4599/Another You: Barbara Hunter-Morse

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Another You: Barbara Hunter-Morse
Date of Scene: 04 January 2021
Location: Brown Bag Liquor
Synopsis: Bobbi meets her doppelganger who almost wins the day, but Afterlife intervenes.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Daisy Johnson

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Despite evil doppelgangers showing up en masse from that other planet, Bobbi was in good spirits. Lance was back from his undercover operation and wasn't even too upset that she volunteered him to help round up all the other worldly strays. At least, she's pretty sure he's not upset. Usually he makes it obvious when he's not happy.

    And so their relationship had been evolving and growing. Bobbi promised to spend more time away from work so they could be an 'us' together, rather than having to share each other with SHIELD. It's been taking some adjusting, but given recent medical situations and also being stuck behind a desk more often than before, she has found time out in the real world - ie: not on mission - to be rather pleasant.

    Speaking of pleasant, it's going to be a night of Marbles on youtube with Lance and alcohol is a must, because those videos are great drinking games. A small jingle as she enters the Brown Ban Liquor and it takes her barely a fraction of a moment to recognise something is very very wrong. Brian is sweating, the air conditioning is on, no one else is in the store, the security camera has been turned off.

    Bobbi reaches for her ICER just as a speargun pierces through her right leg and yanks her off balance and on to the floor.

    "Hey Bobbi, I've been looking forward to meeting you," says Barbara Hunter-Morse, invading immigrant from another Earth, "I tell a lie, I've been looking forward to being you. With your nice job, nice apartment, nice bike, nice clothes, nice food, clear air..."

    Bobbi lets out a cry of pain as she grips at the dart poking out of her flesh and her eyes go wide with fear and fury at ... another her. Natural blonde, there's something rough around the edges of this Bobbi. From around the corner strolls Lance Hunter, hands in his leather jacket pockets and a smug look on his face, "What do you think Babs. Threesome, or just kill her now?"

    Brian sees the opportunity and runs for it out the backdoor. "Well there goes the element of quiet. Cops'll be here quick, finish her Babs." Barbara Morse-Hunter smirks, "Gladly." She pulls out a pistol.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The instructions had been simple. Keep an eye out on one Bobbi Morse, let them know of any change in the status quo. Specially if Jia's daughter was involved. This wasn't one of those situations, but the Inhuman keeping tail on Bobbi had noted something wrong when he scouted ahead to the liquor shop Bobbi was actually going to... This wasn't right, and .., doppelgangers? To his credit, with invisibility being his Inhuman power it meant he hadn't been detected. And he had reported in..

"Is my daughter there?" "No but .., this is a trap." "Yes, I am sure the special agent can handle it, continue as usual."

Gordon then chimes in. "If this goes south and your daughter knows you could had helped her it might jeopardize your chances, Jiaying." "Fine. Go and keep an eye out. You know what to do." And besides, Jia did know Morse had the potential for the Inhuman gene. That much they had seen when she had touched the diviner.

Gordon moves in... Or rather, teleports in, right outside until the message comes from their invisible spy.. Time to act..

A wide, blue bubble appears right in front of Bobbi when the gun is pulled out and Gordon steps out. No eyes, long overcoat, all style. He doesn't seem too worried about a gun.

"Not this time, Ma'am."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi hears the click of the gun hammer at the same time that the blue force field appears. Bang bang, bang bang. Two double taps. Barbara Hunter-Morse is trained well it seems. The bullets harmlessly hit the shield and Bobbi's look transforms in to confusion.

    "You! How did you...," she grips at the dart pinned through her thigh, the force field cut the wire connecting her to the trap. She tries gripping it to pull it or push it through but too much blood has already spilled making it slippery, "Damn it. Thank you, I mean."

    "Boy do you have good timing.. whatever your name is. First a HYDRA submarine, then a bar, now a liquor store. If I didn't know better I'd say you were stalking me," she says trying to make light even as her voice is wavering from the extreme pain. The heart rate monitor on her wrist starts to spike up and down wildly and she clenches her left hand open and shut.

    Seeing their chance has been ruined, Barbara Morse-Hunter and Lance scowl and flee out the back. Barbara has a small glance back of, 'this isn't over' to Bobbi. "It's official, I'm a bitch in two worlds," she says followed up with a groan of pain.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
No answers come about how Gordon found her, in fact he not even turning his head to Bobbi. Not that it would avail to much considering no eyes. Which even makes one wonder how he can even see. Yet as the two doppels run away and perhaps Gordon would get that shield down and perhaps leave instead the shield only appears to get stronger.

