4306/Yippie-Ki-Yay Holiday: The Train

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Yippie-Ki-Yay Holiday: The Train
Date of Scene: 05 December 2020
Location: NYC - From Central Park to Lower Manhattan
Synopsis: Simon begins his deadly game with some of New York's finest heroes. The Shadow solves a riddle, Rave rescues civilians, and X23 sort of teams up with Bolo to catch a train and disarm a bomb.
Cast of Characters: Cecily Winters, Jovian Anderson, Naria Shepard, Laura Kinney, Natasha Cranston

Cecily Winters has posed:
    It's noon in New York City. The morning commute brought with it an explosion, and an individual calling himself 'Simon' playing games with the cops. The airwaves have a wide band SOS signal going out, a low-key call to heroes to meet in a nearby park not far from the explosion site. The police themselves aren't there, but a liaison is. 'Look for the white fox' was the code phrase, in order to keep things somewhat obscured from the general goings on of the public.

    Standing on the concrete near a statue, is a white fox. Cecily is pacing, holding a radio, her three white tails lashing about behind her in an impatient fashion. She's hoping that someone answers the call, or else she's stuck doing this by herself. The air is thick with cold mist and the noonday sun hasn't been able to burn it through the thick clouds yet, making it feel frigid. She's wrapped in a long coat, at the least.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson has not gotten the immediate SOS but instead been tapped by some federal contacts that passed this up the chain since they weren't yet 'officially' being called in. Though he has some old satilite imagery sent by contacts to his phone, its not enough to get a definitive lock on the stolen trucks. Still, he is assuming its a robbery or that they're sneaking in monsters. Definitely one of those two things. Either way, he ends up in the same area, wearing his recently redesigned costume for the first time with a sleek shiny silver suit with a helmet that covers his face and very slightly distorts his voice. He wanders around, not really immediately knowing he is supposed to speak to Cecily, but he sure LOOKS like a super hero and is here....

Naria Shepard has posed:
Not a fox, but certainly one to associate with one, Rave recieved the call! Bombs were always annoying for the speedster, the few times she'd dealt with them. Super speed didn't mean she had the senses to pick up where a hidden explosive could be...and most of the safety around them tended to mean she wasn't going to be snapping any photos or making social media posts about the exploits either.

Streaking across the city like a comet of neon light, the bluenette came to a stop beside thr fox. Glowing hair and eyes aside, between the skirt, boots and midriff baring top she wore? Rave looked like she was headed to her namesake rather than like a 'hero'.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney, aka X-23, is not really known for her sense of civic duty. But as she's cutting across the park her keen sense pick up the radio chatter and a gaggle of super-types gathering. She's not especially heroic seeming - a petite young woman bundled up in a generic black hoodie and pants combo.

Something about the situation makes her linger. Perhaps it's the women with the tails? She could be a mutant after all.

Either way she sticks to the sidelines for now. Content to observe without drawing much attention to herself.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    One moment, Cecily's alone by the statue. The next... She notices that one of the shadows along the path doesn't actually have something casting it. And it's moving toward her. Almost as if her realization was a cue, the shadow twists, shifts, lifts, solidifies in a way that shadows aren't supposed to - and a black-clad figure with a crimson scarf concealing most of its face walks the final few paces to look Cecily in the eye.

    "Curious," the figure comments, almost conversationally despite the inhuman sounding voice. "Most of the crazies who want to play literal games with law enforcement pick Gotham. That said, this 'Simon' 's modus operandi doesn't fit any of that city's better known rogues -- not 'funny' enough to be the Joker, no attempts at a clever riddle, no references to Alice in Wonderland or overuse of the number two..."

    The Shadow makes almost no reaction as Rave scretches to a halt next to Cecily. "I take it this... 'Simon'... has left further instructions?" they ask conversationally.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "Oh, thank goodness," Cecily says with an exasperated sigh, reaching out to ruffle Rave's hair affectionately. She knows Rave, at the least, and she lifts her arm, trying to flag down Jovian as well. The lingering Laura doesn't seem familiar to her, and she's inconspicuous enough that the normally cautions and observant fox, who is utterly wrapped up in terrorist bullshit right now, completely ignores her proximity. The Shadow, also, takes most of her attention. She blinks, adjusting her glasses, and looks the Mysterious Stranger over.

