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Reaving Means Raiding
Date of Scene: 11 March 2020
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: Sam Gunthrie, Rogue, and Illyana going hunting for a Cerebro ping in New York City with Jean playing 'Oracle' back at Xaviers. Reavers attack a charity event in M-Town and the X-Men intercede. Chaos Ensues. Josh demonstrates his mutant power, is knocked out for his trouble, and kidnapped (I mean rescued) back to Xaviers.
Cast of Characters: Joshua Foley, Samuel Guthrie, Rogue, Illyana Rasputina

Joshua Foley has posed:
While Mutant Town is a poverty crime riden down and outs ghetto in New York City it is also one of the few neighborhoods where Mutants can feel safe to be themselves and own businesses openly. A place where the community is closely knit and look out for each other.

Unfortunately that also means they can be a target.

On what should be a relatively peaceful Wednesday afternoon there is a peaceful gathering scheduled to raise money for the survivors of Genosha hosted by Father Paul O'Brien a well known community activist in Mutant Town. He runs one of the soup kitchens and homeless shelters along with some of the other genuinely good works helping the community.

Turn out is really good today too, about fifty residents gathered up in the empty lot by the church Father O'brien runs. They are generally waiting to listen to the good Father speak soon. There is a small area where people are packing care boxes, another where a potluck has been setup, and of course socializing going on.

A few beat reporters have showed up to cover it, but nothing like a non-mutant disaster would draw.

To those with the ear to the ground in the right quarters there has been rumblings of some counter protesting planned which could lead to danger, not that it motivated any cops to show up to protect the mutant rally in the heart of Mutant Town.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie got the call on Cerebro picking up a new signature last night. It happens a lot in this time, but this one was pretty high on the charts. He was asked to go check it our and see if they could find out anything. He asked a few friends to come along and see what they could find. Sam has actually been looking into the mini cerebro units and offered to drive everyone out in his car. Atleast he has cleaned it up since he bought it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sits in the back seat of Sam's car. She's wearing a black jacket over a black X-Men jumpsuit that is zipped up to her neck. It'd look like she's just wearing black leather pants to anyone who'd see her with her jacket on and closed. On her head is a dark forest green knit cap and it holds her brown and white hair down against her head as she looks around whilst they travel.

"This car smells like pepperoni." She says to the front seat and it's driver, grinning a little from behind him.

By the time they arrive in Mutant Town though, the pale green eyes from the Belle are just staring around at the city district. She's seen big cities sort've like this in California, but this one has a colder feeling to it.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Cool, as far as Mutant Town is considered, doesn't live up to the rough outskirts of Vladivostok or the stews of Kolkata. Therefore wearing a vaguely oversized coat and ripped up jeans isn't going to attract much attention for simply being there. Beanie yanked low on her braided hair, Illyana exudes an air of giving very little care for anything going on around her. She wears a pair of earbuds to further indicate being cut off from the world, though absolutely no music filters through the devices tucked under the slanting knit hat. Sitting as low as humanly possible in Sam's ride without having any comments (because do /you/ want her to drive?), the seatbelt wrapped around her, she is clearly in her own little world.

Any kind of fancy device giving away the signature of a mutant could be awfully useful. Maybe she is even bothers looking at it once in a while, but the girl's unfocused, frosty eyes are focused elsewhere much of the time. Searching, possibly, for signatures that stand out in an odd way to her particularly strange senses.

Joshua Foley has posed:
The good Father O'brien hasn't come up yet, though it is getting really close to one of his inspirational speeches to help rally the congregation and neighborhood around the plight of those poor Genoshian Refugees.

The whole community brought out stuff to put into the care packages and there is a line of people packing them. Durables like hand sanitizer, blankets, stuff that is very pragmatic and can be shipped via aid organizations pretty easily.

Parking is super easy to find despite it being New York City, because not a lot of people can afford cars here, and people with nice cars don't park them in M-Town. There are several beat up panel vans near the empty lot parked taking up several spaces though. Three in total.

Basicallly Sam's car fits right in.

