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And Now For Something Completely Different
Date of Scene: 01 January 2021
Location: Kitty's Room
Synopsis: Rogue and Maxwell drop by Kitty's room, and share Lockheed-shaped cookies made by Kitty's mom!
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Maxwell Wave

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's door is ajar. Lockheed has possession of the bed at present. He's curled up on his purple pillow on the bed. While Kitty? She seems to be hanging from the ceiling upside down, kind of like a younger girl might hang from a monkey bars. Her hair is hanging loose for a change. so it's hanging down most of the way to the bed. "So I'm thinking I need to make more trips to see mom. She really liked having me for the end of Hanukkah," Kitty is saying to the dragon. "Though I'll probably put on about 15 pounds from her cooking if I do," she adds with a laugh.

"That reminds me, she sent you a care package," Kitty tells the space dragon. She points over to where a suitcase is sitting on a desk, having been there when she unpacked, but then got called away and never got back to it.

Lockheed lifts his head and looks at the suitcase. Then back to Kitty. To the suitcase. Back to Kitty. Kitty eyes him back, upside down. "You're just going to sit there until I go and get it for you, aren't you?" The dragon continues looking at her silently. Apparently that's the case.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is out and wandering the halls, looking for Kitty, and the last place she actually checks is her bedroom.

A knock comes to the bedroom door and it's followed by a call out. "Kitty?" Rogue asks as she tries the handle and pushes the door open to peer inside.

First she sees Lockheed on the bed curled up, then she sees him looking up at the ceiling so it makes her look up to see her friend hanging there with her hair dangling down. She grins at her.

"What the hell is goin' on here?" The Southern Belle asks as she steps far enough in to the room to lean against the door frame. "Does he not even let ya have your own bed space?" She asks, folding her arms over her stomach, rumpling the fabric of a brand new green sweater she got for Christmas.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell has been keeping himself busy in the lab. Even though his apartment in Bushwick has been restored, he's remained a total freeloader at the Institute. Well, Freeloader might be an exaggeration. He helps in the lab. He helps around the campus with civil engineering projects. He occasionally helps on missions. He's been nudging toward maybe being a teacher, but the place isn't short on STEM. All in all, he has kept himself busy and useful.

Also a helpless introvert, he's wearing pajamas for the evening. Curious about what's up with Kitty, he stops by her door and sees Rogue. He peeks over her shoulder. "Lockheed, the winged tyrant strikes again."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty lets out a laugh. "Yeah, he's such a tyrant," Kitty says, which gets a little derisive snort from Lockheed. "Nah, I'm just messing around," Kitty says, rotating like a gymnast dismounting and then flipping down to land on her feet beside the bed. "Come on," she says.

Kitty walks over to the desk, opening up the suitcase. As she hears Max, her face lights up in a grin. "Hey Max, what's going on?" she asks, waving him forward as well. Kitty pulls out a couple of things from the suitcase. A pair of books of the paper variety, a tupperware container, and a bag of toiletries. She takes the latter into the bathroom, puts the books on a shelve, then sets the suitcase into her walk-in closet before grabbing the tupperware and heading for the bed.

Kitty sits down on the edge. There are chairs before the fireplace as well. She opens up the tupperware container, revealing cookies in the shape of a dragon, with purple frosting with some black lines to further make the limbs look real, and yellow frosting for eyes. She takes out two, setting them on the tupperware lid as a plate in front of Lockheed, who starts scarfing.

Three more come out, Kitty offering one to each of Kitty and Max. "I flew home for the end of Hanukkah," she comments to them to explain the baked goods, for anyone who knows what Kitty's baking is like.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances over her shoulder to see Maxwell behind her now, who gets a quick smile before she uncrosses her arms and starts to wlak in to Kitty's room, leaving the doorway open for him to do the same if he's so inclined. Inside, she heads toward one of the chairs in front of the fireplace since their rooms are almost identical, she's pretty familiar with the layout.