    "On behalf of the police department, I do apologize, but this is what happens when things start exploding... my name is Cecily, and I'm the... liaison, as our suspect is trying to limit direct police involvement as much as possible by his demands," she huffs quietly, nodding. "...our 'friend' Simon is absolutely trying to play a game with us. And by us, I mean... I suppose caped and costumed sorts as a whole...? I admit that none of us have any idea... but after the explosion, the threats, and the bomb found recently... well, we need to take this seriously. Several people did, unfortunately, perish in this morning's blast..." the fox's ears droop down slightly.

    "Right... furhter instructions... there's..." she glances around, nodding towards the street not fifty yards away. "...we're expecting a call from that subway station phone booth... presuming we're being watched."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson says, "Call me Bolo," he says in a metallic voice that looks like someone took a children's toy from a 1980's cereal box, but it does disguise his voice. Kind of. Badly. "We should assume he is watching." He looks around carefully, "The trick is understanding his motivation. The knowledge of law enforcement implies he has experience with it." His brow furrows, but it isn't visible behind the very reflective silver motorcycle helmet. "But I'm betting they have us go into the subway....""

Naria Shepard has posed:
A grin on Rave's glossed lips, the bluenette winks at Cecily's greeting. It was always nicer to be welcomed at a scene rather than chased off by someone claiming 'interference'!

The arrival of others however? That was a bonus. The man in silver? He gets a nod, but as she opens her mouth to offer greeting the 'Shadow' emerges, all business from the start. Alright.

"Rave," she offers, gesturing to herself in speedy introduction before biting her lip. "Watched as in...I shouldn't just go running around looking for a guy with a remote, right? What are the odds the booth is rigged to go boom?"

For the moment Laura seems to have avoided the attention of the speedster, blending in the crowd as she has.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura finishes studying the gathering of heroes and raises an eyebrow. Indescriminate bombings could harm mutants so... Probably best to lend a hand.. right? Reservations about involving herself aside she idly begins walking in the direction of the indicated payphone. Few people bother to use payphones these days. So there could be scent traces left behind. Worst case all she has to do is get close enough to loiter nearby so she'll be able to overhear the call.

As she walks there are a few surreptitious glances up and around, to the places she'd pick for a sniper nest, checking for the telltale glint of optics.

As she walks she does a quick search for related news stories on her burner phone.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    There's a harsh sound that's probably a chuckle coming from the Shadow. "I generally find myself on the other end of cat and mouse games. This might just be interesting..." they comment, then glance briefly at Laura. "It would appear so. And we'll learn no more just standing here..."

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "Heroes come in all shapes and sizes..." Cecily says with a half smile, lopsided, but genuine. She looks between Rave, Bolo, and the Shadow, before nodding slowly. "Thankfully, it's just the surface phone, but... we are kind of at his mercy until he actually tells us what he wants... and so far, outside of the explosion, and the other bomb... there's no real explanation..." she trails off, the phone starting to ring. "Hells, there it goes..." she rubs her face, "Come on, let's hurry..." she starts to move.

    Whomever gets to the phone first to pick it up will find a distinctly male voice on the line, "Good, good, I see the... Central Park Avengers have assembled... come to play a game with me, yes? Well then. The trash can next to you is full of explosives. I will give you a riddle to solve. And if you can't solve it, I detonate it. Simple? Good. Here's your riddle: As I was on my way to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Every wife had seven sacks, every sack had seven cats, every cat had seven kittens, kittens, cats, sacks, and wives. How many were going to St. Ives?" There's a soft chuckle on the line, "My phone number is 555, and the other four digits are the answer to that riddle. You have thirty seconds to call me back, or the bomb detonates. Happy counting..." The line goes dead.