<'The reading is really near there, lots of mutant signatures though.. some sort of gathering..'> from Jean back on Cerebro.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie smirks a bit and says "Your lucky I didn't get the order last night that had 5 large anchovies ." He grins into the rear view mirror. He finds the parking spot, and looks to the ladies "I say we start by checking out this gathering here. Some obvious people should be there, and maybe a new kid on the X-gene might be coming to see if he can find some help or advice or something." He climbs out once parked "Spotting newish mutants has a bit of extra interest to me here lately."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances over to Illyana and grins at her, but Sam's words draw her stare forward again to him. "Hey, you got it. I'm just here t'make ya look better." She quips before reaching over to open her door, she pulls the lever but finds it locked. "Child locks, really?" She exhales, but when the door snaps the lock open she groans softly and opens it, then moves to stand out. She could just rip the door off the hinges, but that'd be rude!

Once outside, Rogue reaches up to adjust the dark green knit cap on her head and then sweeps her stare around. "Quite a place, looks like Genosha stuff goin' on." She'll move to follow the others though, letting them guide her to where she should go. "I imagine this place is crawlin' with mutants though, how do we find the one we're lookin' for, like... specifically?"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The blonde Russian looks out the window now and then, her disinterested reflection hollowed beneath chiseled cheekbones and slanted, feline eyes. New York slides by at a slowed pace when Sam navigates his way through the crumbling streets marred by violence and an invisible class divide she most certainly identifies with a sharpened scrutiny. Takes one to know her. M-Town isn't a place that Illyana visits very often, and the clothing helps her blend in. So does age.

"Anchovies? Ugh," she opines about pizza, proof she's either a remarkable guesser or really isn't listening to whatever streams through her headphones. Watching Rogue try to exit the car and fail earns a raised brow and a pointed look at Sam, /daring/ him to try to pull that one on her. Just try. Doors are optional when one is Kitty Pryde or the team teleporter there. Slithering out once she convinces the door to do its job, she stands on tiptoe. "Confusion helps. Uncontrolled powers. Panicking."

Joshua Foley has posed:
Father O'brien is stepping up onto a small platform that was setup for the event. Nothing fancy just a slightly raised stage with a microphone and some small speakers to help project for the gathered community. He is a generally affable man, who just happens to have four arms and is clearly a mutant with a physical mutation he can't hide.

they use it for bingo night in the church's rec center.

"Good afternoon everyone.. I am so glad you all came out today to help our brothers and sisters in Genosha" he pauses as people clap. "I'm proud of you all... All of you .. opening your hearts to strangers... strangers like you and me though. While we also have so many needs, they today in the wake of that tragedy have even more need than we do and so we are here for them!"

Speaking of Panic though.

The doors to the three panel vans slide open and figures spill out, quickly spreading out to not clump and make easy targets of themselves. They are armored, red scarves around their necks, featureless masks over their faces unadorned except for red painted symbols that make them more identifiable to each other. They all also have machine guns.

Form the middle van, not spreading out but shouting over the crowd is an unmasked individual, same armor but the red scarf is almost a vestment, twist on the one that Father O'brien is wearing. "Genosha was an abomination. They got what they deserved ... as will you."

There must be a dozen of them, four per van and the drivers who haven't got out on top of that. ( https://i.imgur.com/98aLTFF.jpg )

It takes a moment for it to sink in though and then there is chaos and panick in the crowd as people start to run and the Reavers start to head right for O'brien, not just opening fire. He is clearly why they are here.

<'The signature is moving.'> offers Jean from back at the mansion helpfully.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and upon seeing the men stepping out of the van his training comes to quickly. "Rogue, you got the ones from van on the right, Magik you got the ones on the left." he will step to get in front of the ones from the middle fan, and says "I got the middle group and Pierce." He will lock eyes with the man for a moment, but for now the goons are the main threat. He runs a couple steps and then jumps and sends himself into the group of four from the middle van, trying to send them all tumbling.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't have a lot of experience with vans filled with 'terrorists' getting out of them and suddenly rushing a public gathering like this. It's unsettling to say the least. But she's been training in the Danger Room and she's more confident in her abilities than ever before. "God." She groans as Sam gives out marching orders she pulls her hat off and stuffs it in her jacket then pulls her jacket off. "I'm gonna get shot up." With her coat tossed on top of Sam's car, Rogue glances to her two team mates. "I'm gonna do my best!" She re-assures them a she starts to run across the street toward the vans, not really worried about her own safety...

