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First Blush
Date of Scene: 03 January 2021
Location: 809 - Karita's Apartment
Synopsis: Please note, this deals with adult situations, though it's all done in a PG-13 manner. If you are offended by innuendos, it's best not to read. After a New Year's indulgence, Karita and Andy talk things over and realize, things are going to be a lot more complicated between them.
Cast of Characters: Karita Landry, Andy Katsaros

Karita Landry has posed:
The first of January, time - well, at some point in the morning, almost before noon. The location - Karita's apartment situated in the University's Residence Hall, New York City. The exact location? Well, that happens to be in Karita's bedroom. The bedroom is fairly nice, for a residence hall, large enough to contain a full sized bed, dresser, and even a couple bed side trays that are used as night stands. One tray contains a lamp, the other one is filled with a large digital clock, beneath the trays are a number of books haphazardly strewn below.

The lone window looking out has a large dark blue curtain draped over it, keeping the sun and the ambient light out when it's needed. Like. Today. The start of the new year. On the floor, itself, are several articles of clothing, empty bottles of alcohol, and a couple plastic cups, also - empty.

For one Karita Landry, she's sound asleep, her slim form decked out in an over sized men's t-shirt, while her form is tucked neatly up against another one sleeping in the same bed as her. She's managed to completely drape herself over this individual, to the point where at the current moment, a soft, low hum of a sound emerges from her as her arm loops itself across the man's chest, nose burying itself into his upper torso. Her long blonde hair spills haphazardly about his form as she continues to snooze away the morning hours.

Andy Katsaros has posed:
Despite the heavy material of the dark blue curtain that's draped across the window, a single shaft of sunlight has found its way into the room, lancing through the otherwise dark space to spill across the two figures laying there in the bed. While one is asleep, the other is unfortunate enough to have his eyes directly in the path of the offending beam of sunlight, the illumination causing the young man to stir to wakefulness as the sun itself has finally taken a hand in rousing him out of what had appeared to be a deep and blissful slumber.

And, judging from the state of the room and of the two individuals within the bed, bliss may be the appropriate word. Though he's largely hidden by the bed's covers, Andy Katsaros's shoulders and upper body, at the very least, are bare, somewhat pale skin on display where the sheets and blankets have been twisted and bunch just so. He lets out a gentle murmur as he blinks against the offending sunlight, one hand instinctively coming up to shield his eyes againsf the sunlight, squinting sleepily as he does so. It takes him a second to realize his other arm is trapped. And a second after that to realize *how* it's trapped - under the soft and warm body of his good friend, Karita.

Given that the woman next to him is still sleeping peacefully, it's all that Andy can do to quell his immediate shock and surprise at the situation he's found himself in. He blinks repeatedly, eyes widening, then blinks again as if trying to shake himsel fout of some type of dream. But he's already awake - and despite the fact that his memories of the evening before are all but a dim and hazy blur - there is no denying the situation that he's now found himself in. Glancing down at Karita once more, Andy regards her for a moment, wondering perhaps how to extricate himself from her sleepy embrace - or if he even wants to do so - before he succumbs to the curiosity of lifting up the edge of the blankets that cover them both, glancing underneath them briefly before dropping the bedcovers back down again with a deep shade of crimson flooding to his cheeks.

Karita Landry has posed:
The voice that echoes outwards from the girl next to Andy is a muffled sounding noise that may, or may not, sound similar to. "Stop stealing the covers." The next is a low, mumbled out grumble of a sound, "Oh, God, my head." Which is soon followed by the form next to Andy shifting, moving, and sliding away from Andy's unclad upper body to yank the covers up and over her head entirely. It's there the covers remain for some time, though the sounds beneath are anything but healthy. A great deal of, 'ugh', 'blargh', 'why did I drink so much', and cussing in different languages, one that almost sounds like Klingon.

Finally, Karita's blood shot eyes part open as the covers are lowered past her chin and her gaze flickers towards the still blushing Andy. "If you're going to be sick, do it on that side." Her hand points towards the floor opposite of her.

Considering Karita /is/ clad, in clothes, at least a man's t-shirt, the blonde slips slowly out of bed, moving to sit on the side as she rubs her eyes and stretches, completely and utterly unashamed, oblivious, and down right bliase about the entire scenario that has presented itself.

Andy Katsaros has posed:
Sick?! Andy's not going to be sick, he's... He blinks again, more flashes of the evening prior swimming before him, before he realizes - maybe he *will* be sick. He swallows hard, shaking his head as if to clear out unseen cobwebs, before he realizes that Kari has all but completely yanked the covers away from him and has left the majority of his chest, arms and lower legs completely exposed. Given that they're all equally bare, it may be no surprise that as soon as the girl has left the bed he hastily yanks the covers back to cover himself, clutching the sheets and blankets protectively over his waist as he pushes himself upwards into a sitting position.

