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Titans Holiday Party - The Wintering
Date of Scene: 23 December 2020
Location: Roof - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: The Titans Holiday party, where there was much merryment, good cheer.... and glitter. And drunk raccoons.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Diana Prince, Gar Logan, Peter Parker, Caitlin Fairchild, Kara Danvers, Cassie Sandsmark, Siobhan Smythe, Damian Wayne, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Kate Bishop, Kian, Vivian Vision, Gamora, Peter Quill, Donna Troy, Rachel Roth, Clint Barton, Bart Allen, Rocket

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Oh come, all ye hungry. The gloriously open space of the rooftop has seen a pretty extensive makeover- taking advantage of the repairs needed after the Milano's love-tap against the tower, plans for the holiday gathering began almost immediately, and so did the necessary modifications. Temporary wind shields have been installed along the railings to guard guests from the winter winds coming from the bay without robbing them of the view of the skyline. Outdoor heaters have been installed at carefully-planned interals to ensure that most of the area is covered, and thus ensure that no guest is uncomfortably cold tonight.

The entire area is festooned with twinkling white lights to set the holiday mood, and a generous buffet table with holiday feasts catering to various diets occupies a decent length of one of the walls, and another table with seasonal drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic.

Several entertainment stations are set out across the rooftop- including a karaoke pod for those who are brave enough, while the majority of free space on the roof has been set with tables and chairs for eating and conversation. The requisite holiday tree, with its lights, ornaments and obligatory angel on the top is part of a tastefull-decorated holiday display.

The pool and hot tub are open and functional, for those who want to make use of the heated water, unlikely though it may be during Winter, but you never knew with some of the Titans.

Soft music plays over hidden loudspeakers, soft enough so as not to drown conversation. Currently, Vorpal is fiddling with the controls, trying to make sure the playlist hasn't been tampered by Gar. Just, you know, in case.

"A Smurfs' christmas carol?" he mutters to himself as he reads the title. Should he blame Gar? or Vic? or... "Nevermind." He hurriedly deletes it, hoping he didn't miss any further offerings down the track. He nervously glances up as he emerges from the elevator, to survey if any new arrivals have... well. Arrived.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had arrived a little bit ago. She'd brought a number of bags filled with gifts for the Titans that had been appropriate distributed to the proper location, before making her way to the party area.

Currently, the Princess has garnered herself a drink, and is walking toward the Hot Tub. Raising her glass, she takes a sip from it, as she's unabashedly strolling across the rooftop wearing a black bikini with gold trim. She'd changed in to it only moments ago, and was now headed toward the relaxation station.

The hot tub.

Once there, the Princess of Themyscira ups and sweeps a leg over the edge to crawl in to the bubbling hot water, where she descends in to it's warm glowing embrace. Now, she smiles, sips her drink and offers waves and nods to others near by!

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's taken up residence by the snacks. They might as well have just set an entire table up for him and saved the rest for another. A handful of this, a nibble of that...it's probably a good thing he isn't going straight to the pool afterward, though as he turns to watch Diana moving for the hot tub in that bikini of hers...oh, what was that tasty piece of chocolate? He goes back to digging through the munchies, determined to find more of whatever /that/ was.

He's also dressed in something completely new for a costume: https://i.imgur.com/mIv8Ccx.png

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter didn't feel comfortable showing up to this shindig in his civvies. At least Spider-Man has followers...okay, a FEW, but still better than none.

So, it's Spider-Man who shows up. He's always felt more comfortable wearing the suit. And not just because it's insulated, thanks to Ted. He's more...HIMSELF when no one knows who he really is.

He offers the invite to the doorman checking tickets, stepping into the elevator.

Nothing too weird. He'll say hi to the people he knows, try to keep his mouth shut and his eyes open, and bail when the inevitable supervillian shows up to steal all the Hostess Fruit Pies.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Christmas is work, and Caitlin is the sort of person who loves Christmas and is more than willing to put the effort into it. The decorations were always a team effort, the disjointed little family coming together to decorate the tree. Some had brought family in attendance; Caitlin's adopted brother is present and casually chatting up a few other guests, drink in hand.

Caitlin herself had been baking and cooking nonstop, all day. It's been most of fourteen hours of the Tower smelling like cookies, gingerbread, pies, puddings, glazed ham, and everything else imaginable.

She'd been forced to concede to outsourcing *some* of the cooking to caterers, just because no one-- even Caitlin-- can cook for the entire Titans roster /and/ their assorted friends and family.

She's donned a festive dress in hollyberry red, an a-frame cut with long sleeves and white fur cuffs and hem, and seems unable to stop lurking over the tables to make last-minute adjustments to everything plated out for the guests.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara is dressed as her usual self, Supergirl, except with a floppy red hat with white fluffy trim. She lands gently on the roof top and waves to those who have already gathered. "Friends," she says with a smile and then wanders over to the table of snacks. Yum.

    "I love this time of year. It is when the world reminds me the most of Krypton. Not the cold and the snow, but the.. palette? I think that's the right way to describe it." She gives a gentle friendly hip to hip tap to Peter and slings an arm around Caitlin to give her a passing-by snug.

    "Hot tub, that's a fantastic idea," she says remarking on Diana's preparedness. She pulls off her long red boots and tosses the alien garb aside, then slips in to the hot tub. "Oooh yes. This is nice. Cold weather, hot water."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Make that two Amazons for the water!

It may well be Cassie that reminded a certain princess of the fact of the Titans rooftop pool facilities, to make sure she had her suit. Because there's something a bit of off-the-wall appeal to turning a Christmas party into a pool thing.

Naturally, Cassie never had to go and change, she showed up in her suit in the first place since she's got a room downstairs. The suit is a bright red one piece (very much what one might now call the famous 'Baywatch' look, now). An advantage of these monochrome red numbers is that you can easily purchase them online with all kinds of amusing slogans printed on the front. Hers reads: 'SLEIGH ALL DAY.'

By now, like Diana, she's had time to make a quick trip to the buffet, and so she's brought a well-stocked plate full of food, healthy and otherwise, along with a cup of totally not spiked punch. And she's brought all of this to set right on the side of the hottub where they can reach it easily, and dunked herself in. "Ahhhhhhhh. Isn't this great? The warm water feels so much better when you get a bit frosty first and then plunk yourself in to warm up!"

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Siobhan's brother went back to Ireland, partially to see home and partially to visit their father and mother's Graves. He was not present when their father died. Siobhan was not going with him for a number of reasons. Now she sits at the edge of the roof, away from others. She is past the wind screen and feeling the cold in her human form. She is shivering a little but she wants to feel it at the moment

A glance back toward the party and she frowns a little before shaking her head and pushing up to her feet to teeter at the edge of the building. She gazes down at the ground below and sucks in a breath before shaking her head.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin, ever clad in his mask, and uniform, maintained a vigil over the party. He had agreed to be there, but he wasn't exactly the most...warm of people.

  He eyed some of the people in the hot tub, and got reminded of the hot springs on Infinity Island. Not that he expected to, he eventually leaned up by the bar, staring into the horizon, wondering how his mother was doing, even if he disliked her, he couldn't cut his emotions from her.

  So, there he remained, sipping on a Soder-Cola, not unlike a bump on a log.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia steps out of the elevator with one of her most common companions, and fellow GIRL member, Vivian Vision in tow. "In Russia they always said Christmas was in January, but the Red Room never really did anything for it, it wasn't emphasized like Defender of the Fatherland Day. I did some research though and Christmas seems more complicated than quantum physics, there's saints, and demons, and trees, and lights, and some guy in a red suit breaking into people's homes. That part sounds like a Soviet plot to plant monitoring devices. But the one thing they all seem to agree on is giving presents." A conversation from the elevator continuing as they leave.

Nadia is dressed in a skirted red velvet santa costume with white fur trim, complete with hat, and has a large box of something under one arm, likely the result of more holiday research, it is wrapped in brightly colored paper and tied with more ribbons and bows than even seems possible. When she sees the scene and the decorations and the food though, she stops short. "Wow." is all she can manage as she stares wide-eyed at the entire scene.

Kate Bishop has posed:
A 'friends' Christmas Party down in Metropolis is plenty of cover to miss one of the Bishop Family Events. Yes they start before Christmas Eve, blame Manhattan social circles and hosting parties as her sister and father seem to enjoy.

Kate is thankful for the fact the Titans have given her an excuse. She is also generically thankful for the Titans, even Terry, for coming back from Space.

The archer meanders off the elevator after checking the various security cams. No one here whom she doesn't feel secure with her identity, unlike some paranoid people. Still Identities are sacred trusts and all that, so she won't be snarking at anyone.

"Okay.. I admit I was skeptical of having a Christmas party by the ocean up this high at this time of year... but I was wrong." glancing at the various heaters and windbreaks and how they are working in practice.

While she isn't wearing all of her gear, she does set the WonderBow and a couple of the special quivers by the elevator. Just in case. Otherwise she has on a a pair of black jeans, cute boots, and a Hawkeye themed ugly christmas sweater. Original Avenger not her take on Hawkeye since Stark has a lot of merch out in the world for the Avengers. The little Clint Hawkeye with Bow comes complete with little santa hat on the sweater.

"Nice outfit Nadia." she compliments.

Kian has posed:
    Kían doesn't really understand what Christmas is about.
    Granted, the person who tried to explain the holiday to him was Terry, so that's not a surprise.  He's probably lucky he wasn't told to paint himself orange and hop on on foot for the holiday.
    But Gods and Goddesses, he's not going to turn down a party for whatever reason.  It's been a long and crazy couple of months, for everyone.  A little unwinding is going to be not only welcome, but healthy.
    So he's sprawled out on his side on a deck chair, accompanied by the bottle Harley sent him via Terry, and a plate of the most sugar-laden treats available that *don't* have eggs in them too.
    And just watches a while.  He has no clear idea how earth people celebrate things.  Watch and learn.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara has a somewhat happy smile on her face and she curls the cloak over her chest like a shawl. "I already spend day in and day out mostly dressed in what's usually reserved for ceremonial occasions, why not in a hot tub?" She nods to Cassie, "Yes definitely. Cold then hot. Then cold again. Then the hot again." She shuts her eyes suddenly reminded of entering/exiting the Fortress of Solitude.

    "We did not have a holiday quite like this one on Krypton. The giving of gifts was without ceremony or date. But there were kinds of gifts for each step in your education," she comments and then dips down under the water completely, her blonde hair floating about. She takes the moment to enjoy the extra quiet of being under water and stares up at the sky, wibbly wobbly though the water.

    Kara resurfaces and takes in a gentle breath. "So.. since you're both here in the hot tub," she says and says as slyly as she can muster, which isn't very sly at all, "When do we get to go to Themyscira?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
Being almost two whole years old this marks the first Christmas party that Vivian has been invited to. And, in keeping with the holiday season, she's wearing a costume that matches her Great Aunt Nadia. Her holographic disguise is disabled and she's got a mostly green one piece dress on with red trim, green and white striped socks and a pointy elf hat.

And yes. Her shoes do have little bells on.

"We did not have religious holidays in my virtual upbringing. Or parties in general," she replies while hefting a sack of gifts over her shoulder. The sack is big enough it barely fits through the doors! "Thankfully my etiquette protocols fully detail the importance of gift giving. So I have been able to properly prepare."

Gamora has posed:
    Well, at least Gamora is dressed appropriately. Sort of. The revealing narrow V-cut green leotard would suggest as much... but she's also wearing thigh length boots, gloves, and a *cloak*, so...
    Actually, did anyone tell her it was a pool party?
    She stands against a wall with her arms crossed, her expression suspicious. "So. This is how primitives revel." Her eyes narrow. "With water, and dip."

Peter Quill has posed:
    "You're not wearing the crocs I got you." Is the pronouncement that Starlord, Legendary Outlaw, greatest of the crew of the Milano and de facto leader of it, and the most stalwart representative of the Planet Earth in the galaxy...makes to Gamora. He is wearing his crocs, they are a brilliant robin's egg blue and match his speedo but do not match the big red trenchcoat he is wearing as well.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian interjected towards Gamora. "Not all primitives." Before standing up from the barstool, and continuing. "In my culture, major holidays were celebrated with a tournament culminating in a death match."

  Then looking over Starmunch, with...then shoes. "What are those?" Is all that he says.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Siobhan jumps off. She pulls in a sharp breath and feels the cold air rushing past her and just as the ground comes close she rips into the Banshee form like a blaze of blue flame that licks over her form and she vanishes. A moment later the Silver Banshee appears near the pool, staring with haunting eyes toward the party. Siobhan looks over toward the hot tub and then the food.

She then walks over toward the table and picks up a bit of food on to a plate before slowly the form of the Banshee falls away and Siobhan is standing there, casually eating a bit of finger food.

Diana Prince has posed:
Properly submerged in the hot tub up to her shoulders, Diana dips down low enough to nearly touch the bubbling hot water with her chin before she raises up again and lets her now wet shoulders back up from under the water. With the glow of the tub's lights upon her body within, she's all smiles as others come to join her. Her eyes first go to Cassie who comes in and brings the food. "Ah, yes... the essentials." Diana says to her good friend and younger sister. Another sip of her drink is taken as her peripheral vision causes her to look over when Kara removes boots, and nothing else to join them. This gets a bubbly playful laugh from the Princess. "Superlative." She says to the Kryptonian, "As one would expect."

With her glass in her right hand, Diana enjoys another sip before smiling over to Kara and her question about Themyscira. "The Invisible Jet is just over there." She points off in to the northern horizon, it... of course isn't visible. "Would you like to go after the party?" She asks, grinning, serious or not! Who is to say.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's spot by the food, in his neat new costume, allows him the best of both worlds. He can watch who's coming in, but also keep snacking. He cleans off another small plate of stuff, both made by Caitlin and catered in by whoever else helped, then he covers his mouth to hide a belch and takes note of a couple of the Milano's crew showing up, looking..like that. The green one? That's some kind of costume. The one with the trenchcoat leads to him dipping his attention toward the food again, snagging another plate to make his way toward another part of the roof so that he might socialize. "Man, I missed parties like these. I missed all the chow, too."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal is dressed for the holidays too. On top of his usual uniform, he's wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater(tm)- this particular one has an image of Bea Arthur presiding over a field of christmas trees, each one more garish than the other. The sweater is festooned with the obligatory glitter, and the trees have lights made out of little color-changing LEDs. Under this holiday apocalypse, the words I'LL BEA HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is written.

"Holy. Everybody arrived while I was downstairs," he mutters, and grins. Everybody was here- or almost everybody. Donna and Rae hadn't showed up yet- but fashionable lateness and all that.

"Nadia, Viv, hello!" he says, grinning. To complement his outfit, he is also wearing a party hat- a paper party hat.

Okay. It's a paper Tiara. A paper Wonder Woman tiara, in fact. That's because he assumed Diana would be far too busy with Embassy winter stuff to show up here, and Donna wouldn't give him too much guff. "I'll be right back, I need to greet one of our guests-" whom he spots coming out of the elevator, red and blue. Moving away from Nadia and Viv, he makes his way over to Spider-Man. "Spidey! You made it!"

Is Spider-Man a hugger? A fist-bumper? A hand-shaker? A high-fiver? Vorpal doesn't know, so he just goes for the high-five. "Come in, I'll introduce you to the gang. How was the swing here?" he gestures to the refreshment table.

