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Rogue's 21st Birthday
Date of Scene: 27 December 2020
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: A big gathering of kind and well mannered people all enjoy cake and each other's company.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Noriko Ashida, Jubilation Lee, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Warren Worthington, Kitty Pryde, Carol Danvers, Samuel Guthrie, Henry McCoy, Simon Lasker, Piotr Rasputin

Rogue has posed:
It's just your a-typical Sunday evening in Harry's Hideaway near Xavier's School.

Okay, no it isn't.

The rules are still the same though, basically. Underage people are here in the bar until the restaurant closes at 10:00pm, but until then there's still a nice party atmosphere going on.

The billiards tables are a popular place, with people challenging each other to games, the bar is busier than usual, and the seating areas are ... enjoying food and atmosphere.

There's a birthday party here tonight though, with balloons lining the ceilings, dangling streamers of green, white, and gold, along with loud music piping from the jukebox in the corner.

The birthday girl is here, imagine that, at the corner of the bar, she's wearing a cowboy hat with her hair loose around her shoulders, a flannel shirt tied off around her stomach, blue jeans and tall leather cowboy boots that go up to her knees. A pair of black gloves on her hands venture up to her elbows to help keep her safe from bumping in to people's bare skin and making their nights less fun!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko isn't wearing anything special when she walks through the door, just her usual t-shirt that says 'Not Funny or Ironic' and this time she put on some old dark grey jeans.  Her hair is her normal devil-may-care windswept look, since fighting against it is futile.

The speedster waits at the door, stock still, holding it open for someone.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    With the door wide open for her arrival, Jubilation Lee comes rolling in. With her toes pointed at the ceiling, the wheels of her Heely sneakers have engaged and she's skating on in. She's holding a statuesque pose, looking up triumphantly as she comes sliding on in.

    "Sup?" she says, perhaps louder than usual, and adjusts her sunglasses a little bit so her eyes come peeking over the top. Her ukulele, presumably for the birthday song, is held in one hand. When she comes to a stop, Jubes rolls her head over her shoulder to look back at Noriko and grins. "Let's find Rogue!" Jubilee HAS dressed up a bit for this. Her hair has been done in an updo, with ringlets and curls falling to her shoulder. Her makeup is the usual 80s-neon vibe. For clothing, she's wearing a yellow peacoat hiding a black cami. She wears a black skirt over black tights. And yes, white Heely sneakers, because...of course she is.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is here to celebrate her friend's adultness! Well... it's not her 18th. OK so she's here to celebrate her SUPERadultness, which mostly means the ability to legally drink alcohol (and view some things that should not be mentioned), but oddly, not to rent a car! Legal ages in the United States are really weird, yaknow!

But Jean is here, obviously, that is the important thing. She even arrived a little early to help with whatever minor bits of setting up there may have been, since she's helping throw the party, and has been darting handling this and that every since. By now, though, she's returned to hovering near Rogue at the end of the bar. As for dress? There's certain unspoken rules about not upstaging the birthday gal, so her manner of dress, despite it being a party, is pretty casual, a vague adherence to the cowboy blue jeans & midriffs chic set forth by the woman of honor: jeans, boots, and pastel colors, a loose canary blouse over a baby-blue flower-patterend crop-top. Now cowboy hat, though!

The party is just revving up, and the natural thing to do to really bring it into proper gear seems to be to get her friend a celebratory beverage. "Alright, I'm making this official and buying you a round. What're you having, birthday-gal?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    There's not much of a pause from the beginning of the party, and the time that Emma Frost arrives, carrying a very small wrapped box tucked under her arm. The charcol grey suit and vibrant turquoise blue business suit is worn well and with purpose as well as the matching heels that allow a hint of pedicured toes peek out of the tip.

    The box is also turquoise paper with a white bow ribbon on that. With a little card that the party girl will have to read later. "I brought my presents, Marie... Where shall I put them?" The woman asks stealing a drink out of a man's hand and tipping it up as she walks past with a wink and she lifts the drink to take a swig before stopping mid step, taking two back and putting it back in the man's hand. "Gross." and then walking past back towards Rogue and her party.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Arriving casually but fashionably late Warren Worthington makes his entrance into Harry's with Kitty's arm linked in his, folding his wings back slightly to allow him passage into the bar. Dressed casually in a pair of jeans, and a cotton button-down shirt the billionaire still looks like he belongs uptown more than he does in a bar like Harry's, but the winged mutant grew up coming here.

He raises his hand to greet the owner at the bar, a quick wave as he calls out over the increasingly loud volume of the patrons inside, "Harry, put everything on my tab. Everyone else......open bar."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is wearing a sweater and jeans, with boots sticking out of the denim's legs. Kitty waves over to Harry as well, and then turns to flash a grateful smile to Warren as he takes on the bar tab. "Thank you," she tells him. She goes up on her toes to brush a surprise kiss to his cheek and says, "Going to go greet the birthday girl, be right back."

Kitty hands the wrapped present she brought to Warren, so she can have her hands free as she runs over and nearly tackle-hugs Rogue. "Happy birthday!" she says to her good friend and sometime former roommate. "The biggest one. The big 2-1," she says with a grin.

