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Xavier's School: PIRATE TIMES
Date of Scene: 30 November 2020
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: PIRATES
Cast of Characters: Jimmy Hudson, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Henry McCoy, Jean Grey, Noriko Ashida

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Windswept waves wash against the hull of the great three master as it parts the water with a magnificent prow. The snap of sails is heard as the grand ship rushes across the blue, the wooden deck creaking and complaining with the stress and pull placed on it by the demands of the sea, the ship, and its crew.
    High above a quartet of gulls trail the vessel, carried aloft by the same wind that buffets the sails of the long ship. Close enough to land for them to feel safe in rushing along in flight, ducking low, occasionally diving toward the deck and stealing a breather to perch upon the rail of the quarterdeck.
    Currently the ship races toward the horizon, the setting sun slowly winning that contest as it begins to slip beneath the waves yet it lends a beauteous crimson and orange haze across the distant water just as a bell sounds from the fo'c'sle with a clang-clang clang-clang as a scruffy looking man in the blues and whites of a bosun skitters forward and promptly proclaims, "First dog's watch is called, cap'n."
    To which Jimmy Hudson, a man who has never set foot on a ship larger than a canoe, gives a nod as that man is apparently speaking to him. He cuts a dashing silhouette made up for the role of some naval officer or other considering the fine prim shoes and the tight white breeks, that blue overcoat hangs upon him as if so well-tailored. But the tri-corner hat, that assuredly is what does it.
    Then he answers, "Right. Yes. Dog's watch." He glances to the side and says, "Make it so."
    To which the bosun bobs his head, "Aye aye, cap'n!" And off he goes to fill the order.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is out on the nose of the ship. The little pointy wooden beam thing that goes straight out off of the very tip of the ship with the rope that goes all the way up to the sails. She likes it out there most.

Wearing a low-cut white top and a leather bodice wrapped around it, a white dress underneath a smaller red dress that is laced up the sides, with her left leg scandalously exposed, aside from the leather boots that goes up to her knees helping to conceal some of her dangerous flesh, aside from the WHOLE SIDE OF HER THIGH.

Her hair is loose and wild in the wind. She's holding on the rope.

"Cap'n Jimmy!" Rogue shouts, "There be nothin' but leagues'a boredom on this ocean!" She shouts back at the Wolverineling. Offering him a companion smile to go along with her shouting.

"Did ya steer us in the wrong directioN?!" She adds, because she's a taunting teaser, all while leaning far back on that taut rope, just hanging off the front of the ship, hair and clothes blowing around her body.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The door to the cabin area swings open as Kitty Pryde steps on deck. She's decked out in the attire of a Royal Marine, but is walking in a distinctly unmilitary fashion. Side stepping as she tugs on her uniform's breeches as if finding them ill-fitting. Her glance is behind her to someone inside as she says, "Yes, I get the alliteration and all. It's just that Pittsburgh isn't exactly a port city so the "Pirates" moniker just doesn't really make a lot of sense beyond that. Is all I'm saying. I mean, at least Chicago had bear cubs in the area before it, you know. Became all big-shouldered city and all."

Once out of the cabin she pulls her hair back into the frequently-present ponytail and then fits her cap into place. She pats the inside pocket of her jacket, making sure her sunglasses that would be out of place made it in there. "You know," she says, tugging at her breeches again, "I toyed with holographic clothing for moments like this. But the prospect of some kind of power outage... well, I decided against. Even if the tailoring is a pain."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Wearing the classic pirate breeches and linen shirt along with a red scarf worn as a headcovering, Henry is enjoying the simulated ocean air. He sways with the motion of the boat, at ease with the rolling waves. Did I mention he was in the crow's nest? He'd climbed up there as soon as they 'boarded' the ship.

