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Breakfast bourbon
Date of Scene: 07 December 2020
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Lorna makes pancakes, Remy steals booze, Nori gets spicy, what's there to lose?
Cast of Characters: Lorna Dane, Remy LeBeau, Noriko Ashida

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna has one coping mechanism lately. Pancakes. So the green haired mutant has her sleeves rolled up and a big bowl of batter at her side. On the island are the first batch. They're fine, but first batch pancakes never end up exactly perfect. The kitchen is blissfully lacking in students or younger residents at the moment so Lorna is jamming to oldies. Like the Beastie Boys.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It didn't take a lot of effort to get into Scott's office and even less searching to find a good bottle of scotch the Team Leader had hidden away somewhere like a diamond in the rough... The crystal container dangles from Remy's hand as he swaggers through the halls, not really drawn by anything specific to the kitchen, but the smell of pancakes and the sounds of Intergalactic definitely doesn't turn him away.

He's showered.

This is important because he's also changed.

A white t-shirt, sweat pants, and his long bangs shaved undercut hair is slicked back. Leaning against the island after approaching on silent footfalls against the loud sound of Bestie Boys, he's swigging a long swallow of scotch and staring at this first batch of pancakes.

First batches never end up exactly perfect.

He blinks a few times rapidly and rubs a hand down the center of his face.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Looking at Remy, Lorna pauses her pancake making. Her eyes note first the oddly normal house wear. In the way that teachers or older relatives seem alarming in swimsuits, Remy in sweats is jarring at first.
    Blinking, Lorna looks from him, to the bottle, and back. "Hey my dude. I went for the large batch recipe. Sweet, sweet carbs. Fills a hole, you know?" She gestures to the plate.
    Not that it fixes anything. Lorna looks back at the griddle and hastily reaches for a spatula to flip the current pancakes.
    "How's um, you know, Rogue holding up?" She asks instead of picking at Remy's raw wounds right off the bat.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy glances up, in a way that does not camo just how much of that bottle he's drank already, at Lorna and puts on a cheap immitation of his usually oozing charm grin... His heart isn't in it. There's plenty of spirits though.. More after the swallow he takes, adams apple bobbing as he guzzles expensive alcohol like it's water.

With a hiss.. he slams the bottle down in a dramatically exagerated fashion and slides up onto a stool in front of the plate of first gen pancakes. "Oui, carbs always go right to da heart of a t'ing, ye no?" He murmurs, scratching his nails into his almost beard with a gentle scrap.

"She be alright.. she got good people look out for her."

Begs to wonder why he's not down there being one of them.

Lorna Dane has posed:
"She's a gem." Lorna replies and glances over to Remy. Leaving the pancakes for a second she grabs the syrup and some utensils, setting them by him.
    Leaning on the counter, Lorna tips her head to one side and looks at Remy. "You don't lose as many mutants out there as we used to, huh?" She asks and offers him the fork.
    "I might manage to clean this school out of pancake batter before the year's out. Pour me a glass of that, huh?" She asks and gives the counter a light tap before pulling the latest pancakes off the griddle.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Mhm." Remy agrees, pulling a rough tongue against dry lips. Alcohol does that.. Focused on the pancakes like somewhere in that griddled batter is the answer.. glancing up only when the syrup is set down in front of him with a fork and the answer is leveled out on the playing field.

He considers it a minute and shrugs. "Not like dat we don't." This isn't people who hate mutants trying to kill them, which shouldn't be something any of them is use to... but they are to a degree? It's an enemy they can understand. "Dis is different."

A unique man with a unique set of manners, Remy grabs a cloth to lay in his lap before he starts eating, obviously after adding enough syrup to choke someone.. "This is other mutants doin dis to dere own kind. Dis is..." He blinks and shakes his head. "Dis is in da past."