Rogue has posed:
Those who are coming in through the door are very much noticed by the Belle at the end of the Bar. She raises a gloved hand up and waves at all of them, instantly giving away her position within the bar as to being over by her friends from the Music Center in Salem Center (they're pot heads, everyone knows it!) and of course, Jean is there too! Lookin' fine no less in her own cowboy dress!

Rogue looks over at Jean, since she spoke first and was closest, and gives her a big grin. "Beer, whatever kind is the darkest'n richest." She leans toward Jean then. "Always the best route t'take, right?" Butt slap to the headmistress! Because fuck it! It's her 21st birthday!

Emma's approach gets a smile, an honest one. "Heya, Emma. You can put all your gifts right here." She holds out her gloved hands then, palms up."

The bar reacts quite happily to Warren's announcement, especially those blazers around Rogue, they're left all cheering and shouting triumphantly. Rogue gives a grin to Warren, then looks over to Kitty as she approaches. "Thanks, Sweet'n'Sugah." Kitty gets a big big hug. "Make them stop though, I wanna stay this age, and go no further please." She states with a nerdy-huffy-laugh to follow those words.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko finally lets go of the door when Jubilee gets her attention verbally.  "Yeah," she says with a relaxed grin, ever so quickly checking her charge levels on her gauntlet before catching up.  As the two work their way through, Noriko reaches out to nudge Jubilee's hand with the back of her gauntlet.

"How would you know what kind of beer you like?" Noriko calls out in Rogue's direction with an obvious smirk when her and Jubilee near Rogue on their search.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma passes the guest she took a swig of beer from without even looking back and passing Warren on her way to give Rogue's gift, she notes, "You stole my gift, and I hate you for it." Emma whispers to Warren as she moves past and lifts an eyebrow as she approaches Jean, Kitty and Rogue. "Here." Emma says softly and sets the very light box down on Rogue's hand before turning around and starting to walk away. "Warren stole my gift, I'll come up with something more, you. Promise." Emma says, not exactly happy, but she works on the fly, sometimes her best work is off the cuff, but usually not. A smirk is given to the stoners and lastly Jean, but nothing is said, yet, as she walks past and towards the bar to get herself a drink, and to let the party rage, as she knows she's not the most, welcome person here tonight.

Carol Danvers has posed:
The door is given the mildest of shoves open, which lets more of the cold winter air inside of course.


If you care about such things.

Carol pauses in the doorway clearly not caring much about the cold, framed by the street lights behind her and accompanied by the chill. Wearing her usual civies which consists of a pair of lightly distressed jeans, stompy boots, a faded Fallout Boy concert t-shirt, and her usual flight jacket over it all. Looks comfy but not terribly warm.

She finally steps inside with an appologetic look when glared at by Harry "Sorry!" and glances around for Rogue and crew.. easy enough to spot. That way is headed now.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Taking the gift from Kitty, Warren tucks it under his arm with a chuckle and follows after the young woman, approaching Rogue and giving the southern belle a flash of those pearly whites of his, "Happy birthday, Rogue. This is from Kitty," he says as he passes over the wrapped gift in his arm, "Mine is the open bar, and on top of that I promise to pay for everyone's bail at the end of the night...but other legal fees are on a case by case basis."

Emma gets a look as she passes by him, a smirk forming as she whispers in his ear. "That is what you hate me for? I have to try harder. It's not my fault you were slow on the draw, Frost. Be better."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes walking in from the backroom. He is wearing a Harry's Hideaway shirt, and carrying a four cases of beers in different brands. He looks over and smiles as he sees folks have started showing up. He will put the cases down, and walks over to the fridge, and pulls out brown paper bag with something a little smaller than a 20ox bottle in it, but has a flat top. He carries it over to set in front of Rogue, "Happy Birthday, don't finish it here, but Harry is ok with ya trying a bit of it." He will tell her. "Seems Ah am working tonight, someone is throwing a party or something." He jokes.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    As they walk deeper into the bar, Jubilee leans in real close to Noriko, some concern splashed across her face. After getting the lay of the land, Jubilee has noticed something particularly un-cool about this party. "I think we're the only kids," she whispers conspiratorially. Her eyes dart left and right. "We...we're the coolest ones here." The look of horror on the poor girl's face...

    The nudge of cold metal on her hand earns a grin from Jubilee, staring down at it. Her eyes look up at Nori for a moment, a confused look on her face, then around at all the other Xavier's people in attendance and then back to Nori. Jubilee's smile grows to the outer boundaries of her cheeks as she threads her fingers in between Noriko's encased ones.

    "Yeah, Marie!" Jubes shouts. "HOW!?!" She laughs a little as she trots along with Nori on their path towards Rogue. When they finally get there, Jubes extends her ukulele for Noriko to take and then uses her newly freed hand to pull a tiny box -- like what someone might put gloves in -- from the inside of her peacoat and extends it to Rogue. "Happy Birthday, Marie!"

