4318/A night at the museum. Without Teddy Roosevelt.

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A night at the museum. Without Teddy Roosevelt.
Date of Scene: 06 December 2020
Location: Tribeca
Synopsis: Blades and Eagles dance in circles, and the Immortal dude is none the wiser.
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Yaretzi Acama, Sara Pezzini

Achilles has posed:
    Something that has been happening a lot of late... and more and more over the intervening years.. is Angelo donating pieces from his personal collection, through cutouts and other methods of keeping information compartmentalized... to various exhibits in museums around the world.
    Tonight, it is an exhibit on all things Aztec that is being showcased. Sure, Angelo doesn't have much from that culture... but he did have a few items he procured from the idiot Conquistadors who brought treasures home to Europe after plundering them from the locals. That's one thing he never liked. So over the years, he collected what he could and it's a part of a collection that was donated a while back. Today, the newly completed collection is being unveiled in New York, but he has made sure that the pieces he donated will be on hand here for six weeks, and then moved closer to home, where they will be given back to the people.. as historical items in local museums.
    But if they can also be used to help raise money for charity, then so much the better.
    A few weeks ago, Angelo invited Detective Pezini to be his 'Plus One' at the gala celebrating the unveiling. He also paid a metric shit-ton to insure that anyone who visited, did not have to pay any cover charges and even had free beverages and snacks and such when inside. The whole idea is to share this with everyone who might have an interest. A fact that was broadcast also. So folks should be aware of the fact that nobody needs to be rich to attend -this- gala.
    Either way, in his tailored dark gray suit, with metallic blue tie, Angelo approaches with the Detective on his arm... hopefully!

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
The Acama family, Michael and Josefina -- and their daughter, Yaretzi -- are in attendance. "Your grandfather was at least part Aztec on his mother's side. We should go. It'll be fun to get out of the house for a change", was the reasoning given to the girl -- who insisted she could find better things to do than visit a museum gala. (Not that she could tell them that her 'better things to do' would be flying around the city as Golden Eagle... which is why she ended up dragged along, anyway...)

Though it's a gala museum thing, and her parents dressed up a bit for it, Yaretzi herself is in jeans and a t-shirt, with a light jacket worn over the top of it, even after her thicker overcoat was checked. Her parents let it be with her dressing so, mostly because she actually -did- agree, finally, to come to the gala. Of course, she also ditched them as quickly as she could to walk around on her own and look at things -- and they trust her enough to not cause trouble, too, leaving them to enjoy their 'date night at the museum' as a couple.

So, with a can of soda in hand, the 'unescorted teenage girl' is walking about, looking at the Aztec treasures on display -- and actually pausing to read the placards giving each item's known historical significance, place of origin, etc, etc.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
It's becoming a habit attending galas on Angelo's arm. She looks at the handsome man's profile and has a sense of all being right with the world. Edging closer to him, she curls her arm over his, the silver bracelet with its red stone uppermost catching the light. In honor of the exhibit and Angelo'c contribution to it she found a young Mexican woman designer in the Village, Christina Pineda, and wears an exuberant silk print dress that recalls the Aztec designs on display.

"I never asked. Did you donate your collection anonymously, Angelo?"

Achilles has posed:
    "Of course. Tonight, I am just a philanthropist attending for the sake of charity to make a donation of my own. I am -not- a donor of artifacts. If memory serves, the donor is the Thetis foundation." He pauses and gives a bit of a sheepish smile, "I named it after my mother."
    His voice still has the barest hint of an English accent. But after saying that, he strides up the stairs into the museum. Of course, he is a regular at many of these events, and the hosts recognize him. "Aztec tonight huh?" he asks them. "Marvelous." And then he asks Sara, "Champagne?" as his eyes note a flash of something out of the norm. A kid in blue jeans. "Well, if that doesn't beat all." he states. "I hope the young lady is enjoying herself." he says as he picks up to champagne flutes and hands one to Sara while using the other one to gesture in Yaretzi's direction.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Yaretzi has no clue she's being watched, because she stands out for her clothing -- and, even if she did, she probably wouldn't care much. She sips from the soda can in her hand, draining the last of it, while standing in front of the Aztec artifact that currently has her attention -- a statuette of a stylized eagle standing on a cactus, made of gold and bronze. It caught her eye because of the eagle motif, of course, but its placard had the same kind of 'dull and boring' historical stuff on it as every other item in the place, and she just stood there looking at it for a while.