    For Laura, the stories are all pretty similar. Gas explosion, gas explosion, dozens injured, under a dozen fatalities, many still critically injured. No talk of terrorists or bombs except for mention of suspicions, and some crazy conspiracy nuts too.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson . o O "Central Par....Thats probably a promotion." He thinks and says, "You know, I think if you press *68 you can get the number of the phone that just called you though I dont know if that works on a payphone." He looks at the trashcan, prepared to disarm the bomb but he asks, "Wait are we supposed to enter the numbers into the phone? If so dialing *67 is probably, like...a bad idea." There is nothing to throw a bolo at...or shoot. He is confused.

Naria Shepard has posed:
Ah crap, Rave had seen this movie. With the mocking tone and...worse still, maths intermingled with riddles. Thankfully, like the rest of the world, she tended to carry a smartphone.

Immediately the device is in her hand, tapping away at the calculator app with inhuman speed. "Alright so...seven wives, seven sacks...but sacks aren't beings, seven cats...seven kittens...plus dude and the husband..."

A shrug, she tilts her head. "So three-hundred and thirty fi- Wait! Only the guy was headed there, right?"

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura lingers near the trashcan, dropping a few crumpled receipts in as if she was a typical pedestrian, and sniffs for clues. Even if the explosive was sealed in an airtight container there should be chemical traces, lingering scents of the maker and other clues. If there's anything to find her nose will know.

Her attempts to locate a spotter / sniper don't seem to have had any luck. So she switches her focus to CCTV cameras that might be subverted. Not that she's in a position to do much about it right now, but it never hurts to be aware of what information your opponent has access to.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    The Shadow snorts derisively at the riddle, then nods at Rave. "It's a trick riddle - most often found in children's English books to spice up the pronunciation practice, they confirm. "If this is the best they can do, I'm not surprised they had to resort to bomb threats just to get someone to pay them any attention..."

    With that, they lift the phone and dial 555-0001. "Do we pass your little test?" they snarl into the receiver.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "Children's rhymes?" Cecily asks, bewildered. More than a little bewildered, actually. She stares at the phone for a moment, then glances over Rave's shoulder. "...seven times seven... no no... it's... yeah... that one... it's one. All of the rest were going the other way," the fox nods. She looks between the Shadow, and Rave, and Bollo. "We probably shouldn't taunt him too much... If he's just testing us, things might not be so easy from here on out..." she sighs. All she wanted today was a cup of tea. Not to deal with crazed terrorists in New York for the third week in a row. She glances at the Shadow when she picks up the phone, and waits.

    The phone rings for a moment, and on the other side of the line there's a laugh. "Good! You figurd it out! But you took longer than thirty seconds... That's too bad..." there's a soft 'tsk tsk tsk' on the other line, and silence.

    Cecily's eyes widen, "You've got to be kidding me," and her eyes dart towards the trash can. There's no time to evacuate the area, and only Rave can probably run fast enough to get away before it blows. She flags down Laura, "Hey! Get away from that!"

    Seconds tick by. Heartbeats. The pause is tangible. And then. Nothing happens.

    "I didn't say 'Simon Says'..."

    The voice on the phone has a good laugh. Laura will find no trace chemical smells. Nothing out of the ordinary for a New York City trash can. In fact, it turns out there's no bomb, as Simon confirms. "The bomb is in the #2 train.... if you don't make it to the Wall Street subway station in time, the bomb will go off and with it, all of the passengers will perish. The real game begins now. Good luck, 'heroes'." His tone is derisive, and the line clicks.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo says, "This...." he looks around and mutters under his breath, "This isn't his real game. Something is wrong here." He listens to Cecily and takes her advice without blurting his thoughts on whatever is going on. He is, however, decisive. He's met Rave and well aware she's fast, but that doesnt stop him from running himself as fast as he can to the other station. If making 'heroes' scramble all over the city is his plan, Jovian is going to give him what he wants."

Naria Shepard has posed:
A fakeout? Rave's heart was in her chest. At the speed she'd have had to use to get everyone clear, she couldn't carry other people. Having to choose people to save while others died was a nightmare scenario...and apparently, not a reality this time.