A glance down, a grin to those below. "Is this where we do the Pirates of Penzance musical numbers?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean, too, has gone to some costuming efforts to garb herself appropriately for the setting. Overdressed, one might even say, as she seems to wearing a full, fine gown, suitable of a fine noblewoman. Like Rogue, she has gone for the romance novel fashion equivalent more than the strictly realistic, with the dress sporting a deep square neckline decorated in frilly lace, a tight bodice with corset beneath, and large, voluminous skirts. Her hair, likewise, is done up in elaborate fashion, flaming locks gathered and carefully piled upon her head, with small ringlets framing her face. Thus, she appears as the Lady Jean Grey...

Though not, it should be said, as a member of the crew, or even their passenger. Rather, she is a prisoner of the dastardly Captain Jim and his rather ROGUE-ish first mate!

Her place, thus, is in the center of the ship, lashed to the mast with a length of rough hemp rompe, coiled around many times as to secure her against any obvious means of escape! "I demand to know where you're taking me," she calls from there, voice carrying toward the pair in charge, while she struggles somewhat feebly against her bonds.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Did we have like an agenda? Somewhere we need to be?" Cap'n Jimmy replies, likely not doing much to help the opinion of the crew about their commanding officer considering he has no idea where they're bound for. Yet he does look good at least on the far end of the ship on the quarterdeck near the helmsman. So he's got that going for him.
    But he advances on the deck to lean against the wooden rail, hands resting as the ship continues to cut across the ocean. "I figured we would press on, second star to the right and straight on til morning? And adventure would find us right?"
    Apparently much of what James has gleaned about sailing ships might well be attributable to literature. Or Star Trek.
    Which, as if on cue, a voice goes up from the starboard observation post on the fo'c'sle. "SAIL HO! West nor'west a quar to west, cap'n!" Likely in the same moment that distantly Hank might well see what looks like a two master off on the horizon.
    Which has James looking up and up at the main mast where the man is perched atop, then over to the observer. He then spares a glance at the others near and asks. "Head towards it? I mean..."
    He raises his voice. "Lay in a course to intercept, Mr.... Krebs." Very Picard.
    His voice loud enough to carry, but it's the man at the helm beside him that answers, apparently becoming a Mr. Krebs now as he responds, "Aye aye, cap'n." And he starts to ease the wheel to the right somewhat as the great ship creeeeaks, water splashes, and its course is adjusted.
    Yet it gives enough time for Jimmy to advance down the deck and to gesture at the good Lady Grey as he says most sternly. "Ah hah. You would like to know where we are off to, wouldn't you?" He says in his most spontaneously dastardly tone of voice.
    "Well. I shall have you know we are..." He gives a nod across the way in the directon of the sail. "We are off in, that direction. Ish." A glance at Kitty as if asking if that will serve, then he shrugs and looks back at Jean as if ready for critique. Not exactly the best at acting, alas.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue turns her eyes to Kitty to grin at her. "I'd be up for some holographic clothin'. If the power went out, not like there'd be any lights t'see us anyway." She shouts from the nose-pole (wtf are those things?) on their pirate ship.

Jean's demanding, always so demanding, voice makes Rogue roll her eyes as she pulls herself up right on the ship's n oose-pole, then starts to balance-walk-her-way back ot the deck where she jumps down on to it. She walks toward Jean, and pulls her sword out of the sheath on her right side with a metallic shrieking sound.

She aims the blade at Jean, and pats her on the cheek with it. "Hush, Noble Wench!" She demands of the fancy redhead tied up to the center mast.

Rogue's eyes then dart toward Jimmy and Hank. "We're goin' to that place... where the ghost ship was sighted. God. It's on your map by the wheel!" She points her sword now up to the wheel! "This here Noble Wench is our sacrifice t'appease the evil ghosts that haunt those waters, so that we might dive unde'ah the sea, unmolested by spirits, where life is much bette'ah, when ye are wette'ah."

She grins at Hank then. "I'm already wantin' t'start singin'!"

Suddenly, Rogue spins and points to the northeast. "That way!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde makes her way forward across the deck, stopping to pick up her musket, and double-checking the pair of pistols holstered at her belt, the handles each pointing back across her body to be drawn by the other hand. She knuckles a salute towards Cap'n Jimmy and then pauses beside Rogue to look at where Jean is tied up.