Rogue lowers down on to the edge of one of the chairs and watches Kitty feed the dragon some cookies. "He's gonna get /fat./" She purposefully teases the dragon, grinning at him too whil ehe scarfs down the treats. When one is offered to her though she sits up long enough to take it in to a gloved hand, then settles back down on to the chair. Elbows on her jeans-covered thighs, Rogue holds the cookie and takes a nibbling bite. "I just came t'see what you were doin' tonight, I was gonna try'n wrassle up a group t'go scrounge up some booze and have some fun somewhere... not sure where or what yet though. Maybe at the Music Center... those guys ya know, like t'have fun down there." She's, of course, referencing a store in Salem Center run by some notoriously cool pot-head friends of hers.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max slips inside the room and graciously accepts his cookie. "Oh that's nice. Did the whole virtual holiday myself this year. Got a new set of goggles." He winces, his glowing eyes narrowing momentarily. "They meant well. No clue I've found a place where it's cool to let your mutant flag fly."

He offers a friendly nod to Rogue and takes up the second chair. He puts the cookie between his teeth and adjusts his white t-shirt before performing a perfectly respectable slouch. "I've got a bottle of bourbon stowed away if you need a contribution to the booze horde." He levitates the cookie out of his hand into the air and puts a spin on it. He casually takes nibbles from it as it floats.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty looks over towards her cabinets. "I can probably come up with something to mix it with. If you aren't the kind to object to mixing it," she says. She gives a laugh then about Lockheed. "Oh, he packs food away when he wants to. Seriously he can eat more than would fit in his body. I suspect he burns the food somehow but I've never worked it out fully," Kitty says.

She moves over to the fireplace, which is stocked with wood and some paper under it for lighting. She grabs a lighter and ignites it, then moves over to the desk, sitting on the top. "When I first realized he stowed away back to Earth with us? There was this alien infestation in the tunnel to the Blackbird hangar," she says. "Sidrian hunters. Nasty things. And he came out and saved me, same as he had on Sleazeworld. And they had a nest and he ate the whole things, eggs and hatchlings and all. One-dragon stop to an alien invasion," Kitty says with a laugh.

Lockheed lifts his head from devouring the cookies, and while he doesn't exactly have expressions, he does seem to pose heroically for a moment.

Kitty digs in her desk and pulls out a small wrapped box. "I didn't catch you before I left to have this to you for Christmas, Max. So, belated Merry Christmas," she tells him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go over to Maxwell when he talks of the bourbon, which garners a grin from the Belle. "America's Whiskey, huh?" she replies. "That sounds like a deal if I ever heard one." But as Kitty pases between their chairs to move to the fireplace, she follows the other ladyfolk to watch her light the fire and talk more of her dragon. She'd heard some of this before when she'd originally met Lockheed a couple years ago. "He's pretty heroic, I'm sure've it." She adds, glancing over at the dragon-in-question as he puffs up his chest heroicly, which gets a lopsided grin from the southern gal.

"Up t'yall though, if'n ya got stuff goin' on t'night or not. I'm definitely gonna get outta here for the night though. Remy's... busy, said he had a big stakes card game t'night-- probably just a date with some other girl though." She says that with a clear amount of jaded bias in her voice, then shakes it off.

"But yeah, ooo late Christmas gifts." Rogue notes, watching Kitty hand it over.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
"He really is an impressive guy." He nods once more to the dragon, after he bites his dragon cookie in half. Max accepts the box from Kitty and reaches into a pocket in his pajama bottoms to produce a smaller wrapped package. He floats it over Kitty's direction while unwrapping his own. He grins happily, "Oh sweet. Now I can stop stealing these when I find them. You've made me an honest man." He holds up the subscriptions to Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, and Discover. "You are the best."

"Yea sure, I can grab it in a second." He raises an eyebrow at Rogue and her description of Remy. "Never met the guy, but... sounds like a charmer." He glances toward Kitty and waits for her to open her gift.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde ooos as the present floats over to her seeming on its own, though she knows Max's power so knows how it gets there. "I'm game if you want to grab it," Kitty says of the bourbon. "Got some coke for sure," she says with a glance towards the cabinet. She looks back to Rogue to say, "Bah. Well, hang with us then. We're more fun anyway!"

