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Keeping Up Appearances
Date of Scene: 05 January 2021
Location: Penthouse - Kord Co
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Ted Kord, Tabitha Smith, Gabby Kinney, Joan Wright

Ted Kord has posed:
The elevator dings in the penthouse and Ted Kord steps in with Tabitha. With her in the sense he's princess carrying her and looking contrite. Tabitha for her part has a wrapping around her left ankle.

"I am so sorry. I thought you were ready for that flip. I am really sorry. I'll set you down somewhere and order you some dinner and... if you want to stay over to rest your ankle that's fine but invite a friend and tell the school so your people won't think you will end up on a milk carton or being analyzed by a nit case. Anyway... sooooooooo sooooorry. Uhm what do you want me to do with you anyway... I mean where do you want to be set up?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith is being carried by Ted (hopefully not like a sack) and blinks a bit, "A...milk carton...?" she wonders, plopping down into a rolling office chair. "Uhh it's okay, Mister Kord, I told you I thought I could do it. Tole ya I'm not a gymnist!" she snickers, "I think you want Laura or...I think Gabby can flip and jump around," She muses.

She rolls in the rolling chair like a NASCAR champ and snatches her lil cute phone off the desk, texting Gabby, "GABBY! PLS come to Kord Inc ---> you are invited, I hurt my ankle and I can can't friggin moveeeee!" she typetype types. She types the particulars, "Could you please bring mah clothes? The NOT trashy ones ok? You can stay tooooooo!" she typetypes, probably typoing many times with how fast she's going.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was as usual boooored. When her phone goes off with such a request? She's bounding to her feet already grabbing a bag to stuff full of necessities. A change of clothes, a knife, some of Tabby's clothes, a bag of potato chips because you always need potato chips. As she's gathering all this she texts back to Tabby:

OMW! I'll ask Illyana to portal me outside.

A short run later to said person and... Before those two know it, she's outside downstairs. If there's a doorbell she finds it and pushes it. Otherwise she finds some way to annoy those upstairs to inform that she's here.

Ted Kord has posed:
And a shorter while after we last saw him Ted was already making preparations.

"Imma put you on the sofa. Stay there." He throws a really nice blanket and some pillows around her that probably cost more than the home she grew up in.

He hands her a big old remote. It looks like it could remote pilot his Bug. But then again it is Ted. "Here. this remote handles the tv, the elevators, everything. Now... I'm going out for a bit to get you and your buddy a 5 star dinner. It'll be a surprise. Just you relax. All will be well." With that he grabs his car keys and exits, leaving Tabitha nestled in luxury.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith was having fun zipping around in the office chair but Ted grabs her (again) and carts her off to the couch and blankets and pillows, "Don't suffocate me!" she says, pretending to drown in blankets and pillows. She snickers and laughs at her lil joke.

"Oh Gabby is comin up! Hey did you hear me?! Hey!" she lets out as Ted runs off like a ninny, "Dang he's fast," she says. She squints at the remote control and aims it at the TV, turning on the HARD ROCK music channel. She pushes the volume UP....+ ....+ .....+ ............+

"I WALK DEEEESE STREEEEETS! DEAD OR ALIVE" the singer screetches and strums on his guitar. She waits for Gabby as she listens.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The elevator dings when it reaches the floor Tabby is on. Though it may not be easy to hear given the level of the music currently playing. Gabby steps out, glancing around with a searching gaze. "Tabbeeeh?" Once she's sure there's no ninjas or anything about to pop out though, she steps out of the elevator hefting her stuffed pack over her shoulder.

"Wow. This guy must reeeally like the color blue. I got your stuff!" She adds spotting the blanketed form of Tabby on the couch.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord really misses his Bug these days (RIP Bug Mk 4.) To cushion the blow and celebrate making his latest box car of money he got this car. Of course it's blazing fast and of course Ted thinks in terms of flying a big old bug. He hasn't gone six blocks before the sirens and lights pop up behind him and being Ted he pulls over to let the cops go ahead. He can then follow them to whatever and help out of course.

"You in the blue Bugatti, PULL OVER!" Oh wow. They must know him. He pulls it over and... jumps out of the car. "Hey officers, how can I help! I'm indeed the Blue Beetle!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith mutes the damn TV and raises her hands in the air to celebrate the coming of GABBY, "GABBEHHHH!" she lets out, "YEAH!" she adds, motioning her inside repeatedly like she's had too many pepsi drinks. She's still partially submerged in pillows.

