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Tidings of good cheer- ish
Date of Scene: 22 December 2020
Location: Downtown - New Troy
Synopsis: A shopping trip for the party takes a left turn when Vorpal and Beast Boy run into the Boy Wonder.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Gar Logan, Damian Wayne

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Rabbit Hole opens up into the glittering streets of New Troy, followed quickly after by the Titan adventurers out on a mission- no. A quest.

"Ah, is there anything more splendorous than Metropolis all decked out for Christmas?" Vorpal says as he sets foot on the sidewalk. One of those feet is still wrapped in the bandage Spider-Man provided for him, but his limp has gotten much better. Hardly noticeable, really. "Well... Paris, maybe, or so I hear. Haven't been there..."

In a moment of spontaneity, the Cheshire Cat turns to face his green Titans compatriot and grins, "Do you wanna go to Paris for Christmas? I hear it's tres romantique-"

Another pause, "Wait, are you flying back to spend it with your fam? I totally forgot." Not that it would be a hindrance. Terry was spending Christmas with his mother and April would probably drop in as well- there was nothing that said he couldn't also take them to Paris. He was a one-cat travel agency now. "I can't believe I didn't ask what you were doing and just assumed you'd be around... that's very thoughtless of me."

The quest is very simple: Gather some supplies for the party, decorations mostly. Those could be gotten anywhere, but Vorpal has an ulterior motive for them to get them in this part of town. "Okay... let me see where that party place is."

He whips up his phone and starts looking for the precise address. He's in full costume, albeit modified to fit the holiday aesthetic: over the spandex suit, he's added an appropriately tacky Christmas ugly sweater depicting a Cheshire Cat tied up in tinsel.

And he's wearing one of those little ridiculous santa hats. With holes cut out for the ears. It was appropriately gaudy.

Gar Logan has posed:
When you're wearing a snug, form-fitting costume, sometimes there are things you find lacking. Namely, pockets to tuck your hands into, if said costume has none.

Such is Beast Boy's current predicament, and with the weather more chilly this time of the year than not, it might have been a good idea to bring a pair of gloves or mittens.

Ignore the fact Vorpal could easily snag some from one of their rooms, or Gar could just change forms into something warmer. For now, he occasionally rubs his hands and blows on them, but that isn't the only part that's on the cool side. Eartips too, even if they're a little fuzzy.

"You know..I wasn't even out here this time last year," he realizes, squinting first in the direction of the decorations, then down at Vorpal and his wrapped ankle. "By the way, you're the only one I know who takes months to heal a sprained ankle." There are reasons behind that, but they're secondary to the observation. "And we can go anywhere any time. This year I just want to spend it with everyone /here/ and the rest can wait. I think we all kind of need it."

He has no ugly sweater nor Santa hat on. It's just the usual. "I haven't been in on any of the planning. I wonder what it's gonna look like," he adds of the party.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     The perks of being a bat, mean that you can enter and leave in the most spectacular ways possible. And nary a soul would question you.

  Today, is nothing different. Robin had inverted himself on a street lamp, dangling in front of the two as they walk. "That is incorrect. Metropolis is nothing but a gussied up city. If it wasn't for the way they keep everything clean, it would have just as bad of reputation as Gotham." Robin didn't seem at all phased by the fact that he was inverted, nor did his face redden as he maintained his position. Even upside down, his face was grumpy.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Cheshire cat shoots Gar a glance out of the corner of his eyes and smirks, "If your hands are cold, you can always warm them up, you know. It's not like your boyfriend isn't covered in fur?" playful nudge and the offer of an warm, fur-covered arm to grasp while he looks at the phone with his free hand. "Oka, then, I'll not schedule us a Paris christmas. I'll be spending Christmas Eve with mom and probably April, and you're welcome to come with me, too." He shudders briefly, realizing that Gar will have yet another night to dig up embarrassing things in his high school room.

"So the store is just around this co-" his directions are interrupted by the dangling Robin. The cat blinks a couple of times at Robin's diatribe against Metropolis, and then he says as an aside to Gar, "That's funny, you're the one who's all green, but he's the mean one, Mister Grinch."