So when the men start shouting and she can see the aggressions building... she just takes hold of the Van closest to her and pulls it over on to it's side, not worried about who's left inside it, they can't be good people in there anyway right...?

Hopping up on top of it, Rogue moves to it's back tire and rips it up off of it's axle. She shoves it at one of the gun men like a basketball! "Bad idea!" She shouts at them. "I like your matchin' outfits though!"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Right, because the terrorists are going to be scared of a girl probably about university-aged, too busy listening to the base beat smacked through her headphones than pay attention. Those damn Zoomers with their alt-rock-darkwave mashups and overpriced lattes, making the stock market crash and opposing gentrification! Illyana slouches towards the sinister-side van from Babylon, her blank, ice-pale eyes imparting nothing by way of warmth or welcome into the pending melee. They might even make the mistake of looking back at her and assuming she just took a wrong turn.

Unless they mark the stride. The kind of slink that might keep someone up at night, lazily prowling this way towards trouble, moving her slim thighs while all about her reel shadows of indignant bystanders and weary buildings. <<The darkness drops again; but now I know that twenty centuries of stony sleep...>>

The men over there probably don't speak Russian. Her voice has a sort of sing-song edge, vaguely riveting, vaguely disquieting. Russian always is. "What is this that you do?" she asks, following up like a tourist wandering into the wrong spot. Right. Totally a tourist. Come on, boys, turn around.

Panic wears an angel's face. Innocence shielding the sweet hunter's smile. "This is Bedford stop?" Totally a lost tourist. Totally.

Joshua Foley has posed:
The lack of firing into a crowd is interesting. This isn't just a terrorist massacre evidently and they seemed intent on the priest. Not intent on shooting him. Perhaps they planned an abduction to strike even more fear into the hearts of the mutants of M-Town. Maybe something worse once they had him like an execution on video. Hard to say for sure.

The main objective may be in jeapordy with the presence of the X-Men but Donald Pierce actually seems estatic, quickly stepping to the side when Cannonball ... does his thing and launches himself at the group spreading out from the middle van. The enhanced terrorist moves very fast all said. Two of his people and the van with driver do not move as fast being slammed into the van and then the van tumbles backwards. Not that Sam iss hurt by this with his Blast Field.

Rogue meanwhile flips the van on the right over onto its side preventing any backup from leaving the van and giving the driver, still seatbelted in, a major whiplash. One of the Reavers spreading from that van... well okay all of them look back and then one of them eats a tire going down hard. That... may have squished that Reaver.

Oh and Illyana... creepy on point there... and the driver of the van she is sidling up to is just getting out with a sidearm drawn. He and two of those stepping away look at her confused at the Russian and her walking towards them instead of away from them. The other two keep moving forward faster towards the priest now. Of course only the driver is actually trained for this, really trained, one of Pierce's core group. He starts to pull the trigger of the pistol pointed at the Zoomer Russia Mutant.

The Reaver next to the one hit by the tire drops his gun "Duncan!!" ...seriously he was holding it like it is was an nerf gun anyways... it is questionable he even knew how to use it. The kid.. yeah kid... pulls the mask off dropping it as he drops down and pushes the tire off the other kid.... pulling his mask off now too. God they look fifteen ... maybe sixteen on the sheer outside of it. "Duncan..." the blond teen is a wreck.. trying to figure out if the other kid is okay or not.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie turns and will hover over the van turned to look over towards Pierce, and the kids. He frowns, and says "Hiring kids to do your dirty work again Pierce?" He frowns and says "Your not going to hurt anyone here today and your going to be put away for the things you have done. He will keep an eye out on the field, and if the gons get near the priest, he plans to send them scattering like bowling pins to rescue the priest.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has zero desire to kill any of the Reavers... be it Charles or Scott or Jean, she doesn't want to kill, just like they'd been telling her not to. But at the same time, finding the balance of strength and how to use it to stop comparatively very squishy human beings is... a challenge.