Kitty gives the box a tiny shake, though carefully just in case it actually is fragile. She rips the paper off them and opens up the small jewelry box she finds inside. "Oh, these are great!" Kitty says.

She pulls out a pair of gold earrings in the shape of sail boats. She takes out the small studs she has in her ears so she can replace them with the present from Max. Kitty gets up and moves over to Max to give him a big hug. "Thank you," she tells him with a grin. "I love them."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins between the both of them then as she takes another nibbling bite of the Lockheed cookie that'd been given to her. "Eh, is what it is." She leans back in her chair and crosses her legs at the knee, wearing a black dress that only goes down to just past her knees, it kicks up around her lower legs that are encased in leather boots that goe up to also just beneath her knees. She watches the gift exchange and grins at it. "You two are cute." She tells them both. "Those'll look great on ya too, Kitty." She notes when she sees the earrings make an appearance. "Good choice." She says now over to Max with a slight smile for him, before more cookie nibbling is indulged.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde settles to the floor between the chairs, over near where she can enjoy the fire and sense the heat that is starting to be given off now the logs have fully caught and are working on turning out some hot coals. "Nothing like a fire on a cold winter night," Kitty says with a sigh. "So glad to have a room with the fireplace," she comments.

Kitty smiles, fingers touching one of the earrings. "I definitely like them," she agrees. Over on the bed, Lockheed is done with his cookies, trotting over to the edge of the bed and then lifting into the air with a sweep of his wings. He just glides over from there, landing on Kitty's shoulder and then walking down her arm to curl up in her lap. Her fingers move down to caress the little dragon as he curls up. "Yes, you're nice and warm too," she says with a soft laugh.

The young woman looks back to Rogue as Max is checking out the cards listing his subscriptions to the science magazines. "So anything exciting in the works for 2021, Anna-Marie?" Kitty asks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks at Max for a moment, casting him a little grin before she watches Kitty settle in between their chairs and the purple dragon flying over to collide gracefully with her to find lap space. "Surprised he doesn't just walk right inta the fireplace t'curl up." She quietly says, dropping her gloved hands in to her lap as she hears the question and shakes her head. "I live in the moment, MIss Pryde. Can't plan for the future, cause ya never know what's comin' next. Be it killer robots, or invaders from outer space. I'm here, I'm now, and I'm ready for whatever springs up next." She says in that tell-tale flirty way of hers, her accent just making her always sound like she's flirting though. A grin on her expression doesn't help either, of course! "But no, I'm about t'turn 21 though, so I'm eager for that t'happen. Gotta come up with a good party t'drag the worthy ones to. Ya know, have the public affair, then have a more wild... private affair, for those who're willin'."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A grin grows across Kitty's face. "Well, sign me up for both. Though I can't drink if it's somewhere that cards," she says, letting out a puff of air in a frustrated manner.

She glances at the fireplace and laughs. "Oh, he has before. But then he tracks ash all over and we came to an agreement about it. Though yes, he'd love it in there. Lava is his favorite, but it's kind of in short supply around here. Well, most of the time," Kitty says. There are people with powers after all that can make it happen. Just it's hard on the building.

Kitty nibbles on her Lockheed cookie which was being overlooked in her hand for awhile. "My contract is up before long at Fisk," she says, "Though still have the one at JVD Fashion for a bit longer. Still not sure what I want to do next," she says pensively.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max beams and hugs her back, glad she likes the gift. He nods at the request for the bourbon and rises out of his chair. He waves his subscription cards. "I'll go ahead and take these back too."

