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Fancy Garage
Date of Scene: 17 December 2020
Location: Garage
Synopsis: And 8 Crazy Niiiiiights.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Samuel Guthrie, Remy LeBeau, Noriko Ashida, Jean Grey

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had come out to the garage to dig around in the storage room that sits beside the doors to the stables.

She's got the big wooden door pulled open and the lights inside the storage room on. The the sound boxes being moved around can be heard within it, along with the sudden crashing of a pile of boxes that result in a series of French curse words being echoed out in to the main part of the garage.

With her hair tied up into a bun on the back of her head that has the loose brown locks at the tips dangling around her scalp, Rogue stumbles in to view holding two reindeer, one under each arm, a grimace on her face.

Wearing a light grey hoodie, blue jeans, leather boots and dark green gloves, the Belle sets the reindeer down on the ground outside the store room and turns around, tugs her hoodie down around her hips and releases a huff of frustration.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie can be heard landing outside of the garage area. The young man has worked on being quieter, but he has to be trying for that. tonight. He walks in with a sack over his shoulder. He is heading towards the storage area, and seeing Rogue there, he looks over to her "Is it deer season already?" He asks her of her captured displays.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is here to give Rogue a hand with boxes! Because she's a feeble woman who needs a strong man to lug around the heavy containers.

He's dressed in winterish clothing, in that he has on a coat, but otherwise he has on pajama pants (sweat pants) and a t-shirt. Because it's like 7 days til christmas and he don't need to get all fancy!

"What are we even looking for, cherie?"

When Sam slips in, he gives him a wave. "Hey dere, mon amie. Is good dat you come along, ye no? We need a hand carrying many boxes." Two strong men helping one feeble woman! This is totally red.

I mean Rad. It's Rad.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's wearing a hoodie jacket over her colorful hooded cheap ass windbreaker, hands jammed in her pockets when she appears.  She's also wearing blue tear away basketball pants, some of the snap buttons missing.

"What's going on?"  Does she just buzz around the mansion looking for stuff that's happening like some organic/technological hybrid freak manifestation of 1984?

Rogue has posed:
Feeble Rogue vanishes back inside of the storage closet/room to continue her scouring. She can hear the other two out there talking and she calls back tot hem. "I'm looking for my antler hat!" Her voice pipes out of the store room.

"I'm gonna take some'a the kids on a sleigh ride. But I need my outfit t'make it cute!" Make herself cute. Cuter. "Ya know, I gotta be Santa's little reindeer if I'm gonna be pullin' the sleigh around."

It's a known fact that the past couple years, Rogue has brandished a real classical styled snow sleigh that she 'takes' from the neighbors property. The old people that Kitty is friends with, she can't remember their names ever!

"Nori!" Rogue calls out from the store room. "Has anyone been in here takin' Christmas stuff that wasn't one'a the faculty?"

Another box falls to the floor and slides out of the doorway to bump in to sweat pants Gambit.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over at Gambit, and says "So, what we each carry a couple boxes and she carries us?" He asks with a chuckle. He does walk to the doorway and says "Stick this in the back corner, but where I can get to it next week." He offers the bag to Rogue, and if she looks in it, is seems full of action figures, dolls, hot wheels and such.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Maybe." Remy replies to Sam, smirking where he's standing with his arms crossed. Right up until the box hits him in the leg when Nori is coming in. He'd turned his head to greet her, then nearly tumbles when the box catches him off balance. "Yes-" Hands waving to keep himself upright, his eyes squint viciously looking around. "Nobody saw dat..."

Rather than stick around for everyone to rib him, Nori, he grabs Sam's bag and heads inside the storage area to deposit it somewhere JUST out of reach of younger churrins. "You find your hat?" Flipping a box open here, looking in a bag there.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko looks toward the store room first and then pops in closer, head peeking in from the side.  "I don't think so?  But I can keep an eye on it if you want."  ...Odd.  Noriko doesn't looook like she's hatching a plan.  There are no furtive looks or hesitations.

Noriko whips her head around to see the noise she heard.  She coughs, once.  Could just have a cold right?  It's not like she ever wears proper clothing for the weather.  "Wow."  Zoom!  She's looking into boxes away from the storage room before Remy ever decides to head there...probably why he did.  "You need any help or anything?"