Using her speed now though, Rogue flies toward another gun toting Reaver and she tries to just take his rifle and rip it into pieces to let them scatter on the ground before she'll start toward another one.

She can hear Sam talking over the comms. "You know these people?" Rogue asks as she turns to rush another! All the chaos going around has her blood pumping though and she's trying to keep a watch over her teammates too.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Don't shoot!" Illyana cobbles together English out of her heavy accent, throwing up her hands like a terrified bystander would. She blankly stares at the driver and his entourage. "Please!" It all comes down to trigger times and reflexes. Between those snapped between organic synapses and technological ones.

It never really was a question. The gun goes off before she can presumably understand. Blonde hair is still flowing over her shoulders, snapped forward in the time it takes to halt. One thing can move faster than the speed of a bullet. (Other than Quicksilver.)

Thought. Thought to shred space in twain with a streak of radiant blue a handspan wide, swallowing up the bullet. Limbo's energies blur around the edges of that lickety-split wound that opens and shuts, smearing away the projectile as though it never was.

There. Gone. Her wide-eyed look has to be one of terror, fear like the boy's felt across the open space. The Reaver driver remains fixed in her sight, even as her lower lip trembles. "Stop. Da, stop?" See, just a frightened girl in trouble. Pity might exist in them. It might not. It's a litmus test, either way.

Joshua Foley has posed:
"You can't save everyone or be everywhere X-men!" as far as Pierce is concerned every mutant that actually knows how to fight is an X-men. Also he isn't really wrong this time so good show for him. The two not bowled into the tipped over van by Cannonball open up with the machineguns on him unaware that he is effectively blast shielded there.

The two goons not focused on Illyana do indeed start to get close to Father O'brien who calls out on the PA "Everyone scatter.. run... call the police!" trying to encourage his flock to flee for their lives even if his own life is still at risk. Sam will need to pick one of the two though to bowl into first.

Rogue definitely has the other two from her van's attention now, they ignore the downed teen and his friend and try to light her up with their own guns.. which is distinctly ineffective even as one of them gets his rifle taken away and ripped apart in front of him.... and then the next one as well.... he tries to hit her with his rifle before she rips it out of his hand breaking his trigger finger and destroying it as well.

That.. display of power definitely unnerves the ones focused on Illyana. One of the two look around and then just books it because this show of force is way more than he signed up for. He might be called a coward later but... god damn. The driver though is one of Pierce's hardcore followers "Freak!" and he just pulls the trigger again... and at that point the one with a rifle does as well at Illyana, though his aim is considerably shakier.

"Duncan..." says the scared shitless Josh, kneeling and cradling his friends head... Duncan weezes but is very much alive and struggling to stay that way eyes rabbity wide with shock setting in. Which is when Josh's hands glow as he cradles his friend's head there... The glow might be lost in the middle of the scrum and chaos of combat and a fleeing crowd, though Rogue at least is standing right nearby having dismantled two rifles.

Duncan is suddenly not in shock and stares up at Josh "What...what did you do to me you freak!?" yeah no gratitude in the heat of the moment.

<'Whoever it is just used their power, big burst. What is going on, was that gunshots? Do you need backup?'> helps Jean knowing that one of their teleporters though is already there. Maybe someone else.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks to Pierce and says "We can take you down for sure." Over the com he will say "He has been a pain in our sides since almost the start. He and I have a bit of a personal history on top of it." He will say. He looks over and does head towards the one on the right that is going for the priest. He will hit the man with a flying clothes line, and then move to hover behind the priest for just a moment "Sir, hold on a moment, and will get you to safety." he wraps his arms around the man, and heads for a roof top two buildings over.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue flies right at the two men that are peppering her with automatic weapons fire! The bullets do nothing, the suit is designed to deny them from piercing it as is Rogue's body beneath it. She just bulls in to them and knocks them back on to their butts before spinning around and kicking that tire she'd thrown right at the front of another one of the Reaver Vans!

