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Winter Wonderland: The Dome Appears
Date of Scene: 27 November 2020
Location: The Outskirts of the Suicide Slums
Synopsis: A dome separates the Suicide Slums from the rest of Metropolis, and a army of toys is fought.
Cast of Characters: Winslow Schott, Doreen Green, Clark Kent, Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, Maxima, Donna Troy, Kian, Terry O'Neil

Winslow Schott has posed:
It was the Holiday Season in Metropolis, a strangely snowless one at that. The city was husting and bustling with Christmas Activity, with it's citizens preparing for the upcoming Holidays. Christmas lights and decorations covered the city while Christmas ads and music filled the airwaves. When one thinks of Christmas in Metropolis, one would think of the elaborate displays in the Plaza of Tomorrow or in the more well-off neighborhoods. One place that no one would think of however, is the forsaken and neglected Suicide Slums. This neighborhood, which is considered a blight by some residents, is often filled with crime and misery, which would lead one to think that the residents didn't share the holiday joy the rest of Metropolis shared, this is incorrect.

While the citizens of the Slum did not have much, they always did their best to celebrate the holidays in any way they could. The streets of the Slums, like many parts of the city, where still decorated, but not with the elaborate decorations one would see in other parts of the city. Instead, simple Christmas Lights and decorations filled parts of the streets while the occasional sound speaker played Christmas Music. Yes, even in the worst part of town, the Holiday Spirit still dwelt. Tonight was a seemingly calm Winter's Night, with Metropolis' citizens leaving work and heading home, no doubt planning for the upcoming holidays. This piece was quickly shattered however, when the calls started coming in.

The Metropolis Dispatch Center was suddenly filled with panicked calls from residents of the Suicide Slum who were calling from cell phones. They reported coming from work, only to have their way barred by something horrifying, a lime-green dome that covered the entire neighborhood, and even worse, obscured it from view. Some of the callers already tried to breach the dome, but found it was unbreakable, with one man having to be hospitalized after trying to drive into it. The calls became even more frantic as the hours ticked one, many of them being from terrified parents saying that their children were behind the dome and that they had no way to go in and get them.

This is where we are at now. The Dome that covered Metropolis was surrounded by MPD, including many members of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit The Metropolis Fire Department, The National Guard, and other first responders. The dome itself was a festive lime green, and appeared to be made out of some type of energy, which gave it an almost festive glow. The Dome, unfortunately, was not transparent, so no one knew what was going on inside the neighborhood. To make matters worse, the Dome seemed to cut off all contact with the Neighborhood, making it almost impossible to contact the residents trapped inside the neighborhood. All the first responders could do is sit and wait for Metropolis' heroes to come and hopefully, shed some light on this mystery.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen is out and about Christmas shopping for friends, squirrel, and otherwise. Tippy-Toe and Monkey-Joe are with her, perched on either shoulder, and dressed in Santa suits. Monkey-Joe even has a fake beard! Doreen is in a green elf tunic and boots, with fake elf ears, and of course a cone-ish shaped green hat! In her hand is the remainder of a peppermint mocha, both squirrels have tiny cups of their own with the same, "Now who's next? Mr. Lieberman was feeling down this morning. I think we should get him a new house? What do you guys think?" The squirrels give high pirched churs in agreement. Doreen smiles, "I knew it was a good idea to come to Metropolis this year. We always shop in New York.."

Then suddenly everyone seems to be frantically running around, calling people on their phones, and speaking in panicked tones. The rest of them are staring at... a dome..

Doreen doesn't quite see it at first, her attention on the people, "What's going on?" The squirrels are chittering frantically now too! She peers, "Huh? What do you mean aliens are invading? I don't see anyth-" Her words are cut off when she finally sees it..

Her already wide eyes get even wider, "That.. is... so COOL! Let's get a closer look!" The squirrels keep chittering, "If they were actually attacking there would probably be space ships flying around and the Justice League would be here already. And don't you think that SHIELD would have sent their super secret special ops agents by now?" Doreen is running towards the dome, trying not to run into people!

Clark Kent has posed:
Personal issues are forgotten as Clark Kent hears 'giant ominus dome' and immediately thinks 'Brianiac'. Because the Coluan cyborg is stupid enough to show his uploaded face on earth this soon after what he did.

There's a crack and boom in the air like fireworks going off, as Superman forgets to pull his punches, hurtling through the Metropolis skyline. He calms down enough that stopping doesn't break any windows by the time he's hovering over Suicide Slum, but Clark's expression isn't its usual jolly grin.

He remembers how frightened these people must be, and forces one. "Hi everybody!" Superman says, waving at the crowd. "It's alright, I'm here. We're going to take a look at this and figure everything out. Just stay frosty."

Superman then turns his full attention to the dome, trying x-ray, microscopic, and telescopic vision to get a sense for what the dome is, what, if anything, is powering it, where it might've come from, and similar relevant facts.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie is curled up on the comfy couch in the clocktower in Gotham when the BREAKING NEWS >>> chyron comes over the Christmas show she is watching and goes live to Metropolis.

She has a moment where she spit takes when she sees where the whole BREAKING NEWS is going on though. "Crackers!" That is where her mom's place was, she knows a lot of the people in Suicide Slums and like some of them were even nice to her.

Then in a panic she pops into the kitchen to get papertowels and cleans the water spit combo off the coffee table before headlong rushing into her room to get her gear on. "I hope Ol' Man Roy is okay at the corner store!" she exclaims dramatically.

Ol' Man Roy is 30, he is always offended when Charlie calls him Ol' Man Roy.

Regardless, her gear is put on and she looks at herself once in the mirror. Her superhero costume is... just not right really. She is basically sporting a Batgirl knockoff that looks equal part K-Mart Special and Spirit Halloween. Everything but the Utility Belt, which is One Hundred Percent Authentic at this point. "Lets get Dangerous!" she says and then vanishes from Gotham with a pop of Pink and Purple Smoke.

Something about the phasing of the Dome though messes with her bounce to check on Ol' Man Roy, there is a flash of Pink and Purple smoke about one hundred foot up on the side of the dome as Charlie ricochettes right off it and dazed starts to fall back to earth towards the crowded street below.

For any mystically attuned there was a clap bang of chaos magic as well at the impact.

Maxima has posed:
Of late Maxima's search for the missing Almeracian city taken by Brainiac and lost somewhere on Earth has turned up no new leads, and while she has not given up on the search, far from it, she has found herself at loose ends while she tries to figure out another lead. As a result she has found herself exploring the nearby civilizations on Earth's surface a bit more, unable to just sit still in Atlantis and wait for some new information. Namor becoming busy with other matters recently certainly hasn't helped things.

