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Hanging out after the party!
Date of Scene: 04 January 2021
Location: The Hanging Tree - Park
Synopsis: Harley and Aimee go the Hanging Tree in Gotham after the New Year's Eve party. They are perhaps a bit drunk. But that doesn't stop them from daringly climb up the tree and perform a duet.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Aimee Alexander

Harley Quinn has posed:
The afterparty had been a blast! Meeting old friends, getting new ones... Finding one ex or another.. It had been quite the experience. As expected of a NYE with the one and only Harley Quinn!

It's not as if she hadn't noticed Aimee being somewhat reluctant about the whole thing, or at least boxed-in. So shortly after the gong of midnight she had suggested for them to hit the road and to go 'hang out' somewhere else. Yet with Harley being Harley it meant quite literally hanging out... She had brought them out to the Hanging Tree gardens where there's quite the large cedar tree right in the middle...

Yes, she is sorta drunk. Yes, she has climbed the tree. And yes, she is up there atop and shouting. "Queen o' the world!", while stepping precariously on a rather frail-looking branch. But so far she is managing to keep it up.

"Hey Aims! Gonna come up heah?!" she asks, perhaps a bit of a dare on her tone.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee is decidedly *less* drunk. Perils of being only 18 and in the company of a few of Harley's Superhero friends for most of the evening. It's probably for the best, to be honest; the couple drinks the clownette had managed to smuggle her were by themselves enough to leave a bright rosey flush to her normally pale cheeks.

"Careful Harls..." There's genuine concern in the girl's voice which is probably unsurprising given she's the less adventurous of the pair. Still, Harley's challenge gains narrowed eyes in response and with a mutter of "I swear if I break my neck..." the teen kicks off her expensive looking heels and does her best to try and climb up the tree after her drunk date.

It's slow going, she's not ever actually climbed a tree before. This tree at least seems more 'climbing friendly' than most though, so with a bit of a struggle the empath eventually reaches the upper boughs near where the clownette plays. Sitting on a relatively more thick branch she reaches a hand out to flag Harley's attention "That branch doesn't look very strong, maybe you should find a sturdier one...?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Worry not ... I am like a cat. Always fallin on my feet!" And truth be told Harley is now walking on her tiptoes on that branch. Years of gymnastics, along with a criminal background and a certain little concoction from her friend Poison Ivy had made her agility to be quite something to behold, she giving a small twirl on that branch.

"If ya fall and break yoh neck I will make suwah ta put in yoh grave..." and she stops, opening her arms wide.

"Heah lies Aimms.. She tried ta lash out.., but was too busy complainin'!" there! Perfect epitaph! So morbid too...

But then she waggles her finger at Aimee, "This is fine. This branch is like iron, ya see--" it's right then that it breaks off, making it so she starts falling with a yelp! All controlled though as she lands right on another branch under. Sturdy too!

"Found one!" She says immediately, letting out a brief giggle.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee looks *supremely* unimpressed with the epitaph suggestion, but remains silent if only to avoid more digs about complaining too much. She might have even been a bit grumpy looking, though it's hard to tell when that branch snaps and the teen's expression is one of panic. She lunges, reaching out one arm while clutching the tree with her other... only to find it completely unnecessary as the clownette manages to avoid any injury by falling less than a foot and landing on another branch.

The empath's eyes close and she takes a moment to simply breathe, slowing her racing heart and even using her power to try calm herself. She's silent for a few moments before heaving a heavy sigh. "Jesus Harls, don't... Jesus... you *scared* me." Despite trying to sound annoyed she sounds more worried than anything, especially when she adds "You're okay, yeah?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Course I am okay. I am always fine. No reason not ta be.." Harley slides across that tree branch, resting one hand against the large trunk and hopping to another one so she can be closer to where Aimee is. Not on her branch of course. No need to get them both in danger of falling but .., still close!

"And you? Are *you* okay?" She asks, a brow arching. She may not have the empath's powers but she knows the girl wasn't exactly comfortable out there. "Ya seemed a bit .., closed down during the party."

"Made me wondah what happened to the girl who was singin' lash out at the club, or kickin' ass durin' the rollah derby.." Blue eyes continuing to watch the girl's face.

