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Spying On The Re-up
Date of Scene: 04 January 2021
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: Quiver gets an assist from Daredevil while gathering information on heroin dealers in New Lots.
Cast of Characters: Vanessa Carlysle, Matthew Murdock

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
A cold January wind blows across the city. Passing over the Hudson, lifting up over the Brooklyn Bridge before winding its way through the mass of buildings that make up Brooklyn, finding its way in amongst the decaying buildings that make up New Lots.

That wind tries to stir the hood of the woman who sits crouched on the roof of a four story building, gazing down at a row of apartments that make up part of the projects. A pair of boys of about thirteen are out on a street corner, one standing near the road in a coat, hands stuffed in his pocket. Another sitting a few doors down, keeping an eye out.

Quiver could be mistaken for Green Arrow but for the difference in build, her costume cut for her feminine form. Rather than the boy dealing heroin on the corner, she is watching an apartment with newspaper over the windows, but lit up slightly by a light inside. "About time for your reup," she comments to herself, having been watching all night, knowing they must be close to selling out of their stash.

She sees a car coming down the street, windows down and blaring music at a volume that will not be pleasing to the normal residents of the area. But it suits her needs. Vanessa Carlysle pulls out a special arrow, fitting it to her bow. As the car rolls past, injecting noise pollution into the area, she shoots the arrow, hitting the top of the apartment building. Once the arrow is lodged in the coping around the roof, she hits a stud on the bow and a tiny microphone descends from a cable until she stops it right next to the window. She turns it on, listening in her earpiece to the voices of people inside.

Her shot went unnoticed by those inside, and those on the street. But that twang of a bow being shot was quite distinctive, should extremely sensitive ears be in the area and able to pick it out despite the loud music.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
The Devil of Hell's Kitchen is out of the Kitchen tonight crossing to Brooklyn on a tip that turned out to be a bust. Though since he'd made the trip he figured he might as well take the nickel tour before making his long cold way back to Manhattan. Though as he pauses on a rooftop he gets the sense he's not alone there's a woman there, smelling too clean to be a local, and what he can get of her outfit, a hood, bow, arrows, suggested otherwise as well.

Daredevil steps out of the shadows where he lands. "You're new aren't you," he says conversationally, his arms held out by his sides so as not to look more threatening than he already did wearing a suit with devil horns.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
An arrow is pulled from a quiver and fitted into the bow even as it is being drawn, the speed of it impressive even just to hear as the woman turns. Though the bow unflexes, pullies turning as the string is allowed to relax again as Quiver sees who the costumed man is that emerges from the shadows.

"The Devil of Hell's Kitchen," Kathleen Turner says. Or not quite. It's a young Kathleen Turner voice, but so spot on that Daredevil could imagine it was something from an old movie. "Sort of new. I work with Green Arrow," she tells him. "Go by the name Quiver."

She moves a hand to her ear as she hears talk from the apartment. Just one guy giving another a hard time. Nothing with useful intel yet. "Didn't know you passed this far south," she says.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Daredevil leaps back quickly as he hears the drawing of the bow, his move for cover coming up short as he hears it relax.

He turns, head tilting at the voice. "I've heard of him, he does good work," he says of Green Arrow. "And I didn't think you guys worked this far north," he counters with a smile. "So, what's got you out here in Brooklyn?"

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
"We normally work Starling it's true," Quiver tells Daredevil in that smoky voice she's emulating perfectly. "Though GA's tracked some drug smuggling related to Starling up here in the past. I'm just helping with a bit of cleanup at the moment," she says.

Quiver's earpiece suddenly makes a loud noise that makes her wince, and she turns back to look down at the street below as she says, "Waiting on these guys to get their stock re-upped so I can track it back to the source," she says.

And then she sees it. "No no. Bad dog, get away from my micropho-" Quiver gets out, and then a groan as the stray dog chomps the microphone completely, severing the wire it was dangling from. "Darn it. Dog just ate my mike, now I can't hear them in there," she says.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
The sudden talking to the dog has him pulling on the threads of his senses, it only takes a moment for him to put it together. He moves towards Quiver crouching low as he gets towards the edge of the building. "Think I've got you covered there, where are they?" he asks even as he listens for the sound of the dealers.

