4577/Third Date Jitters

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Third Date Jitters
Date of Scene: 03 January 2021
Location: Sofia Maroni's Home
Synopsis: Scott and Sofia's third date kicks off, her parentage is finally revealed. Scott needs to hit the gym.
Cast of Characters: Sofia Maroni, Scott Lang

Sofia Maroni has posed:
After some discussion, and a little bit of negotiation, Scott and Sofia agree that their follow-up date to mini-golf will be dinner at Sofia's apartment. She cooks Italian, of course, and not JUST Italian but homemade. This would be the part where she claims it to be her mother's recipe, but her mother is Greek. Technically speaking.

The entire apartment smells richly of baked pasta... veal cannelloni... along with fresh garlic bread. There's a Greek salad in the fridge, and a bottle of red wine awaiting an opener.

For her part, Sofia wears a red and white checked apron over a cream colored, cable-knit sweater dress and dark brown tights. She's removing the apron as she answers the door.

Scott Lang has posed:
Winter was in full swing as Scott parks his car and gets out, the freezing wind immediately biting at his nose. He hurries in through the door and up the stairs with a sigh of relief as soon as the heated air of the apartment complex is there to warm him up once more. Dressed as casual as he dares, a light gray sweater with three chunky black buttons along the front, a black undershirt beneath and jeans. And a bright red winter cap with fuzzy ball atop it, because Scott is still Scott.

He knocks with one hand, the other clutching dessert. Nothing home-made or it would likely be cupcakes from a box, rather a fresh eclair picked up from a bakery that looks big enough to serve a half dozen people in its plastic shell casing.

As the door opens there's still that same momentary boggle from Scott that a woman such as this wants anything to do with him, the way his eyes flick up and down her, trying NOT to look like he's checking and in so doing only make it all the more obvious he's doing just that. His nostrils flare though at the scent of food and he flashes a smile as he steps in, the eclair in its clear box suddenly on his fingertips like a waiter at a fine restaurant holding a platter. "Another offering for my goddess. Hi Sofia. Holidays have been, hectic," he downplays before leaning in as he goes for a single quick kiss.

Sofia Maroni has posed:
Sofia offers a smile, lingering long enough for him to know that she's noticed his wandering gaze. And it only makes her smile a bit wider. "Hi there." she greets, plucking the box from his hand with an added... "Oh! Let me take that." Her head tilts at the quick kiss and she returns it. Comfortably.

"You realize all this cream is going straight to my thighs, right?" she offers playfully, stepping back to let him inside. The apartment is cozy, although the decor is simple. Modern stylings in mostly white and black, the place has a clean and neat feel to it.

"Coat rack is behind the door, and feel free to kick your shoes off." She's already done that, walking lightly on her toes in the tights. "Your timing is perfect; the cannelloni is just about ready to come out. And I hope you're hungry."

Scott Lang has posed:
A light coat is all he has on over the sweater, perhaps part of the reason he'd been so cold, both it and the hat coming off along with his shoes before he moves further into the apartment. He does his best to look casual but his head turns this way and that, clearly seeking out clues and more information about her...and getting less perhaps than he'd hoped. No big family photos of Greek gods or Mafia dons adorning the walls alas.

"I may need some before and after looks at your thighs to see if that's true," Scott teases back, following behind her soon after into the kitchen, the smell of the fresh Italian food overwhelming setting his stomach into a growl. Still he can't entirely resist messing her whole careful cooking up as he sidles up behind her, the tights giving her thigh little protection from the pinch he offers up. "Mmm, almost perfect. I think a bit of cream might do them some good really," laughing as he backpedals away from her and goes to open the wine.

Sofia Maroni has posed:
Sofia puts dessert on the counter and is turning to slip on a pair of oven mitts when he pinches her. Her hand comes down a bit too quickly, stopped from swatting his away at the last moment. "Careful, Mister Lang. You should know that Cassie's asked me for a full report on the evening. I'd hate to have to tell her you blew it..."

She winks as he turns towards the wine, opening the oven and bending low to take out the large dish with sauce-cheese-veal-pasta monstrosity. Even though it's hot and she has two mitts, she only uses one hand for it. "The wine will need to breathe a bit." she offers, then.