"Son of a bitch!" the bluenette curses, looking between the others gathered and exhaling a breath. "I'll do what I can, but I don't know bombs so...hurry?"

And like that? She was on her way in a flash of neon.

Laura Kinney has posed:
In the few moments while Natasha was talking on the payphone Laura was sniffing at a random, very bomb free, New York trash can. Lovely.

Still the lack of chemical smells has her on edge. A quick tensing of all her muscles even as she fixes Cecily with a blank look. Like she's got no idea why a random animal lady might be shouting at her.

But when the caller reveals the threat is elsewhere? Well the time for discretion is over!

She might not have true superspeed, but X-23 can outrun an Olympic sprinter and keep that sort of pace up all day without trouble. And her keen senses and agility allow her to weave around, leap over and otherwise bypass the sorts of things which might slow down a typical hero.

And as it's an emergency if anyone with a motorcycle comes nearby she'll be in a position to 'borrow' it for the greater good of the city. Send all bills to the NYPD!

Of course what the rest of the group will make of all of five foot & one inch of mysterious girl bursting into motion when confronted by Cecily who knows! Perhaps she's a bad guy. Perhaps she really really has someplace to be. Maybe she's just allergic to fur...

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    The Shadow nods at Bolo. "A distraction - both for us, and the police in general. All eyes on his little 'game' rather than on his true purpose."

    A growl. "But at the same time we /can't/ ignore the distraction, or he starts killing people. And either way, we need to --" and two people already rush off "-- hurry.".

    With a noise like a sigh, the figure turns to Cecily. "I hope at least one of them will know how to actually disarm a bomb, but if not -- can you get in touch with the EOD division in case we'll need a consult?"

Cecily Winters has posed:
    To her credit, Cecily doesn't seem to be too bothered by all of this. She just kind of stands there as people rush off. "...that's a two hour walk from here..." she mumbles quietly. "I can get a squad car to cut traffic for us but..." she rubs her forehead with fingers, looking to the Shadow. "I have no idea if they can, and it's lunch hour traffic out there... but, yes, of course, absolutely. I'll get a bomb expert on the line and hopefully we can figure out what's going on." She watches Bolo and Laura dash off as well, even if she's still not even entirely sure that the girl is part of this.

    Rave will have the least trouble getting to the subway. Depending on the stop, she'll find the #2 train doing its usual thing, going from station to station with a load of New Yorkers and even some tourists, taking them from point A to point B, none the wiser for what's going on. For Laura, it won't exactly be hard for her to find someone willing to 'donate' a motorcycle. Motorcycles are also quite good on sidewalks, where they happen to be the equivalent of cute traffic-free mini-roads. Wait...

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo runs into the parking lot he left his bike in, and starts it ilterally leaping onto it. He tears out of there and begins using the fancy bluetooth connection in the helmet and the bike to get his federal contacts to contact the train authority. He isnt going for the bomb....he's going for the train. He accelerates, speeding through traffic and asks two or three friends to watch on cameras and track his position warning him of obstacles alnog the way.

Naria Shepard has posed:
In a world essentially in slow-mo, you've got time to think and consider. But not time to become an explosives expert...at least not today.

Zipping through the near-still world, the neon speedster was there in seconds, but that didn't make her problem any easier. It only took moments for her to decide on plan B: Out-pace the bomber rather than outsmart him.

"I -really- hope this doesn't count as kidnapping..." she murmers, then it's back to the rush of light as passengers and bystanders on and around the train find themselves suddenly being scooped up and deposited on the street in a flash of light one-by-one.

Hopefully the others could deal with the bomb!

Laura Kinney has posed:
Sidewalks, alleyways, ramping up over parked cars and even almost crashing into two men carrying a large pane of glass. You name it X-23 will use it if it'll shave a few seconds off her trip. It really won't be hard for the others to follow her trail of devastation, but it might be tough for Cecily to explain to the NYPD afterwards..

The great thing about going into a subway station when you're riding a stolen motorcycle and have superhuman reactions? All those pesky barriers are low enough that if you're absolutely unconcerned about your personal safety you can jump them! Providing of course you use the horn excessively and are fully prepared to intentionally wipe out to avoid harming a civilian. Which Laura is. Anything important that she breaks will have healed by the time she needs it.