Rogue has posed:
When Gambit enters the store room to put Sam's bag of presents in to a hopefully good hiding spot, Rogue spins around to smile at the Cajun, wearing her antler hat with the fuzzy floppy antlers. She seems VERY proud of herself in this hat and leans forward to slow-run at the Cajun to antler-bash him in the chest.

"Raaaaah, reindeer noises!" Rogue mockingly states, because she has no idea what kind of noises a reindeer actually makes.

When she leans back again she's grinning and looking over at Sam and Nori. "You can round up the kids who wanna go on a flyin' adventure. But ya gotta make'em sign a piece'a paper that says they can't sue me if they fall out."

Turning, Rogue peers in to Sam's bag. "Woah, a Turbo Man..." She reaches in to the bag to take it out and peer at it in its box. "These are valuable."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
When Rogue does her mock charge, Remy over exagerates! Full on WWE falling back against a stack of boxes, one arm up to catch himself, the other laid across his chest to defend his vital organs! "UGH!" ECHO, just like Simon Belmont being slain in Simon's Quest. "What a terrible night to have a curse!"

The show ends as playfully as it began: One hand coming up to knock his knuckles affectionately against Rogue's covered shoulder and Remy leaning over the bag to see inside the bag he'd help to hide. "HOld on a tick, is dat a Gravedigger Hotwheels?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie smirks over at the two, and says "Anything you put the claim on you have to replace with something along the same lines." He chuckles a bit and looks over to Noriko, and at the cough and her in normal things he hmmms. He will pull off his jacket, and offers it to the girl "If your going to be out and about, do me a favor and wear that."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh yeah.  I can totally do that."  Getting kids to sign pieces of paper?  Child's play.  "Kind of sells itself."

Noriko looks over at Sam and his offer of a jacket and simply says, "I'd burn up in that, or walk around slower all the time."  She takes off at a stroll, a nice visible blur.

Behind the scenes, she zips off to make a walking advertisement board poncho thing out of cardboard she scrounges and sharpies out some big block letters, sprinkles some glitter, draws some nice stick figures going on 'flying adventures' and starts her rounds.  Oh wait, the liability papers!  Okay now a billion are scrawled out and she's off again!  Shouting like a newsboy.

"Adventure!  Get your adventure here!  Far off places!"  Lots of obvious bull.  "See the world!  You only have to sign here so you can't blame anyone but yourself if you don't keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Remy take a tumble on to the boxes and she just stares down at him flatly for a moment before she can't keep a straight face and just smiles at him. "You are an over actor, Jon Snow." She tells him in her ever-continuing-obsession with Ygritte as her GoT spirit animal. That girl knew how to flirt!

His knuckles bounce off of a soft, but immovable shoulder, to which she raises her slim pointed chin up defiantly to. Smolder stare! But then, Sam's declaration of 'You take, you replace.' gets Rogue to look back down at the Turbo Man.

"Fine fine. Seriously though, these are worth like two hundred dollars, ya know? I just saw it on Youtube last night." She puts it back inside the bag and raises her hands up to her antlers as she moves to leave the store room, having left a giant mess inside of it.

When Nori just appears, all decked out like a restaurant sign-board advertiser, Rogue's eyes widen. "Geezus, you're really gettin' used t'that speed power, huh?" A glance is sent toward the school, then back to Nori. "We gotta have Jean around for the sleigh rides though, cause she can grab people if they do fall."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy reaches out and flicks one of the antlers while Rogue is staring up at him in defiance, an easy grin on his face. UNMOVED LIKE HER SHOULDER!

When she departs the storeroom, he follows a step behind. Totally content to leave a mess back there for someone else to clean up because that's what Ragin Cajuns do. Let other people figure out their problems after disappearing and blaming it on someone else.

It's in the manual.

With hands in his bomber-jacket's pockets, he doesn't have the same wide eyed stare when Nori appears decked out like Justin Timberlake in an SNL commercial. "If dere aint a song and dance number, don't even bother." Said jokingly, up nodding to Sam.