He offers Rogue smile at the 'Good Choice' comment. "Ah, you know. Just going with something I know she likes." He offers a little friendly wave then steps out of the bedroom to go sneak his way back to the lab and retrieve the fabled bourbon bottle. He was a legal drinker, but he figured others might not appreciate a guest sneaking a bourbon bottle into a student room.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Max get up and separate himself from them to go do his errand, her eyes flicker between Kitty and him before looking back to the fire. "I spent so much on Christmas this year. All the money I made at that car hop job." She tells Kitty then as she picks at her sweater with one gloved hand. "And I still wasn't able t'get stuff for everyone. There's so many people here these days, it'd cost a million damn dollars t'buy everyone a Christmas gift." Which might be an exaggeration. Raising her eyes back to Kitty to then. "Oh, and Jean'n I were toyin' around with a Ski trip thing. That something you have any experience with? It's sorta outta my element, even if I'm a quick learner at that kinda thing." Flying powers, she can cheat!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gives Max a smile and says, "Great, we'll be here." She gets up and goes over to pull a 2-liter of Coke out of the cabinet, and gets some glasses and puts ice in them in the meantime.

She settles back down again, Lockheed having moved on to Rogue's lap when his bed departed him! "Traitor," Kitty says in a good-natured tone to the dragon. "Skiing, I've been to some of the places up in Vermont, New Hampshire," Kitty says. "I could recommend somewhere. Are you going for the skiing, or the social life primarily?" she asks. "Sort of might change which one you want to go to."

A small grin is given about the price of gifts. "I hear you. I spent a good chunk from my job on people too. But, you know, first time I've been able to really do that. It felt good," she says.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just lowers down in the chair some so that she's slouching in the seat when Lockheed moves to her lap. She keesp her legs crossed at the knees and just grins at the dragon while she listens to Kitty. She breaks off a piece of the cookie and holds it out for the dragon to snap it from her fingers, as she knows he will, they've played this game before. "Well, me, I'm probably more about the social aspect, ya know?" The Belle replies. "Jean, and whomever else tags along with us would probably more be about the skiing." She gets another pieces of the cookie for the dragon, but this time she taunts him a bit with it, making him have to snap in multiple places to get the cookie piece out of her gloved fingers. "I just wanna get out and have some fun, ya know? Tired'a bein' couped up, and Winter only /just/ started."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde watches with a grin as Rogue plays with Lockheed over the food. The dragon seems happy enough to play as well. "Well, if you don't mind going all the way up to Maine, then Sugarloaf has a pretty good social scene. In addition to great skiing," Kitty tells Rogue. "Cabins, the really nice ones might run like $500 a night, but you can get the cheaper ones for $100. Or stay at the hotel. Either way, the lodges have parties in the evenings."

Kitty moves over to poke at the fire with an iron, adjusting the logs and then adding another to it. "If you guys have room for another let me know," she says. "Assuming the timing works, would be happy to go," she says.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pulls her right glove off of her hand after setting the half of cookie left on her chest. She then picks the cookie back up and continues to snap pieces off to play with Lockheed with, releasing little laughs and yelps as he snaps at her bare fingers to grab at the cookie. Since he's not a human, his skin isn't faced with the same danger of her mutation hurting him. "You're like a Jurassic Park dinosaur, just tiny." She tells the dragon.

Of course, her attention is good enough to take in what Kitty is saying too and she replies through the playful interaction with the dragon. "I'm leavin' it up t'Jean where we stay. I imagine she'll go with whatevers nicest, ya know? Not like she's gonna be caught dead in a sleazy motel, or whatever. Sleazeworld." She repeats that word that Kitty used minutes ago on her space travels, cause, lets behonest, 'Sleazeworld' sticks out!

"I want as many people as possible t'go. I want t'get out and do stuff with everyone, like... /live/ while we still can." She says it with passion and honest, because she's young and, well, a bit wild.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty flashes a grin over to Rogue as she takes Max's chair until he gets back, turning sideways in it so her feet are dangling over the arm which is behind her knees. "Well good, I haven't been skiing in... it'll be two years if we don't go soon," she says with a chuckle.