"Thanks for the stuff Gabby. Mister Kord tole me to jump and I was like...okay, I'll jump and I landed like a dufus," she explains, pointing to her wrapped ankle, "Do you think I need ice or some shit? I mean, I'm not a gymnist OR a doctor!" she lets out and holds out her hands.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney winces sympathetically at the mention of landing wrong. "Yeah you gotta really know how to stick a landing if you're not used to it," she agrees with a solemn nod. Joining Tabby on the couch she offers the bag over. "I brought some of those nacho surprise chips that just came out," she points out. "I think the surprise is habenero, I dunno."

"As for your ankle..." She peers at it thoughtfully. "Probably ice, yeah. That's usually what they tell us to do for first aid stuff. Want me to get you some?"

Ted Kord has posed:
"He's got no ID, five grand in his pocket and these!" The officer holds up a bizarre pistol, goggles and a hood."

"I'm the Blue Beetle! Listen you dumb flatfoot!" Fade out to the sound of a body thrown onto a very expensive car hood.

Meanwhile back in the bad a cute little blue drone floats by, sees the snacking and immediately brings big wad of napkins, waving them insistently. Another drone brings a tray of glasses, a bowl of ice chips and a bottle of Perrier.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith points across the room, "Yeah you're right. About a mile down that way there's a cooler and a fridge and---OH check it out, get dat drone! It's got ice!" she tells Gabby, pointing at it with a grin. "Yeah, I don't know where the hell he went to. He was like...hey I gotta go for a sec then ran off," she explains.

"Oh you can have one of these huge-ass pillows too....gawd, look how big they are! They're bigger than me!" she tells her and laughs, "So anyway, I'll give you a sweetass bag of candy for helpin me out. I guess I'll just sit here like a fatass," she hrms.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney turns toward the drone with a laugh seeing it coming out with the bowl of ice. "Awesome!" Hopping up to her feet she reaches out to snag the bowl along with a quick, "Thank you cute flying robot!" in a cheery tone. Even if Ted wasn't going to be back for awhile, at least they would be taken care of. "Here you go Tabby. Let's get you iced up."

Taking one of those giant pillows she flops down even though she looks around again quite thoughtfully. "Ooh man he's got some nice tech. I wonder... Should try some of this stuff maybe."

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord is still hollering in the back of the police cruiser. "It's my fucking car. I was just going our to get some dinner. I usually fly on my Bug to get somewhere or my aero-disks. I didn't realize I was doing 95. You guys gotta believe me. Just take me to Kord Co. That's my building! I could totally get out of these cuffs and kick both your asses but I'm not! It'd make Wonder Woman sad. Give me my phone for a minute and we can straighten this all out! Listen I got two teenage girls back at my penthouse...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith takes the ice bowl from Gabby and then points at the tech things lying all over, "YEAH! Try anything out, Gabes. Try the trapoline too! You like to jump and shit, right?! Or try out the trapoline while you try somethin else," she explains.

While Gabby decides what to do, she picks up her cellphone again and dials the GIFT SHOP, then clears her throat and tries to sound low pitched, "Yes, gift shop? This is Mister Kord. Please send up more food. What food? Hhh...snacks? Why don't you try rolling the vending machine up here on the elevator? Uhh what? I don't know, you better figure it out mistah! Yes, we needs the candy pronto!" she lets out, using the worst Ted imitation ever.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances around again at Tabby's suggestion of the trampoline. "I cooould," she reasons as she continues to skim over the room looking for anything curious or interesting enough to nab her attention. "Where's this guy anyway? You said he just ran off?" Pushing to her feet she heads over to the wall examining some curious disc shaped objects leaning there. "Wonder how these work." It's more a statement than a question as she takes one of the aerodiscs and starts fiddling with it. Only one way to find out!

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord is led to holding. One officer says, "Let's see about them cuffs..." Ted hands him the handcuffs.

Ted gets shoved in the cell.

He grabs the bars of the cell and hollers, "Doesn't this prove I am the Blue Beetle! Why won't anyone believe me!!!"

A hand falls on Ted's shoulder. "Oh I believe you... you got me arrested in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Mistah. Blue. Beetle.!