Then she ran out of soda.

Now, the girl's turning away to drop her empty can into a nearby trashcan -- on her way to get another drink from the snack and beverage areas. Hey, it's free after all, right?

Those with the ability to sense magical auras or other such wierdness, though... might notice that the eyes of the eagle statue have a very slight change of hue, a magically-induced change, as the girl leaves its vicinity.

There are other people in the area, in fact other people looking at the same statuette that had Yaretzi's attention. They're all 'normal' folks, though, and they don't notice a thing. Neither did Yaretzi herself.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The Witchblade does. Sara's eyes unfocus slightly as the Blade in its quiescent form as a bracelet warms and an image forms. A jungle replaces the hall milling with people, verdant green and in the distance a stepped pyramid with an eagle rising on a thermal above it.

Coming back to herself, "I'm sorry, what? Did you say champagne?" Blinking, she squeezes Angelo's arm, saying in a quiet, puzzled voice, "Something unusual is going on."

Achilles has posed:
    "Isn't it always?" asks Angelo softly as he lifts his flute to his lips and takes a sip. His green eyes flicker about the place, and he shrugs. "Only thing out of place that I can put a finger on is the kid in blue jeans, but... that doesn't necessarily -have- to mean anything, does it?" he asks.
    And yeah, he left his SHIELD issue ICER in the car tonight because a bulge in the suit at a gala would be... rude. I mean he still has his bracers on because he's not a complete idiot.
    But he also trusts Sara's instincts and senses. He smiles down to the blade. "I do always appreciate your efforts to bring such things to our attention." he murmurs softly, right at her bracelet. Weird.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
At the snacks table, Yaretzi claims herself another can of soda. With that in hand, she wanders back over to where she left off her wanderings, passing by the eagle statuette as she goes on to look at the next item on display. Other than standing out for her clothing, she's just one of many people moving about and through that area -- and, despite her passing near the statuette, the magical oddness doesn't repeat itself.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Smiling fondly at Angelo's words, her eyes drop to the bracelet then rove the hall looking for the source of Witchblade's alert. "Alert is too strong for it. I had a memory Angelo. A strong one of another place. Probably where one of these artifacts came from."

Taking a sip from her champagne, she catches sight of the young woman in jeans. "Oh." She follows Angelo's gaze. "She looks a bit out of place. I bet she's local. Young to be out without an adult though, I mean, Tribeca is safe but still." The police detective comes to the fore as she eyes the striking girl with the soda can.

Achilles has posed:
    "You might be surprised. This -is- New York after all. Think about how -you- were when you were her age. Did you require or desire caring for?" he asks as he leans in and presses lips gently to the shoulder of his date. "In all seriousness however, perhaps we should take... an interest in the young woman?" A pause, "And not in that way." he adds. "I .. am a gentleman. Plus, I -have- a date."
    That said, he begins making his way across the room, but is in no great rush.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Yaretzi is approached, then, by an hispanic couple who she turns to and with whom she speaks for a short period of time. The teen's resemblance to the older woman make it obvious -- these are her parents. She's not here alone, but her parents wander back away after the short conversation, leaving her to resume wandering and looking at the exhibits. The next one, a gold and bronze statue of the sun (which Angelo would know was found as part of a set with the eagle statuette from before), doesn't do anything as she studies it, after reading its placard.

The eagle's eyes, though, again (very faintly) change to the eyes of those who can see such magical happenings. To everyone else, Yaretzi included, there's nothing at all odd to see, of course.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Artifacts, it would seem, recognize each other - or, at least, magical artifacts. The Witchblade raises its metaphorical head and suggests to Sara that the young girl with the blonde hair of an angel is someone of interest. The kiss almost puts Sara off track.

Fondly, hugging his arm, the detective murmurs, "Come with me. This is getting strange." She wavers between the case with the golden eagle and the young girl, choosing the case at last. They stop to look down at the eagle, its fiercely splayed wings and talons majestically captured in gold.