The young woman lets out a sigh. "Sad to see the holidays over though. My favorite time of year," she says. "This was a pretty good year of them, too," she says. "Being back at the school with everyone. As much as I liked England, I'd rather be home for the holidays."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's attention leaves the last 1/3rd of cookie on her chest and she's too slow to stop the dragonling from grabbing it and hopping up on to the back of her chair above her head with it! She looks up at him as he devours it whole and just shakes her head as crumbs rain down on her head and face. Her face scrunches at the reaction to this as her eyes go over to Kitty across from her. "I had a good time this year. From wanderin' around in the woods with you an' Jean searchin' for a tree, t'shoppin' down in Manhattan. It was a lotta fun. I don't remembah.... Christmas bein' this fun, till I moved in here. This place is magical." She doesn't /like/ to get sentimental, but it's hard not to sometimes.

"Anyhow...." She sighs then. "I wanna visit Deerfield. Sometime when ya can arrange it, we need t'go see your family."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty grins at Rogue's description of the year. "Yeah, it was. Well, the people are the ones who make the magic. Of course it doesn't hurt when we have powers to help make that happen. But that's not really necessary, either," she says.

Lockheed raining down crumbs on Rogue brings laughter from Kitty. Even though she's the one that is going to have to clean them up later! "This is why his cookies were set out on the tupperware lid," she explains through her laughter.

Kitty touches the earrings again and smiles. "I just like thoughtful gifts like these," she says. "We went sailing, when I was first getting to know Max and seeing if he'd be a good fit to have at the school," she says.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue starts to sit up then and her right hand goes up to grab the dragon's tail to tug on it lightly, which offsets his balance and makes him have to dig his clawed feet in to the chair's top to keep himself up there without falling down on to the Belle! She grins then and lets his tail go, just teasing him, of course. Her green eyes then dart back over to Kitty and she raises a hand up to wipe across her face to dash some of the cookie crumbs off of it. "Max is a good dude. Not enough good dudes out there, let alone around here. We need more like'im, quite frankly. I'd hit on him, if I didn't get the vibes that you two meant somethin' to each othe'ah." She says this, then lets a grin cross her lips. "Course, I'll probably hit on him anyway, cause it's mah thing, but still!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty grins at the further happenings with Lockheed. She looks over to the fire then, looking thoughtful at Rogue's comment. "He's a really good dude, yeah. And like a lot of our people, he's had a rough time that he didn't deserve," Kitty says with a soft, sad sigh. "I'm really glad he reached out to Hank. I think he's someone who really needed Xavier's," she tells Rogue.

A soft grin is given and Kitty says, "It's ok if you do. He's a truly great guy. We've sort of been out a few times, but he's free to date or see anyone he likes. You wouldn't be stepping on any toes if you went out," Kitty says. "He definitely deserves someone great in his life. And I'm far better for knowing him, that's for sure."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sits up then in the chair and adjusts her dark green sweater, so that the cookie crumbs upon it jump off on to Kitty's room floor. She grins across the space between them and just shakes her head. "I don't think he cares for me!" She replies in earnest answer. "Only got eyes for earring-girl." She's teasing of course, but a second later she moves to stand up from her chair, turning around she grabs her glove off of the arm of the chair and moves her ungloved hand to stroke the top of Lockheed's hate affectionately, liking to get the dragonling to 'smile' with the kind gesture. "I should go get ready though." She tells Kitty as she starts to put her glove back on. "If'n you two wanna catch up at the Music Center, we'll probably head out for the ball drop around ten or... maybe nine, I dunno."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Sounds good," Kitty says, rising to her feet as well. "Yeah, I'll see what's going on, try to catch up with you," Kitty says. "Though that one bass player always hits on me when I go by there. You know, the one with the hair that's longer than mine and wears that hat that looks like the park ranger from Yogi the Bear?" she says. "Which, ok it's flattering, just never really felt a spark there. So, if he tries a New Year's kiss I'm going to push you front of him," she teasingly warns.