"It is time to go." The bubble whirls and shifts, becoming fully opaque until it finally envelops the two of them and with a sickening lurch in the next instant they are in a completely different place..

The sounds are completely different too. Quiet, calm. And it's day.. So wherever they are it's not in the same timezone. In fact, most likely some place in the opposite side of the world..

In the room is Jiaying, standing and with her hands on her back as if she was waiting. A brow rises just so at Gordon when he appears with Bobbi, a gesture made to the leg.

"Welcome to Afterlife, Bobbi Morse." Jiaying then speaks.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi wonders at the force field that just saved her life. She thought it'd go away, but it becomes intense enough that she squints her eyes shut.

    Then... somewhere else. Bobbi peels her eyes open, trying her best not to move her leg as she peers up from the floor at Jiaying. Her eyes adjust to the sudden daylight and she looks around the vaguely Chinese interiors and she looks back to Jiaying.

    "Jiaying..." she says in surprise. The turn in her stomach, the sudden daylight, the sounds of birds that aren't from Salem, the feel of the air. "Afterlife?," is her next question. Despite having been saved, her heart rate is still spiking up and down as the teleportation and sudden new location is just as stressful, perhaps more so, when you have a dart through your leg.

    "Hey don't get me wrong, I appreciate the surprise intervention.. but where is this?," she says, truly at a loss for words at the sudden and impressive display of gifted powers. Daisy she had gotten used to. Teleportation and magic shields? not so much.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Somewhere secluded." Is Jia's answer, as one would expect. She brings out hand from behind her back, gesturing towards an open window where the chirping birds are heard outside. There's a feeling of solemnity to the place, of peace. "Away from the prying eyes of those that would wish to bring us down." she steps slowly towards that window, for now ignoring the dart on the woman's leg.

"You will find that your electronic devices won't have communication to the outside so don't bother." She explains, back straight, gaze somewhat distant.

Gordon, for his part, steps to the side and with a nod to both Jia and Bobbi starts to walk to the door. A walk that is stopped when Jia tells him. "Bring my medical tools. Our guest is injured." Well, at least she did say guest instead of prisoner!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi pushes herself up on to two feet. She puts as little weight on to her injured leg as possible, noting the small patch of blood on the carpet. She takes in a deep breath, trying desperately to center her mind and find some way to slow the numbing pain spreading down her left arm.

    "I figured as much," she says with a wince and limps along with Jia, "Thank you ..again." Put some good out in to the world and sometimes it finds its way back to you. They saved Jia, now Jia is saving her. She wipes her bloodied hands on her top to get the wet off, the dried stuff will wash off later.

    "I ran your DNA," she says given the last conversation they had at the bar was a bit tense. "And then I showed Daisy," she adds, then pauses to lean against the door as she needs to catch her breath again from the sudden spike of pain in her leg. "She wants to meet you," she finishes.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Talking about Daisy does have the merit of having Jia focus, turning her attention fully to Bobbi and inclining her head just so, "She should had come already. What is delaying her?" No doubt about what the DNA would had shown, even if it doesn't seem like she heard about the saudi arabian heist.

Gordon comes in shortly after with a large leather bag, setting it on a nearby table. Jia nods dismissively at the man before looking back to Bobbi. "Sit up on the table. I need to look at the wound." the tone of someone fully expecting to be obeyed. "I am hoping this shows we are acting in good faith." she finally says. Nothing to do with Bobbi possibly being an Inhuman too! Nope! Nothing!

"But there was still a debt to be repaid. One that is now even." she opens the medical bag, taking out a few utensils before carefully cutting through the pants so as to have access to the dart and wound area. "How have you been handling your new powers?" She then asks.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi shuffles her butt on to the top of the table and lets out a sigh of relief as she takes the weight off of her wounded thigh. Jeans. They're ripped where the dart pierced. It's arrow tip head is poking out the other side and the front side has a hook on it with a bit of now broken chain attached to it. A brutal but efficient trap.

    "I'm not going to say no to some medical help," she says. Though, she doesn't mention this wound will be just a memory in a few days if she looks after it properly. Finally, her heart rate is starting to slow down. Some common ground with Jia is helping.

    "Daisy has a full life, I'm sure she'll tell you all about the bits that aren't classified," she says with a chuckle, "You know, the whole debt repaid thing, it's not a great way to make a friendship Jiaying."