Does she intend on riding the bike all the way onto the train? Maybe! Alas the press of civilians which Rave is saving probably means she has to do a controlled stop, aka crash into the wall, at some point before then.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    At the absolute least, the reckless disregard for everything that Laura is exhibiting gives police an excuse to mobilize, chasing after the 'borrowed' motorcycle. Cecily calls ahead, giving the details she has, and to muster up an explosives expert just in case. Rave has ample luck getting people clear of the train, perhaps not exactly something that 'Simon' had anticipated. Or maybe he did? Some people are utterly weirded out, or skeptical, but most aren't even aware of what's happening as they're whisked up into the cold air, one by one, between train stops. It's a ghost train that arrives at some of these stations now, trundling on its way towards the station near Wall Street.

    To the credit of the bikers, they might find an opportunity to end up in the tunnels, able to chase down the train and do what needs to be done 'on board'. Bolo's observers will have an easy time giving him directions, hot on the heels of the other cyclist making the fastest beeline to the closest stations. For some reason, the train in question isn't picking up hailing calls, or requests to stop, just going about its business, one by one.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo is able to hear from observers in the cameras that the train has been evacuated, so he almost redirects for the bomb but he doesnt do that since the thing is still a giant missile of kinetic energy and more importantly, this is a DISTRACTION so doing the unexpected is what he intends to do. He heads right down into the subway tunnel and guns the bike at max speed, and for good measure, cloaking himself in darkness as he does.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Ahhh there's nothing like chasing a moving train and leaping onto it to spice up your day. Now all Laura needs is for people to start shooting at her and it'll be just like a typical days training! The fact it doesn't stop at the station complicates matters /slightly/.

But with the adrenaline surge and her training it's not impossible. One hand snatches at a hand hold intended for the train staff to use and her muscles strain to keep her legs up away from the live rail below.

Two claws extend from her free hand with a snikt that's drowned out by the roar of the subway train. A few flashes of razor edged unbreakable metal and the train has a new entrance. Which is good news because riding on the outside is not ideal for locating or disarming bombs!

With a heave X-23 pulls herself up and wriggles through the new gap. It's not quite as neat as cutting a door open would be, but who knows if the train car doors have been wired to the bomb. Better to make an unexpected new hole and lose a little dignity.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Thanks to Rave, the train... is empty. The tunnel is locked down by the NYPD, so the risk of two motorcycles derailing the next train is a nice round zero, but there seems to be a bigger issue at hand here. There's no passengers, but there's also no driver. Aside from these two heroes with their sweet stunts to enter the train... it's completely empty. Completely empty and barreling down the tracks are normal New York subway speeds. Which is to say, not a fun prospect when it comes to being dragged or hit by it...

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo is no evil caniveal, and definitely has no enhanced reflexes, but he does have moxie and drives up to the train faster and faster, about to reach for it and almost makes it into the hole when the bike spins out and he is thrown at the tracks and into the air that the train, the lights overhead briefly go out as does the material substance of the would be hero and who finds himself on the other side, intact...more or less. He begins heading to the head of the train.

Laura Kinney has posed:
No driver? That seems like a later problem.

Laura for the moment is focusing all her attention on her senses and all her senses on finding hidden bombs. Thankfully she received the finest covert ops training that an evil corporation can buy. If there's an explosive she doesn't know it's probably going to smell unusual enough to be distinctive. And even if there's no direct chemical smell there should be other odd things to sniff for. Cleaning solutions, industrial solvents, fresh solder and any number of other things you wouldn't typically find on an empty subway train.

She doesn't give Bolo a second thought either. Presumably if he's riding a motorcycle in the subway he's got superpowers... right?