"But WORSE of all!" and she gives a pause then, "Ya seem ta be rich!"

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Guess it was a night of big revelations huh?" Aimee heaves another sigh, and shrugs a single shoulder. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I mean, I coulda been *great*, I just... I'm tired of making myself something I'm not just to fit in." That's not exactly news, but after a short pause to gather her thoughts the empath continues. "And I just don't much like big groups of people. Especially because I can feel everyone nearby, it's a kind of nasty static that makes it harder to think. And at those sorts of events, with those sorts of guests, well... I don't think I need to tell you that most rich people are pricks who'll smile sweetly to your face while stabbing a dagger in your back right?"

Trying to lighten the mood she offers a soft little grin to the clownette "And I'm *one of them*. So you better watch out, I'm *dangerous*."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I mean, I had seen ya looked all posh already so ..." Harley then poking her tongue out before swinging about on the branch some in that precariously balanced drunk number who always seem like they might fall but isn't really in no danger. At least that much can be felt from her superficial feelings lingering in the air. The no fear, fully confident of not getting hurt. "... And that dress didn't come outta a seven eleven eitha!"

She nods at the talk about rich pricks. "Specially in Gotham. Theah filth could fill up Gotham's harbour. And well, in a way it does!" she grinning widely. A look is then given up to the sky and she leans her shoulder against the tree.

"Nothin' wrong with bein dangerous. Means noone'd mess with ya. And you can do it if you wanna. I mean, we already saw it, didn't we?" She then reaching to the small bottle inside her jacket pocket to take a drink and lifting it up to the skies. "Up in the wildways.. I wondah if Spiral finally found her happiness. Hopin' so.."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Pff, I was a *mess* in the Wildways. Chasing off that crazy woman was pure luck." Aimee actually sounds amused, as if the whole thing is a fond memory from her childhood rather than terrifying trans-dimensional adventure from a couple months ago. Though her small smile fades somewhat as she considers the almost wistful tone Harley speaks of Spiral with.

"I... don't think I've seen her since. Did... that place was like her home or something right? Did she go back?" And despite not having known the surly and sometimes kinda scary woman very long, Aimee sounds genuinely a little sad about that.

Kicking her legs gently, she joins the clownette is staring up at the sky through the canopy. "She did always seem a little sad huh? Yeah... I hope she found some happiness too." There's a pregnant pause, before with a playful grin the teen adds "Or at least my lost cosmo."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Bah, don't sell yohself short... Noone normal could had taken out that lil bitch. Did ya see how fast she moved?" Harley's expression turning sour for a bit. Of course that she was busy dancing at the time, having to keep the dimensional whirl going.. It had been quite the weird time for everyone involved. Except Spiral, who seemed right at home.

"Yea.., was her home. Or wheah she could be happy. But I suppose that's what home is, mmm?" she brushes some hair out of her face with one hand while the other extends the bottle over to Aimee. "It's just whiskey." just whiskey.

"She was nevah comfortable ovah heah, wish she had said goodbye though.. But sometimes that's how the cookie crumbles.." Yes, Harley does seem to be the type to get way too attached to people. The mention of that cosmo has her grinning.

"Gosh, ya booze hound, still cravin' foh that lost cosmo!" a wink showing that she is joking with the young woman.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee grabs the bottle, but hesitates in drinking from it. "Maybe she'll visit some time? Or... if not, maybe we'll visit her?" It's not clear whether she really means that or not, especially given her prior vehemence in never wanting to return to the Wildways, but she sounds earnest at least.

"Take care of yourself, Spiral..." The empath lifts the bottle to the sky in a mock toast, then takes a large swig...

...naturally this is immediately followed by her coughing, making a face and blindly shoving the bottle in Harley's direction. Turns out Whiskey is a little stronger than the cocktails and wines she's used to.

It takes her a little to stop coughing and catch her breath, but she finally manages get herself under control. She scowls at the bottle, before finally returning to the topic of her dangerousness. "I appreciate you being supportive, I do. But I'm not selling myself short. Let's face it, I'm no Power Girl." The words have left her mouth before she's even realised what she's saying, and she immediately winces.