Focusing back on Robin, he raises his eyebrows and smiles, apparently unfazed by the grumpiness. "Robin, what a surprise to see you here. Are you offering to help us with carrying the supplies for the party? It's just right around the corner."

Vorpal had spent three months in space. He'd missed Halloween. He'd missed Thanksgiving. He was determined to stuff all of his pent-up holiday cheer into this one holiday until it burst, and he was not going to let Robin deter him from having a perfectly jolly time. The little Santa hat at this point is a declaration of war on all Scrooges on Earth that may dare to cross his path.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Or I could turn into a kangaroo and have my own pouch," Gar remarks, "but then I remembered only the female kangaroo has a pouch and that would be a little weird." He nudges at the arm, saying nothing else to that before musing, "That's a maybe. If your mother would like to see me again, that is."

Anything further is interrupted by the sight of Robin dangling from the lamp post, causing Beast Boy's brows to drift upward. "Would you look at that. It's a pinata, and me without a bat. Where's Harley when you really need her?" /He/ doesn't trust Harley much at all, but he does know Harley's ties to Gotham. It's for the reaction, see?

Peering more closely at Robin, he asides to Vorpal, "Look, it's Oscar the Grouch. Is that a frown turned upside down, or.." Here he starts to tilt his head sideways, "..are you smiling to make it look like you're still frowning to us?"

The moment of teasing passes before he stands up straight again, reaching out to see if he can steal a tap at Robin's nose. "You're like the last one I expected to see here like this. But..I've seen some of the seedier areas of Metropolis. It's part of how I got to know this dork next to me better. You're not wrong, but..I don't really have a good comeback to that."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "I am sure your quip is pithy and on point. Regardless of who this Grinch is, I speak the truth."

  "You are the one with the teleporting hole. Do it yourself." He answers, quite plainly, while still dangling there. How is his cape not dangling too?

  "Yes, he does resemble a whale's penis." He quips, before immediately regretting it. "That was rash." He said, does he apologize, no. But that was close. "So, you picked up a slum stray cat?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Resolve is a frail thing. Terry's grin wilts a little, and one eyebrow goes down while the other one is firmly lifted in a sign of annoyance. "I'd ask who pissed on your corn flakes this morning, but you come from Gotham." The holiday spirit may have charity as a part of it, but Vorpal seems to be slightly short of that. "A slum stray cat? I am literary royalty. Children all over the world know who I am." He pauses, and that charitable spirit manifests itself suddenly in the fact that he didn't say the next part of that sentence he had in mind: 'those who had childhoods, anyways.'

"Fine, then, I'm going to the party store. You can come along if you wish, I'm sure the place has rafters you can brood from."

With a smirk and a hurried step, he turns the corner to go into the party store. His hurried step does cause him some pain, but showing weakness in front of Robin would pain him even more. He decides that his Christmas gift for Robin is to decide not to ask just how he knows what a whale penis looks like. It's also a gift for himself, because he knows Gotham has some -weird- villains, like a walking plant-woman, a walking shark... the possibilities are horrifying.

Gar Logan has posed:
"I..am not touching that one, literally /or/ figuratively," Gar says of the whale's bits, and it's enough to interrupt whatever else he'd been thinking of.

Except the stray cat bit, which follows as he gestures toward the striding Vorpal as he says, "Yeah, of course. Just look at that stray cat strut. He's got cat class and he's got cat style. But, no. I was livestreaming a video outside the Hall of Justice when we sort of bumped into each other, and then within a couple days he was almost getting his dumb ass killed in Suicide Slums trying to find out stuff about his dad."

He passes by Robin, but not before asking, "Dude, you really don't know who the Grinch is?" And in that moment, he actually becomes the famous character, quoting from the book, "Packed it up with their presents, their ribbons, their wrappings. Their snoof and their fuzzles, their tringlers and trappings! Ten thousand feet up, up the side of Mount Crumpet. He rode with his load to the tiptop to dump it!"

Then he points a much fuzzier finger Robin's way. "But that was before I, or he, well. You'll just have to find out, won't you?"

Gar the Grinch strides off after Vorpal.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin starts to put himself right side up before dropping from the grapple, fully uniformed, his green mask looked over the two. "Royalty, hmm. Well...you see how those royals ended up. Inbred and most with their heads cut off."