He narrows his eyes as he spots a figure teetering on the edge of the roof. He's about to run to her when... suddenly Sio is now by the table. So he covers the space, "Heey, Sio, have you met Spidey?" he asks, his eyes giving her a quick check-in of the 'everything okay?' kind.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora inclines her head towards Quill - her captain, by all accounts - and speaks with the famous steely composure of the deadliest woman in the galaxy when she replies, simply, "They had holes in them." and then looks away. Gamora offers a brief, silent double take at Quill's appearance, but is distracted before she can comment.
    Gamora arches one eyebrow at Damian, almost alarmed that one of the unpredictably powered natives is speaking to her. She tilts her head thoughtfully with some interest and notes, "So mark occasions in the same manner as birthdays." She concludes, speaking from personal experience she does not yet know to be rather alien. Even for aliens. "I suppose some tradition is important."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey blinked as Supergirl was just...THERE, giving him a light hip-check. (He knows it's light because he wasn't sent to Yonkers with it.) And let's see...Wonder Girl, and Wonder Woman in the hot tub. Thousands of male and female fans were probably feeling it on some level. The guy looking over the small crowd doing a scary imitation of Batman had to be Robin, if the costume wasn't enough of a giveaway.

Quite a few others, but he had no idea who they were. Which made sense. They didn't exactly run in the same circles.

He wandered over to the buffet table, wondering what the spread was going to be at this party.

He looked around once more. The girl who kicked his butt at chess is here...but that's a new look for her. Well, he kinda had one up on her, seeing he had a better idea who she was whereas she didn't.
Then his eyes fall on Siobhan as she walks up and is pondering how to greet her when Terry shows up, calling his name. Okay, one more person who knows him.

"Hey, Terry...actually, I kinda do know the lady." He looks to Siobhan. "How's the family issues these days?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Riiiight?" Cassie enthuses, agreeing with Kara... which technically means she's now just agreeing with herself. But it's hard NOt to be enthusiastic for the luxuries of their rooftop escape. She leans back against the rim of the tub, spreading her arms behind her, and tilts her head back a bit so she can stare up skyward. "This is the liiiiiiiiife." Unlike various compatrios of more exotic backgrounds, for her, this sort of fancy livin' is an advantage of superhero status: before that, she never got to lounge on exotic private beaches or luxurious megatower rooftops.

When she pulls her head back down and forward from her stargazing, she spots an arrival and calls, "K-" OK, she ALMOST calls out, not 100% on the secret ID stuff as usual but playing it safe. "Hawkchick! Ooooover heeeeeere!" By the end, she's reared up out of the water some to wave in Kate's direction, as well.

And this greeting seems to dovetail with what Kara asks. "We've been talking about more visits to the island recently. I'm allowed to fly the Jet and bring Titans," she points out. "Kate," she forgets the secrecy just that quickly, but then again, she's talking at tub-adjacent volume now, "came with me the last time I went. And I have another friend I'm gonna start training. Plus I'm trying to convince Hippolyta to work with my mom on starting some... civillian outreach stuff. It'll help people be more trusting and accepting of the Amazons, I think, y'know? To see how they live."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Kara's hug is returned when she passes past Caitlin, with a warm smile to boot. "Glad you made it," she tells the Kryptonian, and helps load her plate before the blonde girl can depart.

Caitlin can't seem to break away from the serving table. Even if everything's notionally self-serve. As people come up she ends up plating their food for them or helping pile on seconds, thirds, and fourths as she's able.

"And food," Caitlin tells Gamora-- and offers her one such heavily-laden plate. And then one for Peter, too. "Are you guys having fun? I'm glad you came up from the ship to join us, I know it's a little crazy here sometimes but Christmas is just one of those holidays where the more really is the merrier," she beams.

Peter Quill has posed:
    "The holes let the /water/ out, Gamora. So you can wear them when you swim but still get traction when you wanna walk. They're brilliant. They're Crocs buckaroo." The last casted off towards Damian Wayne who has made his appearance only to denigrate him. "Its your planet too. We are! Yes! It seems a wonderful party that nobody will find cause to ruin. Which just means its perfect." Peter Quill lives his life waiting for Rocket or another assorted crew member to ruin things.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Well, Hawkchick isn't the worst nickname she has managed to accumulate since she started fighting crime. Cassie waving and yelling it does ellicit a snort of laughter though. "Right the hot tub, figures." she snags her bow from by the elevator and slings it over her sweater. "Be right there!" she calls back to Cassie.

Honestly she isn't in full gear or sporting the shades, so it isn't like the whole Kate thing is liable to bug her much, not that she heard it at the whole hot tub level of volume. "Oh hey Spiderman cool" she shoots a wave at him and then gives the Guardians an odd look. "Um.. no one wears crocs." she notes helpfully to Starlord.

That humanitarian mission accomplished she swings by the buffet, gets mostly Caitlin brand christmas desserts, and heads to the hot tub. "I had a blast." about Themyscira "And look forward to going back, need to harvest more archery and sword practice from them.. they know tricks that have been extinct outside their island for centuries." she plops down by the hot tub, but dry to eat a cookie.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara gathers her holiday hat back up and puts it on her now soaked hair. She glances over at the empty space and then back to Diana, "Yes." She says so flatly and instantly and her smile grows a little wider. Kara gets her hopes up. She's a good friend of Kal, what could possibly go wrong?

    She listens to what Cassie describes about outreach and training and her expression grows brighter by the moment, "That all sounds fantastic." She waves to Kate, "Come enjoy being hot in the tub. /ghylahv :zeht im shovuh/" (rest-day aka 'holiday' of affection)

    She throws her hands up in the air splashing some water about, "This is a true delight. Krypton needed more holidays like this." She looks over to Gamora and Quill and remarks, "Ah more of the Milano. The ones who were busy down below while we were dealing with the pirates. If I remember correctly, Starlord? and Gamora?" She floats up out of the pool and lands near the Milano crew, "I'm Supergirl. The one that took that big gun shot from your ship to the chest."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Siobhan looks over at the various people briefly before she notes the incoming Spider-Man and Terry. She gives Terry a look in return before looking to Spider-Man and pops a bit of food into her mouth.

"A demon man named Hellboy saved my brot'er from a hellscape wit'in my dead mot'er before I ate and destroyed her soul wit'in da hellscape dat lives wit my body." Siobhan eats another bit of food and nods, "And now we Celebrate Christmas." She sucks in a breath, "How are you doin'?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes scan over the party attendees, and should Spidey look her way, she'll offer him a wave with her left hand, bringing it up out of the water to splash some around while doing so. When she spots Terry-- and his paper Themyscira tiara --she has a grin cross her lips. Turning to her left, she reaches up out of the tub to her bag she had sat down beside the hot tub prior to going to get changed. She pulls something out of the bag and sweeps her body back down in to the nice hot water...

Diana holds the real tiara up until she can garner Terry's attention. "Heads up!" She shouts from the hot tub, and tosses the tiara toward him, giving it a nice arc so it'll come down perfectly easy to catch for almost anyone!

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin nodded. "My mother, grandfather, and I, every year as well. Legions of assassins fighting for the glory of being our champion each year."

  Though Peter Quill's use of a childish epithet only serves to get Damian grumpy. "That will be the final time you call me that and keep your entrails, inside your body." Said plainly and clearly. Deciding to break off from conversation, he goes back to his barstool, and the obscenely sweet Soder-Cola.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora blinks rapidly with surprise as she's presented with a plate that now depends on her not to fall, gripping it with both gloved hands. "Well. We do not want to appear ungracious for your hospitality." She replies, then hurriedly whispers to Quill, concerning her food, "Tell me quickly if any of these are Earth insects." and then clears her throat. "Thank you." She says, and squints vaguely at a potato chip.
    When Kara makes her appearance, Gamora shifts her weight slightly, trying not to give away any discomfort at being surrounded. When Kara speaks of being shot, Gamora nods her head in recognition. "Ah. Yes. Your survival was alarming." A beat passes. "Surprising." She corrects herself without changing expression, or moving.
    When Damian threatens Quill, Gamora inclines her head to Quill once more and asks, simply, "Should I kill him?" This comes up way too often.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Cheshire cat nods, "Oh, nice," he says by way of reply when Spidey admits to knowing Siobahn. "It's good that-" and then Petey mentions the family issue. Terry's internal red flag starts to wave like crazy, but he doesn't quite know how to stop it from happening. 'How about those Dodgers?' won't cover it here, not when the Silver Banshee had just come from, basically, eating her mother's soul. He glances to one side... Gar, where was Gar? He could be a distraction to lighten the mood, he could turn into something fuzzy and funny and-

He pauses.

Wait. Was that Wonder Woman? In the hot tub?

Cats can't pale visibly, thank goodness.

"Oh my god she's trying to kill me!" he whispers as the tiara flies through the air. Has he offended the Themysciran gods by wearing this? Is he to be punished? His hand flies up and suddenly...

He stares at the tiara. Then he stares at Diana. Then he stares at the tiara again, and his mouth opens, although no sound comes out.

And then he looks at Siobhan, and then at Spidey.

"I... uh... I..."

He looks around, the inside of his ears turning bright red as he holds the Tiara.

Peter Quill has posed:
    Starlord waits long enough for Damian Wayne to make his way off towards wherever else he is going. Then a broad and big smile. "I like him." Which should be enough to keep Gamora from participating in Damian Wayne's culture and their death matches. At least today. Gamora holding the heavy platter means Peter Quill gets time to look among the offerings and pluck a tasty morsel up from the plate and into his mouth and go "MMM."

Gamora has posed:
Gamora squints "Is that a yes to killing him, or a no to insects?" She asks Quill. "Or..." she glances about uncomfortably, "... the other way around?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana, of course, is grinning ear to ear at Terry's reaction to catching the Tiara and holding it. She loves her fans, and tries to always make them smile. Quickly to respond she raises her hand up and points at her own forehead. "Put it on!" She says/mouths for him to hopefully hear/understand and do just that. She raises her drink to him then before glancing Cassie's way and smiling to her too.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan happens to pass by Vorpal just as the tiara is being caught. Where did he come from?

Just as Kara gave Spider-Man a hip-bump earlier, now it's Gar's turn to do likewise to the feline. "Go ahead, put it on. Obviously that's what she tossed it to you for. And pick your jaw up from the floor, first."

He pops a small salmon-wrapped hors d'oeuvre into his mouth, a satisfied expression on his face. Robin's over there by the two from the ship, Spider-Man gets a wave when any attention is picked up on, then he takes a few steps toward Kian. "S'up, yo? Is this crazy enough for you yet?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"You're basically a trainee now," Cassie points out to Kate as she makes her way over, remaining at tub-side without getting in. "So like, you're welcome whenever. Lemme know when you've got a weekend free, y'know, after the New Years or whatever, and we can go visit. I have another friend I'm supposed to uh, help initiate or whatever, and get her started training. So it'll be cool to have a couple of you along, and you can help me show her the ropes." Also, let's be real, since Kate is hanging out at the edge Cassie is going to splash her at SOME point, it's just a question of when her attention wanes...

But her eyes snap over to the flying tiara, caught just out of the corner of her vision, and for a moment she looks like she's about ready to leap into heroic action, rising upright and hovering above the water (which may also cause some unintended splashing!)... until she realizes that it's a friendly, low-speed toss. She gives a laugh, as Terry catches it, shakes her head, and plops back down in the water.

"I was worried we were under attack there, for a second!" Never know with that battle jewelry!

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia eventually shakes off the mystique of all the Christmas decorations, seeing such a thing for the first time is a magical sight unlike anything she's ever seen, and that list includes actual magic. She gives Vivian a bright smile, grinning from ear to ear, "That's great. You do always bring those nice gift baskets."

She then skips over to the buffet, homing in like she has some sort of radar on Caitlin's cooking, it has been far too long since she has been able to eat the previously missing Titan's fantastic treats. Terry gets a big smile and a wave as she stacks a plate with sugary baked goods, enough to potentially keep her wired for days, were it not for her overclocked metabolism.

She stops and blinks for a moment at Peter's entrance, that is an outfit the likes of which she has never seen before, though after coming to the West she has encountered all manner of weirdness, just sort of shrugging it off. Gamora gets a bright smile though, "Hi, Gamora! Thank you for not attacking me while I was working on fixing your ship!"

And there is Spider-Man, too! "Oh cool! Someone knows Spider-Man?" Her attention continues getting pulled in a dozen directions at once and eventually she just takes a bite from a cupcake on her plate, with an expression of extreme satisfaction. God she missed this, everyone together again, and having fun, and Cait's baked goods.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara grins a touch at that response from Gamora, "Thank you again, both of you, for the lift back to Earth. My friend Rae got us there, but wasn't able to get us back. We really had been looking for our lost friends for months."

    Kara looks over to Damian, fearless leader, with a touch of concern. "Hey the food is excellent, my compliments to the chef. I attempted to create /zhuklak/ for people to try. However, it was a sad failure. It deflated, the taste was wildly off. It was unpalatable. But, I promise you my friends I will continue to try to recreate Kryptonian cuisine on Earth."

    Her eyes track the thrown tiara and they widen, "Yes Princess. Wear the tiara of mighty power." She lifts her chin encouragingly and folds her arms. "Then we shall fight evil side by side." Not that they don't already, but still.

    Kara double takes a moment and moves over to Nadia, "_You_ should know Spider-Man." She waves to Peter, "Come over here and meet The Wasp! She's amazing and smart and has a pure heart. You know, like you."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision nods in greeting to Terry, then glances back to Nadia. "I will drop these over by the tree," she decides. "As it will be awkward for people to open gifts if they are engaging in other activities. Alas I had not anticipated the need for waterproof wrapping.."

And so she spends a few moments emptying the oversized sack out. There's something for all of the Titans based on a very detailed algorithmic selection process! Peppermint candy Bird-a-rangs for Robin and Nightwing. Cookbook selection loaded onto an e-ink reader for Caitlin. Sparkly crystal geodes for Kara. Candycane arrows for Kate. A guitar tuner for Siobhan. And some carved marble Greco-Roman style statues for Cassie & Donna. For Terry a Lewis Carroll first edition (alas not in great condition she's working on a budget!).

She's even got token gifts for the crew of the Milano! A selection of movies about aliens landing on Earth. For the more mysterious Titans like Raven though... alas it's just gift vouchers.

Once this is done she looks around for somewhere to mingle.

Kian has posed:
    Well, observing isn't making anything clearer.  Kían flits over to the tree, circles it a couple times with an expression that reads as incomprehension, and is about to kick into the air to find Gar when Gar finds him first.  "Crazy, I do not know.  It iss... I do not under-stan'.  T--/Vor-pal/," he says, not sure whether this is a names or codenames event and erring on the side of caution, "has try to ex-plain the holiday to me, but you know what his ex-plains are like.  It iss a birth-day party, I thin'?"
    Really, if Vorpal was doing the explaining, Kian's lucky to have gleaned *that* much....

Kate Bishop has posed:
To Cassie "Awesome. They are really good at fighting. I look forward to another archery contest." she grins. "And sure Amazon bootcamp sounds like a good post new years way to work off any of the holiday food."

"I was worried Diana was going to decapitate Terry for a minute there. I mean not on purpose but like when he froze in panic and fumbled it right into his face or something. The Planet article would be staggering about it later." amusement in her eyes there.

She eats a gingerbread then leans and waves towards Caitlin "These are wonderful cookies Caitlin!" enthusiastic, and frankly just happy to have all the Titans back.