Jean Grey has posed:
"Well, you heard her," Jean echoes, turning from Rogue to the bartender. Glancing over her shoulder at Warren as he arrives and predictably declares his intent to bankroll what is no doubt to be a rather long night of drinking, she nonetheless makes a point of slipping a bill over the bar to pay for this sinlge pair of beers. Evidently, she really wants the honor of buying her friend a birthday drink, even if the rest of them go to Mr. Moneywings.

Not that Rogue drinking is anything new: she's seen that stash in the hollow globe in the secret room. Its just a matter of ceremony!

However, even she's unprepared, as she leans over the bar for the drinks, for the whack across her denim-clad rear, which causes a surprised laugh and a flash of a grin back at her friend, before straightening up and turning back to hand over one of the pair of beers. "So, starting slow and steady?" It's almost? No, definitely, a challenge. "I guess we can wait for the youngsters to clear out before we start doing shots." Headmistress nothing, she's here to party -hard-! That said, she stands back just a step as Kitty comes bombing her way in, and glances past her to Emma as she joins their little bunch. "I'm sure its the thought that counts, Emma. You want one?" She holds up the beer, with a cock of her eyebrow as if wondering if the frosty ex White Queen would dare imbibe something so common.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Not too shortly avter Carol makes her way in, follows Henry. He's got a largish roundish box. Ish. No, really, it's wrapped and everything. With a bow! The blue man looks about the bar, smiling as he sees so many people present - here to celebrate with the birthday girl. "As it should be." He comments, to no one in particular.

"Shots? We're doing shots? Is there a party or some such?" He calls out, after Jean's comments. He waves to all present, looking for a place to set down the gift and greet everyone properly.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon is wearing his formal black leather jacket today. It is a special occasion after all. You only turn 21 *checks notes* once. His main other concession to the formal occasion is that he isn't wearing some ridiculous band shirt. He has a blank polo on like a square. He still has his big black buckled boots on because he will only compromise himself so far.

He feels almost taunted by the setting. He knows that some people are old enough to drink in the party, but they don't have to rub it in everyone elses faces. He is not sure he would actually drink if allowed to, but its the principal of the thing.

Simon has a cylindrical package wrapped in green and gold. He leaves it with the others on the pile. You would be able to spot it, because it has a spoon bent around the ribbon with a tempered rainbow in it. (if you heat steel to just the right temperature it turns colors.)

"Happy birthday Rogue."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
In comes the Russian strongman. Piotr is dressed comfortably but well by his standards, jeans and a buttondown shirt. He is carrying a gift a fairly flat rectangular object of some sort. He brings it over to where the other presents are and adds it to the pile without fanfare.

Part one complete, Piotr smiles and heads over to get himself a drink. Vodka and soda of course...because vodka. "Happy Birthday Rogue." he says greeting her happily.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I'm not sure that makes us cool," going to a party with all adults and teachers.  "This...might be a mistake.  Let's just get her the present you got and get out of here okay?" Noriko leans to say to Jubes.  "Drunk people aren't fun when you can't get drunk too...and I don't like how-" but she cuts herself short when Jubilee finally takes her up on her silent offer.  She gives Jubilee as much space as possible between her fingers, but it's a bit kludgy, like threading fingers with a robotic Beast.

Oh.  Ukulele.  Noriko takes it and realizes finally why Jubilee brought it.  "Or after the birthday song," she stage whispers into her ear.  Noriko isn't carrying anything other than that ukulele at the moment.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma pauses and smiles towards Jean and doesn't quite get to break away from the group just yet as when Jean addresses you, it's only polite to return conversation and Emma is many things, but impolite, isn't one. Emma leans close to Jean and whispers to just the red head before leaning back and grining ear to ear. "I'd love to share a beer with you all." Emma almost blushes, feeling a sense of welcome start to try and wash over her but she stamps it out with the emotional input from everyone else.

    "TO MARIE!" Emma whoops once as she takes a bottle from Harry and moves around to be near Jean but not in the way of anyone else. With Warren in her sights, Emma gives the man a shake of her fist, but nothing much more vulgar than that, she doesn't want to really start anything tonight. This isn't the place and she certainly isn't drunk enough.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde lets go of Rogue after the big hug. "Part of the wrapped gift is from Warren as well. I wouldn't have been able to manage it without him," she tells Rogue, and flashing a smile over to Warren.

Kitty moves to Jean and slips an arm around the redhead's waist. "Now you need to drink extra for me. Because our nation's tyrannical drinking age laws dictate that while I can..." she lowers her voice, "Go into space and save the planet..." she raises her voice again, "I'm still not trusted enough to have a shot of Jack."

Rogue has posed:
The shout from Noriko draws Rogue's eyes over to the familiar face, and she sends her a grin in initial response. Her right hand goes up to adjust that cowboy hat on her head. "It's just a honest guest, that's all! That's all I'm sayin'!" She plays the innocent card, cause of course she does!

Rogue is reacting to the gift given from Kitty, handed to by Warren, and his words make her grin big. "You're an angel, ya know that?" She tells him before tipping her chin past him. "I don't think anyone is gettin' arrested here t'night. The laws here." She notes Carol striding in to the bar, who is quick to get a wave and a smile from the Belle. "Carol! You're just in time for the mud wrestlin'!"