Another attempt at a mirage of his usual grin, hiding behind that expression as he pours Lorna a glass of the good stuff and sets it on the counter nearer to her side. "We figure it out, we always figure it out. Reactionary. Til den, we eat pancakes, ye no?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
"It's in the past." Lorna agrees. "You ever wonder if that isn't why Hades tells that guy not to look back when he goes to hell to reclaim his love? To many ghosts when you look back." Reaching for the bottle, Lorna helps herself to a deep drink before setting it down. "More pancakes." She murmurs and reaches for the bowl.
    Leveling out more batter on to the griddle, Lorna watches it sizzle. "It's fucked." She says quietly. "I feel like we're on a page with that. There's still so much about what happened to my country to resolve still but this-" She looks at Remy and gives him a little grimace. "We'll unfuck this Remy. That...pancakes." She looks back at the griddle with dedication for the sizzling carb circles.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko just scarfed down a whole order of drunk food enough for a posse of five not an hour ago?  But she only ate half her normal amount.

That's the face of regret right there as Noriko suddenly appears, the swing of the door behind her the only real indication that she didn't teleport.  "Do we have any bananas?" she looks around quite languorously for a speedster.

"God that smells amazing."  Her eyes flit to the liquor though as if she caught the sparkle of the crystal.  "Oh hey," Nori says to Lorna, remembering her from the ice skating night.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy squints at the analogy Lorna uses and leans down just enough to look at her beneath the island divide lights. "Orpheus..." He nods slowly at her, not sure why he's impressed to hear her say it. Of the two of them, she's the one with a more classical education, afterall. "I t'ink dats more a matter of psychology on Hades part, tho.." The Cajun says quietly. Likely to every person surprise who knows him even remotely.

Especially to those who just know him remotely.

"In dat analogy, we aint Orpheus... in dis analogy, we aint even Eurydice." Again impressed when she scoops up the bottle and takes a deep drink of the expensive scotch he'd boosted from Scott's office. "We da dead left in da Underworlds. We da ones have to watch one of dere own walk away without lookin back... unacknowledged. Unaware... in da dark." His lips purse thoughtfully, red eyes staring at the pattern his fork is drawing across the surface of his pancake through syrup.

Nori's arrival pauses anymore philosophy from the ragin cajun. He looks like a shell of his usual self sitting there now.. Glancing over at the teenager with an emptiness that's hard to really define in eyes that lack any human qualities. He says nothing to her, just reaches out for the crystal, picks it up, and sets it down in front of her. "Don't tell Jean."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna eyes the bottle, looks at Nori and says "I heard what happened. Pancakes." She gestures to the stack fresh off the griddle before going about flipping the latest. She looks to Remy.
    "What you do, it isn't nothing. And it's more than putting a band-aid on a leaky dam. Out there-" She nods her head towards the outside world past the window. "You might be a touch more than a ghost. Maybe Persephone." She says it so dry it's a tough read. "I'd get you a plate and fork Blue, but I think you'd be tucking in before I made it to the cabinet."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
/Now/ Noriko reads the room.  Priorities.  Are perfectly in order.  "Why would I tell her anything?"  The resident delinquent rolls her eyes.  "I can just hold it over your head when you catch me doing something myself," she says eeeeever so quickly.  She knows what she's doing as she curbs the speed up just past what /might/ be discernible.

"What happened?"  The girl's expression grows more quietly dour, like she holds years in her eyes.  And then Lorna answers.  "Oh.  Yeah."  The girl's bravado withers slightly and she slips over to serve herself some, drowning it in syrup and snatching some butter.  "Yeah.  It's cool.  Don't bother yourself."  And she's back.  She doesn't bother trying to parse the conversation.  Her mind is honed in on one thing and one thing only.  In five seconds, the short stack is gone and her belly rumbles.

Now she has milk and a mustache she clearly doesn't realize until she tries to inconspicuously wipe it off on the back of her sleeve super quickly.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Nori is speedster fast, but Remy is thief quick with his hands.

When she goes to take a drink, his hand is sitting over top of the open bottle with a raised brow above red/black eyes staring at the teenaged mutant. If his intention's to prevent her drinking, he does a poor job. His hand slides away to let her get a sip, but it's more to show that whatever he's doing, whatever rules he's letting her break, he's doing so willingly and of full knowledge precisely what that means.

His pancakes don't vanish, he's about halfway through his stack, and gingerly picking at bites with a fork dangling from a hand attached to his elbow resting on the counter. Nodding with Lorna, that fork points out at the green haired magnetic mutant.