    She tugs her sleeve down over the heart rate monitor and says, "Well, if you're talking about Inhuman abilities? I don't think I have any. If you're talking about the other stuff... mixed. I did what had to be done to get us out of there.. I didn't think I'd survive but here I am."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yes, you do." This about Bobbi having Inhuman powers, no doubt on Jia's tone when she says it, continuing to look down at her work on the leg. After the jeans are cut it's time to sterilize around the wound, preparing to yank it out. "Or do you think you could had done any of that if you were not one of the chosen? It having come from Jacob's own blood proves it." again, doesn't seem as if there is any doubt in her voice.

"This will hurt." Not that she gives Bobbi much time to prepare, just that brief warning before the arrow is pulled out in one firm, swift motion. Pressure is immediately done to keep the blood from pouring out. "Hold that. Hard." she instructs, nodding towards the cloth piece on the woman's leg.

"Are you saying you are a friend of Afterlife now, Bobbi? Or is this another mission?" the woman's eyes turn up to meet the spy's, intent and calculating.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi laughs with doubt about having Inhuman powers. The mysterious diviner object could have been the death of her, but she touched it anyway and watched a little light show in the stone. Everything about Afterlife, Jiaying, and the Inhumans is a mystery to her.

    The dart yanked out has her yowl in pain and she grabs at her thigh tightly as instructed, "Sunnova... oooof, it's not every day you meet yourself and I really wish I hadn't," she says drawing in sharp breaths between her teeth.

    "Oh, sure, ask me that question after you pull the dart out." Her face is contorted in pain and she says, "When it comes to you, I'm just making sure my friend is safe. That's the mission; and to find out more about you. But I have no quarrel with Afterlife. SHIELD just wants to know who you are ..and so do I."

    "I really wish my electronics could work, I need to warn my partner that he has an evil doppelganger.. and also that I do too. He's a bit oblivious sometimes and he'd probably start dating her and his other self just out of pure vanity," she says wondering if there's exemptions to be made.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The dart is indeed in Jiaying's hand when she asks it but then the woman lifts a brow. "Would you prefer I put it back in?" is this attempt at Doctor-humor? It's not a great attempt regardless if it is nor not. But she does set the dart aside and as the pressure continues on the leg she makes sure to disinfect the wound and start to make sure that the bleeding stops. "It wasn't too deep. You should not have a limp in the future." yay! But perhaps she doesnt know the extent of those healing powers.

"I already told you what we wanted. To be left in peace. You have seen what men will do if they access to us. They come in good faith, but there are too many Whitehalls out there." Her tone having grown a touch harsher, expression tightening. Similar to Daisy when she is stubbornly facing off against an enemy.

As for her partner Jiaying doesn't seem that interested. No powers? No interest. Besides, she has met him! "I am sure he can use his tongue to get out of that problem if it arises. But there is only so much I can do." of course that they *did* contact out Afterlife in some way through a radio. So there must be some kind of outside contact station ..., somewhere.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi gives Jia a puzzled look. She can't quite tell if Jia is joking with her or not. She decides to take it as a joke.. for now. "I appreciate it. I'll get it x-ray'd as soon as you get me home," she says.. though her demeanour says there's no huge rush. Her mind is torn in two directions - recon, this place is amazing; and duty - SHIELD needs to know she is okay, her leg needs to be checked out by a professional, and Lance needs to know he's in danger. So.. may be just a liiiittle bit longer.

    She tentatively puts weight back on her leg and groans again, rolling her eyes back in her head. "I hate her so much and I only met her for two seconds... the other me that is. In case you hadn't heard, evil doppelgangers are invading our world. Though, most people don't know that yet, so I'd be surprised if you did."

    "I get what you mean about Whitehall. I promise you, I'll compartmentalise Afterlife as soon as I'm back at my desk. You need people like us on your side Jiaying. When someone starts poking around, we can steer them away."

    Well now she knows Jia has a sense of humour, as she mentions Lance's ability to talk.. and talk.. and talk. Bobbi pauses with most of her weight on her good leg, "He leaves an impression doesn't he."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
If Jia is surprised or not it doesn't show on her expression, she continuing on with her work on the leg. "Why do you say they are evil?" she then questions about the doppelgangers, just finishing to tighten up a torniquet so the blood flow stops. Does it hurt? Most likely.