The young woman's hand goes to her chin then with a thoughtful look as she eyes Jean. "They say the red-haired ones lack souls. Are you sure the sea gods will find this one appealing?" she asks, motioning towards the bound beauty with a hand.

Kitty turns to regard Hank in his pirate finery. "Oh this is already well-worth it now," she says with a grin. "You know you have a bit of a Fabio romance novel cover thing going with that linen shirt."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hanging upside-down from the crows nest, Henry chuckles at the comment from Kitty. "Shows off my chest hair, no?" He waggles his brows. Looking down at Rogue and Jean, he tsks. "Bad luck bringing a redhead on board." He offers over, affecting a movie-esque pirate accent.

He points in the direction that Rogue indicated, calling over to Jimmy. "Clear seas for the moment. I'll let you know if I spot anything, helmsman!"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is not one to be a critic, not in the middle of the scene!

So whatever she's given, she works with, giving it her level all; she may not be a trained actress either, but she definitely commits to the scene, putting in a passionately (melo)dramatic performance. "In -that- direction?" she wonders, looking off wherever Jimmy is pointing, possibly semi-randomly without having much idea of things. And then she -gasps-. Gasps as if in that direction laid the most unthinkable, unimaginable of terrors. "No! You cannot mean to sail that way, not toward-"

Oh good, Rogue's there with a LINE.

"-toward the haunted bay of skull isle?!" Why not.

Instead of calming, this information sets her struggling anew, although Rogue is quickly upon her to guarantee her good behavior. She makes a show of shying away from the blade, looking suitably cowed by the pirate woman threatening her. "You may have me now," she murmurs, soft and small, "You may even cast my body into the deeps." And then here again she lifts her head proudly. "But just wait, my father the Governor, he will send ships for you! There is nowhere in the seven seas where any one of you will ever find peace, so long as this stain of villainy is uppon you! You will be hunted for all your lives, doomed to meet your end on the rope!"

Of course, Kitty's insult just adds further humiliation to the moment, and she gasps. "Such cruel blasphemy, you vicious, traitorous wench!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko has done her best with her outfit, rather confident that there /will/ be a power outage (not that she couldn't just run around quickly until the danger room booted up after emergency lights).  She's got on some dirty old cotton shorts, a blank tank, a loose belt holding daggers at each hip, and a red died rag around her forehead worn like a makeshift headband that makes her look even more like a stowaway or some 'barbarian' pirate.  She also decided she should give herself a beard.  It's just made of rectangular strips of cloth and is ridiculous as it sounds, attached with cloth that ties up behind her ears.

Noriko bursts her head out of the 'lower deck,' "WE GOT A PRISONER?!"  Then suddenly she's right in front of Jean, surveying.  "What's she good for?"  Which is answered by Rogue immediately.  "Cool.  Sacrifice.  Cool.  Yea we really needed to get on that....Oh if he sends ships we'll just ransom you.  No biggie.  Or take your father for ransom.  That's actually better."  her words race out.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Oh." James says succinctly, "Do we wanna go sacrifice her to the ghosts or go get the loot on that ship?" Which, to be fair, has the aforementioned Mr. Krebs shooting daggers with his eyeballs at Rogue, considering there's not a lot of money to be had in wench-sacrificing. But, at the least, the captain seems down with it.
    "Besides, what island do you..." A glance up at Hank, "Yah there doesn't seem to be anything..."
    "LAND HO, CAP'N!" Almost perfectly timed by the observation post to starboard. And, as if it snuck up on them entirely, a large grim island suddenly appears out of... when did that fog get here? But apparently a large skull-shaped island appears hoving into view as if it wished to greet the ship with its leering skeletal grin.
    Which provides a rather splendid backdrop from which Jimmy can address the captive Lady Grey, what with the grim monstrous island seeming to draw closer and closer. "Ah, you see, that is why after we hurl you to your doom, we shall set sail for the Mythical Eighth Sea, and so escape your father's vengeance." Since that's a thing right? He spreads his hands as he shrugs in Noriko's direction as if her ideas could work too. Ship by committee. Sure that works.