"So who da toys for, den?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie says, "I went and hit a few of the local flea markets over the past weekend, and hit a few odd ball consignment places tonight. I figured we could use more presents for any of the kids who were not heading home for the holidays. I wanted to make sure they all got something, they are all our family in a way ya know, and no kid should be without something to open on Christmas morning." He says"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko smirks at Rogue and shrugs.  "It feels easier," like she was meant to go fast.  "I can do land rides for kids afraid of heights," Noriko volunteers.  She might not be that thoughtful about others.  She might have had a billion self centered thoughts between moments...Okay not a billion, but at least there's a positive outcome.  Still, Noriko consistent in how she treats those younger than her.

"I got a bunch of signups already, but I should go out again at some point," because obviously she didn't wait around long enough to go through another little mob in another part of the mansion.  "I'll tell her in round 2."

"What?  You like billboard wearing teens or something?"  Noriko throws back at Remy's obviously unrelated expression.

Noriko wiggles her fingers at Remy with a smile, lighting darting between them.


...FIGHT!  (or, really, go and get more sign ups, etc)

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, wearing her fuzzy reindeer antler hat, smirks at Gambit while she walks over toward his car and picks up her coffee that they'd driven out to get earlier. She takes a sip from it then as she turns around and looks toward Sam.

"That's really sweet of ya, Sammy." She tells him. "I mean really, you're thinkin' about the others. That's what this holiday is all about, right?" She glances at Gambit and grins at him. "What do I get t'open on Christmas mornin'?" She chides the Cajun.

Another sip of her drink is had, her eyes darting over to Nori then. "Get Bobby to refreeze the lake too, if you can. Though it is gettin' colder out... I dunno how that stuff works though. As I recall though, you're not much of a skater Miss Ashida." She grins at the speedster now.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy leans against the door to the storage room with his arms laid loose across his chest. One foot up with the toe down over his other ankle, full lazy cool guy pose over here. "Your standup, Sam. Nobody going to say different so long as I am around.. Make me want to do something altruistic." Thirteen seconds later, "Nevermind."

Leading to a smirk at the disappearing Nori off to do Nori shit in the mansion at high speed... "Mmm..."

Glancing at Rogue, he jerks a shoulder in a coy shrug, wearing a tiny smirk. "You'll have to wait for Christmas to see, ye no? Suffice dat you should definitely bring dem antlers." Whether or not he's going to go ice skating is up for a great deal of debate.

The magic 8-ball says ask again later.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie shrugs a bit, and rubs a hand through his hair. "Folks supposed to help one another, it aint nothing special, just what should be done." Yup Sam grew up in a old time community it seems. "Ah aint sure if I will be here Christmas day, but figured would make sure things were set up." He offers to the three.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
And she's back.

"Don't need to be.  I can just get a running head start on the edge and go into a slide on my knees.  Have them on one of those plastic dishes or whatever.  Or give them a ride."  She points to her back with a thumb.  "But yeah.  I'll talk to Bobby about it, just...in case."  She has no desire to crack through the ice because her power-NOPE NOT THINKING ABOUT IT.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue cannot stop her grin from showing at cool-guy Remy's response to her. "I'll take note'a that. It's possible I'm still shoppin' for gifts for you too." She glances over to Sam, and when Nori returns she nods at them both. "All'a you, actually. You know how hard it is t'shop for people these these days?" These days. She's twenty! "People don't even like nothin' but their damn phones anymore. So it's socks, gloves, hats, or stuff for someone's phone! So boring."

Another sip of her drink is taken, and she pops HER phone out of her pocket to look at it. "Bobby'll freeze the lake solid so ya can't crack through it. Pretty damn important around this place. People break things here on the half-hour."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dat aint true at all." Remy huffs at Rogue's suggestion that he's difficult to shop for, hands coming undone from over his chest when he pushes off the wall in her general direction, "I like lots of t'ings.. I like books... I like CDs... I like cartridge game systems." All of which were going out of style when he was ten.

Because he's only 22.

"I am Hipster... Dis is my new alias, everybody." Spinning a small circle, hands out as he turns, "I am da Hipster! Everyt'ing you love... I love it in beta."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie might actually like all those things but he did grow up in the mountains of Kentucky so might be the same thing as brought up in the 80s and 90s. He looks over to Rogue, and says "Hey I don't crash into more than three or four things a day unless I mean to." He jokes a bit about the destruction he has done around here over the years.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"You guys are like pre-mature farts.  Already old and-" Blip!  Noriko makes a show of sniffing in the vicinity of Remy's armpit...but behind him, "stinky."