"Sorry. That's not... I didn't mean that."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oooo, road trip!" Of course that Harley is immediately getting a plan together to go visit Spiral up on the wildways already. "Just gotta go talk ta Strange. The dude likes to hide inside his sanctum, but theah's parties goin' on, think I can get ta talk to him." yep, clearly a plan. Contact the most powerful sorcerer known in existence. "I mean, it was in his party that I gained the powah ta open the gateway to the wildways so....! It's his reponsibility too!" there. Unbeatable logic.

She smiles when Aimee gives the mock toast, "May she find what she was lookin foh.." the cough that comes afterward was expected. Look, Harley knows her booze so when she is blindly trying to give the bottle back to Harley one hand is felt taking hers and bringing her to her own branch. And really, for someone who looks so lean and slim there is quite the strength as she very easily appears to be able to hold Aimee's weight.

"Careful. Ya don't wanna choke on it.." The talk about Power girl has her nodding, one arm wrapping about the girl so she isn't in the danger of falling. "The problem is that *noone* is like Powah Girl.." which does seem to probably part of why they aren't together anymore.

"What did ya mean then?"

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Nothing. It's just... I mean it's not like I expected you to be some pristine virgin Mary or something. But... Power Girl... that's a lot to compete with. I mean I know I'm not competing, but..."

With a sigh Aimee leans into Harley's side, taking a moment to just luxuriate in being held despite the awkwardness of the conversation. "I'm not jealous-" she totally is "-I just... can't help but compare myself, y'know?"

After a quick shake of the head, she turns to press a quick peck to the clownette's cheek. "Anyway, I know this is just me bein dumb, so don't worry yeah? I'm fine. Sides... if we're really gonna try go visit Spiral then we probably have way more important stuff to worry about than your date feeling a bit insecure. Like how to make sure my brain doesn't explode."

She waits a beat, before the edge of her lip curls slightly upwards. "Bit hard to sing a duet with you if I my head's splattered all over the void between worlds, y'know?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh no no no.. No virgin mary stuff in this Harley.. No sireeeee..." And the wicked little glee that is returned to Aimee when Harley says that is telling. Nope! No saint here! Gotham born and bred. She then shakes her head slowly. "She seemed moouh alone than anythin' ya know? I was surprised, not exactly what I was expectin'.." now that she has the bottle again she takes a good swig out of it, other arm still continuing to hold Aimee against her. Her back remains against the tree trunk.

"I dunno, ya sounded pretty jealous ta me." Harley not being someone to mince words, "Though ya right, we gonna go visit Spiral. And SOON." it's decided.

With a grin she then leans down to place a brief kiss on the side of the girl's face, "Well, how good are ya singin' a capella, mmm?" as if she was daring Aimee to start one right now.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I'll have you know that a girl with total control of her own emotions can't possibly get jealous." Despite sounding embarrassed at being so bluntly called out, Aimee somehow doesn't seem the least bit defensive; smiling sheepishly as she tries to make a joke of it.

The smile fades slightly as she considers Power Girl further, resting her head on Harley's shoulder as she thinks. "But now you mention it... she *did* seem a little..." The empath trails off, not really knowing how to put it into words. "She seemed like she was hurting. Maybe lonely yeah..." She seems a little sad as she ponders that, despite not really knowing Power Girl or anything about her.

The short kiss to her cheek jolts the girl out of the moroseness she was beginning to fall into, and the challenge has her eyes narrowing slightly. Her chin lifts, and for a moment she looks every bit the haughty little rich girl she might have been in another life.

"You think I need music to sing?" She's never really tried to sing without music, not even in the shower, but maybe that big mouthful of whiskey is hitting her a little harder than she expected. A little *more* liquid courage seems like a great idea, and so with a lazy and maybe just sliiightly uncoordinate swipe she tries to take the bottle back again.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Awhe ya sayin' that you usin' yoh powahs now? And heah I was thinkin' you weah tryin' ta be independent o' 'em." Damn, being called out! But maybe that's Harley not thinking Aimee would have full control of her emotions if she wasn't using powers. But then again, whoever has total control anyway?! Certainly not Harley.

"She didn't even laugh at my joke. And she always did in the past. So .., yea." A shoulder rises in a small shrug, she appearing a bit unsure herself. "Maybe I should have a talk with her sometime. See how she's doin'. Dunno.." Harley and her big heart!

