4598/Fairy Trails

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Fairy Trails
Date of Scene: 04 January 2021
Location: Central Park
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Glamour, Saeko

Glamour has posed:
So, Central Park it is!

It's a lovely day, of course, for winter in New York in the midst of a... well .. everything. It's there that a certain residue can be felt. A certain 'glimmer' and 'Glamour' in the air. Fairy dust. One of the Fey is *definitely* here, somewhere. What kind of mischief could they be up to?

It certainly raises a question that one curious enough coiuld follow up on.

Saeko has posed:
Interesting is one word for it, a little 'tickle' on the edge of the senses. A curiousity...and the vixen couldn't resist. She'd been out and about, indulging in a snack at one of the city's diners when she felt it. Why not? Disguised by a little glamour of her own, the Kitsune's ears and tails were hidden away, leaving her looking like a normal human...albeit an unnaturally beautiful one as she made her way along the 'trail'.

Glamour has posed:
Central Park is always packed with people, even in the Winter, but it's big enough you can actually manage to avoid some of them! This is probably helpful to anyone who has business.

Still, her trail is definitely leading one to a ... hot ... dog ... stand?

Well, above it, actually. In a tree above it. Scanning does indeed find a little bit of dust upon a branch, glinting in the light, and a soft nimbus of light occasionally pulsing there from above.

Saeko has posed:
Hotdogs? Alright. Magic hotdogs? Even better. Saeko continued on her path closer towards the vendor, a tilt of her head and a light frown. If her ears were manifested? They'd likely have twitched. Crossing her arms under her bust, her lightly narrowed eyes turn skywards, heading towards the branch and blinking a little.

"A sprite?" she murmers aloud, "in the city?"

Glamour has posed:
The hot dog vendor looks up, boredlyy.

"Ya wanna sprite, lady?" he asks, reaching for the fountain pop cups.

Meanwhile, the spirte above flickers out entirely a moment.

Saeko has posed:
A blink, Saeko wasn't really paying attention. Instead she just walked right past the vendor with a lazy wave of her fingers and a light fluctuation of blue dancing between her digits. A lazy spell, but one to simply erase that little memory of her presence. She wasnt invisible, people just didn't notice her quite so easily while she moved towards the tree proper.

Glamour has posed:
Oh, hey she's gone.

That's when the fairy in the tree, dressed in a tiny little dress, walks down the branch to peeeeeer.

Where'd she go? That's what the quizzical expression oin her face reads at this point.

Saeko has posed:
A step, little inhaled breath and Saeko truely does disappear, only to reappear a moment later in a little flare of light between the branches, lazily sitting her behind upon one of the branches while the world around the tree warbled lightly in a strange monochrome. The spell expanded, they wouldn't be noticed...which was probably for the best given that where she had seemed 'normal' moments ago, the Kitsune was revealed in all her glory: a set of black furred ears rested atop her head, a swath of tails spread out from behind her and her facial features were marked by a set of 'whisker marks' and a pointed teeth.

"Why so shy little one?"

Glamour has posed:
"...awk," is what the tiny, six inch little thing says.

She falls back on her butt on the branch, the nimbus of light brightening around her until only her extended wings are visible.

"...oi. Don't sneak up on a 'little one' like that. It's rude. Where the hell did you come from?! Sheesh."

A glance down towards the tired hot dog vender. Who appears to not be noticing either of them at this point.

Saeko has posed:
"From down there?" the kitsune answers, a shrug of her shoulders and a little grin on her lips before tilting her head.

"I didn't sneak, not really. I just...moved."

Apparently satisfied with her words, Saeko lazily reaches out to point a finger towards the short woman. "You're an interesting little creature."

Glamour has posed:
"Emphasis on little. But I wouldn't try anything if I were you," she replies, warningly, her voice bearing the tinkling of bells. Oh god, really?

She combs her fijngers through her hair. "I'm no joke." She's standing her ground. "Who are you and what are you looking for?" she asks, warning in her tone. Caution.

Saeko has posed:
"Try anything? But doing nothing is boring..." Saeko protests, frowning a little to herself before the questions sent her way bring a shrug of her bared shoulders.

"Who am I? Saeko, divine Tenko of Inari...and I was looking for whatever caught my curiousity."

Glamour has posed:
"...Divine ... tenko of ... Inari," says Glamour, as if all that went over her head. "Inari..." SHe lays a finger on her chin. "Wait ... like the guy from Inaysha?"

She blinks her eyes at the Kitsune., a glance behind her towards her tails. "Ah, right ... so that's a thing, I guess ... from somewhere." Her wings lazily flap behind her as she lifts off the branch, keeping a careful distance. "Well, most people don't notice me. Too small."