"I like money.  I like-"  Noriko shrugs.  "Why don't you just ask?  I'm getting Jubes some ball bearings for her skates.  I mean it's not the only thing people do.  Well, I guess that depends on who you're buying them for," she says with a laugh, thinking about how Rogue must be friends with a bunch of mindless drones.

Then she darts out mid-laugh, presumably to go talk to Bobby.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks up from her phone and smiles at Remy. "Cartridge video games, huh?" She asks him. "We'll see. I got a few other ideas for you in mind though." And she does! From Star Trek swag to a towel from Always Sunny in Philedelphia that he'd surely love to wear around! Because it's classy.

Rogue smiles softly over at Sam, not questioning him on what he runs in to. "Hows your bike?" She elects to ask him instead.

Nori, however gets a nod. "I got a gift picked out for Jubilee. I'd tell ya what it is, but I'm afraid she'd pry it outta ya. You roommates talk a lot, after all."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Mhm." Remy chides Rogue playfully, hoping up on the hood of his car with a turn to seat himself just on the edge. His hands rest down on his bent knees, watching the trio speak of presents and the untrustworthy nature of roommates with a knowing grin.

"Aint seen dat good for nothing asian in weeks. She still play dat tiny guitar?" Pantomiming the instrument for a few seconds. BUT Nori is gone... again, which isn't surprising at this point.

She'll be back before he's even finished the question anyways.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over, and says "Pretty well, got used to riding it out in the snow, and dealing with the resistance. Main thing though it lets me hide my blasting when I need to explain how I got someplace."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko never heard Remy's question (or enough of it), or she'd probably answer it when she got back, as is her custom.  "I'd tell her out of loyalty.  No prying needed.  But I'd also tell you your gift."  Noriko betrays people equally for the greater good!  So she doesn't seem bent out of shape when Rogue says what she does.

"We've been perfecting our Jubiko train, finding our top speed."

Sam's side of the conversation seems to be a little too in depth for Noriko to jump into his side of the conversation, or maybe she wasn't paying attention in the beginning in the first place.

Rogue has posed:
When Remy slides up on to the hood of his fancy car, Rogue waltzes over to stand beside him as she glances back at her phone, texting with someone it looks like. She's standing there beside the vehicle wearing a pair of fuzzy antlers with reindeer ears, her white bangs losoe about the sides of her face.

There's also a mess of boxes on the floor beside the storage room-- which itself is beside the stables entrance --and two lawn ornament reindeer that are laying on their sides.

"Well I'm glad ya got the bike then, Sammy." The Belle says as she looks up and smiles at him, then to Nori. "I got Jubes a pogo-stick. Ya ever seen one'a those? This one has LED lights on it. It's got pink'n'yellow stickerse and streamers... I thought she'd dig it. Retrooooo..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:

Remy furrows his brow and slumps his shoulders.

Eyes down on the concrete.

From the hood of his vehicle.

He's wearing pajama pants, t-shirt, and a golden members-only jacket.

On account of his coat is still broken.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie blinks and says "Oh yea speaking of Retro." He reaches into the inside pocket of the coat he was wearing earlier and how holding. He tosses an oversized glasses box over towards Nori "Heads up, here is something you can give Tabby for Christmas." He offers to her.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah.  She'll love it...and then she'll bounce on my bed somehow," because Jubes kind of defies physical limitations and then showers everyone with sparklers BECAUSE OF COURSE.  It all makes perfect sense to Noriko even if there's no logical connection.  "I mean it's Jubes."  She shrugs, as if it were as clear and certain as mathematics.

When the case comes at her, Noriko catches it with her left hand, not really needing to look beyond using her peripheral vision.  "Still got it," she says with a little grin to herself and slips it into her jacket.  "I'll remind her they're from you," she says to Sam with a wink.