Rogue has posed:
"Well done, Fabio McCoy!" Rogue shouts back to Hank over the sounds of the rushing winds and splashing sea water wash against the hull of their ship!

Her eyes dart to Kitty, and she suddenly looks like she hasn't seen what Kitty was wearing until this very moment. She looks her up and down while Kitty questions the presence of a soul within that of Lady Grey. A second later, Rogue stops eying Kitty's clothes and looks around.

Then raises her sword!

"Let it be known, that Nutcracker Pryde, has offered herself as a suitable replacement sacrifice, should the Noble Wench's lack of a soul cause any hiccups in our dastardly fantastical plan!" The Belle shouts, for everyone.

Then lowers her sword as she turns around to rush toward the edge of the deck, hair and skirts flowing wildly around her form. She clutches the edge of the ship to stare at the ominous island that just totally appeared out of literally no where.

"Thar it be!" Rogue shouts, and jumps up and down two times, the heels of her boots clicking on the wooden deck!

Her sword is thrusted out toward the sea as she turns around. "Sail in to the cove! That is where our treasure lies, Captain Jimothy! It is there that we will toss the Wanton Whorish Nobile Wench in to the sea." She smiles at Jean.

"Fabio McCoy! Watch out for Ghost Ships! Their skellington crews will board us if we do not present a suitable sacrifice, post-haste!"

Rogue sweeps over toward Nori and whispers at her. "Swabbie. Make sure the Noble Wench doesn't try and escape..." It's a very loud whisper.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
At the mention of the wanton whorish noble wench, the sound of a throat clearing comes from the forecastle, where a man sits on a stool by the railing, wearing simple sailor's garb.

"Language, Anna-Marie," Professor Xavier says quietly as he looks from Rogue to the student who is present. Beyond that he looks towards the horizon and the approaching island and gives a soft sigh of resignation as the alien-fueled technological marvel of the Danger Room is put to such use. He straightens his cap after the wind stirs it and returns to... it looks like he's grading papers up there.

Kitty lets out a grin and then turns back to the island. "Why is it always Skull Island? I mean, why can't it be Tulip Island? Covered in flowers and maybe shaped like Holland or something?" she asks as she moves to the railing. She turns to cast a baleful eye back at Rogue after the mention of Kitty being replacement-sacrifice. "Hush you. I don't want to spill to Cap'n Jimmy the mutinous talk that ensued over last night's ration of rum, now do I?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast keeps to the mast, peering off over the island. "We're looking for a ship, then? Stands to reason it's docked where we intend to? Or is she out sailing and we're taking her pier?" He wonders, watching the goings on below every so often. A smirk as Rogue gets rebuffed, grinning over to Charles.

"Steady on the wheel, mind the shoals!"

Jean Grey has posed:
And here, a rare cameo by the old salty sea dog himself, making sure the pirates don't add /naughty language/ their list of kidnapping, armed robbery, human sacrifice, and other high crimes!

Still, Jean keeps her role, never breaking from character, and reacts as one would expect, bridling with the injured pride of a pampered, highborn daughter: "How dare you speak to me in such a fashion, you ill-bred cur! You will suffer for this, mark my words! Do as you will with me, but know that you will suffer!"

There is a rawness to this claim, fierce and defiant!

She goes into another round of artful struggling, definitely more the movie sort, where the sheer amount of heaving this way and that seems like it would be an overuse of energy better spent elsewhere. Then again, she's going to be thrown to the kraken soon!

Or the sea-ghost? Whatever it is!