She's kidding. They joked about it, but the cost and setup was too expensive!

Emma gets a grin and a shake of her head. "Just glad t'have ya here, Missy Frost. It's nice seein' ya stretch your roots a bit, so t'speak." With Sam arriving, Rogue is quick to grin at him and his attire. "You workin' here now, Sammy? I swear you're changin' jobs faster than anyone can keep up with." She's teasing of course, and his gift is received with a quick look and a big smile, along with a hug too!

Jubilee and Nori's approach is registered then with HUGE EYES from Rogue when she spies the present given over to her. "I thought these were a Myth!" Rogue replies to the map handed to her. "I know what I'm stumblin' around lookin' for when I get back t' the mansion drunk as a skun--" She doesn't even get the words out of her mouth before one of the guys from the Music Center is tugging on the left side of her white bangs, only to get his hand smacked away by a gloved Belle rebuke!

Piotr gets a hug from Rogue too, and a hand-covered smooch to the side of his cheek. "Good t'see ya, big man." She tells the tall Russian powerhouse and fellow Yeeter-of-Things.

To Jean and Kitty, Rogue just shakes her head. "I'm told Shots are the only thing that'll actually get me drunk, but we'd have to ask CAROL!!!! if that's true." She smiles over at the Marvelest of Captains.

Simon gets a big smile from the birthday girl too, and a brief lean/hip-bump too. "You're too kind t'get me anythin, Simon, for real. Thank you for comin'." She smiles at him and exhales at the gifts. "I dunno what t'do with all the swag!"

Jean Grey has posed:
Since Emma has declared her attention to join in, Jean quickly orders another. With the bar suddenly VERY busy in light of Warren's generosity, she reverts to the time-honored tradition of just pointing at the drink she already has and then holding up a finger to make a circular 'again' gesture, rather than trying to shout her order over the rest of the crowd. Kitty's plight, as it is, earns a sympathetic smile as the younger woman gives her a squeeze in turn. "Fly a stealth jet, or a space ship, but not a rented Nissan," she commisserates. "Do you want a soda or something?" Not that she - or anyone - can't really get their own drink with this free-for-all, but she still falls into her typical habits, trying to play hostess.

And more people come! "We WILL Hank, but we're just warming up right this second," she quickly calls, as another of her oldest friends joins the celebration. "Though feel free to go straight to the hard stuff if you're not in a beer mood," she allows, with a laugh. "We all know that Pete-" See? She gestures. Vodka, what else?!

Then she finds herself peering in to see what Simon has handed over. Because swag is always interesting! "Ooh, whatcha get?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie smirks, and says "Ah've been working here for a bit, going to get to start working the bar in a couple weeks. Still going tot he academy but gotta pay the bills, and send ma some money back. That's from Paige, and Me. She is sorry she don't think she will be able to make it, but our uncle Luke made that on his last break, not break out." He reassures. He looks over tot he others offering a smile, but does head back to refill the coolers, putting the fresh beers at the back of the cooler, even though they are cold from the back storage.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Maybe we can get them /so/ drunk that they'll still be tipsy when they start grading our next assignments?" Jubilee whispers in return to Noriko. The speedster was right, though -- it's no fun being around drunk people while stone sober. And it's no fun being around adults and teachers. The venn diagram for this party is truly murky. However kludgy the gauntlet handhold may be, Jubilee doesn't seem to mind. She even gives the metal a pointless squeeze.

    "You may be right, though," Jubilee stage-whispers back. "This may be a mistake." Jubes reaches out to take Ukes back from Noriko now that she has a free hand.

    "Who's Jack?" Jubilee shouts in Kitty Pryde's direction, firing off a smile that only total wiseacres can pull off. She doesn't wait for a response, though, because Rogue is opening up her present!

    "Yeah, remember when we did that!" Jubilee exclaims. "This way, when you get back -- well, you know what to do!" She grins even more and then nudges Noriko with her elbow. They've got a plan in the works with their shared braincell.

    "Rogue, is there a cake tonight?" she wonders, waggling her ukulele in the air.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Returning the hug, Piotr grins, "Good to see you, where else would I rather be than here with friends, celebrating a friend." he smiles as he then releases the hug and takes a sip of his drink. His gaze turns to Jean, "Of course, yeah. Vodka...what else would I drink...your...beer?" he wrinkles his nose, "Nyet. I do not think so." he says rather matter of factly, chuckling some.

He glances around, noting the crowd growing he tries not to hog being at Rogue's side, as the honored guest of the evening, so he steps to the side and leans on the bar. "This is good." he says quietly to himself.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Yeah, I've been told as much, Rogue. On more than one occasion." Warren says with a grin.

Snapping his eyes around the room at the mention of, "Mud wrestling?" Warren's eyebrow perks up as he looks around the bar for the pit or any other telltale sign that such an event might occur. Not seeing anything, he mock-pouts and looks to Rogue, "Tease."

Emma's fist-shake draws a genuine laugh from the Angel and he return the fist-shake with an honest smile towards the other rich one in attendance. "Tell ya what, Frost. We can split it. Fair?"