A small part of her mind idly works out just how badly leaping off the back of a runaway train will hurt. A lot. But probably not outside of her healing factors ability to fix. Even as she prowls the train all those myriad cuts and bruises she'd picked up during the chase are already sealing up like they'd never even existed.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    For Bolo, he'll find at the front of the train... to be an empty conductor's compartment. Who's driving the train then? Nobody. But there does seem to be some sort of devices attached to the control panel. As the train moves and slows, it might be fair to assume that it's either being driven by remote, or simply programmed to follow its pre-determined route, engaging the brakes at now-empty stations, opening the doors, and then moving onwards again. Again towards that Wall Street station.

    Laura would find the typical scents of the subway. All manner of human smells, the best and the worst, soaked into the seats, tracked in on the metal flooring. But something is odd. Something does stand out. In the central car, there's something amiss, and the source of it seems to be around a sizable plastic emergency call box that's attached to the metal wall.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo is half tempted to just randomly start shooting stuff, but instead takes a moment to study this. If he was this guy, he would have a kill switch, something to take control instantly if he needed, something hidden. He looks around....carefully

Laura Kinney has posed:
Bingo. The call box has lingering chemical smells and seems recently installed. X-23 approaches it a lot like a curious canine, sniffing and looking from all angles before even thinking about touching it. If her training suggests it'll be safe to open she will, otherwise she'll look for a safe spot to cut herself an access point.

Hopefully this Simon figure didn't account for mutant senses. As the disarming process will go a lot smoother if Laura can tell where the bomb-maker felt it was safe to handle the device!

Even as she's carefully opening the bomb up she makes regular pauses to hunt for secondary triggers or traps. It's unlikely anyone would go to this much trouble and then leave an easy to disarm bomb after all...

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Bolo's device looks to be a fairly expert job at 'hotwiring' the train. There's things directly connected to the control panel and power supply, integrated fairly well for being a box the size of a box of facial tissue that's more or less duct-taped to the underside of the train's control panel. One might only need to rip it free to restore manual control to the command cabin.

    Laura will find the yellow plastic call box easy to open. It's got a basic click-snap on the side opposite the hinges, and will find that, with her due diligence and caution... there's some extra resistance. Whether that's intended to snap the box shut again when it's let go or something more sinister remains to be seen. Fiddling with it, however, does make it 'slide' on the wall slightly, the box held to the metal of the side wall via magnets.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo considers. The obvious is rarely the thing to do here, but he knows that this is the best chance of stopping the train. But before he does, he checks the fusebox for the emergency break, just to be sure. He pulls the box off.

Laura Kinney has posed:
With the slight sense of resistance Laura moves to... well it's actually plan A. Snikt something. Her claws can cut a tiny hole into the plastic with which to check for boobytraps. She tries her best not to slide it around for now. Who can say if that'll set it off.

If the door turns out to be safe she'll open it. Otherwise she just looks for a spot that is safe and cuts it open there.

Either way once inside it's a simple case of study the bomb, learn about the bomb and if at all possible disarm it. She's not exactly laden down with tools but between claws and a simple multi-tool she keeps in her hoodie pocket she'll have to make do.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Chunk. The box in the conductor's compartment can be ripped free pretty easily. The wires pop free, any odd connections removed. And then nothing happens. Except. The next station ends up being missed entirely. The control box is no longer controlling the train, and instead of slowing down to prepare for the next load of passengers... it simply doesn't. At the absolute least, it does seem like the controls for the emergency brakes are intact.

    The interior of the box, through what tiny yonder window breaks, is... weird. It doesn't -look- like a typical bomb. There's no brick of C-4 attached to a series of electronics, wires, and a timer. In fact, it looks like Kool-Aid. There's a couple of clear plastic cylinders with a bunch of small tubes linking them together. One is a mostly clear murky fluid, the other is tinted a dark red. The electronics and wiring seem to be interlaced around the whole interior. There's no sign of a traditional detonator or even a timer.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo goes for the emergency break. Yeah, it probably triggers a failsafe. Bolo is still going to stop this train. He doesnt care and grabs on to something just in case he needs it but he pulls that break for all its worth.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Some kind of liquid explosive. Two stage mix to cause an explosion. No obvious triggers. Laura hrms thoughtfully and then... her ears pick up the sound of Bolo grabbing something. "Whatever you do don't.." Whatever she was going to say is too late. If it were /her/ bomb those wires would probably have an accelerometer in there somewhere and the train brakes just kicked in...