It's when there's that jolt on the girl and the slightly raised chin that another smile returns to the clownette. "Theah it is. Spoiled girl alert!" she says of the haughty look but doesn't try to keep the drink away from her when she reaches for it. "Don't drink it all! I still wanna wet my lips befoouh we start." she warns. Such a booze hound!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I know some other ways we could wet your lips..." It wouldn't be Aimee if there wasn't some outrageous flirting, and in typical Aimee style the flush of intoxication across her cheeks expands into a bright blush that encompasses her whole face. She quickly downs another another big swig of Whiskey to distract herself from the embarrassment, coughing a little less this time (and definitely seeming less likely to fall off the tree) before offering the bottle back.

Swaying just a little, though not dangerously so, she looks down at her lap with a wry smile "And fine, yes, if I have to actually say it out loud. I'm jealous. Have you *seen* Power Girl?" The teen snorts, elbowing the clownette playfully before sighing. "But... I do think you should try talk to her. I don't want anyone being hurt needlessly just because I'm a little insecure." There's perhaps a hint of reluctance to her voice, but overall Aimee seems absolutely genuine. But she's always been a bit of a bleeding heart.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ufff I could see that one comin' a mile away. Just wasn't suwah if ya weah gonna go with the cheesy line or not.." Apparently Aimee did. Which just makes Harley more amused about it all. The second swig has her commenting. "Yea, hide the shame from the cheesin!" she taunts in a teasing way before reaching to take the bottle to herself. "No moouh drinkin foh you!" but it's fine for her because she then downs whatever was left on it, making sure that even the last drops get done with. No whiskey shall go to waste!

"I mean, yea I have. In lotsa different ways..." Because really, they did date for a time so ..., what answer did Aimee expect?! (Maybe not an actually literal one)

Leaning over she squeezes the other girl closer against her. "Now though .., it's time ta sing. Oh awhe ya tryin' ta evade it? Mmmm?"

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Speakin of comin from a mile away..." Aimee grins, still blushing, before her grin starts turning a little sheepish as she realises she doesn't really have a follow-up. "That... made more sense in my head. Shut up!"

Giving Harley a gentle shove, the teen huffs and pretends to pout "Anyway, I'm aaall cheese. And don't you dare pretend you don't think it's fuckin' adorable." Despite her hmph, and her very serious frowny-face, she can't help the giggle that escapes her as she's squeezed against the clownette's side.

"So. Are we doin a duet? Or did you just wanna sit back and admire me while I put on a show."

She snorts, a hand covering her mouth and nose to try stifle the next giggle that tries to escape. "I didn't mean that how it sounded. But if you wanna see *me* in 'lotsa different ways'-" she uses finger quotes and does bet best (not very good) Harley impression while saying those three words "-you're gonna have to play your cards right!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"See?! That's what I ALWAYS say....!" Harley pointing with her free hand towards the girl. "Everythin' makes sense in oouh heads! Even oouh imaginary friends.." yep, that's a thing apparently. "And they called *me* crazy.." A solemn shake of her head given. The talk about being fucking adorable has the clownette smirking, but she refrains from quipping before it turns into a NSFW read..

Because she's mindful of her readers!

"A duet o' course. I wasn't gonna ask ya ta dance and not join in." She bapping the girl's nose with a pale hand before she just laughs out about playing those cards right.

"Yea? I got a full house. Whadya got?" a bit of a snort before she nudges the girl. "Now choose a song."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee swats at the hand bapping her nose with her own gloved hand before poking her tongue out. Lifting her chin once more, and putting on her best spoiled rich girl face (which isn't quite as good as it could be since she's a bit of a giggly blushy drunk mess at the moment), she sniffs and drawls with only the faintest of slurs "Just look at my face, it's *obvious* I have a queen high flush."

She only manages to keep her face relatively straight for a couple of seconds before the corners of her lips are again tugging up into the cheeky little grin that so often finds its way onto the girl's face when she's in Harley's company.

