4531/One day on (and under) the water.

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One day on (and under) the water.
Date of Scene: 29 December 2020
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Arthur Curry

Achilles has posed:
    It was not your average afternoon. It was a case that Angelo was investigating. Sure, SHIELD agents are never totally alone, but there are times when things don't go as planned.
    Angelo was out on a fishing boat with two other agents masquerading as 'crew'. The plan was to play the role while being on the lookout for a shipment coming in. What was in the shipment? That's not important right now. The fact is, the smugglers spotted the operatives.
    "What's that?" asks Agent Jamison. The other two look over and eyes go wide as the mini-torpedo screams in and all Jamison is able to leap off the boat. Angelo kicks Hodgekins in the small of his back and knocks -him- off of the boat. The explosion erupts the boat into a million pieces... and three agents end up in the water. The operation is over. The observation is pointless... the agents are sinking. All three unconscious.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Thunder and lightning broiled in the heavens, as if the gods themselves took a great deal of rage at the sight of three heroes getting kicked off of their vessel. Rain began to fall and the waves grew heavy and fierce. Thankfully, the trio of SHIELD agents would have a saving grace.

The Aquaman.

Arthur was at the bottom of the ocean, practicing his trident skills when he felt a shift in the waters and heard an explosion from the surface. Three people were about to die. A hero through and through, Arthur bursts into a fast swim from the bottom of the deep ocean, rising to the surface within seconds. If Angelo had any collection of thoughts, or opened his eyes, he would see a fast moving object grab both Jamison and Hodgekins.

Was it a shark?

Achilles has posed:
    Angelo was mostly unconscious. Whole despite having been at ground zero for the explosion. The other two agents are wounded and out like lights... and were sinking like stones. Good thing the Squaman was present.
    But it also makes sense that the hero went for them as they seemed the ones more likely to survive. Angelo found himself literally surrounded by, and peppered with shrapnel. Despite this, he is merely punch drunk at the time the other two are pulled to safety. But what Aquaman may have assumed would be red mist or.. in nautical terms, chum... is actually a man who is slowly coming around to the realization that what he is sucking into his lungs is not air... hands and feet starting to flail.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Angelo will be unable to see what had happened to his other too companions, but whatever grabbed them was coming back around. It moved like another torpedo. A mako shark, maybe? But makos rarely come back for seconds. All the same, the figure seems to move much faster now thath e sees Angelo in the process of drowning.

Within seconds, Angelo will feel something -strong- grab him as he's lunged from the water in the arms of...somebody.

If he looks? Its the Aquaman. They appear to be in flight.

"Its alright, my friend. You're safe now."

Achilles has posed:
    Managing to come around a bit more now, Angelo smirks as he spots what is going on. "Atlantean huh." he says when he gets some air in his lungs finally. That is, after coughing up whatever water he managed to breathe in.
    "Been a while." he adds.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Aquaman seems to smirk. "Well, you're half-right. I'm Aquaman. or Orin, if you prefer." He's not going to give out his real name juuust yet, but his smirk says the whole story. Its not long before he sets him down on a small island, where his other companions are currently coughing up water and getting their bearings.

"Any idea what attacked you? Takes a little more than an angry storm to wreck you that bad. Speaking of which..."

Aquaman turns his attention tot he storm, and with a lift of his hand, the storm begins to clear to calm waters and blue skies.

Achilles has posed:
    Inclining his head as he is settled onto the island, Angelo watches the storm being dismissed and asks, "Won't that mess up like.. natural weather patterns and cause problems with folks who spent hours preparing for the storm?" But that's more of an absent-minded question. Not one asked seriously.
    But then he focused and ahs. "Right. Aquaman. That part makes sense. As for what hit us, I am guessing it was a short range, high yield torpedo. Something AIM might have on hand for their nautical operations."
    That said, he stretches a bit, his clothes looking far worse than he looks and he offers a hand. "Agent Angelo Tampambulos, of SHIELD." he offers.