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Bean-Tubes Away !
Date of Scene: 02 January 2021
Location: Burrito Wagon
Synopsis: Jubes and Nori decide to take public transportation to grab some food at the Salem Center. Running into Kevin, Burrito Wagon is selected with dire consequences for Nori's employment after she 'treats' her friends.
Cast of Characters: Noriko Ashida, Jubilation Lee, Kevin Sydney

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko has been taking it a little easy on using her speed powers for the last day or two and it /sucks/.  It sucks so hard, and she has been almost whining about it by how she grumbles at having to be stared at by people on all this public transportation...glowering at the world.  So yeah, it sucks for everyone else too.

One Noriko is free to walk around and there is at least some obscurity in the night, her mood seems to brighten a bit.  "Freeesh air...so what do you want to eat for diiinner?"  Food, always food.  Noriko already pre-gamed some bananas.  They're near enough to her place of work that she might be recognized if the guys didn't have to keep serving people.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Stepping off the public transit, Jubilation adjusts her pink sunglasses. She was a national treasure -- big yellow hoop earrings, the sunglasses, a pink hoody with the words 'EVERYBODY DANCE LIKE THERES ASS IN YOUR PANTS' embroidered under an anthropomorphic cat, black short-shorts (yeah, it's like 30 degrees out, so what?!), and those god damn white heelys sneakers. Because isn't life just better with wheels?

    "Well, it's the Salem Center," Jubes begins. "They've got ice cream, coffee, pizza -- I mean, all the major food groups are represented!" She purposely doesn't mention the Burger Joint or the Burrito Wagon, their respective employers.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin's default appearance is a featureless albino humanoid with a perfect smile. For most normal people, that is a visage that is outright 'creepy'. To keep people at ease, he has a perfectly normal somewhat on the cute side young eighteen something boy look. Its an appearance based off the looks of his parents and his best bet at what he'd look like if he'd been born normal. It's precisely the kind of face he puts on to go burrito hunting. Its also rebellious because he totally has an ear-ring and some white highlights.

It happens to be the same face he puts on for field trips and other school activities not safely conducted on school grounds. Thus, he should be easily recognized by Jubilation. Jubilation, similarly, is easily recognizable because she is Jubilation.

He hops off the public transit right behind them after weaving through a few other people to catchup. "Hello cool kids. Mind if I tag along?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah but what are you in the mood for?"  Yes.  Noriko is adding the bubbly up-for-anything Jubilee what /she/ wants.  PUT ON THE SPOT.

"I know this is horrible, but I really want a burrito...can you order me one?"  Because who the hell wants to see their work 'colleagues' off work...when their name is Noriko.

The words that come from...Noriko turns...let's call him 'the guy' for now, cause quick eyes to suddenly be staring in his direction, inspecting.  She shrugs.  "He got one thing right.  Name?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    A bright pink bubble starts expanding from Jubilee's mouth. It grows and grows and grows -- it grows like the dickens! Until the proud moment -- *POP* -- in the bubble's life where it must cast aside these girlish pursuits and reach its true form -- a flattened wad of gum dangling from Jubilee's mouth.

    "Of course I can!" Jubilee says. "One bean tube coming up!" She tilts her foot back to engage the wheels of her sneakers but then....

    "Oh!" she chirps, flashing the newcomer a grin. "Hey, Kevin! We're just about to go bean-tubing." She tilts her head towards Nori and then back to Kevin. "That's Kevin." She finger-snaps. "That's Nori."

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"Kevin out here. Morph back home." He responds plainly enough. Its a quick way to make it clear that he's part of the student body. "There's probably few other things people call me, but those are the names I like."

He perks up and offers a big wide goofy grin, "Perfect. Bean-tubing is exactly what I am here for. I've been out of country for a year, and I tell ya. France and China do NOT do good tex-mex.. at all. Warcrimes. Travesties. Crimes against humanity... against life!" He raises his hands and clinches them into fists while gritting his teeth. "That's assuming you don't mind a tag-a-long. Proper bean-tubing is a team sport in my opinion. Though one bean tube per person, cause well... gross."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Do you ever have nightmares where the bubble gets so big that it pops back on your face and suffocates you?" Noriko says way too fast.  "Because now you will," she says with a toothy grin.  How long has she wanted to say that?  Probably about as long as it took for Jubilee to blow the bubble.  For her?  Aaaaages.