"We can keep people away just fine. We do not need outsiders poking about." She finally offering a very faint smile once the wound is bandaged up. "Even your people, SHIELD.. They do not have their hands clean. You have killed many of our kind in the past. Without understanding, without trying. It is ever a problem with them humans, limited in their comprehension of the world and how it's evolving." Is she talking about a particular case? Who knows?!

"Come." She then says after a moment, hand gesturing. "Let me show you."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi carefully puts weight on her leg and limps along with Jia and says, "You see the problem there don't you? people are scared of what they don't understand. If we knew more about you,..." she sighs a moment and says, "No our hands are never clean. We try to do the right thing."

    She clears her throat, "Well, just between you and me, they've come from a planet where they were mind controlled by a gigantic space monster for almost forty years and have suddenly regained their freedom. They immediately started nuking each other and apparently had a pitched air battle not far away from the battle with the monster."

    "And now that they've migrated over here, they seem to be going after themselves and trying to kill them. The very first one we tracked walked right in to his otherself's place of work and shot him," she explains and then motions to her leg, "and this is what mine did."

    She frowns sharply, "There's something not right with them, in the head. Our task force is trying to round them up so we can send them back to where they came from."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The 'knew more about you..' line is finished by Jia with, " ...by inserting tubes into us and cutting us into pieces. Yes I know." The woman offering a nod. And really, her voice is perfectly even, not even a shred of hatred visible there, just an acceptance on how things are. She could also be the best actor ever. Regardless, she opens the door that leads to a wide corridor, again the same chinese inspiration on the place, steps echoing in the corridor while she walks, hands again behind her back in a relaxed manner. "In here we are doing the right thing, not just trying. But you will see."

"I am going to guess it was someone's fault on this side that opened a way for them to be able to traverse in. Maybe someone wanting to .., know more about them?" She shakes her head slowly. "Curiosity. Ever the downfall of man." not that she appears particularly worried about evil doppelgangers.

"So you see, in the end it all comes down to the same. Greed." She opens the door leading to the outside, giving view to a gigantic mountain in front of them. Snow up on top even if at the lower ground they are at right now it isn't as cold, the sun shining brightly. There are trees here and there, other compounds, large, along with housing, agricultural fields and stone cobbled pathways, making it quite the quaint, lost paradise in a forgotten part of the world.

"This is the place for our people. Where they belong. We are free of any such notions of greed here." This said while she makes way down that cobbled path, fully expecting Bobbi to keep up.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi sharply responds, "We're not HYDRA. Daisy is family. We have people from other planets working with us, people with magical powers too. We're no stranger to the unusual." She limps along and says, "I'm glad to hear it and I'm sure I'll see it. That's the point of getting to know you." She smirks, this Jia has a very even temperament, she bets May will like her.

    "I didn't have all the details, but from what I understand - other way around. The monster was hungry for more and was trying to get here. Supergirl and some unknown vigilante stopped them several times before we could finally get on top of the situation," she says with a touch of amusement at Jia's pessimism

    Her eyes adjust to the further brightness outside and the beautiful snow capped mountain. It's beautiful and she pauses a moment to take it in. She tries to guesstimate the position of the sun, it might help her calculate latitude. Somewhere in Asia, it's still a big chunk of Earth. "No one has aspirations here at all?," she asks suspiciously, she knows the hearts of men after all.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Aren't you?" Hydra, that is. That amuses Jia briefly for a moment before she continues along the path. "I am sure that those in Hydra also have a conviction they are doing the right thing. However deranged they may be. As ever it is always a matter of perspective. It brings me back to the question I asked earlier, on why you'd consider those doppelgangers evil from the start. Even if those two in particular trying to shoot you does help your case."

Some Inhumans can be seen here and there, a few with obvious mutations like a porcupine face, that particular woman look on from afar, others more normal or with less obvious mutations. But more often than not it appears that it's those with obvious differences from the norm that are in display now. Some working the fields, others talking or simply enjoying the weather.

"Everyone has aspirations. But it's different from greed, isn't it?" She says, "Even I have those. First it was to survive, to escape. Now I simply wish for peace, and to rejoin with my family." a very faint smile again on her lips. "I am certain you must have yours too. Settling down with that tongue-waggler perhaps?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks a touch disgusted at the notion anyone would think she is HYDRA. She pauses in the walk as her mind races through the various under cover operations she's had in their presence and the disgust turns to annoyance. She clears her mind of it and her face relaxes once more. A single spiked blip on her heart rate monitor.