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Like some ominous deity greeting them and allowing them to pay homage, the skull island's harbor opens up, some optical illusion of the rock outcroppings and the way the waves wash against the shores seem to give it some hint that the tremendous maw is grinding wide slowly as the three-master makes its way into that grim bay. Along the stonework there are skeletons hanging, most old but some new with the hints of dessicated flesh still connected to the corpses.
    The water is more calm, and to Jimmy's credit he lifts his voice once they are far enough in to call out, "Strike the sails! Drop anchor." Then to the side he gives a nod, "Bosun Smee! Prepare the launch." This last said to that old bosun who has approached James early in the program.
    Yet it is all enough to set the crew to action, rushing hither and yon to fulfill the orders and get matters set before they are to go ashore.
    It gives James a few moments to eye those around Jean and then ask of her, "Are you certain you don't want to come over to our side? Be a pirate? We have more fun it seems. Better'n being sacrificed." So very thoughtful of the good captain Jimothy to offer such.
    A glance over his shoulder then he adds, "More mutinies too."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's just a scamp.  She knows her ideas have no merit.  They are at the mercy of the Captain's command, and really, the girl was just trying to make Jean sweat for her own amusement.

"Woo hoo!  Land!"  Noriko zips over to look at it from the edge and then back when she hears Rogue addressing her.  "Aye aye."  She appears right in front of Jean, watching her.  After about three seconds her foot starts tapping in a blur.  "Can I decorate her?...For the ghosts?!"  Certainly not for her amusement.  Nope.

When Jean talks, Noriko just holds up a dirty sock-puppet hand and makes it yammer, yammer, yammer to the ether, not even looking her way.  The sock itself has various patches hand sewn into it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue spins around to look at the man who dare correct her speech. "But Sir Charles! Do yeeee have any idea how hard'ith it is to maintain a PG-13 pirate experience!?" She shouts back at him before she lets it lie, as he's not really one she'd dare to trifle with, obviously. He's old, and frail, and his head is shining in the simulated sunlight like a desk lamp.

Spinning back around as they glide in to the cove, Rogue shouts out then. "Good sailing, crew!" Her eyes look toward Hank. "Fabio McCoy, be there any sign of Skellington Vessels yet?!"

At Jean, Rogue's eyes narrow, her right hand reaches up to pull her white and brown hair out of her face in the wind while it tries to overtake her forearm when she does so. She narrows her green eyes at the redheaded captive. "You just always gotta try'n go for the Oscar, don't ya?" She asks, breaking character for a moment. "I mean... Hush, Sock Puppet!" She'd seen Noriko mimmicking the Lady Grey's speech with a fine puppetry show.

"Captain! Stop trying to seduce the Noble Wench! We are in place, and now is the time. Nay, the time is nigh! We must make her walk the plank!" She draws her side holstered pistol and aims it toward the distant hanging skeletons.

"For our enemies are watching us, and they are waiting for their Highborn Sacrific--"

snap, hiss, BANG! FIRE AND SMOKE!

Rogue accidentally fired her flintlock and the bullet soars over to the hanging skeleton in fancy garb, shattering its skull and making it fall to the ground, followed by several others that were tied to it...

"Shit." Rogue mutters.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
An elderly retired pirate comes out of a dockside shanty at the sound of clattering bones. His hands go to his hips as he looks at the pile of bones and rope, all tangled together. His stooped form bends over to pick up one skeleton, which is now broken at the lower spine, the legs and rib cage in two separate pieces. Not to mention the head which is slowly rolling off along the dock, just reaching the edge as it is noticed and falling into the water with a soft splash.

The old man turns his eye towards the docked ship. His eye, not eyes, because there's a patch covering the other. "Do ye have any idea how long it took me to put these up?" he asks scornfully. "None of the other docks take the time to properly decorate these days. I don't know what pirating is coming to with this new generation," he says. "In my day, someone as disrespected a proper skeleton decoration would be run right out of Tortuga," he says, shaking his head and talking to himself more than anyone else now as he starts to pull bones out of the pile and start trying to sort them into separate skeletons.

