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Is that a bird
Date of Scene: 03 January 2021
Location: Queens
Synopsis: Doreen and Harley were expecting a normal pizza dinner at Angelo's Pizza. The pizzaria happened to be robbed two days ago, not for money, but for a LOT of pizza. Turns out that the robber and his associates were planning a very unconventional protest because after the hungry duo finished their meal, two biplanes flew over the restaurant at several hundred feet, throwing pizzas down en masse. It was literally raining pizzas! The robber himself was ranting about Angelo's Pizza until he slipped and fell on a pizza and twisted his ankle in a sewer grate. Doreen and Harley did their best to instill remorse in the guy and hope that he will change his ways after his jail time. Time will tell! The day is saved!
Cast of Characters: Doreen Green, Harley Quinn

Doreen Green has posed:
Angelo's Pizza was robbed recently. Some crazy guy robbed the place wearing a mask and wielding an AK-47. He didn't demand cash.. none of the equipment in there either. Nope he made off with a TON of pizza. The cops didn't even get there until the mad man had forced the cooks to bake him all those pizzas at gun point. He was never caught and there are no suspects.

Of course it's at that restaraunt that Doreen asked Harley to meet her. Tippy-Toe is on her left shoulder as usual, "Yep we're going to see Harley again! And yes we're going to actually eat inside the pizzaria, not fight goons, or bad guys, or robbers.. or miscreants... or super villains. I promise!" Tippy-Toe chitters accusingly and Doreen blinks, "Fine.. no purse snatchers, car thieves, litter bugs, or public pee'ers either! Sheesh! And yes.. I will hide you inside my jacket. No pets allowed? You're definitely not a pet but.. you know how people are." Tippy-Toe makes a whistling sort of sound in agreement.

Harley Quinn has posed:
You don't go and rob Angelo's Pizza and laugh about it. At least not with Harley on the job. Bit mistake in going for her favorite pizza joint! Specially as it's one of her favorite places to go with April. Stealing all the pizza? Sure, Harley could had blamed it on a ninja turtle on the loose. She knows how much they love pizza... But this didn't seem like no turtle that had done the deed so it meant she'd be on the prowl...

An invitation to dine at the pizzeria though? Good enough, meant she'd be able to contribute with some money of her own and look more into this. Because she'd have an excuse to be in there other than her lonesome self!

So here was Harley, walking down the road from her place (it's real close too) and towards the pizza place, yellow overalls on and her hands on her pockets.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen sees Harley and waves wildly, "Hey!" Tippy-Toe throws her little arms into the air and helps call Harley over with squeaks. Doreen walks forward a bit, "We're ready to eat.. and hopefully not end up in hibernation after. I heard this place got robbed a couple of days ago. It'll be good to do our part in helping this tasty place get back on their feet. Still.. kind of odd that the guy just stole pizza with all that cash sitting in the register.." Tippy-Toe makes that whistling sound again, this time using a tone that says she is at a loss for words too.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Pizza fiends be fiendin'!" Harley replies when she gets closer after having noted Doreen's wild waving, giving one of her own with one pale hand. "And yea, heard about the robbin'. Still dunno what's up, but gonna get to the bottom o' this.." a pause. "And when I do..." The delightfully wicked grin on her expression seems to be telling on what may happen!

"Annyyway, whassup with ya. Evah since the..., iceberg lounge? Hope ya didn't go in? It's as I told ya, a lair of evil-intended penguins...!" literally so!

"By the way, Angelo's got the most wicked 90s machines in theah. I am the champion on outrun. We gonna have ta play too." She is saying that while making her way in, a little wave given at Tippy-Toe too.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen grins a bit, "Of course I went in! It's the whole reason I went to Gotham that night. It wasn't so bad really.. there were some shady people in there. Heard some arguing but no scuffles. I had the spaghetti.. and it was WAY better than the kind you normally make at home. Even tbe bread was great. Tippy-Toe there stuffed her face."