But the light from Josh's display of power catches Rogue's attention. She sees what he does, he heals someone? "I think I've spotted the one we're here for." She states into the team-comms. "This kid just... well, I dunno know what he did, but he did something."

There's other vans, other dangers to be dealt with through, so Rogue spins around to find other targets to try to disable!

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
<<Vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,>> Illyana continues as she tears another fine line in reality, calling up the gift that leaps from the confines of a realm adjacent to Hell and rests intertwined with a far darker blessing endowed by the Mad Monk across three generations. Bullets tear through the air as she shunts them away if she can into that other space, the first thrust into the radiant lapis energy wave. One to deflect, one to dodge from, if she can for the shotgun.

"And what rough beast, its hour come round at last?" Verse falls into the English spectrum, the discordant melodies of Yeats penned by the petite blonde sorceress. Perhaps any of them paying close attention during their literature classes or Sunday school lessons might recognize, and run.

The torn threads of reality form a portal gives a yawning vision of Limbo, the acid-washed clouds soaring around forbidding, unnaturally high cliffs of marbled scarlet and vermillion whipped into tortured shapes. Spires and hoodoos crown the pockmarked facades, corresponding to at least one of Dante's circles. Shadows of unnatural intensity seethe on the wing, writhing in untold formation. It's a terrifying sight placed directly in front of the driver and the shotgun Reaver, a wordless promise, a glimpse of their future. "Choose wisely," she says... from behind the portal. "Is the kid all right?" Rogue hasn't gone unnoticed, for all the angelic demon queen of Limbo is giving a life lesson. Better than an object lesson.

Joshua Foley has posed:
The priest hugs Sam as Cannonball takes off with him, with all four arms. He won't be letting go though until they are safely on the roof away from the chaos and he can touch solid ground. Well solid roof. "Help the people.. please.. I will be okay my son!"

The one Sam didn't bowl into fires hsi automatic weapon after Cannonball, though Father O'brien is safe thanks to the blast shield. Still he is a shooting threat Rogue could deal with for certain.

Pierce looks after Sam with hate in his eyes then turns and helps the driver get out of the van that Sam punched over with his first cannonball. "We need to go, the X-men were not expected... still the mutants will be afraid to congregate." which Pierce counts as a win. He steps to put the man he helped out between him and the scrum and starts to hustle away. The driver draws a sidearm and covers Pierce's retreat, firing into the fleeing crowd and presenting another active threat target before taking a shot at Rogue.

The two whose guns were destroyed... well hell they run away from Rogue unarmed now and smart enough to realize they stand no chance against her. Honestly they could win a sprint right now with all the adrenaline pumping through their system.

Okay yeah that is pretty scary. Shooting seems to be pointless so the three on Illyana do a quick look around, realize they are truly buggered and take off towards the street booking it. Target gone. Boss making his exit. Time for them all to retreat and regroup elsewhere it seems. Except for the two who didn't get the memo.

Josh looks shocked at Duncan's response and almost drops his head. He doesn't though in his surprise. Duncan though has a different kind of shock going on as he stares up at Josh... the shock is broken as Duncan swings his gun up and bashes it right into Josh's face breaking his nose. Josh goes sprawling onto his back on the pavement seeing stars.. . . maybe out cold.... and Duncan scrambles to his feed... then turns to run as well leaving Josh behind. The kid is not necessarily all right.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods, and says to the priest "Ah'll be back to get you shortly." He moves to step off the roof. and after a moment's fall he kicks in the blastfield again. He will head back towards the fight. He is looking for Pierce, but hovers above the fight for a moment getting his bearings. He thinks to Jean "We got them on the run, Donald Pierce seems to be beating the middle schools and high schools for recruits now, but all seem to be normal." He looks over to Rogue "You saw our target?"

Rogue has posed:
To Illyana, Rogue replies. <"I think I did anyway, a kid used a mutation right as Jean said there was a power burst from our traget."> The Belle is up off of the ground and flying to one of the gun men still firing his weapon. She comes up behind him and picks him up off of the ground and as he struggles she reaches around to pull the gun from him and drop it toward the van he'd rushed out of!