He does little to clear up what they were talking about.

Only that whatever it is has definitely hit him pretty hard.

"I'm goin' ta Mutant Town in a few days." Said quietly, looking down at his plate as he speaks, "Need people know dem streets. I know you live out dere for a while, ye no?" Chewing, silent, glancing over at Nori. His tongue rolls across the front of his teeth, "Want to come along? More to point, if you come along, think you follow directions?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna looks at the empty plate and levers more pancakes onto it before pouring a fresh batch. "My country was destroyed earlier this year." She reminds Nori. "I care. More that mutants are being....messed with." She picks up the spatula and gives it a spin in her hands. "All the same, it's good to see you have your feet under you."
    Remy's offer to Nori draws her attention for a second as she leans her hip into the counter. "Taking the shark cage approach to things?" She doesn't sound disapproving, more interested. "Your mission sounds more interesting. I could get you a green wig and we could trade?" She offers in a subdued tone that is certainly teasing.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is fast, but she never went for the liquor.  She didn't even consider it till Remy blocked her phantom hand, which is the only reason he could...yes, only in his mind is he /that/ fast.  Noriko doesn't burst his bubble, a private courtesy no one will know she has the capacity for.  But, if he's going to let her have a sip?  She's not going to say no.  The glass ends up wobbling a little, a tiny bit lower than before.

"That sucks," Noriko offers Lorna while she has fantasies of her own hate-filled country going up in flames and then popping back to normal before she tunes back in.  It happens in a flash.  "It doesn't take me long," to get back on her feet that is.  Physically at least.

"Yeah.  I follow smart ones," Noriko says deadpan to Remy.  "Why Mutant Town?"  Noriko skips over her association with Mutant Town.  She's 'lived' in many different parts of the city, and it's a life she escaped not a year ago.  "What's it for?"  She looks from Remy to Lorna.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Red eyes watch Nori, squinting and unsquinting around them. She acts so much like he use to, which, now that he sees someone else doing, is really annoying. So he understands why so many people get frustrated with him. "Nevermind." Looking away from the teenager, back to Lorna.

"Don't tempt me, ye no? I would look quite enchanting wit green hair." Flicking his fingers through the long length of bangs hanging across his right eye. "Maybe you teach me how to do dat queen wave dey always show in news broadcast from England, eh?" Smirking, he's still working at his pancakes in a methodical speed.

Lorna Dane has posed:
"Maybe I will. There is a trip I have to take in a Queenly capacity. Might be fun to let you swap in. Especially if my ex shows up." Lorna indulges in the idea of a bit of silliness before looking to Noriko. She lifts a shoulder and flips pancakes. "I've made a lot of pancakes." She tells the younger mutant. "Carbs. They solve a world of hurts."
    Shifting her attention back to Remy she points with the spatula. "Speaking of people familiar with the streets, don't we have other mutant groups we can tap? I know not everyone stays involved in our particular rotary club. I'm out about as often as I'm in."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Soo, does that mean I can't come?"  Noriko asks to the back of Remy's head.  All that hair.  "I'm familiar with all the streets, but yeah, doesn't hurt to have more eyes."  She's obviously a little out of the loop, but probably knows it and certainly doesn't care because now she has more pancakes, as if she were politely asking for permission or something.

"Thanks.  Normally I'm not this hungry, but I shared my food in the city."  CHOMP CHOMP.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Oui." Remy nods to Lorna's suggestion of other groups, ones who probably know a great deal more about the streets than most people at the mansion whose name isn't Remy LeBeau. "Gonna get in contact wit some of one of dem come mornin'.. Aint talk in long time, tho.. not sure she want to hear from me. If she help at all.." Flicking his hand in an upwards chops, "Short we go find dem livin' in da warrens, eh?"

Morlocks or bust, right?