At that Tippy-Toe chitters with pride. Doreen recalls, "They did serve me some wine.. didn't even check my ID. They just set the bottle on the table as if it's their normal routine.. or whatever. So I drank a glass.. Tippy-Toe drank a thimble.. and was out like a light on top of her full belly."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Fine. Gonna admit the spaguetti is pretty wicked in theah!" Harley says with a bob of her head, opening the door so they go into the establishment. It's pretty much what one can expect of a pizzeria. Some kids around, their parents, a few other people on the side. Others waiting on takeout. There is, of course, some music up and on the side there's the arcades with the games that Harley was talking about.

"But if ya liked that place prepare ta have yoh mind blown.." Harley even making gestures with her hands of explosions, " ... the pizza here is to cry foh..."

The note that Tippy-toe got taken out by a glass of wine makes her smirk, "Can't hold ya liquah, squirrs? No booze in heah so ya safe at least."

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen Green looks around in wonder, "I wouldn't even know where to start if I wasn't hungry. Luckily it sounds like we're all hungry so there's no choice but the table!" She sits down at a booth and glances at the menu: It's what you'd expect. Lots of pizza, wings, breadsticks, "..that is until you look at the menu. What do you usually get?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley moves to settle down on that booth too, immediately picking up the menu. "Well ..., since ya asked.." and she starts pointing things up. "We go with garlic bread ta begin with..., and go loose on the garlic! Then we do some chicken wings, ta get the palate goin'... As foh the pizza, I am easy so I will let ya choose." but then she looks all serious, leaning forward on the table, blue eyes fixing on Doreen's. ".. No pineapple on the pizza or theah'll be moidah heah tonight.." serious warning!

"So go ahead!" she eases up on the 'pressure' as a waitress comes by after she waves her over.

"So, what is it that ya do anyway? Heroin' about? Squirrel whisperer like Robert Redford on that movie..?"

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen concentrates as if defusing a bomb, yep the pressure is on, and she finally decides... "Pepperonni.. olives.. Italian sausage? I don't think we could go wrong with those toppings!" Tippy-Toe's stomach starts rumbling from inside of Doreen's vest. She looks down, "Well sounds like we got here just in time. But as for what I do? Well I fix computers, I have a Youtube channel, Twitter account, and I go to school. But my real job? I'm a superhero! Fighting crime, stopping supervillains, and trying to keep the streets clean. Sometimes literally. Litter bugs are everywhere. I helped the Avengers stop Loki a few years ago. Sure no one noticed that I helped but.. well Iron Man and Captain America are kind of like magnets for the cameras. I had my own!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
The mention that Doreen fixes computers has Harley's eyes go all lit up. Because who doesn't like a computer friend?! But then she mentions going to school. So Harley leans forward again. "Hol' up." she frowns a little, "Ya mean ya ain't even eighteen yet and already doin' all that stuff. Shiiiit. That's gettin busy. Superheroin' ain't exactly the fun stuff though. It's in bounty huntin' wheah it's at.." she giving a small, sagely nod back at Doreen.

With the toppings having been decided Harley waves over. "So, that's oouh ordah. Get us a couple o' sodas too. And can we get a lil tinsy cup too?" not that she explains why for! But no need for that.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen's eyes widen a bit, "I'm uh.. actually twenty! I'm in my third year of college! No idea why I'm still studying but.. if this superhero thing doesn't work out for whatever reason I guess it's not a terrible idea to have a backup plan? Right?" She laughs nervously and then glances at Tippy-Toe who is glaring with disapproval from her vest..

Doreen blinks a bit, "But yeah no need to worry about that.. I'm sure one day I'll be one of the Avengers.. or something. I drink Sprite usually.. Tippy-Toe can have some of mine."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ahah!" Harley replies when Doreen says about being twenty. "I mean, ya said school so I just thought..." a shrug follows and she reclines back on her booth like some queen on her domain, one leg up over the other and she spreading her arms about the back of the booth. "And well, I'd say fuck studyin' but .., with a PHD and all that I'd just be lyin'.." of course she doesn't talk about having lost her license..

