's been up t'speed on how things work around here, and I think he's interested in settlin' here as a regular, so it seems anyhow." She states, glancing over to the screen with the precise cooking instructions on it.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I'm not throwing knives! ... Kitchen knives are entirely the wrong sort. The weight's all wrong," Gabby explains while making a few vague hand gestures as if trying to demonstrate how weighted handles ought to be. She watches Noriko wander out as well with a tip of her head thoughtfully before shrugging. Hank however gets a grin. "Hey, Doc. Feeling okay?"

Jean Grey has posed:
"If you want to do it, I'd say you should go," Jean suggests to Kitty. "It isn't like we won't all miss you, but we have you year round. We can give you up for a little while." Along with this, she nods and echoes Rogue's brief coverage of what Jimmy is doing. "Yeah, he's going to be teaching some athletic subjects, among other things. Feels like he's settling in just fine."

When it seems like she's not getting too much more assistance with the pie crusts, so she starts with the 'showing off' version of doing this: suddenly, several additional rolling pins animate, sailing through the air of seemingly their own volition. Soon, she's doing a bit of a one-woman assembly line, rolling, cutting, and assembling the crusts in their tins before sliding them on to Rogue to handle the fillings.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde finishes up the bowl of cereal, taking it over to the sink and washing it out and putting it in the rack to dry before she turns back to the others. "I could always take the Blackbird," she kids, "Zip over there and back and you wouldn't even know I was gone!"

She grins and glances over as Jean sets the extra rolling pins to work. "I wonder how many ways you can split your concentration there," she comments, and then moves over to help with some of the pie filling. Those who have known Kitty long enough know better than to let her cook, but she usually helps out with preparations like cutting or mixing things that others have set out.

"So who are these going out to, Rogue?" Kitty asks as she lends a hand. "And we still need to get over to the neighbors."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Watching the Sorcerer's Apprentice-esque assembly line has Hank grinning. He avoids the highly trafficed prep area, moving over to the fridge to get a tupperware bin of leftovers. Seems that will do just fine. "Permission to make use of the microwave?" He grins to those doing the heavy work in the kitchen. "I don't want to disrupt any timers or prep for the great feast."

Rogue has posed:
At this point of Cookin' with Jean, Rogue's gotten pretty used to the display of TK. She had a bunch of things floating around her earlier as they prepared the first phase of things that got stuffed in the oven. Now more is getting ready to go in. So with the fillings put in to the pie plates, Rogue spins around to see Hank and smiles at him. "By all means, Doctah, we haven't been usin' it much anyhow." She says before pulling the oven opena nd sliding two of the Mincemeat pies in to the rack inside.

"Where you goin', Kitty?" She asks. "I missed it. You're movin' out and leavin' us here with all these spawn'a Logan?" She glances at Gabby and sends her a grin before looking back to Nori and where Jeeps is. "He behavin'? You can put him out on the patio if he's being a bothe'ah."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins at Rogue only to shake her head. "He's fine. Just wants to be near where the food might accidentally drop," she points out, before adding to the other kids, "No chocolate for him though." Those pretzel dipping kids might not know. As for her? She glances around a few moments before stretching.

"I'm gonna go for a run before it's too dark but I can help after. I slept way too late today."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde waves Hank towards the microwave. "You're good," she tells him as she helps prepare some of the fixings for the mincemeat pie. She looks over to Rogue at the question and says, "Was talking about whether to stay at the school for Thanksgiving, or head back to Deerfield and see Mom. Most of the family is gone now. Not that Dad and her were spending them together anymore," she says. Jean at least would pick up the surge of emotion in Kitty as she speaks of her father who died on Genosha, though she manages to otherwise not let it show to the others.

"But still, I figured, it's been one of those years it would be good to get back with her. I think she was hoping I might settle in Chicago when I came back," Kitty comments.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Does your family have space to land it?" Jean wonders back at Kitty, as if she's actually taking the Blackbird idea seriously. Or joking about doing so, anyway!

"Its much easier when they're all doing the same thing," she also admits of her telekinetic display. "Rolling four or five crusts isn't much harder than rolling one or two. But the more different tasks, and the less they have in common, the harder it is. Sort of like that whole pat your head while rubbing your belly thing?" It's the best analogy she can think of. "Compartmentalization is actually one of the most core exercises in psychic training. It's also the basis of what we teach all of you, in terms of self-defense. Keeping thoughts separated so that an attacker can't control everything at once."

Just because they're cooking is no reason they can't chat mutant stuff!

"Oh, go ahead-" But Rogue has Hank covered, though she grins along with the other woman. The rolling gets done quickly, but she is taking the actual placement of the crusts in the tins more carefully, crimping the dough around the edges. "Ok, we fill the last of these, get them in the oven, and that should be the end of it for now!"

"It sounds like she'd really appreciate it," she says, coming back around to the earlier topic as the cooking comes to a close. "You can take a pie, if you want - and maybe bring us back one of hers, like an exchange?"

Rogue has posed:
With the Mincemeat pies, all two of them, safely inserted int othe piping hot oven, preheated to the right temp with a timer set for the proper time, Rogue leans back against the counter and ducks under a flying mixing cup as it hovers over her head.

"Deerfield for the holidays, huh?" She says with a grin over to Kitty. "God, that place just sounds like it's still lost in the 50s or 60s. I'm picturin' like... a diner in town filled with old people in faded clothin', talkin' about how the world just 'ain't right anymore'. And a big high school football game comin' up this weekend." Is she teasing Kitty's home town? Or talking herself in to loving it?

"Take me with you!" Rogue says with huge eyes then and there to follow. "I wanna seduce the hot Football team Quarterback..." Naturally that's her reasoning!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry does get over to the microwave, popping it in for a few moments to reheat. "Home for the holidays... and the Midwest. Say what you will, but I love the midwest for their traditional holidays. It's all about family." The man offers over.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty laughs at Rogue's statement about Deerfield, Illinois. "That's not too far from the truth. Well, it's a small town, but it's a suburb of Chicago. So yes, it has a small town feel while being like 15 miles from Chicago. Only like, I don't know, 20 thousand people there. The high school games ARE a big deal of course too. If you want to come with me, Mom would LOVE to have another person to cook for!"

The Jewish young woman turns to Jean and laughs, shaking her head. "Nah, still the same house you've been to when the Professor and everyone came recruiting me. I don't think the backyard could fit the jet even if you made it so no one noticed," Kitty says with a warm chuckle.

She moves over to start washing dishes, letting that occupy her for awhile.

Jean Grey has posed:
For the last of the pies (pecan, ending on a strong note per Rogue's wishes!) Jean joins Rogue in handling the fillings. There's nothing more to roll, no more tins to fill. All the while, she has the chatter between Kitty and Rogue to listen to, and can't help but smile at the latter's guesswork. She's been there, indeed, so she can appreciate how on point Rogue actually ends up being.

"It does sound eerily accurate," Jean admits, nodding with Kitty's own evaluation. When the last of the pies are ready, she helps bring them over and set the ovens. "You'd probably like it there. But I don't know if the high school quarterbacks would really be any kind of match for you. Kitty," and here she shifts gears as she follows the younger woman over toward the sink with some of the implements from the counter where she's been working- including a number floating along in a vague blob of cutlery. "I think it's a little late to put it together now, and I've got far too much to do here still. But I'd love it if we could visit some time. Maybe ask your mom about it, and we can figure it out."

The floating spoons and butter knives drop into the appropriate basin, and she claps her hands together. "Well, I think we can call this all a job well done." Until the day itself, at least!