She turns to Kara and peers "Well I am happy to try some Kryptonian cooking experimentaton sometime SG." she grins and keeps munching on her food. "I'll join you all in a few, got my suit on under this. Just didn't want to be the only one to do it... which I shouldn't have been afraid of."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man nods. At least Siobhan's problem du jour seems to have been handled. He is about to speak when Gar passes by, then says, "Well, okay, I guess. Feel a little like when I was a kid and was invited to eat at the adult's table, but with most of the present company, I guess it'll be like that..." He chuckles.

Spider-Man stops and looks over at Supergirl, then comically points to himself with a questioning look.

Yeah, she meant him. And...well, considering what he'd been thinking an hour before, at least he's one-for-three.

He walks over to Supergirl and Wasp.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora just... nods a bit awkwardly to Nadia. If only her sister had that perspective on these things.

Donna Troy has posed:
    How do you manage to be so late to a party when you live about thirty feet away from it? Apparently by being Raven and Troia. It kind of makes sense. Troia is usually late for things. Raven - well, it's hard to say. Even when she's late she tends to give the impression she had been there all the time and you just /hadn't noticed/ that she was standing behind you all along, watching. Judging.

    Nevertheless, they are late. There has been much debating. It was a holiday party, and they had to attend, whatever Raven claimed. Troia was insistent on this. There was a hot tub, people would be getting into it, bikinis should be worn. She was rather less insistent on this, though it had been a point of discussion that had involved a complicated discussion of the nature of tradition and how many people Raven was willing to eliminate from reality.

    Who had won the debate? What compromises had been sought, what deals struck? When the elevator slides open and Donna steps out, all waves, she's clad in a black bikini ready for the hot tub - and a glass of bubbly, much needed after the long discussion. As for Raven - Donna gestures into the shadows of the elevator, calling her forth like the summoning of some particularly grumpy demon...

Peter Quill has posed:
"Theres no french people here, you won't be eating frogs or crickets or.....Its safe. Probably. C'mon. Try anything thats chocolate." Ohhhh. Gifts. "We didn't get you anything. Because we're aliens and we didn't know about your planet's cultures and festivals." Missouri Boy Peter Quill falls back to the tried and true method of 'lying' to save face." He'll pick out something chocolate that might not have insects inside of it for Gamora. "Uhhh...who else did we let mess with the Milano?"

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora looks confused for a moment when Quill claims to be an alien, and turns her head to him, "I thought you said-" but she is presented with chocolate before she can finish that thought, taking it between two fingers suspiciously and nibbling at the end.
    Her eyes very slowly go very, very wide.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry just... stares at the Tiara for a second, and then suddenly everybody is urging him to put it on. And then suddenly, the Cheshire cat fully takes over. How can he resist? Vorpal raises the tiara high, and then places it on his head.

And there is a blast of multicolored light, several rainbows, a good amount of apparently magical glitter that obscures his figure...

And there is Vorpal, in a male variant of the Wonder Woman uniform that Donna knows all to well. The W has been replaced by a ^__^ which... really, ough to be expected.

Spreading his arms, he does a little twirl.

"Well? How do I look?" he calls out...

And then he notices Donna coming in.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan clears his throat. "Well, uh, see..Christmas is this religious holiday, but if you don't believe in the religion it's still just a time for family to get together and give each other gifts, and eat a lot of food, and put up decorations, and.."

He's talking to Kian, but his attention is drawn mostly toward the visual put on by Vorpal as he becomes..that. Suddenly his own new costume seems easily forgettable, and he facepalms. "Oh, God...and there's Donna and, probably, Raven. What perfectly Titans timing."

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter Quill is rambling. He does that frequently, this stream of consciousness is about the wonders of Netflix and how he is getting someone to download it onto the Milano. It isn't a lengthy ramble, because he looks back towards Gamora and she is currently focused instead upon what she is tasting and inevitably not on what he is saying. Which is a common problem he has.

"What? Did it crunch? I'm sure thats just nuts not bugs." He'll try one of the same pieces he ate and is nodding. "Mhm.JustNuts."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian turned to Kara and nodded. "And this...zhuk...lak, what is it made from?" He asks, actually curious to know. You'd never guess it from his size and...squinkly build, that he enjoyed food from other cultures.

  He hadn't heard talks of visiting Themysciera before. Even with perception, there were too many conversations being had to take on everything. He decided to toss out his usual demeanor, by way of making an exit, with the cape, it was much more dramatic than he actually intended, and could be mistaken for stomping off.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    The night so far had been utterly Faustian for Donna. Raven made sure of that. It's never good when Raven's first statement in a 'pleasant discussion' is 'It's a pagan ritual celebrated by people that to some degree don't know what it means, or don't know its roots, or would simply wish ill on...'

    The statement continued for a while. It can be akin to wearing down the Rock of Gibraltar, getting Raven to do anything so unconscionably /social./ Donna had to agree to various unnamable, small-print laden bargains just to get Rachel to /agree to go./

    Had it ended there, they'd have practically been /early./ Donna, of course, had to bring up that she'd gone /shopping/ and that she'd /gotten/ Raven something, and uttered the vomitous phrases of /it would be nice if.../ and /I'd love it if.../

    Of course, Donna has an argumentative tactic of never pressing further, but continuing to lean- she doesn't get more aggressive... But she doesn't let /up,/ either.

    Eventually, with the signing of more imaginary contracts, it wore Raven down.

    Stepping out of the elevator after Donna is Rachel Roth, more physically exposed than she's /ever been./ It's a mildly sensible two-piece, similar to Donna's, though Raven's skintone causes an extreme contrast. Further still is the evidence that it was bought -for- her rather than -by- her, as doing such a thing without the intended wearer's express assistance causes... 'Issues.'

    It's around a size too small, or if anyone wants to die tonight, they could say that Raven is a size too large. She isn't quite as lean as most others, and she is half-demon. Specifically, she is Trigon's Pride, and if we're being honest, she has a lot to be proud of.

    The first one to mention that who doesn't go by the name Troia probably won't make it through the party.

    "I hate this." is all she says, taking Donna's offered hand.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana, from the hot tub, raises her left hand up to her cheek to call out to Terry. "You look -Wonderful-!" She waves at him once more before sitting back again in the bubbling hot water. Another sip of her drink is taken then.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora looks vacantly into the distance, brow furrowing only slightly as she slowly processes, "... Nuts? So your taunt to that man was an invitation for peace. I-" Gamora stops mid sentence and just WINGS her plate to the side without looking, where it sails over the edge of the building leaving a trail of chips and small meat tubes. She immediately uses her newly freed hands to GRAB Quill by both sides of his trench coat and jerk him down to eye level with her. "*That's not important right now!*" She declares fiercely. "Where did you get that?! Did you make it?! What manner of nuts?! You-" Gamora spots the tray with the chocolate and immediately releases Quill, abandoning her line of questioning to grab a handful with wide green eyes.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Gamora gets another smile, as Nadia seems determined to spread brightness and cheer to those around her. Peter's words cause her to peer at him curiously though, "Wait, you're an alien? You don't look like an alien... can you like juggle cars like Supergirl?" It seems to be a completely serioues question.

She watches Vivian head off to put the presents under the tree out of the corner of her eye. That's a good idea, she thinks to herself. But then Kara is there and introducing her to Spider-man, so she just finds a place off to one side to set down the box she was carrying.

"Hello!" She gives him a bright cheery wave, "I am Nadia Pym-van Dyne, also known as the Waspette." No, secret identities here.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Ugh. Don't remind me," Cassie grumbles back at Kate. Holiday binge-eating is the REAL supervillain.

Then she busts out laughing. "Ahahahahha, can you imagine?" It it worrisome that she'd find the prospect of an /accidental decapitation/ hilarious? Maybe it's just... 'Amazon humor.' And on the same topic of that ancient sisterood, she spots Donna shortly after, finally emerging from whatever dark abyss she had to coax her demonic teamate out of! Gang's all here!

Although she waves a greeting at first, she apparently can't quite hold in the excitement and eventually lifts up out of the water again, hovering upright for a moment to let a bit of it drip off before flying across over some of the guests that may be inbetween her and the elevator. It means getting a little above the windshields, but... still not as bad as the void of space, right?

"Dooooonna," she calls, swooping in, landing just beside them. "Oh good, you got the memo!" The Amazon hottub memo, that is. "Ohmygawd Rae you look amazing!" Also, Terry has now apparently fully committed himself to their sisterhood. "Haha, you joining us too, Wonder Boy? Hmm, actually it's getting to be a bunch of us, should we switch to the pool instead?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara smiles to Kate and nods her head, "Consider yourself invited, when I get it right." She looks to fearless leader and says, "A fibrous sea plant called /torlakrah/, not particularly tasty by itself, but if you pull its fibres apart and then bake them. Some people would weave them first in to a fabric like structure before baking it, then once its baked it has pours in it where we add our spices and then flash cook it to fuse the flavours in. You break it up like a brittle and serve with /ntosh/ sauces. You're invite too Robin."

    She sighs, "I have quite the uphill journey to make it taste right, feel right, behave right, look right. But may be one day I'll recreate it with my equipment properly." Ah yes, the mysterious equipment. No doubt she has a secret base somewhere that she keeps this stuff in.

    "Waspette, Spider-Man, Waspette. Talk. Science stuff. Talk science stuff. Materials science in particular," she says with a nod to Nadia, "You two have a lot in common there." She sighs softly and says, "No need to mention the car juggling thing to everyone we meet..." Slightly embarrassment on her face.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan keeps eyes on multiple things on the rooftop, shifting from Kian past Vorpal, to spotting something flying over the side of the tower, tracking it back to a to-do with Gamora and Star-Lord, but then he visibly staggers back, losing what's left on his own plate as it slides toward the floor. "Kian, I..I just saw Raven, and she's showing skin. I'm afraid these are the End Times."

He blindly reaches out for something, and upon finding it, he sinks. "I have to sit down. I never thought I'd see this day. There are so many things I wanted to tell Vorpal before we all died. So many people here I never got the chance to really say hi to."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal grins at Diana's pronunciation, but then he notices Raven emerging from the elevator, and he quickly sidles up to Siobahn, and then hides behind her.

"Heeey Siooo," he says, "Why don't we go visit our alien visitors?" he says, nodding in Quill and Gamora's direction as the illusion vanishes and Vorpal is in his usual uniform, still wearing the tiara. "I still haven't thanked them officially for bringing us back. I'll let you be my Wonder Sidekick..." he says, trying to at least get Siobhan to smile a little. He also wants to get out of direct line of sight from Donna and Rae. Just in case they saw the light show.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin looks up and beams at Raven and Donna when the two Titans show up (finally). Their belated arrival seems to account for the last of the active team members, and Caitlin quickly curates a platter of food she thinks they'll like.

Well, things she knows Donna likes, and things she hopes Raven likes. Figuring out Rachel's preferences for food has been one of the great challenges of Caitlin's budding culinary career. "Donna, you're a miracle worker," Caitlin declares. She beams at Raven. "Rae's here /and/ she's dressed for the party." There could not be a bigger contrast between Rae's somewhat-brief bikini and Caitlin's modest, candy-apple red dress.

Her attention's grabbed by Gamora chucking the food off the tower. "Hey! Don't waste food," she scolds the green warrior. The reflexive admonition is brought up short by how Gamora attacks the table of treats. "Er... I mean, if you prefer the chocolate... well don't throw it off the tower," she adds, walking it back a little lamely.

Peter Quill has posed:
    "I don't juggle cars. I have a spaceship. I fly a spaceship. I'm a Legendary Outlaw." Any other bragging and such that might occur grinds to a halt as his trenchcoat collar is snagged by Gamora and he is turned sideways towards her. "I think it was peanuts?! I didn't make it. Probably a cook." Then he is let free just as quickly as he was grabbed. The 'Alien' is making demands suddenly towards Nadia now. "This is going to end badly. You're going to need to help me find some milk."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Given just how many people are attending the party Viv decides to make a little circuit greeting people.

Her first stop? Caitlin over in the food and drink section. And her route? She casually just walks across the surface of the pool rather than head around it. Huzzah for density control!

"Good evening Miss Fairchild," she says, as if addressing a teacher outside of class. "I just wanted to let you know if Great Aunt Nadia causes you any trouble in the kitchen I am happy to stop by to help with cleaning up." A pause. "As many of the shortcuts she takes while cleaning can prove costly." High energy reactions do typically clean up spills. Not to mention walls, counters, tables and anything else they come into contact with... "Perhaps I could help out by taking a tray of something round for people?"

Clint Barton has posed:
You thought one Hawkeye (protege) was enough? THINK AGAIN!

The OG Hawkeye makes his way onto Titans Tower, wearing a purple-colored ugly Christmas sweater. He brings his bow with him in its compact form, just barely peaking from under his sweater, and no doubt he's ready for anything at a moments notice, but...he gives everyone a wave.

"Sup party people. I hope you didn't have too much fun without me?" He says with the lightest of smirks. Especially since he just woke up from a nap.

"Now, where's the up and comer..." he questions himself, looking for Kate Bishop. Thoug hhe sees many familiar faces, including Donna Troy and fellow Avenger, Diana Prince.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look over at Terry and Siobhan sucks in a sharp breath before glancing to the arrival of Donna and Rae. She glances over toward the others who are here. She is blushing slightly before she blinks again at Terry.

"Fine." She states and then looks toward Kara. She frowns slightly and shudders before grabbing a bit of food to go with Terry.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen comes towards the party, and sees something coming off the roof, well that just aint right, and so Bart kicks it into overdrive and runs up the side of the building getting the plate, and using it to catch anything that is supposed to be on it. He keeps coming up and over the top onto the roof. He has the plate in one hand, a red sack over his shoulder, and a Santa Clause hat and beard on. "Someone loose something?" He asks, holding out the plate.

Peter Parker has posed:
In a mask, no one can see you blush. Or look scared. Bit of a toss-up here on which would be more suitable.

"You can call me Spider-Man. Or Spidey. Or even Webhead. If you want to get all verbose, you can use Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. But that seems like a lot of words for a simple guy."
He looks around. "Well, I don't have access to the latest tech, but I can tell you the best places in NYC to dumpster-dive for raw materials and tossed tech."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"As long as it won't poison my earthling digestive system I am game to try just about anything at least once SG." she grins at Supergirl. Then she pivots to watch Cassie fly dripping towards Donna and Raven "Woah.. Rae in a bikini." which is said very softly. "She looks great, but god help anyone who makes the wrong comment... someone muzzle Vorpal."

She glances over her plate of food and sets it by the Wonderbow and quiver on her chair. Standing up she starts to peel her own classic (thanks to Tony's merch of the Avengers) Christmas sweater off then pauses. "Hey Clint!" waving towards him now. She laughs at his question and waves him over. "Come here I want to show off my new bow and owe you a hug."

Kian has posed:
    Well, that didn't help clarify things.  "Why would you celebrate a religion you do not believe in?" Kían asks -- perfectly sensibly, he thinks, and then is distracted by Vorpal having A Special Moment with Headgear.
    He just shakes his head.  That's never going to have a comprehensible explanation.
    When Gar points out Rae, it's not the outfit that arrests his attention, it's Rae's presence itself, and he sits next to Gar such that the green hero is interposed between birdman and Raven.  And then passes him the bottle harley sent him.  "Here.  Or if you /really/ wan' some-thin' mind-alterin', turn Akiár an' haf some choc'late.  I thin' alterin' my brain chemist-ry iss the only way I will under-stan' tonight."