Bare feet hitting the floor with a soft *thud*, Andy keeps one arm folded over his midsection, locking the wad of blankets there, as he scans and surveys the room he's in. Empty cans and bottles left on the floor, ones he only somewhat remembers drinking from the night previous. Clothing haphazardly discarded - how did one of his socks end up hanging from the light fixture?? With his free hand, he reaches up to run his hand through his tangled mess of hair, holding his head for just a moment before he finally finds a voice. "I..." he starts out, not very strongly. "Uh... I mean... We... What... That is... You and I... Last night..." Granted, his voice isn't making all that much sense at the moment, but at least he's attempting to speak, which is a degree better than when he first woke up.

Karita Landry has posed:
Swiveling her body around to watch Andy's antics, a half amused grin spreading itself over her features. One brow idly quirks itself upwards, then lowers again as Andy takes stock of the room, his state of 'un'dress, the covers that do a good job of keeping him from being too embarrassed and his stuttering about. Now, Kari could take pity on the boy, but she isn't going to. Instead, her voice grows dusky and soft, "We had a lot of fun, yes." Though a pained expression hits Kari as her stomach churns with the way too much alcoholic beverages that they consumed. "Too. Much. Fun." Is her statement after that, voice returning to it's normal tone.

Rising upwards, Karita makes her way out of the bedroom, pausing only a moment to kick over Andy's slacks on the floor in his general direction as she disappears out of the room and towards the direction of the bathroom. It's there - that Karita takes an insane amount of time, the shower turns on, the sound of water echoes outwards, and Andy gets at least a half hour (if not a bit longer) to fully come to grips with what transpired.

Andy Katsaros has posed:
fIf possible, the unique shade of Andy's cheeks turns even more crimson as Kari employs that overly dusky tone - and he squirms a bit noticeably on his side of the bed, both hands now clutching the mess of blankets and sheets over his waist as if a lifeline. His mouth opens and closes in the manner of a fish gasping for air, some semblance of words finally starting to issue forth - "How... how much is a lot?" - before he's thankfully saved from any additional interaction at the moment with Kari's flight to the bathroom to deal with her churning stomach and the summary morning clean-up routine.

Narrowly missing the slacks that are kicked his way, Andy has to reach across the bed for them after Kari disappears from the room, still sitting there a moment as he attempts to process everything, struggling to piece together the bits and pieces of memory that have managed to pierce through the fog of alcochol from the prior night. He remains that way for close to ten minutes before he realizes that the shower has been on for quite a while and he has no idea how much time he has left to get dressed and presentable himself. Hastily, he grabs the slacks and rises from the bed to put them on in almost the same motion, hopping erratically on one foot as he loses his balance in doing so. He manages to stay upgright for all of two such hops before he falls forward to land on the floor with a loud crash, immediatly springing back upwards to finish yanking the pants on with a surge of adrenaline. "I'm fine!" he calls out pre-emptively. "All good! Everything's good!" Torso still bare, he searches the room for his shirt - finding some of Kari's undergarments heaped on top of it over in the corner. Swallowing as another flash of memory hits him, he pulls the shirt out from under the girl's unmentionables, inadvertantly putting the shirt on inside-out as he then reaches up to collect his sock from the light fixture above. The other sock has yet to be found.

Mostly clothed, Andy finally allows himself to take a couple of deep breaths, closing his eyes briefly before he performs a more introspective review of the bedroom. Or, perhaps more specifically, the bed. He regards it very thoroughly for a long moment, an expression that may be caught somewhere between disbelief, uncertainty and wonder on his features - a conflicted emotion that is likely still there when Karita finally emerges again from the bathroom.

Karita Landry has posed:
When the shower finally turns off and the door to the bathroom parts open, Karita is still idly grumbling to herself as she makes her way not to the bedroom - but instead to the kitchen. She's now fully dressed, not just in a men's t-shirt. No, she's properly attired in a pair of jeans and a tye-dye t-shirt swirled together in various colors of blue, red, and yellow. One of her favorites of which she has many different variations.

In the kitchen area the sound of running water, though in the bedroom one may not hear it, but the faint 'plop' of an ant-acid tablet hitting the water can be heard and a few minutes after that, a faint, 'flergh I hate these things', followed by a very anti-polite belch. "Sorry, scuse me."

It's only as Karita takes note that the bedroom door is still closed and Andy isn't anywhere to be found IN the room proper, that Karita makes her way through and parts open the door to peak in, noting that Andy is gazing at the bed with what Karita can only assume to be abstract horror. "Do you want a camera?" The words are spoken with an amused tone, as Karita slides in then, offering Andy a glass of water and a small blue packet. "Though with all honesty, you're kind of freaking me out, Andy. Nothing has to change, we had some fun on a night that you tend to get drunk and your inhibitions lower. It doesn't have to be anything serious."