Jean Grey has posed:
Via an elaborate ritual of sign-wearing, high-speed mansion circumnavigation, and some barely comprehensible but actually spoken words, Jean has been summoned. It is a proven method! Thinking really loud might also work. Being that she is in around the clock 'holiday cheer' mode, she is wearing some sort of ugly Christmas sweater over tights. Making her way into the garage, she looks over to the adjoining stables and the pile of boxes.

"So... what's the emergency?" She almost sounds disappointed she hasn't arrived to discover a bigger disaster.

She looks at Rogue EXPECTANTLY. "Are we putting up the reindeer? You remember you can fly, right?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just standing there beside Remy's car, and with Remy falling in to a moment of silence, she's left just listening to Nori's response to her which has her initially just laughing, laughing, laaaaaaaaughing to herself. Because she's Rogue. A glance is given to Remy to see if he knew what she was laughing at, but when Jean arrives it all trails off.

"Hi, Headmistress." Rogue says in a loud and dry tone of her otherwise naturally husky-hued voice!

Her eyes dart over to the mess she'd left on the floor, and she tries to play it off. "Oh for sure, I'm a flyin' ace. Gonna take the kids out for rides with the sleigh from that neighbor's property that I do every year." The one that she takes from them without asking, because 'they're old' and she thinks 'they'll never know anyway'.

Also, surface level thought in Rogue's mind. 'Hope she doesn't look in the store room...' Because there's an even bigger mess in there now.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy raises a brow and side glances at Rogue's glance at him, but there's no recognition of her inner thoughts in his red and black eyes! He doesn't know! There is no knowing! Only a tiny shrug and an up nod at Jean. "Jean." He's only a GUEST, afterall! Also a rebel who will not subscribe to the hierarchy! Buck the system!

With that, he slides off the hood of the car onto bare feet. "I'm going to go case the neighbors property. Make sure dey aint put up nanny cams on dat sleigh, just encase dere grandkids updated them on the particulars of sophisticated electronic surveylance equipment."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Nori, and says "They can be from you it is all cool, I just know where to get them." He offers seeming not worried about credit for the present. He looks over to Jean, and says "Hey her flying them is a better idea than me flying them around." He offers with a smile.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko just grins to herself when Rogue busts up laughing.  "I'll just say it's from both of us then," because Noriko is not above piggybacking on a present for free (gotta be resourceful), but she does seem to have some remnant of...something not horrible.  "Oh hey.  Cool." Noriko says aloud when Jean shows up, glad her message got through at all since she wasn't sure if she slowed down enough.

Noriko glances over at Remy, eyebrows rising slightly, a piqued curiosity.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean arches her eyebrows at the formal, respectful greeting Rogue gives her. It's almost an amdission she's up to no good!

... and she is!

One might expect Jean might object to a THEFT being planned in front of her, but this one is apparently something of an ongoing tradition. Also, this is only the -second- time it's come up in about as many weeks, so it would be hard to call this 'catching' them now. Still, she heaves a sigh, particularly at all the elaborate thought that seems to be going into the theft. Remy gets a look: really, casing the joint?

"You all know that Mrs. Cartstead is absolutely /thrilled/ to have us borrow it, right? The idea of the youngsters getting to use that old thing really makes her happy. So you could just ask." But they've had this conversation, and she knows where it goes! "I don't know why the idea of her inviting you in for hot chocolate and pie is so terrifying." Indeed, when it comes to smothering people with hot drink and pastry-related affection, even Jean cannot compete with the lovely, darling, sweet old Mrs. Carstead!

She shakes her head.

Sam also gets a quick grin. "You gonna power up the sled instead?" But while she's wondering this, the EVIL HEADMISTRESS is also headed over toward that store room she's definitely not wanted to see. Dun, dun dunnnnnnn.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Remy slide down off of the Porsche and she grins at him. "Don't get caught, or they'll drag ya inside for cookies'n cocoa, and chatter, and slide shows, and politics talk." /That's/ where Jean knows the conversation 'goes'.

But when Jean asks, Rogue's eyes snap back over to her and she stares, her chin rising ever so slightly. Still as a statue, she is now. Finally, though, she adds one last complaint about the Carsteads.

"Old people smell funny."

Her chin lowers, her eyes go to Sam who gets a grin. "You're like an outta control missile, sugah." She tells the fellow southerner. Nori, however gets a smirk. "No leachin' off my present cred. Get a job, ya hippie!"

