4414/Fire, Friends and Beverages

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Fire, Friends and Beverages
Date of Scene: 14 December 2020
Location: Kitty's Room
Synopsis: After fun in the snow, a group at the school retire to the fireplace in Kitty's room. A man from the future makes them tea!
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Piotr Rasputin, Henry McCoy, Bishop

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The weather outside is cold and snowy. Wet snow that made for wonderful materials for building a large snowman. Which was done by Beast, Remy and Kitty. Now they are coming back into the school to warm up. Kitty removes her boots and leaves them in an area downstairs to dry before heading on up the stairs, leading the others to her room.

"I was old enough to drink in the UK for a couple of years," she counters Hank. Though that really has nothing to do with the drinking age here, does it?

They reach her room and she opens up the door and heads inside. "Make yourself at home," she says, "And I'll get the fire going."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is on Kitty's bed sitting crossed legged with a pile of cards in front of her. Past the cards is Lockheed whose watching the Belle dish out a new hand to him. "Okay." The Belle says. "Now, this time... don't eat them!" She tells the dragon. She reaches out and sets them down in front of him andhe leans down to sniff at them. "Don't do it!" She says.

Instead he just grabs them and throws them around, then looks up and smiles at Rogue like he did it right.

Rogue shows a bemused smirk at the Dragon. "Progress... I guess."

When the door opens she looks over at Kitty. "Oh there, ya are." She tells the other, "Was tryin' to help Purple Nurple learn t'play poker." At the others who may come in, Rogue waves and sets the cards down, pulling her legs up and dangling them over the edge of the bed then. "Whats up?"

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Somewhere along the way Piotr catches up with everyone in the hall. "Oh hello everyone...did I miss all the fun outside?" he asks with a bit of a chuckle. "It looked like quite the snow man from the window." he adds to the group as he sort of falls in step.

"What are you drinking?" he asks Kitty as she mentions being old enough, he says it with a light chastising tone, but he seems to be in a pleasant mood.

Henry McCoy has posed:
With still a bit of snow in his fur, Henry follows Kitty in. "Europe is a decidedly different set of laws, Miss Pryde." He teases, no real sterness in his voice. There's a grin as he spots Rogue in the room - playing fifty-two card pickup with Lockheed. "Poker? Perhaps War might be a better start for our dragon friend?" Stepping in, he moves closer to the fireplace. "I can help with the fire, if you want to start the cocoa."

There's a wave to Piotr as he steps in. "Piotr, how are you friend? Yes, quite the towering titan of snow." A grin. "We were just going to warm up near the fire and enjoy some cocoa."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde greets Piotr in the hall on the way to her room. "Hey Pete," she tells him, flashing the big Russian a grin. She reaches up and rests her hand on his shoulder, fingers on the back of his neck.

Cold fingers. Cold cold cold fingers on the back of his neck. She has a mischievous grin as she does it, definitely knowing how cold they are. "Come on and join us, just going to make a fire," she says as they enter the room.

Kitty looks over towards Rogue and Lockheed and lets out a soft chuckle and shakes her head. "You really need to get him one of those visors," she tells Rogue, "If you're going to teach him that." Lockheed looks up, his tail swishing about a bit as the people come in.

Kitty nods to Hank and says, "Thanks, the woods all there by it. I'll get the hot chocolate going." She moves over to get some water going on a hot plate near the window. Outside the glass is frosted around the edges, and the snowflakes can be seen falling, adding to the thick snow outside. "We made a snow man. Named Ymer," Kitty tells Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just scoots to the edge of the bed and watches the group all stride on in to the room. "Well heya, ya'll." She states with a soft smile. "Hidin' from the students, I take it?" She asks with a sly grin. Her eyes are on Hank, looking at the snowflakes still on him before she hears Kitty's words and it just makes her grin. "Made a snow man, or made Hank inta a snowman?" She chides. A glance over given to Lockheed, the Belle reaches and ungloved hand over to pat the dragon ontop of his head, he being safe from her wrath.

"I don't know if they makes thoe little visor hats in his size."

As she moves to stand up though she pulls her loose green sweater down over her hips and the hem of her jeans waistline. "Is it still snowin' out?"

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Feeling the cold hands on his neck, Piotr calls out, "AHhh Kitty!" he flinches away from her, "Your hands are freezing that is so mean!" he accuses with a laugh. "You are lucky we are committed to warming up and having hot cocoa or I'd toss you out in the snow for revenge!" he declares then.