"Cool.  Wherever home is.  Soo, how do you guys know each other?" Noriko asks Kevin while Jubilee is acquiring bean-tubes.  "I wouldn't know.  Never took that route, but I'll keep the warcrimes in mind.  Good traveling tip."  Noriko smirks at the one bean tube per person rule.  "Agreed, but I prefer two bean tubes per person myself."  Okay the reality is Noriko would eat /all/ the bean-tubes.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "...Have I been talking in my sleep?" Jubilee wonders, grinning at Noriko. She holds that for a second before shaking her head. "No, Nori. Never once. Thanks for the nightmare fuel!"

    Chewchewchew. POP. Chewchewchew

    "So... you had to travel to the other side of the world to find out that the French version of the American version of Mexican food is disappointing?" Jubes questions, tilting her sunglasses down her nose so she can give Kevin a disappointed look. "Well! I'm happy to be part of this momentous occasion! Your first proper bean blanket since coming home. Your mouth will love you for the rest of your life!"

    "Back in a JIF. Choosy moms choose it, you know!" she says with a grin before pushing off with one of her feet and skating towards the burrito joint. She doesn't bother asking either of them what they want. For Nori, she already knows. For Kevin, well, he should be grateful for whatever she comes back with!

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"I'm a big shot senior. Looking down from the top of a pecking order... that doesn't really matter, because high school isn't life." He advances toward the Burrito Wagon with a spring in his step. "Don't get me wrong. The street food was amazing in Shanghai. Just not the bean-tubes."

He stops once he notices Jube is in full advance and shrugs, answering her as she ventures forth. "I went to learn French... and then Cantonese. You know, broaden by horizons.. and yes, the moment is very momentous. So not fail me!"

Turning to face Noriko, "If you subsist primarily on bean-tubes, I recommend staying on this continent. Something just doesn't translate once you traverse the Atlantic or the Pacific. Anyway, thanks for letting me stick around. Crazy how eighteen months away make a person almost a stranger back at the insitute. People really come and go."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"You can always count on me," Noriko calls out after Jubilee, raising one of her metal gauntleted hands to make sure it carries, which she immediately regrets since someone waves out the window to remind her when her shift is and to not be late.  As for her timing and what she's referring to, she must mean about the nightmare fuel.  Sometimes Noriko hop-skips her topics and responses /toooo/ much.

Noriko looks over to Kevin to listen semi-raptly on his advice.  "Oh I subsist on anything I can digest, but I'll take the advice for when I'm in the mood for bean-tubes."  The girl doesn't mention she's from Japan.  She's completely fluent and only has the faintest trace of an accent that doesn't taint every syllable she utters.

"So did you actually learn or just 'learn?'" Noriko air quotes with little bolts of electricity that stretch between her metal-encased fingers.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee had taken a pretty good amount of time for this mission. She wasn't bringing the Ring to Mordor, but she may as well have. Not one, not two, but THREE cute dogs that needed to be pet. And then a trip to the bathroom to make sure it was well-stocked with toilet paper, just in case.

    When Jubilee skates back, she's carrying a brown bag in one hand and a cardboard tray with some fountain drinks in the other. She's also wearing a large sombrero that she didn't have before going in there.

    "Got the tubes!" she declares, striking a pose. "Jubes with the tubes!"

    Jubilee holds the drink tray out for Kevin to take -- be a gentlemen kind sir -- and uses the newly freed hand to reach into the bag. She pulls out a burrito for Nori, hands it off. A burrito for Nori, hands it off. A burrito for Nori, hands it off. The next burrito that comes out is balanced on top of the fountain drinks -- that one's for Kevin -- and then finally... Jubilee stares down at her own. "And so we don't need to spend this whole time thinking about it -- I checked the bathroom for shit tickets. We're good to go," she announces.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"Oh I learned. It's kind of important for me. The more languages I learn the more effective I can be. It's uh... something I can show more freely back at the mansion. It's not for..." He gestures at their general surroundings. "I'm pretty much going to be exclusively studying languages for like... forever now."