"Tipsy ovah theah seems ta have an opinion about it though.." She says, shifting her eyes down to the squirrel with a faint grin, "TWO SPRITES!" she then calls out to the waitress before looking back to Doreen.

"Why the avengeahs? Because o' bein' all famous and so? Bah, overrated!" she gives it a thought. "Well, maybe not Thor's muscles. Those ain't overrated!" she then laughing out loud.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen thinks for a moment, "Well the Avengers are in New York so they are the closest superhero club I could join. I thought about starting my own but.. Spider-Man is the only superhero I know. You could probably fight crime if you wanted to though. I heard that you're pretty whacky with that hammer. Literally!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Fight crime...? Well suwah!" Harley then beaming a smile at Doreen. "I mean, I already fight crime, but I like bein' paid, know what I mean? Good ta have somethin' ta count on, which is wheah the bounty huntin' comes in. Been a little dry as of late but ya know..." she shrugs briefly. "And theah's still the whole havin' been a criminal in the past so it's hard ta be havin' people accept me as havin' changed.."

"Batman was surprisingly understandin' though. And he didn't take me in jail when we woiked togetha takin' down some bad guys in Gotham. So theah's that too." a moment of consideration. "Or maybe he let me go cos it was christmas. Yea, that musta been it!"

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen makes sure that Tippy-Toe stays hidden and then, "I have a patreon.. that's how I get paid. I didn't like the idea of asking for donations but.. really there's nothing wrong with it. Some people lie about why they are asking for money but I don't. My subscribers just like me enough to help me. It pays to have friends right? But I get it.. gotta pay rent. Once I'm out of school I'll have to do that too.."

"Speaking of rent.. my room mate would probably love to meet you. I like introducing all of my friends to her. Her name is Bethany.. or Beth depending on her mood. She can be a bit cranky sometimes.. usually because I come home too early. She likes to be awake at night for some reason.. and I think she's color blind because she only has black clothes. I don't want to ask her about it because.. well.. it might be a sensitive topic.."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Suwah thing! I will meet this Beth. And a goth? Ugh..." Yea..., those don't fly too well with Harley. She likes her colors! Besides, Gotham is dreadful enough already without the need to add GOTHS to it. "But fine, fine. Ya can meet April too sometime. She's actually a big shot now, gettin' all crazy with her podcast. She's gonna go high that girl. Yea, she is." a dreamy little smile on her lips before she refocuses back on Doreen.

"And man, I am all ovah tweetah, instagram, tiktok.. Maybe I should start askin' foh donations too.." yep, most def! "Yea.., think that's just what I am gonna do .."

The pizza does arrive shortly after. It has Harley grin. "Now lets see if ya got moouh eyes than belly eh?" a grin, "Time ta dig in!"

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen nods fast, "Yeah maybe you can cheer her up from whatever's got her upset all the time.. and a Goth? Huh.. yeah I guess that makes sense. I guess for some reason I never really made the connection.. I was thinking that she might be a vampire but.. who knows?"

When the pizza arrives, Doreen makes sure to cut a small piece and lower it to Tippy-Toe, who begins to eat greedily, "Monkey-Joe is going to wish he came with us. He felt like staying home and playing on his new PS5 was more important than dinner." She takes a slice, "I forgot to try Gotham's pizza when I was there."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Pfffttt! Harley just shakes her head, "Come on. Vamps?!" another laugh that sounds more like an hyena cackle than not. "Like the twilight ones...? Look, I am reaaaallllly doubtin' vamps even exist ya know? I mean, what vamp worth theah salt woulda let a movie like twilight come out? I mean...." it may not be her favorite movie of all time, no.. "So until I see those fangs diggin' in, I am keepin' it as they ain't real!" and that's that!

"How the heck do they play and ..." Harley takes a look closer to where Tippy-Toe is, checking it's little hands. "Uh, was checkin' if they even had thumbs ta be pressin' on those buttons! How many o' those ya keep?" a grin then appearing on her expression. "Damn, I shoulda brought the hyenas."

