4417/Get Off My Ship!

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Get Off My Ship!
Date of Scene: 16 December 2020
Location: Exterior - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Two offworlders have a chat. At least they agree Earth isn't their first choice of worlds to live on...
Cast of Characters: Kian, Rocket

Kian has posed:
    Unsurprisingly, Kían has been fascinated by the Milano.
    Besides the fact that it's an interstellar craft, the first he's had a good chance to study at his leisure since coming to this ridiculous world, it bears a few structural similarities to ships from his world.  Not many, but a few.  Certainly enough to get his attention.
    And besides, blue and gold are his clan's traditional colors.  Like the blue and gold of his kilt.  It's a good omen.
    He's been able so far to resist actually landing on the ship itself, but anyone inside monitoring such things will have noticed the birdman's presence by now, often circling the ship where it sits beached near the Tower.
    Apparently his curiosity has finally gotten the better of him, and Kían touches down gently amidships, closely studying the ship that brought his friends back.
    And may bring him home?  That's asking a bit much, but it's not entirely impossible.  Just very very unlikely.

Rocket has posed:
    "Get off my ship!" comes a voice, immediately shouting from… somewhere.  "Yeah, I was watchin' you circling overhead, like you wanted to land.  I was just waitin' for you to do it, too."
    Who does that voice belong to?  Only Rocket, dressed in his usual jumpsuit as he exits out a small hatch to scramble his way up to the top of the Milano, pointing toward the ground.  "Down there.  Now.  Or maybe I'll actually fix that ro-tiss-er-ee Drax found and we'll see if you and those wings of yours fit in it."
    Since the ship landed after skimming Titans Tower, he's spent more time on it than off it, which may be a relief to most of the Titans who have encountered the small, yet vocal, pilot and member of the Guardians crew.  His expression says he just might not actually be joking.

Kian has posed:
    Ground?  No.  Air?  Yes.  Kían flits into the air, but not too far away, hovering above the Milano with a fairly surprised look on his face.  "I am jus' studyin' your ship," the birdman says, looking around for the source of the voice.  "It iss a little like ours.  Not ex-ac'ly.  I am hopin' maybe you haf hear' of my people, an'… ooh!"
    Kían drops out of the air and lands just a couple meters away from Rocket, staring.  "Rut takh'tái?"

Rocket has posed:
    Rocket, balancing on one of the Milano's wings, doubles over in laughter after the expression of surprise shows up in Kian.  "Hahaha, you should see the look on your face right now!" he giggles, arms wrapped around his midsection as if to hold himself together.  He's laughing so hard, he staggers toward the edge of that wing.  "Your people?  You're a talkin' birdman!  Haha!  I don't even know who or what you are!"  Yet.  Or does he?  Who knows where he's been, how many different systems he's visited.
    Then, he falls off the wing, suddenly stepping where there's nothing but open space.  "Whoa!"  He flips himself around but overcompensates, landing with a rough 'Oof!' in some leaves that have collected in a pile below, sending about a dozen of them airborne.  That leads to him picking himself back up, seemingly none the worse for wear, brushing off whatever's begun to stick to fur or jumpsuit.
    His ears turn back, a wrinkle at the tip of his muzzle.  "I have no idea what you just called me but whatever you said, I ain't it."

Kian has posed:
    "/Kya/!"  Kían dives after, but gravity is a pain in the backside—sometimes literally—and it's faster-acting than the aspirin they sell on TV.  He touches down not far from the sentient rut.  "Are you all right?" he asks, apparently genuinely concerned.  "I am sorry I haf move too slow to catch.  An' you look like a rut a little, ex-cep' no glidin' membrane."  He cocks his head to the side, inquisitively.  "An' you haf not heard of the Akiár?  That is disappoin-tin'.  I was hope you know about my worl' an' maybe coul' take me home."

Rocket has posed:
    Rocket looks like he's okay, and even if his pride was wounded he isn't letting it show.  The leaf pile was perfectly placed, a little bit of serendipity.  Kian does end up fairly close by the time the creature is getting back to his feet.  The fit of his jumpsuit leaves arms bare and legs from about the knees down, though it might be strange to think of him as having actual knees.
    "Look, bird boy, I been around a lot of places but I dunno what a rut is and I dunno what an Akiar is either.  I do know you don't look like most of the humies around here, though.  Close, but nah.  You got any other questions I can't answer?  'Cause whatever got busted on this thing, I ain't found a way to fix it yet."

Kian has posed:
    "That is sad.  But it was a small chance any-way.  It iss a large galaxy an' a large universe… an' a large multiverse, yis?"  Kían's wings sag very slightly.  "It did not hur' to ask.  Unless you fell off because I haf asked.  Then I am sorry."
    He turns and peers up at the ship appraisingly.  "Iss broken?  Well, you haf had a hard lan-ding.  Iss tachyon drive?  Or iss sub-light?  Iss hard to tell from out-side.  I haf not seen your power-plan'."

Rocket has posed:
    Rocket waves it off like it's nothing to him.  That's probably the case.  "I fell off 'cause I was laughin' at your face when I threatened you," he states plainly, and he's in danger of doing it all over again as his whiskers twitch along with his nose, but he keeps it under control this time.
    Because he's annoyed.
    What else is new?
    "You think if I knew what the problem was for sure, I wouldn't have got it repaired by now so we could be off this backwater planet?  It's no wonder Quill's as pathetic as he is if he came from here," he scoffs, walking around and gesturing toward their surroundings, shorter, more frequent steps required due to his lack of size.  "Your pals are damn lucky I only scraped the top of that stupid tower after whatever happened, but now we gotta deal with actually bein' here a while longer.  Everything I'm hearin', I don't even want to go out."
    And he wasn't even involved with the supermarket truck thing!

