4585/Cathcing Up With An Old Friend

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Cathcing Up With An Old Friend
Date of Scene: 03 January 2021
Location: Shadow Manor
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Bella, Selene Corvinus

Bella has posed:
It's been years...decades...centuries? Whatever it is, it has been quite some time since Bellatrix Lestrange last met with Selene Corvinus, if she had to wager a guess, it was likely in the Nordic Coven when they last saw each other, over the background of freezing snow and the gorgeous aurora sky. In either case, it has been far long enough that Bella decided to have a reunion of sort, or at least to catch up a bit on Corvinus Coven.

Bella has settled in Hell's Kitchen, at the ever so on the nose 666 w 53rd St address. She had sent her kinda sorta familiar Mark or what's his face to go on errands, so the house is clear for her meeting with Selene. She's already had two flutes set in the drawing room with some blood. She is rather excited to have some worthy company for a change. Humans have been so tiresome.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's motorcycle pulled up outside of the on-the-nose-address in-question (which had entirely made her just shake her head upon reading it). The engine of the black sport bike revs a few times before it deactivates and falls silent. The rider upon it dismounts the seat with a leg sweeping back over the body of the bike. She adjusts her black leather jacket and turns to look at the home. A pair of people walking down the side street offer her playful comments about her attire and her general appearance, which actually lands with the tall slender woman with pale skin. She offers them both a grin before passing behind them and up to the manor to announce her presence.

At the doorway, Selene's dark brown eyes cast around the building's facade, taking in the style. She taps the door's call button and when she's greeted, she'll move to step inside once the door is open...

Bella has posed:
The door opens, and Bella is standing a few steps away from it, motioning for Selene to come in. "Selene, darling, it's so wonderful to see you! It's been..." she tries to do a simple math in her head, before giving up, "a long time! Please, tell me, how is Viktor doing? Or is he in a slumber again?"

The house, of course, is decorated in a way that would have archeologists drooling for a chance to sift through it's treasures. All sorts of trinkets, from a wide span of time, some dating as far back as the 6th century. Some paintings of Bella and her various friends from over the years, in different looks and fashions for the fleeting fashions of day long gone.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene hadn't seen this woman in centuries, so to hear from here tonight was a rather big surprise. It's why she rushed right over... Balla was loosely connected to her people, and now suddenly 'back' amonst the 'living' here in the heart of where the Lycan and Vampire war has migrated, to the United States.

Once inside, Selene's attention is split between listening to Bella and letting her eyes roam over the decor of the home. The paintings of Bella make the Death Dealer show a hint of a grin that comes and goes-- being that having paintings of one's self is just... how she remembers this woman.

Selene turns though, to face Bella and to afford her a polite smile. "It's good to see you, Bella." She says in her husky-soft voice. "You seem to be doing well for yourself. That's good to see." Another glance is spared around the foyer, before Selene puts her stare back upon the fellow Vampire. "Viktor is hibernating, yes. It'll be some time before he's woken up again." 80 years, to be precise, but she doesn't toss that number around too openly.

Bella has posed:
"The War with the Lycans still ongoing...?" Bella muses, "you know I could land a hand here and there, if it gets rough, though...I really don't do well with all the fancy weapons Death Dealers are touting these days..." a clear overtone of lament in her voice, clearly, she misses simpler times. Then again, the game got a lot rougher since freakin' UV bullets were added to the game. Such travesty! The nerve of these lycans.

"Yes, yes, I've decided to entertain myself by trying to blend in, as it were, even got myself a...hrmmm...I guess in a way a human familiar? I'll introduce him to you sometime, he's really quite adorable."

Bella frowns a bit at the mention of the hibernation, "shame, I would have liked to have seen him again. It's been so long...please, come in, I prepared refreshments," she gestures towards the drawing room, and takes a seat by one of the flute filled with blood.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene initially simply offers a light little nod at the Lycan War element, but she does tack on a bit of information. "We thought we'd ended it, for quite some time in fact. But their lost leadership resurfaced here in the States a little over a decade ago. Such is why Amelia established the new coven here in Manhattan." Amelia being an Elder Vampire that Bella likely knows very well, or did, once upon a time.

Following the woman through her home, Selene's eyes wander a bit more... listening to the part about a human familiar which makes her smirk. The covens of the Corvinus Vampires are doing everything in their powr to separate themselves from humans, as the point of winning the Lycan war is to take the covens in to isolation from the rest of the world and its problems.

Once at the seats, Selene lowers herself down in to its embrace, her leather clothing making protesting noises around her body as she does so. She reaches for the glass and raises it up to sniff from it. "We're synthesizing our blood now." She tells the other, seated across from her, which could be taken in any number of ways by Bella. But still, Selene tips the glass back to take a sip regardless. "What brings you to America, Bella?" She then asks.

Bella has posed:
"Leadership...? That's a serious threat," Bella says heavily, looking quite irate at the news. Reaching for her flute of blood, Bella smiles at the mention of Amelia, "such a wonderful lady, she helped me quite a lot at the Nordic Coven, how is she faring these days? Is she still in Manhattan? I better go pay my respect."

Bella of course, was once long ago in Selene's position, only she could not stomach Sonja's fate, and as a result withdraw from Coven affairs, for the most part. Whether Selene knows any of it, or how much, is up in the air, but Bella doesn't reminisce at this very moment. "You should find it quite delicious, willingly given virgin blood," Bella says with a brilliant smile, before arching a curious brow, "synthesize you say...?" She looks quite skeptical, "I see Viktor was serious about separation from humans...or was that Amelia? Strange...get me a sample sometime, I'll see if I can stomach it. For now," she raises her glass, "please enjoy some quality."

After savoring but a sip, Bella licks her lips and shares openly, "I have decided to get as far away as I can from all things Coven and Elder politicas related, the New World seemed a perfect place, and I thought for once, I shall play at passing myself as human...see how that would feel. That's why I didn't go for my usual grandiose tastes when it came to find an abode."

As an after thought she adds, "but please, you're welcome to visit any time."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene knew of Sonja's existence, but Selene wasn't told the truth about what happened. She was told that the Lycan she'd actually fallen in love with, had been the one who'd killed her. "Amelia's well. She has a home here in Manhattan, downtown. She would be very happy to see you some time, I'm quite sure of that." Bella would know that Selene came in to Viktor's Coven some time after what happened with Sonja, and that he treats Selene almost like a replacement for his daughter that he'd killed. She like also knows that Selene doesn't know the full story on, probably a lot of things.