When Jean starts toward the store room though, Rogue's eyes go wide and she looks over to the redhead. "Ya don't wanna go in there. Spiders in there. Huge ones. Like Volkswagons." She's clearly going in there though...

"Remy... ya want help scoutin' the Dinosaurs' place?" The Belle asks as she half-turns around.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Walking backwards, hands out pointed towards Jean giving them all the reasons not to steal it, "Part of da fun is taking it without dem knowing it's gone until morning. Dey may know it was used, but you don't mess with tradition." Finger wiggling expressively at the headmistress. "Besides, I like to move around their lawn ornaments."

Which is to say he's gotten bored not stealing.

Being good for the sake of the sutdents is wearing thin on the master thief.

"Nah, stay here. I got dis. Sides, Jean just got here, wouldn't want her t'inking we run off soon as she shows up, ye no?" A glance at Nori, shrugging and smirking, "If you already gone and done espionage, don't say nothing. You wont ruin my Christmas, you speedster Grinch." Pointing at her, and Sam, and Jean, the Cajun turns on bare heels and stops at his trunk to grab a pair of boots out of a box that looks like it just came out of a high end store.

tossing lids off a blethora of small (because high end cars don't have a lot of trunk space) until he finds the footwear he's looking for. Fuzzy Uggs in his size. Like a real life Colorado trail blazer who has some semblance of style.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie just shakes his head chuckling a bit at Rogue and Gambit "Hey I am a mostly controlled rocket these days, mind you getting the field around the sled might be pushing it, probably would have to get some type of harness so I was lifting with my blast not just physically lifting it." He thinks on that a moment.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"They do smell funny, but the good ones have /fresh/ cookies."  Noriko has definitely taken advantage of some do-gooders out there to survive.  Of course she was gone before social services ever showed up.

"I'm not leeching off yours, I'm leeching off Sam's," Noriko says with a casual roll of her eyes at Rogue.  "I got a new job.  At that burrito truck, but it's cold as f-udge," only she didn't say fudge...in her mind.

"But isn't it tradition to steal it?  It's like leaving someone a little surprise present.  They know it's gone so they know little kids are having fun."  Noriko seems to have a way to bend any kind of life math to her will.  This isn't a strength.

Noriko suddenly is squinting at Remy.  It's almost a glare, but then when does she /not/ look like she's glaring in some way?  "Sure.  I'm omniscient."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh come on, they don't really smell." Maybe a little.

Ultimately, though, Jean is playing a role in the tradition too, which is putting up at least the token facade of resistance before the kids run off and do it anyway, getting one over not only on the Carsteads but on mean ol' Jean. It'd probably spoil a bit of their fun if she just outright gave them permission to do it! "It is," she even admits to Noriko, expression turning to a grin. "Who exactly do you think started it, anyway? Bobby could really get that thing flying, slicking the way ahead of us."

However, the mess that Rogue has caused in the store room is -not- covered by this ancient covenant of sleigh mischief, and quality German automobile sized spiders or no, she barges on into the storeroom!

Subsequently, a voice calls out from within: "Roooooooogue." It's probably still Jean, and not a quickly-risen ghost after she was eaten by giant spiders. "What -is- all this? What were you doing in here, or looking for? How could you make this much of a mess just trying to get- oh, these are cute."

Rogue has posed:
"I expect a full report on your scouting mission then, Lieutenant." Rogue says over her shoulder at Remy with a smile toward him. Her hands have gone up to the bun of hair on the back of her head, where she draws out the metal hair pin she had holding her brown locks up. They tumble down around her shoulders, a bit messily, whilst her hands move to adjust the reindeer hat she's wearing so that it sits on her head better now with all the extra hair loose and free!

"Rocket Man Sam." Rogue says then, giving one final gloved-rustle of her hair with her left hand. "No takin' out my sleigh while I'm entertainin' the youths." She holds her grin before she points at Nori confirming her old people smell.

She points at Jean then who denies it.

"It's called Nonenal oil." She tells the HEADMISTRESS. "Look it up. People over 40 start t'secrete it and no store-bought soaps can wash it off. Total old person 'musty gross' smell."