  He never says that he is joining them, but he does follow. For as long as it suits him. "Snoof? Fuzzles? A regular Dostoyevsky, this author." Some kids just never understand. Robin was one of these people. "The only thing good about this season is the cold. The ice. Reminds me of home. Sometimes." More like, it reminds him of the time he was sent out to climb a mountain for reconnaissance, and found a certain lifelong friend. But he kept that to himself.

  He watched as Terry led, the ever so slight difference to his walk, and immediately started to formulate a plan.

  Once they entered the party store, he looked around, the decor, the colors, the overall garishness. It was so...saccharine. For a moment he paused in the entrance while he took it in. Oy.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"I guess you can't spend time at home anymore now that Aslan defeated your mother and everything," he quips, very quietly and mostly to himself. It's his way of coping with the negativity. Even Gar's Grinch impression doesn't break him out of the defensiveness.

"Alright, so we want some party favors- and I'm thinking decorations in silver, nothing too crazy but festive nonetheless." He might go full garish with his christmas attire, but it was in good fun. He wouldn't condemn the entire party to look like it was decorated by Weird Al on a bender. "I've got a package to pick up a few doors down after this, so it's better not to dally."

He glances off to Gar, "I was thinking of some glitter to fill balloons with. People can pop them. They usually do that for New Year's but we might not have enough people for a New Year's party..."

Gar Logan has posed:
"We're watching the movie before the holidays are over, Robin, and you're gonna see it if I have to sit on you to keep you from escaping," the Grinch says, but he goes back to his usual self before entering the store. Already, a couple people had their phones out to snap a picture and get it up on social media. That's the life of someone whose identity is in the public eye, whether the codename or the real name.

There is nothing he has to add to the snappy comments between Vorpal and Robin, though he places himself in the middle of them just in case. He already had a fight with Robin that Vorpal has only heard about, but since then...have things been different between the green Titan and the Gotham bird?

"All I know is I'm not cleaning up the mess from a glitter balloon. You've seen those videos of the packages people make for porch pirates," he points out, glancing around before inspecting a festive holiday display more closely.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Yes, fuck that noise." Damian said, arms crossed and looming at Terry. The shopkeeper raises an eyebrow to Robin after the swear. "Dude, there's like, kids here and stuff." He said, in a tone of voice that was pretty much over having this job.

  "And?" Robin, standing by what he said. "Would YOU want to clean up glitter filled balloons? Didn't think so." One dad nodding in agreement with the Boy Wonder.

  Good thing for Terry, Damian had never read any of the Chronicles of Narnia. But, he would probably agree with the comparison of his mother and the White Witch.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Don't be such a sourpuss, Gar," the Cheshire cat quips, grabbing a few bags of glitter and checking to see if Gar had turned into Grumpycat out of sheer habit, Gar did things like that with figures of speech, "Vic's roombas will do the cleanup, and I can help with an enchanted broom or two. You've seen the Sorcerer's Apprentice, right?" he grins.

People are taking video and snapping pictures, but he tells himself it's because they see Beast Boy and Robin. Colette's insistence of fame notwithstanding- he was fine if people saw him as that guy who was dating a famous guy, but he appeared to have some serious objections to being considered famous pro se.

"I don't know who all is coming, but I sent Spider-Man an invitation. He and his spiders do good work in NYC and Ghost is one of us, so it made sense."

And then, a slight smirk, "I invited Harley, too, but she's not coming. Says she's got a prior commitment. I heard you and the Big Bad Bat stopped by my cousin's apartment while I was gone. Were you borrowing a cup of sugar?" that was to Robin. He reaches for some party hats. He stops for a moment to glance at one of the paper tiaras that is clearly meant to be a Wonder Woman tiara. "... you don't think Donna... she wouldn't invite... nah. She's probably too busy planning Embassy party stuff, I bet." He lets out a little relieved breath.

And surreptitiously puts one of the tiaras in his shopping basket.

Gar Logan has posed:
The good thing about letting someone else do all the planning is...you don't have to! This works out perfectly for Gar, who rarely plans anything out in advance in the first place. There are showbiz related matters from time to time, and he does stay on top of that, but a lot of other things are handled on a whim as they come.