He notes the sparking between her fingers and finally really acknowledges the gauntlets. "Ah, guess we aren't being shy about it." He reaches up and draws his hand over his face. Behind the palm of his hand, his flesh morphs until he appears to be someone of Chinese descent. He speaks a friendly greeting in Cantonese then adds in English, "See why? If I can't speak the language, it kind of ruins the effect. Goes beyond language too. Social norms, local customs. Yeeesh. It takes a lot to be from somewhere you are not."

Kevin restores his original facade once Jubilee returns because it would be confusing otherwise and leads to awful questions like 'Who are you?'. He holds the tray most gentlemanly though quickly balances it on one hand once his burrito is unveiled. He retrieves it from its precarious perch, bites the side of the wrapping, and swirls his head to unwrap it. A dramatic bite soon follows and silence settles in as he's too busy eating.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Well if you need tutoring in Japanese, you can pay me," Noriko offers as she finally tips her drink and gets the last bit.  "Dude...Shit."  Suddenly she appears like a goth matador, an all black bolt of cloth, but he's done morphing.  "We have to be careful.  I just tell people these things are props...there are some real assholes around here."  And it'd be a shame for someone with /such/ an useful power and Senior clout to be out of commission in any capacity.  Sometimes there are mischief emergencies.

"Cool man.  I need to get your stance on rules later."  And now Noriko's just holding a bolt of black cloth, so without hesitation, she is magically sporting a cape in the blink of an eye.  It spills over her shoulders since it isn't made to be a cape and is tied with a knot at her throat with what we'll call a Stork Baby Sack Knot.  It'd be a good look, if she were 12 and the end of the cloth was not fraying.

"Can I wear that on the way back?"  Is Noriko's first question to Jubilee, obviously meaning the hat she 'found.'  Her second is answered shortly, "Which-is-mine?"  She's not really discernible she's going so fast, but Jubilee has a leg up on Norikish, but it's not like a word here or there isn't deducible or filled in by the typical brain.

When the second one comes, Noriko's eyes might as well sparkle for about one third of a second before the sparkle disappears...FOREVER...or rather is replaced by wide-eyed ravenous awe on the precipice of bean-tube devouring.

And then the tubes are gone...and the wrappers...and she makes a slurping sound through her straw.  "Cool," Noriko says casually of Kevin increasing his effectiveness, whatever that means, but the promise of show-and-tell seems enough to sate the girl's curiosity for the moment.  Then she just /stares/ at Kevin as he nearly makes out with his food, her lips slightly open and poises just above her straw.  She kicks a thumb out to Kevin and smirks.  "Man after my own stomach."

"Does anyone want anymore bean-tubes?" Noriko's stomach grumbles audibly.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Why, Nori?" Jubilee grins, pointing at the third burrito that somehow got stuck in one of Nori's pockets. "You offering?" That's right. A clutch third burrito for overtime noshing. She grins and balances her burrito on the top of her drink -- just enough of a time-out so she can reach up and pull the sombrero from her head and transfer it to Nori.

    She jams it onto the other girl's head, gives it a sway to straighten it out, and then nods approvingly. "Boom, headshot!" she exclaims. Let that be Nori's answer.

    "Well, can you blame the guy?" Jubes says, her mouth full of burrito goo. "It's his first real burrito in a year!" She grins and shrugs her shoulders, falling silent long enough to swallow her food.

    There's a pause. A look of disgust....And then.... Jubilee pthhffopppsss's out a wad of gum contaminated with burrito guts. Rookie move, Jubes. Rookie move.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I mean I'm offering to acquire them yes."  Noriko pulls out the third burrito without looking and spins it in her palm before grabbing and pointing to Jubes with a wink of thanks.  "I've got a magic trick for you guys."  HATTED!  "The kids love it."