On deck, Kitty quickly hides her tablet back in her marine uniform after having tweaked the program on the fly.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Join you? How could I ever entertain such a dreadful thought?" The Lady Grey continues her very thorough protests. "We are taught well, to fear your kind: warned of your depraved, immoral character, and of your lack of hgyiene!" She gasps, oh so very gasp-ily. "And I see that there is truth to such tales! How could I ever consider allowiny myself to be sullied thus? Surely I would catch fleas, taken in by a lot such as thee-" A beat. "-even if that shirtless one in the rigging is rather a handsome sort."

What, gotta play that pirate romance theme!

Yet Jean doesn't let virtues be tested long, falling back on her armor of propriety. "But nay, I would rather die than dishonor myself thus. If it must be, then so be it. I will struggle no more."

And it seems she prepares herself for Rogue's escort, although the woman's comedic misfiring causes both a sudden wince from the sound, but likewise a laugh, perhaps a hint of the real Jean beneath, at the mess her captor makes of things, and Kitty's improvised chastisement from another old salty dog. Ahem.

Soon she recomposes herself, lifting her chin in another show of defiant English pride and ready to face her fate!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Moving to and fro on the mast, circling it with his claws embeded into the wood, Hank does a full three sixty. "Off the port bow!" He points to the left-front of the ship. Off in the distance, there is an eerie looking ship - riding in on waves of mist. "I think that might be our cursed crew, coming to save their port?"

Looking then to the old man, berating the pirates for the damage to his decor. "Sorry, sir." A bit of a stumble at the overheard comment from the captive Jean.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Yappity yap yap yap, goes Nori's hand, now in perfect timing to Jean's words, still opening its maw with wide with wild irreverence...for Jean's highborn character of course!  "So you always believe what your told?  Boring.  Yeah we shouldn't recruit her.  It'd be like taking a piss on morale.  Besides, she'd be dead inside a day."

When she hears the clatter of bones, Noriko zooms over to have a look.  "But at Tortuga they were usually corpses and didn't need...whatever you've got stringing this thing up mister.  Once the skeleton's connecty bits rot, you're left with a pile of bones."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue huffs out an exhale as the pirate Captain / Nobile Wench romance sub plot starts to unfold further. "These are the worst parts of these movies, ya know." She says huffily at the both of them, Jean and Jimmy. She stuffs her flintlock back in to her holster on her hip and turns to look at the NPC shouting at her.

"Shut up, you!" Rogue shouts back at the man complaining about his skellington display.

"Come, Noble Wench. For it is time to walk the plank!" And as Rogue walks around Nori she nods once to her. "Good job, Swabbie. Keep mocking the Noble Wench with the Sock of Mockery. It is an important element of the Nobility's dismantlement!"




Rogue takes hold of Jean's wrists with her gloved hands and starts to walk her toward the plank. "Come Captain, for you must give the orders of when the Wench must jump!"

No answer...

Rogue turns around to hear Hank shouting about an incoming ship, only to see Captain Jimmy up on the deck get sniped from afar by a skellington deck sniper!

Jimmy's person flashes several times and then BLINKS OUT OF VIEW... like a video game.

"Aw, god damnit. Nobody was watchin' the other direction? Ugh, where's Kurt. He's the best at this crap."

She broke character again!

"Okay, out on the plank with you." Rogue says to the Noble Lady Grey as she pushes her on to the diving board extended out off the edge of their mighty fine ship. "Quickly, quickly!"

More shots from their incoming enemies start plinking off of the wooden hull!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty watches Noriko's sock puppetry and tries not to grin too big. She walks past Noriko on her way to the port railing to check what Fabio McCoy has sighted, and whispers in a good-natured tone, "So flirting with detention!" in passing.

She reaches the railing and pulls out a telescoping spyglass. Which would probably make it... a telescope? In any event, she holds it up to view the approaching ship. "Aye, there's trouble sailing at us, Cap'n!" she calls just before the first shots start to pepper their vessel.