So it is that she has found herself among the people of Metropolis during the strange and magical time that is the Christmas season. It is fascinating to see how the city has changed while she has been dwelling under the sea as it prepares for one of the most important times of the Earthly calendar.

For an empath of Maxima's caliber the emotional distress of an entire neighborhood stands out like a glowing signal fire in the night. It draws her curiousity for a number of reasons. First barring a planetary conquest she sees no good reason so many people should be suffering so, and second the idea of anyone conquering Earth that isn't her is a non-starter in her mind.

It does not take Maxima long to fly to the dome, though she at least refrains from breaking the sound barrier. Moments later descending from the sky above the dome is the Crown-Princess of the Almeracian Empire, she certainly stands out in her that probably shouldn't count as armor 'armor'. She hovers there in the air, studying the dome, reaching out with her senses both telepathic and telekinetic to try and get a sense of both the nature of the barrier and the situation of those inside.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Although many people don't pay too much attention to Suicide Slums, those who spend their time fighting crimes in Metropolis do, because a fair few of said crimes happen here. Pretty much as soon as the first alerts come in, the Titan's monitors are buzzing with the news and an alert goes out to all available Titans.

    It's not the kind of ultra-urgent situation that leads the Titans to bring out the T-Jet - the dome isn't moving, after all, and the T-Jet is expensive to run. It's also not actually as fast as portalling around the place, which the Titans do a lot these days now that Raven isn't the only Titan with portals, and the Wonderland alternative is a bit less SOUL-WRENCHINGLY UNSETTLING than Raven's idea of portals.

    It's because of this that Donna assumes, when she arrives on the scene on a motorbike, that whoever was at the Tower and came to investigate the dome will have beaten her to it. As soon as she's found somewhere to leave her bike, she speaks into her T-Com: "Troia reporting in. Am at corner of Southside and Hobbs, I see the dome just ahead. Anyone else in the area?"

    Although she may be using her code name, she isn't looking particularly super-heroic at the moment. Without her trademarked armor - that was lost in space - she's dressed in leather pants and a long, dark gray woolen coat, and could be just about anyone. The idea of arguing her way past the SCU and National Guard while out of costume doesn't seem particularly appealing and nor does elbowing her way through the dense crowds of onlookers gathered just beyond them. She resorts to the simpler option of leaping into the air and flying over the heads of the encircling crowd to get a closer look.

    Lacking X-ray vision, and favoring a direct approach to things, once she arrives in front of the dome, she pulls aside her coat and draws her sword, sheathed discretely beneath it, and strikes the dome a jarring blow. Neither energy dome nor Themysciran steel gives way, and the dome thrums slightly with the reverberations of the blow, but those reverberations do not travel far before they are damped out by the dome's energy field. "Can confirm, it's a force field," Donna says laconically into her T-Com. "Science Titans, Go."

Kian has posed:
    "I am gettin' tired of bein' ask why I am not dress like an an-jel," Kían says -- not grumpily, he never does anything grumpily.  Somewhere between 'weary of the question' and 'getting testy about it'.  And in fact, he's definitely not dressed like an angel -- his usual kilt and sandals, of course, and since it's coming on to wintertime, he's even put a sleeveless shirt on.  "I do not know what an an-jel even /is/.  I am guessing the winged statues an' drawings I haf seen, wrap up in so much cloth they could never fly anyway."
    Terry has been trying to explain the holidays to Kían, casually strolling around and taking in the sights and decorations.  The explanation has only limited success.  Kían's people don't celebrate birthdays anyway, it's not a meaningful date to them, and the iconography of angels and archangels hasn't helped any.  Yule made some sense, the birdman does mark the turning of the seasons, but the rest of it... nope.
    When Terry not only does not respond to Kían's remark, but gets a weird look, that makes the birdman pause too.  "What iss?"
    "I don't know.  Yet."  Terry's already fishing for the mirror in his pocket.  "But I think we need to find out."
    Kían instinctively takes to the air, but Vorpal's voice stops him.  "This way, bird.  I got an idea where we're going, you don't," he says, waving towards a Rabbit Hole he's already opened.
    He has a point; the birdman still doesn't know what exactly the catman sensed.  Kían dives down into the Hole and shoots skyward as soon as he's through, to be the eye-in-the-sky, pausing about ten meters up to make sure Vorpal knows where he is... and /vice versa/... and on top of that, there goes the T-Com.
    Does this area /never/ have just one quiet night?
    He shrugs and reaches out with his power, trying to sense any weird emissions, or lack thereof.

Winslow Schott has posed:
The panicked crowd seemed to calm down a bit once the heroes came, but the general uneasiness of the unknown still filled the air. Suddenly, a African-American woman wearing scrubs suddenly rushes through the crowd towards the dome and starts to beat on it with her fists, crying and wailing about her children being in the dome. As two national guardsmen dragged woman away, Superman's vision managed to penetrate the dome, however, only for a second before his vision filled with the green light once again. Within that second, he could've sworn that he saw snow inside the neighborhood, which should be impossible since the rest of the city has been snow-free this year. Even more troubling is the fact that whatever is behind this dome was able to dull Superman's x-ray vision and keep a teleporter like Misfit out.

Donna's attack, along with Maxima and Kian's powers confrim one thing, this dome is a very strong force-field made out of some type of unknown energy. Bizzarley, Maxima's empathy powers could detect a faint trace of happiness and excitment in the dome, and she could possibly hear the faint trace of children's laughter coming from within. Whoever was the mastermind behind this dome was obviously a genius at multiple fields of science to have been able to build a dome capable of countering such a wide array of powers.

Suddenly, the singing voice of Bing Crosby began to fill the air as the first lines of the "Little Drummer Boy" began to fill the air. Suddenly, two screens appears on the Dome, the first one having letters that spelt out in bold. festive coloring,


The second screen remained blank for a minute, before suddenly cutting to a cozy looking living room. This living room appeared to be decked out for Christmas, complete with Tress, Stocking, and the necessary plate of milk and cookies for Santa. In the middle of the room was what appeared to be a recliner, which was sitting in front of a cozy looking fireplace. Suddenly, the recliner turns around, revealing a very familiar figure.