"Fine. Get all the glitter you want, but I'm not cleaning it up, and if I find any still in my hair months later, I'm gonna make sure you get rolled in glue first, then dropped into a whole pool full of glitter," he threatens Vorpal in the midst of giving a too-wide smile for a few of the picture-takers.

Kids? He's good with kids, and it isn't long at all before one is atop his shoulders for a silly photo and a thumbs-up.

The irony of Robin, who is also technically a kid, being the one to swear in here, is not lost on him, either. He's looking from one Titan to the other as he considers what they've both said, then he shrugs once kid-free again. "I didn't invite anybody else. I figured it was just gonna be a small thing. You know, be thankful we're all back, try to avoid any supervillains showing up, and hope nothing too crazy happens if our visitors are there too."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "I did not invite anyone." Robin answered, at least not ruining the kid's time meeting three bonafide heroes. He didn't grin, but he at least stood for a photo without a frown. He managed a smile for it.

  "Yes, as a matter of fact, I did visit her." Exactly what went down though, would not leave his lips. Terry already knew plenty, it seems.

  "So, is this all?" Ugh, Damian's face suddenly looks as if someone busted a grumpy right then and there. He picked up a costume made for a smaller kid, and it was modeled after the last Robin. "Hey! You should get the new model. It's better. Wait, no. I'm buying these. Just so I can burn them. Force a restock of the new ones." He took the four packages in hand, clearing the rack.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"You act as if the prospect of me thoroughly inspecting you for stray glitter is a unpleasant one," Vorpal whispers to Gar, audible enough for him but low enough to spare the children. Damian might have heard, too- he seemed to have bat ears.

He blinks for a moment when he feels a tugging at his sweater, and looks down to see a very serious little girl staring up at him.

She looked like Alice. The /reall/ Alice wasn't a blonde, blue-eyed puffy-cheeked child commonly seen in illustrations and movies. No, she was a girl with a rather prominent forehead, black hair and coal-black eyes that had a certain disquieting intensity to them. She, also, had been dead for ninety years now, which made the impossiblity of Vorpal having known her and yet *remember* that he knew her all the stranger still.

"Hi there!" he says with a grin. Trademark grin, "How can I help you?"

She says something. It's so quiet that it's hard for most to make out, and Vorpal even has to bend down a little to hear the question, but his reaction is priceless.

"OH... well. You see. I don't look like the movie version because they didn't know what I actually looked like. I was still in Wonderland back then, you see." Not entirely the truth, but he didn't need to go into the particulars and confuse the child. Soon after that, an apologetic mother took her daughter away, but not before they took a picture at the insistence of the little girl.

The encounter clearly left him a little frazzled, so much so that he does not comment on Robin's act of whole-sale stock destruction. "Right, this should be plenty, let's head over just a block down, got to pick the last thing..."

He exits the store rather hurriedly after making the purchases.

Gar Logan has posed:
Beast Boy finds himself in the middle of a couple things going on: Robin deciding to buy out the old stock of Robin costumes, and Vorpal being asked something direct by a little girl, something that leaves him seemingly flustered.

In the midst of all that, he has pointedly /not/ answered Vorpal's teasing question about the glitter. Instead, he just - very quietly, which is not the norm for him - finds his way back outside in due time, ready to move on to the next place.

Strange and unexpected things going on with this unlikely trio that grew from a pair out to run a few errands. Completely normal when you're a member of the Titans.

"So, anyway, I was thinking we should grab some food after the next stop." That's a safe topic with him, always.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Whatever helps you sleep at night." Out of the corner of his mouth regarding Vorpal, before heading towards the cashier to pay. Part of the utility belt of a Bat is $1000 in non-consecutive bills, funny fact. Mostly for discretionary use. You never know when you might need to pay for something, or bribe someone into giving up info. Today, it was to pay for children's costumes to burn.

  With his arms full, he places the Robin outfits down and slides over $160. "Fine with me." He answers, in regards to Gar's proposal.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The next stop didn't seem to be a store, per se, but rather a non-descript office on a second floor of a small office building. The frosted glass doors read "Osprey Tharian" and no further descriptor. Still, Vorpal rang the buzzer and was ushered into the reception along with is confederates.