Her hands drop to her hips as she starts to back up while Jean goes in to the store room. She looks after Gambit, but he's fleeing and leaving her! Jean's voicing her name makes her look back and she winces. "I was lookin' for my reindeer hat. I was gonna clean ti up, ya know, later!"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "The bag in the back is for next week." He says of the bag of toys in the storage room placed near the back but in reach. "I do better with one rider at a time, makes flying through buildings more entertaining.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Sir, yes sir." Remy snaps off a lazy salute, after pulling on his boots of course. With a grin, he slips out the side door into the snow dusted yard with his hands instantly going into his pockets against the unbearably cold, cold. "It's unreasonably cold out here." He complains, voice carrying until he shuts the door behind him... Already on th emove towards the woods leading to the neighbors property.

"Your mission, Remy LeBeau... should you chose to accept it... is to infultrate the heavily guarded and patrolled Nextyardia." Crouching as he gets into the trees, warm(er) breath heating his palms, and echoing his voice, "Dese fiends have da sleigh and for the good of da nation, we must have it if we intend to beat da russians to da race for Christmas cheer."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Look.  He smells, and he's prematurely old," Noriko points to Remy.  She only points with her thumbs okay?  It's a thing...now.  Maybe it's easier with the gauntlets.  Who knows.

Noriko chuckles at Jean.  "He is handy," she admits.

"She's going insane and becoming a hoarder," Noriko provides Jean simply when she appears at the door, only having overheard Jean's question.  "I'm going to go get some fuel."  Food?  Most likely.  Then she's gone..

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean definitely isn't going to debate old people biology with Rogue, but she IS going to get on her case about the mess. After a few minutes of scrounging around in there, she re-emerges. "Well, that really is a disaster area. Though nice thought on all the toys, thanks Sam." But one good deed by an different person doesn't get Rogue off the hook!

Remy is going out for his mission, and... "That is definitely not a warm enough coat," Jean will happily inform him, being a native of these parts and quite familiar with how one should be dressed going out in the freshly fallen snow and accompanying icy weather. Even his old coat (RIP) probably wouldn't cut it! This is bundle up in something that makes you look fat weather!

"I don't know how your reinddeer hat could require that level of chaos, but if you think I'm cleaning that mess up with my mind..." She folds her arms meaningfully. "Maybe you can get it piled up before your beau makes it back? Assuming he doesn't freeze to death. Otherwise we're gonna be digging him out in the morning."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands by one of the windows looking out on the yard as she watches Remy go. "Good bye." She says. Then whispers. "Forever." Because she's being ridiculous right now, and it's fun.

A grin is sent back toward Jean, but a look is shot toward Sam. "He got all the homeless kids fancy toys from lots a different places. Sam needs like a statue built around here, of himself, obviously. Not a random statue, that... would be weird."

She sighs then and starts toward the store room. "Fine, I'll start cleanin' up now. It's all just gonna get pushed around again once we gotta start puttin' all this Christmas stuff away in April..."

As she picks up one of the boxes Remy fell over on, she peers inside it to see its filled with clothing from one of the former students that moved out and left a bunch of stuff. "Moths... guh." There's definitely not any moths.

As she sets the box on the shelf, deep in the spooky back corners of the storage room, Rogue speaks over her shoulder. "Yeah, Gambit's dead as fug out there, like within minutes. We're gonna find'im tomorrow like that killer dad from that hotel movie." The Shining, obviously.

When she turns back around, she looks to Jean DIRECTLY. "How many of us are buyin' him new leather trench coats for presents? I bet like at least four of us."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The truth is, Remy didn't make it through the woods before dying.

Frozen solid in a squat walk like a Solid Snake figure on some nerds desk.

His last words still echo in the air long after his passing is forgotten; Cold... cold never changes.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "It aint no big thing, Ah had to learn to find deals when shopping for the little ones back home, and I am sure there will be others making sure there are bigger and better things for them. " He runs his hand through his hair, and says "Besides no kids should be left out of Christmas. Heck if Granny Guthrie was still alive, probably would have had them all a toboggan, and mittens for Christmas."