It was Winslow Percival Schott, aka The Terrible Toyman. The Dome's origin began to make more sense to the residents of Metropolis as they stared at the Screen. Schott, instead of his normal suit, was clad in a rather ugly looking green-and-red Christmas Sweater and a pair of blue jeans. His watery blue eyes, which were covered with his bifocal glasses seemed to be filled with joy and mirth as he stared out at the crowd. He suddenly runs a hand through his slightly-long brown hair and clears his throat. He then lets out a jolly laugh as he says in a thick, British accent,

"Merry Christmas Metropolis, from my family to yours!"
% As he said this, the clopping of hoofs was heard as 4 life-sized My Precious Unicorn figures suddenly appeared on screen. It was King Flare and his three daughters, Midnight, Prisma, and Astra. The Unicorns stared at the crowd for a moment as well, before bowing their head daintily at the gathered audience.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen stops in her tracks as the music starts and the two screens appear, "Woah.. is the Mayor doing some crazy.. publicity stunt thing? Because I don't think it's aliens this time guys.." The squirrels chur their agreement once again, "Do not open until.. New Year's?!" When the screen turns to Toyman and the unicorns, Doreen is even more surprised, "Who's that?! That doesn't look like the mayor!" The squirrels shrug.

At this point Doreen is below Superman and Charlie. Looking up she happens to see her falling, "Did she just JUMP from the top of the dome?! Or did that guy on the screen decide to push people out who try to escape?! That's a really sick irony of a punishment if it's true.."

Doreen can see Superman up there now, "Superman! There's some girl falling from the dome!!" She tries to yell loud enough for him to hear. The squirrels are trying to chitter and churl as well in an attempt to get the Kryptonian's attention.

Clark Kent has posed:
"A snowglobe?" Superman asks no one, and raises an eyebrow when the Titans show up.

And start stabbing the globe. "Wait, no, it might-." It does not, thankfully, shatter, or explode, or travel to another dimension, or any number of awful things his enemies like to do with large setpieces like this.

Clark takes a breath, and rolls his shoulders. "Everyone, please be careful, a lot of the time these things are trapped." Superman hears Squirrel Girl's warning, and flies up to catch the girl. Damn it.

"Toyman!" Superman identifies his old enemy, "Free these people right now, Winslow!" Clark narrows his eyes, trying to use his super-vision to trace whatever signal Winslow's using in hopes of finding his hideout. Longshot, but worth the effort.

There's a thump of weight in Superman's arms as he catches Charlie. "Hi there." Clark says, cheerfully, "You alright? Because this place is about to be full of killer robots in a second."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads... as Misfit falls from the sky having bounced hard right off the forcefield. Though to be fair, Charlie's idea of sugar plums is some generic Christmas Candy that is probably delicious, which considering Sugar Plums are a confit and basically a hard candy shell over a seed like caraway or cardamonn. Not that Charlie has any idea how right her vision of Sugar Plums is. She is dazed.

Oh look there are two Superman is in her dream.

Wait a second.

The young vigilante blinks a couple times behind that cheap domino mask then there is just one, holding her in the air. "Oh gosh." she manages wide eyed.

Then well time to rally Charlie. "Then uh..." okay that isn't rallying. "Then we need to go save them from the robots!" better. Definitely better on the second time. She is still staring like a tourist up at Clark though.

She glances down towards the ground. "I don't know why this dome thing blocked my trick though..." back up to Superman. "Very nefarious." is noted with genuine enthusiasm. "I'm going to go down now though so you have your arms free for stopping the robots when they come."

With that Charlie vanishes leaving Kal-el an armful of smoke. Down at Street level the young woman appears sitting on her butt in a similar slash of smoke. "Gosh." is repeated. Then she looks up at Doreen "Wow.. Squirrel Girl! I watch your videos!"

There is another bang of chaos for those so attuned when she vanishes and reappears.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima regards the dome, her gaze a bit instense as she seems to try and puzzle something out about the inside. It doesn't seem to make any sense in her mind that juxtaposed with the panicing individuals outside the inside is happy?

While she is still processing that strange dichotomy, the screens appear on the dome with Schott's face and Maxima's expression contorts from one of curious confusion to anger. Without a moment of hesitation, almost as if it is reflexive, her eyes begin to glow with telekineticly gathered energy and a pair of pinpoint laser-like optical force beams fire from her eyes straight towards Winslow's face on the screen. Despite the frightening amount of force brought to bear however, the force field and by extension the 'screen' is unharmed.

"YOU!" Maxima shouts at the image of the Toyman on the screen, "Is this /your/ doing? It is past time you paid for your insolence!" As if the emphasize this point she lunches forward, this time slamming her fist into the image of Schott and the Dome with a thunderous *KA-POW*, though still the dome resists her.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna isn't really paying enough attention to anything beyond her immediate vicinity to catch Superman's warning, but honestly it wouldn't have stopped her stabbing the dome. Call it a reckless streak - certainly many of the original Titans have accused her of leaping before looking in the past - but she'd call it calculated. This is a big dome. If someone has the capability to make a big force field like this they have the facility to blow things up. If they wanted to blow things up they would just do it. Ergo they don't. It's in the middle of Metropolis, and it's large, so people are going to try to attack it. If it is boobytrapped in some smaller way to respond to attacks, it is best if the person who finds this out is someone who can take being exploded at fairly well rather than some random civilian. Ergo Donna.

    This all makes perfect sense and probably just illustrates the differences between a Themysciran and a Kansasian upbringing.

    However the warning does bring Donna's attention to the fact that Superman is in attendance, and she responds to him with a raised hand in greeting before he takes off to save Charlie. It occurs to her briefly that the last time they spoke, they were in the middle of planning the defense of Metropolis against a Warzoon invasion. She really should catch up with him, at least for a fist-bump because their plan seems to have worked pretty well. Hence today's threat being no alien warlords but rather one the human race has inflicted upon itself in the form of...

    "That guy," she comments to herself with a sigh when Winslow appears on the giant screens. She flicks on her T-Com again. "It's Toyman. Well now we know why he has been robbing banks, this must have cost a fortune to construct. Not to mention the running costs, who knows how many megawatts this is eating up. Keep your eyes open for some really thick power cables, guys. "

    Donna takes a few steps back, and sheathes her sword, pulling out her lasso instead. Lassos aren't much use against giant domes, but they are excellent for things that come in equine shapes.