Gamora has posed:
    "HMMM?!" Gamora half grunts, half growls, turning her head as she's chastized, lips closed tightly around a mouthful of chocolate that puffs out her cheeks.
    Her eyes peer about cautiously as she begins to chew slowly. Methodically.
    She swallows, and lowers her head. "... The world that's been kept from me..." she murmurs dramatically, and clenches her fist. "... Such debauchery is unbecoming of a warrior..." Gamora tilts her head back slowly, eyes closed, and sighs, "... but today... I am free."
    Gamora takes a deep breath... and roughly grabs another two handfuls of chocolate.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
With a worried glance at Siobahn, Vorpal leads the way. He knew that prodding and asking questions was the wrong thing right now, but he didn't quite know how to help Sio feel better. Exposing her to new life and new civilizations, maybe?

"Hey, people of the Milano." the Cheshire cat joins the social node whose center is Peter and Gamora, "Didn't really have a lot of time to talk beforehand because... I had three months worth of social life to catch up on... but I wanted to thank you for bringing us home." The cat grins, "And I don't know if you've met Siobahn. I've heard that one of you is a famous outlaw?" he grins.

And then he realizes he's still wearing the tiara. There is no graceful way to take it off right now and not embarrass himself. How... to do this?

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara makes a gently turn and few steps to intercept Siohban on her way to Gamora and Starlord. She stares in to her eyes for just a moment, then gives her friend a hug. It's been a rough time lately for them both. She lets her friend go and rests a hand on her shoulder, "Go meet the Milano people. They're interesting. We'll talk later. Especially about how you teleport now."

    A kind smile and she steps away from Sio's path and stares for a moment at Terry's amazing.. no, wonderful costume. "You look great. This should be your normal get up. Especially when you go to work."

    Then her attention goes to Troia and Raven and her smile grows a touch more. Nothing would delight her more than to _discuss_ this development with Rae, but she knows it would feel like death to Rae and probably best to avoid. And then there's another Hawkeye.. Hawkguy. She smiles to the Avenger and asks Kate, "Is this your mentor?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna stares at Terry. His attempts at avoidance go for naught as she intercepts him. She has seen Terry dressed like this before. She has threated bloody violence towards him if she sees her dressed like this again. Her eyes go to his brow, where he has accessorized the offending costume with what appears to be one of Diana's actual tiaras.

    She stares at him a little longer.

    "Hello sister," she says to him with a smirk, before sweeping on, the reluctant Raven in tow.

    The pair are greeted en route to the tub by Cassie, who is the immediate recipient of a rather Amazonian one-armed hug that lifts her momentarily back off the ground again. "Hey Cass! Good to see you. Yes, we got the memo. Raven promptly disintegrated it, but she was too late. Cait! Everything smells wonderful, as usual. Yes, there was a discussion, but I have succeeded in persuading Raven that parties are not wholly foolish ventures. Diana! You made it. Hey Siobhan, glad you made it. Gar! Looking good. New uniform? Hawk! Two Hawks! Don't make him too jealous with that bow. Quill, ixnay on the 'legendary outlaw', you are legendary space heroes while you're staying with us. And if it wasn't Christmas I'd be having words with you about a certain vehicle that showed up the other day..." she winks to him and moves on. "Kian! Enjoying your first festive season on Earth? Supergirl! So good to see you."

    She'll get to everyone. Probably quite quickly. The rapid-fire socializing is probably not doing Raven's mood any favors.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin looks over at Viv when she's addressed and flashes a smile at the android. "Hey Viv, welcome to the party," she says. A hug's offered to the girl, warm and familiar. "No, don't bother with that," she suggests. "This is a party. People should be enjoying themselves, not worrying about the catering. Go say hi to people!"

Ignoring her own advice, Caitlin pours a tall glass of cold milk and moves back towards Gamora. "I don't mean to be rude, I don't know if you're human baseline," Caitlin apologizes. "But you should slown down. And drink some milk with that. Too much choclate and you'll get sick." The glass is offered over with both hands.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan looks at Kian in a small measure of confusion after greeting Donna with a waggle of his fingers. "Yeah, from Vorpal." He glances Raven's way again but finds himself unable to look for long until he remembers Kian again. "Hm? What does chocolate do to you guys?" A second later, there are now two Akiar next to each other, one with the natural appearance of Kian, the other all green with wings and dressed in similar attire.

The green one waves off the bottle with a shake of the head, then plucks a few bits of chocolate off the ground where they'd fallen. "Here's to only living once, if you're lucky."

They're popped into his mouth, chewed, savored, and swallowed. After that, a sort of blissful expression overcomes him and he can feel himself sinking into the deck chair he's taken up a spot on. "Mmmmmmyeeeesssss..." he exhales, eyes going distant, half-lidded, sprawling all over the chair with body, limbs, and wings. And to think he just liked chocolate from a normal sense. Now, this? It's magnified by..many fold! "I feel like I just had an all-nighter with you and Vorpal."

What did he just say?!

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia gives Spider-Man a slow nod when he introduces himself, "Ohhhh, you're one of the types that wears their mask at all times, super secret, gotcha." And then he is talking about dumpster diving, a term she is not really familiar with, "Do you literally dive into a dumpster?" She asks curiously, completely seriously.

And then Quill is back desperate for ...milk? "There's milk in the refrigerator." She points over towards the kitchen, "Though be careful, if you mess up the kitchen you will face the Wrath of Cait."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint's attention shifts immediately to Kate as she waves him down and invites him over. Apparently he got here just in time for bikinis.

He's not complaining, but he definitely feels out of place. But he walks on over to Kate Bishop all the same. "You got a new bow? What'd you get this time? Something modifiable, I hope and can nock multiple arrows at a time." Clint says subtly judgmentally, but it's done in jest.

To Supergirl, he nods. "Yup, I taught her how to use that thing. Apparently I did at least a decent job. I'm Clint. Or Hawkeye, if you prefer." Avenger front and center.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana sweeps herself through the hot tub and then rises up out of it. Shedding water from her form, she steps up and out of it as she walks down the small staircase beside it to the floor. The cold air doesn't bother her one bit. Once out of the hot tub, she notes the arrival of Clint who gets a smile and a raised left hand, of which she waves with her fingers at the fellow Avenger. "Clint, so good to see you!" She says as she walks toward the bar to set her drink down where she signals for the bartender to retrieve her another. To Donna then, Diana grins. "I did make it!" Her eyes then go to the tree next. "What a bea-utiful tree." She says in her heavily accented English. "Awwww... that one is my favorite." The Princess adds, spying the Raven ornament dangling from it.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal's eyes quickly dar, noticing someone coming /up/ the side of the building and onto the rooftop. The blur of speed at first makes him say "Hey, Wall---" he pauses, looking at Bart. "Oh, hey!" he calls out "Welcome to the party- good catch," he nods towards the plate in his hands, "Just go ahead and put it over there and grab yourself something. We're talking to a famous outlaw if you want to join," he gestures in Pete's direction.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Bart's entrance isn't missed, either, and Caitlin waves the speedster over. "Bart! Come join the party!" she calls over to him, and digs out MORE of the homemade fudge (which everyone seems to be really liking). There's a two-pound slab of it with FOR BART carved out on the top.

"This is for you. Do NOT eat it all in one go, we don't need another Fourth of July incident," she warns him-- but hands the chocolate over, anyway.

Peter Parker has posed:
Hoo boy, this is kinda embarrassing.

"Sorry...I'm not part of any organization...or royalty of any nation...so my access to technology is kinda...well, poverty-level. "I have to fabricate most of my own equipment from scratch. What sort of lab equipment do you have access to?" Spidey was kinda curious about what Miss Van Dyne was working with."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    There is a moment where Raven has to lift off of the ground. She is quite literally pulled behind Donna, whose pace- due to height and an unwillingness for Raven to expose anyone present to the effects of tremors on a bikini- is faster than hers is ever going to be like a balloon on a string. Or, a pair of them, if you're being vulgar.

    "Cassandra." Raven states, with no small degree of unwarranted venom. "I did destroy the invitation. I was worried that I was not swift enough, and thus, here we are. celebrating -Christmas.- Hooray." There's about a third of a veil on her misanthropy today as compared to the normal two-thirds. Donna's hand is full with Cassie, so Raven takes the platter with a dry "Thanks."

    "She hasn't persuaded me of anything other than that she'll stop talking about it if we go." For the most part, Raven quietly looms, menacingly floating above the ground to avoid one of the primary reasons that one wears a bikini, to look good in certain ways in certain times. The comments, she hears- and they get a sort of mild -look- that invites the meek to never speak of it again.

    Sadly, it also invites the chaotic and adventurous to just comment even harder.

    What's worse is that she's got a good sense of hearing- or something akin to a sense that doesn't amount to hearing, if we're being honest- and so the hushed comments are still recognized. Despite that she's being dragged about, she still does shoot a look to Kate who tried to be sneaky about it.

    One day, with Donna's influence unabating, she might learn to take a compliment.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     From back in the dorms, Robin comes back out, his cape draped over him, concealing the towel and swim trunks underneath. The teen approaches the hot tub, before releasing the clasp on his cape, sadly, the only trunks he owned were a pair that were emblazoned with the House of El symbol, all over. Obviously from the kid's section, given his size. His mask still on, and multiple scars across his chest, back, and arms. His towel set to one side before finding a place he can fit in before dipping in, his eyelets closing as he relaxed in the hot water.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will set the plate down and out of the way. He walks over to take the fudge from Caitlin and says "Thanks. I brought presents." He says moving the bag. "But looks like I might need to go get some more." He ears Vorpal, and says "Ah my cousin not in tonight? Got something in here for him too." He does open the fudge and smells it, but does not start in on it yet. "Hope I am not to late."

Peter Quill has posed:
"Justtttt make sure she doesn't cause an incident, please and thank you." Starlord ends his leaning towards Nadia in order to make the request before departing. "Eat /slower/, Gamora. Trust me alright?" Peter has gone off now on a mission to retrieve Milk. Either from a fridge or from someone passing around drinks, either way.

Gamora has posed:
    Voice muffled and distorted, Gamora impatiently replies to Quill, "I do not fear the narcotics of Earth!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I would call him more my inspiration than anything." teasing, but somehow complimenting at the same time there. She grins as well disarming anything with it. "Modifiable.. not really no. It is custom though."

She ducks back by the chair and snags the WonderBow and pulls it back around. There is a good chance she didn't bring the bow up to the party in case of alien invasion. Which is not out of the realm of possibility, but because she knew Clint might be coming by.

She steps closer to him and offers the bow up for inspection. "It was a team project and is definitely one of a kind."

Thankfully Kate lives to see another day, she was quiet about the compliment and didn't say anything untoward. So evidently she gets to live, for now.

To Clint "Don't know if you know everyone.. got some Avengers.. some Alien Guests... Titans.. some other teen heroes... Spiderman. I think that covers all the categories.... the green alien lady seems to be about to die of chocolate overdose though. I wonder if it is effecting her like it does Kian..."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"No, unfortunately he's not here yet. He might not make it," Vorpal replies to Bar, and points to the tree, "Just go ahead and leave it under the tree for him." He tilts his head, he can smell the fudge over here. "Man... is that Cait's home made fudge? I envy you, I usually never get a bite because Gar eats-"

And then he pauses. His eyes go /wide/ as his very sensitive hearing just catches what Gar has said, and he stares at Gar over Bart's shoulder.

He mouths 'Garfield Mark Logan!' at the green guy, and then looks away, trying to focus on the conversation again, looking flustered as he says to Bart "Er... sorry, did you say something? I got kinda... distracted."

He reaches up and slowly removes Wonder Woman's tiara, holding it in his hands as if it could be an amulet against embarrassment.

He needs to return the Tiara. At some point.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara smiles and offers her hand to Clint, "Nice to meet you, I'm Supergirl." Ah, always with the obvious introduction. She'll never learn. "And you did teach her very very well. I've seen Hawkeye in action and she is amazing." She smiles encouragingly to Kate. "One moment, I have something else for the tree."

    Kara approaches the tree and places on it a small lego figurine of Supergirl. Her likeness from the lego set of the NASA mission to set up the Watch Tower on the moon.. with Diana and Kal. She smiles and rests her hanging from a branch and then her eyes go wide as she catches sight of what Damian is wearing.

    The look of shock tracks fearless leader all the way to the pool and her mouth hangs open even a touch that not only do people print clothing with her household name on it, but that they're swimming trunks and Damian owns them and is wearing them. At a loss for words she is flummuxed. Typical Bat-power to find a way to disrupt the mental pathways of a Kryptonian.

    "Is the.. what the... that's.." She blinks and says, "/saovizuju/" She makes a mental note to ask Kal about how common it is for people to wear clothing with their household emblem on it.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Returning Donna's friendly squeeze, Cassie is all grins, even in the face of Raven's signature distaste for all things enjoyable. Because of course she is. "There's no escaping it," she tells Raven, mock-seriously. "But seriously, that outfit? Totally slays." Or should that be 'sleighs,' per her own novelty swimsuit?!

Still! Those two are ultimately given their own time and space to make it to the pool (and maybe Raven in specific, Cassie doesn't -actually- want to torture her with unwanted attention), and she soon about-faces to make her way back toward the water, although she doesn't actually make it all the way. There are a lot of people at the party, and plenty of new faces, although unlike Donna she doesn't actually try to meet and greet everyone.

Instead, she goes over to land by Kate, who happens to share the company of one of said unfamiliar people. "Heeeey. So like, is this Hawkdude Senior?" It's not clear if she's asking Kate or Diana, although it sounds an awful lot like she just called him OLD!

She does add helpfully: "It's a WONDERbow." That is not actually that helpful, since it doesn't explain much about it. But she doesn't really know the details either.

Kian has posed:
    "You see what I mean, yis?" Kían says to Gar, with a grin, and gets himself a small piece of fudge.  He's already learned to be careful with the chocolate, unless he wants to be an inert feathery lump on the floor, and he passes on that wisdom: "Jus' be careful wit' it.  It iss intense."
    Bite.  Chew.  Eyes dilate.
    "Now ex-plain," he says, a little dreamily, gesturing in the general direction of the hot tub and its denizens, "iss sittin' in a tank of hot water part of the holiday?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"...what?" is all the Garkiar can manage to say right now, and even the wings and feathers manage to droop in ways that seem like they're melting. Lest he get stuck that way for a time, he blinks as he hears or sees something..somewhere..and the Akiar elements fade away again to leave him looking normal once more.

"Dude, you have to warn me next time. I saw things, man. Like Robin in swim trunks. This stuff did a real number on me." He's still grinning lopsidedly at Kian, but starting to take in more of the sights again.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look over at Terry and she shakes her head at him removing the tiara. She smirks slightly at the sight. It is sorta a smile. She then walks over to Donna and Raven and looks to Donna, "Hey, welcome back and such." She then looks over to Raven and nods to her, "Ye look good. Her bein' back is good look for ya." Then Siobhan keeps walking and heads for the elevator waving a hand over her shoulder

"I'll be gettin' mangled if anyone needs me." She nods her head and hits the button for the dorms.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia nods her head again to Spider-Man, "Oh, so you don't literally dive in? Sorry if my questions seem a little strange, lots of things are strange to me, too. I spent most of my life in a top secret assassin training school in Russia, I uh, didn't get out much. My father is Dr. Hank Pym though, so I.. inherited my love of science! My labs are pretty good, I think, I recently started a new public lab venture to promote girls and women in STEM called Genius In action Research Laboratories or GIRL for short. My friends Valeria and Shuri are working with me on it, we've managed to put together some pretty stellar work spaces between us." Lab startup venture? This girl only looks perhaps sixteen or so.