Scott Lang has posed:
For better or worse Scott still doesn't fully grasp what Sofia can do, perhaps not realizing just how close he came to getting his wrist dislocated or worse with that pinch. "If you're still talking to Cassie after tonight then I can't have done all THAT badly," Scott retorts as he digs through a drawer for a corkscrew. The sound of his pawing through the various kitchen utensils slowing a bit noticeably as he watches her bend over by the oven, the strength needed to comfortably handle the heavy dish lost on him. As she starts to turn towards him to talk again his head snaps back down and suddenly there it was in his hand.

"Course, let me just get it open and we can let things...mmgh...settle a bit...goshdarn...maybe turn on the TV or...so you know I hear water goes well with pasta as well," Scott doing his best to sound like it's no big deal as he struggles and fails to get the cork out of the bottle despite his best grunting and straining.

Sofia Maroni has posed:
Sofia lightly handles the hot, glass dish and she replies with a theatrical gasp at his suggestion of water. What follows next is a long string of Italian... with speed being a significant part of the delivery. "Great grandmother -Maroni- would be turning in her grave right now! Water with pasta! Bah! There is only wine with the pasta."

Funny, but she introduced herself to him as Sofia *Marion*...

The pasta is set on a hot-pad at the table, and Sofia pauses to give him an almost coy smile. Maroni. Just like the crime family. "Let me try that." she adds, plucking the bottle from his hand. A deft twist and jerk pops the cork free, and she offers. "All in the wrist. Come now, let's sit for a few. The pasta is still nuclear-hot anyway."

Scott Lang has posed:
Maybe just maybe Scott should have been able to put it together already when she'd confessed their first date about her father's connections. Marion not exactly the furthest stretch from Maroni. Even still once he takes a step back from her tirade of Italian and has a moment to process the name finally clicks. "Great grandmother...Maroni?" he repeats slowly, not even time to feel shame at the way she outwrestled the bottle's cork with a flick after all his pointless struggling. Anyone that lived in New York or Gotham for a time would probably have at least heard the name in passing here and there on the news, it even turned up in local history books and mob documentaries on TV.

"Sofia...Sofia I thought your Dad might have been some goon or tough guy, you didn't tell me he ran one of the whole freaking Families!" the way he said it making clear it was a capital F as he follows her with a slack-jawed expression into the main room.

Was he scared? Angry? Paranoid? No, it was likely worse than all of those as she watches the sly grin creep back on his face. "You know how often you're gonna have to hear me say bada bing bada boom now?" Oh gods help her.

Sofia Maroni has posed:
    Her lashes lower and Sofia smiles a little. Yes, he caught the name drop, and she's not really surprised. "Marion is one of my middle names." she replies in a lower voice. "And if you start with the bada-bing's, you'll wind up just like Luca Brasi..."

Sleeping with the fishes.

"But yes, Don Angelo was my father. I was not legitimate, but he raised me like I was blood and the family accepted me." She pauses, then, slipping off the oven mitts and hooking an arm through Scott's. "And before you try to do the math in your head, this was 1921. I've aged well." Divine heritage, indeed!

Scott Lang has posed:
There's a moment's uncertainty on Scott's face as she makes the playful threat. It WAS playful wasn't it? One can almost see the gears in his head turning trying to suss out if he should keep making gangster quips or not, but then a beautiful blonde has his arm and is dropping even more outrageous knowledge on him.

"1921?" the year all but a squeak on his voice as he looks her over again, no attempt to hide his wandering gaze this time, the hand that isn't caught in her arm sliding up and down the side of her body. "How...I...you're old enough to be..." Scott snapping his jaw shut on that. He really WOULD get himself in trouble if he continued that line of thought, covering it with a quick turn of his head and cough. His hand though, it slips around to her lower back and he presses his forehead to her's looking her straight in the eye at last. "Sofia, I know you're not a century old and looking this good cause of your Italian blood. Who the heck is your mother?" he asks bluntly.