Kian has posed:
    "Iss this part of the holiday?"  Yes, that's a serious question coming over the T-Com, but it /is/ Kían's first Christmas, so he really doesn't know.
    He tries to get a better read on the dome.  "Nnh, sorry Troi-a, iss not like the force fiel's I know.  Those are easy to under-stan', take the forces that hol' atoms together, then take away the atoms.  I do not know what iss holdin' this one up."
    He goes even higher, a true bird's-eye view, and concentrates on getting a proper feel for what energies are involved.  It *should* be either electromagnetic, or the strong nuclear force.  Those are the only ones that make sense.  "I will see if I can learn more," he radios down to his teammates.  He's not a fighter, but he *is* a scientist, and as requested, this Science Titan is going.
    Hopefully not headfirst into something messy.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal senses a jolt of something, again. Like an essence that calls to his own, kind to kind. Where-

"Ah!!" as Charlie drops from the sky and Superman catches her, he says "I need to know who that is..." when she BAMFS (can she BAMF or is that a Kurt trademark?) away from SUpes and onto the ground, he speaks into his comm: "Sorry. I got distracted. The girl who zaps around in purple... there's something super familiar about what she's doing. Anyways... no, birdy budy, this is not part of our scheduled holidays. This is Toyman, a long-time foe of Superman. He is... rather eccentric. Theatrical. Special. And nuttier than a squirrel's hideout in winter, to be truthful."

He starts walking around the crowd, "If something starts coming out of that dome, I'll be on crowd control. I can cart people out of here fast with my Rabbit Holes... I wish I could open us a Rabbit Hole into this area but... I haven't been to that part of the suicide slums, so I don't know what that area looks like."

The area where he got shot and where Gar saved him is a couple of blocks back, unfortunately. "But I see Superman here... and that's Squirrel Girl. And... yeah. I think we're well stocked in case Winslow tries something."

The Cheshire cat raises an eyebrow and walks over towards Squirrel Girl and Misfit. "...Are those... unicorns? If it weren't a supervillain we're talking about, I'd say they're kind of adorable..."

Tapping his comm again, he says "Be careful, Kian. If you need a Rabbit Hole, just scream as if Raven just walked in on you."

Winslow Schott has posed:
Superman's super vision would begin to detect a signal, albiet a very weak one. But, that is quickly cut off by oddly enough, the dome itself. Toyman himself does not seemed phased by Superman's glare, in fact, his smile seems to grow wider as he suddenly stands up, and begins to walk across the living room, being tailed by the four unicorns. He suddenly approaches a counter, which is being guarded by two human men wearing Christmas sweaters as well, obviously two of Schott's cronies. Suddenly, Schott picks up a snow globe from the counter, revealing it as a scale replica of the Suicide Slum. Toyman then shakes the snow globe gently as he says,

"Why would I do that Superman, it's not even Christmas yet. I have constructed a perfect snow globe and placed it over the worst neighborhood in Metropolis.

Toyman then gently places the globe back down, and stares at the screen sadly and says,

"Even in this dismal neighborhood there are children. Children who are forced to endure hardships and witness the worst humanity has to offer every day. I have simply found a way to shield them from the scum that surrounds them. Is that so bad?"

Suddenly, Maxima's attacks get Winslow's attention. Winslow snarls in anger at Maxima and suddenly pulls out a remote control from his pocket while saying,

"You mad woman! Stay away from my dome! I'm sorry Superman, but it's quite obvious that I have to take drastic action to make sure you and your friends don't spoil everything!!"

Suddenly, Toyman giggles madly and presses the button, which lets out a cartoonish beep. Suddenly, Tchaikovsky's March Of The Toy Soldiers started to play across the area as Schott began to laugh like a madman. Suddenly, what appeared to be 1000s of toy tin soldiers, tanks, biplanes, and more tiny war machines began to march out of the dome and towards the crowd. The crowd began to scream and panic as they began to flee the oncoming toy army.

At the same time, a very loud screech filled the air as a griffon suddenly flew out from the top of the dome and began to zero in on superman, claws out as if ready to attack. Meanwhile, a fleet of toy biplanes begin to shoot at Kian and at Maxima.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen Green excitedly replies to Charlie, "Did you jump from the dome?! Did Toyman make you do it? I guess that's his name.." She looks back at the screen and when the soldiers start marching out, terrifying people, and are clearly intent on evil shenanigans, Doreen quickly becomes Squirrel Girl in spirit, "I don't have my gear with me but that won't stop the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl from taking down this villain and freeing all of those poor people! And their kids!" She's all the serious now.

She takes out her phone and begins to livestream, "Squirrel Girl here in the sadly slumy part of Metropolis and there's a dome covering the entire neighborhood, trapping a LOT of innocent people, at the whim of the evil, terrible Toyman! But don't worry subscribers, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is going to make sure that this villain is brought to justice!"

Tippy-Toe churrs and Monkey-Joe poses heroically. Squirrel Girl points her camera at the dome and the screen showing Toyman, "Evil never rests which is why THESE squirrels never hibernate.. and neither do I! I'll keep you viewers updated! Stay tuned!" She shuts off the livestream and turns to Charlie and Vorpal, "I don't think Toyman is going to be talked down from doing.. whatever villainy he's up to. We'll have to take him down!" She turns to look at the dome, "If we can't break in then we have to sneak in.. or maybe find the off switch.."

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman twitches, just a little, as everything goes crazy.

The Titans aren't coordinating, Maxima's Maximaing as hard as she possibly can, and Winslow's reacting like he always does when someone pops his little soap bubble with reality. Which is why he tries not to do that until he's ready. At least he knows where the Toyman's hiding. He even has an idea about how to get there. The problem is the small army that's burst out to protect the dome.

"Toyman, this isn't about children, children your selfish designs have separated from their families." Superman lectures, just a little, waving a finger at the damaged screen. "I don't know if this is a ruse, or you really think you're helping these people, but it stops here."

"Well it stops after the giant robot." Superman says, seeing the griffin come flying in and quickly deciding this is Schott's big lieutenant machine designed to knock him around. No choice but to deal with it first. "Up!" Superman kicks into the air with a leap, "Up and away!" He leaps right at the griffin, trying to intercept it with a brutal straight to the thing's beak.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Misfit watches the broadcast as The Toyman explains his EVIL SCHEME. Then she blinks. "Well.. I mean he is right. I grew up in this neighborhood and it pretty much sucks. Christmas can be bleak but the important part is having family and... " she blinks a couple of times like somewhat punctured her soul. "Uhm.." she looks around. "These people need to get home to their kids." she says very softly.

Then look. A Squirrelly Distractionn. Charlie focuses hard on Doreen and shakes her head "I tried to bounce through the Snowglobe." yeah she picked up what Winslow put down. "No idea why it didn't work but I was super Lucky that Superman was around!"

Her attention bounces like an ADHD Ferret to Vorpal "Oh! Woah Vorpal right. Titans right? Wow the Titans must be here! .. Hi!" she bounces up to her feet so enthused "I'm Misfit!... it is awesome to meet you." yes even Vorpal. "I.. we.. oh..." then Doreen is livestreaming.