Jean Grey has posed:
"It really is sweet, Sam, and thoughtful. Maybe Rogue's overdoing it a little with the statue, but you'll definitely have brightened up a few Christmases. You gonna fly over and drop them off like Santa, too?" That is PROBABLY a joke and not a suggestion, but then again, a rocket-powered Santa might up his cool factor for the more cynical modern youth!

Rogue's complaints while going about her task are totally ignored, because at least in this matter, Jean is cruel and heartless and without a hint of sympathy. "Yes, we're going to pack it up later. But in the meantime people are still using the room and will be bringing things in and out, and 'just toss them on the pile' isn't an acceptable alternative to being able to store things properly."

As for the replacement leather trenchcoat? "Don't be ridiculous," Jean answers. "I'm buying him an -actual- coat." Dumpy parkas for all!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue does relent and does her best to start to put the mess away back where she'd found it. She really had always intended to, only... later, after they got the sleigh. She does /want/ to be responsible, after all! It's just hard sometimes!

When she steps back out of the storage room, she grins toward Sam. "Look at how humble he is. What a guy." She says to Jean specifically, before looking back to her. "And what about you then?" She asks. "Do you want a fancy hat like mine for Christmas, Miss Headmistress?" Her hands go up to touch her fuzzy antlers, giving them a little wiggle in Jean's direction.

"I got him a scarf too, that night at the marketplace in the city." She'd gotten all the male-types gifts there that night, Sam included!

Crouching down she picks up the two plastic reindeer and raises them up. "Where should I put these? Can't put them close t'the house, or some dumb hunter might shoot at'em." She looks UP then, wide eyes. "Can I put them on top of the house?" She asks. "Can I crawl down the chimney and deliver presents on Christmas Even when the Professah is giving his readin' a that NIght Before thingie?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over, and says "Actually Jean, there was something I wanted to ask, are any of the cabins on the property empty, or is there a place, I could put a camper or something? I was thinking about a place closer in here where Alexis and I could stay." He thinks about it "Oh also, wanted to ask, if your ok if I take a few of the students out to shoot down some mistletoe from some of the trees, thought might could teach some kids who were interested in it some gun safety.

Jean Grey has posed:
Rogue is just as aware of the haul of loot Jean came back with from their excursion to the holiday market: there will be no shortage of festively designed hand-knit scarves, gloves, hats, socks and other such items under the tree this year. Just what everyone wants most! For herself? She grins mysteriously. "Oh, I'm sure anything would be fine." Translation: she's not making it easy! Think up your own present, missie!

"I don't know about spare cabins in any kind of livable shape, other than the boathouse and we have that for guests, for parents when they stay over and the like," Jean prefaces, pausing and looking a trifle thoughtful at Sam's inquiry. "But finding somewhere for a camper doesn't seem like it would be any trouble? We've got no shortage of space on the property. Getting the hookups for the ammenities might be a little effort but I'm sure we could swing something."

Then it's back to Rogue: "Its fine if you want to put them on the roof. Just make sure they're secure. In fact, while you're up there, grab that box-" There is one that stands out to Jean even among all the chaos: "And string up some of the lights while you're at it!"

Headmistress? More like taskmistress!

Then back to Sam: "Well, you'll have to be extra safe doing target practice outside, rather than in the Danger Room. But I figure you know all that stuff. So I think it would be alright."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's response to Sam's requests gets a big smile from the southern girl. "I want a cabin out in the woods." She has to chime in though, because of course. She doesn't actually think she'll get such a thing though so she starts toward the door to the outside. HER COAT is hung up on a hook beside it, and HER COAT is a big down feathers affair, dark green with a black fuzzy furry hood to pull up over one's head when they're out in the hellscape of winter weather.

The door is opened and Rogue sets the reindeer outside, leaned up against the walkway edges out there. She then comes back in and gets her coat on, shooting a grin over toward the Headmistress. "I'll put up as much lights as we got, though if they don't turn on... I dunno what t'say. I'll do my best though, Miss Headmistress!" She says in a sassy sort've way too while sliding her jacket on over her shoulders and sorting it out over her body.

Walking over to the boxes with the rolls of lights, Rogue crouches down to pick them up. "Gift surprises it is." She states while standing up and going outside... her fuzzy boots swishing through the snow as she goes and the door sweeping shut behind her.

"Remy!" Rogue's voice can be heard calling out. "Are you dead?!"