"Hello." he greets Rogue then as well, "Little visors? Ah....like World Series of Poker." the big Russian doesn't really seem like the type to watch poker despite the claim.

Bishop has posed:
Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster's is no stranger to visitors from the future. It's even less of a stranger to those that end up stranded in this past/alternate timline/dimension (take your pick) and end up becoming part of the furntiture. Such is the case with Bishop. A man from a dark and grim future where joy was only found in the brief moments between your next life or death decision. The shadow he casts around these halls is... often intense.

At least it is when he's not being all domestic, but right now there is warming to be done. His hair is pulled in a tight pony tail, and an apron is worn over his XSE Uniform. In his hands he carries a tray with tea service, and two pots.

"Ok since people are warming I have Peppermint Tea, and Lemon Ginger, for anyone that would like a cup." He says in his deep voice. It's as if if somewhere Martha Steward and Mad Max had a beautiful baby.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Once he's given the go ahead for the fire-building, Henry moves over to the fireplace. Logs are stacked, kindling packed - the man knows how to build a good fire! Soon enough it's crackling and popping, shedding warmth and light for the room. Looking pleased, Henry rubs his hands together - briskly.

A moment later, his phone buzzes. Looking down to the messages, he sighs. "Seems I will have to take a raincheck, all." He says, apologetically. "Thank you for the fun in building the snowman. And drink up, keep warm, and be jolly." He winks, before scooting out with a pat to Bishop's shoulder.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins over at Piotr. "Just figured you missed the snowman making so I'd bring a little of the cold in for you," she says, adding a quick wink. She looks up as Bishop comes in the door. With beverages. Warm ones, and delicious too from the aroma. "Wow, Bishop. This was unexpected," she says. "Thank you!"

She moves over to help make room for him as she tells Rogue, "Yep, still snowing, though not as bad as before. But it's supposed to pick back up tonight," she says. "Beautiful, wintery evening," she says with a happy look.

She moves over nearer to the fire to take a seat on the floor as Hank gets it going. "So anything exciting happening lately?" she asks. She's been staying in the city a bit more with work of late.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is leaning back against the desk in Kitty's room when Bishop arrives and she sees what he's brought. "Oh, damn." She says, offering out a hand. "I'll take me a cup'a that." She states to the man with a grin before looking to Piotr. "She did that thing where she put her cold hand on your neck, didn't she?" She asks the big Russian. "She knows better than doin' that one t'me." The Belle says with her grin being shot over to Kitty by the fire.

"Not too much goin' on for me. I'm takin' a seat back from flyin' down t'the city for patrols, cause it's just too damn cold, t'the point that even I don't like flyin' in this weather now."

Once she acquires a cup of tea, Rogue sits back on the desk, at leaste half her butt anyway, her right leg coming up a bit to rest on its edge while she sips the tea and closes her reyes shut to enjoy the taste. "Mmm, damn, Bishop, I didn't know you could make such a good blend."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
A look over what Bishop had brought along, "Oh I'll take a cup." he decides as he heads over to take a closer look to inspect, "That looks quite good for a post snow man drink. Thank you."

He chuckles to Rogue, "Yes, she did...ice cold hands to attack me with, it really isn't fair." he grins, "And of course we don't dare do it to you...you can't handle the cold at all." he jokes, rather than the obvious mention of her power.

Bishop has posed:
Bishop seems taken back by Rogue's surprise, and self concious adjusts his apron as the tray is for just a moment, balanced on one hand, "We had tea in the future. And grandmother's and mine happened to be a wonderful cook with many secrets to share. The trick is loose leaf steeping. You always get the richest flavors that way."

He makes his way to Kitty and Piotr next pouring them each a cup before carefully passing it to them. "I am not aware of very many exciting developements locally. I have spent the last few months in Genosha helping to keep the peace. Things are still very... tense there."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes the cup from Bishop with a grateful smile. "Thank you," she says, cradling it in both hands. To warm up those frozen fingers that she used on Piotr. She leans down to inhale the steam rising from it and gives a happy sigh.

"Yeah, I'm going to go with... being able to fly in the cold still trumps not being able to fly," Kitty says with a playful grin towards Rogue. Lockheed gives a few flaps of his wings and relocates over to Kitty's shoulder, using it as a landing perch but then climbing down her body into her lap. "Yes yes... and being able to fly and breath fire and not care about the cold trumps that," she agrees with the dragon. "Though not as nice as a lava bath, is it?"