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen Green scratches her head, "I've never seen a vampire before either.. I should ask Spider-Man what he thinks about it. If they do exist then that's just one more thing I'll have to keep an eye out for." When the subject goes to squirrels and thumbs however, "Squirrels can do a lot of things that humans can. Most people just don't pay attention so it just looks like they don't do anything except gather nuts and sleep."

She looks down at Tippy-Toe again, "So sure Monkey-Joe can.. and DOES.. play a lot of video games. I usually only keep three squirrels in my dorm room though. I see the others just.. well whenever I see them really. Mr. Lieberman doesn't stay in the dorm room unless it's raining. So sometimes there's four squirrels sleeping under my bed... and eating Beth's snacks.."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I see now why she went full goth..." Eating all her snacks! That's enough to get anyone crazy. Harley would know! She smirks, "And gatherin' nuts and sleepin'? Sounds like my hyenas. Those little bitches just wanna lazy about all day..." she folding her arms annoyedly, pausing on her eating. "Ya'll have ta tell me what's the secret ta keepin' yoh peeps from not doin' the same..." maybe Harley needs to learn to talk with her hyenas too! Real talk!

But the meal does continue on. And luckily enough there is no remake on the earlier assault at the pizzeria. No pizza bandit! But whoever did it would certainly get their due .... SOON!

Doreen Green has posed:
It's at that moment that there's commotion outside, people are pointing up, cars are stopping in the road. Doreen peeks out of a window, "What's going on.. something's in the sky? Maybe we should have a look.."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Heh? Is it a plane maybe? Harley does get curious so she gets up to her feet. "Oh great..." she is rolling her eyes already. People are pointing up to the sky! She imagines its a superhero sighting. Maybe even Superman. "I wondah if he decided ta get outta Metropolis. I mean, good foh him! That city sorta sucks big time compared ta New York..."

She plasters her face to the window to look up to the sky but not seeing much just yet she starts on her way to the door. "Come on! We can take pics! A story foh the instagram folks!"

Doreen Green has posed:
Turns out it's not Superman at all. There's a biplane flying around, throwing a LOT of pizza out of the cockpit. Another plane zooms by doing the same. And then there's some guy ranting on a megaphone, "Angelo's Pizza is garbage! This is what we think of them! Trash! Eat it off the ground mixed in with the rat dung and the tire tracks! Eat it out of the dumpsters! It will taste better that way!!"

This organized, unusual protest is certainly getting attention. Pizzas are literally raining down from the sky, landing on cars, people's heads, and yes inside of dumpsters. Doreen blinks rapidly, "I guess we know who robbed Angelo's now.."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"What the heck!" It has Harley cursing and shaking her fist up in the air. But at least she is looking up ..., which makes her able to dodge one that was falling right on her face. No pizzaface for her! "Oh..., this means war..." the clownette squinting her eyes.. "I need ta get into a phone call with whoeva is doin' this .., so I can tell 'em about my particular set of skills and how I will find 'em and ...." a beat. "Well, ya get the picture..!"

"Might just beat up the guy with the megaphone too." which is another idea! "Noone disses Angelo's and gets ta laugh about it aftah!"

Eyes trail back to Doreen. "So what ya say? Time ta bash skulls?"

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen Green peers around, Tippy-Toe jumps back onto Doreen's shoulder, "Yeah.. let's get nuts!" The man with the megaphone actually slips on a pizza and falls mid sentence, "No returns policy! No quality control! No time off from work on holidays! No paid two hour lunches like Amazon! They won't even give us the $10,000 bonus we signed a petition for last year! We deman-!" And he goes down with a yell. The megaphone clatters onto the ground, rolls into the street, and gets crushed by a passing truck.

The planes keep throwing pizzas out and megaphone guy has twisted his ankle. He's got one foot stuck in a sewer grate.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Running over to where the megaphone man is (totally a villain name), Harley shouts out. "Hol' up! Two hour lunches at Amazon?! Get outta heah?" Not even she believes that!