Warren slips his arms around Kitty from behind and rests his chin on the top of her head, "Don't listen to her, Marie. It was all Kitty, she just borrowed my card. I can't take any of the credit."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Seems, Emma has two drinks, as she snagged one from Henry, and the one Jean ordered without noticing Emma had grabbed one, and so, Emma notes with a glance around the room and spying the younger woman's frown, Emma smirks deviously and takes the drink given to her by Jean and holds it out towards Kitty. With a soft wink and a nod, Emma lifts an eyebrow just slightly, the unspoken version of 'You're good. I got this.'.

    Emma lifts the bottle to her lips and takes a small pull before closing her eyes hard and sticking her tongue out. "Jean... this is swill..." Emma frowns and shudders from her shoulders down. That bad. "I'm gonna... I'm going to help us party." She says, reaching for her cell phone and sending a text quickly. "Marie, you want to party hard or just get drunk?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol returns the smile and wave towards Rogue and calls back "Sure as hell not mud wrestling you ever again Anne Marie!" though it is said good natured and without malice.

Though she probably means every word of that response. Been on that ride. No thanks. Also with Moneywings who knows if the cosat is too expensive monetarily.. just health wise.

She finally gets over towards the group of students, staff, and the birthday girl. She recognizes a whole heck of a lot of them, either from stopping by or having a slice of Rogue in her head not just vice versa. "IF you do enough of them fast enough and don't burn it off, then yes, shots can get you drunk.. ish... It is sure a lot easier with a couple of various 'alchohols' from off planet though..." she reaches into her jacket and pulls a small crystal bottle out of the inner jacket pocket. "Speaking of which, Asgardian and it should do the trick. Not for mortal men I am told." she offers it up to Rogue. "Going to still need shot glasses tho because I want a shot with you."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast takes in everyone - enjoying the relaxed nature and body posture of the friends enjoying a night out. A grin as sensitive ears pick up any number of conversations. "Many of the teachers, do not tend to suffer from tipsiness beyond the evening of the event." He calls back to Jubilee, with a chuckle. It was a good try, though! He moves over to the bar, ordering an Old Fashioned, sliding over his card for his tab.

A grin to Emma, and a nod. "Do let me know when we start. There are so many I'd like to try - I heard of one that was called a Green Tea. Jameson's, Peach and Sour mix." He muses.

Rogue has posed:
Hank gets a hug from Rogue as well, along with one of those hand-on-cheek kisses she specializes in safe kissing after-all! "Nothin' major, Doctah. Just me becomin' the one all the damn kids are gonna try'n peer pressure inta bein' the school booze mule. That's all." She says to him with a sly half-grin before her eyes sweep back over to everyone around the bar and party area.

A moment is taken to look over the gifts too, the book from Kitty and Warren is flipped through and Rogue's eyes go wide for a moment. "You tracked down my dad's family? They're like, completely off the grid..." Hippies! "I'll... have t'dive inta this later." That's a big one for her, becasue she's got very little info on her family!

Another hug is given to Kitty then and a PAT to Warren's shoulder, gloved affection!

Piotr's call for vodka draws a grin from Rogue, and her best Russian-accent. "Vodka is water in motha Ruuuussha." She teases the big man. "Guess I'll have t'figure that out too, huh?" Eyelashes are sent a-fluttering there-after!

Harry answers Jubilee about the cake. "Cake, did someone say cake? Oh what edo we have here?" The aged balding man says as she reaches behind the bar and lifts up a giant double decker birthday cake that he deposits on the bar and pulls the plastic covering off of.

It's covered in candles of course, but they're yet-unlit!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I think then I'd have to carry everyone to the hospital, but good thinking."  Only Jubilee would get a nicety tacked on to Noriko's snark.  She doesn't really whisper her reply either.

Naturally, Noriko is none the wiser considering Jubilee's hand squeeze.  She lets Jubilee do all the direct socializing and lifts her gauntlet with a pressed grin in greeting to Rogue when the girl opens the present.  "My present is...time sensitive.  So we're going to have to duck out early.  Apparently there are things I can't do on my own," she says with a roll of her eyes as if every teamwork activity were somehow related to a teacher's lesson even if the activity is at her own behest.

But then Noriko eyes the cake.  "Someone light that sad thing!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's response to Jubilee is, "Good good, keep pretending you don't know," along with a wink. When Emma offers the glass towards her, Kitty looks at it for several seconds before finally taking it. Not that she thought anything was wrong with it. Just accepting it was something that didn't come easily. "Thank you, Emma," Kitty says to her quietly.

Warren's arms going about her is like a touchstone though, Kitty relaxing and leaning back against the taller man. She spots Piotr and Beast and waves towards them. Noriko's antics draw a glance, but her comment about lighting things causes Kitty to say to Simon, "Gently though," with a teasing grin for the fiery mutant.

Kitty looks back as Rogue opens the present. There's that expression on Kitty's face, when you're waiting to see how the person reacts. As Rogue realizes the book is her family tree and history, a glowing smile breaks out on Kitty's face at the reaction from the Mississippian. "Wasn't easy, but there was more out there to find than I'd hoped for," she tells Rogue with a nod.