Misfit appears behind her with a slash of colorful smoke, photobombing Doreen. "We are going to totes kick their butts and save people!" she says to the livestream behind Doreen. Then blinks at her when Doreen turns to her. "Probably right. We probably need to kick toy soldier to the curb and puzzle this out and give Toyman some coal for Christmas!" she squints "The little bayonettes look awfully sharp though." she fishes in her utility belt and flings small handful of spheres, very real bat flashbangs into the one of the approaching group of them, which well blows up with some concussive force..... but also probably will end up getting her shot at.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima seems almost offended by the mere toy planes that come for her, "These again? You insignificant worm." She falls out to Schott as the planes open fire upon her only the be deflected by a forcefield that suddenly surrounds the flying red headed amazon. "Stop sending these pathetic toys and come face me yourself coward!"

A glare in the direction and suddenly the bullets hurtling towards Maxima are stopped in mid-air before being flung back at the planes at an even greater velocity! Her eyes follow Superman and the griffin skyward as it seems Schott has favored him with a much more interesting quarry. In Maxima's mind this is yet another insult to add to the Toyman's list of sins! One metal boot comes up for a moment and slams down on the dome again with earth shattering force as Maxima continues to express her royal displeasure with Schott for continuing to exist.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Another toy soldier army. Toyman may be one of the more imaginative villains, but he has a theme to live up to and there are only so many new designs you can come up with. The Titans faced these a few months back and already know that the main issue is that they can actually cause real damage, and while they are relatively fragile, they are small and they are many. You don't try to deal with them one on one.

    "Kian, you have incoming flying threats," Donna calls into her T-Com. "They are robots. Fly evasive and blow them up. When the threat is clear, join me but maintain altitude. Vorpal, you're on crowd control, get portalling people out of here. Semi-circle around me, moving outwards. I'm going to attract a lot of attention my way."

    Donna hooks her lasso over the crook of her arm and starts moving. Not initially towards the crowd of toy soldiers and tanks, but towards a beat-up van parked by the side of the road. She braces against it, gives a shove, and tips it over onto its side. Then turns, braces again, and starts to push.

    The van slides across the tarmac, metal screeching complaints at the mistreatment as she pushes it towards the oncoming miniature army. As she gets closer she picks up momentum, the van moving faster and faster until she's pushing it fowards at a run. When it hits the front line of miniature troops it's a wall of several tons of metal, plowing a furrow into the middle of the army.

    As quickly as the charge starts it stops, as Donna yanks hard on the axel and brings the sliding van to a halt. Keeping a hold of the axel, she jerks the van around to the side, hauling it around with her, and keeps pulling to swing it in a great scything circle through the ranks of toy soldiers.

Kian has posed:
    "/Kya/!  I see them, yis, than' you."  Kían didn't expect anything to come after him as he wasn't actually attacking the dome, he was only scanning it.  Not fair!  He's not about to wait to find out if they can hurt him or not.  They probably can.  This world is *ridiculous*.
    Fortunately, Kían is lightning fast in the air.  In short order, he's dropped and spun to get below and behind the attacking toy aircraft.  They are invading *his* space, and he hasn't got a lot of patience for misbehaving robots.
    Speaking of lightning... a fan of electricity arcs out towards his pursuers.  He is just not having this, not in /his/ sky.
    Hopefully that will resolve the problem.  And also hopefully leave one that he can catch and bring back to the Tower for analysis.
    "Your planet has very weird holidays," he radios down.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
There is not much time to answer Misfit and SG's suggestions, as the scenario quickly turns deadly. "Excuse me, ladies, I am on crowd control."

The Cheshire steps away and taps his comm, "Bird, you don't even know the half of it. Wait 'til you find out about Elephant Appreciation Day..." September 22nd, for those who are curious. "Crowd control it is, Troia. This will be a triumph."

Putting order to practice, he summons his Rabbit Hole and starts scooping people through it,depositing them about three blocks away, which is a safe enough distance. During this process, he takes advantage of his new powers to become invisible, so he doesn't get attacked while evacuating people.

Winslow Schott has posed:
The Griffin is hit hard by Superman's punch and starts to plummet down to the ground. Suddenly, it get's it bearing's back and roars as it flies back at Superman, swiping at him with it's very sharp claws as it suddenly says in a thick, accented voice,

"Nice try Knight of King Flare. But, it's gonna take more than a punch to do me in. 'Sides, this is a real punch." Suddenly, the griffin reels back, and delivers a punch to Supes, that if connected, would have the power of over 50,000 turbines. Meanwhile, Schott glares at Maxima, then suddenly lets out a chuckle as he says,

"My lady, don't thing I forgot about you. I made something since our last encounter, something that will really give you a run for your money."

Suddenly, another roar fills the air as a 10ft, muscular humanoid figure made entirely out of LEGO's also flies out of the dome and flies towards Maxima, trying to hit her with a punch that has the force of over 100,000,000 turbines. Meanwhile, they Toy Soldiers hit by Misfit's bombs are destroyed. However, this draws the attention of more toy soldiers, who begin to fire bullets at Misfit and Doreen.

Troia does her bit well as the toy soldiers are wrecked by the bus, but there are a lot more where they came from. Suddenly, a light droning noise is heard as a fleet of toy zeppelins appear and begin zoning in at Donna, dropping tiny bombs at her while more toy planes begin to chase Kian.

Doreen Green has posed:
Squirrel Girl is fortunately a very agile, and quick hero! She flips and rolls out of the bullets path, landing some ways away, and behind the cover of a car. Tippy-Toe and Monkey-Joe remain clinging to her, "Behind a car is never a good place to be when bullets are flying.. anyone who watches action movies knows that!"

She rolls away from the car before any of the soldiers can blow it up while she's behind it, "We've got to find a way to blow these guys up faster!" She keeps moving at this point, squirrel agility enough to keep her from getting hit for now. Tippy-Toe sighs with a high pitched sound. Squirrel Girl empathizes, "I know.. our friends in the park won't be able to help us this time. We're too far away!"

There won't be a squirrel army charging the toys.. this time.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Maxima, throwing a tantrum isn't going to stop him!" Superman says, struggling with the griffin. "He's just going to throw out another big one to tie you up, and you're suited to-"

Well, that's pretty good, Clark thinks, as Donna sweeps at the soldiers with an inspired bit of rope work. He's worried the other younger heroes are going to get overwhelmed by sheer numbers, here. Then another one of the big ones comes out.

"We need to clear these things away before people get caught in the cross fire!" Superman says; the MPD are, at this point, experts at clearing the streets and getting people's heads down, but parents have been separated from their children. It's a tense situation and Superman's extremely worried about unintentional damage.