The grin settles as Aimee begins to try think of songs she can sing in a duet, brows pulling down into a thoughtful frown "Weeelll..." The word is drawn out, an attempt to give herself more time, but eventually she's forced to continue "...I only really know one duet off the top of my head. Uhh, do you know Cruisin' by Huey Lewis?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
The queen high flush comment has an hyena cackle leave Harley's lips. That was a good one! She approves. "I will make a propah jestah outta you yet." she says with all the certainty in the world. "Or if not, at least someone that can lash out, eh?" a wink and a throwback to that karaoke night in the past.

"Do I know it?!" As if she wouldn't know cruisin'! Tsk! So with a little clearing of her throat and then tossing herself over to Aimee's branch (all safe of course) she starts it out.

"Baby let's cruuuise.." she begins with a grin. And really, she seems quite the natural at singing these without the music. Maybe she has all the music in her head!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee looks a little bemused by the idea of being made a 'proper jester', but grins all the same. A grin that almost immediately disappears, along with a squeak, when the clownette abruptly throws herself between branches.

Her mouth opens to scold Harley, but before she can get a word out the other woman has already begun singing. Having to abruptly throw out what she was *going* to say and try pull together the lyrics in her head she comes in slightly late with her part of the duet, the faintest stammer as she coos "..a-away from heeeeeere."

Still, despite the slight nervousness (which in any case is helped by being a bit drunk) a soft little smile tugs at her lips.

Harley Quinn has posed:
It was all part of the plan! Do mischief and dangerous deeds but at the same time leave no chance for Aimee to retort but to sing if she wants to keep up. The clownette moves nimbly on that branch, sometimes forward, others back, showing quite the balance prowess even if it looks dangerous as heck. But they are on a sturdy enough branch at least (for now!)

"Don't be confuuseedd.." she sings, then gesturing towards Aimee as if giving her the stage.

All in all it does seem that Harley has drunken a bit tonight too, the goofy smile wider than the usual and her gaze more dream-like, as if looking at something others can't. Maybe at seeing the young woman get out of her shell more and more.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
That little smile tugs harder at Aimee's lips, despite her attempts to frown in disapproval at Harley's 'death defying' antics.

"The waaaay.. is cleaaaaaarr." This time the line is crooned with more confidence. The following lines being shared gives her a moment of pause, the lack of music forcing the teen to watch the clownette carefully to try anticipate when she'll sing the next line.

It's not perfect, she misses the first word, but it still sounds okay when she joins in for the rest. "...you want it you got it foreverrrr. This is not a one night stand." Harley gets a hip bump after that line, Aimee taking a moment to just gaze at her with smitten eyes.

Harley Quinn has posed:
If anything it seems Harley gives ample 'space' for Aimee to accompany the song, slowing or going faster depending on how the girl is going, hip moving from side to side as her feet stubbornly remain fixed up on that branch. No falling! (Even if it seems she might do just that from time to time)

"So let the music take your miind... Just release and you will find ..."

Her voice piercing the night as they keep it going. Sure, the pitch isn't perfect, but it's not as if she's looking for perfection right now, just to share the moment with Aimee and have fun..

The duet continues for a time as they share the lines, eventually coming to the,

"I love it when we're.." and she takes a step forward, them rather close now and against the tree trunk, one hand up and cupping Aimee's cheek.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I love it when we're cruisin..." Aimee trails off, eyes slightly wide when Harley steps right in close. "...U-uh..."

She visibly swallows, subconsciously pressing her cheek into the cupping hand. Her mouth opens to sing but her mind has completely blanked on the words. On everything actually, except the clownette who's so very close right now.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley makes it so Aimee's back is to the tree, the clownette taking a step forward so they are pretty close. She only smiles now, big blue eyes taking in the girl's face, the way she seems to hesitate. The thumb on the girl's cheek moves to brush on her lips before moving down to hold Aimee's chin and she leans forward...

Lips meet lips, a slow savoring of one another as they stay there atop that ominously named Hanging Tree, eyes closing and she letting herself go into the moment..

Being so close, and now that they are touching those feelings dwelling inside Harley appear to be a hurricane of passion, friendship, discovery, a complete openness of feelings that only Harley could accomplish by that way she is, the insanity that has her have no filters in anything.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Reflex has Aimee leaning forward when Harley starts to, meeting her lips in the middle. But even having experienced it once before nothing can prepare the empath for the almost violent swell of emotions she can feel radiating from the clownette once their lips touch.