His hand wraps gingerly around the crystal bottle and pulls it over across the counter into another drink. Setting it back down amidst the plates, both personal and stacked with pancakes. "It means.. I don't need someone comin' long dat picks and choses which directions to follow on dis mission." Said without looking at Nori, he's not being dismissive, he didn't mention her age, and he doesn't really have that much hair. It's all undercut except for his bangs. "It means dis is too important for you to decide half way through ya got a better idea. So either ya accept dat ya may not like the plan, which yer free to discuss before we out in da field, at which point you will do everyt'ing you are told to the letter... or ya can stay home." He's quiet, shrugging indifferently.

He's been her, he gets it. "Dere is a time an' place for bein' defiant and deliquent. Dat's... ninty nine point nine nine percent of da time... dis mission is dat point zero zero zero one percent dat dere aint no time for it."

"So... come, don't come, does not matter to me." Another fork of pancakes.

"We goin' ta capture dat crypto fuck dat blew up da warehouse."

Lorna Dane has posed:
"My brother's a speedster." Lorna tells Nori. "Me? I can put on pounds if I don't watch it." She gives her stomach a light slap and looks to Remy. Not that she needs to each much anyway. Foisting a fresh pancake onto his plate she considers.
    "If you need back up down below-I'd stick out like a sore thumb with the rest, but Morlocks aren't going to get daffy about a queen coming to call." She slides the other pancakes onto a plate. "And, I kinda like visiting them. It's hard not to admire Morlocks."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I've been on missions.  It just seemed like a dumb question so I gave a dumb answer.  I know how to follow orders."  Noriko says with an open scowl.  "You assume too much man."

"You don't know fuck about me.  So why don't you give me a chance."  She says...defiantly of course.  Her scowl melts when he reveals what the mission is.  Her tone too.  It softens.  "I need to see if Dr. McCoy can jury rig me some gauntlets or something real quick but...regardless I should be good to go."  Because she is so very in.

"Cool.  Then you know," sometimes speedsters have the opposite problem.  Noriko munches down a few bites leisurely.  "I used to have that problem, back-" but she cuts herself off and decides to tuck into her food instead.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy furrows his brow and looks from Lorna, whom he was about to answer, to Nori flipping her shit beside him, "I assume what you inferred wit yer words.. an' dis..." Wiggling his finger back and forth, "Is not helpin' yer case. Not one bit. I tell ya what-" He up nods at Lorna giving him another pancake, "I asked you ta come because I think yer ready for it. I asked you to come because I /know/ ya got a bone ta pick wit dem, ye no?"

More syrup added to his cakes, sucking some from his thumb, "But because of da gravity of situation we goin' into.. Which-" Pointing his fork at her, oozing with syrup, "I see dat you do now. So... welcome to da team. Make sure ya ready come Tuesday."

Glancing back to Lorna then, "Mm.. yeah, always good ta get a chance go down see da Morlocks. Aint no gumbo in all New York like rat gumbo." Teasing? Probably... maybe... As for her weight, he snorts and digs into his pancakes. "I can't imagine ya not lookin' good, chere."

Lorna Dane has posed:
"He drives our sister and I up a wall, not that we'd change it." Lorna shares with Nori before picking up a pancake to snag a few bites plain. "I work to ensure you never will, Remy." Lorna answers just as sweetly. "Rat gumbo, just that. Morlocks don't give a fuck who you are up above. They're intense, but they care where it counts."
    She looks to Nori. "Mutants can be petty little ass hats over things like "passing"." She scrunches her nose and looks to the pancakes. "But then again, most of us have some kind of trauma and that bleeds out somewhere."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I hear what you're saying," Noriko says with grave respect to Remy, "But I'm not sure I always understand..."  His accent.  It happens with Rogue sometimes too, but usually Noriko just glazes right through it like someone who suddenly can't understand words for thirty seconds.

"Yeah...so can humans."  Petty.  Noriko wishes she was thinking about petty attitudes.  "I think we're all a bit screwed up.  Especially the well adjusted.  Like who can be so well adjusted after..."  Yeah.

"He's right.  You do look good," Noriko says with a flicker of a smirk.  

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Something the two of them can agree on! See? Remy can charm anyone into his way of thinking... especially if they were already thinking it before he started charming them in the first place! So much easier to take credit when it was going to be true regardless. He points a fork over at Nori when she agrees, smirking himself.

There might have been a fist bump, but there is no fist bump.

