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He'll Be Back Again Some Day
Date of Scene: 14 December 2020
Location: Xavier's School Front Yard
Synopsis: The making of a snowman, Xavier's style
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Remy LeBeau, Henry McCoy

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The snow is thick after the winter storm that came through New York. It's still going on to some degree, but that's apparently not enough to stop Kitty Pryde from going out in it. She's bundled up in a nice warm North Face jacket, has a dark blue stocking cap with the Bears logo on the front, gloves, boots, and even snow pants.

And at the moment she's out in the snow in the front yard which is up two-thirds of the way to her knees, packing a snowball in her hands. She then sets it down in the snow and begins rolling it across the snow. As it travels, it picks up more and more snow, growing larger. Kitty doesn't just roll it one direction, but rolls it this way and that to keep it spherical as she goes.

Before long it's of a size that she's having to use her legs to push the large snowball further. Finally she appears happy with the size, and further rounds it off. Leaving it there, she goes and begins rolling up another large ball of snow.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It's too cold out here for cajuns.

Remy is bundled up in as many layers as he could find. A sweater under a thick wool coat, long johns, thermals, boots, gloves, and thick snow-pants. He looks like the little brother from A Christmas Story all growed up as he comes strolling out the front door holding a metal thermos full of spiked coffee in both hands.

Almost immediately changing his mind when the brisk chill of a gust of wind hits him right in the face.

"Non, trop froid. Mon cul du sud n'est pas prêt pour ce niveau de gelé." He almost makes it back inside until he sees Kitty over there rolling her snowballs around. "N'est pas..." Internal debate, a glance around with black and red eyes, and he's off to the snowy races in the calf deep white powder.

"Dis don't look like any kind of fun.."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Cold? Cold never bothered Hank anyway. Not with that luxurious fur! He'd been deep in the lab for most the day, and needed to stretch his legs. After a quick clean up of his desk, he headed out into the front yard - likely looking to take a run in the brisk weather.

Arriving only a moment after Remy, the big man stretches in the winter air. Hearing the Cajun's commentary, he grins. "Trop froid? C'est un temps magnifique. Conçu pour le cacao et les incendies rugissants. Ça, et les hommes cajuns n'ont pas d'âne."

As he too spots Kitty, he offers a wave. "Snomwan weather? Is the snow packable?" He looks to the yard, then back to the progress she's made.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty glances up at first Remy and then at Hank as they come outside. "Remy, you look adorable all bundled up like that," she tells him with a grin. Her cheeks are rosy from being out in the cold, with a bit of red nose to go with it. But there's a bright shine in her eyes. Kitty is obviously enjoying being out on the snowy afternoon.

"It's packing great, Hank. Going to have a killer snowman. With you two here I can go even bigger on the second snowball. Going to need some help lifting it then," she says. True to her word, she makes the second snowball nearly as large as the first. She rounds it off and packs it down before gesturing for them to come and help her. "You ever made a snowman before, Remy?" she asks.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Non, my mom had da donkey, ye no? She named him 'my dad'." Remy retorts to Hank with a smirk and a wink. "I take good company by da fire, though. Dis sound much better than frostbite and flu." Another sip from his thermos.

"Adorable is just da t'ing I going for, I'm glad you notice, cherie." The smirk stays in place, turning red eyes to watch her roll the snow. Finally putting two and two together as to /why/ she's rolling balls of snow.

"Oui, one time. I nearly die. Not'ing ever easy wit Ol Remy involve."

After another drink, the thermos is shoved down in the ice to give Kitty a hand getting the ball rolling a little.

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a laugh at Remy's response, nodding. "Fair enough, Remy. Fair enough. I cannot disagree that an evening spent that way is a better spent evening." The Beast grins, padding over in the snow. He reaches down, patting the base sphere for Kitty's snowman.

"I'm up for helping - I can do any lifting you need." He grins to the young woman. He glances back to Remy, eyebrow arched. "You almost died making a snowman? That seems like a story begging to be told."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins as the two men come over to help. "The fire will feel SO much better when you're coming in from outside like this," she tells Remy. The snowball really is getting pretty big, but with the two of them they are able to roll it readily enough, and finally get it over next to the other one.

Kitty dusts the snow off of her gloves for a moment and then nods to Hank, the one present with super strength. "Want to get that up on top of the other, and our snowman will have himself a stomach and chest," she says with a grin.

She starts up work on the final snow body part then, rolling up another snowball. The snow is wet and it definitely is sticking together well. "Glad I don't have to shovel this," she comments of how thick and wet the snow is. She looks up from the work to ask Remy, "So how did you nearly die making a snowman?" she asks.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is blowing steam, using his boot to help Kitty roll the snowball so he doesn't have to pull his hands out of the thick wool pockets of his thick wool coat. This isn't laziness, this is survival. "Rather take your word for dis and just enjoy fire without da need for da cold part, if it all be da same, ye no."