Lockheed just beams at her. She gets him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyed gaze goes up to Piotr who gets a flashed grin before she sticks her tongue out at him. "I can handle plenty." She teases back before her eyes dart back down to the tea and she takes another sip from it. Bishop's explanation on the tea is just as impressive to her as the tea itself, so when she looks back up to the man she smiles at him. "You're gonna have t'show me how t'do that then. I'm from the damn south and I can't even make it tase this nice." She holds a grin for a moment before Lockheed's flying draws her eyes to him.

She tracks him over to Kitty and just smiles softly at her. "I've seen you hangin' from that Dragon's cute lil' feet. That's basically like flyin' in and of itself."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr Rasputin watches the dragon's movement, following it from one to the next. He sips his tea for a moment and then smiles. "I dont need to fly...we have the Blackbird, no? I do enjoy a good cannon ball from the drop baby." he chuckles a bit.

"I suppose that is...what is it? Falling with Style?" he adds, "Not quite the same I suppose." then on to the subject at hand, "Nothing of too much excitement...been thinking of starting some more painting. It has been a bit."

Bishop has posed:
Once everyone has tea, Bishop sets the tray down on the corn of the desk opposite Rogue and finally pours himself a cup, choosing the lemon ginger. "I would be happy to show you my grandmother's ways of steeping a good tea. It is not as difficult as all that." He takes a sip of his own c up, and despite his best efforts to keep his face as serious as he always does, a smile cracks at a moment of entertaining memories of youth. Another sip of his tea and he tries to get his serious look back.

"I can't imagine the sense of freedom that flying must give a person, and the wealth of tactical options it opens to you?" It tracks that is the part that Bishop envies the most. "But I will tell you this, in the future, the fugitives that were always the biggest and most arrogant reprobates. Always the fliers." he clears his throat, "Not that I think that about present company of course!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde motions towards what Bishop said with a hand. "I don't know. He might be on to something," Kitty teases. She returns the hand to petting Lockheed, working her fingers around the spot where his horns go into his head. "And Piotr does indeed fall with style. I mean he drops like he's made of lead. Or, steel. Organic steel?" she says, flashing that small smile at him.

She picks up her tablet and works it for a few seconds. The TV comes on and she accesses the movies on the school's entertainment server. Before long The Grinch Who Stole Christmas starts up. The original animated one.

"Piotr, glad to hear you're back painting. I have been meaning to ask to see some of what you've done while I was gone," she tells him. Kitty takes a sip of the tea, sighing happily. The beverage warming her on the inside, while the fire has been burning long enough now it is starting to put out some extra heat into the room as well.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue holds a grin at this flying chatter and shakes her head. "If I'm a reprobate. Then Carol is a reprobate. I'll let you tell her that next time she's around." She answers /anyone/ who backs Bishop on that theory. She takes another sip of her tea and then reaches her left hand up to stroke her white bangs out of her face. "I can show ya'll how t'fly without anypowers. I know some people who live not far from here, they do this thing called Paramotors. Strap a fan t'their back, string a paracute wing up behind'em, and they just... run an' take off."

She motions it with her hand. "Ya can fly right up inta the clouds, like me. I like t'fly with'em sometimes. They get a big kick outta havin' me buzz past'em an' such."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr Rasputin grins listening to Rogue as he settles down to sit comfortably and looks to the Grinch. He looks back to Kitty first, "Oh, you are welcome to see my work at any time when you are able." he offers, "I might like that..." he decides.

Then to Rogue, "I think I'm ok flying with my friends and with the tools we have available just gine...no flying envy here." he nods then to Bishop, "Better targets flying out in the open too, yeah?"

Bishop has posed:
"You would be surprised Mr. Rasputin. If they fly high enough that you can't see the horizon line as your are sighting them it is very challenging to calculate the amount of lead you need to give a target in such situations." He drinks the rest of his tea. "OH but it is about time that I did my evening sweep of the perimiter." It's a thing he does when staying at the mansion that no matter how many times Scott has told him is not necesarry he insists on doing anyway.

"Rogue, Mr. Rasputin, Ms. Pryde, be well, stay warm and enjoy the tea please." And that said he starts to slip out for his 'patrol'