She nods to Peter Quill before he embarks upon his mission, "I will do what I can."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen nods to Vorpal, and to Caitlin he says "That was on an empty stomach, had just ran through four states getting the fireworks, and didn't think about a friction spark setting them off." He comments about the incident. He does move to put a bunch of things under the tree, making sure to take a moment to run Siobhan's present to her before she is gone "Don't get to mangled." He offers her with a smile, and does eat a couple pieces of said fudge.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint shakes Supergirl's hand with a smirk. "Nice to meet you. I take it you're Big Blue's protege?" Clint asks her curiously before a Wonderbow is suddenly being thrust into his hands for inspection. His eyes are sharp, since he tends to either craft/modify his own bows and makes his own arrows. He stares it down. "Geez kid, its not the bow that matters, its how you use it. Are you trying to take out the next alien invasion by yourself or something?"

Clint might be a tad jealous, but also just question how practical a tricked out superbow is for a human to reasonably wield. "Well, looksl ike you might have cooler friends than me." He gives Kate her bow back. "Neat bow though."

Diana walks past and Clint seems captivated by her beauty, as always. "Hey Diana." he fingerwaves back, before he pays attention back to the crowd. His attention is on Cassie as she arrives too. "Pretty much Hawkdude Senior, yeah." he smirks. "Though I'm not old. Damn." He hangs his head.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I had been intending on using the food as an ice-breaker," Vivian admits bashfully. "I am not good at large social gatherings. Or at least I do not believe I am good at them yet.. I am attempting to build up additional points of data before I decide. Typically at Miss van Dyne's social functions I can rely upon most attendees being intoxicated enough for introductions to be easy.." When Cait resumes her hostess duties the synthezoid gives new arrivals Donna & Rachel a polite greeting wave. Cassie also gets a more friendly wave as she flies off.

"I do not believe we have been introduced?" she ventures. "I am Vivian Vision, Nadia's great-niece. I trust that you are adjusting well to life back on Earth?" The latter is mostly aimed at Donna, although given how mysterious Rachel is it's not impossible Viv assumes she was in space too!

A fraction of her mind contemplates bringing up Rachels undersized swimsuit, but is quickly outvoted by the faction which recommends just applying pixellation to her memory and politely ignoring it..

Damian Wayne has posed:
     After a moment of deep relaxation, Damian's eyelets open again, a brow raising towards Kara. "I do not speak Kryptonian, but I assume this is some kind of offense towards my bathing suit. It was not my choice of style. The store only had these in my size."

  "Had to work REAL hard to make it G.I.R.L. huh?" He comments, before he looks towards Gar. "Joke is on you, Beast Boy, I still have three knives on me." He sends an ultimatum, the shorts must be tolerated.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Speedsters. Running. Right, that's a good topic to snap Vorpal out of the embarrasment. "Hey," he says to Bart "I've just had an idea. You know, I work for the Planet and I do some of the web features... would you mind wearing my GoPro sometime and run around for a bit? I'm putting together a video of different supers and how they get around, and it'd be cool to get one of you running from your P.O.V. and maybe do a quick interview. Let me know what you think? I'm going to ask Spidey if he can do that for his swinging, too..."

He pauses, "Heh, here I am, talking about work at a holiday party. How..." he blinks. Yup. That's Robin in swim trunks at the hot tub. And there's Raven in a bikini. "Man. This has been a weird year."

He looks down at the Tiara, and then at Sio leaving, and sighs a little. "Hey, I need to return this to... Wonder Woman. Wanna come over?" he says. There's a little pleading in his voice, mostly under the mistaken assumption that he won't be as embarrased if he's not going by himself. And he would have asked Gar, but Gar's getting stoned and saying things he does NOT want Wonder Woman to hear, so-

Kian has posed:
    Kían blinks twice.  "What are "swim trun's"?" he asks, apparently quite seriously.  "I saw him get in to the tank of hot water wearin' an under-kilt."
    He leans back into the deck chair, with a beatific smile.  "I tol' you the choc'late was a mind-shifter.  If we ever fin' my home an' figure out how to get me there wit'out bouncing me off the fabric of space, I will haf to bring much back wit' me.  I coul' make unbelievable barters with jus' a little choc'late."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Diana is the recipient of another of Donna's one-armed Amazonian hugs, and Donna nods with her head in Terry's direction. "Don't make him faint again," she whispers to her sister with a broad grin before the rapid social circulation continues.

    "Thank you Siobhan, it's good to be back," Donna replies to her with a smile. "And good to see you joining the party. Not leaving so soon are you though?" she lowers her voice a little. "I hear you've had a hard time while we were away. We should sit down and have a talk about that soon, but today's a day for trying to put the past behind us and celebrating the fact that we're all still here, or here again, yes?"

     Next stop is the mini geek-squad, where the mini-est geek gets another, gentler hug, and an affectionate hair-scruffing. "Hey Waspette! Enjoying the party? And the legendary Spider-Man! Welcome to Titan's Tower. I am encouraged to know you don't melt if you leave New York. We have some pretty decent equipment fabrication facilities here if you need a helping hand. Just reach out to us."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara makes her way back to Clint and says, "Sorry about that." She's still staring over at Damian, "It was not a .. an insult. No. I'm just.. shocked that there'd be clothing out there with my household name on it. It's not like most people even know what Ehl means, they probably just think of Superman when they see it."

    She shakes her head and tears her eyes away, "Robin if you'd like, I could make you a real pair of swimming trunks that fit you, out of the same meta material my clothing is made of. Real Kryptonian swimming trunks. With either my household name, or another symbol if you choose it."

    She smiles to Damian and then looks back to Clint. "Ah no. Not his protege. Superman is my cousin." She says and folds her arms and files that away undo 'he probably didn't mean it that way'. She does raise an eyebrow to Kate though and then smiles. "You probably could take out a whole alien invasion yourself."

Peter Parker has posed:
...Ooog. She looks younger than him, and...she has a public lab...her own think tank, of which Shuri is one of them...

And he's just finished his first semester at ESU and has a lab in his basement. With recycled equipment.

He is about to speak about the validity of Donna's "legendary" tag when an alert pops up in his HUD. The Kingpin thing is going down tonight, not tomorrow night.
He looks around, then takes a deep breath. "I'll take that into consideration, but right now something's come up that needs attending to, and I'll just sorta step out right now."

He puts down the plate, the food on it untouched, on a nearby table. "Apologies. The party lights have come on, and that means the party's over for me."
He nods to the Amazon, the Girl Genius, then heads for the balcony past the wind buffers and jumps, firing a webline as he does.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan just laughs aloud, mostly for Kian, maybe for Vorpal as well, then his head dips toward one side. Time for a nap.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate just absolutely grins at Clint's reaction handling the bow. She accepts it back. "They tuned it so I can draw it... it just hits like a freight train due to a whole lot of science I don't entirely follow." she moves to set it back down now and smiles brightly. "Thanks." she notes to the compliment.

"Oh I got you a present though. Quiver full of some new trick arrows I have been messing around with and getting some help making. I figured the arrows shouldn't just be a one way street of me mooching from your arsenal."

"Hawkdude Senior makes him sound like my dad Cassie... and trust me my dad is way older than Clint is." which might make Clint feel less Old. Maybe. "Totally ancient and he could never be an Avenger..." or maybe not.

"Well seeing that we had to take on multiple ones this last year ... I do not at all mind being armed for alien invasions." she smiles to Kara then looks to Clint. "I mean.. you inspired me after all when you took on Loki's alien invasion with the Avengers." she reminds.

Rocket has posed:
The tables have been laden with food and drink, and there's even one with alcoholic beverages. Unless one was really paying close attention, and they probably weren't, the occasional bottle disappeared beneath the tablecloth curtain.

There have been a lot of voices around, a couple of them familiar, a few that had been heard since encountering the Titans, but many more completely new. No matter. They would remember this night. Forever.

Suddenly, from the liquor table arose such a clatter.
By the time anyone turned to see what was the matter,
There stood a nearly naked creature who did begin to chatter,
Doing so in tighty whities while standing upon a platter.

He waved a small gun in the air, a bottle of peppermint schnapps in hand,
Then looking from face to face he began to shout in a voice less than grand,
"Look at all of you!" But first, it seemed hard to stand.
"Just livin' it up, but we've been stuck here after we had to crash land!"

He hops off the table, and strange markings could be seen.
By his collar, across his back, with a metallic sheen.
"Most of you.." He sputters for a moment, as the drink starts to lean.
Correcting himself for another sip, he adds, "..got no idea where we've been!"

Staggering around on wobbly feet, angry and beady eyes paused on each face.
It was clear by his look and act, he lacked much grace.
"Your pals here? They were stuck in space,"
"But you're lucky Rocket was there, because I'm a flying ace!"

"I got them back home, out of the muck,"
He said, wiping his muzzle to not look like a schmuck,
"But I'm tired of being stuck here with nothing but bad luck,"
"So all of you know, Earth really does suck!"

Rocket points the gun in the air, and then he did drawl,
"I wanna have some fun, so I'm doing a cannonball!"
Except as the gun was shot off, confetti did fall,
And when he ran forward and leapt, instead it was over the wall!

It seemed only fitting that for one who was so brash,
One compared to cute little creatures known for a love of their trash,
That by the time anyone reached the edge to perhaps look with a dash,
He landed in the water below, with barely a splash.

And that is how Rocket came and went from the Titans party.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven's gaze narrows a bit, those unnatural purple eyes staring greatswords at the blonde for her humorous remark. Raven, indeed, does hate all things enjoyable. "It's tight." she states, "And I wear pants for a reason."

    That reason being the tattoo on her lower back, of a bird in flight, its black wings extended and its beak, unfortunately, pointed directly downwards. Her teenage years were... A different time.

    Still, Cassie is allowed to leave without impediment. Even if she wanted to visit the others, she's attached to Donna now, whose grip- thanks to the three month absence- will not be broken. "Diana." she states, eyes still slightly narrowed. "Thank you for your well-wishing and presence at... -This.-" she remarks, gesturing with her Cait-tray at the rest of the party, disdain dripping from her voice. "Siobhan. I've heard the same. We will talk." So much less optimistic. Probably because Raven might have been disregarding it at the time, but she recalls the break-in attempts from -something.-

    "You do not have to answer her, Waspette."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora stares after Rocket silently for several long seconds. Finally she slowly straightens up, and lets her cloak fall over her shoulders. Solemnly, Gamora says, "... Someone should retrieve the body." before walking to the exit.
    A moment later, Gamora returns, picks up one last piece of chocolate between two fingers, and then exits the roof again.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And just like that, Vorpal was not the strangest thing that happened tonight. He stares after Rocket, and then he says to Bart "Okay... I think nothing I do is going to be remembered after /that/, so..." he gestures and walks over to the hot tub. He stops for a second by his sleeping boyfriend and smirks at him and Kian. "And that," he gestures in the direction that Rocket disappeared, "is what Christmas is all about." Because confusing aliens is his vocation. He leans over and places a kiss on Gar's cheek before going to the hot tub.

He approaches the large point of gahering, tiara in both hands, and says "Er... I. Need to return this..." he smiles sheepishly.

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter Quill has returned from finding a glass of milk near the end of Rocket Racoon's speech. "Oh no." He says glumly to anyone who might be nearby and able to overhear. "No no no nononononono." There is too much of a crowd to keep Starlord from reaching the racoon before he swandives and he is left berefit of his compatriots on the rooftop. He'll start to look about for Gamora...who has left too. Then his shoulders do slump, and milk chugged before the man attempts an unseen departure.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint tilts his head at Damian and seeing what the Boy Wonder was wearing. He pinches the bridge of his nose before his attention shifts to Kara. "Superman is your cousin? Well, I guess where there's birds of a feather, you get some unique feathers in the mix. Can't really judge." He smirks, before his attention shifts to Rocket as he comes and goes.

"...Was that a talking raccoon?"

Yes, yes it was. "I swear, my job gets weirder and weirder by the second." Can't be worse than Budapest though. His attention shifts to Kate and he just smiles from ear to ear when she mentions a Christmas present for him. "Hey, thanks for thinking of mek id, you didn't have to." he smirks. Then she's mentioning his inspiration to her by working with the Avengers. "Well, happy to play hero for people like you. World could use some more talented archers, though I have a feeling my inspiration days could be replaced if you keep up the good work." he jokes.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen was looking down at his fudge, and says to Terry. "We can try it, never tried taking a camera with me, know others can see things sorta like I do when running with me, but willing to give it a try and an interview sure just let me know when. He hears Rocket, and says "Hey who put undies on a racoon." And then the Racoon is talking and has a gun. It stuns the speedster for a moment, and gives the drunk bandit time to make his escape "Um, can he fly or something? I mean know of flying squirrels but not flying racoons, or talking racoons for that matter."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara turns with amazement as Rocket had been there the whole time. And then.. then he was gone. "Captain Rocket is going to need to sleep that off before he tries to fly his spaceship again," she says to Quill. Gamora having left. She waves to Starlord as he retreats and then looks back to the party. "And that's just three of them. There's at least another three on the ship. May be four. It's bigger than it looks."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
When Donna comes over, Nadia returns her hug with enthusiasm, she really is a hugging sort. Something about being starved of affection for most of her life. "I'm so glad you're, everyone is back, I missed gatherings like this."

She turns back towards Peter, "Yeah, our labs here are really good, or I could maybe introduce you to Pym Technologies, though the super secret mask thing might make that complicated... oh the Justice League has really amazing labs on the Moon, too!"

She waves to Peter, as he slips. Just in time to blink several times at Rocket's appearance and dash over the edge. "Do I.. should we... go after him? That was kinda cool, though."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna is unable to resist joining the geeking out over bows, and makes her way over to join the two Hawkeyes. "Good bow huh, Clint?" she says with a broad grin. "It's based on a Themysciran bow, but modified in the Titans' labs and utilizes Kryptonian technology to realign the molecules to reduce the draw weight to something more manageable. If you'd like to try an original Themysciran bow some time, you'd be welcome to try out mine one day." She gives Kate a wink - Kate has tried drawing Donna's bow before. It has an utterly ridiculous draw weight, and Kate knows that Donna's hiding a smirk.

    Donna does indeed check the descent of the space raccoon to ensure his survival, but he doesn't appear to be too badly damaged and for all she knows this is normal behavior for his species. "Does he do that kind of thing often?" she inquires of the passing Star-Lord. Judging by the reaction of the Guardians, it must be. There seems to be a familiar embarrassment about them. Now we know what drunken raccoons do for christmas.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Hey, hey, its OK," Cassie offers Clint, sounding sympathetic for his curse of oldness. "Diana is suuuuuper old but she's still the coolest person I know!" This is probably meant to be reassuring. It might not be! Still, she grins in a lopsided, less than serious way, and then side-glances over at Kate and hover-swoops over to give her a shoulder-to-shoulder bump. "No you're right, he's not dad-old."

Then she gives a very serious nod to Kate's explanation. "If we coulda given her an even BIGGER bow we would have. Seriously, the kind of crazy stuff we have to deal with? No offense to bows less Wonderous, but that kinda firepower just wouldn't cut it, y'know! My girl's got the skills, but you need the right tool for the job!"