The car pulls up to the house with the covered windows, and a pair of men get out, one holding a plastic bag that shines black in the streetlight. The door to the house opens and another man, barely out of his teens by the sound of him emerges, "Shit, you late, don't you know time is money, ^you you motherfuckers be spendin'?" he asks the new arrivals as he steps out of the way to let them inside.

"You be better be glad your weak ass crew is on our package" the delivery men say. "Now step aside fool and let's get this done."

Matt having heard it all, relays to Quiver, "Two in that car, at least one more in the building, looks like your delivery is here."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Quiver doesn't realize Daredevil's senses it seems, as she points over towards the apartment. "Middle one there, newspaper covered windows. Empty one on either side of them," she says.

She glances over to Daredevil, probably expecting him to pull out some technology, or maybe it's just built into his suit. As he relates what happens, she says, "Good, those are our boys. I'll have come back to retrieve the arrow later," she says, so they don't spot it in the morning and wonder what's up.

She pulls out a small camera and snaps some pictures of the license plate. "Overwatch, sending you a New York plate now," she says aloud as the camera uploads the photos back to the Arrow Cave - yes they call it that! - "And a few new faces too," she adds.

She looks back over to Daredevil. "Thank you, timeline arrival there. Now to tail these guys and see if we can't move a step up their organization," she says. "Want to come along, or are you on your way somewhere?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt smirks faintly at all the gear. "Whatever happened to just having a suit and wanting to make the world better," he says wryly, clearly impressed. "Plate's from New York but they made a stop in Jersey lately, took the tunnel not the bridge," he says after the cold January wind blows the scents off the car in his direction. There was no mistaking the smells from the chemical plants on the Jersey side of the tunnel. "And sure, count me in," he says of following things back to the stash.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Quiver turns and looks at Daredevil and then down at the car, trying to tell how he could have deduced that from it. Maybe some kind of automated toll tag he was able to hack into?

A good question for another time, it seems, as the man are heading back out to the car and hopping in. "Hmm, Jersey? Could be just stopping for some errand or something. But with the ports over there it would be a way of keeping shipments safe from their other New York competitors. Well, safer," she says in that smoky Kathleen Turner voice.

The car starts to pull away, and she says, "I've got a motorcycle down in the alley. It might be a while of tailing them, so going roof to roof may be a bit of work. You have a ride or want to hop on the back?" she says, jogging across the roof over to the alley, ready to slide down the line she's already got in place for fast transit down to the motorcycle.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Could be an errand," Matt agrees. "We'll find out when we follow them, no ride on this end, so I'll take a lift if you're offering," he says with an easy smile. When the line down is offered he takes it riding down using one of his batons and jumping nimbly to the street once he's low enough.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
The pair are able to slide down easily enough, and the motorcycle that is waiting is very high end and well-maintained judging by the purr of the motor. Quiver's bow folds into a small form that fits in her quiver and then she hops onto the bike, waiting for Daredevil to get situated before she pulls up to look out down the street, spotting the car they are trailing and then pulling out onto the street, keeping distance so they won't be spotted easily.

"Thanks for the assist back there. What do you have, a built in boom mike or something?" she asks. "Greenie doesn't like to get too dependent on technology. Well, not like Batman anyway." Quiver pulls over for a few moments as the car stops at red light, then continues when it turns green. "How are things in your neck of the woods, anyway?" she asks.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt climbs onto the bike and holds on tight as hit pulls off after their target. Something like that," he says about the mic. "Speaking of we can hang back a bit and I should still be able to follow them with the music they're playing."

As for his neck of the woods, "Quiet, hence the stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge. How's Starling?"

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Quiver shows her trust in Daredevil, coasting the bike and letting the car pull on ahead further. "Mostly quiet. There's a crazed archer killing some people Green Arrow had previously arrested. Or, well, she was. Now she's after us so we don't pollute his mind," Quiver says. Daredevil can possibly hear her teeth grind for a moment. "But it was quite over Christmas and New Years, so maybe she left town. Though I'm not counting on it. Probably doing recon trying to figure out who we are."

Up ahead the car turns a corner and the sound of the vehicle's brakes can be heard, and the transmission shifts as the stick is put into Park judging by the sound of it. Car doors and soon after a knock on a door. "Christmas come late," the deliveryman says as he goes inside. "Let's do this quick, you're the last stop tonight."