Snap decision time she pops the claws on her other hand and drives both sets of her claws into the side of the carriage. Sweeping them around the plastic phone box in a circle and then she SHOVES. The bomb and the wall it's stuck to are now the train tunnels problem.

Even as it's falling she is bursting into another sprint towards the front of the train. "Get down!"

Cecily Winters has posed:
    For an emergency brake, it takes a moment to engage. Then there's the hard -CLUNK- as the pads slam down on the wheels and warnings begin to flash and sound in all of the cars. Laura's sudden decision to turn the side of the train car into pizza does the job, sending the magnetically attached phone box bomb tumbling with a round sheet of metal into the tunnel. The brake, however, doesn't give the train too much extra clearance as it skids into the next station, wheels sparking up a storm. Fulton Street station.

    In the tunnel, the call box hits the rail pretty hard. The box's lid snaps off, triggering the mixing process. The liqids combine, red clouding clear until there's a small spark, a lit catalyst... and then an explosion. The ball of heat burns throught the tunnel both ways, a surprisingly large blast for the size of the mixture and the cylinders. It catches the rear train car in flames, shattering windows throughout the entire thing. If anyone had been at the station, or had the train been full of passengers, it would've been catastrophic. The pair of heroes might end up a little cooked and singed, and the subway line itself is completely useless for the moment, but loss of life has been averted.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo ducks as suggested but as the train lights up with fire a gout of flame jets out where he is and suddenly he is insubstantial a moment and then 3 cares later half way between the front and Laura he rematerlalizes.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura doesn't expect Bolo to vanish. So with her healing factor she has selflessly/foolishly placed herself in the doorway as a mutant shield. Catching a back full of shrapnel and some moderate level of being on fire for her troubles. Thankfully people don't really burn very well, being mostly water, and there's generally a CO2 extinguisher in a train cab. So she should be able to put herself out without too much trouble..

Of course she has no intention of being around when the police catch up with them. But the subway has plenty of dark tunnels and ways in & out. So once it's clear Bolo is fine and no-one was hurt she opens up the train door and leaps out.

No farewells, no sticking around for reward or recognition. She's off into the darkness as mysteriously as her involvement was sudden.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Disaster averted, for the most part anyway. The explosion causes problems on the surface, caving in a large piece of road but thankfully, no real injuries. The station is full of heat and smoke, and it isn't long before police officers and the fox woman are hurrying down to the wrecked train with protective gear and breathing masks. "Hells..." says the fox, "...anyone still in there?" she calls out, paramedics and police fanning out to check for injured. A couple of EOD experts are along as well, though it's clear they're far, far too late.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo comes out. He doesnt typically stick around but he knows that the paper work will be nightmarish if someone doesnt for the cops so he is prepared to make a single witness statement. He doesnt plan to stick around long though.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "Anyone actually hurt?" Cecily asks, warily, looking Bolo over and then glancing at the train. One of the cops shakes his head, "Son of a bitch, this is bad. What's this nutjob even want?!" The fox glances at him, "...he's toying with us right now sergeant..." she says, her ears laying flat against her head. "Hey. I don't know where the others went," she says quietly, folding her arms, but she nods to Bolo. "..but thanks. This is likely to get worse before it gets better. If you want to head topside to fill out a statement, that would be might kind, then you can go on your way. I'm going to be stuck handling this all damn day."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo whips out a small notepad, "I'll do it here thanks...topside has too many people." He nods, "Yeah this guy is using this as a distraction, no idea what the actual plot of his novel is but this is a very blatant shell game. Bolo, pleased to meet you

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "Write that down, please..." Cecily says with a nod. "...but if he's going to keep dropping bombs everywhere, we don't even know what the objective is. The public's safety is the first priority... playing his game is going to have to happen..." she rubs her head, "...pleased to meet you." She exhales a quiet sigh, "It's going to be a long day..." She glances up as one of the still-intact phones in the subway begins to ring. "...fuck."