Amazon pride abounds. "And-"

"-wait, the $*@! was that?" Did they just get dissed by a drunk space rodent?

Cassie does a double takeover toward the side of the rooftop, and then looks around in a bit of confusion. She has not had the pleasure of getting to know the Guardians in the same fashion as her formerly space-bound friends, so this is all a bit... Well, she's not as blase about the space stuff as some. It was her first time, only recently!


Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate probably had something to say to Cassie... or Clint.. or Kara.... but honestly she is at a loss of words. She just stares after Cassie where Rocket vanished diving off trhe building after giving a speech like that.

"The hell." she finally says. Then after a moment. "Can the Raccoon from Space actually fly?" looking around confused and for some sort of confirmation that their space rodent guest didn't just commit suicide to avoid being on earth anymore. "Because.. if not well there are better ways to leave earth.... though I get the impression it would be going out like he lived.. drunk and angry."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look back briefly at Terry and then others who seem to be trying their best and Siobhan sucks in a breath, "Look, I get it. Ye all want to make. me feel better or whatever. I understand." She looks forward, "But I only recently found out I was a soul eatin' monster wit' a literal hellscape. I ate me own ma's soul and frankly I dinnae know if I can or how to handle dat. So, I am gonna drink till I can't 'ear da voice in my head or feel feelin's. We can talk later." And with that, Siobhan is heading to her room.

Kian has posed:
    Kían watches Rocket's arrival and departure with amusement -- if he hadn't met Rocket earlier, he'd be inclined to write the scene off as a chocolate-induced hallucination.  "I woul' ask if that was part of the holiday, but I haf met Rocket already," he says absently, and gets himself another small piece of fudge.
    Bite.  Chew -- oh, never mind. Same deal.
    Not getting a response from Gar, he finally looks over, and sees him dozing.  "I did warn him choc'late hits hard...."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision peers over the edge of the Tower to watch Rockets fall. Wallflowering is much easier than mingling after all. "I would assume the small animal will not be harmful to the local marine life," she wonders aloud. It's not clear if she is suggesting Rocket will attack the fish or if she assume he's dead and they'll be eating him... That would be the natural circle of life after all!

Rocket has posed:
If they listen very closely, they might just hear Rocket's voice one more time from below. "Stuck the landing, morons! Hahahaha!"

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Just before Siobhan leaves, she does look over toward the edge of the building, "Also pretty sure we have a huge rat problem... or somet'in' similar."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian's eyes widen a moment before he looks back to Kara. "You do not have to do that. Unless you want. These were just...what I had for a party." Yeah, and he never really replaced them.

  Damian turned his head towards the space raccoon, and turned back. "That raccoon just talked and was drunk...I am not on drugs, right? I don't feel high."

  No, but he certainly feels relaxed.

  Under the tree, for each Titan was $1000 for all. Including Robin, because he was not going to give up the fact that he actually indulged in the Christmas spirit of giving. He closed his eyes as the hot water reached up to his chin. "Hmm...I like that raccoon's attitude."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
With Spider-man gone and the Guardians departed, Nadia half meanders in Donna's wake over towards the Hawkeyes. "Hi, Clint." She waves at the familiar 'old man' giving him a bright smile. "Huh, I guess I could have invited Dad, too. That seemed like it would be weird though." She gives a little shrug, "It's nice to see you somewhere that isn't the mansion." Nadia may not be an actual Avenger, but she's often around underfoot at the mansion due to being the daughter and step-daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne respectively, sometimes she even trains with the team.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint looks at Cassie for a second. "Looks like we got somewhat told off by a garbage monkey." Clint says with a sigh, before he looks at Cassie. "Let me give you some free advice: You can use any bow you like, but its the skill that pays the bills, not how much weird mythical tech your packing. That being said, just make sure the up and comer doesn't blow herself up on accident or something. That's years of training right down the drain." he jokes.

Hopefully. Pretty sure.

His attention then shifts to Donna. "Its decent. If you feel like showing me your draw weight, I'll try it out." Clint does have some impressive drawing capability. "Then again, superhuman warrior princesses don't really count among my experiences in using a bow and arrow." he shrugs.

Then to Nadia. "Hey." he waves.

"also, me being mentioned with all these 'dads' is making me feel like I'm thirty years older than I actually am."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara smiles, "I want to Robin. You can make all your bat-friends jealous." She sighs with amusement and walks over to the edge of the balcony to look down at Rocket, noting he is safe. "Odd fellow." She wanders over to where she dumped her boots and puts them back on. "I'm.. going to go work on a Christmas present," she says failing utterly at being coy about it.

    She rises up in to the air and turns to look back down at her friends. "I hope no one else gets too drunk. Also someone should check on Nightwing and Cyborg." She extends her hands and shoots up in to the skies. Well away from the party she mutters to herself, "Protege!?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh, awesome... let's talk after the holidays and we'll coordintae," Vorpal says to Bart with a thumbs up, "You'll be my first speedster interview, so that's cool."

And then he turns to Diana and clears his throat a little. "Ahem... um, Princess. Thank you for lending me the... you know. The thing. That thing. Which I have here. To return. To you. Here." He holds out the tiara, grinning, "It was cool!"

He glances at Donna, almost daring her to repeat the sister line again.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Oh!" Nadia seems to suddenly remember her set aside colorfully wrapped box, "I made a present for everyone." While normally this might conjure images of hand drawn cards or perhaps a gingerbread house, coming from the likes of Nadia anything is possible. And true enough once the box is opened it is full of small high tech looking metal spheres the size of baseballs. "I wasn't sure what to get everyone, this is really my first Christmas, so I went with something practical. We've been facing a lot of robots and dangerous pieces of technology lately, so these are EMP grenades, just arm it, throw it, and it'll shutdown any technology without Tempest Hardening counter-measures in the area. I made one for everyone." She seems quite excited about giving these away, just as excited as if they were some perfectly normal present.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana, still at the bar, having returned Donna's hug and otherwise been speaking to others at the bar, is now happily greeted by Terry. She turns to him and smiles at him. "Of course. I am happy to share." She says with a grin for him. As she accepts the Tiara back, she glances out to the others, then back to Terry. "Say. Would you be so kind as to take something to Cassie for me?" She asks then as she sets the Tiara ontop of her head (gracefully unkempt in the moment) then reaches over the bar to take something that she'd set behind it.

Offering the small black box to Terry, Diana whispers loudly to him. "Tell her it is parked down in the garage." She says to him with a wink. "Thank you, and let me know if you wish to borrow the lasso next." She says with a playful tone to her voice before sipping her drink again.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Don't worry Clint.. I don'tr intend to get blown up. Also my team has my back and I have it on good authority if I got sucked into another dimension they wouldn't give up on me." too true. Too true.

"Also .. we will try to cut down on the dad jokes. Though I think Nadia's dad is an Avenger so .. yah know the jokes are low hanging fruit." she smiles.

"That said, you absolutely need to check out Caitlin's cookies.. she is a genius when it comes to baking." chipper tone. "We have a ton to celebrate this holiday season... all the invasions defeated.. Titans returned... things are really coming together great for the team and everyone." pause "Angry Raccoons aside."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh boy... you mean... the lasso? That would be so cool!" he says, almost bouncing on his feet, but he doesn't because he still has a sprained ankle. "Sure, I'd love to see it... it's from the gods, right?"

He takes the little black box and nods, walking towards Cassie with the mission. "Cassandra!" he says, offering the black box, "This is from Diana... says it's 'parked down in the garage' so... you got a BMX or something?" he says with a grin.

And then Nadia's presents arrive, and he looks visibly moved. "Oh, Nadia, you shouldn't have..." he says, looking at the sphere. He takes a moment to reflect that, a year ago, if someone had given him a highly-advanced tech weapon for Christmas, he probably would have called the police. This year? It's a very thoughtful gift.

~God my life is insane~

"I'll just put it away now so I don't accidentally arm it," he adds, and slides the gift into a Rabbit Hole that goes to the flat he is borrowing from Colette.

He looks around the rooftp at those who remain, and says "This is a nice party..." he says quietly, and looks at the hot tub, looking tempted.

"How's the water, Boy Wonder?" he asks.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will come over towards Cassie and the others as well. He has a box with Cassie's name on it, but as she is getting another present, he holds it for now, and does one of the hardest things for him. He waits mostly patiently. He does munch some of his fudge, and looks to the Hawkeyes, giving the older one a bit of a look over, the last archery teacher he met was a bit of a jerk.

Clint Barton has posed:
"Well, that's good. My team has my back too, so hopefully you won't be rid of me anytime soon." Clint smirks a tad, before he shrugs. "Yeah, Hank's an interesting guy, so I guess dad jokes are pretty fair game." he sighs a tad. "Cookies, huh? Well if they're baked, I'll try some. Better not be poisoned..."

He watches as Kara apparently jets off into the air. "Wow, she can fly really fast."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision stares down at the shouting space raccoon and blinks a few times. "That is the one hundred and forty third strangest thing I have seen so far this year," she muses. "I assume that was not an animal specially created for the party as that would be... a touch cruel."

When Nadia begins handing her team-mates EMP grenades the synthezoid can't help but pout. "Great Aunt Nadia please remember to tell everyone that not all robots are evil. And that people should always try to consider establishing friendly dialogue before resorting to electro-magnetic weapons." She shrugs. "Unless of course my Grandfather stops by for the holidays." You never know in the Pym household...

Donna Troy has posed:
    "My mom is three thousand five hundred years old," Donna tells Clint with a wink. "You're fine. Don't let the younger Titans get to you! Those of us who have been here from the start know you Avengers are the real newbies." Apparently she hasn't quite given up on the faux rivalry the pair had played up during their appearance on the Super Match Game show. Comments about superhuman warrior princesses are left unanswered for now. She's looking forwards to seeing what he makes of a bow with a half ton draw weight.

    Raven is finally towed to the tub, where Donna greets Damian with an understated "Robin," and a smile. No comment is given to his trunks. "Rocket is a strange one. I mean the Guardians all seem pretty strange, but he's definitely the strangest. I'm not sure why, but I'm kind of fond of the loud mouthed little fuzzball." She nods her head in the direction of the exchange between Diana and Terry, and then Terry and Cassie. "This will be fun," she whispers to him. "Cassie is going to enjoy her present. She may need some lessons in high-speed driving, if you feel like helping her out."

    There is the unspoken point that Donna rates Damian's driving abilities. There's no discussion of it, no outright praise, just an acknowledgement of his competence.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Oh, I'm kinda garbage at archery." Cassie is still in the midst of telling Clint. "My worst Amazon training subject, anyway." The base requiremens of them letting her /pass/ Amazon boot camp probably required a decent competence by human standards, but Cassie leaves that stuff to Kate for a reeeeason. "I do the same stuff as Diana, mostly. So my 'weird mythical tech' is another lasso." She grins. "Except mine swaps the lie detector for a 1.21 gigawatt taser." It's an old people movie reference to make Clint feel comfortable, perhaps!

However, Kate's appeal earns a mock-serious look, and she holds up her hands. "OK, OK! No more dad jokes! Seriously tho, you're nowhere near 'dad bod' or anything. And cute sweater."


Any of this strangeness is soon diverted by Terry calling her, and she turns and swoop-flies a short distance to meet him. When offered keys, she takes them and her expression is immediately -suspicious-. Diana, at the bar, gets a wary look. It is an odd reaction for a Christmas gift... but then again, there is a lot of backstory to this one! Bart's swift arrival causes her to blink, though. "Oh, are we doing all of these now and not waiting for Christmas morning?"

She pauses to open his, though, since he's brought it to her personally, and smiles, giving a little 'awww' when she sees what's inside- a little carved statue, of some sort? "Thanks. This is super sweet.""

And then Diana is given another SUSPICIOUS look before she turns and... flies for the elevator shaft at full speed! Woosh! Gone!

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate looks mildly unsure as Cassie compliments Clint's lack of dadbod. Awkward. Thankfully saved by Vorpal.

"So are the Avengers doing a Christmas party of some sort Clint?"

Subject change subject change. "And I didn't bring presents up here.. wasn't sure about all the guests and who would show so figured I would stuff them by the tree downstairs later for people." aka she figured it would be later and all. Which helps maybe give cover to her teammate.

"I wonder what Diana got Cassie." she muses then looks to Diana "Did you get her a moped?"

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "If you want to, Supergirl, then so be it." He's still working on...manners? No, more like social graces. Damian's right eyelet opens up to look at Donna after the loud mouthed little fuzz all comment. "Hmm, yeah. No idea, huh?" Apparently sarcasm is now in his toolkit. "The water is hot, and relaxing." He says, this time to Terry. "Archery is fantastic. The most silent of projectiles, precise, and if you are good, like myself, no one will ever know you just took out an entire squadron of enemies."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal grins as Cassie ZOOOOOMS for the elevator. "You know," he says to Bart, "any faster and she might have traveled back in time. It'd be just so embarrassing if someone with super-speed went over and recorded her reaction," he winks. "I'm going to hop into the tub."

He pulls off his sweater and starts to set his way into the hot tub. His uniform suffered such damage during the space outing that the entire top of it had to be removed, leaving only the shorts behind, and thus it was practically swimwear at this point. Hence the reason he was wearing the ugly sweater over it. "I really need to get some moolah to get a replacement uniform---- aaah.... oh, this /is/ relaxing," he says, coming into the water and then closing his eyes, letting out a hiss that makes it sound like he's melting.

And then he remembers he's in his fur-body form. "... I hope Vic remembered to install those enhanced filters..."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will take the hint, and heads to grab a camera to take pictures, getting there just moments before Cassie for the recording. His side trip taking but a moment. He looks around and will keep Cassie in shot, and may later have some info on how camera work at superspeed.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    You can lead a Raven to the hot tub, but you'll have to shove her into it, or so the saying goes.

    As a result, for the moment before she is inevitably pulled into the water by Donna, Raven floats at the rim of the tub, and she nods at Damian. "Robin." she remarks, calmly, her journey finally at an end. "It is good to see you comfortable." she says, seemingly the least comfortable she's ever been, or will ever be.

    "Are we done?" she aays, looking over at Donna now, who holds the key to her fate in her hand- that being Raven's hand, which even if the goth wanted to, was unlikely to be able to dislodge itself from Donna's grip, even now that the party rounds have been more or less made.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia beams her smile at Terry, "You're welcome!" Before she turns her smile upon Vivian, "Of course not all robots are bad just like not all people are bad, but we still have counter-measures for dealing with them anyway and I want my friends to be prepared to deal with the things have have been posing a great deal of danger to them lately."

She makes her way towards the hot tub as she talks, which seems to be the ultimate destination of the party and shucks off her santa outfit as she goes with little thought to modesty. At first it might seem like she had a bikini and was prepared, but on further inspection it is just a black and red sports bra and bicycle shorts she was wearing underneath, but close enough to a swimsuit. "Hot Tub time!" She announces, despite the fact many have already been in, some for the entire party.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint blinks at Cassie. Was she flirting with him or just attempting to inform him he didn't have the dadbod of fatherhood? Either way, Clint lets out an uncertain 'thanks?' before he watches her sprint away.

"Strange friends you got there." He informs Kate. "I dunno. I think Tony was talking about something, but what do I know?"