The punch from the griffin doesn't help. It's enough for Superman to start to feel, and he grunts midair, eyes flashing as he goes over the robot's internals. There's a gust of air as Superman takes a breath, and breathes sharp, short blasts of ice onto the griffin's controlling joints, literally icing it up.

Then he plain old hurls it along the street, looking to bowl over a group of the soldiers and give Squirrel Girl, Misfit, and Kian some breathing room. "We need some kind of barricade! Block the access points Toyman's using to deploy his soldiers! It'll buy us some time to actually study the dome!"

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
There is a distinct Yipe noise from Misfit as the little Toy Soldiers and Tanks start firing back "Yup.. sharp and deadly... but... so ... Adorable!"

There is a slash of smoke after one of them shoots her right in the arm. Probably for calling them adorable.

She is actually gone several long moments.

When she reappears it is behind the rank of toy tanks and she has a small staff, there is a click noise and it lights up with 100v as she starts to bash toys with it. It is like minigolf really just whacking tanks.

She vanishes before the little turrets can turn around to shoot at her though and this time she appears behind cover with Doreen and the Squirrels. "This is sOO cool... epic teamup with you.. and Superman.. and Vorpal.. and Troia and that bird guy... also the angry lady over there fighting Legos.... AWESOME!"

Maxima has posed:
"Tantrum, TANTRUM?!" For a moment it genuinely seems like Maxima's ire might shift towards Superman and his choice of words. However, Schott manages to regain her focus moments later when he introduces a new combatant to the field, one supposedly tailored just to battle her.

Maxima's furious expression turns slightly more pleased at the sight of the LEGO golem, at the very least it is larger and more impressive than some mere toy airplanes and might offer an actual workout, or so she seems to actually be hoping. Something to take out her pent up frustrations with Schott on.

"Oh good, at least this one can fly. Maybe you're not completely insignificant after all." She retorts at Schott, though her voice still drips with disdain for him.

At first it seems like might take the golem's blow head on just to prove how inferior Schott's creation is, though something at the last moment causes her to dodge out of the way, perhaps it was her telekinetic senses alerting her to just how much power was behind that blow. It is the first time Schott has actually seen her dodge something though and the movement is fast enough the human eye can barely keep up.

Once the tremendous blow has been evaded though, Maxima unleashes another volley of laser-like optical force blasts into the thing's back, lancing across it's form and filling the air with the smell of burnt plastic.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna's soldier wrecking mission is interrupted by the cracking of the first miniature bombs to land from the oncoming zeppelin fleet, and she looks up to see the wave of airships flying above. She stops hauling the van around in its circle of destruction and calls out of the T-Com again.

    "Change of plans guys. Vorpal, see the balloons? Rabbit holes beneath them, other end over the tanks. Lets set them bombing their own forces. I'm going to shove this van against the wall where these guys are coming out, see if that slows them down. Then I'm taking to the air. Kian, we're swapping. Fly evasive and drop down over the ground forces, then start pumping out some EMP. Frequent pulses rather than maximum power, let's disrupt their control signals. I'll take out the rest of the aircraft pursuing you while you're busy."

    She doesn't wait for her team-mates to respond before putting her end of the plan in action, trusting them to do their parts. Tearing the door off the van she holds it over her head as a shield agains the miniature Zeppelin bombs as she gets her shoulder to the van and charges against it, hurling it forwards through the ranks of soldiers and then following it up with another shoulder charge to smash it up against the wall of the dome where the soldiers had been appearing. Then in a flash she takes off upwards, hurtling through the air past Kian and looping back down again with the van door in her hands, wielding it like a giant fly-swatter to swat planes out of the sky.

    "Oh and Vorp? One word about King Kong and I'm sending you back to the black hole."

Kian has posed:
    "I will try."  Kían can definitely fly evasively.  And he spots an opportunity to resolve a couple problems at the same time, and dives towards the zeppelins attacking his teammate, drawing any pursuers that Troia didn't get.  He imagines two possible good outcomes here -- either the small planes shoot down some of the small zeppelins, or they crash into them.  Either will do nicely.  He's actually not especially worried about himself; he's completely confident in his aerobatics.
    Once in the range of the other misbehaving robots, that's when focused EMPs come into play.  Intense, yes, but contained so that collateral damage is minimized.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Promises, promises, Troia," Vorpal smirks as he speaks into his comm. "Tell me- whatever happened to Fay Wray? That delicate, satin-draped frame?"

He doesn't waste time getting ready to change tactics. But before he can start, he gets an idea, as he overhears Doreen's exchange with her faithful fuzzy side-squirrel. He suddenly becomes visible next to her.

"Squirrell Girl, quick!" he leans over and whispers:

"Bzzbzzbzbzbzbzbz and bzbzbzbzbzbzbz.. oh yeah... and bzbzzbzbzzzbbzbz"

There seems to be some sort of agreement , as the Cheshire cat opens a Rabbit Hole to somewhere that is green and verdant, into which the Unbeatable Squirrel GIrl disappears.

"Alright, let's drop some bombs, then!"

Positioning the Rabbit Holes to ensure maximum mutual destruction, the Cheshire cat has to be careful and returns to being invisible... he can't do his usual acrobatic shenanigans to duck, dodge and avoid harm due to the fact that his feline form is still recovering from a sprained ankle. So, instead, he bravely crouches, while invisible, hoping to avoid most fire.

"$$$!" he swears at one point, as he does get struck by crossfire, but fortunately it is not too serious. He doesn't want to divert his team-mates into protecting him when they have a much bigger role to play in this.

He is also counting. Once he reaches thirty seconds, he stops the Rabbit holes, and then opens a new one, back into that green, leafy place.

"Now, SG!" he calls into the hole, turning visible, and then quickly stepping aside.

Winslow Schott has posed:
The Griffin cries out in pain and is sent flying down into the ground very hard, barreling into a mass of toy soldiers, crushing a whole mass of them in the process. The Griffin, much to everyone's surprise, suddenly gets up and snarls angrily at Superman and tries to fly back up, only to find that it cannot move it's wings. With one more angry snarl, the Griffin bounds away from the battle and somehow manages to get enough air to glide back into the dome, while shouting out,

You might've won this fight Knight of King Flare, but I'll return and rid out yer stinkin throat!!"

Meanwhile, the Lego Golem yells out in anger as it's back is hit with Maxima's laser eyes. However, besides the melted plastic, it does not seem to be hindered at all. The Golem then turns back to Maxima, and, in a surprising twist, fires lasers out of it's own eyes and towards her.