With the torso of the snowman finished, however, he does yank his hands out to start packing snow in a ball to begin work on the head. "It aint dat hard a story. I out dere making dat snowman and catch da plague because dis kind of weather and Ol Remy don't do so good together. Like apple pie and turnup gravy."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Als a helper, Henry works as well as he can with the others without crowding. Once the second sphere is set, he nods. "My pleasure." He lifts the packed snow, setting it atop the first. Henry makes sure it's on there properly, no chance it'll fall without some help. "Some things are better appreciated when the change is dramatic." The man comments to Remy. "But it sounds as if you've already had quite the run in with the colder weather."

A nod to Kitty. "I am sure there are people who are more adept at clearing the snow - I'd suggest anyone with any flame mutations." He winks. To Remy he smiles. "Such a horrible pairing. You have quite the way with words... apple pie and turnip gravy. Ick."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's expression shows that Remy hit the mark he was looking for with that particular culinary pairing. "Well, there's a Danger Room program of a pirate mission. Nice and warm there, year round," she tells Remy with a soft grin.

She pats Hank's shoulder in gratitude as he gets the snowman's middle section put in place. Kitty soon has the head finished, hefting it herself and getting it set on the top. Altogether the snowman is a bit taller than Kitty is. She packs a bit more snow in place, making sure the different segments of his body won't slide apart.

The young woman digs in her pockets as she tells Remy and Beast, "Well, you're welcome to join me by the fireplace. Can play a movie. Either something holiday festive, or, you know. Something warm sunny beaches for Remy?" she suggests.

From her pockets, Kitty retrieves a few thick black buttons which she places on the snowman's body like he was wearing a vest or a shirt. And then large colorful rocks for eyes. And finally, a large carrot for a nose. "There. Now we just need a magic hat. I'd ask Illyana but... ah, I really don't want to fight a demon snowman tonight."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Har har har." Remy jokingly retorts at both of them coming over the top of his comment with Remy can't take the cold jokes. "Dis what I'm SAYING... I aint made for dis weather, but I know dis shortcoming of mine. So I take it, much worse t'ings. Perfection in all other aspect of life is difficult." Smirking.

Red and black eyes roll at Kitty, but he's grinning all the while, "Year round summer.. Dis is just Nah'leans. Never get cold dere, like any place in da south, ye no?" Hands return to his pockets once they've put the head on the snowman. Inclining his head slightly at the idea of a demonic snowman. "Dis sound like da exact oposite of what I want to do. Fight snowbeasts from Limbo... I pass, t'ank you for dat."

BUT FROM HIS COAT? He pulls, and pops, out a stage magicians top hat. One of those trick ones that look flat initially. With it taken shape, he sets it on the snowmans head, then tilts it slightly at an angle. "Dere, he got dem class."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The Jewish girl laughs and claps her gloved hands as Remy unexpectedly produces the hat. "There must have been some magic in that old felt hat they found," she comments, letting out another warm laugh.

She looks around the school's yard. The falling snow and the sight of the large, beautiful mansion, with all of the grounds coated in white and even the tree limbs picking up a healthy dusting of the thick flakes produces quite the idyllic site. Kitty draws in a deep breath and then lets out a happy sigh, her breath turning to mist as it hits the cold air.

"Thank you for helping with him," he says. "I think I may have to call him Ymer," she says, glancing over at Remy as if the name she chose for the snowman is somehow meaningful, maybe connected to the Cajun. Kitty reaches up and brushes a few snowflakes from the brim of the snowman's hat.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy glances after Kitty, taking in the full sight of the mansion, snow, and the idyllic beauty the two represent. He does so with his usual cavalier demeanor, but deep in there he has to be impressed right? One can only imagine by that smirk.

"Happy Birthday, Ymer." Remy says with a side eye at Kitty, smirk taking on more of a grin than the canty little sarcastic expression. Hands once more deep in his pockets, not wearing his usual coat it should be noted because it was DESTROYED...

A passing that he still feels keenly.

"Alright, it be time for dat fire and hot chocolate den?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Absolutely," Kitty agrees. She dusts any remaining snow off of her gloves and then moves over to Remy and Hank, going between them so she can slip a hand through the loop of an arm of each of them. "We might be able to find a little Peppermint Schnapps for the hot chocolate too, long as we stay out of the Rec Room," Kitty says. Thankfully, she has a fireplace in her room!

She's also underage when it comes to drinking. At least in the States. Stupid Puritans!

If the men are ready, she starts inside with them.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy has broken most laws of the United States, he doesn't draw the line at underage drinking. Especially not in a world where 18 year olds can go to war, but can't go to liqour stores. There's a fine line in the snow (hah) where law becomes hypocracy!

"Dat sounds like it be good.. T'ink I got some apple cider and cinnimon rum too." He points out, hooking his arm around Kitty's when she loops it through both his and Hank's. "Now let's get inside before Illyana spring out of snow and turn dis into a Winter Nightmare land, ye no?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry takes the arm as offered, still mostly warm thanks to his fur. "Schnapps? Are you old enough, young lady?" He teases Kitty, nodding to her and Remy. "And a fire would be lovely. I am sure I might catch a chill when the water from the melt makes it past my outer coat." The man grins.