He then looks to Diana and apparently follows Kate over to her. "Hey Di. How's kicks?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie does not return to the party in the immediate future. Footage recovered by one Bart Allen will later reveal her doing donuts in the tower garage in a sporty little red covertible. Security audio might also record an abundance of 'wooooo'ing.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana, having been brought a towel, has it wrapped around her shoulders as she's still by the bar. She watches Cassie fly away at high speed, only to be purused at even higher speeds by bart. A grin is on her lips as she raises her drink up for another taste of the bubbly beverage within it. With Kate's question directed her way, the Princess looks up and laughs at the idea, but she shakes her head. "No no, a Miata. Donna and I went shopping for it the other day. Her mother was... reluctant, but apparently she is a fan of them, so it was easier to convince her."

At Clint's approach, Diana smiles at him. "Clint." She says shortly. "Kicks are good." She answers. "I am surprised to see you here, I did not know you had a standing relation with the Titans. It is very good to see otherwise."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Having, very technically speaking, attempted to mingle on her own Vivian follows along in Nadia's wake more than a little relieved to not be awkwardly wandering by herself again. "Humans do have natural inhibitions against hurting each other though," she points out. "While no such reservations exist for harming synthetics." She picks up Nadia's discarded Santa outfit and neatly folds it, before placing it somewhere accessable but out of harms way.

She looks at the hot tub but makes no move to get in.

"Would anyone like me to fetch them anything? Food or drinks perhaps?" She glances around. "I can assure you it will not trouble me to bring things over so you may enjoy your heated water."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Well she is going to be thrilled that she gets to upgrade from the Corolla..." she muses. Then considers tilting her head. "A Miata is an upgrade right? Honestly I'm not really sure I have ever seen one and as far as I can tell vehicles seem to be some advanced form of Amazonian hazing."

Hard to honestly say if Kate is kidding or not, she looks so darn thoughtful about it.

She glances over at the hot tub, still not having made it in. Though now Terry is getting fur in it. Though it is fascinating to watch Donna torture Raven over there with the threat of actually relaxing.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Raven. I am indeed relaxed." Then he turns, looking at Donna, then back to Rae. "Am I correct in assuming you were pressed into this social situation?" He asks, before closing his eyes again.

  "Oh, I'm sure Batman is somewhere around the other rooftops spying." Not that he cared if he was or wasn't. But then again, everyone knew how...strict the man was.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
With eyes half closed, Vorpal greets the newcomers to the hot tub, finding the hot water mellowing him out quite a bit. He no longer recalls the embarrassment of the tiara incident. For now.

"Hot tub time indeed... hey, Raven," the Cheshire cat looks up as the goth woman is reluctantly dragged into the area by her girlfriend. "It's good to see you... " he says in the tones of someone who is afraid that the feeling is not mutual. "The water is at a very soothing temperature," he adds, by way of offering before he looks over his shoulder.

He snorts, seeing Gar and Kian totally out of it, and then he smiles a little. He stares at Gar for a few seconds before he realizes he is staring, and then turns over to Vivian, looking slightly embarrassed, "Oh no, we're alright... you don't need to bring us anything, only your conversation," he grins.

He blinks, and slowly looks to Damian. "Wait. Batman is eavesdropping on us?" he tries to remember if he made any bat-jokes throughout the night. Just in case. And then he casts a paranoid glance around, just in case a familiar outline of a cowl is peeking here or there...

Donna Troy has posed:
    "We are done when the party is over," Donna says to Raven with a fond smirk and a gentle elbow nudge. "Just try to enjoy yourself. The water is warm and relaxing and you can lean back, close your eyes and socialize by pretending nobody else is here."

    Donna grins at Diana and nods her agreement. "I may have said something to her mother about the Titan's car pool," she says to Kate conspiratorially. "Or more specifically the bikes, and how eager Cassie had been to drive one of those around after I drove her to New York on the back of mine a little while ago. I think that finally persuaded her that Cassie could be trusted with a nice reliable sports car."

    "It's not just the Avengers who have a Hawkeye," Donna says to Diana with a grin. "Our one uses the name with permission - he trained her. Also Clint and I met on a TV show a while back and I abused him horribly, so it was only fair to make sure he had an invite.

    Donna smiles to Nadia when she comes to join the party in the tub, and her gaze passes across to Vivian, and her smile widens. "You're Vivian, right?" She does her research. "I'm Troia. Or Donna. Either will do. I believe I owe you thanks for the aid you gave getting that hyperspace probe to us. We would still be lost in hyperspace if you guys had not sent that to us."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint smirks, before he nods. "Yeah. I trained the other Hawkeye, so I guess while she's on the team I have a bit of an in myself, just like you do with Wonder Girl." He smirks at Diana. "Didn't really picture you to be the party type though." Though he's about to mention something else before Donna mentions the tv show thing.

"Yeah, I got grilled, and Donna's been trying to warm up to me ever since." he sends a teasing wink her way. "and will you stop torturing that poor gal?" He mentions Raven, of course, and Donna's antics.

Diana Prince has posed:
A look is sent over to Donna. "Television show...? Oh, the Match Game. I have not had a chance yet to watch that. I should do that." She states before darting her eyes back to Clint. She laughs softly at him. "I attend more parties than I know what to do with, though not all of them are quite so ... open for me dressing so--" She glances down at herself in a swimsuit with a towel draped over her shoulders. Her stare bounces back up to him. "And that does make sense, Kate is a remarkable archer. She was quite the talk of Themyscira when we took her there a few months ago." She smiles to Clint then. "You have done well, which is no surprise, yes?" She grins once more and sips from her drink again.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen continues to be Cassie's video blogger, running beside her a bit, and even riding with her for a bit if she is ok with it.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I am not really very good at making small talk," Vivian admits to Terry, finding a hot-tub adjacent spot of floor to sit on. "I have been /trying/ to improve my skills but still find many situations baffling. Especially when they involve large scale group dynamics. It is very difficult to know when to interject myself into an existing conversation without committing a social faux pau." The little bells on her shoes jingle as she tucks her legs underneath herself.

Her attention shifts to Donna. "Yes, that is correct. Vivian Vision, it's a pleasure to meet those of you I have not previously met." A pause. "And remains a pleasure to meet those I have already met." She shrugs. "I only played a very small part in the space mission. And it was more than reward enough! I am unsure if my father /or/ grandfather have been that far into space. Now that I consider it I may even have been the first Synthezoid in space."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven slowly drifts down to the ground, her feet finally touching the surface of the roof. "I am already pretending that nobody else is here, and yet they all keep talking." she notes, eyes forward. The sky has not yet erupted in flames, but it may be getting close. She elbow nudge, gentle for Donna, jostles Raven lightly.

    There is then, a direct ruination of all of her efforts so far, as she had been trying to avoid accursed -movement- in that regard. It's practically hypnotic, if only for a moment or two. Raven doesn't verablly object- now, at least- but she does lightly twitch at the corner of her eye.

    "You may call her Donia. I will allow it."

    She has spoken. It cannot be undone.

    "Thank you, Hawkeye. They have conventions banning this specific thing. She is in violation of several. I checked."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "On you? No. On me, probably. Don't worry. Unless you do something illegal, he won't be cross with you. No matter how much he tries to posture like he will punch you in the face."

  Robin continues, relaxed, and calmed. He may not be like any other Robin, but he is definitely up for subverting his own father.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Social dynamics are always tricky," Vorpal confides to Vivian, "You win some, you lose some. Take Raven over there- she'll pretend I don't exist ninety-nine percent of the time. Until I say something that embarrases me." He grins. "The best thing I've found is to just be yourself and... well, you shouldn't be too scared of making a faux pas, since mistakes are the thing you learn from the most. I make Faux paws all the time," he says, raising a hand and spreading his fingers with a smirk, "But I'm still here, and Robin has yet to stab me in my sleep, so I can't be doing /that/ badly, right?"

He pauses after Robin's interjection, and adds, "Then again, he might be waiting for the chance where Batman isn't spying on him." He grins at Vivian and Nadia. "But as Donna said... without that probe, we would've never come home. I know what a team effort the whole thing was. I am lucky to be part of this team," he lowers his voice a little "even if most of the time I feel like I don't quite deserve to be in it."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "If I didn't torment you a bit you'd have to find something else to complain about," Donna tells Raven with a grin. "Really, I'm doing you a favor. And Vorpal. Because if I didn't give you things to complain about, then you'd notice all the things Vorpal does that you could be complaining about instead. Honestly I do it to save his life. "

    "It was a fun show to do," Donna tells Diana. "I may have threated Clint a little, but it was all in fun. A little mock rivalry between the Titans and the Avengers. I'm sure it kept the audience amused and nobody took it seriously. As it happens I didn't get a chance to see it either, sister. We should watch it together." It's true - Donna missed her own comedy television appearance. Getting trapped inside a black hole for a few months a few days after filmin can do that.

    "Out to Jupiter, no less!" Donna replies to Vivian. "When we left, the T-Jet struggled to get into orbit. You guys really have been busy while we were gone. As for the first Synthezoid to go so deep, the first that originated on Earth, perhaps! Still that's quite an acheivement. I think we may have been the first people from Earth to have escaped from a black hole, but honestly I'd be quite happy if that never reached the record books. It's a great relief to be back, and as much as you downplay your role in helping us, I will not forget the help you have given to me, and to the Titans."

Clint Barton has posed:
"Well, I -definitely- approve." Clint is not above flirting a little bit with Diana. "Or at least it looks good on you, anyway." Though her praise at his teaching skills seems to make him smile. "I like to think I'm a good teacher, even if she's as hard-headed as I am." he informs her.

Raven's input makes him audibly laugh. "No doubts there."

Then Donna elaborates on the show. "I'm just saying, I never miss."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Oh, that's one way to find out if he's watching." He comments,a hand slipping through his pocket, and thumbing a batarang, blunted, but most couldn't tell right off. "Hold still Vorpal." Not even looking directly at Terry at the moment. The black metal glinting with the water dripping off of it.

  A quick throw backwards and through the dark of night, the woosh of the weapon suddenly stops as a 'TING' rings out in the night air. "Guess he is out there." Really though, he threw it at one of the Tower's antennae. He'd never tell.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Recently I made what I thought was a very reasonable request to inspect the cargo of a ship and someone dropped a shipping container on me," Vivian notes solemly to Terry. "It turned out the ship was involved in illegal activity. But the situation was quickly resolved and I am quite hard to damage." She gestures and a little holographic screen appears in the air next to her. "If people would like I can play any episodes of any television show available online. Including the gameshow episode in which Troia and Mister Barton appeared."

"Strictly speaking all Synthezoids originate on this planet. I am the iteration of a design produced by an Earth creation after all. However I am very keen to meet any non-biological intelligences from outside of this solar system. My attempt at opening a line of communication with one around Jupitor ended suddenly." There's a slight sigh, then she smiles. "Honestly with the amount of time Great Aunt Nadia has spent on your T-Jet I doubt it will be long before you can cross interstellar distances faster than you can get through Metropolis traffic."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan yawns very wide, sounding like a Wookiee for a moment as he rubs the side of his face, propping himself up on an elbow as he looks around blankly at first, rubbing at his eyes afterward. "Yo," he calls over, spotting a gathering around and in the water. "Party's still going on, huh guys? I am completely pretending I'm not seeing some of what I think I'm seeing right now."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal's ears perk at the *ting*, and he looks off in the direction it came from. Of course, he was looking in the wrong direction, so his night vision didn't catch the bounce off the antenna. ".... he's out there... sweet jeebus we're in trouble..." he mutters, and sinks a little into the hot tub.

To Vivian, he adds, "Well, that is definitely a good drive, the curiosity to seek new life and new civilizations. To boldly go whre no man has gone before, and split infinitives heretofore unsplit. Besides, having the ability to travel far might help us find Kian's home..."

He points a thumb at the sleeping Akiar, "Poor little guy. At least he's a little less lonely since he discovered Gar can turn into an Akiar and both can get stoned off chocolate." He chuckles.

He perks up at Gar, and grins, "Hey, sleeping beauty, get your ass in the water already. The water is just right."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Some time has passed. And lo, Cassie returns!

She does not, as it happens, bring the car up to the roof with her, whether via vehicle elevators or super strength. Although oddly she does come flying up the side of the building rather than the express shaft. Perhaps this is so that her arrival is not quite so obvious, allowing her to come zooming in at Diana from behind, catching her around the shoulders with a barreling hug-charge. She is still in her swimsuit, though it and her hair alike have blow-tried a bit with all the high-speed flight, albeit the latter still rather all a damp mess around her shoulders and down her back.


This is held like she was a soccer announcer heralding a goal, and then followed with a more abrupt and succinct: "I love it."

She quickly swoops around to land just beside her mentor, grinning ear to ear. "And my mom's OK with it?"

Since she's missed whatever conversation in the meanwhile, she just takes stock of where everyone has ended up. Some folks in the tub. Rachel has moved a tiny amount! She ends up still hanging off her mentor's shoulder, smiling like she can't hold it in.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen comes back up as well, following Cassie. He sits a cheap video camera down nearby and will pile a plate of food up to come sit down near the others listening and munching the food.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana lowers the drink and shoots a smile back to Clint. "You should wrangle the rest of the Avengers up at the mansion. Make them invite others and have a bit of joy together before the year is out. The team could use it." Being that she's been on the roster of the Avengers since Superman's supposed death 3 years ago, she got a lot of insight in to the operating methods... ins and outs, of the Avengers. She's quite the fan of them too, because of it all.

With Cassie's return, Diana laughs softly and reaches over to touch her younger sister's arm. "Of course, Cassie. It was only an inevitability. You... deserve it, after all. And thank Donna too, she helped pick it out." She touches the side of her face before her gaze goes out over those still gathered here and she takes a moment to raise her glass and speak up to hopefully garner everyone's eyes.

"I would like to say something, to all of you." She starts, her smooth voice calm, a happy expression across her visage.

After a moment of waiting, she continues. "I wanted to tell you all how proud I am of you. How ... thrilled I am to see several of your faces back, from the void of space and--" She motions skyward. "--beyond." Another quick smile graces her red painted lips.

"Those of you who were here waiting for their return. Your grace... under the pressure of missing your friends, your brothers, your sisters... it was, commendable. You are a good team here at the Titan Tower. This has been a particularly difficult year for... everyone." A light touches her lips once again as she motions to the decorated roof top. "But we survived it, scrapes, bruises, bumps and scratches. We are about to step over the threshold of another year, and in it... we will be stronger, because of what we have gone through in this one. I--"

Diana's eyes look back over everyone, and she just raises her glass. "I just want to say that I love you all-- and I am not saying that simply because of the alcohol --" She laughs shortly, softly. "-- It is merely an additive. But no... I do love you all, and I look forward to the next year, because you are all here to help us... survive, together."

With her glass up. "So as cheesy as it may sound, I propose a toast. For Togetherness. For Strength in Unity, and most of all... For Love. And the happiest of holiday wishes."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia sinks into the hot tub waters until barely her head is above the surface and let's out a contented sigh as she leans against the edge. She listens to the various conversations swirling around her though with her stomach full of tasty holiday treats and her body immersed in blissfully hot water, she has entered a rare state for the girl who usually buzzing in twelve directions at once, near pure relaxation. When conversation once again turns to the probe, she simply holds up her right hand in a thumbs up gesture and murmurs, "I'm just glad you're all back, I know you guys would let any of us stay lost either."

