4223/Ice Times

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Ice Times
Date of Scene: 25 November 2020
Location: Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: Negasonic and Surge hang out a little while at a mandatory school activity
Cast of Characters: Noriko Ashida, Negasonic

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Yesterday (and this morning), Bobby was kind enough to give the lake some extra safety.  Last night, a group of faculty and a few of the older students 'snuck out' after curfew to test out the ice by moonlight and it has been deemed worthy for groups of kids that have been mixed up grade wise (a class here, a classroom full there) to encourage socialization and all those other lame words.

Group activities.  They're awful.  They are the bane of Noriko's speedy existence where she is forced to slow down and socialize at everyone else's pace...or at all.  It never works.  She /has/ opted into a pair of skates though and is currently sitting on the bench.  No phone, no gauntlets to fiddle with, the teen looks over to scan the other side-liners and zips over to stand about 5 feet away, not wanting to startle the little atomic goth bomb, as if someone suddenly appearing in front of someone isn't disconcerting enough.  At least she's not behind her this time.  "Mind if I sit?"

Negasonic has posed:
So everyone decided to go by the lake, normally Ellie wouldn't care for that, but sneaking out was kinda-sorta breaking rules and that was cool, so she tagged along. Never having worn skates in her life, let alone ice skates, Ellie winds up sitting on a rock by the lake bed and doing what she does best, surveying the realms of Twitter and fighting the good fight, like the true Twitter Warlord that she was.

When Noriko appears out of nowhere, Ellie almost drops her phone as she's startled, but luckily manages to catch it with cradling two hands. "Whew...what's wrong with you, Noriko, slow down when you say hello...fuck." Placing the phone in the safety of the pocket of her jacket, she looks over at Nori, "...of course you can sit, I'm not the god of the lake or anything."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Earlier it was mandatory to sit on the sidelines.  I mean, it's not like Nori even knows any of the younger kids outside of Gabby, who she has taken a shine toward (the evidence probably being that she doesn't snap out sarcastically or gives her a little more leeway) and well, she knows Negasonic in passing at this point.

"I did," Noriko says with a frown.  She could have caught Ellie's phone, but having suddenly sped up with a twitch of her toes in her shoes, she notices it isn't likely to fall, a knack she's getting better at.  "You're lucky I'm slowing down at all," just like Nori would probably be lucky to get Ellie to come out of her own special little world, buried in her phone.  Noriko has on some kneepads, but she hasn't gone out on the ice yet.  "I take it you don't like falling on your ass," she teases, knowing it's more likely the draw of the phone supersedes everything.

Negasonic has posed:
"Your slow is mad fast," Ellie notes, shrugging as she sees Noriko frown. "Oh yeah...?" Ellie takes on a defensive tone, not liking where the conversation is heading, but considering the number of people around, she doesn't just resort to flashing fingers and shouting. "I can give you lessons if you need'em." She looks over at the few kids skating on the lake and shrugs, "I don't know...never done any of this, feels stupid to give it a go just to break my nose. Doesn't sound like fun to me."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko either knows exactly what she's doing or she's completely clueless, as at this point, it's difficult to distinguish.  "That's what that new mind-bitch said.  She was going to upload it all into my brain," and something about that makes Noriko bristle with electricity more so than the average chill up someone's spine.

"I mean, you can try, but-It's more fun to just slide on my knees or ass while I drive-by kids with snowballs," Noriko says with a shrug.  "Jean says the physics might be wildly different for me, so I just gave up."

Negasonic has posed:
"Mind bitch...?" Ellie looks suspiciously at Noriko, "any relation to Arms? Which one was that...?" Mostly because so many of the faculty were telepaths, Xavier's really was impossible!

"I don't know, I could do without sliding on the ice and breaking my face."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"No.  Not arms.  The one they are evaluating for a teaching position.  The one the Headmistress made that announcement about," which Noriko is obviously not comfortable with.  She grits her teeth a little subconsciously.  Normally Noriko could give a damn about announcements and school business.  "I'm not dumb enough to go /that/ fast."  That's not entirely true.  She just hasn't /yet/.