Ted swallows very noisily.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith is reading her phone idly as Gabby talks to her, "Yeah, he ran off. He's downstairs I think," she tells her. She looks over at what Gabby is doing over there, "What...?" she wonders, looking at the mysterious objects.

With a ding, some building workers roll a vending machine off the elevator into the penthouse, "Ahhhh, excuse me, where's Mister Kord? He ordered this here vending machine right? Where's it go?" he wonders, frowning as he looks around the room.

Tabitha grins, "Uhh, he...left for a sec. Put it right next to the TV!" she lets out and points to the TV, "Gabby! Tell them where!" she adds with an excited laugh, "Awesome, our own vending machine."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances up from her exploration of... wait when did she get a tiny screwdriver to hold between her teeth? A hand gestures toward the TV. Recalling the screwdriver she grabs hold of it to wiggle in that direction. "Right there next to the outlet. It won't get in the walking path then or block the TV."

Well at least snacks were procured. "Hope you've got a lot of change then. That or are we cracking it open?" At least she waits until the workers leave to ask Tabby that. Speaking of cracking open she's almost got an access panel open to the aerodisc. "What kind of propellant does this even use?"

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord in the midst of their sudden windfall B.O.B.01 slips out. Flying quickly Bobo tracks and locates the Bugatti where it has resisted all efforts to open or move it. B.O.B.01 senses no sign of his creator and acts quickly. The little drone swerves around and streaks towards the Flat Iron Building.

Several police officers are looking in the 'tank' where Ted Kord is standing, back to the wall and breathing slowly. A half dozen prisoners are as far from Ted as they can get. The rest are in a pile of arms and legs that defies easy counting.

"I told you. I could get out whenever I wanted. May I have my phone call officers? I'll need my phone for the number. The Hall of Justice's private number is in there."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Change?" Tabitha asks, "Oh shit," she mutters from her comfy place on the couch, having not thought of that, "I guess we either need a credit card or a fancyass tool," she explains. The two men set the large vending machine down with a thump next to the TV, and plug it in. "DONT try to fiddle with dis thing, you's girls," one of the stupid men tells the girls, "If you mess wit it, the thing sends an electro-chartreuse signal through dese walls to the vending machine company and DEN, some dumb techs will be's swarming the building lookin to charge us an arm and a leg to fix it."

After the men leave, Tabitha says, "Hmm, yeah you know what, we really need to break in to it, Gabby."

She squints skeptically over at what Gabby is doing, "What are you doin? I don't know mechanic stuff but you can order whatever you want from the Gift Shop. They have everything! Maybe they have a drill so we can bust open this vending machine."

Joan Wright has posed:
When disaster comes around, Joan ends up going around. Visiting place to place to help make things a little less, disasterous. It's not uncommon for her not to actually set foot in the office some weeks depending on how ambitious villains and inventors are being.

But this week has turned out to be one of those peaceful weeks. Not to say that there haven't been issues. But none of them that involved her accounts. So. Yay! As another successful work period finishes up, Joan heads out of the main building to go get something to eat. And right now she's thinking of a sandwich and coffee at that delightful coffee of doom with the cat baristas again...

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney has settled in cross legged on the floor of Ted's penthouse only to give a vague wave at the guys that brought the vending machien up. It's softened by a bright grin that surely couldn't mean trouble on this little angel, could it? Nevermind she's currently fiddling with one of Ted's aerodiscs and working on getting the access panel off to peer inside out of curiosity.

"Ah don't worry, I've got plenty of money for that thing. Just a fun change of pace you know?" She assures with a shrug. When they leave she looks to the machine with a sigh. "I mean... I probably could figure it out," she reasons while scratching the side of her head with the business end of her screwdriver. It never hurt to have a multi-tool on you at times. "Picking the lock shouldn't be TOO hard, but that was never my specialty. Usually I was the scout and recon."

Ted Kord has posed:
... which is when Bobo the drone drops out of the sky! It's the lady that's n love with the creator. Lower case 'c' please. Ted is a humble god. The little robot hovers in front of Joan and puts its grabbers on her shoulders before buzzing and clicking... doesn't speak binary? Creator must like her for her looks and practical clothing. B.O.B.01 replays the audio from the Bugatti's dash cam. It ends ominously with the thud of a billionaire on a car hood.