"I aint sayin' I'm da poster child for anomoly, but dere aint much hidden dese eyes is dere?" Another bit of pancake, mostly casual at this late stage of the game. "Suffice, Ol' Remy be gettin on well wit dem Morlocks.. We go way back." He explains with a grin.

He gets their mentality. He had there mentality back in Naw'Lens.

"It get real easy ta look't da humans an t'ink all dey are is hate machines, but keep in mind wha we doin' at da school jus' as much for dem as is for us, ye no?" .... He blinks... He blinks again. Startled at the words that just came out of his own mouth.

Red eyes look at the crystal bottle, ungloved hands tilt it back to make sure he wasn't drinking koolaid... "Pretend I aint even said dat.."

Lorna Dane has posed:
"I'd have snapchat'd it to Rogue but my phone's upstairs." Lorna assures Remy before giving Nori a regal dip of her head. "Thank you for saying so." She nibbles more plain pancake and eyes the griddle.
    Leaving the school, not all humans are bad bit to Remy because that might never happen again, Lorna offers to Nori. "You know what still gets me? There's whole kingdoms of people who live under water and like, people and animals pee or worse in the water. That's rough going."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Gladly.  That sounded as gross as what I said after I got rescued this last kidnapping."  Naturally, Noriko denies her truer self.  "But yeah, clearly.  Everyone at this school probably could have melted a baby accidentally before coming here.  I mean, I wouldn't trust me with a baby.  I set my cash on fire earlier."

Noriko smiles at the thought of the snapchat and swirls her fork through the syrup.  She looks up and across to Lorna, perhaps expecting something else.  "Oh people definitely do worse," she says as she bubbles up with laughter.  "What a shitty place to set up your home.  I mean I bet there's an underwater trash city.  I'd visit it."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ya know what annoys me? People who live in dis world. Dey see da t'ings we see, what everone see, and dey still get all bent out of shape about shit dat jus' don't matter.. Da little t'ings, ya no?" Remy continues drawing in the syrup more than eating it at this stage. Little symbols from back home. Things he hasn't thought about in years, at least since leaving the Thieves Guild.

"Like dem people who see murderers an' da horrors commit't against mutant kind as a whole..." His grin slides away as if he's growing more serious thinking about it. "Like have ya ever seen how upset people get when ya..." Looking up, red eyes moving from Lorna, then to Nori, "Drop a baby?"

His tongue runs across the front of his teeth. "But me? I'm always honest wit people... dey say, Remy can ya hold my baby? An' i tell'em... yeah.... for awhile." He's smirking with his eyes. "Cus... I sit here an' I don't t'ink I've ever held a baby to completion."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna looks at Remy and wordlessly puts another pancake on his plate. "Remy. I think you need a cat." She advises before looking at Nori. "We had a shit day. Like-" She makes a face. Polishing off her one pancake she wipes her hands clean and looks between the other two mutants. "Babies are terrifying. I don't know where he gets these ideas." She waves her hands over her head and cuts around the island opposite Remy. "I'll be up in my room getting some meditation in. Door's open if anyone just needs to yell fuck for like an hour or anything like that." She glances at Nori briefly to include her in the offer.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I try not to touch them.  They don't like electricity but they like electricity."  Truth be told, Noriko lost the thread awhile ago.  "He's getting," tipsy hand signal.  "That's meditation?"

Nori nods to Lorna.  "Pancakes."  Mouth full, but it's clear she's accepting the offer.  "Eat first."  It takes time.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy points two fingers at Lorna, "Probbaly. I got a plant instead.. his name is Petrovich." That's an odd name, sure, and he doesn't bother trying to explain where it came from. Instead he pushes off the stool, grabs what's left of the scotch, and pats Nori on the back as he makes for the stairs. Barefoot, in sweatpants and a t-shirt, "Im gonna go find Thomas' weed an' tell'em I'm confiscatin' it ta get high on da roof." Walking backwards a few steps, "Seeya Tuesday, No-ko."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"So fucking unfair," the eighteen year old junior grouses, but then draaags the rest of the pancakes closer, closer, POUNCE.  Like a magic trick.