Kitty wraps her arms back around Rogue, and whispers, "Happy birthday," to her before letting go. She settles back against the winged mutant then, her hand finding his to lace fingers. A grateful smile to him. Despite his claims, the presents wouldn't have come together without his help.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "YEAH!" Jubilee suddenly shouts, craning her neck back in the direction of Harry. "I said cake!" Noriko's hand is released and it's not long before Jubes is standing on one of the bar chairs -- one of those heavier-than-she-is solid wood affairs. She waggles her eyebrows and clears her throat.

    "Hey everyone!"

    "Hey everyone!"

    Jubilee frowns. Ehem. "EVERYONE SHUT UP AND PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" she screams.

    "/That guy/..." Jubilee announces, pointing her finger at Harry. "...just brought out a cake! And I /knoooow/ that some of you are just going to roll your eyes because you think you're too cool to sing happy birthday, and that you'll just let everyone else do it...or maybe you'll just move your mouth..."

    "But! Let me tell you that you are /not/ too cool! AND we can totally know you're just moving your mouth! Sooooo.... Don't try any of that, okay! We're gonna be singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MARIE. She's turning TWENTY-ONE today, which means that all the drinks she has here from now on, won't risk them losing their liquor license!"

    There's a vague cheer from the staff, Harry especially.

    "...Okay..... Simon..." she gestures to the boy, giving him a nod as she readies her ukulele.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Have you even ever tried it?" Jean wonders, lifting her beer in Piotr's direction. "They've got all kinds! I'd be surprised if there wasn't one you'd actually like." This is not an argument she thinks she can win, but its fun to poke the bear, so to speak. Of course, Emma's evaluation doesn't really help her cause, either! "What? It tastes fine to me!" She glances at Rogue with a 'right?' expression. Yet there's a look of mild concern as she turns back to find the platinum blonde on her phone. "Emma, we've got students here, and this is a down to earth kind of place... just like our birthday gal, you know? Let's keep it, you know-" A silent plea in her expression. No truckloads of cocaine!!

She glances back to see the hand off from Carol, and lifts her non-beer hand to greet the other woman. "Glad you could make it." For Rogue's sake, she's no doubt a very important guest. However, the little crystal vial gets a rather wary look. "If that's what it'll take, I suppose the birthday girl's earned it. It'd be pretty sad if she ended up the only sober one at her own legal-drinking related party." Then she holds up her hands. "Poor, frail little me will just stick to what they're slinging behind the bar."

However, as the cake makes its appearance, she turns and steps aside, gesturing Simon forward too. Apparently they're going to make a bit of a show of things. And if there's any doubt in the young man's mind, she quickly reassures him with an echo of a thought: <<"Don't worry, I'll make sure no one notices anything who shouldn't.">> ABUSE OF POWERS! Screw it, though, it's Rogue's birthday. From there, she looks to Jubilee, ready to take her lead on the song.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon turns to Jean. Oh crap its the /resposibles/! He double checks and discovers that he is not infact currently up to anything he could get in trouble for. He isn't sure how to feel about that.

"I got her a squeeky Lasso of Truth." He whispers to her. "I dunno, I figured..." He shuffles off towards the cake.

This of course reveals his true motive for coming. That, not wanting to feel left out, and the fact that he does remember when Rogue was a student. He isn't thaaat much younger than her after all. There is a scary thought. He is practically an adult.

Simon only needs to be told to light something on fire so many times. He makes a tendril of flame about a finger width and whips it across at wick height. The candles then ignite in a very stately and polite flame.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes flash at the cake, then at the bottle of Asgardian ale that Carol sets in front of her. "Holy shit." She says, snatching the bottle up in her hands to hold it and look it over, then shoot a look over to Carol. "I'm almost afraid t'drink this stuff, it's like a museum thing, ain't it?" She asks as she looks back to it.

When she looks up she's seeing Jubilee up shouting at everyone about the cake, which garners a laugh from the southern girl who's quick to stand up from her bar stool and reach over to exchange hats. Taking off her cowboy hat, she puts on the one that Hank gave her, giving it a nice adjustment atop her head.

Watching Simon light the candles, Rogues at the display. "Impressive, Simon!" She shouts. A look is given to Emma and Jean then. "I gotta do the thing with the blowin', huh?" A heavy sigh comes from the Belle then as she reaches out to the bar and starts to ascend it.

Yep, she crawls up on to the bar, on all fours and starts to crawl toward the cake. "Look out, Sugah, here I come!" She says following it with a heavy laugh, a haughty laught from the Mississippi gal... who is... crawling across the bar now....

"It's so pretty!" She says on the way, eying the LIT CANDLES!

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren's wings ruffle a bit as he draws them in tighter against his body, trying to take up as little room as he can in a crowded bar with huge angelic wings on your back. "Wait, wait...I still need a drink. We can't toast till I have a drink!"

As the cake is being lit, Warrren reaches over and takes the one from Emma's hand that she just tried and lifts it to his lips, taking a sip. "I don't know what you are yammering about, Frost. This is just fine...Happy Birthday!" before he passes the glass down to Kitty.