Bobo waits a hundredth of a second, long time for a drone. Then he latches onto Joan's belt and flies off with her, trying to gain altitude, at least higher than a car roof.

Bus! Evasion program one oh two!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith wiggles her foot over the bowl of ice and then dumps it all over the floor, "Dang it," she mutters, "Now I need more ice. Shit," she comments with a whine.

"Drone!" she lets out loudly, "Hey drone!? Hey where are you, shithead?" she calls out into the penthouse and frowns, "Dang it, where'd that thing go?"

"Hey Gabby, you need to program a robot to totally help us. That'd be sweet," she tells her, "My ankle hurts again..."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I'm not really a programmer," Gabby explains while finally getting that panel off the disc. She slides it to the side and peers into the interior working of the device. Only to keep staring with a blank expression for a moment. Then she reaches for the panel again and slides it back on.

"Nope. Nope nope nope. Nope. Been in Limbo enough to know that can't be good."

Better to distract herself with something more mundane, like the ice. "I'll get some. Where's his fridge anyway?"

Joan Wright has posed:
After stepping out of the building, Joan glances down to check on her phone briefly, making sure to close the pocket designated for the communication device's safe transport. As her head comes up and her sight lays upon the rather quickly dropping and unannounced, Bobo., she jumps back with a start. "OH M-"

She blinks as it seems to be trying to talk to her. Which, is completely lost on her until the audio playback comes on. Well, looks like one of her clients got into trouble again. She starts to sigh but as Bobo lurches her forward by the belt, the sigh becomes more of a "HURR!" Her hands grab tightly at her belt, not wanting to end up pitching towards the ground should the buckle undo itself. "Oh go-"

Feet start kicking as she starts to imitate the human equivalent of the dog paddle with her feet. Every so often the motion becoming necessary as her feet help her navigate over the slightly higher vehicles Bobo's flight is NOT accomodating for.

Well. So much for quiet.

Ted Kord has posed:
Bobo's thrusters are glowing by the time he deposits Joan in front of 1 Police Plaza. He gives the impression of panting in binary. He burbles and beeps a few times before landing on the sidewalk and initiating a coolant purge. Ahs. The little machine opens a slot on his top and extends a billfold thick with hundred dollar bills. Then he points at the door and starts trying to walk to it on his arms. 0-0-0-0-0!

<<Who are these organics?>>

<<I dunno. Bring the big noisy one ice.>>

<She called me a shithead!>

<Just follow me.>

Next thing you know, four drones fly out of the kitchen past Gabby bearing bowls of ice. Flying over Tabitha they initiate a perfect bombing run! That is to say they -glitched-. Bombs away Boomer!

Joan Wright has posed:
With the audio, the assistance getting here, and the money, it does not take long to figure out why she got pulled here. "Alright." Joan replies, reaching over to the top of the drone to retrieve the billfold. She sides it into one of the pockets of her cargo pants, taking a moment to secure it.

"I'll see what I can do." She promises, turning to head into the plaza. Glancing around, she sets eyes upon the front desk and walks over. Well, at least there's no line...there. She gives a polite smile to the tired man behind the desk. "Good evening."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith hmms, "Yeah I don't remember, maybe there's a fridge in his bathroom or his office," she points toward the other side of the penthouse, "He likes to have a drink while he's on the can," she explains and laughs as her little joke, "Yeah that'd be funny," she says quietly.

"Oh wait! Oh look, there's the drone!" she smiles happily, "Sweet! Hey! Over here!" she says as she spots it in the distance.

She narrows her eyes as she realizes that it's not one but FOUR god damn droones with bowls of ice. They pick up speed and divebomb the ice right onto her head and lappy. "God dammit! Shitheads!" she lets out angrily. She's suddenly all wet and covered in ice. "Screw this!" She CHUCKS a timebomb at the drones using her impressive mutant powers and hopefully doesn't blow a bigass hole in the ceiling but probably does. She begins to swat the ice off of her in very random directions.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney watches the onslaught of drones come in with the ice... "Ohboy," she mumbles as she steps to the side to get out of the way. If the drones were revolting she was not getting in the way of that. Nope. Then Tabby retaliates with the bomb causing her to dive for cover behind the couch with a yelp of surprise. "Warn someone would you!"