When Diana gives her speech though, Nadia does manage to sit up a little bit to listen better and beams in appreciation, clapping a bit at the end and then searches about for a glass to raise for the toast.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate looks over as she eats another gingerbread. "I like to think stubborn is a superhero trait." she notes firmly then grins.

"Looks like the car went over ..very well." amused as she watches Cassie gfive the superhug there to Diana. "First dibs on shotgun ride around town later Cass."

Oh heck Diana is giving a toast. She looks around then steps over to get herself a quick glass of bubbly when she has the idea of where this is going. Gingerbread in one hand, drink in the other now. "To the gang being back together."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan grunts as he hauls himself up to his feet, a little woozy when getting upright again. "Man, that was some chocolate," he mutters, before approaching those gathered, but not before Diana shares a few words. He takes the time to get his wits about him - and when it comes to Gar, there are many - before saying, "Thanks for that. Yeah, uh, it's been a long year, and some of it's been really tough, but last year compared to now? I wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe getting the idea for that beacon a couple months sooner, and not waiting so long to figure out my feelings, and doing a better job of answering some casting calls, and..oh. Right. Here's to all of us."

The new costume leaves him barefoot, and after plucking at the material he determines it'll probably be okay to get soaking wet. Stopping close to the edge of the hot tub, he eyes Vorpal. "Dude, you're getting fur in it."

Eyes sweep past them to the liquor table, back to those nearby, then to the table again. "Did someone get into the good stuff?"

Finally, he dips green toes into the water, then more of him follows.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Diana's speech had Damian listening on every word, eyes casually open and looking from right to left as he thought of the rest present. It actually made him feel...sad? No, but why were his eyes itchy? For a moment he had to think of something to do, so he did the only thing he could think of. His feet slipped, as he let out a short yell as his head dunked under the water level.

  Just as soon as his head was submerged, he rose back up, taking his seat again, shaking off the loose water, before grabbing at his towel, and wiping off his face. Taking a moment to remove the mask, and blot his eyes before putting it back. Smooth.

Clint Barton has posed:
Diana gives Clint an idea and he seems to ponder. "Sure, I'll see what I can come up with. Though you should be aware that parties are more Tony and Janet's specialty." he smirks at her, before she's apparently getting everyone's attention.

Clint still doesn't have a drink. Let there be a moment of silent for Clint grasping air.

Buth e nods. "Here, here." he says in approval of Diana's words. Then again for Kate Bishop.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen keeps quiet, while he understands the sentiment, and holds a glass up to toast the speech, he is a bit of an outsider in more ways than one here. He will watch the others and continues to munch a pile of food.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Diana's speech leaves Vorpal blinking a few moments. And then he says, "I started this year thinking... not even remotely thinking that three months in I'd be running into the people I admired growing up..." he glances at those of the original gang still present and awake. Donna. Gar. Yes, even Raven, unafraid of what glare he might find therein. "No way of knowing I'd be in the thick of this group coming back together. And no clue at all that I'd be /in/ this because it turns out my father was... yeah."

He takes a breath. "Most of the time I'm convinced I ended up here by mistake. But I thank you all for never saying that to me and accepting me. I..."

He's getting Verklempt. He's getting Shpilkes in his Genechte-Gezeunk. Deep breath. He looks up at Gar, "And you? I don't care how long it took you to figure out those feelings. At least you did." He'll pull Gar over to him for a quick hug, and a light kiss. And then he hides a little behind gar, his ears turning red again after saying all of that.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven broods silently in position, as Donna continues to socialize. Idly, her attention turns to Terry, who is too close to fly under the radar. "I heard that. Most of what you say is an embarrassment. Sadly, most of -that- you don't consider an embarrassment to yourself." she remarks, before looking back to Donna.

    "Your cruelty knows no bounds. You torment me to save Vorpal. This is not an equal trade." She gestures to Clint, with a free hand, as she set Caitlin's tray down somewhere convenient some time ago. "He agrees."

    Her head turns to Diana, as the woman makes a speech Raven has more or less promised not to teleport away from. "Ah yes. This." she twitches again slightly, not fond of speeches on either side of the podium, and it's exactly the kind of genuine, heartfelt thing that harms Raven more than most weaponry. "I would clap, but I can't. So I won't."

    Instead, she turns her attention to Garf, so far unharmed by her wrath. "Care to share with the class what you are pretending you aren't seeing? It was important enough that you felt you had to mention it."

    Oh, look, a bear trap.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"It has certainly been a more eventful first year of existance than anything in my help files could have indicated," Vivian notes, holographing up a glass in her hand so she can at least mine along to the various toasts. "Unfortunately I do not have enough data to accurately model how next year will be." She eyes Nadia and grins. "I expect filled with some degree of trouble. It is rarely quiet at the G.I.R.L labs after all."

The little holographic screen begins playing a silent loop of the Match Game episode with Donna and Clint in.

"Is the correct social convention for everyone to make a toast? Or simply for distinguished guests?" She frowns. "If we are all supposed to make a toast then I would like to propose one to family and friends who are, in a way, the family people select for themselves."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Oh you know it!" Cassie tells Kate. 'Woo-girl'-ing around the city is definitely more fun with two, and she knows Kate is one with an appreciation for a nice set of wheels! No doubt, this is the seeds of an epic Girls' Night in the making.

Otherwise, she hangs at Diana's side, looking on with admiration as she gives a typically moving speech. Yep. The perfect thing to give this all the feeling of business back to usual, with all right in the world. She also doesn't have a drink right off, because, well, she just flew up, but the suggestion that they're toasing has her scrambling to go and get one. She will not be left out! Of course this means that rather than actually having time to pour a proper glass, she just grabs the nearest convenient bottle. "Hear, hear!

So yes, now she's just swigging something straight-

-oh well, it's a party. And presumably the city-blitzing car ride with Kate can wait a little, if she ends up drunk as a sk- raccoon.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna gives Cassie the /biggest/ grin. "I wouldn't exactly say she was /okay/ with it, but she's willing to tolerate it anyway. I may have casually implied to Helena and Diana that if I didn't approve of your next car I'd be fixing you up with a ridiculously fast and dangerous motorbike. 'Resigned' is probably a better description rather than 'okay'.

    As Diana gives her speech, Donna lays back in the warm water, a glass of champange in her hand and a smile of contentment on her features. She raises the glass to the toast and echoes the sentiment - "To Togetherness, to unity, and to love."

    "This has been a hard year, but it has also been a year we can all be immensely proud of, because we have faced every challenge the universe has thrown at us, and we came out on top. And those challenges have been significant."

    "The Titans first formed almost a decade ago, but we took a long break after Doomsday. This year started with an effort to bring us back together." Donna gives Gar a big smile. "That was very much thanks to your efforts, Gar. And you, Vorpal, and you Hawk. Our Hawkeye that is, not you Clint," she adds with a grin. "You guys brought us back together, and the Titans are now better and stronger than ever. We have faced many threats, including at least two that could have seen the end of the world were it not for the bravery and resourcefulness of the people here right now. The new generation of Titans - not just you three who started us getting back together, but our new Robin, our wonder scientist Waspette and all - have faced the harshest of baptisms, and come out shining. I could not be more proud of you than I am."

    She raises her glass to Vivian, nodding her head. "To family and friends - yes, a good toast indeed. And to the Titans, old and new, and those yet to join. To the Avengers, to the League, both great allies and great friends. And to sitting in a hot tub, getting drunk on champagne!"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan gives Vorpal a look, squinting at him. Everyone else who's there gets at least a moment of his attention, a sense of acknowledgment even if he greeted them earlier before snoozing over by Kian.

He only shrugs at Raven, answers with a lopsided grin that shows off the snaggletooth from his underbite, and says, "Nah. I'm good. Things are the way they're supposed to be right now."

There is a pause as Vorpal shows his affections, if briefly, after Robin's smooth display of going under, leading to him rolling his eyes before nudging the Cheshire Cat. "You're a dork, but you're my dork now."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia raises a glass of champagne and drinks it like it's normal, but then Janet is her step-mother after all. "This year, where to begin. At this time last year I was still in the Red Room, being trained as an assassin and learning to make super weapons for them. They'd just given me a black market sample of Pym Particles to reverse engineer, which would ultimately be how I escaped. At the time I just wanted to find my Dad, the Hero Dr. Henry "Ant-Man" Pym, one of the greatest scientific minds on the planet. Thinking of finding him was what kept me going for so long, let me endure, but what waited beyond the Red Room, I couldn't have imagined it, going to another dimension to rescue my father, battling alien invasions, meeting all of you, going to space. This year has been magical and amazing and I wouldn't trade it or any of you for anything. To togetherness, unity, and love!" She echoes Donna, raising her glass again.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal smirks and looks at Donna. "I just got shot a lot and then I punched a spider," he jokes, and then leans into Gar, resting his head on his shoulder, "Sure, I'm your dork. Just don't make me tattoo it on my forehead or something..."

He pauses and looks at Donna, suddenly giving her a grin because... well.

He looks over the edge of the hot tub and checks in with Bart, "You doing okay over there? You know, I'm sure Wally must have left some swim trunks or something behind you can wear if you want to jump in. I'm getting out soon so people don't accuse me of putting fur in the water," he makes a face at Gar.

He doesn't have a glass, because it is not a good idea for the Cheshire Cat to drink, but he raises his hand "But I'll echo it- to togetherness, unity, love... and pizza."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian stands, waist deep still in the water. "I will be honest. I am not one for grandiose words or speeches. You've done well. Regardless of if you're female, male, young, old, green, or black, white, tan, blue, or whatever the hell Vorpal is."

  His frown softened just a little before continuing. "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. But I would rather be here than back where I was a year ago. Don't expect me to be like this for another year. It is good to have everyone back. And to new allies, we are glad to have you. When shit goes down, I like to think you have my back. And when you are down, seemingly without a hand to lift you up. Just remember. You could be like me, and have Batman for a father. Watching your every move even when YOU ARE AT A PARTY!" Seemingly yelling into the void of Metropolis, to the Batman that wasn't actually there.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen 's santa hat buzzes a bit as he starts to answer, and he moves it a bit to reveal a bluetooth earpiece. He listens for a moment, and says "Well looks like I gotta go, seems someone tossed some food into the hippo enclosure, and Juan called in sick so this looks like a job for Zoo keeper assistant #3 man." He looks to them and says "There are presents under the tree for all the titans, I will grab the others outsiders and head drop them off there. Thank you for the invite." And with that, a blur to the tree, and down the side of the building he heads towards Gotham.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate smiles ans sips her drink and shakes her head at some of the toasts. Though she definitely agrees with the sentimiment of pretty much all of them.

She meanders to get a handful of cookies from the buffet, some real good, and then scoops up her bow. She seems to be in the process of heading down stairs for a bit of time without the chaos to eat real food and well will probably be back up later.

Stealthy retreat.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin blinks at Damian. "Did you just quote the Fellowship of the Ring?" She settles down next to the tub, not quite willing to get into the hot water but wanting to be close to her friends. Just to be safe, she brings along a tray of food for people who want something to snack on without having to risk darting across the rooftop while soaking wet.

"This is the first Christmas the Titans have done in a while," she points out. Caitlin kneels carefully, tucking her dress behind her knees, and then shifts to rest her weight on a hip and bracing one arm to support her. "I never imagined we'd have this many people under the roof. On the roof. Whatever. The roster." Dimples appear when she smiles. "Back, and better than ever."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan perks up after Robin says what he does, and Caitlin calls it. "My man! Nice reference!" he exclaims, a wet hand rising up out of the water to hold out for a high-five. "Gimme some skin, brother! If you got my back, I got yours, and..yeah!"

He holds that pose, looking around for a Batman that probably isn't there. "Did anyone leave some Bat Cookies out for him? Like, Santa Bat? Oh, by the way, I rented out the theater downtown for the whole weekend so we can have a movie marathon. We got a whole list of stuff to pick from."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Yes. Yes I did. Blame Nightwing." Damian answers, before with swagger, turning to Garf and returning the high-five, it's very hard, like, really hard. Not on purpose though.

  "I have actually watched some motion pictures." With that, Damian takes a seat back on the bench, and relaxes. "I miss hot springs."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"If Santa Bat comes down your chimney, what do you get under the tree? A tied-up criminal?" Vorpal muses, one eyebrow shooting up, "I mean, does he ride on a sleigh pulled by gigantic bats? What are they named?" This is the problem with mental rabbit holes and Vorpal He is very prone to them.

Blinking a couple of times, he grins "The whole movie theater? You spoil us. The first movie has to be a Christmas Story. Then, we'll see..."

He reaches out to Cait and squeeze her hand, grinning. "So... I imagine you need someone to come over for midnight mass? I'll be with the fam over in New York. Mom, probably April. Gar here. I can come over with you and we can round back to mom's house for chocolate."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven's expression sours, visibly, the more speeches get made. Normally, it's just one and done. Each speech is like the lance of longinus in her side, save she is alive and it just keeps happening. She somewhat expected Damian to save her, to stand up and drown Terry to break the cycle, and yet. He gives a speech too.

    Raven's eyes have long since narrowed. She has not entered the tub yet, standing on the side of it where Donna let go of her. She looks down, then, at Donna- whose gaze is now imploring a speech from Raven herself.

    "No." she says, aloud. "I will not." Donna does not have to reply. It's the bikini argument all over again. "Fine."

    Raven looks up at the crowd. "I hate everything about this, but without it, I would have destroyed the world. I have regrets. Currently, the Titans aren't one of them. Yet."

    Raven pauses, for a moment, regarding Donna again, before continuing.

    "Without you, I wouldn't be with Donna. I want to remind all of you that her influence is enough that I am standing on the roof, in winter, in a bikini that doesn't fit. If you want to take that as positive sentiment, I will let you, for now. I also want to remind you that nobody will believe you if you tell them about this, but I will know that you tried."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan rubs his hand after the high-five, giving Robin a brief look before he starts to climb his way out of the tub, playing up shaking off any excess water. He's not Beast Boy for nothing. "We'll get one of the Grinch movies playing, too. Robin hasn't seen any of them."

Grinning after Raven's spoken, he flashes her a thumbs-up. "I'd hug you for that, but I already met my quota of one for the year and that one was for a very good reason. But, the sentiment? I felt it, right here." He taps his chest with a fist, adding, "I'm pretty sure all of this is on camera, though," then he points toward Vorpal. "I'm heading back inside. Are you gonna join me?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
After Raven's disclosure, there is only one thing Terry can say.

"God bless us every one!"

So he lacks the newsboy cap and the crutch, but he's pretty sure Raven could facilitate the latter if he pushes his luck too much. "Gar is right. Gar and I should be getting to dry off and go to bed... goodnight everybody!" He flashes a grin and slides over the edge of the hot tub, looking over his shoulder at Gar with a 'you coming?' look, which also includes 'or she's gonna kill me' joke. Once everything is collected, they'll go into the elevator and down to the dorms.

On the way down, Vorpal suddenly slaps his forehead. "Crap... I forgot the balloons!"

To whit, there are about two dozen balloons filled with glitter, stashed in Gar's bedroom, where they were placed for storage until the party.

Unbeknownst to him, about ninety percent had burst, spreading craft herpes all over Gar's room.

Raven's revenge? We shall never know.

Gar Logan has posed:
From somewhere below the roof, those still up top might just hear Gar shout, "YOU FAT, BLOATED EEDIOT! YOU WORM! YOU...YOU STUPID!"