    Jia hit a nerve, and Bobbi recognises the trauma she faced at the hands of Whitehall is colouring her view of the world. She shakes her head and her eyes travel around the small community. "The world is changing," she says as she stares briefly back at the porcupine woman, "with mutants being so visible in every day life. There's still a lot of hate and prejudice out there, I understand why you want your own piece and quiet."

    She starts limping along with her again and can't help but laugh abruptly. "Oh.. Lance, well. Now that's complicated. How about you, how did you and Daisy's father first meet," she asks.. Cal, good golly he's a piece of work. Almost as if she'd have accidentally summoned the devil she glances around to make sure she doesn't see the man.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"But not for the better." Jia answers, gaze moving to now look towards the mountain range, thoughtful. "Maybe it needs a shift to get back on track." then her shoulders rising in a shrug, "Though I am certainly not the one to speak of this." she gestures, again that faint smile. "It's as you say, I but want peace and quiet. As those that live here do." A lot seems to be left unsaid, but it does appear obvious they are quite willing to do what they must to keep things as they are.

"As it ever should be." Complicated, "It has been many years..." she then says about how they met. "I do not even know if he still lives or not..." just the faintest hopes on her tone, perhaps seeing if Bobbi will speak of the man's whereabouts.

"He did love to offer me daisies." And that makes her smile to turn more genuine for a moment.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Cal.. after he found Daisy, he found peace," is all she says about that matter. She smiles though at the little tidbit about how the name came about. Everyone had to adjust to the new name after Skye was relegated to hacker alias. Another positive change in the world, getting used to people changing their names when they come out in the work place or in personal lives. It's easier for spies, they're creating and shedding new identities all the time. Some of those identities can't be easily shed.

    "Jiaying, this is a gorgeous place," she says not mentioning the subtle culty vibes she's picking up, "but I need to get back to my people and warn them. Your man, without the eyes. Can he get me back home?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Good. That is all I wished." Maybe not all. But now Jia knows Cal might be alive. Another thread to explore. She does seem to accept Bobbi not wanting to go further about the matter, offering a brief nod, "I know you are set in your ways. Stubborn. Perhaps that is why my daughter likes you. But you are one of us now, Bobbi." She gesturing to the totally-not-a-cult surroundings. It all looks so nice! At least the parts she is showing.

"And you do have a place here. I trust you will keep what you have learned here as a secret and not try to divine where we are. We are friends now afterall, are we not? Like you said." Nothing like making someone feel guilty for being a spy. But Jia does trust her way with people, specially those that are Inhuman. For how can they not understand the vision of what they are trying to do here?

"He can." Jia looks to that particular girl with the porcupine face that was staring, giving her a small nod. The girl walks off without a word. To warn Gordon? Most likely because some moments later the man is walking out of that same house they were in earlier.

"Is it time to go back then?" He asks.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Jiaying, thank you for the rescue and for showing me part of your home. The shiny bits anyway," she says with a playful little smile. No community is all daisies and sunshine. "Your selection process is a bit of a mystery to me, but anything I learn is going to be locked away in a file that not even the Director of SHIELD can immediately access," she explains.

    She nods to Gordon, "Hey there, what's your name? I'm Bobbi, thanks for the intercept. I need to get back home, my friends and colleagues are in danger." She notes the odd interaction with the prickly faced one and files that away.

    "Tell me, if I sent you a message on that frequency you used on the submarine, would you come?" she asks with a raised eyebrow, "Also.. we should meet again, at the bar. Daisy knows the place and will feel more comfortable meeting you there." She herself feels a lot more comfortable having Daisy meet Jia after this. Her motives might be this simple, but there's always an undercurrent.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Gordon." The man says, making way to stand near Jiaying. Protectively? Quite so. He offers a simple nod at the thanks. He is perhaps used to it. Look, being a teleported and getting his people out of trouble seems to be part of his day job. He most likely gets thanks all the time!

Jia then offers a faint smile, "If we kept the same frequencies it would not take long for you to find us, would it?" the talk about the bar has her consider a moment. "No." is the answer, "I will come by again soon. Tell her to expect me." but where will she appear? Mystery!

"Have a good trip back. Make sure to keep the weight off your leg for a couple of days at least." She steps aside from Gordon's forcefield radius. It appears to be the signal for Gordon to use his powers, the man again raising the blue forcefield around the two of them before he teleports them back into Manhattan in a flash.