Laws be damned, at the end of the night he has lawyers. Good ones.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma stops mid text to look up at Jean and gives her another one of those non-telepathic, telepathic looks that only telepaths have mastered. Can I say telepath one more time before it looses meaning?
    What are they feeding you?

    The White Queen looks to Warren with her jaw dropped and a shrug towards the man, "You've already got one coming to you mister, do you want it to be two?" She gawks slightly but doesn't rich for the drink, instead, Emma slides her phone back into her pants pocket and nods, but then looks to Kitty and whispers. "Tell the other students, I've got them covered." Emma says before she pats Jean's shoulder and stands up to move away from the group. "ONLY TWO!" She says towards Kitty before stepping away and taking a breath allowing the room to be filled with more friendlies closer to Rogue.

    Of course, Emma doesn't sing. She's not a singer. She's from Boston. She screams in drunken rages at the hockey game, sure, but singing. No, and she'll even stare Jubilee in the eyes while /not/ singing.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
A hand raised, a finger up as if to announce he wants to protest Emma covering drinks of students, and Piotr doesn't even get his chance. There are candles lit, and a song is about to start, and of course he simply must sing happy birthday to Marie. And so he does, "Haaaappy Birthday to you..." he begins, and no he doesn't sing well, but thank god so is everyone else? Right? Right?!?

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over a brow raised a bit as Rogue climbs up onto the bar. He runs a hand through his hair, and is actually glad he is not tending bar tonight, that way he does not have to be the guy who will not give those younger than him drinks. He will sing with the others, not a thing he is a fan of but with as many brothers and sisters as he has, he has probably sung the song more times, than most in the room.

Carol Danvers has posed:
There is a bit of a snort laugh. "Well I mean I am sure someone would like to put this stuff on display somewhere or study it.. but no I promise you I got it from an Asgardian not from robbing a museum Rogue. IT's all yours."


"Though it will get you drunk so buckle up whne you drink it okay."

She glances over at Jean "I .. definitely do not recommend the stuff unless you are very .. um.. godlike stamina or regeneration I suppose. I guess Logan could drink some?"

She leans against the bar and makes eyecontact with Harry, points at the normal vodka, taps three fingers for three shots, then looks at the assembled mutants. She seems totally unpreturbed by Rogue crawling up onto the bar and heading to the cake there. "Make a wish Sugah"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee drags her fingernails down the four strings of her ukulele -- it's louder with the nails -- and frets a C chord. Her hand passes by each string slooowly, to give each a chance to sing. Before starting the song proper, Jubilee starts finger-plucking the ukulele while moving her fretting hand through the chord progression. It's more of a flourish -- a demonstration that she's quite good at the uke -- before the actual singing begins. It's some good walking music for Rogue. A girl and her cake.

    And then... she starts strumming in an islandy strumming pattern, moving through the chords of the most famous song on the planet Earth.

        "Happy birthday to youuuu.....
        Happy birthday to you!

        (Jubilee rolls her eyes directly at Emma.)

        Happy birthdaayyyy
        To Marieeeeeeeeee
        Happy birthday....
        ...To youuuuuuu!"

    Jubilee points her finger at Piotr suddenly. "You're in charge of the birthday punches!" she shouts before hopping off of the chair and running through the crowd, against the flow of the cake stampede, to reunite with Noriko and grab her metal hand. And then... they're running for the front door!

    "You've been a great audience! TIP YOUR WAITRESSES!" She shouts into the air while giggling happily.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The hug from Rogue is of course, returned befo she departs to look over the gifts. "Happy Birthday, Marie." He offers, getting his drink from Harry and moving a bit clear of the bar. He grins as she tries on the hat he'd gotten for her - a Bolero hat with a snakeskin band.

A glance to Kitty with the drink, then Emma. A tsk, though no real conviction behind it. "You're playing with fire, Miss Frost." He teases, chuckling. "A mean-spirited professor would have a pop quiz for tomorrow morning..." Hank laughs.

As the song starts, Henry lends his deep baritone voice to the singing - belting it out with all the feeling he can muster. The man loves to sing!

Jean Grey has posed:
Emma and Jean have their back and forth communication of meaningful looks, and presumably come to some kind of negotiated outcome that does not involve copious amounts of drugs being shoveled into the students faces, but does seem to allow for Kitty and co to sneak a drink or two and for Emma to order... well, whatever ELSE she might be up to. It's anyone's guess with her, really!

Then she looks back at Simon. "Oh for Jeepers? That's adorable," she notes of his gift, before watching him move to take his own spot at center stage in the festivities as he sets the candles ablaze. Just the candles, and not the whole bar! It's a good night! Soon, her attention turns back toward Rogue... who by then is already crawling on the bartop. What comes next may be a little unexpected from the Headmistress:


What? If Rogue's gonna set them up like that, it's the least she can do to take the shot!

And with that less than decorous declaration, and the first strums on the ukulele, she promptly launches into song along with anyone else who isn't a total spoil sport like a certain Bostonian. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOUUUU!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gets the glass and takes a sip from it. She whispers about the drinks to one of the students, letting them pass the knowledge around.