Kian has posed:
    "I do not know about pathe-tic.  This iss not my worl'."  Kían tilts his head inquisitively.  "Did you threaten me?  I did not hear.  This iss not my lan-guage either."
    Regarding not wanting to go out, he gives Rocket a sympathetic look.  "I know what you mean.  I spen' mos' of my time in the air because Eart' people confuse me.  It iss a very weir' planet."
    And then he zips into the sky, circling the ship once.  "It iss a similar design to one of our ships, iss why I wonder if you haf hear of my people.  Mus' be coin-cident."

Rocket has posed:
    "Yeah, I said…."  Then Rocket scowls, shaking his head.  "You know what, forget it.  It ain't worth it if I have to explain the joke to someone.  I gotta deal with that enough with Drax," he mutters, brushing himself down again with his little hands before taking a few seconds to lick them and groom over his head until he's satisfied.  There's no guessing involved with how he knows English as well as he does.  Quill could be one reason, but maybe it's a more universal language than some are aware of.
    Another round of scoffing follows, as he presses a small button somewhere on his suit and a personal propulsion system forms at his back, allowing him to literally rocket his way above the Milano so he can look down on it, hovering.  "Weird is one way of puttin' it.  Now this bird here?  It's called the Milano.  I got no idea why Quill named it that way, and I didn't care enough to go askin'.  It's an M-class ship, good for scouting, interstellar travel, and quick escapes.  I'm the main pilot, which basically makes it mine," he claims, muttering again more under his breath, "even if it's technically Quill's and he's probably busier pretending to have a sex life or something."  He can only shrug at this, and at the similarity between the ships.  "I dunno.  Maybe Quill stole it from one of your people sometime," he muses with a slight grin creeping into place.

Kian has posed:
    "Oh, no, it is not one of ours," Kían says, taking Rocket's musing seriously.  "I would recognize one of our ships.  I haf piloted one before.  Jus' a small one borrowed from our clan for a trip to the outer moon.  Besides, we haf had no firs' contac'.  But it iss in some ways similar.  An' is in the colors of my clan.  That makes me feel good, even if it iss not from us."
    He peers closely at Rocket.  "Also, you are no telepat'.  So it iss not one of our ships.  If it were, you coul' not pilot it."

Rocket has posed:
    Rocket listens with what appears to be mild, partial interest to Kian explaining a little bit about his own people's ships.  "Yeah, sure.  Close, but not quite.  Like Quill and intelligence."  He must either really hate the guy, or really enjoy making fun of him.  "So your people are isolated?  You don't get no visitors or nothin' like that?" he does wonder.
    That curiosity is interrupted by another twist of his expression, as if he's taken something Kian just told him as an insult, or a challenge.  "Okay, listen here.  I dunno what bein' a telepath's got to do with anything, but there ain't a ship out there I can't fly.  You're talkin' to the best pilot in at least seven systems."  Muttering to himself next, "Tellin' me I can't fly somethin'.  He know who he's talkin' to?"
    The ringed tail bristles.

Kian has posed:
    Kían for his part is unperturbed.  "It has nothin' to do wit' skill.  An Akiár ship needs a telepat' to fly it.  It can not be done wit'out mental contac'," he replies reasonably.
    "An' that iss correc', we haf no visitors from other worl's.  No contac' with other races.  Not countin' me, but that iss an acciden'."

Rocket has posed:
    Rocket remains hovering in place, though he visibly sinks by about a foot as if to parallel the expression as it shifts toward one of getting it.  "…oh.  Yeah, I guess that makes sense.  Well, if I was a telepath, I could fly the shit outta it."  It's no apology, but the potential for a greater round of misunderstandings is diminished.
    "You must hate it here, then," he adds, nonchalantly, after confirmation that the Akiar have never dealt with other races before.  "I'd offer to take you with us when we get off this scrap heap, but it ain't my decision and I doubt we'd be going anywhere close to your world anyway, seein' as we got no idea where it even is.  So I guess you're stuck here."

Kian has posed:
    Kían is aware that's true: barring something unforeseen, he is stuck here.  "Yis, I know," he replies, a little tightly.  "There would be no poin' to goin' wit' you if you were not goin' to my worl'.  An' I am on this worl' because my powers… interacted wit' the tachyon drive on the ship takin' me to the homeworl'.  I woul' be uncertain about gettin' on another star ship.  I woul' not wan' to be thrown to another planet.  Eart' is difficul' enough to deal wit'."

Rocket has posed:
    Rocket snffs.  "If that's the case, I definitely don't want you going anywhere with us."  Where one might add 'no offense,' he does not.  It's just a matter of fact coming from him.  "Maybe you'll get used to this place someday.  Better you than me, even if I'm getting a little tired of the ship's interior.  There's gotta be something fun to do on this junk ball."

Kian has posed:
    "There iss," Kían says, "but it depen's on what you do for fun.  I like studyin', readin', flyin', sex, a drink once in a while.  Whatever seems bes' at the time."  He shrugs; his wings bob slightly.  "I do not know how you define fun.  I haf always wanted jus' a quiet life."

Rocket has posed:
    "They got anything good to drink in any of the watering holes here?" Rocket wonders, suddenly just a little more interested.  "I like flying, shooting things, ste… acquiring things I want…."  There are probably more things than that, but it's where he stops for now, looking at Kian a certain way after one part of what he said.  "I also like a ship that can actually fly, so you know what ol' Rocket's gonna do right now?  Get back to that."
    As he descends toward the Milano again, a mischievous smile takes shape.  "But I'll tell Quill about you.  I'm almost curious to see how desperate he is for someone else in his bed."