Toyman meanwhile, starts to internally panic as he watches his beautiful zeppelins bomb his toy soldiers and see more of his toy planes fall out of the sky. Then there is the issue with Donna clogging up one of the entry points for his army. Schott begins to frantically press buttons on his controller, causing the toy soldiers to begin firing their bullets at all the heroes at once, even Superman and Maxima.

Doreen Green has posed:
And it is at THAT moment that a LOT of squirrels pour out of the rabbit hole Vorpal just summoned. It's not long before they are literally everywhere, filling the streets, and descending on the toy army. One squirrel alone can't do much, but there are hundreds of them, maybe more.

And among the ocean of fur is Squirrel Girl, Tippy-Toe, and Monkey-Joe! Squirrel Girl is kicking, leaping, pushing. She fights in tandem with the squirrels, her acrobatic style, surprising strength, and agility allowing her to quickly attack a soldier here, a soldier there. The tank guns are perfect for swinging from too!

It truly is a sight to behold for those who haven't seen the like before. The squirrels fight with everything they have and their teeth are nothing to laugh at either!

Doreen has managed to fish her phone out of her pocket, another livestream? Oh yes! She doesn't always need both hands free to fight! She isn't doing much talking right now but her subscribers get to see the fight from her point of view.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie blinks when Vorpal opens a tunnel to ferry Doreen off on some sort of secret mission.

Also the rabbit holes are... well they feel funny, sort of like a light buzzing in the back of her head she can't get rids of when they happen.

Meanwhile Charlie goes back to work, popping back into the battlefield after charging the staff up again. Though this time she goes a bit high instead of low with the tanks, popping up into the air to swing it like a baseball bat and take out a plane. She even waves to Kian before vanishing in more smoke. This time she is behind some tanks smashing them. She mostly seems to be having fun popping around and playing teeball with Winslow's toys. Not staying still very long.

At least until the squirrel-pocalypse arrives "Holy Crackers..." she mutters eyes wide. Then she pops behind cover because.. well she was standing in the open and just gaping, which caused her to get shot in the shoulder ... "Ow fraggles!" is heard before she vanishes.

Maxima has posed:
Energy blasts? "Oh? Keep this up and I might even take you seriously." Maxima's impression of Schott as a threat continues to grow marginally as his newest creation produces an attack more like those she is used to being threatened by. However the shimmering translucent sphere of force surrounds her once more deflecting the beams off to either side. Still it pushes her back a short distance and she regards the golem with narrowed eyes. This thing is in a whole different class from the giant gorilla robot that she dispatched previously.

As all of the guns begin firing at once Maxima closes her eyes focusing as she reaches out with her Ferro-kinesis. It is an eerie sight to behold as all of the bullets simply stop mid-flight, floating there in the air like some sort of strange metal blizzard. That is before they all suddenly change trajectory and rocket upward straight for the Toyman's Lego Golem, a firing squad of his own creation.

"Surrender Toy Human and perhaps your life can still be spared!" She shouts as she lunges upward in the wake of the bullet barrage, as fast as a bullet herself, to plant a powerful fist, enhanced by tactile telekinesis to truly superhuman levels, straight into the center of the LEGO Golem's torso!

Clark Kent has posed:
"Squirrel Army." Superman says, looking at Doreen and blinking. Hey, it works, he supposes. At least it's not Bwana Beast. "Huh."

The robot swears revenge, which is a troubling possibility for one of Schott's creations. They're all a little more...real than Clark's comfortable with, and the last thing they need is a coup where one of Toyman's more lethally minded creations decides they're him for a while.

Superman shrugs at Maixma's protest. "I mean you stamped on the dome." Some people cannot help but dig a grave when handed a shovel, it seems.

"Alright, we've nearly got a breather." Superman says, encouragingly, and then oh boy, all the bullets. Not all of these kids are bulletproof. Clark takes a breath...

And turns into a blur, windows rattling and debris on the ground shaking as Superman starts moving at superspeed. He can't get them all, naturally, but Superman does his very best to absorb, melt, or catch the vast majority of the toy soldier bullets to make sure the rest of the heroes can maneuver safely and avoid any civilians getting shot.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Fay Wray couldn't come, Vorp," Donna replies into the T-Com as she swats a miniature plane out of the sky. "You'll have to wear the satin if you want a re-enactment. Gar does a very good gorilla".

    With the aerial threat from mini-planes nicely thinned out by swatting from Charlie and herself after Kian's initial lightning assault, and the Zeppelins having dropped their bombs on their own side, Donna turns her attention back to the forces on the ground. The sight that greets her is not quite what she was expecting, because the army of tiny soldiers now seems to be locked in combat with an army of squirrels.

    This is not normal.

    However it is effective. Kian's swooping blasts of EMP works over wide areas. So does squirrel army. Wide area is what is needed. Adding an Amazon to the mix would be superfluous, so she joins the defensive efforts. While she's not as fast as a Kryptonian, Amazon reactions are pretty good, and intercepting bullets is something she has trained long and hard to do. While Maxima sweeps many of the shots away with her telekenisis and Superman creates a blockade through sheer speed, Donna joins the effort to keep the rest of the heroes from harm in a more targeted fashion, zipping through the air to intercept those shots that get through the telekenetic and Kryptonian blockade with a flashing whirl of her bracelets.

Kian has posed:
    The pressure is easing, and that lets Kían look for a spike in electromagnetic radiation -- hopefully the control signal for all the automata.  If he finds anything, he will generate noise on the same frequency, and probably several nearby ones.  Radio waves are easy, at least.
    He doesn't land.  He has no idea where all the little fuzzy animals came from, but he's pretty sure Vorpal had something to do with it.  "Your planet is not making me think it iss less weird," he radios.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Ah, now that's a sight to warm the coldest heart- augh!"

IF Vorpal were able to move around as freely as he can, he would be a lot harder to hit. Even with the combined efforts of all the different heroes, some stray bullets are bound to hit somewhere. In this case, he gets it to the thigh and arm from one of the spraying toy soldiers, right before it gets destroyed.

"Ngh, Okay, /now I am mad!/"

His claws glow purple, and Misfit might sense a Disturbance In The For-- a familiar energy.
rThe Chaos Wave spreads from him and onto the nearby toy soldiers, taking over them and forcing them to turn their tiny guns onto their surviving brethren.

"These little bullets /hurt/ like a mo---- very much," he speaks into his comm as he limps to cover.

Winslow Schott has posed:
The Lego Golem lets out one more angered cry as it's sent hurtling to the ground. It shatters into millions of little pieces as it falls hard onto the cold, hard asphalt. Toyman watches one in anger and shock as a army of rodents come out of nowhere and destroy his precious toys, along with the actions of the gathered heroes. Suddenly, Toyman throws his controller onto the ground and stomps on it while screaming angrily. Suddenly, he yells out,

"Cancel the attack! All remaining forces, retreat!"