Sofia Maroni has posed:
Sofia walks him into the living room, patting his arm warmly when he squeaks out the year at her. "Don't think too much about it." she replies. Then his hand slips down and she turns to face him, forehead meeting forehead and gaze meeting gaze. After a moment she reaches up to cup his face between her hands, drawing a deep breath and letting out a low sigh.

"Sit." she declares, half-leading and half-pulling him onto the sofa. Once he's sitting she swings her long legs over his lap and leans in to drape her arms over his shoulders.

"First, I want you to understand that I did -not- get my powers from my mother, and I'm not anything like her. Okay?" Pause. "Don Angelo's mistress left him while pregnant with me. I was sort of saving this for Truth or Dare, but her real name was... is... Aphrodite."

Scott Lang has posed:
The feel of those long legs in thin tights settling over his lap is almost enough to make Scott forget about his girlfriend being a century old demi-goddess with mob connections. Almost but not quite as his arms settle in around her waist in a loose grip waiting to hear the answer. Not anything like her? Mistress? Scott wasn't a dummy but a lot was being thrown at him all at once and it shows clearly the confusion on his face until the name finally drops from her lips.

"Aphrodite? The...the goddess of love?" he mutters out. There's a moment, just a moment when she can feel his hands start to uncertainly pull away from around her waist. And then they stop, his fingers squeezing into her instead as he takes a long deep breath.

"OK, OK. I, I admit I'm not the smartest man on the planet," he undersells, one hand now at least leaving her waist, only so it can instead drift down her leg, plucking at her tights as he smiles sincerely. "But I get why you wanna hide that. Made me doubt myself there for a second but, that proves it is real doesn't it? This was all some crazy love potion or mind control or whatever else, I wouldn't care who your mother is would I?" he reasons out well enough, the hand on her leg pausing to settle on her knee for a squeeze.

Sofia Maroni has posed:
Sofia watches his face intently. It's a lot to process, after all. But she doesn't bite her lower lip when his hands start to draw away, although her fingers do tighten and brows knit in concern. "Love and fertility, technically speaking." she replies in a low voice.

She relaxes when his hand settles around her knee, and even smiles. "Aphrodite is also a Siren, which is probably where I get my singing voice. But I will swear by whatever you wish that no potion or spell or other means has been use to alter your feelings." Her smile broadens a touch and she adds. "It's one of your more endearing qualities, after all."

Sofia wiggles her toes in the tights, then. "But she had my father completely under her spell... which is what she does. So I naturally had him wrapped around my little finger while I was quite young."

Scott Lang has posed:
Was it warm in here? Scott did get a bit red at the word fertility but even he wasn't dumb enough to pursue THAT particular comment. "You can serenade me any time. Lure this poor sailor into your trap man-eater," he teases before the arm on her back unexpectedly pulls her forward on his lap, the other arm sliding under her legs. No super strength and she wasn't a, well, petite woman at 5'10" so there's maybe a bit more grunting and a false start before he manages it, but Scott does manage to stand up with her in his arms.

"And to be fair my lil girl has me wrapped around her's even without a spell. Least I don't think there's one. But I'm sure we can squeeze one of your fingers in too," he huffs as he starts carrying her around the couch and back to the table, awkwardly laying another kiss on her face before he lets her back on her feet after only a few steps.

"Come on, I'm sure dinner is ready by now. My life is so weird these days I wish I could say any of this is really all that shocking but ever since the first time I shrank, well, the strangeness just keeps piling on ever since," he confesses as he starts pouring the wine.

Sofia Maroni has posed:
Sofia Maroni eases smoothly onto his lap, scooting right up comfortably close as her arms tighten. Toes point and she playfully rolls an ankle as he manages to stand with her still in his arms. She lets out a light, playful laugh and kisses his cheek. Sofia clings to him until he releases her legs, which lower gracefully to the floor. On tiptoes, of course.

"Cassie would do that to anyone, actually. That's no great weakness on your part. And this is actually a great place to pause and eat. I'm sure you'll have a lot of questions, and there's nothing better for conversation than pasta and wine."

While he pours the wine, Sofia serves the cannalloni... with generous portions. Dinner is certainly going to take a while.