4254/Are You Really Keeping It

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Are You Really Keeping It
Date of Scene: 30 November 2020
Location: Staff Lounge
Synopsis: Jean teaches Rogue about taking care of her pet imp. Piotr says hi.
Cast of Characters: Jean Grey, Rogue, Piotr Rasputin

Jean Grey has posed:
Earlier: a strange demonic incursion had troubled the sleepy, Xaviers-adjacent town of Salem Center. Jean and Rogue happened to be on the scene, and heroics occurred!

Now: They're back at school. Rogue's gone to change (don't ask), and Jean to file away a quick report on things. Afterward, she makes her way over the lounge to unwind a little, because demon incursions are stressful. However, it seems like things aren't -totally- over with as she sits down, kicks up her feet...

...and finds Skik the Imp looking at her from atop the oppoite chair.

<"Rogue."> Ring ring, telepathic phonecall. <"Your new friend is down here.">

Rogue has posed:
<"On my way."> Rogue replies over the telepathic link. <"I told him t'wait inside my room, but he vanished while I was in the shower."> She adds.

It takes her only a few minutes before she swings herself around the doorframe corner and holds on to the edge of it. Now wearing new clothes, new gloves and her hair tied back in to a pony tail with her white bangs framing her face, the Belle is there!

Her eyes go to where Skik is, to where Jean is, and she struts in to the room. "What the hell am I gonna do with this thing anyway?" She asks the Headmistress. "He went through all my drawers while I was cleanin' up."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr missed the heroics, but here is here now. The large russian, dressed comfortably himself for relaxing in the mansion arrives at the teachers lounge a little after Jean, "Hello Jean...Rogue." he begins to greet them both when he blinks and looks over to the Imp. "What is..." he doesnt even finish.

Jean Grey has posed:
As Rogue enters, Jean gestures in the vague direction of the creature, looking... well, yes pretty annoyed. Piotr is just a step behind, and his presence is met with a look from the Headmistress that seems like an appeal for sanity. But what can poor Piotr do?!

"Through your drawers?" Jean wonders, and then sighs. "I don't know. I'm not sure this is a Lockheed situation, where we can just... keep it. Piotr, I don't suppose you've seen your sister around? I was going to ask her about all of this. We had a minor, well, some kind of interdimensional summoning in town, and a bunch of these things are running around."

She pauses, and adds: "Of course, Rogue FED one."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps just beside whre Jean is and stuffs her hands in to her front pockets on her jeans. She turns her head to look at Colossus when he strides on in like a big ol' Russian dude. She quickly smiles at him, then looks back to Skik, then to Jean, then back to Skik.

The Imp is, of course, sitting and picking at his nose, and then grabbing his feet. "I mean, at least he's fairly well behaved, right? He could be worse, yeah?" She says to both of them, then mods to the Imp as he rolls over on to his back and tries to chew on the TV remote.

"I don't wanna kill him, it seems mean t'do that. I don't know how these... Hell things work. But that 'hand' that I fought was the real asshole, the Imps just seemed like they were here t'party, and I can respect that."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
"You fed one? You dont just feed little...demon...things." Piotr tries to explain as if it just is an obvious statement, it borders on exasperation. "Here to party now..but..." he pauses.

"Killing him doesn't seem right.." he admits with a hrmph and a furrowed brow, "But he needs to go...you know, home?" the Russian tries to explain.

Jean Grey has posed:
"This is way out of my area of expertise," Jean admits in the face of Rogue's uncertainty. "I agree that hurting him seems cruel, since he doesn't seem unfriendly." Ok, he's chewing things, but puppies do that too. "Still, it is a -demon- of some sort, right? There's got to be a way to banish him back, or so I'd imagine."

Piotr puts things in plain terms and she holds up her hands, exasperated. "Right?" And then Rogue, in turn, gets a bit of a glare. "His right to party aside, we don't even know if he can really live here, in the long term, or that he wouldn't eventually cause some harm." Demon!!

To Piotr: "I'll ask Illyana or Kurt about it, maybe. I don't know. I haven't the slightest idea where to even start. Know any Russian folk remedies?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sits down on the arm of the chair closest to her, and folds her hands in her lap. She grins at the Imp as he starts to chew on the remote. "That one never worked that well anyway..." She quietly says about that TV peripheral.

Her eyes are on him while the other two speak. "Skik." Rogue says, and the Imp stops and immediately looks at her, making a little whiney noise as he does so. She just raises her right hand and wiggles her fingers at him,a nd he falls back over on to his back making air-y laugh-y noises like her little gesture was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.

"I can... take him out t'the toolshed. There's nothin' important in there. Could set him up a little Skik-house till we figure things out, yeah?" She states, looking between the Redhead and the Silverbutt.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
"Russian folk remedies?" Piotr blinks, "Nyet, not that I think are real or would work? Or even if I did...magic isn't my specialty it is Illyana." the Russian Colossus points out. "I just punch things." he manages to say with a hint of a smile managed.

"I do not know if it would be wise to leave it unsupervised however...its bound to get into mischief." he says looking to Jean for back up.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Out of harms way, at least..." The toolshed idea has some appeal at first, although after Jean pauses a moment, she seems to partly rethink it: "Aren't there sort of a lot of sharp things in the toolshed?" And, probably, horrifically dangerous power tolls you wouldn't want in the hands of some sort of Gremlins-style agent of chaos. "But maybe we could put together a little something."

And while she didn't look like she really expected Piotr to have an actual working remedy, she finds herself nodding along with his concern. "They definitely seem more mischief oriented than directly violent. But that could still be dangerous in the long run. Since he's your... pet? It's going to have to be your responsibility to keep track of him. Not just toss him out of sight and hope for the best."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue winces at this as she sits up a little higher on the arm of the chair and slaps her gloved hands down on the top of her thighs. "I got Jeepers in my room. I don't think a one year old yellow lab, and a ... whatever aged Imp thing this is, will probably get along that well. Plus he's already proven he wanders when I'm not lookin'..."

Rogue sucks in a breath of air and stands up, she walks over to sit next to Skik who sits up and watches her sit down. He stands up then and reaches out to grab her hair on the right side of her face. He says "Skunkiff." as he tugs on it lightly.

Rogue frowns at this.

"Maybe I can make one of the security rooms in the base down below be a bit more homey for him---Ahhh!" He tugs her hair until she leans down and starts to chew on it.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I suppose we do have some medical containment areas that might work." Assuming that the imp does not possess weird imp magic. There is no reason to be certain it doesn't! "I really have to find Illyana. Maybe she knows how to make, I don't know, a circle of salt or something like that, something to ward it in." Although Jean also has a nagging suspicion that Illyana's suggestion will be as common-sense and to the point as Piotr's... except, you know, more -her-.

IE, 'just kill it.'

Whatever they're going to do about the creature, she can't help but smirk just a little as its mischief makes its way to Rogue's hair. She allows herself a bit of smug: "We call this a 'teachable moment,' Marie."