What toys were left began to slowly trudge back to the dome. If Maxima's eyes were keen, she would notice, no doubt with some worry, that the millions of Lego pieces were moving all by themselves to enter the dome. Schott suddenly calms down, and smiles at the gathered heroes. He clears his throat and says to them,

"You might've beaten that platoon, but there is more where that came from."

Suddenly, the projectiion pans out, show thousands more of the little toy soldiers all standing at attention in what appeared to be a toymaker's workshop. Schott must've have been planning this scheme of his for months if he had time to make all of those toy soldiers. Suddenly, Schott once again cleared his throat before saying,

"I will not be sending any more of my toys tonight. But, I will be proving Superman wrong one more time tonight. The children are not in any danger with me Superman. In fact, they can come and go as they please, and here comes my example."

Suddenly, a new figure emerges from the dome, a much more friendly looking figure. The figure was that of a large, pitch black, regal-looking Unicorn. It seemed to smile gently as it trotted towards the heroes with absolutely no sign of aggression. As it got closer one could see that it was carrying a child on it's back, and the child appeared to be smiling happily and hugging the Unicorn's neck. If Superman were to use his X-Ray vision, he would fine that the child is real, and not one of Schott's creations.

Suddenly, the Unicorn lies down, it's legs folded underneath it as it lets the child climb down it's back. The unicorn then nuzzles the child affectionately, eliciting a giggle, before it suddenly sprout wings and flies back into the dome, leaving the child in front of the heroes. The Child, who was obviously elementary school aged, suddenly turns towards you, eyes wide open, before saying excitedly,

"Wow! Superman, Troia, Vorpal, and Squirrel Girl! Can I get your autographs?!" The child then pulls out a notebook and looks expectantly. How could he not have heard all the commotion outside.

Doreen Green has posed:
The squirrels do not chase the soldiers. Doreen's chittering sends them running back towards her and then into the alleyways where they will be safe for now. Squirrel Girl just.. blinks when the unicorn trots out of the dome, a child riding on it. She looks at Tippy-Toe who just shrugs and sighs. By now Doreen has ended her livestream and her phone is tucked away.

Doreen looks at Charlie, "Uhhh.."

Maxima has posed:
Maxima's gaze follows the retreating soldiers and lego bricks before Schott appears on the screen again and she narrows her eyes at the image, "You can't hide forever Toyman, eventually I will find you and you will kneel and beg for mercy or be dispatched as all before you who sought to harm Maxima have been!"

She does not pay much mind to the unicorn or the child. Her empathy tells her the child is happy and that is enough. Her feud is with Scott and it is upon him that her ire remains focused.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie peeks over the car she is hiding behind and clambers up onto the hood leaping a bit with a fist pump "Wooohoo! We did it!" when the army retreats.

"O.. M... G..." is all she manages when the unicorn prances out to deliver a child and then... wings... flies.. back into the dome. "HE Has Unicorns!" wide eyed, then she teleports to where Vorpal is hiding with a POP of chaos magic.

"HE has Unicorns!" pauses looking at him being all shot and all. "Oh gosh.. are you okay..?" blink. Then she continues unabated because he isn't dying.

"That thing.. with the you know" she makes claw motions "You did and then they shot each other and you ..rwr!" claws the air again. "Was so fricking Cool!"

Clark Kent has posed:
Well, Clark thinks, at least I managed to get him to let one of them go.

He's sure Winslow THINKS this is some kind of elaborate holiday treat for the children, but the fact of the matter is he's got an entire neighborhood held hostage. This is a delicate situation, and that's assuming Toyman's working on his own: Schott's insanity aside, he's often one of Superman's more devious enemies, and a better team player than, say, Luthor.

"He's going to jail, thanks." Superman says, but otherwise frowns at the dome. He'll have a word with the kid after things calm down and the SCU makes sure the boy isn't, you know, a robot.

Donna Troy has posed:
     As the fog of battle lifts, toy soldiers and squirrels depart and unicorn appears, Donna just watches, sighs, and shakes her head. "You're right Kian. This planet is weird," she says into the T-Com as she drops down to the ground.

    Psychopathic toy soldiers are weird. Lego golems are wierd. Mini zeppelins are wierd. Squirrel armies are weird. Lime green force fields are... no, actually that seems pretty normal. People stopping you and asking you to write your name on a piece of paper for them after a battle is wierd, but that's a particular piece of weirdness that Donna doesn't find particularly startling. She's been in the business long enough by now, and wouldn't refuse the kid an autograph. "You guys okay? Anyone need medical treatment?" she asks into her T-Com as she signs the notebook. In English. English letters are weird.

    "Good work everyone. Hi, Supes. Been a while, things were crazy." Better explanations for what happened after the Warzoon invasion can come later. "I'll get our best science-Titans on the case and keep you filled in. Meantime we should look into finding out where the power for all this is coming from. Might give us a way to shut it down. "

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal's reaction to the unicorn isn't too far off from Charlie's. "He's got... of course he's got unicorns. Man, why do the bad guys get all the good toys?" he says into the comms, standing next to Charlie- he dragged himself out of cover when the fight was called off. "Of course, it's not a /real/ unicorn, otherwise I wouldn't be able to see it," he quips. Mostly because Gar is not here, and that would be something he would say.

But he is certainly not prepared for the aftermath of the child coming out with the unicorn. Namely, the fact that someone is asking for his autograph. He would have found unicorns more believable than that. "Wait... you know who I am?" he asks, a little dazed. He TOTALLY AVOIDS LOOKING AT DONNA, for the record, while all of this is going on and, if pressed, will sign a hasty autograph, which consists of a little drawn grinning Cheshire alongside a 'V'.

Once the SCU has charge of the kid, he mutters, "Well, the squirrel army worked out... but I think we need to regroup, rest, and figure out how to deal with... this."

He glances down at his bleeding arm and leg. "Yeah. I'm gonna need some medical. Please don't tell Gar I've been shot. Again."

Kian has posed:
    Kían... is confused.
    Yeah, that seems to be his standard state.
    He keeps to the air, where he feels safer.  There's too much clutter, too many people, and too many little fuzzy animals on the ground.  "Iss it over?" he asks over the T-Com.  "An' if I ask for an ex-planation when we get home will I wish I did not?  I--/ai, c'Rhys'yw/!"
    Bet you can guess when the unicorn got wings.
    "I do not need *medical* therapy," Kían replies.  "I am not rule out other therapies."
    This planet is just too weird.