After that, Kitty is watching Rogue go after the cake, laughing. "Remember others have to eat some of that too," she says, and would reach out to swat Rogue on the bum if she were within reach. Lucky for her.

The young woman leans back against her date, turning enough that she can slide an arm around Warren's waist. She looks up at him, and shares a smile with him. They are surrounded by their friends. Friends that are so close it would be wrong not to just call them family. And this makes Kitty a happy girl.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is one of those who is 'too cool' and rolls her eyes when Jubilee says it, but it is with a broad grin.  She hums along to the tune, closing her eyes to try and not be reminded by how many people are milling about around her.

Yank!  Noriko blinks when she's suddenly pulled and lifts her free gauntlet to wave one and a half times above the crowd before she turns with Jubilee's momentum.  On to prepare Rogue's giiiift.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
The song completed, and thank god for Piotr's poor attempt to sing. He arches a brow as Rogue begins to crawl across the bar to blow out her candles. All of it amplified of course then by Emma's outburst. The Russian blinks and then just shakes his head with a chuckle, sipping more of his vodka.

"Wait..Birthday punches?" Piotr asks, "Who am I punching..." he clearly didn't get it, spankings?

Simon Lasker has posed:
Singing is fine if you do it badly enough right? He figures it is, and joins in raucous but joyful tone. "Haaaaaapy birthday to you." He can't promise he didn't go with the you live in a zoo version, but he does sing.

He is obligated to see Rogue's 'blowing skills', but after that he goes to get some cake and see if he can get a drink too. Its on principal of course. He's not supposed to drink, therefor he is obligated to drink whenever he can. He then proceeds to the bar with his cake.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Oh lighten up, Emma. It's a party. I already told you I'll split the bill with you, so you can untwist your panties from that supposed affront," Warren says as he takes another sip from his (formerly Emma's) drink.

Warren places his lips down to the top of Kitty's forehead and gives her a squeeze before he releases her from his arms to wander over towards the jukebox while he joins in the chorus of 'Happy Birthday' being sung, "If Piotr is punching things, I'm heading over that way...away from him." the Angel says in good humor before he looks down to the jukebox to pick a song.

Soon enough, Bob Segar's 'Old Time Rock and Roll' starts to scream out over the speakers, but is mostly drowned out by the other noise in the bar.

Rogue has posed:
On the bar, on the prowl, on the hunt, on the verge of face-planting in the LIT cake, Rogue is left laughing at Jubilee's ability to corral an audience in to singing a song that nobody really enjoys singing!

When it's said and done, and the comments are all mostly heard, Rogue is left holding on to the bar with her denim covered butt in the air, and blowing the candles--out (JEAN!)

She has to break when she hears the familiar voice say that too. "You're gonna make me spit all over it!" The southerner says back toward the red headed beacon of 'morality' in this joint.

Going back to her JOB, Rogue starts to BLOW, the candles out until the very last one gets the very last gust of her wind within her lungs and she reacts by just simply slumping down on to the bar and laying flat upon it!

The cake is not a lie, not this time, the candles are out.

Rogue looks over to see Harry just standing there with his arms crossed over his chest, slowly shaking his head. Of course he gets a big smile from the girl laying on his bar, and a second later she's bouncing back up to her booted feet and now spinning around to sit beside the cake with her hands in her lap and a big smile on her lips.

"Thank you, Jubilation Lee! Thank you every one!"

Emma Frost has posed:
    With a smile towards Hank and a wink, Emma doesn't actually say anything, not this time, and neither does she say anything to Warren as she finally breaks away from the group to isolate herself. Little do people really know, she's truly an introvert, and this group of people, as stand off-ish as it's been, have been getting to her.

    Energy spent and social obligations spent, Emma makes her way towards the door, wanting to get home and take the suit off and finally be done with the day and get ready for the next with a hot bubble bath and some /GOOD/ alcohol. Emma lifts her hand to wave towards Jean and Rogue and silently slip out the door without a fuss.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Once the three shots are lined up, Captain Marvel down at the end of the bar does one .. two.. three shots in very quick succession there and then slides them in for a refill.

She also keeps leaning against the bar watching Rogue defeat the villanous candles. There is clapping when success is achieved and a smile over to Jean for nearly defeating Rogue with the well timed blow.

Jean Grey has posed:
"They say spitters are quitters, Marie." Deadpan, quick. The burns don't stop with the Phoenix!!

After that pair of comments, though, the Headmistress shifts deftly right back to 'normal mode,' the Jean who bakes cookies and brings thermoses of hot chocolate on scenic winter outtings. Who was that strange version of her shouting suggestive double entendres in a bar? Must have been the Dark Phoenix taking over or something! Lalala.

In any case, normal wholesome Jean quickly takes charge of cake operations, grabbing the stack of plates that Harry has ready, as well as a big ole cake wedge serving thingy, and begins cutting and plating portions and then handing them out to the expected crush of students (and some adults!), making sure no one goes hungry. When that's done, though...

"Alright, even if I can't have any of that stuff," she finally picks up on that prior comment from Carol, "Once everyone's had their cake, I think it's time we get this party going for real." First cake, then shots!