"Oh I've been waiting to do this," Kitty says as she heads over to one of the small five pounders on a swivel on the deck of the ship. She begins loading it, packing in the powder and loading a small cannonball in, one the size of a large baseball but heavy enough she uses both hands to get it in the barrel.

She grabs a punk and lights it and then takes aim and touches it to the weapon.


Jean Grey has posed:
"I have no idea what you're talking about!" Jean protests as Rogue does battle with the 4th wall, denying any of her own trope awareness... despite the way she's dressed!

Yet for the time being, she has little time to ponder romance, thoroughly sock-mocked and now scheduled for an ever-looming execution by salty sea. Although she gives a last round of 'for show' struggles, even making as if to break away when the ropes around her chest are cut free, she cannot resist her captor's manhandling efforts, and her wrists remain secured, easily taken in hand and leaving her without much leverage to fight with. Thus she's made to walk toward the side of the ship-

And there's a shot!

"It must be my father, come to save me!"

Or... it could just as easily be skeletons come to murder them. Or the Spanish. Or beefy shirtless Russians. It's really hard to say with this program!

Still, Jean finds some courage in the attack, even as she is walked toward the edge of the ship, and finally made to begin her precarious journey out onto the plank. Menaced by Rogue, she takes step after cautious, faltering step, until she is at the very edge. And in her last moments, the noble maid thinks of God and Crown-

-or not!

"I said you would regret this!" she declares, and gives- is it a shriek... or a laugh? -just as Rogue gives her one last prodding sword-jab in the back and sends her over!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko tosses her retort over to Kitty, "What be detention?  Prison?!  No way the Captain would toss me in for that!"  Well maybe for annoying people, and the thought makes Noriko ponder it with a pensive look.  "I'll take my chances!"

And at Rogue's praises, Noriko squints triumphantly at Kitty in a final retort, /easily/ fitting into her role.

Nori might be a little distracted though as she flits over to where Kitty is lighting the canon ball, sock puppet eating one ear, hand slammed against the other.  Then she's back to staring Jean down, with an equally silent sock puppet that is level with her head, as if they were in a posse.  Rogue said to mock her!  Nothing's more degrading than being guarded by a sock puppet whose button eyes mean business right?

Henry McCoy has posed:
The gunfire was loud enough - and now there's a five pound cannon being fired off. Henry's hands cover his ears, even as he clings to the main mast while the shots ring in. Grabbing one of the ropes, with his feet, he drops down swinging to the deck where the Captain was shot.

"He's dead.... Jim!" Star Trek and everything! Cheeky doctor. "You ghosts will pay for this!" He growls, pulling out a dagger from his belt.

Rogue has posed:
The skeletons are growing ever larger on the horizon as their ship sails closer and closer. The redheaded prisoner must be sacrificed in order to appease their bloodthirsty desire for the living! Their hole-filled sails are fluttering in the wind, and there's an even darker cloud hovering above their ship than the dark clouds already hovering above SKULL ISLAND!

"This is going splendidly! Why I thought they'd be on us way faster than this." Rogue laughs, arrogantly, moments before Jean falls in to the water. "Begone, Wench. Your father has failed to find ye in time! Probably too busy drinkin' at the tavern. Ha ha haaa!"

And push! Jean is sent over the edge of the plank!

"And appeased the evil spirits ar---!" Rogue is cut off by the sudden, and unexpected burst of water from beneath Jean!

Multiple upward splashes explode from the murky cove waters as shirtless men leap up in to the sky and all inter-link their arms together to provide Jean a safe place to fall in to their massive muscle-lumpy embrace!

And they're singing! LOUDLY!


Rogue lunges at the side railing of the ship and looks over in to the waters as the shirtless mer-men beefcakes all craddle Jean with care and love! "No!" She shouts "Nooooooooo!" She thrashes around now and then stops suddenly. "Damn, they're hot. Why didn't I sign up t'be the noble prisoner?"



"Abandon ship!" Rogue orders. "Chase the mer-men! Get the Noble Wench!" And without another shout, the Second Mate jumps over the railing and plummets down in to the water with a splash!