She moans into the kiss, the intensity of those emotions overwhelming the more staid part of her that would probably rather not make that kind of noise in response to a 'mere' liplock.

It's easy to get swept up in the moment, and Aimee allows herself to do just that; shyly brushing a tongue over Harley's lips while using the continued touch to start pushing her own affection, desire, and the little hint of possessiveness caused by her earlier jealousy, into the other woman.

Harley Quinn has posed:
There is no 'pulling punches', Harley's kiss deep and intense as they stay there in the dark against that tree, exploring tongue, letting go of all those emotions accumulating throughout the night. And it's not as if she doesn't feel those pushes of feelings against her, having her press further as they share a moment together, now finally without any other prying eyes around.

And when it seems it might just go and last forever Harley slowly breaks the kiss, still teasing the girl's bottom lip briefly before letting to, resting her forehead to the girl's and keeping her eyes closed. One of her arms has slid up the side of Aimee's head, fingertips curling over her hair..

"Happy New Year, Aimee.." she murmurs in a soft whisper.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
The very first thing Aimee does once the kiss breaks is inhale deeply before releasing a long shuddering sigh. Her eyes remain closed and she leans heavily against the trunk of the tree.

A soft little smile of contentment rests upon the teen's lips, growing slightly as she feels the clownette's forehead resting against her own. Her arms tentatively slip around Harley's waist and, after a moment of hesitation, she builds the confidence to tug the other woman against her; holding their bodies tightly together in a secure embrace.

"Happy New Year, Harley..." Aimee's own voice is almost more of a whisper than Harley's, as if she's afraid to break the spell of the moment. She can't help but feel as if something more needs to be said though; so with after a few moments of comfortable silence she murmurs a soft "Love you..."

Whether it's just the intense feelings of the moment, or whether it's something more real and lasting, the burst of emotion she sends to Harley *does* feel a bit like that.

Harley Quinn has posed:
In movies this would be about the time that Harley would reply with a I Love You back, the credits would roll in, some young teenagers with a dreamy look thinking of a happy ever after as they left the cinema.. But that reply doesn't come. Harley understands people, she knows where it's coming from, someone young just discovering love. A bittersweet little smile crosses Harley's expression, fingers continuing to brush the girl's hair, tangling with it quietly.

"Those are important woahds, Aimee. Ya need ta tell'em .., when they awhe right." her voice gentle against Aimee's lips, still close, now having been pulled by the girl, body against body. "What ya feel right now is different..."

The passion is still felt in Harley, the fury of it, all swirling emotion that has more potency and heart than what this small clownette had any rights to have. "You don't wanna love me, I am damaged goods." she murmurs, rather self-conscious but also caring for Aimee, not wanting the girl to fall into a 'rabbithole', or to create some perverse version of what she had with Joker.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee opens her eyes a little, if only to glare at Harley. "Who *isn't* damaged goods. You think I'm all perfectly pristine after years of feeling what everyone else is feeling? I'm sorry for using the word as casually as I did... I get it, kinda demeans the word and makes it less precious if I throw it about so easily. But I'm *not* sorry for *wanting* to love you.. for wanting *you*."

Though she's visibly annoyed, the teen hugs the clownette tighter. "And... I get that I probably don't understand the full scope of the... issue. But... just..." She trails off, trying to fish for what to say and looking frustrated as she struggles to put her feelings into words.

"Look, I... I care about you Harls. You're really special to me. Whatever that might mean, I guess I don't exactly know. But please... don't try push me away. Let's at least give it our best shit before deciding it's a lost cause, yeah?"

Aimee falls silent a moment, before pressing her forehead back against Harley's and doing her best to push her affection and care and concern through to Harley. "You deserve love just as much of the rest of us, damaged or no..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley was perhaps expecting the girl to deflate like a wilted flower, or to just step back all unsure. To see her fight and answer back to Harley? Well, maybe she's been influencing the girl more than she expected. A brow arches a bit as she regards Aimee, head canting to the side...

And now it's her time to not answer, just looking at Aimee, watching until she finally lets out a snort followed by a, "Sometimes you talk too much, dontcha?"

Not that she gives time for an answer back, the girl leaning over to again place another kiss on Aimee's lips, as intense the first and this time without any end in sight ...