Andy Katsaros has posed:
At first, Andy doesn't notice when the shower shuts off, or that Kari has went from the bathroom to the kitchen. He's still in the bedroom, all sorts of thoughts running through his head yet. Thoughts about just what happened the night before, about what it means for his friendship with Kari and how that friendship might change. Whether or not he's ready for it to change, or wants it to. His expression fluctuates wildly as he ruminates - softening as he realizes the feelings that he's been developing for the girl, paling as he fears that what happened last night may have happened too soon. Turning to actual fear as he entertains the possibility that the emotions that he's just now coming to terms with may not be shared by Kari altogether. It's this last eventuality that Andy is caught in when he's broken out of his deep soul searching by a loud and un-lady-like eruption of stomach gas from the kitchen, causing him to blink once and get caught by Kari still with a largely conflicted expression etched on his visage.

He attempts to respond to her initial question with a humorous response of his own, taking the glass of water as he opens his mouth with the beginnings of a smile and an apparent witty comeback at the ready. However, before he's able to make the rejoinder, Kari adds on the bit about nothing having to change, about nothing having to be serious. And just then, those words sort of hit him in the gut and he suddenly realizes - what if he *wants* it to be serious? What if that's what he's been wrestling with since he woke up this morning? His features almost visibly fall in disappointment before he catches himself, mustering up an attempt at another smile. "Oh, right, sure, of course," he tries to play it cool. "Who said anything about serious? I mean... how complicated would that be?"

Karita Landry has posed:
Scratching her head as Andy's words come out in a strange tone that is obviously mustered outwards and far too - confused? Karita's left to just boggle the situation before her. To her left, Karita's eyes swivel as she glowers in the corner, before turning her attention back to Andy. "Yeah - lets - lets go sit down in the living area, Andy. I think we might need to talk." With her hand still idly running through the extremely messy locks of hair, Karita turns and moves towards the living area, speaking as she does so. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that we've been dancing about this for some time, or an empath for that matter." Karita begins with a tone that is both confused sounding as well as bemused.

"I'm going to be totally honest here." Karita is soon on the sofa, then, sitting down to pat the seat next to her. "I like you, Andy, I do, I don't think that's a secret, you're a great guy, fun to be around, you have an wicked since of humor and you're a nice person." The 'friend' zone vibe is there, though Karita continues talking.

"Things don't have to be complicated, this can be just as simple as two souls who hooked up for a night of fun, and nothing has to be said again." Karita's gaze settles onto Andy fully, watching his expression ever so closely. "And it could be the start to something else, how do -you- feel?"

Andy Katsaros has posed:
Sipping on his water - sans anything from the blue packet - Andy watches Kari and listens carefully as she begins to go on about things like 'need to talk', being 'totally honest' and, perhaps worst of all, the dreaded 'nice person' label. He's not been the best at hiding his emotions this morning, and does a pretty miserable job at it here as well, with the label of 'nice person' clearly hitting him like a well-sharpened knife. It's just about the worst thing that a girl can say to a guy who has feelings for her, and yet, there it is, just having been said.

Still, he doesn't say anything right away, instead just swallowing his water and nodding a little numbly as he continues to listen to Kari. Though, he does appear to zone out just a little bit, as if maybe not fully paying attention at this point. Like maybe he's trying to come up with a plausible reason for needing to leave the apartment suddenly or is trying to reason out a story of how this may have been some sort of evil doppleganger that spent the night with Kari instead of the 'real' Andy, just to save himself some face. Regardless, when Kari asks how he himself feels, Andy is taken a little aback and it's a moment before he actually processes the question that's been posed to him.

"How... how do I feel?" he echoes, stammering just a bit as he tries to decide that very thing. "I... That is... I mean..." he begins, before setting the glass down on the coffee table and starts over. "I like you too, Kari. I mean. A *lot*," he confesses, an almost visible weight starting to lift from his shoulders as he says the words. "And I don't want things to be ...'complicated', but I also don't want last night to be... just a one-night stand. I don't want it to be swept under the rug, or forgotten about, or dismissed as just a .. a fling." His words start to tumble out freely as he faces Kari fully, eyes wide as he addresses her. "I'm just sorry that it took getting wasted on cheap alcohol and the excuse of New Year's eve to act on feelings that I realize I've been having a while now. To... To do this!" And then, without uttering another syllable, the dark-haired man leans in suddenly to grab Kari by the shoulders and, should she let him, kiss her deeply and passionately.

Karita Landry has posed:
Karita's expression remains both confused as well as bemused over Andy's words and own confusion. Her left brow arches up higher than her right, her nose wrinkles ever so slightly. Her mouth parts, then closes again as Andy finally comes to a conclusion - which - is not at all what Karita expected, but not at all too terrible either.

When there's a moment to break the embrace and breath, Karita offers a bemused, "Took you enough time, bud." And - well, even with an upset stomach, there are just certain situations and times that it's best to simply state.

Fade To Black.