"I'm here for an order I placed a few months ago? Last name O'Neil. First name Terry." The receptionist was very efficient, in a few seconds the order had been pulled up.
"It'll be just a minute, Mr. O'Neil."

And they went to another room. This looked like a waiting room outside of a small area with many doors. Eventually the woman brought a package to Terry, and he thanked her.
"Will that be all?" she asked.
"I think there might be some testing."
She nodded, "The exit is through that door, just ring the buzzer when you're done," and left through the way back to reception.

The packages from the party store had been put back in the tower via Rabbit Hole, so Terry turns around with the bundle in his hands and grins. "Sorry for the delay, but I figured we could kill two birds with one stone while in the neighborhood..."

He walks over to Gar and offers him the package. "Here you go!"

He offers no explanation.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan considers the cash Robin comes up with, looking down at himself. His costume does have a belt of sorts, but it certainly doesn't have that kind of dinero! He whistles, "Dude, if being a Robin means you get to go around with moolah like that, where do I sign up? I'll even wear the green underoos." He reconsiders this, adding, "But they'd have to, like, be a darker shade of green than me."

Then it's on to the next place, where he looks around and stage-whispers, "Why does this feel like some sort of weird doctor's office with doors that lead to places people disappear into, never to be seen again?" It could just be an active imagination. A very active imagination, in fact.

Vorpal doesn't help. "What kind of testing?" a suddenly small mouse asks from a much shorter perspective. "I love labs! Even these!" a suddenly larger-than-a-mouse labrador adds, before snatching the package in his mouth to trot down the hall, reaching up with a paw to get a door open.

Oh. It's a changing room!

Oh. There's something in the package!

Oh. It's a thing to put on!

Oh. Gar comes back out a couple minutes later, wearing something completely new. "So, what kind of testing?" It's almost all black, with a white 'bib' up to the neck interrupted by a red chevron, with a few bits of more red down the sides and smaller red chevrons ending just below the knees, leaving the rest of his legs, and arms, free.


Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." The deep, unsettling voice of Batman himself emits from Damian's vocal cords. "Plus, paying off an informant keeps them coming to you, with good information." Going back to his normal tone.

  "Osprey Tharian..." He's never heard that before, but no bother. Once the green lab trots off with the package, and Gar comes out in a new uniform...Robin's eyes flare out a moment after starting to look him over, stopping right below the midsection. "Looks nice on you, but...really leaves nothing to the imagination..." Averting his gaze.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal's breath catches for a second after Gar comes out, and then the Cheshire cat crosses his arms over his chest, eyebrows lifting. "I have to concur with the Robin... it looks nice on you." He steps towards the green Titan, clearly too distracted to disguise his limp, and stops a couple of feet away from Gar. "Wally gave me the name of his costume guy, and /he/ gave me the name of someone who was basically his apprentice and set shop here. I thought I'd give it a try but... man, she does good work!"

He walks around Gar, and grins "I hope you don't mind it. You've been wearingn that black and purple getup since forever, and I thought you could use a shake-up. And," he leans on Gar and winks "I thought it'd be nice to see your shoulders. I like them."

He pauses, remembering Robin's remark. "The fit is a little snug, but it's that new mesh that's all the rage right now- cut and tear resistant... but it's all about how you feel about it. If you think it's too... what Robin said, we can have it remade into, I dunno. Rompers. Or something."

He tries not to laugh at the mental image of Gar, or anyone, in a romper. God, had that even been a thing or had they all hallucinated that?

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan shoots both of them a look, Robin as much as Vorpal. "Yeah, laugh it up, you two. I'm sure you totally didn't give my measurements to them a size small or anything like that," he tells the latter, not that it's /that/ bad. "You do understand like ninety percent of the costumes out there don't hide anything much, right?" Besides, there are things that can be worn to..smoothe out certain areas.

He makes his way directly over to Vorpal to slug him in the shoulder. "Rompers are a no. Flat out. Not happening. Not now. Not ever."