Noriko Vanna Whites the burrito as if it were what's behind curtain number 1!  Then she covers it with her other hand.  Okay the burrito is hanging out both ends of her gauntlet.  "POOF!"  The burrito platform hand sort of glitches into a similar place, but it isn't perfect, like that cat in the Matrix.  On it though is a balled up burrito wrapper.  She tosses it to Jubes as she's fishing out her gum casualty.  "Remind me not to ever drink after you again."

"And I would never blame him, but still.  At least I do it as fast as possible."  Smirk.

"So, next round on me?"  BURRITO PEER PRESSURE GUYS.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    When the burrito dies its untimely death -- too quickly for her to even see -- Jubes uses her lips to start playing taps. Ber berr berrrrrr....ber berr berrrrrrr...... She stops when the burrito wrapper is tossed in her direction, giggling as she swats it to the side. Nori's offer to treat on more burritos is a surprising one...

    "You are?" Jubilee repeats, her eyebrows rising in mock surprise. "Sounds good, but..." She looks down at her one burrito, just a quarter eaten. Her soda, though. "I could go for a re-fill! Oooh, or maybe some ice cream? They have that, right?"

    She looks down at her free hand and grins. "Let's get a cone in this paw!" She waggles her eyebrows and takes another bite of her burrito, preparing herself for the ice cream she's just so sure she's getting, courtesy of the burrito place.

    "I'll remind you," Jubilee promises, bringing her own straw up to her lips. "Wouldn't want you to get all my germs!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Well.  Little known benefit of working at the Burrito Wagon, because there aren't any other benefits at all, is you get to eat for free.  There's a quota, but what do they know?"  Noriko shrugs.  At Jubilee's request for a re-fill or ice cream, Noriko pushes her mouth to the side in some serious thought.  "They have soft-serve."  But Noriko cannot, it is physically impossible to, deny Jubilee's request.

The germs quip gets a little smirk from the speedster and she takes a deep breath.  Then she's behind some bushes that give her a good vantage point of the back of the truck.  They often leave the door cracked to let in some cool air.  It's one of the 'nicer things' about working it in the winter since it gets a bit toasty inside.

This is going to be hard.  Soft-serve takes time, but this just gives her a chance to get more burritos.

ROUND 1!  She's off!  The door rattles in her wake.  Three burritos appear behind the bush.  Two.  One.  Oh that's all the rounds because she appears in front of both of Jubilee and Kevin to carefully set the safety cones in their hands...seriously.  That's the first time Jubilee has probably ever seen evidence of Noriko touching people at higher velocities.

When Noriko appears back at the burrito pyramid, one of the workers, let's call him Erik, who is not too fond of Nori, her sharp tongue, and has been tattling to the owner about how many burritos he's sure she's taking home to feed a small army of ungrateful assholes just like her stops to say, "Oh you are soooo fucked," right after she hears that stupid took-a-picture sound that she can never get to herself because phones are always drained like vampire treats before she ever has a chance.  She quickly pulls out her disposable camera and let's Erik see that she can SNAP too!

Noriko does not look amused.  "You were always such a witch's asshole Erik."  She /pelts/ him with a burrito so it splats all over his chest.  At that velocity, he's going to have to explain a burrito bruise to anyone who would dare want or not want to see his naked chest.  His eyes widens.  "I knew those weren't fucking prosthetics!  Fucking mutants," as if they all made his life a living hell and were taking his jobs!

The burrito pyramid is magically transported, but by the time Noriko can smile, Erik has informed the boss.  "ASHIIIDA!" the short little burly man yells, reminding her of someone she knows for a split second.

"Shit guys.  Grab your cones and burritos!  Let's go!"  Noriko's jacket is now super bulky with the burrito pyramid now reconfigured to fit inside.  She holds the hem of it under like a sling, but one meant to retain heat.

"GIVE ME BACK THOSE BURRITOS!"  The owner comes barreling out of the back of the truck, the flimsy door bursting out and then slapping back into place, nearly missing him.  Noriko makes sure she's the last in the group in case one of them gets picked off.  "Gogogogososlow!"  She looks over her shoulder and throws a thumbs up to her...now former boss.  "I don't know what you're talking about!  Seeya next shift!"

The man throws up his hands and then shouts, "DON'T BOTHER COMING BACK!"