<"He's the blond one in the crowd."> Rogue continues as she comes around and sees the Duncan fellow... hitting Josh in the face. <"Who is bein' attacked right now!">

When the Duncan attacker starts to hoof it away from Josh after hitting him in the face, Rogue just throws the man she's holding right at him from about ten feet up in the air. "Thats what ya get for not playin' nice!"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Good. Make sure he is not trying to flee or harmed." Not harming a biokinetic is a bit of a laugh, though can't blame Illyana for what she doesn't know. She hovers back there while the driver and acquaintance fleeing, giving them an awful flicker of a smile. Running is free. On the other hand, the men shooting into the crowd leave the demon queen's eyes starting to glow with a shred of irritation.

<Tell me not to dump them in Limbo,> she hisses through the commlink in Sam's general direction. It might just be a challenge as she flexes her fingers, seething with deep irritation. Pearce is about to have a bloody bad day, if it comes right down to it. <I don't feel like playing nice at all.>

The sinuous options are there. Help the Southern Belle make a ruckus in front of Josh... or find the Reavers suffering. Badly.

Joshua Foley has posed:
Yeah Pierce was the first to hoof it, using one of his men as cover and quickly slinking like the snake he is into an alley across the way and putting on more speed as he isn't in direct sight now. Heading back to the meeting hall to regroup, or perhaps burn it down now to wipe out the evidence.

The others, of which there are four in all fleeing also make haste splitting up in seperate directions and just scrambling like hell is after them, which to be fair it sort of is.

Rogue easily scruffs one of the gunners, gets rid of his gun, and then throws him at Duncan as he is trying to run.. bowling them both over hard sending them tumbling. They both scramble back up almost on all fours as they keep running now a bit off balance guns left behind.

Which leaves the lone on that had been shooting after Sam... but .. yeah he is unarmed and hovering. "Fuck." he says in a way that would make a Witcher proud, then tries to book it towards the back of the lot and freedom.

Josh is laid out on his back nose bleeding and not healing because well he is knocked out for the moment at least. Could come too any moment though it isn't that bad.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "Don't do it Magik, you and Rogue need to check on the kid. This aint the first time Pierce used mutants to fight mutants." He sighs looking down at Josh and seeming himself for a moment. "I am gonna go get the priest back, see if he knows why they were coming after him." and go get the priest to bring him back he does.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Don't do it. The grumpiness will be there, through a cup of coffee, and flinging herself into the depths of damnation and ruin. Donald Pierce is about to have an exceptionally bad day.

See, the danger in messing around with Magik is that she has /time/ to hunt you down. Time that could involve sitting outside the normal timestream. Some know this. Many don't. "Get him," she agrees. Then she stalks off after Rogue and her new friend. Josh is bleeding and laying flat out, giving perfect cover for the southern belle to hopefully hoist him up or drag him along with one of the vans. "Fools and their souls are soon parted, is that not how it goes?"

Joshua Foley has posed:
The priest is fine, though he will accept a ride back off the roof now. In the distance sirens ... very slow sluggishly responding sirens... are closing in.

"I do not know why they would come for me or our congregation my son.." says Father O'brien. There is a deep sigh from the man. "Probably because hate is in their hearts and they are wicked men... you and yours should go though before the police arrive. Thank you though for helping us all today, you will be in my prayers."

Yup cop cars. Coming closer by the tick of the clock.

Perhaps Sam could ask Illyana to portal the three of them, the car, and Josh back to Xaviers.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods to the Priest, and says "If you find out anything give us a call." He will offer the man a card for a burner phone that can be contacted. He Looks over "Ok, load the kid in the back of the station wagon and take us all back home Ill. Think you can get us in front of the house instead of the living room this time." He teases his friend.

Joshua Foley has posed:
Illyana is capable, she is ridiculously powerful when it comes to those stepping disks.

Josh is loaded like a sack of potatoes and kidnapped... I mean rescued as well.

Not too long after the car and four mutants end up in front of Xaviers with plenty of time to spare before any cops arrive.