But with the man getting all messed up by the pizza, and then stuck, it has her slow her approach. "Ah! See, crime nevah pays out! Unless you a pro like I was..!" well, she was more of a henchwoman to Joker but who's gonna correct her anyway?!

"Go ahead, Squirrs. Take him out!" She then asks of her partner in .., heroism?

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen stares at the megaphone man, "I think he's learned his lesson." She peers intensely, "There's no way you're escaping jail now! Were you the one who robbed Angelo's?" The man winces, "Fine FINE! You caught me! I did it! But this place sucked all the life out of my very soul for YEARS. I slaved away, watching that stupid door, handing out fliers, and checking reciepts. What? You think my job was easy?! All those angry customers cursing at me because their pizzas arrived cold! The wait staff had the nerve to say that I wasn't smiling enough when they were the ones walking around with a grimace on their faces all day!"

Doreen listens but has to stop him at that point, "You made your point. But you crossed the line and became a villain! You have to be stopped!" Sirens can be heard now and police helicopters are probably already in the air and heading towards this location, "When you get out of jail, just remember, you don't have to stay this way. Just ask Harley! She used to be a villain and now she chases the bad guys down like a pro!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"OMG!" Harley then exclaims as the man goes about with his rambling.. It has the clownette's eyes widen up. "Ya weah screwed by the system!" she nods solemnly. "Gosh, it's great ta fight against the things that awhe tyin' ya down. But yea, ya really need ta go in the otha direction with it. Make somethin' positive o' yoh life, find yoh role." she looks up at the sky with a wince then back to Angelo's. "Clearly pizza servin' ain't in yoh DNA.."

A grin given to Doreen when she talks about how Harley changed.. Yea.., well, sorta changed. But no need to punch the guy down. Harmless enough...

"So yea, when ya get outta jail go do somethin' moouh fun!" she gives it a moment's thought. "Maybe McDonald's..." eeewww, low blow. But then she winks, "I kid, I kid. But think about it!"

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen nods, "She's right! Something positive! Take up crime fighting! You don't need powers to do it. Just ask Batman.. or Iron Man. Well.. you kind of need a costume.. and you need to learn how to fight. You probably need someone to supply you with advanced tech.. and if you're lucky? Radioactive waste might turn you into a superhuman.. something?"

Clearly Doreen is not -always- good at motivating people, "Point is.. you can do something better and that's all we're saying. I mean do you think anyone would hire me with this tail?" She shakes her tail a bit, "Probably not! Mutants and anyone who seems like a mutant get the short end of the stick all the time. But a lot of them become heroes instead of villains. You can do the same you know!"

The police cars arrive, sirens blaring, lights flickering. The sound of police helicopters fills the air as they start to chase down the two biplanes and the pizzas stop falling from the sky. But now there's pizza everywhere and the rats, pigeons, and ravens are going to have a field day.

Doreen looks around, "If there were enough trees in this part of town? The squirrels would already be having a late Christmas dinner.."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Oh no ... "Maybe hold out in the crime fightin ..." Because that's the fastest way to get a bullet for your troubles! Harley casts a look at Doreen and leans over to whisper to her. "You saw how he tripped on a pizza ... He ain't gonna be doin' flips like Batman any time soon..." nope! Not a chance!

"And nooow..." Just before police start taking up the place Harley makes her way over, calling Doreen to join up with her. "Selfie time..!" she unleashes her phone, pointing it up and if Doreen does get near her and Megaphone Man she takes one.

"Theah! Fightin' crime togetha! We put this up on insta latah and we gonna see the likes poppin' up.."

Though it's not as if she wants to stay and be here when police arrives. They could even blame her for this! "Time to split! Was good havin' dinnah with you, Squirrs. We gonna have ta do it again soon!"

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen joins in for the selfie and takes one of her own, "Definitely going on social media. My subscribers would expect nothing less! Too bad there wasn't much time to record. Oh well.."

When Harley starts to leave she waves, "Maybe I'll help you on one of your bounty hunts some time!" And with that the bad guys get taken to jail and NYC is saved! ... For now!