Achilles has posed:
    "Eagles have been used worldwide in -many- icons. Most of which representative of divine beings." suggests Angelo as he gravitates that way. His eyes lift skyward for a moment and he smirks. "My Great Grandfather was quite fond of such iconography."
    He sips his drink once more and then inclines his head to the left, "But is it not amazing that though the styles are so different, and the viewpoints so far apart.. one can still tell immediately that this is the same majestic creature that the Romans used, and the Greeks before them?" he asks, just a bit louder than necessary.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
The eagle's eyes... are completely normal, as the eyes of a statuette made of gold and bronze should be. There's nothing at all odd, out of place, or even magical about the statue. Whatever happened, the statuette wasn't the source of it. Whatever it was, the effect is gone.

Yaretzi, for her part, has moved on to some old clothing and such that's on display. Nothing else 'odd' seems to be going on, though, as she reads the placards there and eyes the objects on display.

Angelo's raised voice does carry over the din of other conversation, and others, Yaretzi included, look his way. It seems, though, that the teenager doesn't think that his words even begin to be meant for her -- and she wasn't really paying enough attention to catch everything he said -- so she sips from her can of soda and turns her attention to the next artifact on display: one of those old carved-from-stone calendars that have been duplicated so many times. This one, however, -has- been autheticated.

Still no additional oddness happening... wait. That flagpole in the corner, the one with the eagle-shaped topper. The eyes of THAT eagle, very briefly (and much, much, MUCH more faintly than the eyes of the Aztec statuette) had the same change happen to them.

As always, all the 'norms' (the teenager whose drawn all this attention included) don't seem to even have a clue it's happening... and, more to the point as she's drawn attention, Yaretzi doesn't actually seem to be the source of it -- although it happens in her vicinity, without a doubt.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara looks at Angelo out of the corner of her eyes when he raises his voice. She knows he's not in his cups and rules out the champagne. "Are you getting the strangeness, too?" Putting pressure on his arm, she uses a hip to steer him toward the girl.

"She's not a criminal. Not with that face and those parents. Those people had to be her parents. No," she compresses her lips, "it's something else. The Blade has ideas. I think it is the girl. Period. She does have an exotic look to her. Do you ever recognize other super heroes on the street. You know, in passing?"

Achilles has posed:
    Shaking his head, Angelo shrugs, "I just figured.. maybe someone might react to mentions of eagles if this is where some of the strangeness came from. Apparently if they did, it was a subtle reaction."
    He glances over and shrugs, "Only the ones that I have studied the files for. Most of them are too smart to be identifiable without their costumes." he says to Sara as he finishes his glass. He is the one here who can't sense a thing about what is going on. He's just the rich guy who can't die. Hell, he can't even kill himself. He tried a couple times a few thousand years ago.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Yaretzi continues to meander along, completely oblivious, just as are so many others. It's when Sara suggests that they approach the girl that someone else 'odd' happens.

The Witchblade is visited by a spirit, The Spirit of Eagle -- a spirit of freedom, of justice. There's no real conversation, but it's made clear to The Blade that the girl is merely being watched by the spirit, using vestiges of the bird whose form it shares as a conduit. There's no harm, no ill intended... nor was there a notion that the watching might be noticed. There's also a very clear message of that it would endanger the girl for The Blade to continue to have interest in her... a request to stop.

All of this, of course, is happening elsewhere... not for the eyes of mortals, or even immortals, who aren't meant to experience it.

And it all happens in the space of a heartbeat, if it takes even that long.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara stops cold. The floor goes soft on her. If she didn't have her arm laced through Angelo's her knees would have buckled. Awkward in a crowded gala while walking on the arm of one of its contributors. It passes in one contraction of her athletic heart.

"Jeez," she exclaims under her breath, her Brooklyn accent coming to the fore. "Give me a moment. Can we go and sit down for a moment, Angelo? I need a second to figure this out."

Achilles has posed:
    Green eyes at first looking ahead, Angelo pauses when he feels the pressure on his arm. He looks over and then narrows his eyes. He looks to the bracelet and asks in a whisper, "What would it take for you to stop trying to give her a stroke?"
    But he guides Sara to a seat at a bench nearby. Making sure she is seated comfortably, he says, "I will be right back." And then he goes to get her a water. Just water....

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Yaretzi, meanwhile, continues on her way... still oblivious to what all transpired. A few minutes later, her parents find her again -- and it seems the family, after a night out, is heading home.