If anything, Robin's the one who gets more of a raised brow, before Gar remembers a thing he was told after a certain tussle. "Well, ah, thanks. I guess it's not bad. It'd take some getting used to. Do you think I should reveal it at the party?"

Catching himself, he clears his throat. "Not /that/ kind of reveal."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "I wouldn't know anything about that. This uniform is armored." Well, duh. It had to be. Bats must be bulletproof, afterall. "Anyway, it's fine."

  "How is a romper different than this? One piece, short legs, no arms?" Robin gives a shrug, and pulls his bag to rest on his back.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Cheshire Cat might as well have grown horns and a spaded tail, because the look in his eyes says it all when he replies- "Well, for starters, I don't think Gar wearing a romper would have made your mask do the boggles." He rubs his shoulder from Gar's slug and smirks, "And here you are, abusing me while I am defending your right to look devastating. Don't think you're not potentially in the doghouse for not telling me about you getting shot in the shoulder by Doctor Light!" he says, tapping Gar's chest with an index finger. Someone had been catching up on recent events in the Titans files!

"Let's go get some food. I'll let you lead the way, since you're the team bottomless pit, Gar." He hits the buzzer and waves to the door, and then he decides that if Robin was going to get Devil Vorpal, it's only fair for Gar to do so as well, "And it's totally not because I want to see you walking away."

He was happy the gift had been well received. He had spent quite a lare portion of his paychecks on it... which is the main reason his account emptied out so quickly after he went missing. He always assumed there were more paychecks coming in from the Planet.

Cheshire cats aren't exactly long term thinkers.

But he will be damned if he'd tell Gar about it now!

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan clears his throat. Loudly. "Robin. Rompers normally have sleeves, which this does not. Rompers normally have shorter legs, which this does not. Rompers normally have open necks, which this does not. Rompers normally fit loosely, which this...does not."

He stares down both of them, as if daring them to challenge him. "Therefore, this is not a romper. It doesn't feel very protective either, though."

He shoots another look toward Vorpal, then passes off any mention of Doctor Light and all that except to say, "Yeah, we kinda got attacked while you were all missing, but we took care of it." He does move to lead the way, but does so with more of a sideways upright crab walk, so as to deny Vorpal the pleasure. Will he do that the entire way toward a place to eat? Don't test him.

"How does sushi sound to you?" he questions.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Yeah, right." Damian dismisses, before following Gar.

  Green boots and golden-lined cape, Robin strutting down the sidewalk with the other Titans. "Fine with me." He adds, not that he would ever refuse sushi, it's at least not ANOTHER pizza.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal hmms at Gar's reply, "You know, I think an open neck would look even better on you. Plunging neckline, even," he now is clearly just being silly for its own sake, probably as revenge for Gar's crab-walk.

"Fine, be like that. We'll go for Sushi, but you're going to have to turn your back on me one of these days, you know!" he says, walking past Gar, ready to lead the way to the nearest sushi place.

Halfway down the staircase, he pauses for a second as l'esprit de l'escalier catches up to him about what he has just said, and hurriedy adds "Forget I said that. SUSHI RIGHT? Oh boy I am so hungry!"

He doesn't even bother to disguise the limp, as he rushes down.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan mutters, mostly as an aside to Robin, "So, suddenly I'm thinking a cape might be a good idea."

He pointedly ignores all the attempts to tease him that come from Vorpal. There is a plethora of sushi rolls to be thinking about.


Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Don't you go naked when you change form anyway? Not like the costume goes with you." He continues to Gar.

  As the trio keeps walking, Robin cups his mouth to a makeshift bullhorn. "Jesus Christ, someone get this cat a Gatorade to quench the thirst?" He says out loud, so that literally EVERYONE ELSE on the sidewalk can hear them.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal shoots back a glance at Robin that is comprised of equal parts sass and daggers. "... Yeah, well..."

The inside of his ears is red as could be, but he straightens up and crosses his arms, "Since you're rolling in dough, sushi's on you, Boy Wonder. Don't you worry about my thirst, I've got plenty to drink back at home."

He shoots Gar another sass-and-daggers look, and then proceeds to walk faster. The Sushi place is only down the block, but to him it feels like he has to trek half the city to get there.